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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 AM  ABC  January 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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barbara: celebrations around john: >> how can they do that to your own mother. john: shocking crime in fayetteville. a man charged with shooting his mother. we will hear from the woman who saw it. barbara: republican presidential debate turns into a clash between two that stole the night. john: health alert why the c.d.c. is considering a travel warning for pregnant women. good morning, carolina, wac on friday january 15. 39 degrees now at 6:00. i'm john clark. barbara: i'm barbara gibbs. thank you for joining us. more on the big stories but don schwenneker on this friday morning. john: what day is it? don: friday, friday. you got that right. and we've got warm weather for this friday.
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take the umbrella with you. we will be up to 50 by lunchtime and then in the 50's all afternoon. currently 36 roxboro, 33 in south hill. 36 louisburg. 35 chapel hill. we have gone up this hour. 41 now at r.d.u. eight degrees cooler in fayetteville at 33. 26 sanford, 33 goldsboro. 41 now. by lunch 49 and this afternoon the rain arrives and 52 degrees. we will talk more about the rain chances but now weather and traffic with amber rupinta. amber: happy friday to you. if you are heading out right now we are accident free all around the area. we look at one of the d.o.t. cameras and all is well. it is quiet all around the area. you can see how it looks there. lots of green on the live returns, everything without problems or delays. p.n.c. arena hurricanes have
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volume there. 540 and u.s. 70 light volume, no problems. moving fine. barbara: there is still a crowded field of republican candidates who want to be president but from last night's debate you may this is a two-man race. john: donald trump and ted cruz
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sunday. barbara: democrats get their chance to debate sunday in charleston and there will be three candidates on the stage. nbc said to participate candidates would have to average at least 5% nationally and martin o'malley barely cleared the bar thanks to their willingness to round the percentage. hillary clinton and better than sanders called on them to include him. john: a shocking crime in fayetteville. a son accused of shooting his own mother at point blank range at her place of work. kevin powell jr. is charged with attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. police say he walked into his mother's nail salon and spa and shot her in the face. it was yesterday at a shopping center at 1111 ireland drive in
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or miss dee is working behind the counter. a customer who was getting her nails done said she heard the shot, saw powell run in the back door and he came back. >> he just stood over me when i was on the ground with her trying to help her breathe. he was just standing there. just standing there watching me on the ground with his mother. john: police have not commented on the motive. friends and customers say powell had member health issues. barbara: a man and woman carjacked with operating a meth lab. robert kennerly and melissa godshall were arrested when this house was raid and found a lab. two children ages seven and one were also found in the home. they were taken to the hospital to be checked out. john: wake county mother and daughter killed in a double murder-suicide are remembered today. ashley fite and her mom melissa mclean were found murdered in
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the boy friend of mclean was the killer. it is not clear what sparked it. there will be a joint mother-daughter visitation at apex funeral home. the service is saturday. barbara: monday we celebrate the life of dr. martin luther king jr. but today is his birthday and celebration respect planned around the triangle. caitlin knute is live in raleigh with a preview. caitlin: one of the events involves this bell. we went here last year and it makes for a poignant start to celebrating the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king jr. the let freedom ring bell money is the kickoff for events again this year. it will toll six times once for each decade since dr. king gave his "i have a dream" speech.
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of freedom. we must understand that freedom is not free. caitlin: participants will walk from there to the first baptist church on salisbury street. for the annual state employees observance program. that will start at noon and governor pat mccrory is expected to attend. if you want to check off with the bell ringing ceremony make sure you are here a little before 11:00. that is is when it starts. it is outside at bicentennial plaza so dress accordingly. then you can watch for a wrap-up on the news at noon. john: 6:07 and another local university banning a popular form of transportation. barbara: where hover boards are no longer welcome. john: going pink.
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for a local hockey team. don: i love fire ants games. it will be wet. not raining today but it will this afternoon. be ready for showers.
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not seeing don: welcome back. let's talk about the morning commute. as you drive in you will see dry conditions for now. this afternoon i think you will want to be ready for slower commute. we will see rain this afternoon for the drive home. 34 right now roanoke rapids. 3 33 roxboro. 36 saoeurblts. 28 pinehurst. 33 in fayetteville. mostly cloudy and 41. by lunch temperatures near 50 and you cloudy skies. through the late day 48 degrees with rain around. we will talk more about the showers and have the seven-day forecast coming up next. john: n.c. state the latest local university to put the
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the boards became an issue when some models started catching fire. n.c. state students and staff are prohibited from using and even possessing them. the university cited concerns over the lithium battery and other hover board related injures. carolina, duke and n.c. central have similar policies. barbara: garner police department is opening a tphunew station. tomorrow from 11:00 to 2:00 there is open house to give residents the unit to visit the new station. the crown coliseum ice rink pink tonight lady's night at the fire ants game. you can raise awareness about staying healthy. there will be pamphlets and talking about the importance of screening. the fire ants take on pens colla. -- pensacola. north carolina is one of two states with a wide spread flu concern. john: what we are learning about
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barbara: a north carolina state makes headlines for what it
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john: john: 6:14 and 39 degrees on friday. here is a look at the headlines. a man and woman are charged with operating a meth lab in raleigh. robert kennerly and melissa godshall were arrested when police raided their home on huntleigh drive. two children ages seven and one were found in the home. no humans were killed but we are learning a doc and cat were killed in a fire in raleigh. firefighters were called to this house on cromwell court just before midnight. one inside was treated for smoke inhalation and minor burns. the republican presidential contenders face off in the
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first of 2016. just a couple weeks before the first votes are cast in iowa. seven candidates were on the stage but the two top contenders donald trump and ted cruz stole believe they have ties to isis. at least 14 killed in japan when a tour bus tkraoeufls -- drivers off of a mountain. the cause is under investigation. officials say there was no snow or ice on the roads. john: federal health officials are debating whether to warn pregnant women about traveling to latin american and caribbean countries. the c.d. krfpltc. is concerned about pregnant women traveling there where mosquitos are spreading a
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it is linked to brain damage in newborn babies. it would be the first time the c.d.c. warned pregnant women to avoid a specific region during an outbreak. our state health officials say the first flu death of the season in north carolina. it comes days after the c.d.c. announced thru -- flu activity. last year this time 26 had died from the flu. health officials urge you to get vaccinated. barbara: chipotle is taking a step after food poisoning. it will close all stores for one day february 8 to talk about food safety. it is expected to last several hours. you may soon see more of these driverless cars. the government plans to spend $4 billion to develop the technology. it is hoped they can eliminate most deadly characterization and lessen tkpreud look. john: we know a couple of people
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tickets worth $2 million but they have not come forward. a wilmington couple is the first to claim a share of the prize. richard and marie drove up to raleigh to get their check for $100,000. they matched four white balls and red power ball. barbara: now to a story getting national attention. a charlotte school asking teachers not to say please. druid little academy is testing no nonsense nurturing to put teachers in a position of power giving students no option to act out. you can read about how it works on home page. "good morning america" will talk about it as well. not asking you to not act out. just saying don't act out. interesting. barbara: what do you think? john: i will have to read more. don: i like the fact that everybody should be polite.
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if i had acted out once i would have tphotnot gone home. barbara: get it at school and home. don: it would be worse at home than what i got from the teacher. we got rain moving in. there's 100% chance of rain and that do not happen often. i just know that it will rain everywhere today. and most likely this afternoon and evening. make sure you take the umbrella. sunday 30%. most placing will be dry but you may get an early morning sprem or light shower. we will talk about that in a moment. live look into joined raleigh and don't forget the umbrellas this morning. 41 right now, dew point 29, that is 62% humidity. sunrise 7:25 this morning. live look into the all-american city fayetteville 33, 83% humidity. northeast wind two miles an hour.
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roxboro, 35 chapel hill. 41 r.d.u. 30 smithfield. sanford, southern pines 20's. not usually that way. it sis usually cooler here and warmer in favorite. that is because overnight in fayetteville you had more clear skies and you have clouds above you and that allowed temperatures to drop faster. we had more cloud cover in the triangle and north and that is why the temperatures stayed up. the next rainmaker pushing through georgia and this is getting ready it move into south carolina and it will cross south carolina and up to us this afternoon. the model predict perspective by lunch showing a sprinkle in hoke and moore. then there is the rain. it tries to paint a dry spot here. i think it will be raining across the region and hit-or-miss showers. the model doesn't know how to deal with it so says this someplace dry. but it will be widespread.
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we dry out. into sunday morning the clouds thicken and still a sprinkle to the north and west and could see a stray shower. most placing will be dry sunday. the rest much today it will be wet. take the umbrella with you. 52 raleigh and cary, 51 wake forest and wendell, 52 holly springs and garner. north you will see temperatures in roxboro up are 40's, 50 henderson, 52 roanoke rapids and durham. southwest into the sand hills temperatures mid 50's. 55 fayetteville. 52 siler city and 54 in wilson under cloudy skies and rain moves in. tonight showers around in the evening and it goes away after midnight. 43 raleigh. 46 durham. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather tomorrow back into the 50's. 56, probably the warm est day of the next seven. sunday an early morning shower and cool.
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for dr. martin luther king. john: during the forecast amber and barbara were dancing. amber: it sis not turning the alarm off. don: i have to walk over and all i see is this. john: it is on. don: when i sit doing the seven-day forecast you will here whispering in the background. amber: then you will see john like this. john: come on. barbara: although he was whipping a nene earlier. amber: how did i miss this? john: i know. it is friday. amber: i need to put up a camera in here. happy friday. we get so excited. none of us is doing anything spectacular. it is just the alarm is turned off. whew!
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dry conditions this morning weather is looking great and as don said take the umbrella. rain later it afternoon. so the ride home may be wet but not this morning. we are accident free and looking nice. the hurricanes have a game tonight 7:00 so watch nor volume in and out fof p.n.c. 5 540 eastbound 11 minutes 70 to 1. 80 northbound four minutes to 55 fplt 55. barbara: 6:22 and 39 degrees. they made it to the state championship but now the accomplishment is being wiped clear. john: a durham high school football team is being forced to forfeit some of its biggest wins.
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having you watch sports. i'm here at my house, on thanksgiving day and i have a massive heart attack right in my driveway. the doctor put me on a bayer aspirin regimen. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. go talk to your doctor. you're not indestructible anymore. barbara: it is 39 degrees and 6:25. john: they made it to the state title game but durham southern high school football team must forfeit its 2015 season wins from november 7 on due to an eligibility violation. the north carolina high school athletic association citing a member much the team played with an expired physical. barbara: if you are headed to charlotte for the carolina panthers game you will see more security. as has been the case with panther home games since the paris attacks the playoff against seattle is declared an
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and police say people can expect officers in numbers on foot and different vehicles and watching from the air. police are warning fans about the increased number of fake tickets out there. john: users of the high tech thermostat complaining after a software update. here is the technique news. >> nest users complaining of being left out in the cold saying their thermostats have been malfunctions sense they got a software malfunction. they say it has been resolved for over 99% of customers. >> amazon is celebrating the golden globe success by slashing prime membership prices. today until sunday you can get prime for $76, that is $23 off the usual price. espn getting serious about gaming.
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called espn e-sports. a special hub on the website to cover the world of competitive gaming including major tournaments, top gameers can make more than a million dollars a year. >> that's a lot of money for playing around. those are your "tech bytes."
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a meth lab barbara: breaking new developments we know the names of two people arrested after a meth lab bust in raleigh. the other discovery in the home that causes concern. john: one person escapes adebate. donald trump and ted cruz go led to head. good morning, welcome on friday january 15, 39 degrees and 6:30. i'm barbara gibbs. john: i'm john clark. thanks for joining us. weather and traffic together. meteorologist don schwenneker storm center. don: good morning to you on this friday. we are starting dry but later today expect showers to move in. we will talk about that in a bit. let's look at the day ahead and by 10:00 we are in the 40's, by lunch 50 and we will see temperatures around 50 in the
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currently 32 south hill and roanoke rapids, 32 roxboro, 35 chapel hill. 41 r.d.: 25 sanford. 33 fayetteville, goldsboro 33. we look at the day ahead mostly cloudy now and by lunchtime near 350 under cloudy skies. this afternoon rain and 52 degrees. tomorrow will be warmer and then the bottom drops out. we will talk about the cold weather but now weather and traffic with amber rupinta. amber: looking nice this morning. quiet on the friday, happy friday. 6:31 the time and we are moving fine through fayetteville this. is skibo road and cliffdale. dry conditions and no precipitation to impact friday morning. hopefully it will be easy to ease you into the weekend. our live returns are backing that up around central north carolina, a lot of green and accident free on the majors.
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around 7:00 the hurricanes have game. 40 and south saunders sun coming up into downtown raleigh. no problems or delays. easy start to friday. barbara: we are following breaking news we are getting the first look at two people arrested after a meth lab bust. robert kennerly and melissa godshall face charges of manufacturing and trafficking methamphetamines. gloria rodriguez has the new developments. gloria: good morning. they appeared before a magistrate about 3:00 this morning. in addition to drug charges they face child abuse charges. authorities say two children were in the home when they were making meth and another shocking thing we found out is they are accused of animal cruelty. they intentionally injured a
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crews clean up the lab on huntleigh drive. the raleigh police department discovered it around 8:30 p.m. while serving a search warrant at the home. they had been conducting a drug investigation there. neighbors are shocked. >> we don't want it in the neighborhood. if i seen it i call the police. gloria: robert kennerly and melissa godshall were arrested. they were charged early this morning with manufacturing and trafficking meth. two children were removed from the home. one is 7 years old and other one1 year old. >> that's crazy. >> with children in the house. >> lock them up for a long time. gloria: did is unclear how the two children are doing right now. as for the pitbull that was mentioned in the arrest warrants we are gathering more information on what they are accused of doing to injure the dog.
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today so tune in at noon for the latest developments on this story. gloria rodriguez, abc 11 eyewitness news. barbara: one person escapes a house fire in raleigh but two pets were not lucky. this is the house on cromwell court. officials say the flames were in the back of the house where there is heat and smoke damage. the person was treated for smoke inhalation and minor burns. crews were able to rescue a dog but another dog and cat died. john: a fayetteville woman in critical condition after her son allegedly shot her in the face. he is behind bars. kemp powell jr. is charged with attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon. police say he walked into his mother's nail salon and shot derema burch also known as miss dee, in the face. eyewitnesses say after the shooting he ran out the back door of the spa and came back into the building.
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motive but friends and customers say powell had member health issues. >> durham police are investigate investigating a wreck that sent two firefighters to the hospital street. police say the truck was returning from a call when the car hit the side of the truck. rescuers had to force the door open to get the captain out. he was taken to the hospital. a exactlysecond firefighter went to the hospital. john: we are 17 days from the iowa caucus and the race for the
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donald trump. john: besides those attacks it was focused on terrorism, immigration and the economy. the democrats are headed to south carolina next with a primary debate this sunday. on the democratic side tightening race is increasing the friction between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. the sanders campaign released an ad saying clinton wouldn't be tough on wall street. barbara: it is 6:36 and 39 plus the new clue. john: defense secretary speaks out about the u.s. navy sailors detained in iran. don, good morning. don: alleges you head -- as you head out warmer in the triangle
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after tomorrow it gets don: welcome pwabgback. let's talk bus stop forecast. as you head out send the umbrellas. they won't need them this morning and coming home from school they will use them with temperatures around 50 and 30's this morning. 34 right now south hill. 33 roxboro, durham. 34 hillsborough. 36 siler city. slide south and sanford 20's. pinehurst 30's. 33 lillington, fayetteville. clinton 32. we look at the day ahead 41 now and by lunch cloudy and 50. once the rain starts after lunch the temperatures will fall back a couple of degrees up are 40's. we will talk about the rain and
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bolsters the claim the attack was carried out by isis. barbara: ash carter is speaking out about the navy sailors detained in iran. he says it appears a tphaeufrpgsal error occurred. it is not clear if the crew made a mistake or the equipment was to blame. carter says they were not on a covert mission and just making their which from kuwait to bahrain. john: we are keeping you connected to big stories on line skwraofrplt amber is tracking it. good morning. amber: good morning to both of you. a couple of trending stories. alan rickman died yesterday from cancer. you will know him best from harry potter and his co-star
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sweet message and talked about how he never spoke down to a young boy who was on the set of one of the first films in 15 years he was one of the greatest actors and loyalest and most supportive people. that is what all the folks from harry potter and anybody who interacted with him is saying. that is trending this morning. this is a great story. this woman posted this on january 4 about the company. it is trending. she bought jackets and realized they were not going to work well because she has dogs and called them about sending them become. the company or give them to somebody who may need them this winter and that would make them happy. she said it made her cry and she thinks we need more companies that have honest ethics. that is trending. she said i hope it goes viral and it has in a big way. this is also going viral. a lot of people talking about the whales in southern india
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about 45 have died. they stranded themselves on the southern indian beach. there are about 80 in all. they have been trying to put them back in the ocean but scientists say they don't know why they are beaching themselves. it is a mystery.
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coming up the john: new this morning indianapolis police say a suspect in a domestic
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custody. officers responding to the call found the suspect and handcuffed him. he complained of pain and medic was notified. he was taken to the hospital but died on the way. an autopsy will be performed to learn more. chilling surveillance video of a teen carjacking suspect's final moments after he was shot by a chicago police officer. a federal judge lifted a protective order that barred the video release. the officer said he fired after seeing cedric chapman turn toward officers with a dark object. it was an iphone box. his mother is suing the city and two police officers who chased him. barbara: michigan governor is asking president obama to issue an emergency disaster declaration as that state t relief to residents in flint. the drinking water is contaminated with lead. it started after the city switched the supply in 2014 to
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chipotle is taking a step after a series of food poisoning outbreaks. it will close all stores one day february 8 to talk to employees about food safety. it is expected to last several hours. john: goldman sachs made a tentative deal with the government to pay more than $5 ead of the financial crisis of 2008. it is the largest in the company's history but far less than what other banks paid the barbara: celine dion is mourning the loss of her husband and manager. rene angelil was battling throat cancer and died at home in henderson palace. the shows this weekend are canceled. john: oscar nominations are criticized for lack diversity
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the hash tag was revived when critics noticed not one person screenplay but that is on behalf of two white writers. barbara: two million dollar power ball winners are a mystery but they were bought in the carolina one at food mart express at spring lake and other south of downtown at harris teeter. many threw away tickets when they saw they heard somebody in california, tennessee and florida won the pweugbig jackpot but there are still $100,000 and $50,000 prizes around the state. winners have 180 days to claim the prize.
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out there are computers that will scan them to see if you won anything. don't throw them away. john: that sound you are hearing is people rifling through trash cans. don: today not a bad day. you will need the umbrella. it is a big weekend if you are a fastball fan. panthers playing. we have a lot of nfl games ago r going on and mark armstrong will be there. if you are headed to charlotte 1:05 against the seahawks you will see mostly cloudy skies, could rain in charlotte in the morning hours and by the afternoon game time it should be dry. a little colder with temperatures in the 40's. you can get all the post-game coverage here on abc11. we will look at what is happening with a live look into joined raleigh. some light in the sky, 44 the temperature, dewpoint 29, 62% humidity wind calm.
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miles an hour. 33 roxboro, 26 sanford, 33 fayetteville. 30 smithfield. you had clear skies overnight and southern areas clouds building in now but clear skies allowed the temperatures to fall the this is the next weather maker. starting to spread national western counties of south carolina and it will lift north-northeast into us over the next 24 hours. we will see the showers by this afternoon. by lunch getting in hoke, moore and western cumberland county and we will see showers with us in the evening and move out tonight into tomorrow and tomorrow we will see sunshine, temperatures mid 50's and sunday next system approaching could see a sprinkle sunday morning. not widespread. the potential is there for a couple of randrops. the -- raindrops. today 52 holly springs and garner. in the north 50's from rocks grow henderson.
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49 south hill today. sand hills rain around lunch in raeford and pinehurst. it will take the afternoon to spread to wilson and clayton. 53 the high in lillington. tonight across the area back into the 40's for overnight lows. won't see anything freeze. above average for termsmperatures. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather showing temperatures tomorrow back into the mid 50's. warmest of the next seven. sunday 45 and variably cloudy could see a morning shower. monday dry for dr. martin luther king day. cold, mid 30's. 37 tuesday and wednesday 43 and thursday 46. everybody breaking out the panthers gear and like to introduce you to bear. this is tanya earley's dog. bear is dressed in the jersey. all he wanted for christmas was a super bowl win for the panthers. a lot of us would like that.
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we want to see your panthers gear. upload it at whether for your dog, paint your face and put seinfeld reference. what is he saying. upload to barbara: that dog did not look miserable in that sweater. john: cute. amber: looked happily. i didn't know what you were talking about. that is because i'm under 35. don: i have to paint my face. sure. amber: i don't know it. but i love seinfeld. i love that it is friday and you will love this if you are heading out. we have clear conditions and we have a disabled vehicle at poole and 440. the flashing lights are to slow it down. they have that effect. overall the major interstates moving quite nicely and sun starting to rise. there is how it looks at 40 and lake wheeler.
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folks heading into downtown raleigh. taillights are westbound near lake wheeler. no accidents. a the will of green on the live returns. that is what we showed you the disabled vehicle and reminder the hurricanes have a game at 7:00 at p.n.c. so watch nor volume in and out of that area. 450 eastbound five minutes 64 to 70. no problems in city of medicine durham freeway northbound seven minutes 40 to 15 fplt. barbara: ahead on "eyewitness news" the morning rush what we
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arrested in a meth john: morning rush all the news weather and traffic you need. barbara: you can see some top stores behind us including a meth lab bust minutes from downtown raleigh and smaller field of republican presidential candidates square off. the two people are in custody after a bust. robert kennerly and melissa godshall are facing charges of manufacturing and trafficking methamphetamine. authorities responded to the home on huntleigh drive and fond two children.
6:44 am
in a late night fire in raleigh. firefighters were called to this house on cromwell court just before midnight. one person was tredacy given the fact he was born in canada. durham's southern high school football team must forfeit the 2015 season wins from november 7 on because of an ineligibility violation. it was found a member of the team played with an expired specialist. john: we are with the carolina panthers in charlotte this weekend. follow mark armstrong for up-to-the-minute reports on and off the field and watch after the game for the post-game interviews. barbara: "big weather." don: the rest of today take the umbrella. not raining but it will for the
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mostly cloudy, 30's and 40's this morning. amber: it has been a pretty easy start to friday and nice sunrise over us. this is 40 and careytown boulevard. dry pwubut rain later. accident free. barbara: "good morning america" is next. john: for i'm barbara gibbs, amber rupinta, don schwenneker and rest of the team we will see
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