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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News 430 AM  ABC  January 20, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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toll could rise. good morning, welcome on once january 20, 18 degrees right now at 4:30. i'm barbara gibbs john: i'm john clark. those stories and more but don schwenneker here in the first alert storm center. don: good morning to you. we are starting off with dry conditions for now. later today we could see a few snow makes. we will show you the day ahead as far as temperatures. even though we are about where we were yesterday we will get warmer this afternoon. by 10:00 we are up to 28 degrees and lunchtime we are 34, mid 30's this afternoon. current numbers from across the region, 14 in south hill, 18 roxboro and oxford. 20 k4578. 18 in louisburg, 19 wilson. 18 southern pines, 21 fayetteville and 23 in clinton. we look at the day ahead. right now in the teens. by lunchtime into the 30's and this afternoon you could see a
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i don't think we will see a lot of snow but a few snow showers possible. we will talk more about that and have the seven-day forecast coming up in a bit. john and barbara? john: get the winter gear ready. we could see a brief snow shower this afternoon. but the real problem could be later this week. barbara: anthony wilson is out in the first alert storm chaser with a look how the d.o.t. is preparing. they were out last night for a little bit, right? anthony: that's correct. we are on i-40 and you can't see much because it is dark but you may see the streaks of brine on the payment that tells you the d.o.t. has deployed. they were out last night and hit some imagine highways, ramps and bridges. they got the brine treatment. they will be out after the
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to take care of business in advance of what is coming. we will have bitter cold and we could have slippery travel conditions later, a possible dusting. so give the crews plenty of room and when the weather starts turning for the worst as we hear that it will, please proceed with care. we will roll out this morning and when the lights begin to get a little higher we can show you some of the treated areas. bub they will be out -- but they will be out after the rush. when you see them in motion give them plenty of room to do their jobs. we are in breaking news one opbn wake county. barbara: forecasters predict a strong snowstorm will hit up and down the east coast by the end of the week. it could affect an area from washington to boston to the ohio
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like the snowiest day. some major cities could see a foot or more of snow. whether you are home or away now is the time to download the first alert weather app. you will get live doppler radar, school closings, delays, weather alerts. check it out. john: raleigh police responding to saint august gust tan university after a report of a shooting. we are learning a student was injured and taken to wakemed where he is in stable condition. police say the suspects have been taken into custody. gloria rodriguez has the breaking details. gloria: good morning to you. the campus was put on lockdown this morning. however, the university just sending a statement that the lockdown has been lifted. here is what we know about what happened here. police got reports of a shooting near the saint august gust tan university around 1:00. one person was shot and taken
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we know the person is a student. the police department watch commander says the person shot was alert and conscious and is suffering from non-life-threatening injuries. two people were questioned. we saw at least one person taken away in a police car. however, at this time the police department says they have not made any arrests and don't have any suspects at this time. we saw cops searching in front of a dorm. police, however, are not commenting on the investigation right now. at this time it is still unclear if the shooting happened here on campus or just nearby. but police are telling us the shooting was reported from this campus. we are seeing some police cars still here at this time. we will stay here and bring you the latest. live in raleigh, gloria rodriguez, abc 11 eyewitness news.
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breaking news overseasopened. they exchanged gunfire with the suspect and explosions could be heard. no one has claimed responsibility yet. john: the search called off for the 12 marines missing after a helicopter crash in hawaii. the coast guard initially reported the choppers had they will strive to discover all the facts. here at home wake county school board members moved to enrollment caps at 15 schools. caitlin knute will explain what that means for students and parents. caitlin: if you are living in the base area for one of these schools it won't impact you but if you move in today going forward thinking you will go to
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luck. in all the list includes nine schools that have the enrollment caps with six new ones. they are cedar fork, tkafrs drive, it fuquay-varina and wiley along with apex middle school and fuquay-varina high. board members are defending the move saying capping enrollment is not easy or desirable but is necessary when the student body is outgrowing the building. another item was putting 12 elementary support model schools on a year round camp. nine are on the traditional. that is just an openings they are considering. the board says it will look to hold off on making changes to schedules until the 2017-2018 school year to give families time to adjust. they will consider feedback from paeufrpbts and staff and discuss this at the next meeting in two weeks but the enrollment caps
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barbara: donald trump picks up a key endorsement. it is 18 degrees at 4:37. the campaign event he has planned today with sarah palin. john: ben carson takes a step back to pay tribute to a young campaign volunteer who died. we will tell you about that. don: as you head out the door we have dry conditions across the region. could see flurries later today. we will talk about that coming up. we will check the first alert doppler network and dry across (coughing) coughing disrupts everyone's life. that's why there's delsym. delsym's advanced time release formula helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours. all night...
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your heart loves omega-3s. but the omega-3s in fish oil differ from megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbed by your body. megared. the difference is easy to absorb. don: let's talk about the morning commute. as you drive in it should be easy. mostly sunny and cold. temperatures in the 20's. it watches more quickly as we go through the morning.
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rapids, 17 roxboro, 18 hillsborough and 20 louisburg and 17 siler city and cary 19, 22 pinehurst and hope mills. degrees. looking at the day ahead temperatures now in the teens. by lunchtime we are above 30. yesterday we were in the 20's at lunchtime. this afternoon i threw in a few snowflakes. could see some snow. i think it will be more toward 6:00 to 7:00 but you could see some in the afternoon commute. we will have the seven-day forecast. friday will be a problem. john: thank you, don. to vote 2016 and stunning
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bernie sanders leading fight all this three weeks before the votes are cast in match. barbara: a day after endorsing donald trump former alaska governor sarah palin will join him on the campaign trail. they have stops in tulsa, oklahoma. palin put her seal of approval on trump yesterday at iowa state. he is in a tight race in iowa with ted cruz. republican presidential candidate ben carson remembers a campaign volunteer killed in a car crash. he says 25-year-old braden joplin was one of the brightest young people he's had the privilege to meet. joplin was with four workers when their car slipped on an iles si road and was hit by another. the other three are recovering. meantime carson is temporarily suspending the campaign. he says he plans to fly to omaha to be with the staff member's family.
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without script or cameras. oscar winning actor jamie foxx played a real life hero. he and one other pulled a man from a burning truck near his southern california home. he said he heard the crash, called 911 and ran there. >> he said he doesn't consider himself a hero. barbara: 4:42 a to be alive. john: the state of the state address ends in an apology. how michigan's governor is taking responsibility for the flint water crisis. barbara: medical miracle.
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to twed barbara: welcome back, 4:45 and 18 degrees on wednesday morning. breaking news in raleigh a shooting reported on saint augustin's campus. the university was put on lockdown this morning at 1:00 but it has been lifted. a student was injured and taken to wakemed. the suspect was taken into custody. police say there's no threat to the campus. classes will resume as normal this morning. at least 19 people are dead in an attack on a university in northwest pakistan. several others are wounded. heavy police and military forces were sent to the area and a gun battle is under way. we will follow this breaking news. d.o.t. will be out today again to brine major highs. we could have slippery travel
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expect a bigger mess later. "big weather" will have the details. john: an american detainereally feel proud to be an american. john: he was born in arizona and raised in michigan. he served in the marines from 2001 to 2005. he denies any wrongdoing and denies spying for the united states. as for the american left behind. the white house says it has reason to believe that former f.b.i. act robert levinson is no longer in iran. the white house press secretary made the comment yesterday to
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he disappeared in 2007 but iranian officials say they don't know where he's being held. he was not included in the swap over the weekend. barbara: final word on the death of jihadi john. the islamic state militant group confirmed the death of the man in the beheading videos. u.s. military says he was taken out in a drone stroke in november. he was identified as a kuwaiti born british citizen. ash carter looking to coalition troops to provide more training for iraqi security forces saying there's no reason the u.s. should do all the training but will look at boosting numbers. a 200 person special force in iraq will start work soon and they have a broad are plan to defeat militants. john: the michigan governor spent much of his state of the state address apologizing for the flint water crisis and
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governor snyder: government failed you. federal, state and local leaders. by breaking the trulgs you placed in us. i'm to the flint river to save money instead of the detroit water system. tests show that children in flint will elevated blood lead levels now. residents must now use bottled water. snyder has vowed to offer more evidence about what he knew about the lead contamination by releasing e-mails related to the crisis. barbara: to the controversy over
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spike lee are saying they are boycotting. john: a pennsylvania man speaks out about being found nearly frozen in a snow bank. barbara: despite that doctors refused to call him dead. the coroner was there when he was found but dr. gerald caelman didn't want to give up. nurses and staff did c.p.r. on him two hours while dr. coleman worked to warm his blood. as he warmed up his heart started and he woke up. >> i never heard of anything. it is amazing, something i have never heard of and can't thank everyone enough. barbara: jump is missing a few toes but back to school and playing golf. doctors call him a medical miracle. john: what a story! all right. i'm glad to see he is up and about and smiling. don: nice story this morning. i wish we had a better story on the weather. i think friday will be a members. today can be messy depending on
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we will talk about the chances of precipitation and 40% of seeing snow flurries, better chance to the north of the triangle, less to the south. friday 100% chance of precipitation. it is just what kind will it be. we are looking into downtown raleigh and temperature right now in the capital city 19, dew point six, 67% humidity. temperature about where they were yesterday in the seven-day always on. fayetteville this morning 24, 49% humidity, winds calm at this hour. numbers from across the area 19 roxboro, 20 chapel hill, 16 sanford, 21 fayetteville. 23 clinton. factor the weekend it and it is not a factor this morning. a little cooler as you head south you can see fayetteville down to 13 but most places not seeing major wind this morning. we are seeing clouds from the west. they will thicken as we go through the day and it is part
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looks massive and impressive but it will run in the mountains and that will take a lot of moisture out of it. then over the mountains to us it will run into very dry air. so i don't think we will see a 10 of snowfall today. a look at the forecast model and 6:00 tonight one or two pockets. we are not seeing a ton of precipitation. some folks will see flurries. if we see any accumulation it will be less than a quarter inch. the only problem is it drops around 5:00 and people are driving on it and you pay see some slick spots. tomorrow will be gorgeous, lots of sunshine. by lunch above freezing, mild, below normal for this time of year but better. by friday 6:00 we see some pink. this is mixed. can be sleet, freezing rain, snow. better changes of snow to the north. this is the morning commute friday at the moment. notice as we go through friday
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we will see warmer air and it changes to an all rain event before it exits the region and this snow wraps back in on saturday morning. this is subject to change, folks. this could move to the north and farther south. best guess is we will start as a wintry mix and change to rain and end as snowflakes saturday. for the rest of today. 37 raleigh and cary, 36 wake forest and wendell. going north you have a better chance of slight snow around roxboro and south hill. mid 30's. sand hills, just an isolated flurry across the area especially the farther south because temperatures this afternoon will be near 40 degrees. tonight the temps back into the 20's over over. partly cloudy and not as cold. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather, tomorrow temperatures back into the 40's. it will be a nice day, 45,
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friday mixed wintry changing to rain as we get into the mid 30's. then friday night it could end as snow. anything we see saturday doesn't stick around and 38. sun mid 40's and 50's return by next week. there's a lot of question marks about this. the national weather service has not issued any advisories. i would anticipate they would issue something later today or tomorrow. we will have to wait to see. but late this afternoon could see some flurries. barbara: hope it is not as bad as friday. 4:54 and partnership in the work
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john: how your leftover scraps barbara: it is 4:56 and 18 degrees. john: 42 ounce bone in ribeye, filet, prime rib, that is what is on the menu for a group of local lions. barbara: why the angus barn is feeding these animals. >> one night i was helping witit the dishwasher and watching this meat come off people's plate and as i clear them i'm thinking wonder if carnivores would like there even though it was cooked. reporter: like it? the rescue wild animals at mebane love it. >> it is very successful. the animals were eating extremely well. reporter: every week the restaurant loads up on buckets
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and butch areer scraps. they drive them to the center. this employee has been making the trip for years. >> many years, since before one of my daughters was born. reporter: the executive director at the conservator says the treats help them pack on pounds they need to fight winter cold. >> we are careful about our diets and how we deliver the food to them. we are fortunate to have this quality. reporter: she hopes her leading restaurant will lead the way in inspiring others to find new uses for leftevers. >> i would love to see other restaurants come up with neat things like there because i think the restaurant community is what we are good at. reporter: if you would like more
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conservative barbara: that is cool but feeding them? john: a long stick. i know they are eating well. barbara: yes. awesome restaurant. john: we are monitoring the breaking news in raleigh for an attack on
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