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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  January 15, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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barbara: another major plunge on's -- major plunge on wall street. the volatility led by steep declines in energy compabelow $30 per barrel, the lowest level since 2003. john: new video coming in from the scene of a crash in orange county. a car crashing into a postal connection store. that is just north of i-85. and man was taken into the hospital with minor injuries. the car has been pulled out. into the store is unknown. an outage impacting dmv offices across the state. a power outage at the department
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ability to provide services. initial issuances -- there is no timeline on when the power will be restored. >> first alert doppler radar moving into the sandhills. a wet commute this evening. don schwenneker is in the raleigh storm center. don: nothing causing flooding problems but we are seeing raindrops fall in the western part of our viewing area. most powerful radar in the carolina. down into robinson county. you see some heavier rain over the next half hour as that moves
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not anticipated in the raleigh area. massive showers on the first alert doppler network. charleston. evening hours. we do dry out for the weekend here. >> you can stay ahead with the first alert weather app and download for first alert doppler xp. you can get an hourly forecast. a mother is fighting for her life the day after her son walked into her nail salon and shot her in the face.
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an update on her condition. nicole? nicole: she said she had a successful surgery last night. absolute good news on that front for her health. we got a hold of those 911 calls charged in this shooting, telling folks he wasn't around when it happened. >> do we know who the person is who shot the victim? >> we don't know. >> these newly released to 911 calls detail confusions moment after police say his son shot her in the face inside her hair salons thursday afternoon. the 911 callers asking where he was during the shooting.
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returned -- he returned only to stand over his mother and this woman who frantically tried to help her. >> he didn't say anything to me other than that is my mom. he just stood over me while i am on the ground, trying to help her breathe. just standing there watching me on the ground. wasn't trying to help me or anything, just standing there looking at me. >> now charged with attempted first-degree murder, denies knowing what happened. we'll see you again on eyewitness news starting at four. abc 11 eyewitness news. >> thank you for that report.
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method have in raleigh is expected to make their first court appearance. police raided this home in the 3200 loch of huntley drive. two children ages seven and one were found in that home. they were taken to the hospital to be checked out. >> honoring carolinas gulf war veteran. he commemorated the 25th anniversary of the persian gulf war in a ceremony downtown in raleigh. gloria rodriguez is live at the museum of history with details. >> the main goal here is to educate people about the persian gulf war. they were passing out these flyers and other brochures with other information, now the state is going further to make sure this conflict is not forgotten.
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carolinian served during that war, like sergeant john miller. he says it is important to the start of the persian gulf war. >> to remember how it started and even how it happened quickly and fast, some soldiers and airport personnel were injured and died. and the sacrifices not forgotten even 25 years later. >> it was announced that $100,000 will be used as a traveling exhibit about the war. this museum will be building that exhibit. right now they are still in the
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we will learn about that exhibit in coming weeks. gloria rodriguez, abc 11 eyewitness news. >> time is running out. >> we are going to tell you about the deadline that could have you racing to the computer. powerball tickets.
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>> here's >> a live look at fayetteville street outside the raleigh eyewitness news center. don schwenneker is looking for rain pay looking for a seven day forecathe democrats were heading to south carolina next where a deck -- with a primary debate this sunday. >> open enrollments for the
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if you need to sign-up for 2016 health coverage you can visit >> dr. him police are investigating a threat sent to firefighters. police say the fire truck was returning from a call when the car hit the side of a truck. rescuers had to force the door open to get the captain out. a second firefighter complaining of back pain was also taken to the hospital. >> their hum police looking for a hit and run driver that caused this dramatic crash. the woman driving that red suv did not appear to be injured. a clinical trial leave several people clinic -- leave several people injured. >> pregnant women are being warned not to travel to certain areas.
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john: we first told you of the state's first food death of the year. doctors are seeing more cases of rsv, the respiratory virus can be serious. children under age one are vulnerable. they can get something called bronchiolitis, which can narrow
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the best way to prevent rsv is repeatedly wash your hands. barbara: six people in the hospital and one said to be brain-dead after taking part in a clinical trial of a drug. they got sick after taking an oral medication after the first phase of testing. ne of the attackers. authorities claim -- an investigation is underway after a man died in police custody in indianapolis. barbara: it happened late last night. police say they had just taken the man into custody who had allegedly been a woman and
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the man started complaining of chest pain. officers say they called an ambulance but the man died before medics could get the man to the hospital. >> mayor rahm emanuel under fire after this video released of 18 carjacking suspect. he was shot by a police officer. the officer says after seeing cedric chapman turned towards officers with a dark object in his hand he thought was a gun. investigators later determined it was an iphone box. chapman's mother is suing the city and the two police officers. >> singer celine dion is mourning the loss of her husband and manager. he had been battling throat
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he diedng a year off to care for her husband. >> federal health officials are debating whether to warn pregnant women about traveling to latin american and caribbean countries. the centers for disease control and prevention become concerned about pregnant women traveling to countries where mosquitoes are spreading the virus. it has been linked to brain damage in newborn babies. officials say would be the first time the cdc has warned pregnant women to avoid a specific region during an outbreak. now to the mystery surrounding the person who bought that winning powerball ticket in
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californout how they will spend their fortune. >> they have plenty of time to do that. don't prank anybody, that is rough. >> cause them to have a heart attack. >> we are starting to see some showers. i think we will see rain moving across the next several hours. good afternoon to you. let's get a look at first alert doppler xp. homestead boulevard, we have shower activity moving through. the heaviest rain still in the western part.
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we will continue to see all of this pushing to the north and east. a live look into downtown raleigh. dew points at 32. east wind at my death east wind at five miles per hour. temperature in fayetteville, 49, 69% humidity and winds are calm. 45 roxboro, 47 chapel hill. 51 in goldsboro. we will cool things down into the 40's. still down in south carolina along i-20 and i-95. that will work its way through the next few hours.
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once that presses out of here we in. putting into motion by 6:00, the region. you see some dry flops into the model. the evening looks wet. it moved out quickly. by 5:00 tomorrow on your saturday we are going to see some sunshine with some cloud temperature still in the 50's. one or two little pockets of green around here. you may see an isolated shower. that is going to move out quickly. it will be drive for the panthers game.
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the front moves through. a lot colder. temperature holding on. 52 in garner. amateurs across the region did bring down into the 40's for overnight lows. 43 raleigh, 46 fayetteville. first alert seven day forecast, powered by accuweather. tomorrow will be the warmest day. sunday is 45. less than a 30% chance of rain on sunday. it is going to be chilly. tuesday 37.
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we will go toward springtown. that is a good thing.
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amazon prime at its discountabc 11 is keeping you connected. click get notifications for the latest eyewitness news updates. >> walmart says it will close 260 nine stores, 154 of them in the u.s. and another big chunk in brazil. most u.s. stores will be the smaller walmart express type stores. eight of those stores are in our area. and a super walmart on durham close january 28. 10,000 workers in the u.s. -- the stores account for a stores worldwide and less than 1% of global revenue. the author -- the offer comes three months after the ceo told
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review the fleet. >> you may be seeing a lot more feast these driverless cars. the federal government plans to spend million dollars -- spend $4 billion to develop the technology. amazon is celebrating the golden globes by slashing prime membership prices. you can get amazon prime for $76. the deal is only for new. barbara: the state is honoring dr. martin luther king jr. today. john: we will take you live to the service. our buy and a robber hits the
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abc 11 eyewitness news continues. >> first at 12:30, celebrating the life of dr. martin luther king jr.. >> now underway here in raleigh. live at first baptist church in salisbury street. >> this is such a beautiful church. we stepped outside, and is literally going on behind me. this is the last day of work for all state employees. it is time for them to step away and focus on celebrating the life of dr. martin luther king. it is a nice moving ceremony so far. it started with a bellringing
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inside -- the governor is inside with us right now at the first baptist church. also speaking will be a former history professor. the theme is honoring economic contributions and it is really inspiring to hear. to the first black owned pharmacy to break through medical research. it is also about remembering dr. king's legacy. unity better and -- better than harmony. reminding us to come together. we are going to bring you some
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>> getting ready -- the shooting happened at a nail salon yesterday. we are hearing the 911 call from a customer who called for help. nicole carr is in the fayetteville eyewitness news center. nicole: let's talk about -- everybody has been asking about it online. this morning her husband told me she is stable -- good news on her health front. the 911 call, we hear her son who was now charged with this shooting. >> do we know the person who shot the victim? who is the person who shot him?
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>> these newly released 911 calls the tale the confusion the moment police say he shot her after -- he shot her in the face thursday afternoon. the 911 caller was asking where she was turned the shooting. police and witnesses say they returned only to stand over his mother and this woman who frantically tried to help her. >> you didn't say anything to me other than that's my mom. just standing there. just standing there watching me on the ground.
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>> now charged with a campus first-degree murder, denying what happened. >> bring you the latest -- we will bring you the latest from that at four. abc 11 eyewitness news. john: happening now we are working to learn the cause of a house fire in raleigh. two pets died in a fire on, -- on cromwell court. the person inside was treated for smoke inhalation and minor burns. another dog and cat died. the second cap was unaccounted for. barbara: ashley and her mother melissa were found murdered inside their home. maclean's boyfriend was the killer and better shot and
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it is not clear what started that violence. there will be another joint mother-daughter visitation. the funeral service is tomorrow morning. >> governor mccrory announced a memorial for them. gloria rodriguez is in raleigh with details. >> there is plenty of information about the persian gulf war. we learned they are doing more to educate people about the war. >> army sergeant, billy j holder. >> the names of 17 north carolinian service members who lost their lives during the persian gulf war. 75,000 north carolinians served during that war. it is important we remember the
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>> what we are fighting now has some roots in this one. even though it happened quickly and fast, some soldiers and airmen and marines and airport personnel died. and the sacrifices and family that was made. >> community members attended at the north carolina museum of history. it was announced that $100,000 were used for a traveling exhibit about the war. the funds came from the government in 1992 and are just now being used. we know that one of the things that will be included in that exhibit is honoring those who lost their lives during the war. gloria rodriguez, abc 11 eyewitness news. john: one-time presidential candidate senator lindsey graham throwing her support behind another candidate.
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carolina senator dropped out of the race last month. national security has always been the most important issue. he thinks the former florida governor should be the next republican nominee. barbara: -- john: the must-see video as former rams fans react to the
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video's. >> we begin in mesquite, texas. you can see the masked man in black coming in with a gun. he grabs the clerk, pushes him to the front counter where he demands money, as the clerk gives him the money and cigarettes the robber hits him in the head. that is when the clerk turns the tables, fighting back. at one point he is pointing it at the man's chest. throwing punches and kicks. that is when the robber asks for mercy. the worker leading the man out of the store at gunpoint and police are searching for that man. now to a water rescue in ukraine. the rescuers used an inflatable
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themselves above 100 feet of ice. the pair were taken to a hospital to be treated for hypothermia. they are feeling the burn in -- turn in st. louis. burning their gear in reaction to the teams moved to los angeles. several people through their t-shirts and jerseys into a fire pit yesterday. those who participated also had to donate clothing for charity. london is turning into the city of lights. 30 international artists helped out with the biggest ever light festival. 3-d projections, interactive installations, and extraordinary light work to iconic and unknown corners. that is your eyewitness news must-see video's. back to you. barbara: thank you. you can see the must-see videos
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an avalanche kills two schoolchildren in france. by the teacher is facing charges. let's take a live look at fayetteville on this friday afternoon. pretty much everywhere it is cloudy. john: as we hit the break we check in with your first alert doppler radar.
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michigan's governor rick snyder is asking president obama to issue an emergency disaster declaration. at the drinking water in flint is contaminated with high levels of lead. the problem started as the city switched its supply in 2014 to save money. >> three timothy high school officials are charged after failing to report sexual abuse of basketball players. the complaint reveals a far broader assault than authorities previously announced. four freshman boys were sexually abused. police charged three male
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aggregated rate of one player. >> a school teacher facing involuntary manslaughter after an avalanche killed two of his students. he took a group of students on a closed ski slope, despite signs and a safety net put up to keep people off the court. a 14-year-old boy died after the avalanche, as did a ukrainian skier. a sad story out of maine where police have found the body of a woman inside her home. >> they believe she had been dead for more than two years. without signs of foul play or knowledge of a medical condition they couldn't go inside the house. she did not pay property taxes for the past two years. police had a reason to take a look inside the home.
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the retired teacher did not have any family. >> u.s. airline -- hit a flock of birds right after takeoff more than 3000 feet in the air. the damage shutdown both of the plane's engines. captain sully and -- were able to execute a controlled water landing. all 155 people on board survived. >> to georgia where this woman is facing several charges after police say she went on a rampage at a waffle house. all while completely naked. according to police she stripped off her clothes, punched a woman
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they say when officers tried to subdue her she fought back, scratching an officer. she faces several assault and public indecency charges. barbara: proving you are never too old to do some thing you love. she is still teaching children how to cook and so, making her the oldest working teacher in america. at the age of 80 she started her career as a cooking and selling teacher when the sun school found herself in need. students and staff of fish -- students and staff affectionately call her granny. she has no plans to retire anytime.
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>> those -- we have always used butter. don: green heavier in spots. we will talk about that in a moment. let's get things started. a first alert doppler xp. you can see those bright colors, zooming out area now into southern harnett county. on down through chatham county. take a live look on our first alert weather station. the temperature 51, dew point at 32. we have an east wind at five miles per hour. 46 right now, 62% humidity. checking in at fayetteville with rain starting to rise at about
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south wind at three miles per hour. look at the temperatures from across the region. 51 in wilson. off to the south. 44 in sanford. 50 -- 51 in fayetteville. we zoom it out even further. they are happy to be above zero. go below zero for three days. going to get bitter up there and the cold air will work its way down here. showers extending down into florida. here is this line pushing up across us. a look at first alert predictor forecast. it is gone and it will be out of
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we do have the panthers game temperatures running in the mid 40's. it will be drive for the panthers. that low pressure pushing through, it will continue to work out here heading through the day. temperatures hovering around 50's and falling as the day moves along. tonight those temperatures across the area back into the 40's. 42 into her him. first alert seven-day forecast. temperatures back in the mid-50's. cloudy skies and a slight chance for showers sunday morning. one day for dr. martin luther king jr. day, the cold air is here.
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very cold to start next week. barbara: feeling like winter. thank you. john: an update on wall street. the dow jones industrial average continuing to spiral downward, down more than 500 points. the nasdaq down one hundred 78 points and the s&p 500 is down 58 points. barbara: we will be watching that all day. john: as we celebrate dr. martin luther king jr.'s birthday meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and we're always looking for ways to enjoy more. so we called time warner cable
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barbara: today we celebrate the birthday of martin luther king junior. john: monday is the official holiday. several events are going on. abc 11 together the proud sponsor. abc 11 together is proud to be a part of the community effort happening on martin luther king junior day. telling us more about this thank
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let's talk about who you are and what it is you do. >> that dream was every job in our community -- we are working hard to make sure that we -- every child in our community -- how many books you have it home and should not connect to how much money your parents make. we discover our community agrees with this. we have half a million books donated. we continue to work every day. >> there is data that supports what reading can do for a child much later on in life. >> having books and access to books is part of it -- part of a
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the reason i'm in on this is it is a very emotional, very important part of developing the, compassion,people conserve by showing up at durant central park with book donations.
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they can volunteer with us, abc 11 is our media partner and we are excited about that. >> come on out, take place, the information is right there. back to you. >> eyewitness news is following several developing stories. their helicopters collided last night near oahu. a fayetteville man makes his first court appearance, accused of shooting his own weather. we're learning tool -- we are working to learn why she shot her. and i am barbara gibbs. for the entire eyewitness news team we will see you again today at four. john: eyewitness news continues at abc [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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