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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News Saturday SEVEN AM  ABC  January 16, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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to a deadly attack in africa. caitlin: breaking news this morning, a luxury hotel under attack in africa. the death toll still rising this morning, as they battle al-qaida-linked extremists. back at home, a gun survivors. good morning, carolina, it's saturday, january 16, i'm caitlin knute and steve daniels is here talking about the possibility of snow. i'm building it up and you're playing it back down.
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and as it looks right now, the suggesting a little bit of snow but none of them are suggesting accumulating snow. i think it would be more of a novelty and we'd have to have a couple of things happen in the atmosphere, even to get a snow flake down to the ground. up there, it's going to be snowing for sure. about. in the meantime, today is really going to be the best day of the two. so enjoy. we're mild in the 40s right now. almost 50 down in the sand hills to start the day. the clouds will break apart. get a sun and cloud mix today. overall, looking pretty good. average high 51. well beyond that today. enjoy. cloudy with showers around, and maybe some snow flakes mixed in too. we'll break it all down for you coming up in a little bit. caitlin: we want to bring you breaking news coming up this morning. state highway patrol is investigating a deadly wreck in cumberland county. it happened on mcarthur road a mile west of fayetteville.
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vehicle involved and not sure how many victims there are but we'll continue to bring you details as we get them. we have more breaking news this morning coming from abroad. security forces taking back a besieged hotel in western africa. at least 23 people are reported dead, including four extremists. 126 hostages were set free and we're learning a u.s. military member were imbedded with forces of the scene on that attack. al-qaida extremists stormed a hotel and nearby cafe in the western part of africa last night. gunfire was ramped up earlier this morning as military forces were fighting to regain control. the fourth extremist was just reported killed at a nearby hotel. two of the dead are attackers, 33 people wounded, and officials still determining the casualties. and the harrowing attack was launched by the same extremists behind a similar attack that happened in november.
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this morning, a suspect has been arrested in a 2014 gun fight on bourbon street and has been convicted of that at trial. the shooting in new orleans left a by stander dead and others wounded. he was also found guilty of attempted manslaughter. the defense argued that lee was actually firing in self defense. and the story that's new this morning, a car crashes into a home in raleigh. check this out. this was the aftermath in the 600 block of west lenorare e street. you can see damage to the front porch. no word on injuries this morning. a troubling statistic this morning. durham police now say we are averaging one shooting per day since the start of this new year. the latest happened yesterday afternoon and sadly, another person lost their life. officers are investigating after gunfire erupted on north miami boulevard on what's been described as a gun battle. an eyewitness says three men there opened fire. another reported hearing some seven or eight shots being
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jose rodriguez was hit several times as he collapsed behind a home. the 25-year-old was rushed to the hospital where he then died of his injuries. this case marks the third homicide this year. the search continues this morning for any survivors after two helicopters crashed in mid-air off the coast of hawaii. the coast guard says the super stallion chopper from the first marines crashed this morning. 12 people were on those helicopters at the time. the waters below are choppy but debris has been spotted. there's no word yet of the exact fate of those on board or what might have caused the accident. investors are hoping a long three-day weekend will help a volatile stock market to calm down. the first two weeks of 2016 sent
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the s&p 500 fell 29 points. blue cross blue shield is on alert this morning for a possible security threat. the i-team was tipped off about an e-mail expressing that concern. because of a couple of incidents involving extremely frustrated customers, we are increasing security and measures at our facility. the e-mail goes on to say uniformed police will be providing security. this all stems from a software problem at blue cross blue shield that ended up impacting thousands of customers and their insurance policies. and new this morning, it looks like you will need your photo id to vote in person at the march 2016 primary elections. refused to block that photo id requirement. a tril on whether the id law is legal will be held this january 25th.
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mrs. more trouble for republican presidential candidate ted cruz. the new york times report includes failing to disclose a second loan used to help finance this 2012 senate campaign, this one from citibank. the president says the g.o.p. hopeful hopes to acknowledge the letter to officials. cruz was already facing scrutiny for reporting to report a loan from goldman sachs where his wife is an employee. new this morning, a bond hearing has been postponed for a man accused of helping a 24-year-old woman rob jewelry stores all across the south. lewis jones from six robberies in several states, including one in lebbon. they were arrested last weekend in georgia. happening today, high-profile media attention with iran escalates. straight ahead on eyewitness
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state john kerry will discuss with its counter part in iran. and this weekend, we honor the life and work of martin luther king, jr. we'll tell you the events that are happening today. are we going to have to bundle up? is it going to be cold today, steve? steve: we're going to be at
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normal today so enjoy steve: welcome back, everybody. good morning to you on saturday. clouds breaking in fayetteville this morning. temperatures 50 degrees, light breeze at around 2 miles an hour. your pick day of the weekend, make plans to get outdoors today. tomorrow, not nearly as pretty, colder. the temperatures you see here could be the highs or close to it for tomorrow. expect a much cooler day. 47 in goldsboro. temperatures getting up to low 50s by 1:00 or midday today, and that's above our normal high for this time of the year. still 55-60 for daytime highs today. low clouds still in place out there, and will break apart overall. a good day today. more clouds into play, more showers and maybe a snow flake or two. we'll talk more in detail on that in the main forecast. at 2:00 today, notre dame is in
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temperatures, tailgaters just fine in the 50s, light jackets when you head back to the car. no precipitation today so keep the umbrellas at home. will start to see a big dip tomorrow. the coldest air arrives monday and tuesday, and will moderate a little bit below average as we finish out the work week. expect a cold week ahead. all major hubs showing no delays. your seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. caitlin: thank you, steve. over the next few days there will be several events going on to honor the lifeand work of dr. martin luther king, jr. in durham, they're going to be having a celebration at the wb hill rec center, a parade at noon, starting at the cumberland county courthouse before making their way down hay street. share with us your pictures using #abceyewitness. the annual love my life event raleigh is sponsored by the
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it will take place downtown raleigh at 10:30 at the mall. reverend michael burbich will lead it and then many will join the march. the new police station is located on seventh avenue right next to the southeast regional library. there will be a community open house today from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. still to come here this morning. new video has been released of the u.s. air strike in iraq. why defense leaders say this
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caitlin: good morning and welcome back. here's a look at your headlines so far this saturday morning. breaking news to report as at least 23 people are dead after an invasion at a luxury hotel in western africa. al-qaida-linked extremists stormed that hotel last night. security forces have since regained control but this after an intense gun battle. officials say 126 people were rescued. four jihadists were killed. a man already facing federal illegal camping charges has been arrested near the oregon wild life refuge being occupied by an armed group protesting federal land policies. authorities say kenneth muddenbach was driving a vehicle stolen from the refuge. and issues facing the colorado
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to unseal details in the case against planned parenthood shooting suspect robert deer. happening today, secretary of state john kerry will be meeting on the iran nuclear deal but the agency must verify iran has complied with the terms of that deal. this is newly released video showing the u.s. bombing an islamic state cash pile on monday. you see the overhead shot of the building, which is the militant's main strong hold. you see that, looks like paper floating through the air? the pentagon says that's money floating above that bombing site. back at home, governor pat mccrory will be honoring the 17 north carolina service members killed in the permission gulf war. it was a war that happened 25 years ago this weekend.
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about the war. $100,000 is being put toward the exhibit that was originally seed money for a larger memorial. those funds came from the kuwaity government in 1992. and now too a truly touching story of a mother trying to find the woman she calls her son's guardian angel. her son was in a very serious motorcycle accident in november. she says he wouldn't be alive if it weren't for a nurse that first treated him at the scene. heather waliga has that story. heather: it's been two months since 33-year-old luke irario first came to the hospital. a motorcycle crash in morrisville on november 20 left him with severe traumatic brain injuries, unable to walk and talk or remember his family. his mother, stephanie, has spent countless hours by his side praying for a miracle. >> the doctor that spoke to us after the surgery said he's not going to live. heather: but luke survived and stephanie is convinced it's because of a stranger who
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>> a nurse had come on scene and was performing cpr for quite a long time before the medics could get on scene. >> she literally saved his life. heather: luke is beating the odds, gaining back his strength and trying to speak again. and just yesterday, he became a father. his wife gave birth to their first child, giada hope in honor of her dad. >> i said this is your baby giada. this is your little girl. isn't he pretty. and he said that's with a g, right? heather: stephanie is praying luke will get to meet his little girl soon and is hoping to find the nurse who made it all possible. >> if she had not stopped, we wouldn't have luke and my new granddaughter wouldn't have her daddy so i have to find her and thank her. i have to thank her properly for what she did for our family.
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>> i love you, too. heather: this family hopes someone out there knows that woman. none of the paramedics on scene got her name. all they know is that she was wearing those royal blue scrubs. in raleigh, heather waliga, abc 11 eyewitness news. caitlin: wow, what a roller coaster for that family. that's great to hear he's making steps to improve and we hope he continues to get better and better. that's good. thanks to that mystery woman who saved his life. if you know anything, let us know. we'd love to get them in touch. steve: you bet. unsung heroes. so around here today, pick day of the week, today. tomorrow, not so good with the showers. the temperatures we're seeing right now, probably the day time high for tomorrow. so a big change and the really cold air will get here. in the north hills, 46 degrees right now, light breeze at 3 miles an hour. mostly cloudy but we're seeing signs of clouds breaking
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roxboro 39 degrees, everyone else in the 40s to near 50s in the sand hills. today should be above average. sun and cloud mix mid-upper 50s for today. it's going to be a cold week next week, especially monday and tuesday as arctic air comes in, high temperatures in the mid-30s, really going to be cold, and the question mark with snow, is it possible we get a little snow tomorrow? yeah, it's possible. from the triangle northward from 6:00 a.m. to noon, maybe some light snow flakes mixing in. forecast model shows around 9:00 in the morning, seeing some light precipitation coming in, maybe a little bit of a mix, turning over to potentially snow from raleigh all the way up to pearson county and ending quickly by mid-day and pretty much gone. ground temperatures still warm right now. we're not concerned at all about seeing anything on the ground. maybe the grassy surfaces might get a tiny dusting on that. what we're not seeing is a supply of cold air. typically, we have an area of
7:18 am
setting us up for a good snow event. we'll have a supply of cold air thanks to the low pressure to the north feeding us the cold air constantly. we're not seeing it at all this time, so the cold air will have to be manufactured because the temperatures are well above freezing. how will we do that? as the snow is falling above 6,000 feet or so, it will be cold enough to support cfo but down here it's going to be melting. the process of melting and some evaporation that will take place as well, those two equals cooling in the air column. so that means as air gets colder where that's taking place, look how the freezing line gets closer to the surface. therefore, the snow flake doesn't have a long time to go to melt before it reaches the ground so therefore, potential exists we could get some snow flakes mixing in with a light shower tomorrow. we'll keep an eye on it for you. even if you look at as far as accumulating snow, that same model showing the snow falling, it doesn't show anything. it's all in virginia and up north of the triad.
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if it does happen, it's going to be a novelty. otherwise, a cloudy cool day tomorrow. meantime, state and unc playing today. weather will be great. before the game, tailgaters in the 50s, a light jacket when you head back out to the car around 57 degrees. satellite shows the cloudy skies around for now. watching an area of low pressure developing in the gulf. that's going to be coming our way and it's going to be in a position offshore. we're on the northern fringe. again, we could see a little bit of a mix with light rain. here comes the arctic front. boy, it's going to open the door up to some really cold air. you're really going to notice as those temperatures take a nose dive. you can see in the upper levels of the atmosphere, here comes the cold air for monday and tuesday and we are talking arctic air with temperatures in the 30s. lows by tuesday morning, in the teens, outlying areas, could be like 15 or 14. so be ready for a cold start kids at the bus stop, and then we'll get temperatures at least back to the mid-40s by thursday and friday. cold week coming up. caitlin: where should we be right now, the 40s, is that normal?
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steve: 51 is our normal high. you factor in last week on average, we're slowly starting to warm up. but mother nature says hold on. caitlin: she's not done with us yet. steve: let's get cold. caitlin: i could do without it but nothing we can do. price matching with wal-mart
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item, and it can be as picky as a color and will find things like that. so make sure it's an identical item. some stores require the wal-mart app to show them the price. amber: the quickest way to price match is download wal-mart's free app to make sure you're getting the right price. he also suggests going to customer service or relations to get the price match. and always save the receipt. to save even more, put a coupon on top of the price match or see if the store will beat wal-mart's price allowing you to take their everyday low prices even lower. >> if you're interested in all of that, we have more information for you on all the stores that will price-match wal-mart and their policies. look for it on abc under the money saver tab. still to come in the next half hour.
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news coming out of western africa. security forces are still on guard after a luxury hotel was attacked. we'll tell you what they're saying about the assailants so far this morning. sadly, we have sad news to pass along this morning. tragedy that struck our sister
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hi caitlin: good morning, carolina. it's saturday, january 16. i'm caitlin knute. anthony wilson is off this morning and steve and i are holding down the fort. we've been talking about the possibility of snow. light snow. steve: i grew up in the mountains of colorado so i love snow. we don't get it very often around here but we typically get some every year. by the way, it's still in the chance county. any precip tomorrow is in the chance category and the chance of that becoming some snowflakes, you know, you factor all these things in. we might get some wet snow flakes mixed in, novelty. you can see. we're going to play it by here as we get a little bit closer to it. a few things have are to happen in order for this snow to actually happen, folks. meantime, we're in the 40s. mild start to the day. are you kidding?
7:29 am
around 10-15 degrees. mix of sun and clouds today, temperatures getting up to the mid-upper 50s, some areas look like 60s, so enjoy the day. tomorrow, a lot cooler with highs in the mid-40s, cloudy and a shower chance. much more in a few minutes. caitlin: back to the breaking news we've been mentioning all morning out of western africa. at least 23 people killed in the invasion of a luxury hotel by al-qaida-linked extremists. security forces stormed the hotel and re-took it earlier today after an intense gun battle. officials say 126 people were rescued. four jihadists were killed, including one who was actually discovered at a nearby hotel. two of the attackers have been identified as women. we are learning there was an american military member who was imbedded with security troops there at the scene. and back here at home six weeks after the san bernardino terror attack, there are many basic questions that remain unanswered. the chief of the fbi los angeles
7:30 am
know why those shooters chose that time and place of the attack, whether anyone else was involved and whether they had more violence planned. the fbi is still trying to fill an 18-minute gap in the whereabouts of the husband and wife's killers following that shooting. new this morning, several news organizations across the country are petitioning the colorado supreme court. they want to reverse a judge's order to seal details of the case against accused planned parenthood shooter robert deer. the petition was filed yesterday arguing that the public does have a constitutional right to monitor the operations of the court system. new this morning, an employee at our sister station in chicago found dead in belize. police say 39-year-old ann swaney was reported missing on thursday when members of a tour group she was supposed to be with couldn't find her. her belongings were then found on a deck by the river side where she'd gone to do yoga. her body was found yesterday morning. she had suffered injuries to both her head and her neck.
7:31 am
death as a homicide. and now to a story eyewitness news reporter nicole carr first broke on twitter. a spokesperson for the cumberland county sheriff saying that shooting suspect kevin powell, jr., was denied a hand gun permit less than a year ago because of a mental health issue. powell appeared in the cumberland county courtroom yesterday to appear on murder charges. he is accused of shooting his own mother at a hair salon on thursday. powell is being held on a $50,000 bond and is scheduled in court on february 3rd. the mother had successful surgery at unc hospitalal chapel hill. a couple shot after a man breaks into his home. the suspect first attacked another woman in her car in a church parking lot. greg tells us how the couple
7:32 am
greg: this is the frying pan the two used to stop the intruder. >> the fact he would come in and invade our home and just do the damage he had done, i said no one should have to put up with this kind of mess. greg: it was just before midnight when the two went to check on a noise in his den and found 22-year-old sheldon digs as he attemptd to go through a glass door. >> i hollered at him. he proceeded to charge at me trying to knock me out, and we kind of locked horns and fell to the floor. greg: his wife heard the fight and ran to help her husband and tossed him the frying pan. >> hit him in the head with a metal trash can a couple of times and once i got the frying pan, i proceed to give him a good dose of that. greg: police say minutes before the break-in, digs savagely attacked a mother waiting in her carat a nearby church parking lot. they say when an elderly man saw the attack and tried to intervene, digs started beating him.
7:33 am
happened to be a concealed permit holder ha legal firearm, fires two rounds. the suspect then was last seen running across the parking lot. greg: and straight into a fight he never expected. >> the bottom part is messed up a little bit but i can probably hammer it back down. caitlin: that of course was greg barnes with that report. he and his wife were shaken up by that encounter but weren't seriously hurt. the fact that he was able to steer the attacker off. the suspect is now undergoing a mental evaluation and will be facing criahead, we'll tell you about an event happening today to honor a singer and we'll also give you a look at a new
7:34 am
and today looks like the pick of the week. steve: downtown, i know it looks like there's fog out there, but it's on the lens overall.
7:35 am
temperatures above average steve: good morning, everybody. overall, seeing low clouds out there breaking apart. we'll have a mix of sun and clouds. a live look at rdu.
7:36 am
been bouncing a little bit. a little breeze at times. live, showing breeze at around 5 miles per hour. meantime, temperatures in the 40s near 50s in the sand hills. a cool spot, roxboro, at 39 degrees this morning. as you step out the door, again, you'll notice a break in the clouds out there, with clouds breaking mild in the 40s, getting up to the 50s by mid-day, the normal high of 51, so we're going to be beyond that for your day today. satellite shows again the cloud cover for now, breaking apart, a pleasant afternoon but tomorrow a mostly cloudy day and maybe precipitation, mainly in the morning hours, and that could be a little snow flakes mixed in there too, but no concerns. mid-50s before the duke game taking on notre dame. tip-off at 2:00. a light jacket is really all you'll need. no umbrellas today. we get cold though next week. temperatures well below average. the two coldest days monday and tuesday. be ready with temperatures in the 30s. travel-wise, looking pretty good
7:37 am
laguardia right now, could be singer david bowie will be remembered in durham today, the theater doing a free screening of the 1986 classic film. bowie died after a long battle of cancer at the age of 69. we're getting a bird's eye view of the new holy name of jesus cathedral going up in raleigh. the dome for that new cathedral really starting to take shape. take a look. the roof is being installed. they will lift the dome on top at a later date. it's a $41 million construction project. the holy name of jesus cathedral will feature a sanctuary, parish hall, gym and soccer field. the diocese expects it to be finished next year. caitlin: new developments on an
7:38 am
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caitlin: good morning and welcome back on this saturday. here's what's making headlines so far this morning. four extremists, including two women have been killed in a battle to retake a hotel that was attacked by al-qaida-linked militants in western africa.
7:41 am
a nearby hotel during a sweep. officials say 126 people were rescued and 23 killed in the attack. durham police investigating a murder that happened on north miami boulevard. an eyewitness says three men opened fire in what's being called a gun battle. 23-year-old jose rodriguez was hit by bullets and later died at a hospital. reports continue out of hawaii this morning following the crash of two marine helicopters in a training exercise. debris has been salvaged but there's no word yet on the fate of those on board at the time or what might have caused the accident. prosecutors investigating an alleged gang rape are asking for more time. they say they're looking into the 18-year-old woman's report of being raped by five teenage boys on the new york city playground. they say they need to gather evidence before deciding whether to take the case to a grand jury. the teens say, meanwhile, the encounter was consensual.
7:42 am
flight attendant rushed to the hospital after an american airlines flight suffered extreme turbulence. the 737 landed safely in miami. miami dade fire rescue treated and released five passengers at the scene. the flight attendant suffered a broken nose and was there were two other winning tickets sold in california and florida. culinary students in pittsburgh are crazy for crickets. the students at the art
7:43 am
four-course meal with crickets as a common ingredient. among dishes served, cricket pesto, and horse radishes. the culinary director says more than 2 million people in the world eat insects and that crickets are rich in protein. if you're in a survival situation. no thanks for me. they say don't knock it until you try it. i'll pass. i cannot be trying that. steve: it is good protein though. caitlin: it's disgusting. i don't know, steve daniels, he eats bugs. steve: every year. caitlin: it's a contest over there, and he does it, and i don't know how he does it. better him than me. steve: absolutely. so a lot of clouds, watch for a shower and maybe a flake or two. we'll talk about that in a
7:44 am
live look right now as we take you out to terminal 2 at rdu, 44 degrees, west breeze at 9 miles an hour. notice the clouds breaking out there. we will have some sun out there for you today mixed in with those clouds. temperatures in the 40s for most of us. 39 right now in roxboro. the normal low, we should have temperatures at or below freezing so we're starting off fairly mild out there. mid-upper 50s today. enjoy that. that's the warmest day we're going to have and next week, big-time drop in the temperature. we'll be in the mid-30s for the highs monday and tuesday, be ready for the arctic air, and snow is possible between 6:00 a.m. and noon tomorrow. will it be a problem? no. it'll be a novelty if it does indeed happen but light moisture coming in with showers. around 9:30 in the morning. we'll have temperatures well above freezing at that point in time but still, we could get some cooling in the mid-levels of the atmosphere. i'll explain that in a second, enough to maybe get some snow briefly. so you might have some bigger
7:45 am
should be pretty to look at and then pretty much done with. it will not accumulate on the ground. maybe grassy surfaces briefly. but yes, you can have snow even at 40 degrees, and here's one of the ways we do get that. now, typically, for a snow event, if we had a cold arctic high or even a canadian high for that matter over new england pumping in some cold air all day tomorrow, this would be a different forecast completely, but we don't have that, so we have to kind of manufacture the cold air. one of the ways the atmosphere can do that, let's say around 5,000 feet, here's the freezing line. above that, it's all snow. below that, it starts to melt and by the time it reaches the ground we've got raindrops. the process of melting actually cools the air down, okay, and also, evaporation takes place. that too is a cooling process. so if we're cooling the column, look what happens at the freezing line, it gets closer and closer to us. we're still 40s -- or close to 40. but right above us, that freezing line is there. so now that snow flake starts to
7:46 am
it makes it all the way to the ground and we get larger flakes, and sometimes the outside of the flake is melting and it has water on it. that adheres to another flake and another flame and all of a sudden it looks like you have these big snow flakes so that is a possibility tomorrow. and let me just stress the word "possibility" here because there's other models that keeps that rain-snow line well off to the north. that same model that had snow over us, this is the same data for accumulating snow. you see, that's just not the case, all right. so again, if it does happen, it's a novelty, something to look at, something to see in the sky. bigger story, how cold it will get next week. 50s for the game today if you're watching state today take on unc in chapel hill. if you're lucky enough to have tickets to the mid-game day today, tailgaters, light jacket, you'll be fine. clouds are breaking apart. i'm watching an area of low pressure develop. this one will be coming right along our coast line, and that's the one that gives us a shower chance tomorrow and again, the
7:47 am
here comes the cold arctic front, you're really going to feel it, with temperatures down into the 30s for monday and tuesday, sunshine on martin luther king day, brisk 35, and 19 in the surrounding areas and mid-teens, and 40s after that. so a cold week ahead. be ready for that. caitlin: brr.
7:48 am
coming up on eyewitness new. >> now, abc 11 eyewitness news sports. >> unc is a fifth-ranked team in the country and state isn't far from that. but facts like that get thrown out the window when you see rivals play. a lot of that disappointing 46-point effort to motivate his current team. >> fewest points ever scored. i've got a short memory and can remember that kind of stuff. got outplayed in all aspects of the game. we have every reason to play and we want to, you know, stay on top of the league.
7:49 am
being there, so time to get it rolling. >> they have won four straight. vancouver went up 1-0 in this one. chris vreshgs, steeg continued, vancouver went back out front 2-1 for the final minutes of the third. wild with a shot, off the deflection. tied game. this one heads into overtime. and bo horvat with his second goal of the night snaps the 2-3 overtime loss. and during her time at nc state, a recent accolade has this young woman in the record books. lorrie hennis is an assistant coach for the nc state track and field program and her hope is her athletes get better every year. one of her more seasoned runners, erica kemp, her indoor success seems like the logical
7:50 am
>> i've made it to cross country nationals twice. >> as a former runner herself, she understands her journey. in fact, she set the school record in the 5,000 meter event. >> that record stood like 24 years and every time she said someone of going to break it, it wouldn't happen. >> there's been time in the past when an athlete would almost break it and for some reason, a little problem occurred. >> frustrated with her performance during cross country season, kemp wanted a shot at redemption at the start of indoors. >> i was like coach, let me race one more time. i promise i'm a lot faster than this. >> at the season opener, kemp ended up assisting everyone with a time of 50:45. a personal best by 12 seconds, and enough to break that other big wolf pack mark. >> you know, i don't think i was aware until after the race i broke the record. the record is older than she is, i think.
7:51 am
time but rarely do you break your own coach's record. >> now erica hopes the record time can help her reach a new goal. >> i wanted to qualify for nationals because it's something i've never done. i'm in my third year. >> a look at your sports. stay tuned as we go back to the news. caitlin: thank you. a big game on the line this weekend. the carolina panthers taking on the seattle seahawks in the nfc divisional playoff game. that's not all that's on the line. a friendly wager between the mayors of charlotte and seattle. if the panthers wins, the seattle mayor sends over local beer and wine and food. if the seahawks win, north carolina has to send barbecue and other local treats to seattle. go panthers go. >> absolutely. i think they're going to win. all right, guys. today, enjoy the mild air,
7:52 am
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