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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 PM  ABC  January 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> right now at 6:00, two big stories. the best snow video and pictures coming up. >> panthers pride, a dominating performance against seattle. mark armstrong is live in charlotte the post in celebration. >> a popular concert space and banquet hall is about to be wiped out by the railroad along with neighboring farms. here white residents are so upset straight ahead. >> we begin with breaking news. carolina panthers moving one step closer to the super bowl. heather: carolina burst out to a 31-0 lead in the first half, but the seattle seahawks refused to go down without a fight. joel: mark armstrong was there for every play, he joins us live at bank of america stadium in charlotte with the exciting -- excitement and the key plays that led to a panthers victory. is it finally say to exhale? mark: this was an assembly will afternoon.
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the press box. it was shaking while we are sitting up there as the panthers jumped to that 31-0 lead, blowing the seahawks effectively off of the field. then it was shared terror that was making this place out of the end as they held on. here's a small taste of the highlights. it started with a bang. the first offense of play for the panthers, a 59 yard jonathan stewart gallup, untouched until he is run down from behind by richard sherman. it would lead to an opening touchdown and then the most amazing first half a professional football that i may be ever seen was capped by cam newton throwing an absolute dart to greg olsen who made an incredible catch and at that point it was 31-0. that was the halftime score. it came down to some very anxious final moments. russell wilson doing what russell wilson does, bring in seattle back to within 31-24, but then thomas on the onside kick that's a done. here's a thomas davis had to say
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>> not at all. definitely a great team. it feels good. knowing that our coach --. >> you see the ball coming toward you, what is running through your head? >> go get the ball. the matter what happens. >> at this point, i do not know if it is good, but we are used to it. there is drama and stress, but [indiscernible] to play for the panthers and play here. mark: that is exactly what they did. that sets up the first ever and game here in charlotte as the panthers will has the arizona cardinals next week. we have a cardiac pack back at home, and i think we have a cardiac cats down here in charlotte. back to you, much more to come in sports.
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the cardinals had a pretty unbelievable victory themselves last night. heather: the other big talker is what the first alert team predicted for us on saturday. a dusting of snow in the heart of carolina. they share their pictures and videos with us, right now on you'll will find a full photo gallery and this video of the snowflakes line in orange county. steve: snow did not stick around long with much of it melting. it was a pretty psyched if you are wait to see it. in durham, snow fell for a good stretch of time. here's interstate 85. people walking out of this gas station found themselves in the middle of this note. highway signs warn drivers about the winter weather even though there was no real concerns about slick roads. not cold enough to melt. who saw the highest accumulation of snow? heather: we go to is with that
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liz: counties to the north saw the most know. we will start with some of the most amazing pictures that you saw on twitter from many of you thank you for sending them in. notice the snowflakes gathering on the balcony and the railing and i don't. you can also see a dusting on the grass. the roads even looking like they got a little accumulation. we always love doing rate. look at these photos here on the railroad tracks. a gorgeous picture north carolina. this one got to love it, with the dog and the grass. this is one of the places that did receive the most know. according to national weather service, they measured earlier today and these are reports of about a one inch incline. the same and how -- halifax. half an inch in roxboro. keep in mind, rdu only picked up about a trace. many of us off flakes and they were gone pretty quickly. now we are going to shift our focus too much colder air moving our way. a dry cold front coming here.
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temperatures well plunge. big time. we will be talking about lows in the teens monday night into tuesday. we will also have the potential for more winter weather on the way, we'll talk about when that arrives in just a few minutes. joel: thank you, liz. we invite you to keep sending us your winter weather snapshots. you can send them to us on social media using the hashtag. heather: an update to a story that we have been closely following. the search for the guardian angel nurse. a wake county says that she saved her son's life. this afternoon, the mystery woman who ran to his aid after horrific motorcycle accident has been found. >> [indiscernible] heather: abc 11 was the only station therefore the emotional reunion this afternoon.
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doing her job when she saw the 33-year-old back in november. he suffered broken ribs, a punctured lung, and a severe head injury. dr. said that he likely would not survive. but he pulled through, his family believes that it was thanks to vicki, the guardian angel who came to his rescue. >> what he has to go through, it breaks my heart. he is a strong one. heather: tonight at 11:00, more from this emotional reunion and the one thing that vicki says everybody should learn so that they can be prepared to respond to a similar situation. joel: two families coping with the painful loss of two teenagers this weekend. both were killed by a driver who plowed into them and never stopped. one of the victims, 16 years old, the other just 13 years old. they were with a group walking along highway 421 near mcneil mill road last night. tonight, a third teenagers in the hospital, banged up, but
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we go live to the hit and run site with what we have been able to learn so far. >> the teens were hit right here around where i was standing. they were walking along the highway and had left the gas station. they had stopped there to pick up some drinks and some snacks. highway patrol says that the driver hit the teens and immediately took off. two of the teenagers died at the scene and another is critically injured. authorities say that 16-year-old kyle and 13-year-old jennifer was killed. this sister is speaking out about what happened last night. >> all of a sudden a truck came out of nowhere and it hits my friends. one minute my sister was there and the next she was not. at first i thought that she had run away, but i went up the
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the truck had just spent off. they do not stop. >> that family is now making funeral arrangements and the director from a funeral home was leaving. the harnett county school counselors to each of the victims respective schools. tuesday after kids return from the holiday break. highway patrol does not have a discussion of the vehicle right now that took off, they only know that it is a white or light colored suv. there are some surveillance cameras around here and investigators are now reviewing those tapes. that is the very latest, live from harnett county. joel: the search for a hit and run driver in harnett county tonight. 6:00, progress. what it means to a johnston county outdoor music scene. >> we cannot just go down without a fight.
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>> abc 11 keeping you connected, find us on facebook and like our page and click get notifications for the latest eyewitness news updates. joel: adjusting county man engaged to marry the sister of -- is fighting to save the concert space where he once lived. heather: they promise to wipe out the farm, but the price of progress extends beyond turned down a music venue. >> this is where i grew up here this is where i learned how to catch my first fish. i had a dream of building a business and i was so proud to be able to do it.
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>> that business improperly named the farm served as a popular outdoor music venue and banquet hall. this past week, the owner learned that it along with the grandfathers home and store and other neighboring homes and farms were all being sold for -- to a railway giants. >> 30 minutes or an hour ago, life was good and everything was fine and we would be for the rest of our lives. this is home for us, and now an hour later we are in the living room crying with each other. >> the shocking is came shortly before csx announced that this spot will serve as a large container hub. the terminal is expected to create more than 300 jobs during construction and eventually leading to nearly 1500 new jobs statewide. it is progress that comes with a price for him and his neighbors. >> i don't want to sell my business or the family farm. we cannot just go down without trying to fight. while he may not have legal
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eminent domain, he is turning to social media with the campaign, fight for the farm. meanwhile, the representative for csx understand that this is a difficult time for residents and nurturing to make the transition as easy as possible. >> we understand that this is not just a quick project that needs to happen overnight and we are willing to work very closely with this property owners to make sure that this development is good for them. they'll be working with our real estate team to come to an agreement on property acquisition and will be helping them relocate to new areas. >> for him, there is no price to be put on land that was both his past and his future as he was planning to get married on the very sight he built to serve other local couples overlooking the land he has always called home. in johnston county, caitlin knute, abc 11. heather: construction is not scheduled to begin until 2018. his wedding and other weddings booked before then can go on as planned.
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other groups that have performed at the farm by clicking on this story on [indiscernible] . -- joel: a live look at the raleigh skyline on your sunday evening. looking good after those snow showers that we saw early and the cold air that has blown in. now 35. even colder there had this week.
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tt2w`t3n`&d! bt@q:1d tt2w`t3n`&d! "a@q*= tt2w`t3n`&d! bm@q!6, tt4w`t3n`&d!" dztq #', tt4w`t3n`&d!" entq s#l tt4w`t3n`&d!" gzt& j$4 tt4w`t3n`&d!" hnt& z*x tt4w`t3n`&d!" iztq 0c tt4w`t3n`&d!" jntq "3@ tt4w`t3n`&d!" lzt& :^< heather: -- joel: saturday was spring, 61 degrees. today i see snow showers out of my window. steve: you wake up and see all of that -- liz: welcome to enter in the carolinas. mother nature knows that she is doing now because it is going to get cold around here really feeling like the bitter cold of winter. let's take you right now to the temperatures that are -- 37. winds are pretty light from the west around two miles per hour. that will all change tomorrow. dry cold front moving through tonight and that will help these temperatures continue to drop pretty rapidly over the next year hours. 34, oxford. freezing, roxboro. 35, chapel hill. upper 30's, smithfield. all of us will likely be in the 20's as we head towards unrest route. clouds are clearing, earlier this morning, snow showers. also rain showers especially for the southeastern zones.
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a break here in some of the weather and cloud cover. no major watches and warnings right now, that is good news. yesterday we did have a winter weather advisory for the mountain areas and you'll see most of the rain and some of the snow starting to push off toward the east. more lake-effect snow and also a system pushing through the ohio valley. good news, that will not impact is that all. we will be dealing with cooling temperatures certainly overnight. we are also not done with any major delays right now at any of the airport hubs. that is also good if you're heading out on a flight overnight. as the skies clear, analyzer temperatures to fall quite quickly and a lot cooler than it would be if we were cloudy. we'll be 23 and roxboro. 26, raleigh. between nine, fayetteville. if you think this is called, you're really going to hit what happens monday night into tuesday when temperatures will drop down to the teens. it'll make this almost feel warm. in the morning, grab a heavy coat. i know many of you may have the
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there he chilly conditions, only 30 degrees by noon. sunshine will be bright animals early will surly be nice, but look at these high temperatures. 35, raleigh, 34, durham and lower 40's for fayetteville and clinton. that should tell you something, we are way below the normal high of 51. also, notice this, northwest winds between 10-20 miles per hour. we get conditions that are that breezy, it actually makes it that will be an issue is ago monday night into tuesday. there the arctic cold front that comes on through bringing us the arctic express of air as we go through monday. tuesday, the high-pressure core which is a very cold high-pressure court will bring those winds down from the northwest continuing to chill us . highs will only be in the 30's both on monday and on tuesday. will finally start to warm up just a bit. we have to show you how dangerous some of these wind chill's candy because they will feel like a single digit for at
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once again, the windchill is the temperature it feels to your body when you factor in the temperature and the winds. it actually makes it feel colder to you and can really be a very dangerous thing. please make sure if you're heading out in tuesday to bundle up. lots of layers. it will still select 12. there he chilly in fayetteville. we will stay dry for a while. next shot of precipitation will likely be on wednesday night if we see any. a system will likely break down as it passes through the north carolina mountains, but we could get a few tiny little stray showers either light snow showers or light wind showers is ago through wednesday night. there should not be measurable, nothing to worry about. friday, however, a more substantial system coming through. you'll notice the chill in green. well he could see thursday night into friday could be a bit of a wintry mix. click mostly rain on friday. temperatures start to climb. a little too early to anticipate at least right now.
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to come. it does look like it will be a very cold week. we should actually reach the 40's again by wednesday. we do have a number of systems that will most are here that could actually bring us if you are flurries, something i know many people enjoy seeing especially when it is not a nuisance on the road. one more quick thing, if you are in puddles overnight, we do have temperatures dropping down to the 20's, we could see a few tiny spots of black ice in the morning. not a widespread problem, but something fairly to consider. joel: we are still in the afterglow of the panthers big win today. mark armstrong is still there in charlotte. mark: i am not a young man anymore. 43 years old and the old ticker does not need to -- need to stress the panthers are bringing me.
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>> now, abc 11 eyewitness news sports, sponsored by a local toyota dealers. >> welcome back everybody. mark: inside a now quiet bank of america stadium. this place is percolating earlier. the panthers, 31, the seahawks, 24. what a game it was. a game of two has. let's read the highlights. canyon and the panthers posting seattle. they have proven they could beat the seahawks earlier in the
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jonathan stewart, first offense of play for the panthers goes 59 yards, went over 100 yards for the game, first time in forever that the seahawks defense had allowed that. it would only get better for the seahawks in that first half. luke kuechly takes a televised russell wilson pass back to the house for seven more points. it was 14-0. trey boston, the former tar heel , exercising all of those russell wilson seasons with a sack of his own. near the end of the second quarter, how about cam newton with an absolute laser to greg olsen and the lead was an absolute lead, unfathomable, 31-0. the second half, things get awfully tense. russell wilson doing russell wilson things. this is basically a replay of the elementary two points several years back. in this case, it is germane for a touchdown. 31, 20 four, seahawks with the onside kick.
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hero and recovered it and the game is over from that point on. the panthers moving on to the nfc title game. i talked to josh norman on the field immediately afterwards. >> you guys always make it interesting. that finished. awesome. loud and entertaining. [indiscernible] >> was there any point you felt it was getting away from you? >> we just have to be resilience. >> that first half. can it get any better than that? >> i don't think so. we have to just keep pushing in the second half. we have to keep -- those guys came out fighting. i love playing against those guys. >> nfc title game in charlotte now. >> go crazy. mark: you can bet that this
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as the arizona cardinals come to town. the winner of that game is heading off to santa clara for super bowl 50. unbelievable stuff, we were in the panthers locker room. luke kuechly among many panthers and their exhaling loudly after this one. >> it teaches us that you need to lock in the whole game. it does not matter what the score is. good teams are able to stick around. that is what seattle did today. we have learned from that earlier in the year. we have learned from previous years. at one point, [indiscernible] you have to find ways to get your groove going. >> we love this. this is amazing football. we would not want it any other way.
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mark: tickets on sale starting welcome to "world news tonight." developing right now, out of iran. those american prisoners taking the first steps to freedom. the plane touching down in switzerland.
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journalist, on their way home to
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