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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 AM  ABC  January 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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we will look at the day ahead. next 12 hours you will see the temperatures climbing into the 20's throughout the morning. still in the 20's by lunchtime. this afternoon back through the 20's after touching the 30's. we are down another degree at r.d.u., 18, 18 roxboro, 15 oxford. 12 louisburg, 18 wilson. 19 smithfield. still 20's in clinton and fayetteville but notice a nine-degree spread. southern pines 12. 15 sanford. 18 now, by lunchtime 28. through the late day 33 and mostly sunny. tomorrow we will be warmer but it could bring flurries. we will talk about that. now we have traffic with amber rupinta. amber: it is a pretty quiet start it tuesday as you look outside the door with our live camera. 540 and creedmoor road. we have dry conditions on the roads. it is just super cold. 19 degrees so you need two run
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a lot of people are back at school. i know some have teacher workday but it should be business as usual for many schools. so watch for kids at the bus stop. stalled vehicle on brentwood and skycrest. it is still light so it shouldn't be a huge delay. bundle the kids up. 40 and 15/501 no problems or delays. durham county off to a good start. fayetteville quiet. we will show you the drive times in a couple of minutes. barbara: this weather means the white flag is up for those that typically sleep outside in the cold feel a number of shelters are offering a safe and warm place for men, women and children to go. the white flag program is activated when it is below freezing. stay ahead of any weather event with the first alert weather app. download it now for live first alert doppler x.p. and hourly forms. john: a robbery that turned violent in cary.
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at the tradition at stone water apartment complex last night. police roped off an area with crime scene tape while they investigated. details are sketchy but police say it was a robbery gone wrong and they are found a shooting. barbara: deputies are expected to increase security at efland-cheeks elementary school. a man was gunned down yesterday near the school on fuller road. scene. the community center. the body was found behind a car in the parking lot and there are several evidence mark. we are working to find out the man's name and if investigatorers have a lead on the killer. gloria rodriguez will have more on the investigation in our next half hour. a third man is behind bars charged with robbing the seam
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yesterday one man was arrested. two others were arrested over the went. all three are charged with robbing the morehead mini mart november 23 and december 31. they stole money and lottery tickets. john: durham police are asking for information on a pedestrian hit-and-run. it was about 2:30 yesterday morning. a man was found in the road near the intersection of offeren detail and horde. police believe a silver minivan hit him and left. if you have any information on this give the durham police a call. barbara: a wake county man convicted a crash has been charged with drinking and driving. he was arrested monday morning after crashing his car. police say he was intoxicated and found marijuana in his car. in 2007 he was behind the chile of wheel when he crashed killing an 18-year-old high school student.
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following the crash he pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter. john: to an ongoing i-team investigation into a scold system failure at blue cross blue shield of north carolina. it enrolled thousands of customers in the wrong health insurance. a customer was a medical provider and came forward to the i-team after taking his frustration to the insurance company's corporate headquarters. fed up and frustrated by the personal and professional impact of the insurance giant system failure joe rabiega went to the source the corporate office in durham. after endless hours on the phone with customer service, insurance numbers that didn't work he arrived and threatened to stay the night. >> you told them you would lock yourself with your bike lock in the lobby. >> right. exactly. >> did you mean it? >> i did. i had it with me. i did.
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john: as a licensed mental health therapist in raleigh 90% of his patients are blue cross customers. he said he had close to $1,000 in claims he was not getting paid for but as a member his own coverage for his wife and four kids has been listed as inactive even though he paid in december. so for seven hours last thursday at blue cross blue shield from 2:00 p.m. to 9:30, 3 1/2 hours after the office closed, he refused to leave until he was assured he had coverage. finally a customer service needed to hear. by the next day his coverage was active. barbara: north carolina central university students are waking up in different dorm rooms. yesterday the water sprinklers on the second and third floors of one dorm went off and damaged some rooms and student were moved to other dorm rooms on campus.
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they may not be caking unyet. john: it is perhaps the late dr. martin luther king's most famous speech. barbara: how a professor is bringing attention to dr. martin dream" speech. >> the cold wreaking havoc. look at this scene. one of our must-see videos. don: good morning. lots of cold air around here. but we are not seeing any precipitation with it. we will check the first alert doppler network and the most powerful radar in the carolinas is dry, not showing any rain or
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don: welcome back. let's talk about the drive in. crank the heat but you have dry conditions. sunny skies, cold temperatures. we are in the teens. by 10:00 just mid 20's. we will stay below freezing through lunch. 13 now henderson. 18 hillsborough, 19 louisburg. 18 rocky mount. 14 siler city. 13 sanford. 24 hope mills. 21 fayetteville.
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20 in clayton. we look at the day ahead mainly clear now and 18. by lunchtime 28 under sunny skies and through the late day temperatures only in the 30's. we will get above freezing a degree or two just an hour or so then back below freezing this evening. we warm up tomorrow. we will have the seven-day forecast next. john: a north carolina state university professor is bringing attention to dr. martin luther king jr.'s "i have a dream" speech. but it is not the one he delivered in washington. he launched a website friday. dr. king delivered this speech in rocky mount months earlier before the march and washington. the website has a restored audit he -- audio version in 1962. look for the story on the home page.
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birthday to you john: in raleigh a musical tribute to dr. king. i was honored to serve as the emcee again with my friends from 103.9. this was at the duke energy center. this is the big finale of all the day's events hosted by the triangle dr. king committee. barbara: in switzerland we have a moment a large avalanche comes cascading down a mountain road. it frswas triggered as a safety precaution near a swiss town. it descends slowly then continues to move down the hill blocking the road. the road has since been secured and cleared. icicles coated power lines in st. louis after a car crashes into a fire hydrant. it sent water into the air and created this sculpt clear before -- sculpture.
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went and turned to sleet and delayed the commute for many. john: a group of demonstrators caused a shutdown of the san francisco oakland bay bridge in a protest tied to the martin luther king jr. holiday. they chained themselves and cars together to form a line across the bridge and had signs reading block health matters. traffic was blocked for travelers into san francisco from the east bay as the holiday weekend was ending. city. what is being done to fix the situation. barbara: carolina panthers may
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but is this john: good morning on tuesday,
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it dangerously cold and we have the white flag flying. there is extra security in an orange county elementary school after a man was found murdered nearby monday. authorities still haven't released the identity of the man shot to death outside efland-cheeks community center. that is is near efland-cheeks elementary. the school was not involved but the sheriff is providing extra deputies as a precaution. grief counselors will be at two harnett county schools as went. saturday night a driver had an s.u.v. hit and killed a middle school student and high school student as they were walking on he never stopped. barbara: officials say the veteran utah police officer who was shot to death over the weekend was working overtight to pay for cancer treatment. he was shot after he encountered a fugitive was missing from a
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he was an 18-year veteran. today the mayor of flint will be in washington it ask for money to help clean up the water. the wart became tainted after the source of the supply was switched by state appointed officials from the detroit system to the flint river. michigan governor rick snyder is the state speech to the emergency in flint. john: today a hearing in mexico for ethan couch the teen who avoided pitcher time in a drunk driving case because of his affluenza defense. he and his mother were found in mexico after fleesing texas. he was on probation for the accident d.w.i. situation that killed four. was not spoefpd to be drinking. he's been fighting the extradition.
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eagles guitarist and singer glenn frey passed away. it was posted yesterday saying he died from complications of rheumatoid arthritis. colitis and pneumonia. he wrote and sang most of their hits including take it easy and can he kila sunrise and hotel california. he launched a successful solo career after they broke up in 1980. he was 67 years old. john: a sign outside a church shows panthers pride and getting a lot of attention from panthers fans all over. it reads god has no tpaeufrtsdz but the sign lady does. go panthers. she is surprised with the attention they have gotten at their church in concord. she's the sign lady but says the sign's recent messages have been a team effort. she says the picture has gotten thousands of likes on facebook. we are staying with the panthers
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follow joe mazur on twitter @joe mazur abc11. he will have up-to-the-minute reports and then watch "eyewitness news" at 6:00, 10:00 an 11 and catch player interviews. barbara: it will be exciting. don: it will be dry weather-wise at this point. but they could see rain down in charlotte over the wind and we know turf was a factor this week. if you ask the seahawks as well. we have to wait and see. barbara: think of the people coming into charlotte. don: they will be cold but dry. we will talk more about that weekend forecast but first we talk about the rain chances. today, tomorrow and thursday not much of a chance of rain. friday 80% of seeing showers and saturday that chance could mix with snow. we will show you right now the live look into downtown raleigh and temperature right now running at 18. dew point two.
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winds calm. live look into durham, temperature right now 18, 43% humidity. northeast wind seven. check the weekend chills in a moment. right now 18 in durham. 16 chapel hill. 15 sanford, 19 smithfield. 18 wilson. these are actual air temperatures. factor in the wind and some folks are not seeing wind so no wind chills but some wind chills. nine chapel hill for wind chill and 11 roanoke rapids. clear in the area and no cloud cover to hold in the heat. that means the cold temperatures. big snow in parts of colorado, nebraska, missouri, iowa. this is going to shift east. as it gets closer to us today we won't see anything but clear skies, clear this evening. by tomorrow we have clouds and tomorrow evening a little purple showing up in the northern counties. this has two things against it for snow for us.
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mountains and eat a lot of the moisture out. once it hits the area we will have low humidity in the lower part of the atmosphere so there's not a lot of moisture to work w. you may see flurries tomorrow evening and maybe sprinkles in the sand hills the. then we have clear skies working in on thursday. arctic express in full ride today in the region. high pressure in place giving us the sunshine and blue skies and cold temperatures on this tuesday. highs today around freezing. you will touch it in wake forest and wendell, 33 raleigh and cary, garner will go to 33. raleigh low 30's. roxboro staying in the 20's. 33 henderson, 33 durham, 33 louisburg. sand hills temperatures climb into the mid 30's. 36 fayetteville, 33 siler city and 35 goldsboro. tonight temperatures across the region back into the teens for overnight lows. under the clear skies, it will be chilly.
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19 fayetteville. 15 in durham. seven first alert seven-day forecast forecast, tomorrow temperatures back into the upper 30's. partly sunny and chance of a flurry tomorrow night. thursday 48. friday wet, rain on friday, could be heavy at times. mid 40 he is a. friday night into saturday with the cold air in place the rain could end as snow across the region or a wintry mix. we will have to see how much we will see. barbara: all right. john: i'm ready. amber: amber: yippy. my kids were lake wait a second so we may not have school friday. is that what you are telling us. we didn't have school today and this is awesome. john: may not have school saturday. amber: i was like yeah, ok then. let's think about that. some people very excited and some are not. it is 6:21 and time to see the
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40 and clayton bypass tapping the brakes for johnston county commuters. that is what we see every morning about five minutes. right now about three to four to get through the delay. we have the stalled vehicle brentwood and skycrest but other than that the majors are accident free. that is a nice start to this chilly tuesday where it is 19 degrees. 40 and 15/501 through durham county clear conditions and weather shouldn't effect your drive in. but it is cold. 540 eastbound, 11 minutes 70 to 1. no problems 80 northbound four minutes 70 to n.c. 55 fplt. john: 6:22 and knew details in the tennis match fixing scandal. barbara: the player who says he was offered $200,000 to throw a
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john: blue devils hit a you get a cold. you can't breathe through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather.
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how can anyone sleep like that? well, just put on a breathe right strip and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right barbara: new details on the match fixing allegations rocking progressively tennis. the top men's player said he was approached by people to talk part. novak djokovic admitted people close to him were contacted to give hill $200,000 to low it. he said he dropped out of the tournament instead. john: there's another bad night for the duke men as they lost
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tyler roberson had 14 points and 20 rebounds as syracuse handed duke a 64-62 loss at cameron indoors. next up for duke at n.c. state saturday. the wolfpack are in a losing streak. barbara: duke women's streak of 312 weeks in the a.p. poll is over. they were in the top 25 november 1999 1999. that is the third longest in the history of poll. only tennessee and connecticut have longer runs in the top 25. john: popular message inging app is free. >> we have the tech news. >> facebook has announced the instant messaging app which was charging a fee is free.
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bring the word key to iphone. it is planning to mac the swipe to text keyboard available. word flow won guinness world record in 2014 for being the fastest keyboard. and mine craft story series will launch this thursday. additional episodes $5 apiece. to be leased the coming weeks. >> that is your "tech bytes".." john: 6:27. still to come a shooting
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barbara: why you barbara: winter in full force. temperatures going low this morning. may not be above freezing all day. don schwenneker will have the weather. john: a shooting under investigation in cary. what police say happened. barbara: security beefed up at a local elementary school. what happened that has people on edge there. organic, carolina, welcome on tuesday, january 19. it is 18 degrees now at 6:30. i'm barbara gibbs. john: i'm john clark. we will get to the news in a moment but let's talk about the cold temperatures with weather
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don: good morning. we are seeing wind chills in spots. down into the single digits. you want to cover the exposed skin. big hats, coats and gloves. we will look at the day ahead. the next 12 hours by lunchtime we are below freezing, 28 degrees. between 2:00 and 4:00 we will be just above freezing an hour or so then back into the 20's by 6:00 tonight. 19 roanoke rapids, wind chill is 11. 18 roxboro, chapel hill 16, wind-chill of nine. rocky mount and wilson 18, wind chill is nine. 12 southern pines, city fayetteville. 18 goldsboro. we look at the day ahead. 18 now. by lunchtime sunny and 28. late day 33 degrees and mostly sunny. tomorrow we see more clouds and warmer temperatures and could see flurries. we will talk about that but first let's talk weather and traffic with amber rupinta.
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as don said it is a cold start but it is clear on the roads. there's no weather impacting the commute so we are moving fine. a lot of people back to routines after the holiday yesterday. this is 40 and n.c. 55 durham county looking nice, no problems or delays or accidents on the spwaeutsz. we have typical delays 40 westbound clayton bypass is one of them. only thing to tell but is stalled vehicle on brentwood and skycrest. this is 40 and rock quarry looking nice. we will go through the dive times in a couple of minutes. barbara: and attempted robbery in cary ends in a shooting at an apartment complex. police responded to the tradition at stone water apartment complex on wisdom drive last night. police roped off a large area with crime scene tape and investigated. details of what happened are sketchy. police only saying it was a robbery gone wrong that resulted in a shooting. john: crime alert in orange county deputies expected to
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efland-cheeks elementary school. yesterday a man was gunned down near the school which is locate the on fuller road in efficient left-hand. gloria rodriguez is live outside the school with the latest. gloria: in a short time we will see parents and children arriving for school and they will be seeing presence of authorities. authorities will be here because of a murder that took place near the school yesterday. we did see some sheriff deputies controlling the area in the last 30 minutes or so and we see a vehicle here right now. we have chopper 11 h.d. final from the scene. a man was gunned down near efland-cheeks school off richmond road yesterday. his body was found behind a car in the parking lot of a community center. authorities put out evidence markers as they investigated. the identity of the man has not
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say he appeared to be in his 20's. the shooting was not at the school but the area was blocked off as a precaution during the investigation. authorities will be here today again. they are still looking for the people responsible for the murder. if you have any information you are asked to contact the orange county sheriff's office. we have that information on our website. live in orange county, gloria rodriguez, abc 11 eyewitness news. barbara: grief counselors will be at two harnett county schools as students returned. a driver in an s.u.v. hit and killed a middle school and high school student next to highway 421. a girl who survived said she and the four others were walking down the highway had gone to a convenience store to get candy and what appeared to be a white pickup truck came flying down the road.
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the truck hit two people hyped her including kyle strait and plow into her 13-year-old sister jessica. now as they make funeral arrangements the mother makes this plea. >> any little piece of information that you can remember about the vehicle or know about the vehicle, please help us to find this person so they can be punished for actions. it won't bring my daughter back but maybe it hrwill help the families. barbara: if you know anything about the case you are asked it call the highway patrol. john: a sinkhole in chatham county could cause delays. chopper 11 h.d. was over lister road over-jordan lake. it is a rural route but it is used to get from farrington to highway 501. d.o.t. workers will return to figure out not only the extent of damage but how long it will
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mental workers say it is likely the result of a clogged culvert under it. 6:35 and 18 degrees. the definition of a vicious dog could change in raleigh. barbara: the ordinance that city council is expected to take up. john: looks like there cold will stick around a while. what you should do to make sure pets are protected. don: as you head out the door temperatures this morning running in the teens. wind chill single digits.
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and how long it will be don: welcome back. we are looking at the bus stop forecast. some wake county kids have a workday but a lot of kids are back to school. bundle up. big hat, coat, gloves. by 8:00 just barely up to 20 degrees. wind chills some spots single
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18 south hill, 13 henderson. 18 hillsborough, 15 roxboro, 14 siler city and 13 sanford, 19 tkpwoeltdzboro and 23 lillington, fayetteville 21. cary good morning to you, you are checking in at 18 degrees. looking at the day head, 18 now. by lunch 28 and sunshine. late day it will look pretty but feel cold step being out. most of the day below freezing. tomorrow above freezing and flurries possibly tomorrow night. we will have the full forecast later. barbara: cold weather concerns for pet owners. dogs and cats with short hair are vulnerable to temperatures. while most owners bring dogs inside on extremely cold nights that is not an option for some. >> a lot of pit bulls are in this area and they get cold with
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barbara: hypothermia is a big threat to pets when it is this cold. if a pet has to stay outside make sure they have shelter like a doghouse or garage or porch and there is warm bedding and extra food. john: today the raleigh city council is scheduled to discuss how the city classifies dogs as dangerous. it was tabled last month. it would define a dangerous dog as one that has bitten a dog or person. it would allow animal control officers greater authority to pick them up. and it would require owners of dangerous dogs to use muzzles while walking them and making other changes. we are keeping you connected to big stories online. barbara: amber is tracking it. amber: good morning to you. this is a very cool story trend ing one of the most shared and abc news. we will have it up on scott kelly is spending a year in space testing him versus his
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he bloomed a flower and if you have seen the movie "the martian" this reference is from his tweet our plants are not looking today i will have to channel my inner mark watney but it gives insight to how plants grow. cool news there. >> and gas prices hit 47 cents a gallon in michigan after a price war, 47 cents a gallon. have you seen this? it is trending. it might be one of the cutest things you have ever seen. it is a dog giving his best trend a hug. we will put that out this morning. the owner taught the dog had you do it. the dog puts his arms around the other dog. it is one of the sweet rs things you have season. there is a reason it is going viral.
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it is 6:41 and 18icans freed over the weekend talk about how they are feeling. barbara: another reason you may
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this is connor like so many kids, he was missing things in school - distracted - disengaged - just not getting it. we tried tutors but they didn't connect. then we heard about sylvan's new teaching system, sylvansync. personal lessons, taught by sylvan certified instructors, using technology kids love. i've never seen him more engaged. and the results are kids like connor typically
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a barbara: welcome back, 6:44 and 18 degrees. john: if you are having trouble accessing twitter you are not alone. twitter is apparently experiencing outages worldwide. they are aware of it and working to a resolution. barbara: latest on the story search continuing for three
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as they were driving to the airport. security forces are searching the neighborhood where they disappear the. troops say they have closed streets and conducted searches but no signs of them. search cruise looking are -- crews looking for marines after two helicopters collided off the coast of hawaii. they found life rafts but no sign of the marines and don't know how the rafts were inflated. john: a stoeududy suggesting catching up on sleep can reduce the risk of developing diabetes. university of chicago used 19 men eating a controlled diet. it found getting fewer than five hours of sleep on four consecutive nights hyped the diabetes r.f.k. 16% but after sleeping more than nine hours two consecutive nights the risk returned to normal levels. the impact of extra weekend sleep on the issues is to be determined.
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appears to be coming to terms on a bill to revise healthier school meal standards. it would give schools more flexibility in what they serve. requirements on whole grain and cutting sodium would be eased. the agricultural committee will vote on it tomorrow. barbara: trader joe's recall pulling bags of raw cashew pieces over possible salmonella contamination. it was sent to stores in more than two dozen states. it asks you to throw it out or return tit for a refund. trader joe says no one has gotten sick and they are doing this out of caution. it is called sunday give away. you have seep this play out at panthers games all season. john: if you watched sunday's game you saw one little girl's priceless reaction when it happened to her. isabella bottomley is from allegany county. she was in the front row with
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got into the end zone in the first touchdown of the game. he kept running and went straight to her to hand her that ball. her reaction went viral and she immediately became a bank of america stadium and social media celebrity. she says she has a special place for the ball. >> in the living room. >> so everybody can enjoy it. you won't hog it all to yourself in your room? john: they will be at the next game but probably won't pie extra to upgrade to the front row seats again. don: upgrade. i have always tried to upgrade my seats but the guy says you look like a cop, i'm not selling to you. barbara: you were saying earlier another little issue after cam newton took the flag. don: somebody from seattle brings the 12th man flag. we know what happened with the packers sign. they give it to cam and he threw
6:41 am
barbara: he came back out. john: they gave it to cam. don: they said here is the 12th man flag. he didn't want it. you have to clear for the team but -- cheer for the team. barbara: i think they gave it to him because they knew what would happen. don: today cold all day. i don't think we will get much above freezing. the next 24 hours we warm a bit. today we go to 33 tonight, just like last night, clear, cold, teens. tomorrow partly sunny and near 40. tomorrow night we could see a flurry or two. live look downtown raleigh, some light in the sky. sunrise 7:23 gaining one or two minutes each day. 18 degrees, humidity 50%, at the airport calm winds. fayetteville 21 right now, 51% humidity.
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hour so no wind chill. 16 roxboro and chapel hill. 13 sanford. factor in the winds and we have wind-chill single digits. nine chapel hill and rocky mount and wilson eight this morning for a wheupbd -- wind chill. 13 sanford. as far as the clear skies, won't see much cloud cover today. we are watching a system in the midwest with lots of snow from denver through nebraska into iowa and missouri. this is shifting east but it will run into the mountains and bring a chance of flurries. today we are clear. not much to show you at 6:00. tonight into tomorrow the clouds build in. notice this is one update in the model. it changed significantly in the past three hours. it tries to put down snowfall. i think a lot of this will be a absorbed into the atmosphere. this is 8:00 tomorrow night. we could see flurries us but we
6:43 am
mountains then our lower part of the atmosphere will be dry so that will steal a lot of moisture. all that said, we could see flurries tomorrow evening. it exits quickly and thursday we are dry and by friday the next system approaches and we will be wet. 33 raleigh and cary, 33 wake forest and wendell, 33 holly springs and garner. sunny and cold. 20's in roxboro, 3 henderson, 33 durham. south appear west into the sand hills fayetteville 36, siler city 33. tonight back into the teens over off. 16 raleigh. 19 fayetteville. 15 durham. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather showing temperatures tomorrow back into the up are 30's, near 40. 40's on thursday and thursday night after midnight we could see rain and sleet and changing to all rain friday. saturday back to wintry mix before exiting and near 50 sunday.
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they are playing in the snow. sheila williams sent this. i don't know which is on the left but he has a scream on his face like come on. amber: roxboro. don: we love all the weather pictures. upload them to john: how is the traffic, amber? amber: it is cold. that is an old joke. we will show you how the mapping is. this is 64 in the business area, bypass at u.s. 64 pretty shot. you see the pink sky and sun making its way up and everything moving fine. we have dry conditions on the road. no problems there. fayetteville this is live picture and you see the same
6:45 am
no problems to report. new accident downtown raleigh cabarrus and west. other than that major interstates fine. this is 40 and south saunders nice sunrise. that is a pretty so. drive times on time on the majors 40 eastbound five minutes 64 to 70. 440 westbound four minutes capital to 70 and no problems durham freeway seven minutes i-40 to 15 fplt. john: 6:51 and coming up the morning rush. barbara: some of the stories you will hear about including an
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apartment barbara: all the news, worth and traffic you need. john: you see some of the stories including an overnight shooting in orange county and cary law enforcement. police in cary are not giving many damesetails about an attempted robbery. just after-11:00 police responded to a shooting at wisdom drive. one was treated for a gunshot wound. barbara: there will be security at efland-cheeks elementary in orange county a man's body found yesterday behind a car in a parking lot of a nearby
6:47 am
his identity was not released feel john: grief counselors will be at two harnett county schools as students return from the holiday weekend. saturday night a driver in an s.u.v. hit and killed a middle school and high school student as they walked next to highway 421. barbara: a raleigh woman who left her daughter in a car during cold weather will appear in court today. kaknosha pretty is the person. it was in seethe raleigh. police found the two-month-old girl with a car with the window cracked. heat off and surrounded by alcoholic beverages. john: tax filing begins today and there are changes. i.r.s. is taking steps to protect against identity theft and they have added more than 1,000 customer service reserves to cut down on wait. you get an extra three days to file. the deadline is april 18. barbara: working on that yesterday. don: did you?
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party. don: april 18. the rest of today out the door forecast it is cold. clear skies and temperatures in the teens. even by 9:00 we are just into the lower 20's. looking at the seven day forecast we have the 33 today and 39 tomorrow. flurries maybe tomorrow and clear thursday, friday wintry mix and friday looks like rain. saturday can see rain mixing with snow and sun 48. i'm working on a blog forecast on the snow for saturday and i will put it on later. amber: we would like to read more about that. don: want to know what is really happening. amber: this is 540 and creedmoor fine, easy start to the traffic. barbara: "good morning america" is next.
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stay warm. if you need a reason to start celebrating super bowl 50 early - i'll give you two. get a large,1-topping pizza foronly 50 cents when you order any large pizzaat regular menu price. better ingredients. better pizza. better football. good morning, america. the midwest to the east coast in a deep freeze this morning. the coldest air of the season for nearly 100 million americans. temperatures in the single digits and below. and the northeast bracing for the first big snowstorm of the season, up to a foot possible from washington to boston. donald trump quotes the
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