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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 500 PM  ABC  January 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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we will take you through some of it power by our. mostly clear and cold by 7:00. already dropping down to 25 degrees. getting down to 20 by the time we hit midnight. clouds help to keep us nice and warm. as we go through the day tomorrow, things are not going to get much better. things will top out in the lower 30's and mid-30's for some. only 27 degrees expected. we are talking single digit wind chill for those in the northern counties. the cold temperatures hold on for a few more days. we'll finally see a warm-up. steve: now to breaking news in orange county. authorities on the scene where a man appears to have been shot
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the victim was found behind that white car you see right there in the parking lot. debbie's are not releasing his name or any information pending their investigation. anna: a car hit three teenagers while welcoming home from getting candy at the store. two of the teenagers died. now the research for the driver who serve -- you failed to stop. nicole: these kids were closed home and two were injured by this hit and run driver. the accident happened just pass this yellow intersection sign. where we are standing -- jennifer short died saturday night. jessica sharp, her 17 year old sister was with a -- with the group when a white truck came whizzing by.
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their backs were turned to traffic. as families try to comfort one another, this is what they want you to hear. >> anyone with it he said information you can remember about the vehicle or know about the vehicle, please help us find this person so they can be punished for their actions. it won't bring my daughter back, but maybe it will help another family. nicole: anyone with information is asked to call the highway patrol. steve: in chatham county, people need to plan a detour tomorrow. that sinkhole you see from chopper 11 hd is going.
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ed: the sinkhole was discovered early. unfortunately, by unsuspecting drivers. emergency workers on the scene say it is likely the result of a covert underneath it. since the water cannot pass through the covert, it tried to get around it, eroding the road bed. it is a popular shortcut for commuters. workers will return here tomorrow, not only to determine the us -- not only to assess the damage, but to repair it. steve: the 30th anniversary of the mlk federal holiday, dr. king would have turned 87 on friday. the fbi director laying a wreath
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memorial in washington today. reporter: right now, we are in the middle of fayetteville the state capital. many of these people started with a breakfast in durham. >> today is a day of service and let's recommit ourselves. reporter: with prayers and song, two thousand people remember the life and legacy of dr. martin luther king jr.. the 30th six annual interfaith breakfast -- the 36th annual interfaith breakfast happened in durham. you can hear them singing spirituals behind me. lome messages to create things
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-- the main message is to create things in your community now. anna: the legacy of martin luther king jr. celebrated threat the country today. civil rights leaders marched the state capital. today's celebration marks the first time since the state officially honored martin luther king. -- martin luther king without the confederate flag flying over the crowd. they are calling on the status and more money to help students in poor, more rural districts. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and martin o'malley to place in events there -- also participated in events that to place there. a rally called justice for marcus golden, who was shot and killed in 2015, a grand jury did
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and justice for demar clarke was shot in november. protesters are asking for the grand jury not to be convened but that a special prosecutor be called instead. steve: five americans detained for months, even years, he
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thethe nuclear deal actually paved happen. anna: controversy is brewing over plans for one of the newest neighborhoods -- one of the state for a new railroad. some of the homes would have to to make room for the project. jon: folks here in selma are still in shock. they got were thursday that all of this land is being taken over with eminent domain to make room for a new railyard. homes on the south side of the tracks will be taken.
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spared. but no one here things things will be the same. many families on these homes have been living on this land going back to the 1700 and 1800s. spared. it may be one of the original neighborhoods in the state. the project will create up to 300 temporary jobs, up to 1500 jobs in the long run, and save taxpayers some $20 million in highway maintenance costs. buffer folks here, the real cost will be in homes and history. steve: iraqi security forces are going house to house where three americans were reportedly missing over the weekend. the americans were kidnapped from their interpreter's home in a southern baghdad neighborhood. they were taken to another neighborhood in baghdad. anna: in ohio, i police officer was found dead with his gun missing overnight. officer thomas cattrall was gunned down behind the school
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a woman called saying police officers in danville were in danger because her ex-boyfriend had weapons and was looking to kill an officer. after a foot chase, he was arrested. he has an extensive crime record with multiple convictions. he even claims that he was illegally insane in one case. steve: the family of sin of the bose has now reached a $5.3 million -- samuel the bose has now reached a $5.3 million settlement. for her 12 children. he was shot and killed after being pulled over for not having a front license plate. with murder. anna: donald trump grabbed
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british officials debated a band on donald a bam -- a ban on donald trump. steve: in hawaii, it is day 4 in the search of 12 missing marines after helicopters crashed in midair. authorities say they have found life rafts from the helicopters. but a coast guard spokeswoman says some of those wraps were inflated and it is not clear how that happened. -- those rafts were inflated and it is not clear how that happened. anna: look at this incredible view. after launching a climate satellite into orbit, this attempt to land on a notion platform ended in a huge exposure in. according to spacex, one of the
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landing space. last month, spacex landed its falcon 9 rocket on land in florida. they had a lot of hopes for that want to stick the landing. steve: that is to ricky. you are trying to come down on a ship that is bobbing and weaving on the ocean. firefighters rescue a puppy from a frozen pond. anna: but it ended up biting one of the people trying to rescue him. and a helmet cam shows the rescued from a burning apartment. gloves keep us warm. but could they also make us sick/ we are going to make?
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check out this incredible video
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it captures a terrifying scene as the second-floor apartment was engulfed in flames. seven people were rescued from this fire coming putting a baby. you can see this heart stopping mama. this -- stopping moment. this woman opens a window and firefighter. down the ladder. firefighters -- investigators are still try to figure out what caused the fire. anna: tense moments as a firefighter crawled across a nice -- across an ice covered bond with a puppy in the frigid water. the german shepherd got out of the yard. the rescuer had to go into that water to save the dog. but the dog was upset and instead ended up biting him. the dog eventually crawled out on his own. the dog is ok and the owner thanked those who helped say that little dog. he will not want to go anywhere near outside his fence for a
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with temperatures plunging, you are looking for your winter
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steve:steve: so washer gloves. anna: or just air them out. that will do the trick. steve: liz is back with us. smart. liz: after seeing that, please wash them tonight. temperatures will not get all that warm. right now, we are still chilly. you can see a gorgeous sunset starting to take place here in fayetteville. it is going to get dangerously cold for some tonight. all of our zones are in the 20's and 30's.
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think it is we're not living up north. believe it or not, the sun is still up in many areas. 11 below is how it feels in chicago. overnight tonight, although we will have wind chill, we will drop and it will at least feel above zero. it is going to take place very quickly and we will feel that big arctic blast. you can see a system exiting out towards the coast. for tonight, if you are going to head out to the duke game, you will want to grab a heavy coat. dropping down to it one after the game. forecast later tonight, 14 and roxboro.
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still in the teens for lumberton in fayetteville. basically raleigh up to the north, you have a chance of feeling like 10 degrees or below in some spots. as you go out the door tomorrow, please grab a heavy coat. we are dropping down likely to 16 by 7:00 or 8:00. family game backup from there. by 10:00 in the morning, still only 22 degrees likely, still feeling like it will be in the teens at that point. tomorrow afternoon, we will be in the 30's here in raleigh. 37 in fayetteville. make -- it might be a few degrees cooler than the temperatures we saw today. certainly, this arctic chill is here to stay for a while. we still get the win from the northwest. that is part of the reason we will feel that cold. we will get a slight warm-up on wednesday but very slight.
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this upper pressure will blanket our mountains with snow wednesday and likely start to dissipate and kind of break apart as it comes through here wednesday night. we could see the chance for a few flurries on wednesday. we are not talking anything widespread and nothing that would really impact you. look at this, 9:30, 10:00. very light snow. nothing measurable. nothing that would cause problems. we are going to watch for the chance of some showers as we head into friday and saturday. while it certainly looks like it will likely be rain on friday, it does look like it could transition into something, at least a wintry mix at times as we go towards saturday. most of the models that we use here to determine the amount of snow are still disagreeing just a little bit on the amount and the timing. it certainly looks like we do at least have a chance for some snow showers friday night into saturday as well. your first alert seven-day forecast showing teens, very cold, tonight and tomorrow
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they we family get back up into the 20's. we finally warm up to almost 50 degrees on thursday. i think that will feel pretty good around here. i think we will be ready for it by that time. please remove her to bring in your pets. when you have wind chill's down to the single digits, that is something to think about. anna: i think i heard you say a four letter word in there about this weekend's weather. steve:s good news for drivers at the gas pump. we will tell you what coulde end the drop in prices. steve: we were below the 88th southern parallel. we had traveled for over 850 miles. my men driven nearly mad from starvation and frostbite. today we make history. >>bienvenidos!
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steve: thesteve: price of crude oil has now dropped below the nine dollars a barrel. that is the first time it has happened since 2003. investors are also bracing for iran's return to the global oil market with sanctions now lifted. the opec member can now begin
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it plans to beginsteve: the irs will begin excepting your tax returns tomorrow. tax officials in tax-preparation companies are beginning new security measures to break down on fraud. the irs also says an additional $390 million in funding means about 1000 new customer service representatives will be on duty. faster, taxpayers complained about waiting about 30 minutes on the phone to speak to an irs representative. i don't know about you, but for me, it will be three months, april 15. anna: pigs rescued just before
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steve: when the contractor to the money and did not return, the family turned to diane wilson for help.
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