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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 AM  ABC  January 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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woman who stopped to help switch to centurylink prism tv, and get the same great channels cable gives you, without having to deal with cable. yes and? and...there's whole home dvr. plus tons of on demand options so you can watch whatever, whenever. yes and? why do you guys keep saying that? it's the first rule of improv. by saying "yes and," we accept the reality created by our comedy partners, paul. yes, right, i know. do you? feel like a hollywood insider with prism tv from centurylink. amber: local families in mourning after two teenagers are
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hit-and-run driver. barbara: remembering his legacy, elements events honoring dr. martin luther king jr. amber: the colder air is here to stay this week. what you need to know before heading out. good morning and welcome on monday, martin luther king jr. day, january 18, 6:01 and 28 chilly degrees. i'm amber rupinta for john clark. barbara: i'm barbara gibbs. it is time for weather and traffic together. don, good morning. don: good morning to you. we start with a look at the day ahead. it will be chilly around here all day. a look at the hour-by-hour forecast and by lunchtime 32 degrees. we will stay in the low to mid 30's. many places in the 20's. 28 south hill and oxford. 28 roxboro. 26 sanford, 28 southern pines, fayetteville 29 degrees.
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and lunchtime 32 and knew the afternoon still sunny temperatures only in the mid 30's today. tomorrow morning will be colder. we will talk about that and we warm up a little bit in the seven-day. now we talk traffic. amber: we are looking at i-440 and paofrl -- poole road. there's an accident in raleigh martin luther king jr. boulevard. other than that it is a holiday so volume is light around the viewing area. keep your eyes peeled. any wet spots from yesterday cover frozen although we have not heard of any major problems. barbara: this morning two harnett county families mourn the loss of two teenagers killed by a skwreurpbt driver. amber: an s.u.v. hit them walking along highway 421 near mcneil mill road saturday. a third teen was hurt. barbara: the three teens were on the way home from buying snacks at nearby gas station.
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there and the next she was not. reporter: the car slammed into her sister. >> i was running up the road and she was on ground and the truck just sped off. they didn't stop. reporter: jennifer was only 13 years old, a middle school student. >> how can this person have done had to my child, to all of them. reporter: kyle strait was killed also. he was in high school. >> my trend kyle was a really good person. he was funny and he was outgoing and neither of them deserved this. reporter: the school district is bringing in grief counselors to each of the strip's respective schools. highway patrol is working to get a vehicle description of the car that took off. there are surveillance cameras at businesses and today investigators reviewed them. now all this mom and daughter can hope for is justice.
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person that did this. barbara: a go fund me page has been set up to help with expenses. we have information on how can help on amber: it was a cold night for fayetteville residents who lost power overnight. about midnight a car accident on shaw mill road knocked out power in that areas. crews worked to get it restored to all the residents there. today there are a number of local celebrations to remember dr. martin luther king jr. objective his holiday. barbara: the doors will open for the triangle interfaith prayer breakfast in r.t.p. that is where gloria rodriguez is with the details. people showing up already. gloria: many are showing up already. this doesn't start until 7:15 but you can see it is starting to fill up here. i'm told they are expecting more than 2,000 people. they have an overflow room because they are expecting such a large turnout. he will tell but this break as
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it has been a tradition more than two decades. reverend mark anthony middleton will be the keynote speaker. he is the pastor of abundant hope christian church in don't recall. there -- in durham. there are many events. drawing 1,000 last year the m.l.k. march is 11:00 a.m. in raleigh beginning at the state capitol continuing past the raleigh "eyewitness news" studio on favorite street. that 11:00 a.m. abc11 is sponsoring the m.l.k. musical celebration at duke energy center for performing arts in downtown raleigh. that enstarts at 5:30 and john clark will be the emcee. the concert will feature choirs and dance performances. there is also going to be one of the largest events in fayetteville that is prayer breakfast starts at 7:30 at the
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this breakfast here at research triangle park is 7:15 in the morning. it goes on until 11:00 this morning and they have a whole menu of events planned and we will stay out here and bring you the latest on this event. live in research triangle park gloria: tkphror,. barbara: three people in chapel hill are being remembered. the race will benefit the deah barakat and yusor abu-salha memorial fund at u.n.c. chapel hill. they with another a sophomore at n.c. state were shot to death in february. registration for the 5-k is 7:00 this morning at the old well an race is at 7:30. the university plans to make this community project an annual event. amber: a private rocket launch goes up without a hitch. barbara: but the mission was a failure. amber: what happened when the
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platform in the pacific ocean. barbara: some woke up to a surprise snowfall yesterday morning. we have some video of it in case you missed it. don, good morning. stphrao we won't see any today or tomorrow but we have snowflakes in the seven-day forecast. we have that in a bit. as we go to break we have the
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don: let's talk about the commute. it will be a lot of blue skies. you will need the sunglasses and big hats, gloves and coat. by 10:00 just in the 20's. currently 28 henderson, 32 louisburg and roanoke rapids. 26 roxboro. 30 hillsborough, 28 saoeurblts. 33 pinehurst, 25 sanford, 29 cary. 33 lillington and 25 fayetteville and 28 in goldsboro. mainly clear and 30 now. by lunchtime up to 32.
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late day the 30's will be around. mid 30's with nothing but sunshine. tomorrow even colder as you wake up. we will talk about that in the complete forecast in a bit. amber: in florida residents are cleaning up from two tornadoes that struck early yesterday morning. a couple was killed and their son and four grandchildren injured when one twister destroyed their mobile home in the florida keys. there is major storm damage in sarasota county. and how about the snow. it didn't stick arpbdound long with much of it melting but it was a pretty sight if you were awake to see it in durham. it was a good clip at times. this is interstate 80 and these folks walking out of this gas station in mebane found themselves in the middle of the snow. even though there was no real concern about slick roads. barbara: the latest attempt to land a rocket on a platform is in a flop.
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spacex matched the rocket that put a satellite in space but then it attempted the secondary goal to land upright on the platform in the pacific. they didn't elaborate on what went wrong but it tweeted that the rocket hit the platform too
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that was fourth such stick out his leg and the ref goes down. amber: seriously. today the ribbon cut on apbn an animal shelter. they completed the extreme makeover of the franklin county shelter. they created a huge dog play area, walking trails and will hold animal care classes for children to get them to adopt pets. it is at 4:00 and animal shelter is 35 11 t-kemp road in louisburg. barbara: a local nurse called a guardian angel. amber: she meets the man she helped save after a terrible crash. barbara: the search for a
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in the tennessee wilderness.
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back, 6:15 is the time and it is cold outside, 28 so bundle up. this is what is making head lines. national weather service asking drivers to watch for patches of black ice. yesterday's rain combined with the freeze could leave some isolated slick spots on bridges and overpasses particularly. two teenagers killed and another injured in a hit-and-run in heart harnett. they were struck while washing on u.s. 421. the highway patrol is working to identify the driver. the carolina panthers are one win from the super bowl. charlotte will host the first ever n.f.c. championship game sunday. officials are expected to meet today to discuss the logistics. barbara: the story of the guardian angel nurse a wake county mom says saved her son's life. luke was in the middle of the road when she rushed to his aid after a motorcycle crash in
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the family never got to say thank you until yesterday. >> the words of a nurse who was doing her job. >> i likened him to my son. reporter: it has been two months since vicky came upon this motorcycle accident rushing to give c.p.r. to a stranger struggling to survive. >> good can do anything. reporter: that guardian angel meets his family for the first time. >> oh! reporter: stephanie has been waiting for the reunion since she learned somebody on the scene that november day likely saved her son's life. >> do you remember mom telling you that vicky hemmed you when you had your accident? she is your angel. vicky is your angel. reporter: luke suffered broken
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lung and brain injury. >> i still have the picture of hill lying in the street and everybody just standing around not doing anything. reporter: today a moment of clarity that brought him to tears as he handed over a bouquet of roeptzsses who came to his aid. a single pink one in the pheuldmiddle for the baby girl born this week. >> thank you. >> with what you had to go through he is the trooper. he is the strong within. reporter: she urges others to learn the skill that helped luke. >> go to the red cross and get certified in c.p.r. it saves lives. you are a bright spark. you are going to do better. keep your thumbs up, luke. well.
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a 2-year-old on a hike with his grandmother and sister. the grandmother was paying attention to the four yield for a minute and she turned around the little boy was nowhere to be seen. law enforcement and thousands of volunteers are searching for him. authorities are still hopeful they will find the boy. barbara: betty white turned 94 years old sunday. she's worked in show business since the 1940's but she may be best known for the role as rose on the golden girls. she was recognized in the guinness world records 2014 for having the longest tv career for a female entertainer. she shows no sign of slowing down saying retirement is not in my vocabulary. amber: a lot of people hope she never retires. don: what could be interesting to see the people she worked w. we saw from the golden girls, mary tyler more and on love boat
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of actors whose lives she touched. amber: i read her book. if you ask my opinion -- and you won't -- it was funny. don: we have cold air moving in and dry weather. a look at precipitation the next several days, nothing today or tomorrow. not wednesday either. thursday 50-shot of seeing snow starting as snow and changing to rain. friday that is 60% all rain. looking into raleigh and the lens had frost on it. may have to scrape the windshield. right now 30, dew point 20, 66% humidity. west wind at six. fayetteville, the all-american city at 31 with west wind five and clear picture this morning. numbers from across the area, 26 roxboro now, that is the coldest spot on the map is sanford at 25. 30 chapel hill. 28 southern potential. 28 clinton and goldsboro. 30 roanoke rapids and wilson.
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us throughout the day with the cold air going south and snow west tennessee, northern mississippi and arkansas. that the cold air pouring into the south. arnold here clear through the -- around here clear through the midweek and 5:00 we are clear on the first alert predictor forecast model. tomorrow still clear for tuesday. wednesday some clouds build into the region and i think they could brings snowflakes by thursday. today the arctic express giving us cold air and around until tomorrow. tomorrow morning temperatures colder. today 35 in raleigh and cary, 34 wake forest and wendell, 35 holly springs and garner. we go north you will see temperatures in the 30's from roxboro to henderson. 35 durham, 37 rocky mount. south and west into the sand hills siler city 35. 36 lillington. tonight back into the teens for
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durham. wind chills could go single first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather showing temperatures tomorrow back into the mid 30's. 34 degrees, lots of sunshine and some folks again tomorrow not getting above freezing. clouds build in. we will see a chance of what looks like starts as snow thursday night and temperatures get down around freezing. we will change to all rain friday and heavy rain shower activity works through. that would make eight out of the showers. we go to new york city to see what is going on with rob marchians know -- marciano. rob: we have the weather and cold air blast that is infiltrating much of the east. we have the win chills minus 24 in chicago, minus 30 minneapolis. that could be toward the east coast by tomorrow. a new allegation rocking the
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australian open under way this morning and there are reports that some players face serious allegations and accusations of fixes matches. that is in a new report. g.m.a. investigates could your winter gloves be making you sick? you won't be the germs lurking on them and in them. how to keep them clean now that the temperatures are plunging. they can carry a lot of nasty stuff. we will talk about that on g.m.a. don: i don't want to think about it, rob. amber: money is the other really dirty thing. yes. there is no traffic today on the holiday. it is pretty quiet on the roads but keep your eyes peeled for any wet stuff from yesterday. we have not heard issues but watch for it.
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waiting for the next generation apple watch. amber: coming up why up have to wait to get one on your wrist.
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why it could be hard to amber: we are talking about the panthers preparing to host their first ever n.f.c. championship game. if you were hoping together
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night in less than three minutes. the tickets ranged from $123 to $260 a seat and they will be much more on other sites. barbara: people waiting for the apple watch 2 will have to wait longer. amber: here is reena ninan and kendis gibson with our tech news. >> in "tech bytes" a delay for the next generation apple watch. >> it was likely heading for a march unveiling but a error report claims they pushed it back. no comment from apple. >> this is amazon echo the wireless speaker and voice command that controls smart devices around the homeed a can read to you. >> having it read to you is tree but sounds a bit robotic. google is retaining the most high tech robot to help around the house. his name is ian and he's 6'2", 330 pounds and walks on two legs. >> he has competed in the u.s. military's robot olympics but is
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rearranging furniture, sweeping and vacuuming. work on cooking next. >> and laundry. >> you can come to my housement those are your "tech bytes".." barbara: it is 6:27 and 28 degrees. remembering the man and his work. amber: a look at the events happening around the triangle today honoring the late martin luther king jr.
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barbara: arctic air settling over the area. if you have not been outside yet you are in for a surprise. cold temperatures haven't arrived yet. >> she was on the ground and the truck just sped off. they didn't stop. amber: the search continues for the driver who hit three teenagers in harnett county and kept going. barbara: remembering his legacy how the triangle honors martin luther king jr. welcome on martin luther king day, monday january 18. 28 degrees and 6:31. amber: good morning. i'm amber rupinta. john clark has the holiday off. we will get to the headlines in a moment but first we turn to weather and traffic with don schwenneker. it is cold this morning. don: it is. be ready for it.
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looking at the next 12 hours we are in the 20's through 10:00. by lunchtime aware 32 and -- we are 32 and go low to mid 30's this afternoon. it will be a pretty day but just cold. 28 south hill and louisburg right now. 28 roxboro. 30 chapel hill and wilson. 28 smithfield, southern pines. 28 fayetteville. 30 lumberton. looking at the day ahead right now 30. by lunchtime 32 and through the midday mid 30's with sunny skies. the sunshine will give way to colder temperatures tonight and we will talk about that and seven-day forecast. a chance of snow. we will tell you when that is. now we talk traffic with amber rupinta. amber: we have an issue right now. this is 40 eastbound the ramp to 440 there's an accident off the side of the ramp some flashing lights and police arriving. but that is 440. watch for that. to the mapping system on this holiday pretty light but there
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martin luther king jr. boulevard. that may still be there at blount street and report of an accident in the 7900 block of old wake forest road. we will keep you posted on that. watcher the possibility of slick spots. any left over precipitation from yesterday would have frozen. barbara: we begin with with breaking news, several americans missing in iraq. the embassy there confirms three were kidnapped in beg. the three have not been identified nor has the embassy said what they were doing there. iraqi media reports they were missing in south baghdad on the way to baghdad international airport. the embassy says it is working with iraqi authorities to locate them. today the search continues for 12 marines missing after two helicopters crashed off the hawaii coast last week. the coast guard has no plans to call off or suspend the massive effort. a high surf has hampered them. rescuers from various agencies have been searching since the
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by a civilian who saw the aircraft flying and disappear in a fireball. amber: the highway patrol is searching for driver who hit they teens walking along the side of road killing two. an s.u.v. hit them along highway 421 in harnett county near macneil mill road. a third was critically hurt. family members say they had gone to a gas station to grab drinks and snacks and were on the way home when hit. jessica schark says the car came out of nowhere slamming into her sister. >> was running up the road and she was on the ground and the truck just sped off. they didn't stop. amber: the victims are 13-year-old jennifer schark, a middle school student and 16-year-old camekyle strait. the school is bringing in grief counselors to the schools. barbara: with a cold night for
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about midnight a car crashed on shaw mill road and knocked out power. restored. >> there are a number of local celebrations and commemorations to remember dr. martin luther holiday. barbara: the doors will open soon for the triangle interfaith breakfast. actually they hoped a while back and a lot of folks there. gloria rodriguez is with them. gloria: good morning to you. today's breakfast starts at 7:15 but the room is already full and folks already enjoying their breakfast. they expect about 2,000 people to attend this breakfast. they have an overflow room because they expect such a large turnout. >> let's celebrate today. >> mark anthony middleton will be the key note speaker today of the triangle interfaith prayer breakfast. it has been a tradition for more
6:32 am
always drawing a large crowd, more than 1,000 are expected to attend this year. middleton is known for activism in the community. he is the founder and pastor of abundant hope christian church in durham. the annual m.l.k. march is today in raleigh beginning at state capitol at 11:00. it will continue past the raleigh eye"eyewitness news" studio. it drew about 1,000 last year. and abc11 is sponsoring the m.l.k. musical celebration at duke energy center for performing arts in joined raleigh. our very own john clark will be the emcee. the concert features choirs an dance performances -- and dance performances. one of the largest events in the state is going on in fayetteville. the prayer breakfast at 7:30 at crown expo center.
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this morning but a lot of people already here so if are coming to the event you may want to get here early. live in research triangle park gloria rodriguez, abc 11 eyewitness news. amber: always very popular. barbara: the panthers are within win away trfrom a super bowl. amber: they scored two touchdowns in the opening minutes of the game and took a 31-0 lead into the halftime but then it was all seahawks. their offense was shut down the second half but time ran out for seattle as the panthers won 31-24. mark armstrong will have reaction later in this half hour. barbara: it is 28 degrees and 6:37. democratic drinking water crisis in michigan has jesse jackson calling flint a crime scene.
6:34 am
light but we have an accident here 40 eastbound at the ramp for 440 e. we will check the roads in a minute. john is tracking the cold. don: we are seeing temperatures around 30 in many locations but it is nothing compared to tomorrow. tomorrow we could see
6:35 am
co don: let's look out the window. you will see lots of blue skies and it will be cold. right now 30. by lunchtime only freezing. current temperatures, 20's, 28 henderson, 26 roxboro. 28 siler city. 30 hillsborough. 30 rocky mount. 28 cary. 25 sanford, 33 lillington. 29 fayetteville and 28 in goldsboro.
6:36 am
through the late day 34 degrees. cold temps. then it is colder after today. we will talk about that and warm up by the end of the week. seven-day forecast in a bit. amber: break out the layers. two weeks from today iowa residents will gather for the
6:37 am
night the democratic candidates martin o'malley tried to get his views heard. barbara: jesse jackson says tape exposing the residents to toxic levels of lead. a sky diving adventure turns deadly. amber: what investigators are looking for as they try more than seven minutes while an emergency call went unanswered. amber: the cardiac cats live top
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amber: welcome back. 28. barbara: we are followingeaking news. more on g.m.a. amber: investigators from the f.a.a. are joining the probe
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they are looking into whether his parachute opened properly. made two successful jumps saturday before a hard landing. he had more than 1,800 skwrufrpls. he would even fly tandem with inexperienced sky divers. barbara: a 911 operator is answering sheriff she had she was disciplined. amber: it must have felt like a long time because in an emergency seconds feel long. barbara: it is official. the road to super bowl 50 goes through charlotte.
6:41 am
panthers won in the divisional playoff round officials started looking at the logistics of hosting another round. carolina made it looks easy being up 31-0. but the seahawks showed that the game is not over until time runs out. mark: i would guess the heart rates are returning to normal levels. what an afternoon here at breaker stadium as the panthers jumped all over the seahawks for one half and then almost gave it all back. here are the highlights. luke keuchly taking this gift from russell wilson and it was 14-0. it got better. cam the dart it greg olsen to make it 31-0. nobody could believe it but you knew russell wilson had something in the tank.
6:42 am
years ago to jermaine kearse. 31- 31-24. thomas davis to the rescue. he went and got it and the panthers are moving on. >> football ever feel sweeter in your hands? >> not at all. great team victory and was good knowing this our coaches trust me enough to put me in the situation. >> you have a lot of different things and at the end of the day nothing compares to the support and when you score, when the defense is out there and screaming and fans are giving us got. and it pays off. mark: with the cardinals next sunday the winner is off to the super bowl. barbara: mark, thank you. we will stay with the panthers next sunday following joe mazur on twitter and get
6:43 am
off the field and then watch "eyewitness news" sunday at 6:00, 10:00 and 11:00 and stay close to the abc11 app because we've player interviews after the game. going to be an amazing game. barbara: it is cold. chilly. don: tomorrow morning you will say it is chilly. it is cold today but tomorrow could be 10 to 15 degrees cold are. some kids are off tomorrow because of teacher work days. they get to sleep in. amber: mine don't. bundle them up. don: right now as you head out we will look at the next 24. today 35. by tomorrow 16 and wind chills will be single digits. tomorrow afternoon highs only in the mid 30's. from across the region right now live look into joined raleigh and we can't see because the lens has frost on it. if you left the car outside last night you may have to scrape. 30 right now, dew point 20, that
6:44 am
west wind six miles an hour. a little bit of light in the sky showing up at r.d.u. not a ton. but sunrise a little earlier and days getting longer. 31 right now, north wind seven miles an hour. from across the region 26 roxboro, 30 chapel hill sanford and 27 smithfield. 29 fayetteville and 30 wilson. clear skies up above and they will be with us. but we are in cold canadian arctic air and that keeps us from warming up even with the sunshine. satellite and radar composite you so snow showers in tennessee and north alabama with snow this morning as the cold air presses south. we will be in the cold air all day. by lunchtime lots of sunshine and by 5:00 we will clear with t the clear skies tonight. tomorrow by 5:00 clear and lots of sunshine. 20's and 30's. by wednesday we see the clouds
6:45 am
counties. we will just have a few more clouds wednesday. thursday night we could see snow showers about of it changes to all rain on friday. we see the arctic cold dropping through and next 24 hours the high builds across us pulling the air in from canada. the rest of today temperatures mid 30's. sunny, colder. 35 cary, 34 wake forest, 35 durham. 32 roxboro. 36 in louisburg. 33 henderson. sand hills you should be around 40 at fayetteville. 3 siler city. -- 35 siler city. tonight into the teens. we could see wind chills in the single digits. 13 roxboro, 15 the overnight low in durham. 16 raleigh and 19 in fayetteville fayetteville. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather, tomorrow 34, very cold. wednesday 39, sunny, chilly.
6:46 am
mixing thursday night into friday before it turns to an all rain event. friday that rain washes away any snow and sunday 48 degrees. "big weather" pique -- piquec of the day. this is a cardinal sitting in t the tree with snowflakes. with the first alert abc11 weather app you can upload pictures and don't have to go to the website. on the first alert weather app you can share. thank you to the folks who sent those in. barbara: great shot. amber: it is a holiday and martin luther king jr. day and a lot of people off but there are people heading out to events or going to volunteer to day of service. if you are doing so we are in good shape with the roads. 40 and harrison light volume and it is clear this morning but if there was any precipitation from yesterday watch for a slick spot
6:47 am
we have tphotnot heard about problems. one accident old wake forest road in both directions the earlier issue 40 at 440 is cleared. barbara: 6:25 and 28 degrees. amber: some of the big stories you will be hearing about chug the search for a hit-and-run driver who hit a group of teens
6:48 am
barbara: cha amber: it is 6:55 and time for the morning rush. barbara: these are the stories you will be following. authorities continue to search for a hit-and-run driver who killed two teenagers in harnett county. they were walking home saturday night when they were hit. anyone with information is asked to call the highway patrol. amber: no word on when three of the four americans released by iran in a prisoner swap will return to the united states. officials say they are under undergoing evaluation in germcontrol. it was the final debate before the iowa caucus. amber: a big crowd gathering in durhamor the martin luther king jr. triangle interfaith prayer breakfast.
6:49 am
it just a few minutes from beginning. it has been a tradition of more than two decades always a large crowd and more than 2,000 expected to attend this year and john clark i believe is emceeing that. barbara: he is doing another event later tonight but the road to the super bowl goes through charlotte this morning. officials preparing to host the first n.f.c. championship after the panthers beat the seahawks 31-24. signatures to the game sunday against arizona sold out in three minutes. john clark has done that breakfast. amber: he is always very active on this day that is why he is off. don: the rest of today is a cold martin luther king jr. day. it will not change that much. blue skies and colder day. by 9:00 we could drop a couple degrees to 28. amber: due to the holiday the volume is thinner. 48 and u.s. 70 not as much brake tapping. watch for slick spots from yesterday.
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is next. amber: for all of us here we
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for another good morning, america. the final showdown. last time before the first votes are cast. >> i'm going to defend president obama. >> hillary clinton and bernie
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>> he voted against the brady
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