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tv   ABC 11 Sunday 700 AM News  ABC  January 17, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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it won't cause >> see what's happening this instant. eyewitness news at 7:00 starts right now. caitlin: breaking news, two teenagers killed in a hit and run accident. what authorities are looking for and new information coming in. chaos breaks out in wilson county. one person shot and another injured. we'll show you where this all happened. and we're keeping an eye on the sky today, watching for a chance of snowflurries. steve tells us areas that could see a few flakes. we are also following some breaking news this morning coming out of florida. we've learned four tornadoes passing through the sarasota area this morning. two deaths confirmed right now. we're trying to get more information and pass along the images from that scene. stick around, we'll try to get it worked into the newscast shortly.
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it is sunday, january 17, i'm caitlin knute. anthony wilson is off today. tornadoes in florida, how bizarre in january? steve: it can easily happen down there because the air is a lot warmer. it's when a cold front that makes that it that far south with the clash. caitlin: i've been vacationing with the family. steve: i've been so busy with what's going on around here, i haven't even looked down there, but it doesn't surprise me. let's get right to today. the potential for some light snow out there. let's get something straight. no problem expected. ground temperatures in the mid-40s. this really is not going to be an issue. more of a novelty for us if we get some flakes and light precipitation off to the north and light shade would indicate snow flakes falling in person county. numbers above freezing everywhere. 30s in the triangle northward, low 40s along the 95 corridor, and you see another vantage
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we could get a mix of rain and snow from the triangle. a better chance of all rain to the south. maybe a couple of flakes and that's about it. rain-snow mix with no accumulating snow. north of roxboro, light snow dusting on the grassy surfaces is a possibility. more of a novelty, not an issue. numbers chilly today. low 40s for the highs. might get a sun peeking out around 5:00 before sunset. here comes the cold arctic air. you're really going to feel it tomorrow. more on that coming up in a few minutes. caitlin: thank you, steve. we of course want our viewers to join our weather team. you can do dothat by taking pictures and video if you see snow falling. report ititous, use the hashtag #abc11eyewitness. back to the breaking news. in harnett county, two teens killed in a hit and run, a third critically injured. troopers tell us that five teens
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convenience store near the harnett-lee county line. they were walking back when a white or light-colored suv hit three of the kids and left the scene. authorities say 13-year-old jennifer shark and 16-year-old kyle strait were both killed. 14-year-old steven daniels was also hit. he was rushed to the hospital. troopers say they plan to check the cameras at the gas station to try to find out more on the suspect's vehicle. also happening near the lee county line, a roll-over wreck that sent one person to the hospital. this was the scene on highway 87 near broadway road. we're told that person had to be lifted to the hospital. there's no word yet on the extent of any injuries and we don't know yet if any other vehicles were involved. and we have more breaking news from wilson county. shots were fired at the legacy bar in kinley. two people left injured. that shooting happened just after midnight. we had a crew on the scene who tells us one person was shot in the leg. another victim injured from being assaulted. both victims ended up being taken to wake med for treatment. no word yet on their identities
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also new this morning, a motorcyclist killed in a wrong-way crash in fayetteville. this happened to gillespie street near west mountain drive around 5:30 yesterday evening. 26-year-old justin dun lap was driving southbound when he apparently crossed into on coming traffic and hit the harley davidson. the biker was killed. dunlap is charged with misdemeanor death by motor vehicle and careless and reckless driving and driving left of center. now, to a deadly sky-diving accident. this happened in franklin county. a former marine killed in a hard landing near the triangle north executive airport. 24-year-old james stremmel was an instructor at the triangle skydiving center. he had more than 1800 jumps under his belt. one of his students say he went above and beyond to make sure everyone was safe. the owner of the skydiving center says he had just made contact with stremmel minutes before he died. >> james was a friend of mine.
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that's all i can say at this point. it's unexpected, unforpttunate and a tragic accident. that's all i can tell you. caitlin: the franklin county sheriff's office is investigating and the faa has been notified. and new this morning, we're learning an american missionary was among those killed in that attack by al-qaeda fighters in western africa. family members say 45-year-old michael ridderring died at the cap chino cafe. he was there volunteering with an orphanage and women's crisis center he ran with his wife. they stormed the hotel friday night and at least 28 people were killed. ridderring leaves behind four children, two of whom were adopted from that same area. there's still no sign of the 12 marines missing and presumed dead off hawaii's coast. two helicopters crashed late thursday during a night-time training exercise. teams are expanding their search to include oahu's western coast in addition to the north shore.
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spreading that debris and complicating their search efforts. now to a remarkable turn of events in the mideast. the united states has announced a deal that freed five americans held pris near in iran, in return for seven iranians. abc's richard cantu explains. richard: five americans homeward bound after a controversial agreement to exchange prisoners with iran. and within ourselves of the deal, international inspectors certified that iran had kept part of its nuclear deal broken by the united states ending years of western embargoes. >> return for the steps iran has taken, the united states and the e.u. will immediately lift nuclear-related sanctions. richard: secretary of state john ker ry insisted it was not quid pro quo.
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related with the sanctions. richard: it eased the way for the swap. jason rezaian, convicted of espionage by a secret iranian court, pastor saeed abedini. they were allegedly subjectd to beatings, solitary confinement and psychological abuse. two other americans were released, including a student named matthew trevithick who was arrested a few months ago. the u.s. dropped charges against seven iranians along with international arrest warrants issued by the u.s. against 14 other iranians but it does not include former fbi agent robert levinson who disappeared in a 2007 visit to iran. his fate is unknown. richard cantu, abc news, new york. caitlin: to political news this morning, democratic senator bernie sanders is changing his position on a hot topic ahead of tonight's democratic presidential debate.
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2005 law that grants gun manufacturers legal immunity. sanders says it is not a flip-flop, arguing he backed the law because of other preservations included in it. however, hillary clinton's campaign called it a reversal. the two candidates spoke at a dinner for the south carolina democratic party last night and, of course, will be meeting on stage tonight along with presidential hopeful martin o'malley for a final debate before the iowa caucus. still to come on eyewitness news. panthers pride. the nfc divisional game just hours away. what you need to know if you're heading to charlotte or watching the game at home. lots of people will be doing that, i have a feeling, watching the panthers taking on seattle. are you watching today? steve: absolutely. and the weather down there, getting a little bit of precipitation this morning, some rain by the time the game gets
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cloudy and cool though there. caitlin: back to the breaking news out of florida. we're getting video of the sarasota area where four tornadoes passed through this morning. take a look at this. authorities say two people were killed, seven others reported injured. there are about 17,000 homes in sarasota county and 3,000 in manatee county. many still without power this hour. we'll continue to bring you updates on this story. this is sarasota county, manatee county.
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florida and an eye on what's in our area today, with a lighter note. steve. steve: absolutely, no severe weather by any stretch. maybe a few flakes in the skies but nothing causing any problems. live in fayetteville, probably not getting any flakes down there, light rain and that's about it. 41 degrees, a light breeze around 9 miles an hour. everybody above freezing. 36 in roxboro, 39 at rdu, and lower 40s along that 95 corridor. as you step out this morning, you might get a shower between now and mid-day. again, maybe some flakes mixed in but really not seeing much of a temperature movement at all. around 40 or so by mid-day today. satellite and radar composite shows a light snow off to the north and west. lighter rain showers are coming our way, but the heavier showers are going to stay well offshore and there's a possibility a good part of us don't get any precipitation at all. so keep that in mind as well with this snow north and rain sowing south, our middle section might
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we can't escape this. we're talking 30s for highs, mid-30s if we're lucky. here's a cold air mass, lows in the teens. i think tuesday morning when the kids go to school wind chills could be as low as single digits or middle teenso really cold, mid-40s later in the week. travel out of rdu, might have a couple of showers this morning. otherwise, all major hubs at this hour showing no delays. seven-day forecast minute away, caitlin. caitlin: thank you, steve. panthers looking for redemption against the seattle seahawks. if you're heading out to the game, you can expect to see heightened security so watch out for any counterfeit tickets as well. if you are traveling to charlotte, amtrak wants to make the trip easier. piedmont train 73 and 76 added capacity between raleigh and charlotte today for game day. train 73, you already missed that one. that departed raleigh at 7:00 this morning.
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back from charlotte at 5:15, and if you're staying home and you want to watch from the comfort of your living room, our travel team will be there bringing you action on the field and behind the scenes as the panthers take on the seahawks. mark armstrong will be some charlotte so follow him on social media. so check out our special coverage online and tune in tonight for all the game highlights. still to come this morning, we're looking at a city in crisis. ahead this morning, the action the president is taking after a water disaster in flint, michigan. dramatic video this morning.
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caitlin: good morning and welcome back on this sunday. here's what's making your headlines this morning. breaking news out of harnett county. two teens killed in a hit and run, a third critically injured. this all happened on highway 421 near the harnett-lee county line. authorities say that group was hit by a white or light-colored suv. a 13-year-old and 16-year-old were killed. a 14-year-old was rushed to the hospital. the u.n. nuclear agency says iran kept up its end of the bargain which ended up lifting sanctions on tehran. seven iranians and five americans got tickets to freedom. getting to weather now, we could see snow flakes following around the triangle. but won't amount to any problems.
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while the sand hills will likely be rain. steve will break it down in the complete forecast in a few minutes. two people in virginia are facing terror-related charges this morning. 28-year-old joseph faroque was arrested at richmond international airport. another man drove him to the airport but the department of justice says he was trying to get to syria to join isis. both men are from the washington d.c. area. president barack obama has signed an emergency declaration for flint, michigan. the city is suffering a crisis because of high levels of lead found in their drinking water. fema will coordinate all disaster relief efforts including providing water, filter, cartridges and other items for 90 days. federal funding will also be made available. an intense rescue caught on camera. fres no firefighters capturing this video on a gopro camera. in it, you see the crew helping a mother, father and a baby out of the window. it's the only way out after
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stairwell at the apartment complex. in all, seven people escaped from the fire and thankfully, everyone is expected to be okay can you imagine how terrifying? to be back in the situation and to have a young child and a baby. first responders and firefighters put their lives on the line in situations like that. it's still very impressive to see them in action. steve: putting others in front of them. caitlin: absolutely, thank them. steve: and if you look at the pay, you're like really? so good people. let's talk about what's going on today. a lot of folks, are like look at this. oh, it looks worse. it's very light. we're talking 43 to 47 degrees. you have to do the math. mother earth is holding in that heat. takes a long time to cool the earth down.
7:17 am
incredibly heavy for quite a long period of time to overcome that warm ground and that's not the case. this is all very light going on right now. still some flakes falling above the triad. person county, still haven't gotten any reports of snow reaching the ground but probably seeing some in the sky, some flakes up there. elsewhere, cloudy skies for now. breaking it down, raleigh east ward, mainly a light rain event for us, a few flakes possible. raleigh to person county, rain-snow mix but no accumulating snow and roxboro northward, i think light snow is possible, pretty much the entire event. not much in the way of rain up there, but dusting on the grass is probably the most you'll see up there, and that can only last an hour or so before it melts off. so again, not an issue whatsoever, with surface temperatures staying above freezing, by the way. our model showing rain to the south, broken precipitation across the triangle, and then all the snow is well off to the north.
7:18 am
well, which would be even less of an issue at all. this isn't a big deal, should be out of here by the afternoon. skies still cloudy, starting to break around 4:00 and 5:00, becoming clear overnight. that same model showing zero accumulating snow for us. that's all up in virginia where they could see an inch to two inches of snow up there. let's look live into fayetteville right now. hay street, 41 degrees. light breeze around 9 miles per hour. everyone above freezing in the 30s across the triangle, north ward of 40s along the 95 corridor, lower 40s, cold tomorrow and tuesday, highs in the 30s, wind chills in the 20s and the lows even colder than that and then we'll see an upper level low by the end of the week giving us another chance of showers. the european model trying to show winery precipitation, i'm not worried about that. at least get a bite on that for late friday night. meantime, the wind chill, this is the story. tomorrow morning, feels-like temperatures in the single digits and teens and then as we
7:19 am
kids go back to school, look at some of the wind chills we're going to be dealing with. so again, bullpenedndle those kids up. you're going to need it. if you're heading to the game, bundle up too. 40s by the time the game is going on and cloudy skies, not worried about precipitation at that time. there you see the light rain happening around charlotte right now with snow to the north. there is that low pressure moving along the coast and it's moving at a fairly good clip. they're talking maybe 1-3" up there in the mountains. here comes the arctic front. that's the bigger story, folks. it's going to get cold tomorrow with high temperatures in the mid-30s, still cold on tuesday, really no relief in sight for a couple of days, really getting cold. there we go. looking at the next seven days. for lows, 18 tuesday, 19 wednesday. this is ambient, which is what a thermometer will see.
7:20 am
by 5-10 degrees. brisk air is common, and later back into the 40s, but a cold week ahead. i hope you enjoyed yesterday, like i told you. caitlin: i did. you told us it was the pick of the weather. and a local warehouse restoring
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durham that can help you. the cramden institute says it sells refurbished computers once a month and has free classes you can take advantage of. here's more in today's money saver report. >> once a month, the institute opens its doors for a surplus sale of refurbished computers. and the deals are big. >> we have a really nice mac book here, 2008 mac book. it's only $300. >> these are a few of the computers you'll find. >> we get a huge variety of computers from companies, and they're generally machines that don't fit well with our program use so they're really high-end stuff or late-model stuff or consumer grade model. >> they're sold based on average selling prices on ebay. >> they're about half of what you pay retail for a new machine and we have i believe -- these
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now, os 10 up there. >> and it's not just the surplus sales. that's a small portion of what they do at the cramden institute. you can see from this warehouse, they have thousands of computers. their main mission is to get them into the hands of those who need them. >> since 2003, we've given close to 23,000 computers to people across the state. >> that includes adults or students without a computer at home. >> if they're in grades 3-12, all they have to do is tell their teacher and the teacher can go to the web site and nominate that student directly. it is electronic or a fax. within two to six weeks, they'll get a computer from us. >> and aside from providing computers, there's classes teaching basic skills and video game development. it's all free at the cramden institute. amber rupinta, abc 11 eyewitness news. caitlin: the next sale is coming up thursday, february 4. we've put everything you need to know on this.
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7:28 am
wherever he is, hopefully, he has the eye on the sky to catch a glimpse of snow flakes this morning. steve: yeah, ooipi'm not worried about accumulating snow. even in roxboro, it's still 43. it would take an incredible burst of snow. i had to fine tune the color table here so i could depict between super light and just light snow. so see where the light blue shade is, that's where we're seeing more concentrated heavier light snow, if you will. otherwise, a few flakes around person county and the radar suggesting even some rain mixed in there too just north of roxboro between that and chase city. the triad getting likely precipitation as well. everybody above freezing in the 30s around the triangle west and north, along that 95 corridor pretty much low 40s this morning. you see the rain showers coming
7:29 am
the better opportunity of getting snow mixed in there. i went from the triangle to roxboro. no accumulating snow, just a rain-snow mix and from roxboro north ward, could get a dusting on the grass and that might only last a little while too because temperatures above freezing and we'll see that melting quickly. so a novelty, not a problem. temperatures in the low 40s. you think that's cold, wait until tomorrow and tuesday. wait on that for a few minutes. caitlin: back to harnett county this morning, two teens killed in a hit and run and a third rushed to the hospital where he's in critical condition. this all happened in the 10,000 block of highway 421 near the harnett-lee county line. a group of five teens having a slumber party and some of them went out to grab some snacks at a local convenience store. as they were walking back a white or light-colored suv hit three of them and then left the scene. troopers say 13-year-old jennifer shark and 16-year-old
7:30 am
14-year-old steven daniels is in the hospital this morning. breaking news out of florida this morning, our abc affiliate in sarasota says two people are dead after multiple tornadoes passed through the area overnight. another seven people were injured, but that number could rise. some reports say as many as four tornadoes ripped through sarasota and manatee counties between 3:00 and 4:00 this morning. about 20,000 homes are without power right now. new this morning, a shooting under investigation in halifax county. when they arrived, they found a 38-year-old victim with a gunshot wound to the torso. the victim was taken to the hospital and is said to be in critical condition this morning. new details coming in on a story we brought to you as breaking news yesterday morning. a registered sex offender now charged with first-degree murder after police found a man's body next to a fayetteville homeless shelter. antonio cooper is in the cumberland county jail.
7:31 am
bond. cooper was living at the new life mission where officers made the deadly discovery. we now know the victim is 63-year-old ricky penny. penny was also staying at that same shelter. investigators say he suffered trauma to the head. now on to a deadly jump. a marine corps veteran, an experienced sky diver who lost his life while parachuting. the burning question. what went wrong for james stremmel over the skies? elaina athans brings us the latest. elaina: this picture was taken aboard the plane on what would be his last sky dive. the 23-year-old was killed during the jump at the triangle skydiving center. he's not only experienced, but he was a instructor. gregory upper owns the center and spoke with stremmel just 20 minutes before he died. >> james was a friend of mine, and he was -- it's unfortunate. that's all i can say at this
7:32 am
unexpected, unfortunate, and tragic accident. that's all i can tell you. elaina: stremmel, a former marine had more than 1800 jumps under his belt and was licensed. investigators say he always went above and beyond to ensure everyone was safe. that person was actually driving to the center to head up into the sky with stremmel when he found out about the accident. authorities don't know what went wrong saturday afternoon. >> the sheriff's department has all of the equipment and the faa has already been notified. they will get the equipment on tuesday. they'll do their investigation and at that point hopefully we'll know something. devastating, because we don't know what happened. we just don't know what happened. caitlin: and that was elaina athans with that report. we understand stremmel's girlfriend was also there with him at the time of the accident. obviously, very difficult and emotional time for her and everyone else at the skydiving center. all jumps were canceled for the day. ahead on eyewitness news, an
7:33 am
mystery nurse in wake county. an eyewitness shedding light on what happened after a motorcycle accident back in november. we'll get to that story. right now, steve with a look at both the rain and possibly snow flakes tonight. steve: yeah, some snow up there. person county getting a little bit of it. roxboro, not sticking at this point in time. if it does, it'll just be grassy surfaces. satellite and radar, heavier showers moving along the coast today.
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everybody. light snow falling in the northern counties, in person. got a facebook note about that. 39 degrees, northwest breeze today. we've been seeing it on the radar but sometimes we don't know if it's actually making it to the surface, and we are getting light snow in roxboro. temperature 46, ground temperature 43. we're not worried about major problems. if anything, from person county north ward, if you get accumulating snow, grassy surfaces, trees, cars, things like that, and that won't last long. it should melt later on for today. 30s around the triangle and west ward. 40s on the 95 corridor this morning. as we step out the door at least now for most of us, cloudy skies, you might get a shower this morning. again, snow flakes from the triangle northward today and temperatures not moving much. even mid-day, about 48 degrees. snow off to the north. light rain now is pushing into
7:37 am
this point, and heavier showers along the coast. so the farther south and east, a rain event for you. farther north, used to get novelty with snow flakes. cold air, 43. we really go down the next couple of days as another front comes in, with little fanfare, with just really cold air. a cold week coming up. if you are traveling out of rdu at this point, no major hubs showing no delays. caitlin: stu, steve. an update on a mystery nurse who a wake county mother credits with saving her son's life. a raleigh woman who was at the site of this accident on november 20 gives us a better idea of what happened. >> the lady who was there was giving respirations as a nurse and she took charge of the scene. she was absolutely amazing. caitlin: colleen stopped to help that nurse who was treating the 33-year-old luke iorio. this was a picture snapped while passing the scene.
7:38 am
injury when crashed his motorcycle in morrisville. doctors initially said they didn't think he would survive but he pulled through and luke's family believed it was thanks to that guardian angel who stepped in. >> you could tell he was going to come back. there is no way else to describe it, the feeling that you just know, and as it turns out, he struggled to take that breath. that first breath he took, and then he took a second breath. caitlin: luke right now is in rehab at wake med and just this past week, his wife gave birth to their first child. they want to find that nurse who was only spotted in royal blue scrubs. that's the only description they have right now and simply want to thank her. still to come this morning, more heart break for singer celine dion. another family member dies after a battle with cancer days after her husband passed away from the
7:39 am
on a lighter note, abe . caitlin: good morning and welcome back this sunday. here's what's making headlines this morning. first, we are watching for a chance of snow flurries today. some of you are seeing it right now. parts of the triangle could see rain mixed with some flurries. although, sand hills, you'll mostly see rain. steve has the full forecast but he wants to reiterate the snow
7:40 am
it's more of a novelty. breaking news in harnett county. the highway patrol searching for an suv that hit and killed two teenagers and injured another. it happened on highway 421 near the harn ettet-lee county line. we're told a 13 and 16-year-old were killed. another 14-year-old was critically injured. a motorcyclist was killed in a wrong way crash in fayetteville. 26-year-old justin dunlap was driving southbound on gillespie street when he crashed into oncoming traffic when he hit a harley davidson driven by 48-year-old looh n radley. he was killed. and now celine dion's brother has passed away at the age of 59. daniel dion was the eighth of 14 children. both he and celine's husband, rene angelil, have died from cancer.
7:41 am
deeds in our computermunity. more than 18,000 dollars has been raised so far to help a woman with two young kids with special needs. that's not all. heather waliga tells us about a wake county car club. heather: they are about to embark on a road trip to rally for a single mother who needs help getting her daughters around. the 12-year-old and nine-year-old were both born with a rare brain disorders. ursula thompson has to lift and carry them everywhere they go. >> even a simple task like going to the grocery store, it takes like 20 minutes or so just to get into the car and get on our way. heather: so the car club got to work planning this poker run from wake forest to wilington. all the proceeds will go towards a new handicap-accessible van for jada and morgan. >> we don't really care about mustangs or not. it's about ursula and what she needs. heather: since the story first aired, donations have poured in
7:42 am
raised $16,000 of their $50,000 goal. >> if we don't meet our goal today, it's not the end of the road. what we plan on doing from here starting monday is going out and rechallenging those businesses locally and rechallenging the people woe know and other mustang clubs and other car clubs. heather: a club ursula and her girls are thankful for that could give them the freedom to do things together as a family. >> the heart of people to come out and help someone that's a part of their community, it's been a wonderful day. caitlin: heather waliga with that report. if you missed the poker run but still want to help out ursula and ear goals, you can make a donation. head to and click on the abc 11 together page for all of the information. we've been talking about snow. snow lovers are just keeping their fingers crossed we at least catch a glimpse of it, but it depends on where you live. steve: i'm getting reports from roxboro now. most of them very positive, like yay, getting snow out there. again, the farther north you
7:43 am
getting, at least to accumulate on the grass for a little while. looking at roadways, we're not concerned at all. ground temperatures in the low 40s right now. we'd have to have a burst of heavy snow to overcome that really warm ground and that's just not the case. let's take a little radar tour right now. light showers starting to pick up across parts of wake county. sprinkles at this point but this is where we're seeing light snow occurring right now. i kind of fiddled a little bit with the color table where you see a little bit of light blue trying to show up right in this area. it's hard to even see. that's where it's a little bit heavier. this is all light snow right now and the potential for a little bit of mix. breaking it down from wake county south ward, pretty much a rain event for us. i did put some flakes were possible in there, and then from say raleigh up towards southern person county, a rain-snow mix with really no accumulating snow expected. and maybe when you get closer to person county, potential in the grass, let's say from roxboro
7:44 am
event up there and if the potential does exist, could see a dusting to a half inch on the grassy surfaces farther to the north. no major problems for us. a particular model shows rain events to the south and some snow and some sections getting nothing at all. that's a little optimistic but again, a light rain event for most of us. farther north will have mixed in a little bit of snow but accumulating snow in virginia so we're not concerned at all about major problems. just nice to see a little bit of snow for us snow lovers. in the north hills, cloudy skies, 39, light breeze at 9 miles an hour. 30s across the board with roxboro now cooling. i'm not surprised to see this, with some of the precipitation coming down, getting a little bit of melting as it gets closer to the surface and actually will keep calories out of the air and cool the air down so your temperature could drop another degree or two in roxboro in the next hour. everybody else in the mid-upper 30s, seeing low 40s along the 95
7:45 am
everybody gets cold tomorrow. an arctic blast comes in, and that will be with us for a little while. we'll moderate as we go mid-week but definitely cold air. look at the wind chill tomorrow morning. teens and single digits and the bigger story when the kids go back to school tuesday morning, wind chills could be in the single digits and teens, so very cold when you get back to school on tuesday for sure. it will be chilly down in charlotte today. they're getting some rain down there, a few snow flakes as well this morning. by game time, precip should be done. low 40s for the panthers and seahawks. should be a good game and weather won't be a factor for this one. rain pushing into the southern counties, heavy rain offshore with an area of low pressure that's going to be racing along the coast. it's going to be pretty quick. the mountains will take anything they can get. ski resorts are getting 1-3", and that's about it. here comes the arctic front tomorrow. you'll really notice temperatures in the 30s, breeze
7:46 am
still a very cold day on tuesday with highs in the low to mid-30s. be ready for it. coldest air so far of the season. today, upper 30s and low 40s, with rain, some snow mix again mainly to the north and then tomorrow. sun but cold, on martin luther king day and 34 on tuesday, lows in the teens, wind chills for the kids at the bus stop. could be down to single digits in places. so be ready for some very cold air. rain more like he now on friday. caitlin: yikes. fingers crossed it doesn't turn into a wintry precip. steve: it is a potential. we'll keep an eye on that.
7:47 am
caitlin: good morning and welcome back. topping our sports news this morning. kennedy showing up big to help unc pull away from rival nc state. he scored 18 of 23 points after half time yesterday. joel berry ii adding another 14 points for the tar heels. went on to win 67-55 and improve to 5-0 in the acc. that's been the first time since their 2001 season. fans have a lot to cheer about there. a big upset for the blue devils against notre dame. a career high 31 points and 11 boards as the fighting irish win
7:48 am
freshman luke kennard had a season best 31 points. it just wasn't enough for the blue devils. they've lost two straight for the first time this season much switching gears now to the nfl. playoffs. afc divisional round action between the kansas city and new england teams. tom brady and the patriots built up a 26-point lead until the 3rd quarter but they went on to hold to it to win their fifth straight afc championship game 27-20. we all know, the panthers and the seahawks kicking off in a few hours. joe mazur has that preview. joe: the highlight of panthers practice today had nothing to do with an actual play. three key starters dressed and participating for the first time since week 16 means all are on track to suit up on sunday. >> it's been a month, just to be
7:49 am
groove, everything felt good and back to normal. no limitations. feel good about everybody. talking about guys showing up and getting ready to roll. joe: earning a bye could turn out to be huge, while the seahawks were clawing to an emotional win, carolina players got to heal and recharge mentally for what will be an enormous task. >> as you get older, you realize, you know, how hard it is to win in this league. we won a lot this year, you know, but it's hard to get to that mountaintop, you know, so anytime you get like a sure thing. cam newton, however, was thinking the opposite. >> a lot of guys are even whispering, we wouldn't have are wanted it any other way, you know what i'm saying, and that's
7:50 am
you've got good players on both sides of the ball. >> this will mark the second year in a row we've played them twice. so now you're talking about the opportunity to play the team, you know, that's constantly on your radar. yeah, there is a little bit of familiarity. joe: thinking the match-up is easy to do now, hopefully, it's not in vain. joe mazur, abc 11 eyewitness news. caitlin: and hey, remember, we have you covered for your panthers playoff action today. mark armstrong will be there in charlotte covering the team's divisional round showdown versus seattle. make sure you check mark out on social media too on twitter and facebook with all the behind the scenes action and catch him on air and online. go panthers, go.
7:51 am
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