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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 1100 PM  ABC  January 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> a gunbattle in broad daylight, one person shot and killed. >> a local w
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national captioning r any updates tomorrow morning on eyewitness news or any talk more on -- anytime on a reported gunbattle that turned deadly. tisha: we first brought back to you this afternoon. elaina athans is live outside headquarters. >> we are now averaging one shooting per day since the new year. ththlatest one happened in the afternoon around 3:30 p.m.. another life was lost. investigators were seen inside
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taking evidence after gunfire directed on north miami boulevard -- you rubbed it on north miami boulevard. -- erupted on north miami boulevard. jose three guests was rushed -- jose three guest was rushed to the hospital and died from his injuries. one first responder was hurt while trying to help. police are not sure about his condition. it is the third homicide this year. 24 hours after a vigil at city hall. >> unacceptable. we are off to the same start this year. pray for our city, pray for our
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>> police believe rodriguez was targeted. joel:steve: you can look for the latest on this story tomorrow morning. tisha: the rain is starting to move out of the triangle, pretty much gone at this point. >> tomorrow is going to be a transition day. tomorrow, if you like mild temperatures, you want to make the most out of that. things go downhill starting sunday. doppler xp, pretty much on schedule. there it is, last little bit of light rain, southern virginia in two parts of hampton and halifax county -- in two parts of hampton and halifax county. moving rapidly to the northeast, a few clouds around.
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rainfall amounts have been a third to half an inch. the one inch amounts know the coast. -- near the coast. a little bit breezy out there. the rain is pretty much gone. 3:00 in the morning, 43. tomorrow, we get into the 50's to near 60 and then temperatures start to crash starting sunday. we will tell you all about the cold martin luther king jr. holiday. tisha: stay ahead of any weather event with the first alert app. downloaded now. steve: blue cross blue shield offices across the triangle are on alert for a possible security threat. the i-team tipped off about an internal e-mail. because of a couple incidents
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where increasing security -- we are increasing security and safety measures. uniformed police will be providing security. a software problem impacting thousands of customers and their insurance policies. tisha: a story nicole carr broke on twitter. shooting suspect kevin powell junior was denied a handgun permit less than a year ago because of a mental health issue. he appeared in a courtroom to answer to attempted murder charges. he is accused of shooting his mother in the face at a hair salon yesterday. he is scheduled to be back on court february 3. as for his mother, her husband said she had a successful surgery. steve: a frightening night for a fayetteville couple.
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greg barnes in our downtown newsroom. >> police say it was good old-fashioned self-defense. the woman who was first attacked in that church parking lot was able to scare off the attacker when she pulled out a concealed weapon. the suspect ran down the street, broke into a fayetteville couple's home, and he got a lot more than he bargained for. this is the frying pan that he used to fight off an intruder. >> the fact that he was coming in to invade our home and do the damage he had done, nobody should have to put up with this kind of mess. >> it was just before midnight when he went to go check on a noise. >> i hollered at him.
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we fought on the floor. >> his wife heard the noise and ran to help her husband. i think she hit him with a metal trashcan a couple of times. when i got the frying pan, i gave him a good dose of that. >> before the break in, sheldon attacked a mother who was waiting in a church parking lot. when an elderly man tried to intervene, he started beating him. >> she had a legal firearm, retrieved her firearm, fired two rounds. >> you answered into a fight he never expected -- he ran straight into a fight he never expected. police tell us all of the
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the suspect, the suspect is undergoing a mental evaluation. he is in custody. he will face serious criminal charges. steve: the frying pan to the rescue. one week after the i-team exposed a pizza party for wake county parole officers, tipsters are telling us there is much more to the story. the director told the i-team there is no pressure on officers to put people back in jail. in the week since we broke the story, we got e-mails and tips all saying the same thing. one e-mail was very blunt saying the director is lying. as a current corrections officer, i can tell you the pressure israel and -- is real and is statewide. >> we d -- we need to do more education with their managers if
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make sure they understand. steve: they are going to talk to those parole managers about this. she thinks much of what we have heard has been taken out of context. tisha: the department's revenue -- department of revenue is still working on a power outage. some customers waited at the dmv for hours. a power outage was affecting the dmv's ability to provide services. a spokesperson said they are not to the problem -- not sure when the problem will be fixed. steve: a mother trying to find a woman she calls her son's guardian angel. her son was in a serious motorcycle accident and she says he would not be alive if it were not for a nurse who treated him
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heather: luke has spent weeks at wake med. he has made huge strides, but he has a long road ahead. his mother is desperately searching for that guardian angel to say thank you for saving his life. it has been two months since 33-year-old luke iorio came to the hospital. a motorcycle accident left him with a severe traumatic brain injury. his mother stephanie has spent countless hours by his side. >> the doctor who spoke to us after the surgery said he is not going to live. >> but luke is survived -- survived and stephanie is convinced it was because of her stranger who helped her son.
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long time before the medics could get on scene. >> luke is beating the odds, gaining back his strength and trying to speak again. just yesterday, he became a father. his wife gave birth to their first child. >> this is your baby. this is your little girl. >> stephanie is praying luke will get to meet his little girl soon. she is hoping to find the nurse who made it possible. >> had she not stopped, we would not have luke. i have to find her and thank her properly for what she did to our family. >> i love you. >> i love you, too.
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out there knows that women who helped luke when she stopped on november 20. none of the paramedics on the scene got her name. she was wearing those royal blue scrubs. tisha: hopefully, she will come forward. we are just getting started tonight. a frightening flight, a flight attendant left with a bloody nose. a spacewalk emergency, the discovery inside and astronauts helmet that posed a potential risk. this is right outside our raleigh eyewitness news center. the rain has cleared out for now. will we see anymore this weekend? here is another look at
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tisha: a former virginia governor could avoid jail time. the supreme court has agreed to hear the appeal of bob mcdonnell. he was convicted on federal corruption charges in 2014. he was sentenced to two years in prison, but the supreme court granted an emergency motion. steve: a flight attendant rest to the hospital after an american airlines flight from new york to miami had extreme turbulence over jacksonville. it was 40 minutes from miami international when the plane started shaking. miami-dade fire rescue treating and releasing five passengers on
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the flight attendant suffering from a broken nose and taken to the hospital. tisha: a spacewalk was cut short outside the international space station today. it was supposed to last about six hours. while cap to be cut short due to a small -- the walk had to become short due to a small amount of home -- of water in the helmet. steve: let's check out the must-see video on the big board. a birds eye view of the new holy name of jesus cathedral. the dome is really taking shape. it is built on the ground and it will be lifted on top at a later date. the cathedral will feature a sanctuary, a soccer field.
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have it finished in 2017. police say an 87-year-old man drove through a store in hillsboro. the driver was trying to park when he bumped a car and wound up hitting the gas pedal. police say the driver was not injured. a presidential secret now revealed. president obama was asked what he keeps in his pocket. he carries around reminders of some of the key -- a rosary from pope francis, a metal poker chip, and a hindu statue at. -- statuette. pretty revealing. tisha: that is a lot to keep in
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>> you do not want to lose that rosary from the pope. the rain is gone, pretty much on schedule. temperatures fairly mild for this time of year. we will be back up into the 50's to near 60. temperatures will slowly continue to fall. by tomorrow morning, we should be in the lower 40's. maybe into the upper 30's to near 40 in a few spots. overall, a dry rest of the night. temperatures not bad. it is fairly wet at rdu airport. that rain has moved on out and we will have a dry saturday. temperatures in the 40's. 53, fayetteville. chapel hill, 48.
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a little bit of rain. first alert doppler xp, by midnight, pretty much everything is gone. skies will begin to clear out as we head into the early morning hours. 43, roxboro. 46, fayetteville. a bit of a breeze in spots. those winds will hold off a bit for the overnight hours. by the morning, upper 30's. 40 or so in the triangle. 7:00 a.m., 41. 50 at noon. if you have any plans to be out and about, tomorrow is the day to do it. a few spots getting close to 60. frontal boundary will swing on through.
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day. storm system offshore will keep all of its rain offshore, there will be a disturbance tracking to the east during the day. during the morning hours sunday, there could be a little bit of light rain. some models completely dry. temperatures well above freezing. not going to be an issue if it does snow a bit. it will be gone by afternoon. the cold air comes pouring in, that is the big weather story for sunday night into monday and tuesday. temperatures plunge even with a lot of sunshine. henderson, 54. 60 or so around fayetteville. a good-looking day. here is that chunk of arctic air that will plunge in on gusty northwest winds. sunday night into monday and
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that coldest air. temperatures slowly climbed back to where they should be. 37 tomorrow night. sunday, partly to cloudy -- partly to mostly cloudy skies. martin luther king junior day, it is going to be dry, but trees he -- but breezy and cold. cold on tuesday. a slow recovery, it is not going to be one of those fast warm-ups. it will take us a while to get out of that temperature drop.
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a panther victory onsteve: a tennessee couple with the winning powerball ticket took their dog to pick up their winning check. tisha: don and lisa robinson claim to their prize in nashville.
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they plan to half their daughters loans -- they play -- they plan to pay off their daughters loans. steve: the carolina panthers taking on the seattle seahawks. there is now a from the wager between the mayors of charlotte and seattle. if the panthers whenin, the mayor will send some local beer and food. tisha: we have faith they will pull it off. steve: market setting to charlotte for the big game on sunday -- market is heading to charlotte for the big game on sunday.
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>> eyewitness news sports. >> unc is the fifth-ranked team
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adams made it clear. it up in last year at the smith center. the coach brought up that disappointing effort. >> fewest points ever scored by a north carolina team in the smith center. >> we are aware of that. we are aware of how we played last year. we will not let that happen again. we want to stay on top of the league. >> i feel like we can finally get it rolling. >> a power-play goal.
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tonight? he would go back out front, 2-1. it heads to overtime. his second goal of the night. 2-3 overtime loss. erica camp has made big strides in distant running during her time at n.c. state. she is an assistant coach for n.c. state's track and field program. her hope is that her athletes gets better every year. >> i have been to cross country nationals twice. outdoor nationals last year. >> as a former wolfpack runner herself, she set the school
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>> there have been times in the past where we about an athlete close to it. for some reason, some little problem occurs. >> frustrated with her performance, kemp wanted a shot at redemption. >> let me race one more time. >> kemp ended up a clip thing everyone -- eclipsing everyone. a personal best by 12 seconds. >> you got lorries record. >> i think erica was unaware.. it is older than she is. >> erica hopes her record time can reach a new goal. >> i wanted to qualify for
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it is something i have never done. >> she could see her going to the next level. >> that is very exciting, she bounced back from an injury. tisha: that is going to do it for us tonight. steve: jimmy kimmel is coming up live.
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