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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News 9AM  ABC  January 16, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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temperatures in the mid to maybe upper 50's. i'm going to a high of 58 in downtown raleigh. and 57 in durham. the mid to upper 50's. and notice the cloud cover. a mix of sun and clouds. clouds come back tonight and tomorrow a cloudy, cool day. details coming up. caitlin: thank you, steve. breaking news coming in. fayetteville police are investigating a death of a man found at the new life mission. that man is said to be about 60-year-old. past that no other details have been released yet. developing this morning. security forces remain on guard after a deadly hotel attack that happened in western africa. at least 23 people are reported dead, including four extremists. we are learning an austrian doctor and his wife were kidnapped from the hotel. 126 other hostages were set free after the al qaeda-linked extremist stormed the hotel and cafe last night.
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as military forces tried to regain control. one of the extremist was killed at a nearby hotel. two of them were women. 33 in told were counted. but authorities are determining caswelltys. and an american military member was embedded with forces on-the-scene. it was week. seven people were killed including two civilians when bombers exploded themselves at a starbucks cafe. in cumberland county a deadly wreck on mcauthor road, one mile west of fayetteville. one vehicle was involved. but it is not clear how many victims there were. new this morning a car crashes into a home in raleigh.
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this is the aftermath on the 600 block. you can see damage to the front porch of the home. no word on injuries involved. a troubling statistic now this morning. durham police are saying we are now averaging one shooting per day in the bull city since the start of the new year. the latest of these happened yesterday afternoon and another life was lost. officers are investigating after gunfire erupted on north miami boulevard in what has been describe as a gun battle. an eyewitness is saying three men opened fire. and another witness is saying seven or eight shots were filed. rodriguez was hit by bullets and collapsed behind a home. the 25-year-old man was rushed to the hospital and died from his injuries. this case marks the third homicide in durham this year. the search continues this morning for any survivors after two helicopters crashed in midair off of the coast of hawaii. the coastguard is saying the summer stallion chops from the first marine aircraft wing
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a total of 12 people on the helicopters. the water is said to be choppy, but debris has been spotted. there's still no word on whether anyone survived or what caused the accident. investors are hoping a long three-day weekend might help a volatile stock market to calm down. it capped the first two weeks of 2016 with a steep slide that sent the dow down yesterday. blue cross blue shield offices across the triangle are on alert this morning for a possible security threat. there was an internal e-mail revealing this concern. the e-mail is saying because of a couple of incident involving extremely frustrated customer we are increasing our security and safety measures at our facilities. and it says, uniformed police
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fayetteville will be providing security. this is step stemming from a software problem. a story new this morning. it looks like you will need your photo i.d. if you're going to vote in person at the march 15th election. a federal judge refused to block that photo i.d. requirement, denying the judgment motion filed by the n.a.a.c.p. and voters. a trial will be held, that is coming up january 25th and will likely last several days. more trouble now for republican presidential candidate, ted cruz. the "new york times" reporting cruze failed to disclose a second loan that was used to help finance his 2012 senate campaign from citibank. the paper is saying the g.o.p. hopeful acknowledged a failure in a letter sent to federal
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cruze was already facing scrutiny. now, senator ted cruz is coming underfire for saying donald trump has new york values. those remarks ruffled feathers with residents of the state. cruz has apologized. but his comments made him an enemy of the new york "daily news." they published this front page yesterday -- another story that is new this morning. a bond hearing has been postponed now for a man accused of helping a 24-year-old woman rob jewelry stores acrossng the pair made off with $4.3 million in jewelry from six robberies in seven states, including north carolina. both arrested last weekend in georgia. happening today, a final good-bye to a wake county mother
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murder-suicide. the funeral for ashley fite and melissa mcclain will start at 11:00 this morning in apex. the mom and daughter were found murdered inside of a home last weekend. mcclain boyfriend was the killer and he shot and killed himself. happening today. a meeting going on. tensions with iran escalate. straight ahead on abc11 eyewitness news, we'll tell you the big issue, secretary of state john kerry will be discussing with his counterpart in iran. this weekend we're honoring the life and work of dr. martin luther king, jr. a couple events going on today. and today is the day to enjoy it. that's what it sounds like, steve. steve: yes it is caitlin.
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the clouds breaking a part. steve: welcome back, everyone. good morning to you. still bouncing around a little bit. the breeze has been out. the clouds are breaking apart a little bit. still, mostly cloudy skies. we expect to have sun in here, partly cloudy skies later on. the temperatures in the 4's right now. didn't move much this morning. low 50's in the sandhills. roxboro out of the 30's in the 40's. as we step out the door this morning the clouds breaking a bit. the temperatures by lunchtime, in the low 50's by the triangle. and peak in the mid to upper 50's. sun in here for today.
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and the area of low pressure moves along the coast tomorrow. clouds with it, maybe a shower, and potential for a snow fake, we will break that down coming in the main weather cast. notre dame. numbers in the mid-50's. pretty nice. no rain, just a light jacket is all that you'll need. temperatures will be going down in a big way. tuesday. highs in the mid-30's and still chilly on wednesday and thursday with numbers in the 4's. travel out of r.d.u. overall looking pretty good. all major hubs at this hour showing no delays. the abc 11 eyewitness news accuweather seven-day forecast. coming up. caitlin: thank you, steve. over the next few days several events going on in our area honoring the life and work of dr. martin luther king, jr. today there will be a celebration at the recreation center in fayetteville, the focus is with his legacy on the arts. and in fayetteville there is a parade at noon today. manchers will start at the
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making their way down hey street. and also going on in the triangle today. a thousand teens are expected to gather in raleigh today for the annual love my life rally. an event that is sponsored by the catholic chump, their human rights office. it is taking place at halifax mall at downtown raleigh at 10:30 this morning. the reverend will join the teens and after the raleigh many of the students and adults will join in the right to life march. the garner police department is inviting you to check out the new home. on 7th avenue, next to the library. they will be holding a community open house today from to 2:00 if you want to check that out. a lot going on. new video released of a u.s. air strike in iraq.
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attack is hitting isis hard. caitlin: good morning. welcome back on this saturday. here is what is making headlines so far this morning. a story developing. we have learned an austrian doctor and his wife were kidnapped part of that deadly atalk at a luxury hotel in western africa. at least 23 people were killed in the siege, including four jihadist. forces regained control after the gun battle with the al qaeda-linked group. a man facing federal and legal campaign charges has been arrested in the oregon wildlife refuge. this man was found driving a government vehicle that stolen from the refuge. and media outlets are petitioning the colorado supreme court, they want to judge to release details in the case against robert dear, who, of course, lived in north carolina
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happening today, secretary of state john kerry will be meeting with iraq's foreign minnestter in vienna and discussing a man to implementing the iran nuclear deal. before it is finalized, the international atomic agency must verify that iran has complied with the terms of the deal. the u.s. coalition in iraq is hitting isis where it hurts they pocket book. this video shows a cash pile on monday. the overhead shot of the building, the militant's stronghold, and then hit with bombs. and the clouds of paper you see, that is money floating above the site. now, a moving story. a mother is trying to find a woman. her son was in a very serious motorcycle accident in november. he would not be alive today if it had not been for a nurse who first treated him at the scene
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reporter: it has been two months since 33-year-old luke iocame to the suspect, a motorcycle crash in morrisville on november 20th left him with severe traumatic brain injuries. unable to walk and talk or remember his family. this mother, stephanie has spent countless hours by his side, praying for a miracle. >> the doctor said after the surgery said he is not going to live. reporter: but luke survived, and stephanie is convinced it is because of a stranger who help her son. >> a nurse came on the scene and performed c.p.r. for long time before the medics could get on scene. she literally saved his life. reporter: luke is beating the odds. gaining back his strength and trying to speak again. and just yesterday he became a father.
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first child, hope, in honor of her dad. >> this is your little girl. isn't he pretty. he said, that's what right. reporter: stephanie is praying that luke will get to meet his girl, soon, and wants to find the nurse to make it possible. >> if she didn't stop, we would not have luke and my granddaughter would not have her daddy. so i have to find her and thank her property. >> i love you. >> i love you, too. reporter: luke's family is hoping someone knows that woman. the paramedics on scene did not get her name. but she is wear us was the royal blue scrubs. caitlin: what a blessing she was there in the right place at the right time. 130 sea turfs have been released
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at the outer banks. they experienced cold water shock. coastguard crew members helped with the rescue and their release. last weekend we told you local places taken them in, and keeping them warm, and helping them with the hypothermia, but the thing that surprises us, steve, it has not been a cold winner for us, that they would be experiencing this now, and what has been relatively mild. steve: yeah. i guess the change in the temperature, though, they might have moved to different places. i'm not sure. caitlin: maybe the swing. because we have gone from very hot to very cold. it has been up-and-down around here, haven't it? steve: i think like turtle. caitlin: let me know when you do. steve: so a potential tomorrow to see snowflakes in the sky. a lot has to happen for that to occur. if it does, it will not be a problem. caitlin: it will not stick, right. steve: maybe to the grass briefly. it might happen.
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we don't have to cold air in place like we typically would with an event like this. we will explain this. a live look into durham. son at times. the clouds breaking a part. mid-40's and a few 50's. the temperatures on average, 51 for a high. so again we'll be above that today. enjoy it. this is the warmest day. the numbers will be going down for a while. so a pleasant day today. sun and cloud mix. in the mid to upper 50's for the highs. next week, highs in the mid-30's on monday and tuesday. the lows tuesday morning in the teens and maybe the teens again for wednesday morning. so very cold air. snow, yes. a mix is possible tomorrow until noon. light precipitation is coming in. this is from the triangle northward. by lunchtime, a little bit of light snow out there briefly and then tapering off quickly. by the afternoon we're pretty much done.
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if it does happen, you can typically have snow, even with temperatures well above freezing. and here's the only way we can get snow tomorrow, because we're lacking that high pressure to the north, which would supply to really cold air, which we typically would have with a low like this. let's break it down. here is the 5,000 feet and millibars and the temperature up there is at or below freezing. that's support snow. no surprise. and then warmer air and drier air, too, and get evaporating and melting and then raindrops at the surface. but evaporation and melting both cool the atmosphere down. so if that happens notice where it is evaporating and melting the colder air will get pushed farther to the surface it is changing the temperature here removing heat calories from the air. so here we are at the surface,
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freezing line. here is the snow has the melts. so the potential does exist. we could see snow tomorrow. accumulated graphics -- it has nothing accumulating for us. snow over us. so the type of snow that is a novelty, not a problem. so keep that in mind. in the 50's. tailgaters not bad. a light jacket. we will watch this area of low pressure developing to our south. that will move right along the coastline and bring some of that mix, but the bigger story after that, boy it will get cold, folks. we're talking mid 30's. that arctic express will be with us for a couple of days. the temperatures will shock you, tuesday morning in the teens. by the way, on martin luther king day it is breezy. you factor in the breeze. oh, boy.
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our average high is 51. so -- caitlin: yeah. steve: one day above-average. caitlin: i know that you don't like to look past seven days. but any indication the cold will stick around, hopefully, not. steve: now it should not last too much longer. but i don't trust things more than seven days. seven days is a stretch as it is. but to go beyond that, now you're really -- caitlin: ok, i'm trying to feel better that it will not last.
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caitlin: a local family who came to us last year for help needs your help again. you have already started answering the call in a big way. thank you. you might remember this special family. jada and morgan were both born with a rare brain disorder. they cannot speak, walk, or talk. their school said their mom could not send their special meals to school. the school quickly changed their policy. now, they need our help one more time. diane wilson explains. diane: 12-year-old jada and 9-year-old morgan both have very special needs. >> their resistant. you know, they have their own little way. diane: and a very special mom. ursula thompson. >> hi. diane: but as the girls grow it
9:21 am
nomto get them up and around. >> a struggle. diane: it is bad, morgan had her leg broken. >> she is only 50 pounds. getting them in and out of a car seat. and then lifting the chairs that are 30 pounds into the back of the van. you know, with the chairs being bigger we will not have room to fit the chairs anymore. diane: the van is 10-year-old, it is too old to qualify for retro assistance, she will need a new one, $6,000. >> they need to be safe. diane: some of her neighbors are pitching in. >> helping out the community is one of the most important things we can do. diane: this car club is planning a poker run. >> the way it works, one card
9:22 am
three stops on our way. diane: they will have prizes along the way. anyone is welcome to come. and the proceeds go toward has new wheelchair-accessible van. >> it will be a gray time. ultimately we're looking forward to helping out. diane: help that they are thankful for. >> we are excited just to know that there are people out there to have the hard and desire to help people in their community. caitlin: that is diane wilson with the story. the poker run is underway this morning. to see how you can help head to our website right now, and coming in our next half hour, we are following the developing story out of western africa. security forces remain on guard after a luxury hotel is attacked.
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assailants this morning. caitlin: hey, good morning. north carolina. saturday january 16th. i'm caitlin knute. steve stewart here. both of us are trying for the tobacco road half marathon coming up. we are discussing our running schedules.
9:24 am
a cramp in our training, steve. >> by the time i get home from work, the precipitation will be gone. if we get snowflakes in tomorrow it will not stick. and ground temperatures between 42 and 47. caitlin: ok, but the cold, then. steve: a chilly day. yeah. i mean. caitlin: the rest of the week. steve: well, that is the thing. i haven't yet ran with temperatures in the 20's. monday and tuesday morning i need to run. so. caitlin: i know, i hear you. i'm not looking forward to it. i need to buy stuff. steve: more, more stuff. caitlin: running is an expensive hobby. steve: all right. temperatures in the 40's for most of us. 50's, too. look at fayetteville and clinton low 50's. the normal high is 51. so again we're seeing temperatures above that already. the clouds breaking out there. we'll get sun in today. a nice day. take advantage. the warmest day, really for the next week. all right. we'll get sun mixed with clouds today.
9:25 am
overnight tonight and then shower a shower chance and makes in there, more coming in a few minutes. caitlin: thank you, steve. getting back to the news. a siege at a luxury hotel in africa ended, not before al qaeda-linked extremist killed 23 people. the forces retook the hotel and managed to rescue 126 people. an american military member was embedded with the troops. officials are saying four militants, including two women were killed. still developing though, an austrian doctor and his wife were kid mapped from the site. six weeks after the san bernardino terrorist attacks many basic questions remain unanswered. for example, the chief of the f.b.i.'s republican office wants to know why the shooters chose that time and place for the attacks, whether anyone else infrastructure involved and whether they had more violence planned. the f.b.i. is also trying to
9:26 am
wear about of the husband and wife killers following the shooting. new this morning several news organizations are petitioning the colorado supreme court. they want to reverse a judge's order to see details against the case of the accused planned parenthood shooter, robert dear. there was a petitioned filed yesterday saying the public does have a right to monitor the court system. new this morning an employee at our sister station in chicago was found dead in belize. the 39-year-old was found missing on thursday. her belongs were found on a deck by the river side where she had gone to do yoga. her body was found yesterday morning with injuries to her head and neck. authorities are treating the death as a homicide. eyewitness news nicole carr fix broke on twitter. a spokesperson for the cumberland county sheriff is
9:27 am
gun permit because of a mental health issue. he appears in a cumberland county court room yesterday. he is accused of shooting his mother in the face why she was working at her hair salon on thursday. powell is under a $750,000 bond. she scheduled to be back in court on february 3rd. and his mother, her husband said that she did have successful surgery at u.n.c. hospital. a fayetteville couple is shocked after a man breaks into their home. this happened after the suspect first attacked a victim inside of her car in a church parking lot. now, how the couple stopped that man. reporter: this is the frying pan that glenn used to fight off an intruder. >> he would come into our home and just -- do the damage he had done. i said no one should have to put up with this. reporter: it was before midnight, he went to check on a noise in his den and confronted this guy as he broke through
9:28 am
>> i hollered at him and he proceeded to which charging at me, trying to knock me out. and we -- kind of locked horns and fell on the floor. reporter: his wife heard the fight and ran to help her husband and tossed him the frying pan. >> i think she hit him in the head with a metal trash can a couple of times. once i got the frying pan, i proceeded to give him a good dose of that. reporter: police are saying minutes before break in, sheldon attacked a mother waiting in her car at a near by church parking lot. when an elderly man saw the attack and tried to intervene, he started beating him. >> the victim in the car happened to be a -- carry conceal permit holder and had a legal firearm, retrieved her firearm, fires two rounds. and the suspect ran across the parking lot. reporter: and straight into a fight he never expected. >> he was probably messed up a little bit.
9:29 am
back down. reporter: that was greg barnes with that report. now, glenn and his wife were shaken up, but not hurt. the police chief is saying that he believes the first victim was able to scare the attacker off is how a weapon could help in that situation. and sheldon is undergoing a mental evaluation, but will face criminal charges. in fayetteville this morning police have made an arrest in a sexual assault case from last year. mint kinney is charged with second degree rape, and sex offense, and false imprisonment it happened in june involving a 20-year-old victim. and we stay in fayetteville for the next story. police need your help. they want to identify this man. he broke into someone's carb on christmas day and stole all of the presents inside. police are saying that the car was parked outside of the courtyard hotel on sick more
9:30 am
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steve: welcome back, everybody. good morning to you. clouds breaking in places out there. into fayetteville, a nice start to the day. temperatures in the 50's there. a light breeze around 3 miles per hour. and the breeze at times picking up a little bit today. numbers in the 40's across the board and low 50's to our south. typically start out the day in the 30's. a milder start to the day. clouds breaking out there. the mid day temperature around 53 degrees. so above-average. the warmest day we're going to have in the next week. so take advantage. get outdoors if you can today. the clouds breaking apart a little.
9:34 am
this game is at 2:00 this afternoon. the tailgaters before the game mid-50's a light jacket. no threat of rain whatsoever, but the cold air is coming. colder tomorrow and the big chill on monday and tuesday. it will take time to moderate that air mass. so even by thursday the temperatures below average in the 50's. travel wise out of r.d.u. accuweather seven-day forecast. is coming up. caitlin: thank you, steve. david bowie will be remembered screening of the 1986 film "the labyrinth." bowie died after a long battle with cancer at the age of 69. back here in town we're getting a birds eye view of the new cathedral in raleigh. now, builders tell us the dome
9:35 am
lifted on top at a later day. a front million$ construction project. the cathedral will feature a sanctuary, a parish hall, gym and soccer field. they hope to have it finished next year. new developments at an alleged gang rape at a new york playground. selling mattresses the traditional way isn't the best way. most are made in a large factory,
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to a retailers warehouse, where they're marked up and up before finally selling and delivering them at the original mattress factory we take a straightforward approach. we have eliminated the extra steps and created a direct line from our factory to you.
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caitlin: breaking news details on a deadly crash in character. the highway patrol are confirming two people were killed. there was alcohol and speed involved in the crash. this happened a mile west of fayetteville. troopers are saying the driver lost control of the car, ran off the road and hit a tree. we're told that the driver, michael tidwell and the passenger were killed. another passenger was injured in the crash. prosecutors are investigating an alleged gang rape, but asking for more time. they are looking into it 18-year-old woman's report being raped by five teen boys in a new york city playground, but they need to gather more evidence before they decide whether to take the case to a grand jury. the teens are saying the encounter was consensual. this morning a flight attendant
9:38 am
after an american loyals flight hit terbia violence, it was headed from new york to miami, fire rescue had to come to the scene and treat and release five passengers. the flight attendant suffered a broken to keep working. two other winning tickets were sold in california and florida.
9:39 am
to this, abc has landed a big star for their tv movie remark. now, as soon as we learn the release date we will be sure to let you know. that's one of my all-time favorite movies. steve: absolutely. caitlin: it is such a great film. have you been to the lake? and the scenes with their filmed that. it is cool to see and realize that was filmed in our state and how can you top patrick swayze. the looks, the dancing about. nobody puts baby in a corner. steve: all right. that line, sure enough. all right. let's get to and talk about today. your pick day of the weekend by far. a live look into north hills. the temperatures not bad at all. we will have highs today above-average.
9:40 am
it will get colder. the numbers in the 4's. and 50's in the sandhills take advantage again. overall it looks like the temperatures today the mid to upper 50's after a mix of sun and clouds. a pleasant day today. cold next week, monday and tuesday, high temperatures in the 31's. the question mark could we get snowflakes mixed in? it is possible tomorrow in the morning hours between 6:00 and midday. our model here shows that 9:30 in the morning north of the triangle potential for snow around and rain showers farther to the south. not amounting for much that all. if it does happen a novelty and then quickly moving out of here. we can get snow with temperatures above freezing. and dealing with cold air from the north at the surface around an area of high pressure. we are lagging that with this particular system. you look at the thermo breakdown around 5,000 feet it will be below freezing.
9:41 am
but we are above freezing at the surface so the now is going to melt. when the snow melts, by the way, some of it will evaporate as well, those two processes cool the atmosphere down. when that happens we're going to see that freezing level getting closer to us. we're still at 40, but the freezing level is a lot closer. here is the snowflake, when it starts to melt, it doesn't have time to mel completely. we will see the snowflakes. if it happens a complete novelty. look at the snow accumulation graphic, really nothing at all, maybe a dusting on grassy surface to the west. that's about it. so anything, it will be neat to see. so a good chance a light rain shower, that is it. u.n.c. taking on state today. the weather is great. tailgaters low 50's before the game. no threat of rain or anything like that. a light jacket. you will be fine. the clouds breaking apart right now.
9:42 am
pressure is developing that is surging our way quickly tomorrow. again on the northern fringe of that a mix of snowflakes. that moves out. here is the cold air, boy an arctic front that will open up the door to really coal temperatures. highs in the 31's. and lows in the teens. get the heavy jackets ready. you see that with the upper level impact. it will be short-lived a couple of days of really cold air. highs in the 50's today. even 60's around fayetteville and lumberton. so tonight clouds will increase. the lows temperatures in the mid to upper 30's. and then tomorrow, again in the morning, maybe a shower, a couple of snowflakes mixed in there. otherwise mid-40's. we start to cool down tomorrow. the secondary front comes in on monday with little fanfare other than a cold martin luther king day for you. tuesday in the teens. flour a high.
9:43 am
after that we will moderate a little bit. and still below average. caitlin: ok. back in the 40's. thanks, steve. coming up on abc11 eyewitness
9:44 am
tomorrow. >> u.n.c. is the fifth ranked team in the country, and state is close to them. but factorize thousand out the window when the two play. it happened last year when the pack took down the tarheels and the coach brought up that effort to help motivate his current team. memory. i can remember that kind of stuff. >> where we played last year and how we got out played about all aspects of the game. we're going to use that as foul not to -- fuel not to let that happen again. >> i feel like we can get if rolling. >> canes have won four straight.
9:45 am
one. that stat here to tie it up at 1-1. vancouver went back out front, 2-1 until the final minute in the 3rd. tied game. this one goes to overtime. the canes streak snap, 2-3 overtime loss. cancer has made big trades in running at state. but she is in the record books next to a very fufailure name. laurie is a coach for the program, and her hope is that her athletes get better every year. >> i've been to cross-country nationals twice. i have made it to outdoor nationals last year. >> a former wolfpack runner
9:46 am
record in the 5,000-meter event. >> that has been set for 34 years. >> there are times in the past, an athlete has been close to it. for some reason some little problem occurred. >> frustrated with her performance during cross-country season, kemp wanted a shot at redemption. >> let me race one more time. >> at the buc season opener, kemp ended up over everyone. a personal best by 12 seconds and enough to break that other big wolfpack mark. >> you got laurie's record. >> i was not aware until after the race. we didn't discuss it. the record is older than she is. >> people break records all the time. >> now, erica is hoping it will help her reach a new goal.
9:47 am
internationals. it is something i have never done. i'm in my third year. >> that is a look at your sports. stay tuned. caitlin: thank you. a big game on the line this weekend. the carolina panthers taking on the seattle seahawks. there is a friendly wager between the mayors of charlotte and seattle. if the panthers win, seattle's mayor has to send beer, wine, and food. and if the seahawks win, we have to send out north carolina barbecue and other treats. hopefully, the panthers will be on the receiving end of the goodies. charlotte's mayor. steve: speaking of barbecue, i should have tried some. they were bragging a little bit, i'm like hold on. i didn't try it. caitlin: another time.
9:48 am
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