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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 530 AM  ABC  January 19, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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coming up to break it down. john: a shooting under investigation in cary. what police say happened. barbara: security is being beefed up at a local elementary school. what happened that has people on edge. good morning, welcome on tuesday january 9, 9 degrees, too. 5:30. i'm barbara gibbs. john: i'm john clark. we will get to the headlines but first weather and traffic together and what about these frigid terms, don? don: it is cold this morning. don't be surprised to see temperatures below freezing most of the day. we will talk about that in a bit. let's talk about the next 12 hours. temperatures will gradually climb from the teens two the 20's. by 11:00 we are 27. below freezing at lunchtime and low 30's this afternoon and 5:00 to 6:00 back into the 20's. currently the numbers are 14 now louisburg. 15 oxford. 18 roxboro. 17 chapel hill. 14 sanford, 12 southern pines.
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21 clinton. looking at the day ahead, 19 now and mainly clear. by lunchtime 28 degrees under sunny skies and going home this afternoon 33 degrees, mostly sunny skiles. tomorrow we will be a little warmer but we could see flurries tomorrow. we will talk about that and seven-day but right now we talk traffic with amber. amber: winter is here and it is a chilly start. you will need the heater and you can see it is nice and clear. this is 440 and lake boone. no problems. on time. all around the viewing area it is accident free. a lot of green on the live returns. you might have overnight lingering construction until 6:00 but it will be out by 6:00. this sis a peek into durham county. 15/501 and i-40 clear. barbara: an attempted robbery in cary ends in a shooting at an apartment complex. police responded to a shooting
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apartment complex last night. they roped off an area with tape while they investigated. details are sketchy. police are not saying much only that it was a robbery gone wrong that resulted with a shooting. a crime alert in orange county deputies expected to increase security at efland-cheeks elementary school. yesterday a man was gunned down near the school which is located on fuller road in efland. gloria rodriguez is live outside the school with the latest details. gloria: good morning. authorities will be here at this school today as a precaution. right now there's a vehicle stationed heaped me. this comes after a murder yesterday. a man was gunned down here efland-cheeks elementary school off richmond road yesterday afternoon. his body was found behind a car in the parking lot of a community center. authorities put out evidence markers as they investigated.
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not been released. however, authorities say he appeared to be in his 20's. the shooting didn't happen here at the school but the area was blocked off yesterday during the investigation investigation. authorities are still looking for the person responsible for the shooting. if you have any information you are asked to contact the orange county sheriff's office. live in orange county, gloria rodriguez, abc 11 eyewitness news. barbara: gloria, thank you. grief counselors will be at two harnett county schools as students return from the holiday went. saturday night a driver in an s.u.v. hit and killed a middle cancel student and high school student as they walked next to highway 421 and never stopped. the search for the driver intensified. amber has the latest details. amber: as you said, it has intensified for the driver who hit and killed the two teens. less than a half mile from one of their homes. one of the survivors said she and four others were walking
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and had gone to the store it get candy and snacks when what appeared to be a white pickup truck came down the road. jennifer schark says she heard the truck hit two people behind her including 16-year-old kyle strait and plow into her 13-year-old sister jessica. both kyle and jessica died at the scene and now as the family makes funeral arrangements the mother makes this plea. >> any little piece of information that you can remember about the vehicle or know about the vehicle, please help us to find this person so they can be punished for their actions. i won't get my daughter back but maybe it hrwill help the families. amber: jennifer also described that truck as having a very long exhaust pipe. if you know anything about this case you are asked to call the highway patrol.
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left her infant daughter in a car during cold weather will appear in court. this was saturday night on angier avenue in raleigh. police were called because of a rowdy crowd in the streets. according to the arrest warrant they discovered that a two-month-old baby girl was in a car with a window cracked, heat off and surrounded with alcoholic beverages. kaknosha pretty was the mother and was arrested but not before she was charged with giving police a fake name. barbara: a sinkhole could cause delays in chatham county. it is a rural route but commuters use this to get to highway 501. d.o.t. works will try to figure out the extent of the damage and how long it will take to fix. emergency workers say the sinkhole is likely the result of a clogged culvert directly underneath. john: it is 5:36. definition of a dangerous dog could change in raleigh.
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council is expected to take up and how it will define a dangerous tkorpbg. john: looks like the cold will stick around for a while. what you should do to make sure your pet is protected. don: as you head out we have temperatures across the region around 20 degrees. it could be colder the next couple of hours. we will talk about that.
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mention the chance of don: welcome back. look out the weather window. i can't figure out how to draw frost on it. you will think it is a pretty morning but you will step out and it is brutal. 19. by lunchtime just in the 20's or near 30. from across the region 14 in
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19 louisburg. 19 rocky mount. 15 siler city. 14 in sanford, 21 pinehurst. 24 hope mills. 21 fayetteville. 19 goldsboro. looking at the day ahead now in the teens. by lunchtime 28 and by 5:00, 31 degrees. tomorrow we will see more clouds and could see flurries. we will talk about that in the complete forecast up next. john: breaking news concerning twitter. if you are having trouble accessing it you are not alone. twitter is apparently experiencing outages worldwide. it says it is aware of the problem and working toward a resolution. barbara: cold weather concerns for pet owners. veterinarians warn dogs and cats with short hire are vulnerable and while whose bring the dogs in on extremely cold nights that is not always an option for those who are short haired. >> a lot of pit bulls have very
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they are outside, frostbite. barbara: hypothermia is a big threat when it is cold. if a pet has to stay outside make sure they have shelter like a dog house, garage or porch and there is warm bedding and extra food and water. john: today the raleigh city council will discuss how the city classifies dogs as dangerous. it was taked last month. the ordinance will concede -- decide it has one who bit a dog or person and allow greater authority to pick them up. the ordinance would require owners to use muzzles while walking them and make other changes. about 25 soldiers from fort bragg will leave for kuwait. from the 18th financial management support center are scheduled to deploy at 11:00 this morning. they will provide financial oversight and relieve soldiers of the 175th financial
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are completing a nine-month tour. >> drivers in fayetteville can learn about the outer loop. there will be a meeting tonight to discuss the final design plan for the section of favorite's outer loop that will stretch from camden to raeford road. that starts at 4:00 in the john griffin middle hostages. john: the mergesamericans say how they feel.
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di barbara: welcome back, 5:45 and 19 degrees on tuesday morning. winter is making up for lost time. that is one story making head legislates. temperatures start out much lower than normal this morning and may not go above freezing all day. the cold will keep coming this week with several chances of snow. meteorologist don schwenneker will have the complete forecast. some models he says show as many as six inches. people in cary not getting much details in a shooting. police responded to a shooting at tradition at stone water apartment complex on wisdom drive. one was treated for a gunpoint wound. there will be extra security at efland-cheeks elementary school in orange county. a man's body was found behind a car in the parking lot of a nearby community center. the identity of the man is not leased.
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three americans kid mapped in baghdad as they were driving to the airport. iraqi security forces have been searching the neighborhood where the three disappeared over the weekend. troops closed streets and conducted house-to-house searches but there are no signs of the americans. crews looking for 12 marines missing after that helicopters collided off the hawaii coast have found life rafts that were on the aircraft but they have not found any signs of the marines and don't know how the life rafts were inflated. in south carolina friends, family and others came together for a vigil to honor one of them. sergeant everysimpler is from spartanburg county. he is remembered as an excellent student and dedicated marine. barbara: the family of a former f.b.i. agent who disappeared in iran are upset with the government saying they hope the administration doesn't give up on him now that five others were released. robert levinson was on and you
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c.i.a. and arriving in massachusetts after he was detained in iran 40 days. he said he is feeling good physically and the release was part of a negotiated prisoner swap. the u.s. agreed to pardon or commute sentences of seven, one iran and six dual citizens of iran and the u.s. john: results of a study suggestses catching up on sleep over a weekend can reduce the risk of developing diabetes. the university of chicago used 19 healthy young men eating a controlled diet in the study. it found getting fewer than five hours of sleep on four consecutive nights hyped their diabetes risk 16% but after sleeping more than nine hours for two consecutive nights that risk returned to normal levels. the impact of extra weekend sleep on the issues remains to
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after two years of public quarrelling congress appears to be coming to terms on a bill to revise healthier school meal standards. a mash with give them more flexibility in what they serve. if changed requirements on whole grain and cutting sodium levels would be eased. there is a vote scheduled tomorrow. barbara: a consumer alert trader joe's recall. they are pulling bags of raw cashew pieces over possible salmonella contamination. it was sent to stores in more than two dozen states. it asks you to throw it out or return it for a refund. trader joe says no one has gotten sick and they are doing this out of caution. john: you can get the home made ice cream you have been craving. blue bell is headed back to north carolina store shelves. it says it is being delivered to part of the southeast including
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more cities will be added. they were pulled last year after a lister why outbreak. during the outbreak blue bell lid off employees and furloughed others. any say they machine for all the four lowed employees to return to work the. don: yum. i'm ok with that. john: ice cream and 19 degrees. don: i will still have some. i will just eat it in a warmer room. we are going to see warmer temperatures but the bad news is we could see a wintry mix for the went. we will talk more about that in a moment. right now, with the day ahead lots of sunshine, staying cool. temperatures in the 20's. by lunchtime 28. then as we go into the afternoon more sunshine and more cold temps. we will struggle to get above freezing. live look joined raleigh temperature right now running in 19, dew point just one that. 46% humidity.
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miles an hour. live look into the bull city and 19, 41% humidity. northwest wind 10 in durham. numbers across the region 15 in roxboro, 17 chapel hill. 14 sanford, 19 smithfield. 19 goldsboro and 21 in clinton. we look at clear skies again as we look at the latest satellite picture. not much to show you above. we are clear around dry. we zoom out and they have snow in parts of nebraska, iowa, missouri. that will push east but when it hits the mountains it will fall apart. the mountains will steal a lot of moisture from it and keep us from seeing any. a look at first alert predictor forecast model 5:00 today clear and dry. clouds tomorrow and this is tomorrow night at 8:00 and you will notice just a couple of pockets of purple around the virginia border, a couple of pockets of green down south. we have it in the mountains and
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north carolina will be very dry and so whatever moisture makes it through the mountains will be pulled out much the air. but we could see a flurry or sprinkle in the sand hills. then that moves out and we clear out for the first part of thursday. then another system proefrpls. today we have blue skies and sunshine and high shraodz east. this is the low to the south and west. it has a lot of moisture but mountains take it apart, dry air in place, just flurries tomorrow night. the rest of today we stay dry, 33 in raleigh and cary, 32 wake forest and wendell, 33 holly springs and garner. we go north and temperatures will be in the 30's from durham to louisburg. in the 20's in rocksxboro. 32 roanoke rapids. south and west into the sand hills siler city 33, 34 lillington, 35 goldsboro and 36 fayetteville. tonight across the area back into the teens for overnight lows.
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mainly clear, chilly, 16 raleigh. 19 fayetteville. 15 durham. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather showing temperatures tomorrow back into the upper 30 thaepbs we have a chance of flurries or sprinkles tomorrow. we are dry thursday, 48. thursday night into friday after midnight could see wintry mix friday before changing to all rain friday and as it exits the region saturday changes back to a wintry mix, 41 degrees saturday and any precipitation we see snow, sleet, would melt away quickly sunday as we get near 50 degrees. i'm working on a blog to put up later on to talk more about the track and different forecast we are looking at right now. barbara: ok. amber: last week was looking at the snow here and it frswas all super discounted.
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now is a good time to have it. don: i saw sleds yesterday at the grocery and that is optimism. amber: we need to do that. it is quiet heading into this chilly tuesday. you will need the heat in the car as you head out. we look at the temperature in the corner, 19 degrees. very different from yesterday. over 10 degrees. upper 20's yesterday. riley road and morganton road in favorite. no problems in cumberland county going to fort bragg you are in good shape. you see clear conditions. it is just cold. there are cold temperatures all around. we have an accident that popped up into raleigh -- stalled vehicle. presentwood and skycrest drive. it sis prelight. i don't think you will have any problems getting around it. this is 40 and south saunders looking good and you get the idea. all the main interstates moving. 40 eastbound five minutes u.s. 64 to 70.
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westbound four minutes capital to 70 and durham on the durham freeway fine, seven minutes, i-40 to u.s. 15. john: 5:53 and she's the envy of carolina panthers fans.
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ou john: good tuesday morning. barbara: sunday giveaway you have soon this play out at games welcome after week all season. if you watched sunday you saw one little girl with a priceless reaction when it happened to her. isabella bottomley is from
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she was on the front row with her family when jonathan stewart rumbled into the end zone for the first touchdown of the game. he didn't stop. he went straight to her and handed her the ball. her reaction is priceless. she immediately became a bank of america and social media celebrity. she has a special miss for the ball. >> where everybody can enjoy it. you are not going to hog it to yourself in your room? >> no. john: they say they will be at the next game but probably won't pay extra to upgrade to the front row seats again. good for them. great reaction. 5: 5:57. blue cross blue shield customers having trouble with coverage.
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customer got result. john: white flag signifies dangerous temperatures. what is done to make sure everyone is warm. barbara: shooting investigation in cary. what police say led to it. john: frustrating blue cross blue shield customer takes his concerns to the source. did he get the answers he was looking for? welcome on tuesday january 19. 19 degrees and 6:00. i'm john clark. >> i'm barbara gibbs. we will have more on the big stories but first it is time for weather and traffic. don schwenneker is here. don: good morning to uyou. as you head out the door dry conditions but awfully cold. temperatures in some spots 10
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we will look at the day ahead.
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