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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  January 18, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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in order to honor the dedication that dr. king modeled. it brings a message of hope and ways we can be involved. >> in the name of jesus christ, my lord and savior. gloria color -- gloria: prayer continue dr. king's legacy. right here i am holding one of marchers were holding.
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rodriguez. barbara: thank you. barbara: information on the menu in fayetteville. this is the event that highlighted dr. king's legacy. and masses, presented the award to the volunteer fire department. a party with a purpose in during this morning. this was the scene at the northgate mall. the area was turned into a festival in honor of dr. martin luther king. they talk to kids about justice, service, and the ability of
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he's getting ready to take the stage. barbara: martin luther king jr. rocky mount. -- in rocky mount. the events continue throughout the day. at 5:30 there is the annual musical celebration. abc 11 is a proud sponsor of the concert and are very own john clark will be there. amber: a road closure barbara: thanks to a massive hole. barbara:they spotted this hazard
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ly -- lystera lane. reporter: fortunately only two drivers hit that whole there is nothing fortunate about the big opening. the truck and volkswagen were both lee damaged. -- were both damaged. there are so many roads that cross jordan lake. that is a huge concern today because of the holiday. firefighters who were on the scene say it could mean an extra 10 miles for some.
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the rain that is now eroding. that likely means that the force order of business -- first order of business will be to unlock the colbert. -- colbert -- culvert. i have reached out to dot officials that they are trying to find out exactly the answer to those questions. how much repair it will take. how long it will take. i can imagine they will have to clear an entire section of this roadway to see how bad it is. hopefully, we will know later in the day of how long the closure will last. barbara: in durham, police are on the hot for a driver who hit
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the unidentified man was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. and the search continues for a driver who hit three teenagers and two were killed. don:amber: an suv killed two condition. they were on the way home when they were hit. jessica shark says the car came out of nowhere, slamming into her sister out of nowhere. >> the truck just sped off. it did not stop. amber: the victims are jennifer shark and kyle trait.
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the box. the president made a move that will remove the question from federal applications. asheville city leaders say the goal is to remove the question from the applications by the end of the month. here in the triangle, it is a gorgeous looking day. amber: you can see beautiful skies. you can't see the temperature. a got off to a cool start this morning. temperatures will be colder tomorrow. looks right now it is 34. reporter: we are actually seeing 20's right now. we're going to see the cool
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look at the temperatures across the region. 32 in chapel hill. 28 and roxboro. -- and roxboro -- in roxboro. we are seeing wind chill's down in the teens. 26 in chapel hill. in fayetteville, temperatures in the 40's. we look at your day ahead. hours, you can see temperatures really following. -- following -- falling. when chills tonight down into the single digits. tomorrow we have a chance of snowflakes in the seven a forecast. amber: the weather is cold, but the states pro football team
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barbara: amber: welcome back. a live look at fayetteville. it is sunny, but it is cold. temperature. coming up with the forecast.
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heading to the super bowl. they got off to a fast start yesterday, scoring two touchdowns. they took 831-zero lead. -- a 31-0 lead. mark armstrong will have lie
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barbara: with issue seriously and the integrity unit always follows up. amber: a children's book aimed at george washington gets pulled.
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also, the exact moment angamber: in charlson, talent -- dr. alina -- south carolina. we have the highlights from last night. reporter: the presidential candidates are out in full force. spreading across iowa and new hampshire today. ted cruz says if he is president
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>> if he doesn't, he is fired. reporter: donald trump has not been holding back on his thoughts about ted cruz. it is not the first and second spot that matter. >> we are going to help a chance to choose from. reporter: republicans versus republicans and democrats versus them a credit for it's final debate, sharp barbs were change between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. from goldman sachs. >> guns go into national parks, to bigger out how we can save lives. reporter: in the same room, the former president offered a
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performance. >> she the best dealer i have ever known. reporter: most experts saying bernie sanders came out ahead. barbara: her ex-boyfriend had a weapon as was looking to kill an officer. amber: in iraq, three americans have been kidnapped in baghdad.
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been identified it. media reports that they would missing on their way to baghdad international airport. barbara: scholastic is stopping the distribution of a children's it is called a birthday cake for george washington. it received quick backlash as the president slave looked happy. it gave a false impression of the reality of slaves. amber: a private spacex company launch an unmanned rocket. things went downhill when it attempted to land. spacex did not elaborate on what
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it's we did that the rocket hit the landing too hard and broke. barbara: it is pretty outside from in here. and then you go outside, while it is cold. don: we have three different people that came in through the door and each one went woo. the windchill could make things go down to the single digits. looking at the doppler radar, dry across the carolinas. look what is happening as far as the next 24 hours. today, we go to 35 degrees. it will be clear and cold. 16 with the windchill. degrees. a downtown look in raleigh.
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northwest when seven miles per hour. a live look in our view. windchill pushing things down into the lower 20's. a live look at the noon hour into durham. fayetteville has blue skies. 40 degrees. humidity running at 37% and winds out of the northwest at 10 miles per hour. we take a look at what is happening as farce temperatures 32 in chapel hill. 28 and roxboro. 37 -- 28 and roxboro -- in the roxboro. really not much of a change
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big lake effect going on in new york, pennsylvania, back into ohio, and eastern suburbs of cleveland. all this will stay to the north. midweek. by 5:00 tomorrow, showing nothing but clear skies. tomorrow afternoon, lots of sunshine and as we go into come. most of the shower activity will hold off until thursday and it could actually start as a few flurries. today, we are dry them a clear. even on into tomorrow, blue skies. most of the cool air sticking around tomorrow. the next six him -- system is midweek.
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normal then -- below normal this time of year. when shows good go single digits. the seven-day forecast hard by accuweather. tomorrow just a 34 of high. thursday,'s could start off with snow and rain mixing. else i could get warm enough on friday that it changes to an already never. saturday, clear. that is later this week. the rest of today, 35 and chili. barbara: looking ahead, at 4:00 we will have an update of how a community came together to help a local mom and her children. amber: they have been counting on you to raise money for a new
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diane wilson will have the emotional update. eating healthy does not have to cause you -- cost you extra money. we will show you how to shop. barbara: a popular ad is getting
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amber: plus, we will showamber: apple itunes radio service will no longer be free after january 28. they broke the news and a e-mail last week. -- in thing e-mail last week. the service features guest host, and select tunes by apple djs. the popular messaging service direction. subscription fees. if you have already paid the a refund. barbara: google is turning to a the house. his name is ian.
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military's robotic olympics. amber: movie fans decided to see something other than star wars. million. million. barbara: yoga and beer partnerships are becoming be thing. the teaching is traditional, but the classes are tracking -- attracting a new crowd. at the end, beer is served. amber: chipotle is trying to get you back in your good graces. barbara: plus, we will show you how the triangle and beyond is
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amber: what it is like >> of the only station with three newsrooms and downtown raleigh, -- amber: folks across the viewing area attending the martin luther king march through downtown. fayetteville. >> remember today is a day of service and let's recommit ourselves with prayer --
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the service six -- 36 annual was held in durham. carry on dr. king's legacy i working -- by working together. >> he dream that a diverse group across the triangle. it helps us to revisit his message of hope and recommit ourselves in ways that we can be involved. reporter: the theme of today's march is fierce urgency. that comes from dr. king speeches and really do message
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barbara: in chatham county, work is underway to fix a massive land hole. that whole is making the road and passable. an eyewitness tells us that his truck was damaged when he had the whole.
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released by a ron -- by iran.barbara: steve harvey is speaking out on camera about the
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let's move forward. let's be happy. barbara: that is rough. amber: it is a different world now. a price war breaks out. it is drivers who are the ultimate winners. barbara: check it -- check out the prices of gas. amber: the coast guard springs into action.
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barbara: here's a live lookbarbara: we are back. gas less than 50% -- $.50. prices amber: like that are not far-fetched. a dramatic rescue caught on camera.
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must-see news video. this is an awesome view of a fire rescue. their family and baby rescue. can see a woman handing her baby to the firemen. an avalanche that looks like lubbock coming out of a volcano. it was set as a security measure. and rescue measure on video. the crew rescues two people off the gulf of mexico. a whole and their vessel crack. -- a hole in their vessel cracked.
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he was not sure what to do. she kisses the new arrival. then checks herself out. you can see the must-see videos by going to abc 11 -- barbara: andrew report -- a new report on the wealth gap. amber: and trying to entice customers back. what chipotle is doing. barbara: a cold day on this monday. it is quite a pretty day, but it is cold. don: those blue skies, but it is chilly want to step out the door. colder tomorrow morning. we'll talk about that and your chance of rain, even if you
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[inaudible] amber: chipotle is hoping free burritos will help lure customers back. depaul essays -- to pull he says
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it exposed want the hundred thousand residents to lead. amber: the report finds that 62 people own half of the world's wealth.
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around 2500 participants for more than 100 countries, including 40 heads of states will attend the gathering into a to it. bill gates will also be there. a german economist founded the form in 1971 with the goal of making the world a better place. barbara: david bowling has the -- david bowie has the number one record on the charts. his death helping the album sell 174,000 copies. amber: don has some interesting things in his weather. don: a lot of cold weather. a little bit of warm weather. if you snowflakes and rain. it is all happening over the next seven days.
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you will going into the mid-30's, but falling into the 20's by 6:00. even the teens after midnight. take a live look into downtown raleigh. temperature running at 34 degrees. north west when seven miles per hour. raleigh -- from raleigh will go to durham. northwest wind at 15. bayville checks and at a few puffy clouds. what win at six miles per hour. we check around the state, atlantic beach 41. lots of sunshine. beautiful picture, blue skies. the temperature nasty. 15 degrees.
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32 and chapel hill -- and chapel hill -- you chapel hill-- in chapel hill. minneapolis five degrees below zero. the cold air is going to move off to the east. we stay cold into the night. we have not had that cold air up north. lake effects cranking up all kinds of snow in new york and cleveland and michigan. closer to home, we are not saying much. they could say that way. -- it could say that way -- stay
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tomorrow by 5:00 we are clear. then as we go through wednesday, we start seeing clouds. some snowflake possibilities thursday into friday. wind chill's today are going to stay in the teens and 20's. tonight, single digits. then tomorrow, the big high pressure system still here. you will start to see an area of low pressure. that will be sliding across the u.s.. for today, we stay dry. 32 and -- in henderson. your first alert seven-day
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wednesday the clouds move back in and we see 40. friday is a rain event, up to three quarters of an inch possible. saturday, cloudy skies, 43. sunday, 48. a few snowflakes possible saturday morning. today, skies stay clear but temperatures stay cold. barbara: the role to super bowl 50 goes third charlotte. -- the road to super bowl 50 goes through charlotte. officials are looking at the logistics for hosting another round of football. as mark armstrong shows us, the seahawks showed us the game is not over until the time runs
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mark: what an afternoon yesterday. the panthers jumped all over the seahawks for one half and then almost gave it all back. here are the highlights. just like that, it was 14-0. things got much better. 31-0. no one could believe this was happening. you knew russell wilson had something and the tank. it was 31-24. the panthers are moving on. >> deftly felt good.
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different places. nothing compares to when you everything they got. it pays off. mark: the cardinals come to bank of america stadium next week. the winner goes off to the super bowl. barbara: eyewitness is staying with the panthers as we head through the nfc championship. follow joe mazur on twitter. eyewitness news is sunday at 6:00, 10:00, 11:00.
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amber:barbara: we are monitoring a large sinkhole in chatham county. the hole filled with water on leister road near jordan lake. amber: developing now, the university of cincinnati reached a settlement with a family. he was a man who shooting death was captured on camera. the officer has been charged
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barbara: celebrating the life of dr. martin luther king jr. tonight is the annual musical celebration at the duke energy center. amber: remember you can say connected all day to developing stories by going to or by going to the abc mobile app right under phone or tablet. barbara: i am barbara gibbs, we will see you today starting at 4:00. amber: eyewitness news continues
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