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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 AM  ABC  January 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> abc 11 eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. caitlin: two teenagers killed in a hit and run, another critically injured. the vehicle authorities are looking for and the new information just coming in. plus, chaos breaks out at a bar in wilson county. one person shot, another injured. we'll show you where it happened. and keep an eye on the sky today. we are watching for a chance of snow snow, at least some flurries. steve will tell us the areas that may see some flakes. i'm caitlin knute. snow lovers are rejuicing right now, just the possibility of snow. steve: yeah, and i'm one of them. i'll tell you, i love snow. i mean, zero problems.
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ground temperatures in the mid-40s. even if you've got a burst of snow, the worst it would do is stick to the grass for an hour or so and be gone. so with that said, most of us probably won't get flakes today. it's the farther north that you live, so roxboro, typical, these areas will get light snow. you're seeing on radar a little bit of light activity, that's a long way from the radar side, the beam is looking pretty high up into the sky at that point. there's no guarantee the flakes are making it to the ground but there's a potential by triad. the potential is moving off to the northeast right now. most of us are just dealing with clouds and above freezing. that's another issue, we're not too concerned about this being a major problem. the lion's share of this event will be out to the mountains and northwest piedmont. and elsewhere, heavier rain around charleston and the rain
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raleigh, south and east. rain-snow mix with zero accumulation around the triangle. once again, northern counties and farther north, a light snow dusting the grass and that's about it. otherwise, breaks in the clouds possible late afternoon right before sunset. temperatures will be cool today. low 40s for highs. you think that's cool, wait until the next few days where highs will struggle to get to the mid-30s. more on that in a few minutes. caitlin: can't say i'm looking forward to that part. thanks, steve. join the weather team by taking pictures and video if you see any snow falling in your neighborhood. use it to us using the hashtag # #abceyewitness. and two teenagers killed in a hit and run. five teenagers went to grab some
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near highway 421. they were walking back when a white or light-colored suv hit three of those scenes and left the scene. authorities say 13-year-old jennifer shark and 16-year-old kyle straight were both killed. 14-year-old steven daniels was also hit. he was rushed to the hospital. troopers plan to check the cameras at the gas station to find out more about the suspect vehicle. a roll-over wreck sends one person to the hospital. this was the scene on highway 87 near broadway road. we're told that person had to be air-lifted to the hospital. there's no word on their identity yet or the extent of their injuries or if there were any other vehicles involved. more breaking news now this time coming from wilson county. shots were fired at the legacy bar in kinley. the shooting happened just after midnight. our crew on the scene says one person was shot in the leg and another victim was injured by being assaulted.
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it's not clear if anyone is facing charges. new this morning, a motorcyclist killed in a wrong-way crash in fayetteville. this happened on gillespie street around 5:30 yesterday evening. justin dunlap was traveling southbound into oncoming traffic and hit the biker. the biker was killed. dun lap is facing charges by misdemeanor death by motor vehicle, careless and reckless driving and driving left of center. to a deadly sky diving accident. a former marine killed in a hard landing north of the executive airport. james stremmel was an instructor at the sky-diving center and had more than 18600 jumps under his belt. one person said he went above and beyond to make sure everyone was safe.
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before he died. >> james was a friend of mine. it's unfortunate. that's all i can say at this point. unexpected, unfortunate and tragic accident. that's all i can tell you. caitlin: the franklin county sheriff's office is investigating and the faa has been identified. an american missionary was among those killed in an attack by al-qaida in africa. he died at the cafe. he was there to meet a group that was there for a woman's crisis center. al-qaida stormed the hotel friday night leaving at least 28 people dead. he lives behind four children, two of whom were adopted from that same area. there's still no sign of the 12 marines missing and presumed dead off hawaii's coast. two helicopters died late
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exercise. teams are expanding their search to include oahu's coast. high surf is complicating the search efforts. the united states is announcing a deal that freed five americans held prisoner in iran. in return, the u.s. will free seven iranians. abc's richard cantu explains. richard: five americans homeward bound after a controversial agreement to exchange prisoners with iran. within hours of the deal, officials certified that iran kept its deal with the united states, ending years of western embargoes. >> in return for the steps iran has taken, the united states and the e.u. will immediately lift nuclear-related sanctions.
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not a quid pro quo. secretary carykerry: they were not directly related. richard: jays rezanian, and pastor saed heketir. all spending time in the notorious prison where they were allegedly subjected to beatings, solitary confinement, and psychological abuse. two other americans were released including a student named matthew trevithick who was arrested a few months ago. they dropped warrants against seven iranians, but the agreement does not include former fbi agent robert levinson who disappeared in a 2007 visit to iran. his fate is unknown.
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caitlin: bernie sanders is changing the issue on the hot topic ahead of tonight's democratic debate. he said he supports legal immunity. sanders says his decision is not a flip flop, arguing he backed the law because of other divisions in it. the two candidates spoke at the dinner for the south carolina democratic party last night. they'll be meeting on stage tonight along with presidential hopeful martin o'malley. that's before the final debate before the iowa caucus. still coming on eyewitness news, panthers pride. the divisional game just hours away. what you need to know if you're heading to charlotte or if you're watching the game at home. i bet that's the game you'll be watching, steve. steve: absolutely. good morning, everybody. we're cloudy, cool. notice to the west, that blue shade is the light snow falling. could get a little bit of snow
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not a steve: welcome back, everybody. good morning to you on this sunday. cloudy, a little bit of activity on the radar, mainly out to the west right now. you can see it's quiet at terminal 2. 36 in roxboro now, 30s for most of us, but 40s along and east of interstate 95 this morning. we'll get a little colder. if you step outside, you may get a shower between now and mid-day, maybe a few flakes too. temperatures will be getting up there warming to the 40s as we get through the mid-morning hours. light snow around charlotte, heavier offshore. there's a possibility some of us get zero participation at all today. the farther north you live, the better chance of flakes will be mixed in.
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for us, more of a novelty with temperatures in the mid-40s, so not an issue. look at what's coming our way, a high. this is ambient, meaning what the thermometer will be like. what it feels like to you in the 20s, with a breeze, a good part of the day. so very cold winter air coming our way. be ready for that. travel at rdu getting showers. all major hubs at this hour looking good. no delays. your seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. caitlin: the panthers looking for a redemption in a playoff rematch against the seattle seahawks. kickoff scheduled at 1:05 in charlotte. if you're looking to be heading to the game, expect heightened security and watch out for those counterfeit tickets. if you're traveling to charlotte, piedmont trains 73 and 76 have added capacity between raleigh and charlotte on game day.
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raleigh this morning at 7:00 a.m. and train 76 will leave charlotte at 5:15 this evening to bring you back. if you'd rather watch from home, our travel team will be bringing you all of the action behind the scenes on the field. mark armstrong will be there in charlotte, of course, so follow him on social media. check out our special coverage online and check out eyewitness news tonight for all the game highlights. straight ahead, a city in crisis. the action president obama is
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caitlin: good morning. welcome back this sunday. breaking news out of harnet county this morning. two teens killed in a hit and run and a third critically injured. this happened on highway 421 near the harnet-lee county line. they were hit by a white or light colored suv. a 13 and 16-year-old was killed. a 14-year-old was sent to the hospital. a nuclear deal with iran is now in force. iran kept up its end of the bargain which triggered the lifting of sanctions on tehran. four americans and seven iranians got tickets to freedom at a prisoner swap. a fifth american was released separately. and we could see some snow flurries following around the triangle this morning but it
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parts of the triangle could see rain and snow while the sand wind chills will likely just be rain.hills will likely just be rain. steve will have the breakdown in a few minutes. 28-year-old joseph faroque was arrested at richmond international airport on friday. mohammed allegedly drove him to the airport. faroque was trying to get to syria to join isis. both men are from the washington d.c. area. president barack obama has signed an emergency declaration for flint, michigan. that city is suffering a crisis because of high levels of lead in their drinking water. fema will coordinate all the rescue efforts including filters, cartridges and other items for 90 days. federal funding will also be made available. new this morning, an explosion at a chemical plant leaves one worker dead and three others injured. pasadena police say it happened
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bayport plant. the company says the workers were doing a routine function when the contractor's equipment exploded. one of those contractors died at the scene. and now to an intense rescue that was caught on camera. fres fresno firefighters capturing this video on a gopro camera. in it, a crew helping a mother, father and baby out of a window. that was the only way out after smoke and flames filled the stairwell at their apartment complex. in all, seven people escaped from the fire. thankfully, everyone is expected to be okay. more proof now a girl's best friend might not be her diamond but instead, her dog. bella, a three-year-old yellow lab melted the hearts of many when this photo emerged of her and her owner. that pup is specially trained to help her cope with anxiety. let's be honest, it's stressful on the wedding day. the pup was there by her side to
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she says this photo has helped bring attention to service dogs and the role they play in their owner's lives. how sweet is that. i'm a dog lover and especially biased to yellow labs. that's what we have too. and it is amazing what service dogs can do, steve. from anxiety to diabetes. i think it runs the list, with seizure dogs. they can be trained to do what they do. how about your dogs. do you think your little dogs have that in their future? you think they're little grinches, but you still love them, right? steve: absolutely. caitlin: okay. all right. let's talk about the snow. steve: okay, again, right out of the gate here, if it does happen where you live, enjoy. it will be a novelty and zero problems. that's the good thing. let's get right to it. show you doppler xp. it looks impressive. very light precipitation occurring. this is what we call an algorithm. the model puts on top of the
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it kind of depicts where you're suggesting it would be snow and, again, we're probably seeing snow flakes falling. maybe not making it to the ground. some of this will be melting as it gets closer to the service and this is a little bit what we call aloft because the radar is quite aways away from this. but still there's the potential if you live in pearson county right now, send me an e-mail message if you're getting flakes coming down. we're not getting any reports of that just yet but there is the potential as we go through the morning to see a little bit more. from raleigh southward, primarily a rain event for us. maybe a couple of flakes mixed in. big-time novelty at that. once you get to the triangle northward up to pearson county, we'll have a rain-snow mix but no accumulation. farther north, that's where we'll see probably a light snow event and accumulating snow on grassy services up to the north, and that might only last for a couple of hours before it melts off. temperatures just too warm. now, predictor, our forecast
6:18 am
was showing yesterday. it shows a big area with zero precipitation with rain to the south and snow off to the north. maybe a couple of flakes mixed in around the triangle and the i-45 corridor and snow to the north. we can't take this shift one way or the other. could be a little different. with ground temperatures in the mid-40s, not an issue. clouds lingering in the afternoon and after that, clouds could break a little bit. accumulating snow would be well off to the north, zero for us. again, not an issue whatsoever. the bigger issue here, let's talk about the cold air that's coming. arctic blast will be here for tomorrow. meantime, rdu right now, we're seeing temperatures in the 30s, mostly cloudy skies, 30s everywhere. no freezing temperatures at all, and we are colder than yesterday, about 5-7 degrees and that's about it. the headlines goes like this. some snow, no problems. temperatures in the 40s, not concerned about that.
6:19 am
it's looking more likely and yeah, it's going to get very cold. all week long will be cold. the coldest air will come tomorrow into tuesday. we'll try to moderate a little bit. look what happens. the upper-level low will be pinwheeling on through. this is the european model. keeping us cold by the end of the week and with precipitation on friday, there is that possibility, could be a little mix in there as well friday night. wind chill forecast, monday morning, single digits and teens. a lot of us have the day off, but tuesday, back to school, for the kids, it's really going to be cold out there, folks. so make sure those kids really bundle up as they head back to school on tuesday morning. look at the numbers. highs in the 30s, and you factor a breeze in, it's going to feel like the 20s for a peak, ambient temperature 18 tuesday morning, but feels like single dillsgits with that breeze. rain likely on friday. the european model trying to show a shower lingering saturday morning, which could be a little bit of a wintry precipitation mixed in.
6:20 am
that's seven days out. it's just worth a mention on one of the models. again, if it happens, not a big deal. caitlin: it'll be pretty. exactly. that's the kind of snow i like. doesn't cause any problems. thanks, steve. a local warehouse is refurbishing thousands of
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one right now, a warehouse may be able to help you. they sell refurbished computers once a month and offer free classes you can take advantage of. here's more in the money saver report. >> once a month, they open their doors for a surplus sale of refurbished refurbished computers, and the deals are big. >> for example, we have a very nice net book, only $300. >> these are a few of the computers you'll find. >> we get a huge variety of computers from great companies. they're generally machine that is don't fit well with our program use. so they're really high-end stuff, late-model stuff or consumer grade models. >> they're sold based on average selling prices on ebay. >> they're about half of what you pay retail for a new machine
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systems installed, these are all windows 10, and even the latest version of os 10 right there. >> that's just a small portion of what they do at the camden institute. they have thousands of computers in their warehouse. their main mission is to get them into the hands of those who need them. >> since 2003, we've given close to 23,000 computers across the state. >> that includes adults and students without computers at home. >> all they have to do is tell their teacher and the teacher can go to the web site and nominate that student directly, either electronically or through a fax. typically within four to six weeks, it's a rolling basis, and they'll get a computer from us. >> besides providing computers, there's classes teaching basic skills to video game development, and it's all free at the cramden institute. in durham,am amber, eyewitness news. caitlin: set your calendar.
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>> the big stories happening this instant, abc 11 eyewitness news continues. caitlin: good morning, carolina.
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i'm caitlin knute. anthony wilson is off this morning. we are talking the possibility of snow and i have a two and-a-half-year-old at home who said to me yesterday, i want to see snow, mommy. and we've been reading books and talking about it and she hasn't actually seen it yet this year. steve: i hope she gets to see a couple of flakes. the farther north you are, the better opportunity. again, let's get this out there right now. not worried about problems. the ground temperature is still warm. but yeah, it's neat to see a little bit of snow. take a look at the doppler xd, what is going on. light snow falling. no guarantee it's reaching the ground. no reports out of person county or the triad just yet but the temperatures are above freezing. maybe we'll hold a couple of degrees and warm back up, but only to the low 40s. don't expect a lot of warming as you go throughout the day today. giving us a little sun around 4:00 this afternoon. all the rain coming in, light rain, heavier showers will be along the coast today but you'll
6:29 am
off to the north and west. we'll break it down for you from the raleigh area southward, mainly rain, a couple of flakes mixed in. rain-snow mix is possible but no accumulation for the northern counties, including the triangle. and north of here, light snow dusting on the grass is a possibility. not too concerned at all of this event. numbers in the 30s and low 40s by this afternoon but that's it. well below normal. a lot cooler than the 61 we had yesterday and get ready for a cold shot of air getting here tomorrow. more on that in a few minutes. caitlin: thank you, steve. we want to get back to the breaking news out of harnett county this morning. two teens killed in a hit and run accident. a third rushed to the hospital where we're told he's in critical condition this morning. this happened in the 10,000 block of highway 421 near the harnett-lee county line. authorities say a group of five teens were having a slumber party and went out to grab some snacks at a local convenience store. as they were walking back, a
6:30 am
three of them and then left the scene. troopers say 13-year-old jennifer shark and 16-year-old kyle strait were both killed. 14-year-old steven daniels is in the hospital this morning. and more breaking news out of wilson county. authorities there investigating after shots were fired at the legacy bar in kinley. our crew on the scene says one person was shot in the leg. another victim was injured from being assaulted. both were taken to wake med. new details on a story we brought you as breaking news yesterday morning. a registered second offender charged with first degree murder after police find a man's body next to a fayetteville shelter. antonio cooper is in jail being held without bond. cooper was living at the new life mission where officers made that deadly discovery. we know the victim is 63-year-old ricky penning. penning was also staying at that shelter.
6:31 am
to a deadly jump. a marine corps veteran and experienced sky diver who lost his life while paternorachuting. the burning question, what went wrong in the skies? >> this picture was taken of james stremmel before he boarded the plane on what would be his last sky dive. the 24-year-old was killed during a jump at the triangle sky-diving center. we've learned he was not only experienced but he was an instructor. >> i was hoping i'd be here 30 years and never have to deal with this. >> gregory owns the center and spoke with stremmel just minutes before he died. >> james was a friend of mine. it's unfortunate. that's all i can say at this point. unexpected, unfortunate, and tragic accident. that's all i can tell you. >> stremmel, a former marine, had more than 1800 jumps under his belt and was licensed. one of his students said he went
6:32 am
matt was actually drive to the center to head up into the sky with stremmel when he found out about the accident. authorities don't know what went wrong saturday afternoon. >> the sheriff's department has all of the equipment and the f.a. a. has been notified. they will get the equipment on tuesday do, their investigation and at that point, hopefully, we'll know something. devastating because we don't know what happened. we just don't know what happened. caitlin: and that was elenna athens with that report. his girlfriend was with him at the time of the accident. a difficult emotional day for her and those at the sky-diving center. day. ahead on eyewitness news, an eyewitness now shedding new light on what happened after a motorcycle accident that happened back in november. remember, we had that story yesterday morning, a touching story of a stranger coming to
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brintellix did not have significant impact on weight. ask your doctor if brintellix could make a difference for you. steve: welcome back, everybody. good morning to you on this sunday, cloudy skies, a little bit of precipitation north and west of the triangle right now. a couple of flakes coming on down, but temperatures above freezing everywhere. roxboro, 36. one of the coldest spots out there. mainly 30s in the triangle from lower 40s along the 95 corridor. it's when you step out the door this morning, clouds, maybe a shower, could be flakes mixed in depending on where you live the
6:35 am
temperatures won't move much. around 40 or so by mid-day today. definitely cloudy. heavier showers well off to the east today. we could get light rain coming in here and, again, that line of mixed precipitation is mainly going to be in the triangle northward. if you look at this and take it literally, that will be all snow right now north of the triad pushing up into virginia. that's the best place or opportunity for accumulating snow on grassy surfaces. for the rest of us, i don't see that happening. you want to see cold air, here it comes. temperatures going way down, mid-30s. this is not with the wind chill. you factor the wind, it's going to be even colder than that and we'll moderate a little bit. by the end of the week, we'll see temperatures below average. it's a cold week coming up here. traveling out of rdu, looks pretty good. no major hubs at this hour showing no major delays. caitlin: an update on the
6:36 am
a wake county woman says saved her son's life. happened. >> the lady there was giving respirations and she took charge of the scene. she was absolutely amazing. caitlin: that eyewitness there stopped to help the nurse who was treating 33-year-old luke iorio. this is a picture abc eyewitness 11 was at the scene. he had a head injury and doctors said he would not likely survive but luke pulled through and his family thanks the guardian angel for stepping in. >> he was not going to come back. but as it turned out, he took that bet, that first bet that he took, he came back and, and then he took a second breath. caitlin: luke is currently in
6:37 am
gave wife to their first child. the only description of the nurse they have, she was in royal blue scrubs and they want to say thank you to her. pretty impressive. but we need to hear from that woman. coming this morning, more heartbreak for singer celine dion. another family member dies after
6:38 am
after her caitlin: good morning and
6:39 am
here's what's making headlines so far this morning. we're watching for a chance of snow flurries today. parts of the triangle could see a little rain mixed in with snow while the sand hills will likely just be rain. steve has the full forecast but we want to pass along to you that this is not snow that will stick or cause any problems. to breaking news in harnett county. sad news to pass along this morning. the highway patrol is looking for an suv that hit and killed two teenagers and critically injured another. it all happened on highway 421 near the harnett-lee county line. we're told a 13 and 16-year-old were killed and a 14-year-old critically injured. a motorcyclist killed in a wrong way crash in fayetteville. 26-year-old justin dun lap was traveling south on gillespie street when crossed into oncoming traffic and hit that motorcyclist. he was killed. celine dion has suffered yet another loss two days after the death of her husband, the
6:40 am
age of 59. daniel dion was the eighth of 14 dion children. both he and celine's 73-year-old husband rene angelil died from cancer. this morning, you're helping a wake county mom to get transportation for t of her children with special needs. more than $18,000 raised so far, and that's not all. heather waliga introduces us to a wake forest car club pitching in too. heather: these mustangs are on a mission, about to embark on a road trip for a raleigh single mother who needs help getting her daughters around. 12-year-old jada and nine-year-old morgan, both born with a rare brain disorder. ursula thompson has to lift and care for them everywhere they go. >> even a simple task like going to the grocery store, it takes 20 minutes or so to get in the car and get on our way. heather: so the car club got to work planning this poker run
6:41 am
all the proceeds will go towards a new handicapped accessible van. >> it's more about ursula and what she needs joo. heather: since the story first aired, they have raised $16,000 of their $50,000 goal. >> if we don't meet our goal today, it's not the end of the road. what we plan on doing here starting monday, is going out and challenging the businesses locally and other people we know, other mustang car clubs and other car clubs. heather: helping doing things as a family. >> the heart of people to come out and support someone in the community has been a beautiful day. caitlin: that was heather waliga with that report. if you missed the poker run and would like to help ursula with her goal, go to and look for more information.
6:42 am
there so thanks to her and others who support families in need. we love to see that, steve. and some of us love to see snow. steve: you're right. and ground temperatures in the 40s, if we were to get a really heavy burst of snow, it would overcome the ground temperature and stick, but i don't see that happening. at worst, we'll see some flakes in the sky today in the triangle farther north. we'll get light snow falling. from the triad northward, we could see it sticking on grassy surfaces and things like that. but it's dry in the triangle. a little bit of light snow is falling in person county. i haven't gotten any reports just yet of it touching the ground. it could be evaporating or melting on the way down, too. it's a long way down from the radar. from raleigh south ward, a light rain event, could be a few flakes mixed in there as well.
6:43 am
rain-snow mix but no accumulating snow and from say roxboro northward, that's where we'll probably see mainly a light snow event, could see a dusting on grassy surfaces and, again, even that, probably only going to last a couple of hours. if you look at the latest model run here, showing light showers, rain to the south, broken precipitation elsewhere with snow farther off to the north. in our northern counties, a little bit of light snow and even as we go into the afternoon hours, a little bit left over, possibility of a mix. so again, this is not a major issue here. accumulating snow, that same model, shows anything will be up in virginia for the most part. so we stay quiet. so in the meantime, a live look into durham, seeing cloudy skies, still dry, temperatures upper 30s, light breeze around 2 miles per hour. everybody above freezing this morning, 40s along the 95 corridor. colder than yesterday morning, for sure. if you want cold, here it comes. it'll be here tomorrow and last all the way through tuesday. we'll try to moderate the air
6:44 am
midweek and the upper level low will swing on by keeping our temperatures near normal as we finish out the work week. wind chills tomorrow morning could be in the teens and maybe a couple of single digits. tuesday morning when the kids go back to school, wow, this is going to be cold. this is feels-like, not ambient. 11 at rdu and 14 at fayetteville. the actual temperatures should be in the teens but just a little bit of breeze will make it feel cold so be ready for that arctic air on the way. good game down in charlotte. if you see the seahawks in town taking on the panthers, low 40s. might get a little snow this morning. by the time the game gets started, i can't rule out a left-over shower, but clouds breaking throughout the game. you'll need those jackets. take the winter gear with you. it's going to be pretty cold watching the game. light snow north and west. heavier showers to the south. this is the area of low pressure moving along the coast moving at a pretty good clip. it will move out of here fairly quickly. the mountains though will get a
6:45 am
will take everything they can get. we're talking 1-3 at about 2500 feet so not a major amount at all. again, we're watching a little bit of that activity. there's that low racing out. the cold air will come spilling in, as the mass comes in tomorrow, temperatures well below average. should be 51, we'll be in the 30s. 40s for high temperature today. in the afternoon, we might see the clouds breaking a little bit, becoming clear overnight tonight and a cold one tomorrow morning. in the low to mid-20s. not necessarily teens just yet. that will happen tuesday morning. that's when we'll be the coldest. i think wednesday even 19 degrees, only getting to 41. wednesday and thursday, a weak little front will come on by. showing a little flurry overnight. not a big deal. friday we'll get rain and temperatures mid-40s. caitlin: so that could be a
6:46 am
steve: the model is suggesting that. i hate to bite on something that far out. that's irresponsible but we'll keep an eye on it. caitlin: sounds good. thank you.
6:47 am
coming up on eyewitnes when cigarette cravings hit, all i can think about is getting relief. only nicorette mini has a patented fast-dissolving formula. it starts to relieve sudden cravings fast. i never know when i'll need relief.
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caitlin: topping our sports news this morning, 18 of 23 points scored after half time yesterday.
6:49 am
points for the tar heels. they went on to win 67-55. they imprauv to 5-0 in the acc. that's the first time since their 2001 season. a big upset for duke against notre dame. a career high 31 points and grabbed 11 boards as the fighting irish won 95-91. freshman luke kennard for duke had 30 points. they've lost two straight for the first time this season. to the nfl playoffs. afc divisional action between kansas city and new england, tom brady builds up a lead until the 3rd quarter. they still hold onto it though. final score of that was 27-20. the panthers and seahawks kickoff in a divisional round rematch in just a few hours. joe mazur is here with that
6:50 am
joe: the highlight of panthers practice had nothing to do with actual play. three key starters dressed and participating for the first time since week 16 means all are on track, the suit-up on sunday. >> just to be back out there getting back in the groove, everything is all good, back to normal. no limitations. feel real good about everybody. confident about guys showing up and getting ready to go. joe: earning a bye could be huge, while the seahawks were clawing to an emotional win, carolina players got to heal and recharge mentally for what will be an enormous test. >> as you get older, you realize, you know, how hard it is to win in this league. we won a lot this year, you
6:51 am
that mountaintop, you know, sowalsh to knock home a sure thing. cam newton, however, was thinking the opposite. >> a lot of guys were whispering, we wouldn't have wanted it any other way. that's kind of the must-see tv. you've got good players on both sides of the ball. >> this will mark the second year in a row, so you're talking about an opportunity to play the team that is constantly on your radar. yeah, there is a little bit of familiarity. joe: thinking the match-up is easy to do now, hopefully it's not in vain. joe mazur, abc 11 eyewitness news. caitlin: remember, we've got you covered for your panthers playoff action today. mark armstrong will be in charlotte covering the team's divisional round showdown versus seattle. make sure you check him out online on twitter and facebook. he'll give you plenty of behind the scenes access. catch it live on eyewitness news
6:52 am
we always stream live there too so great way to follow us if you're not in front of a tv. it was pandemonium in the nation's capital as fans lined up for the first glimpse of bei bei. weighing 22 pounds, the adorable five-month-old panda cub made his debut at the national zoo. bei bei shied away from the spot light spending his day sleeping. the name means precious treasure in chinese and he is indeed that. the endangered bear is only the third cub to thrive at the zoo. less than 2,000 now are said to be surviving in the wild. very cuddly indeed. still to come in the next half hour. new details about that deadly hotel attack in western africa. we brought that to you as breaking news yesterday morning. we'll tell you about the american killed in that violence. we'll tell you the areas that could see some flakes today.
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