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tv   ABC Eyewitness News at 530 PM  ABC  January 15, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> from the raleigh eyewitness news center abc news eyewitness news at 5:30 starts now. >> to wake county homes, the same troubling story. meth labs discovered inside. making matters worse, children were living there. hello again. anchor: holly drive is the focus of the investigation. ed crump is live with the investigation. elainathans:ed: we got our hands on the statistical map showing drug meth lab busts around the state. you might be surprised, they are not as uncommon as you think. when neighbors in north raleigh
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white suits coming and going from the split-level they realized it could be good. >> i knew there was something that might be flammable. >> bobby underwood lived across me home raided. he said they were surprised to london were 17 labs in wake county alone last year. in durham county there were two. they were none in orange county. cumberland had seven. johnston county has 40. the number one county in the state. >> i'm surprised. i had no idea. >> i had no idea that many were going on. that is very frustrating. reporter: kenneth walks across the street three times a day.
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>> it's one of those things that we don't want to have to deal with. reporter: one of the suspects faced a judge. he said they were not selling methamphetamine. >> we are not doing anything. reporter: there was still a danger police learned there was an explosion in the home. that is likely why the suspects were charged with animal abuse. tonight we have no information about the children in the house. they were the children of another woman living in the house and we understand that woman is not going to be charged . police believe she had nothing to do with it. those two kids are likely with their mother after being checked out. >> glad they are safe. thank you. now to a look at the developing
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order a couple accused of abandoning their pants. anna: and where the search stands for a person who slammed his car in durham. 5:30, a judge orders a fayetteville couple charged animal cruelty to stay away from animals until their cases are closed. eyewitness news was there for the first court appearance. both chose to hire an attorney. they abandon their dogs in an apartment. one dog starve to death. another was alive but had no food or water. heather: authorities charging two people in a hit-and-run in the bull city. police say 46-year-old darren mclean rammed a police car on
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he is still on the run. one passenger was taken to the hospital. he faces drug charges tonight. investigators found oxycodone inside the stolen car. anna: governor mccrory honors the 17 north carolina service members killed in the persian gulf war. that happened 25 years ago. gloria rodriguez shows us the new way to member those troops and learn from the conflict. >> there is plenty of information about the persian gulf war. we learned the state is doing more to educate people about it. >> reading the names of the north carolinian service members who lost their lives during the persian gulf war. 75,000 from north carolina
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he says it is important we remember the 25th anniversary of the war. >> to remember the war we fight now still has some roots in this one and how it started, and even though it happened quickly and fast some soldiers were injured and died. and the sacrifices they made. north carolina veterans council commander patricia harris served in the persian gulf war. it was a turning point for women. >> we were the first women the saudi arabian saw driving and commanding troops. that is what i did. reporter: the governor announced $100,000 will be used for an exhibit about the war. originally seed money for a large memorial. they are just now being used.
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and we know one of the things included is honoring those who lost their lives. ose but is otherwise ok. these are the faces of the newest powerball jackpot winners . earlier this afternoon they walked into lottery headquarters in nashville hoping their golden ticket was for real. now it is official. they hold a hefty slice of that $1.6 billion jackpot.
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they cannot remain anonymous. anna: wonder who they are. can you imagine the woman where her son printer? heather: changes to the menu at kfc. anna: and the departure from the company's roots. heather: firefighters going
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see how they did it. here is a look at what is coming up at 6:00. tisha: new details and a pizza party. what frank perry is telling us tonight. complaints continue to come in as blue cross blue shield deals with drama. who is having daily conversations with them?
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case that sent a mother to the>> keeping you connected. find us on facebook. like our page. get notifications for the latest eyewitness news updates. hot and spicy coming to your neighborhood kentucky fried chicken. nashville hot chicken rolls out
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they are modeling the flavor after a popular specialty in music city. officials say it tastes spicy, smoky and crispy. it comes with a spicy sauce in case you need the extra kick. anna: that looks good. a u.s. and british astronaut are back inside international space station after a history making spacewalk. the first official british astronaut to take a spacewalk, it is a technicality. mission control ended the mission when water showed up. heather: fighter fires go about and beyond their duties all the time but these guys are taking it to the next level. they gave their own tennis shoes to a homeless man. the firefighters noticed the man limping barefoot on the freeway
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he put on the shoes and offered water. their gesture has generated hundreds of likes on facebook. that number is still climbing tonight. anna: that is touching to see him put those shoes on him. this is caught on camera. a cafe explodes and sends debris flying everywhere. heather: what we are learning about the cause. anna: show me your panthers pride.
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restaurant injuring 10 people. video shows the blast shooting debris sideways with cars swerving to avoid the fragments. mexico city's mayor says it looks like gas buildup inside the restaurant. anna: we have an update on the trending story. we love this. a farm looking for goat snowblowers. they had an overwhelming response. they decided to host a goatapalooza. we told you about the all the morrow county farm needing volunteers to snuggle and feed 90 newborn goats. their story went viral with offers coming in from across the country. too many people to fit on the schedule. they have to be bottle-fed four times a day and cap warm -- kept warm.
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distraction section. share your favorites on show so media. panthers pride is contagious this season. look at the number of jerseys flying off the shelves. carolina leads jersey cells among the remaining playoff teams. most in southern and mid-atlantic states. the second-most popular team jersey in the nfl this season. coming up, the bet governor mccrory is making. eyewitness news is with the panthers this weekend. follow mark armstrong on twitter for up-to-the-minute reports on what is happening on and off the field. stay close to that abc 11 app. mark armstrong has been with the team all season and he is right
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joel: let's hope they have some better weather. chris: it is went to be a dryer weekend for sure. sunday maybe some rain. the cold air gets here as we head through the first part of next week. temperatures in the coldest of the season. it hasn't been that cold, especially back in december. skies are mostly cloudy 44 south hill. rock girl at 45. chile with some 50's around the south. upper 40's around sanford. nothing bitterly cold. tomorrow we won't hit 60.
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there is some light rain. there is some rain here in parts of orange county and wake county. this is fairly light tracking to the north and northeast. here is some more across moore county back towards charlotte. we will have mostly light rain around here for the next few hours. take the umbrella, something to keep you dry. it will begin to dissipate and move on out later on this evening. by tomorrow morning it is long gone. a wet evening in time but it is
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rainfall amounts are going to be a half inch or less. it shuts off completely from columbia southward. we will see clearing skies around here towards tomorrow morning. temperatures will be falling into the upper 30's and lower 40's. 44 just after midnight. we are back to sunshine. 8:00, noon time up to 50 degrees. tomorrow is going to be a decent day. it should be a nice day with mid 50's, upper 50's in parts of the triangle. sunday is not going to be awful but there's a chance for a little bit of rain makes with a snowflake. it is not going to be a big deal at all. the big deal will be this cold air coming our way into monday. look at that dip in the jet stream.
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the air will send temperatures way down starting sunday night. it moderates a little bit. 37, notice if there is a snowflake it is above freezing. all that talk you saw earlier on social media about snow, forget it. there may be a flake or two. mid-40's, 30's. nighttime lows into the teens. 19 will be the coldest of the season. there was a lot of chicken little talk pretty sky is falling. i'm glad we listen to you. chris: we will keep you posted. we still have a lot of snow chances but not a big one by any stretch. heather: let's check in with david meer. reporter: >> breaking news
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the major helicopter crash, a dozen marines missing. a passenger jet hitting severe turbulence. you see the injuries. nor'easter, tornadoes already. this hints through the weekend. we get through it before eyewitness news. anna: thank you. coming up, a triangle man's debt dispute and what we can learn from his struggle.
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heather: dispute over an old debt. anna: a do a triangle man says he already paid off. diane wilson is here with what went wrong. reporter: when you have a debt it is important you keep proof of the hail. the bank was still saying he never paid it off. >> the check was no good. >> a bad check is what started them more than nine years ago. since then the check was no good. he now owned his bank that money back. >> i asked the cashier to write down and made the payment and who she spoke to. she stamped it. >> he cap the proof all these years and never thought much about it until the irs took a
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>> he went to bank of america and show them the proof he already paid off the debt years ago. >> >> once he got me involved frederick heard from bank of america and got his money. >> you made that one phone call and everything was handled. reporter: bank of america work directly with him to resolve the issue. what helped frederick in this case, he kept his records. it is key to save your documentation to prove your case when this happens. some just want to throw it away. keep proof. anna: you always remind us of that. that is so key. heather: if you have a consumer complaint or need the troubleshooter to get involved
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abc reach out on twitter or on facebook at troubleshooter diane wilson wtvd. eyewitness news continues. anchor: complaints and security concerns blue cross, blue shield dealing with it all. tisha: the i-team is learned what happened leading up to the moments when a mother was shot by her own son in a hair salon. tisha: and the member of governor pat mccrory's cabinet calls out a program. walmart closing hundreds of stores including 17 in our backyard.
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out of a>> see what's happening this instant. eyewitness news at 6:00 starts now. steve: the weekend is getting off to a soggy start. tisha: here is a look at the commute from the dot camera at i-40 in harrison avenue. you can see the slick conditions leading to backups in some areas. this area is moving smoothly. this is a look at i-40 in raleigh. people are getting the brakes and there is some light rain.
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us in our downtown raleigh storm sensor.
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