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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 500 AM  ABC  January 20, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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john: crime alert after at devry university's college of business, we're looking for what the companies you'd want to work for, are looking for: the go-getters. students who want to go places, in the business they're in now, or the start up they haven't even started yet. at devry we teach, what's been business-world tested. so if you want to learn today, and make an impact tomorrow- you're our kind of student. our kind of different. devry university's college of business.
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john: don't be surprised if you see d.o.t. trucks brining the roads. barbara: raleigh police called to a local university campus for a shooting overnight. what we are learning. john: breaking news overseas, university in pakistan attacked by terrorists, the number of casualties growing. good morning, carolina, welcome on wednesday january 20, 18 degrees now at 5:01. i'm john clark. barbara: i'm barbara gibbs. we will have more on the big stories but first meteorologist don schwenneker in the first alert storm center talking about cold weather. don: we could see snowflakes but first we will talk about the temperatures. same temperatures we saw yesterday. we will stay in the teens. by 10:00 we are into the upper 20's. by lunch we will be above freezing and 34 degrees and staying in the mid 30's this afternoon. current numbers from across the region, south hill, virginia, just 13 degrees this morning.
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rapids, 20 in chapel hill, 19 in wilson, 17 sanford, 19 southern pines. fayetteville 25. clinton 24 degrees. looking at the day ahead. mainly clear skies and high clouds moving through, 19 by lunch 31. this afternoon i threw in a snow shower chance after 4:00 to 5:00. that could be specially into the evening hours. we will talk about that and we have the seven-day forecast including a little bit of everything. wintry mix friday. barbara: we have been automobileble to avoid snow. john: that is apparently coming to an end with the d.o.t. preparing for a rough few days. we go to anthony wilson live in the first alert storm chaser to bring us the latest from the roads. anthony: we are giving you a look on the off ramp on to
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it may not be possible for you to see because it is a little dark but there are streaks of brine in front of us as we roll along. this is one bit of evidence that the d.o.t. is already deployed. they got out here last night trying to brine as many of the major highways, ramps and bridges as they could. the cold temperatures were a factor. they didn't stay out once it got below around 18 or so because it became a situation where the boone brine wouldn't be as effective. they will be out again today after rush hour to get ahead of what we believe is going to be some pretty serious went weather. it depends on what comes out of the sky but as long as the pavement is cold there's a risk of slippery conditions they want the pavement prepared so if they have to move things later it will be a little easier for them to do.
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out and you will see them, especially northern counties, after rush hour, please give them lots of room. they will need it because they are trying to make sure that we are all safe when the weather comes. not if. we will hear more about that from don. meanwhile, we will show you conditions as they merit it and let you know where we are and what you should look for. anthony wilson, abc 11 eyewitness news. barbara: the best way to stay ahead of the storm is download the abc11 first alert weather app and get alerts and first alert doppler xp and hour-by-hour forecast. john: classes are expected to be on time after an overnight shooting on or near the saint augustin university campus in raleigh. in the last 30 minutes the lockdown was lifted. a student was shot apparently on campus around 1:00 this morning. he's been treated at the hospital, stable police say.
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say there's no further threat. we will have more information and live report on campus next half hour. crime alert this morning after a string of hotel robberies in wake county. around 2:30 this morning someone robbed the red roof inn near the mall in cary. minutes later somebody with the same description robbed the ramada inn on blue ridge road near the fair grounds. barbara: we are following breaking news, an attack at a university in pakistan left multiple people dead. caitlin knute is in the breaking news center with the latest. caitlin: we know the death toll now is 19 after gunmen stormed the university in the northwestern part of the country. it began shortly after classes had started for the day. it then triggered a gun battle with police and army troops. officials say the attackers have
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four were killed. a taliban leader has just claimed responsibility for this. he was a mastermind behind a similar attack on a school nearby. that attack claimed the lives of 150 people in december of 2014. sadly, most of them were children. we will continue to follow this breaking news. barbara: we are working to learn more about a durham police cruiser involved in head-on collision on hope valley road near chapel hill boulevard. despite the serious damage there were only minor injuries. >> the raleigh city council is looking at revamping a proposed ordinance dealing with dogs to make it easier to classify a dog as dangerous and take steps to have it put down if necessary. officials decided to give people more time to weigh in. they expect to revisit it in
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barbara: two sink locals causing problems in chatham county. this is over a section of jones ferry road in the northern part of the county. it is closed because the hole is cracking the pavement. it is just north of river road. we have showed you this. chopper 11 h.d. over this growing sink hole on lister road near jordan like this road closed until crews are able to prepare it. that could take more than a week. this story has folks talking on facebook. a northeastern grocery store chain with a major following is coming to the triangle. we are talking about wegmans. they confirm a signed letter of intent to build on a 90-acre site in cary towne center. they hope to have a final lease agreement the next few months. barbara: i have never been in one, have you? john: i have not and folks that is moved down from the northeast rave about it. barbara: let us know on facebook.
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the debate over fayetteville's city seal. john: why some are calling for change and what was decided last night. barbara: a california fisherman will have a good story to tell and he's got the video to prove it, people. check that out. don: good morning. as you head out, temperatures about where they were yesterday and we are dry. the drive home though you could see snowflakes. we will talk about that coming
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don: welcome back.
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pwutsz it will be just like yesterday. i know some kids in wake county had a teacher workday but it will be another day to bundle them up. temperatures in the teens. by 8:00 low 20's. 14 now roanoke rapids. 17 roxboro, 19 hillsborough, 18 siler city. 21 raleigh and cary. 25 fayetteville. 23 lillington. just 16 in sanford and 23 in pinehurst. looking at the day ahead mainly clear now. 19. by lunchtime milwaukee -- mostly cloudy and 31. we will see snow showers after 4:00 to 5:00, more toward the evening flurries working through. temps in the mid 30's. we will talk about how much snow we could see and mess working in for friday. the seven-day forecast is up next. barbara: fayetteville city leaders want more input on the
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use on the city seal. it held three public forums last night asking residents how they feel when they look at the landmark. some have complained it reminds them of past links to slavery and want it removed. the general consensus from last night's meetings more talk is needed. >> i'm very pleased. we were hoping for more people but we had about 30-odd people tonight with great opinions and that's what we wanted to hear what they had to say. barbara: more public forums are scheduled for later this month. john: the must-see video a california man with a serious fish tale. he got more than he bargain the for when he hooked a great white shark off a pier. he tried for 15 minutes to reel it in before it broke free. experts say the he willel nino weather pattern could be driving they will closer to shore.
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eruption on the surface of the sun. scientists say a dark solar filament created the cascade of arches. it has been enhanced to show you what it would have looke an estimated 135 groups are taking part. barbara: a north carolina coastal town is taking a stand against offshore drilling voting unanimously to pass a resolution opposing the practice. this makes sure that it is the 100th community to come out against it. john: 5:14 and 18 degrees. the u.s. supreme court is set to take under the immigration debate. barbara: what is at stake in the
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and gives of many states. john: aman forced to -- a man forced to turn over his dog.
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john: good morning on wednesday, 5:16 an -- and 18 degrees. saint augustin on lockdown after a student was shot. that was around 1:00 but that has been lifted. authorities say a student was injured and taken to wakemed where he is said to be stable. a suspect involved also taken into custody. classes were scheduled to resume as normal this morning. the d.o.t. will be back out to brine major highways and bridges and overpasses.
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snow showers could mean slippery conditions and crews expect a bigger mess later in the week. "big weather" will have the details in a couple of minutes. the search is called off for 12 marines missing after a helicopter crash off the hawaii coast. the cause of the crash is under investigation. barbara: the supreme court will decide the fate of president barack obama's immigration act this term. it would allow up to five million undocumented immigrants to come out of the shadows and work legally. the justices say they will consider undoing a lower court order blocking the plan from taking effect. the case will be arcgued in april. the immigrants who would benefit are mainly the parents of american citizens and lawful permanent residents. a demonstration in support of the confederate flag outside the state capitol in mississippi. the sons of confederate veterans invited to bring their
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a few dozen attended. this after a number of cities and schools including ole miss removed it from their buildings. there have been calls for it to remove the emblem from the state flag. lawmakers there could take it up in the current session. john: ohio man in jail after trying to trick the corporate and get around an order to universityeuthanize his dog. he was ordered to put it down after it attacked a therapy dog and dog's owner. when he showed up they realized it was not the same dog. apparently he bought another dog and tried to have that dog put down. he is serving 28 days for the deception. barbara: sky watchers you will get a special treat starting right now. you can see five planets together in the sky just before dawn mercury, venus, saturn, mars around jupiter. it is the first time in more than 10 years that all five of these planets appeared together
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it will last through february 20. in case you need help to know where to look check out the naval observatory webpage. you can link to that app. don: i will open it on twitter. barbara: make it easier. don: the naval observatory has the official clock for the united states. it is a really cool site. to the second what time it is. john: is it true that planets don't twinkle. don: stars twinkle. the light is different. i wouldn't get the jacket out and go look this morning. it is 18 degrees. barbara: i think i will look from inside. don: it is through february 20. if you want to wait until next week it will be in the 30's. john: i will watch on the internet. don: it will be better. today i think the drive in will be fine. the drive home could be problematic depending on how late you leave work. a look at the next 24 hours, 37
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tonight they move out quickly and we will be partly cloudy, 20's tomorrow. actually 40's tomorrow. going to be nice. live look into joined raleigh and seven-day always on. 19 right now. dew point eight, 62% humidity. wind calm. from across the region this morning, r.d.u. checking in at 20 right now, southeast wind five miles an hour. 18 in southern pines, 19 in smithfield. 25 fayetteville. 25 chapel hill. 19 roxboro. 19 roanoke rapids. any wind chills out there? not really. relatively calm. coldest is 12 in wilson. satellite and radar composite shows the clouds starting to move in. they are high and thin but will work through. snow through the mountains. some of it looks like it is around charlotte but in our area we are relatively dry. most of the snow will fall apart as it hits the mountains. this is the system from the
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snow, a mixed bag in west tennessee. it will lose moisture into the mountains and hit dry air and that will keep the snowfall totals down. by 6:00 just a couple pockets of snow showers, not much in the way of snowfall. next half hour i will shut off the clouds and it will be easier to see. tomorrow lots of sunshine. here is the problem friday. watch what happens friday. we have pink moving through. this is 6:00 a.m. cold air, rain comeing in. we could see sleet, freezing rain or snow. then warm air wins out and we will see the wintry mix replaced by rain before ending as snow on saturday. that forecast is subject to change just because of the track of the storm. today just flurries late day, temperatures in the 30's. 37 raleigh and cary, 36 wake forest and wendell, roxboro 34,
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into the sand hills, mid to upper 30's as well and more clouds, flurries late day. temperatures tonight back into the 20's for overnight lows. 27 raleigh. 30 fayetteville and 26 durham. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather, tomorrow temperatures back into the 40's. 45 degrees, partly sunny. friday 35 degrees. that wintry mix changing to rain friday and changing back to some snow saturday morning before it leaves the region. high saturday afternoon will be 38 degrees. anything we do see moves out quickly. sunday by the way, 44 for the panthers game. temperatures in the 40's in charlotte and it will be dry sunday. so good news for the panthers. friday morning could be problematic. we will have to watch that. i'm working on more model data and i will write up stuff for the bog. john: we will be here. 5:23.
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john: it tack six games -- took six games but the pack was on the road against pitt and they got off to a hot start. they were up 25 points at the half and despite a late game charge by the panthers the wolfpack rolls to an easy victory and that gets the monkey off their back. up next a tougher test against 20th ranked duke saturday afternoon. lower fuel prices are pushing airlines into record profits. barbara: here is our financial and consumer news. >> topping america's money profits are soaring for the airlines. >> falling fuel cost contributed to delta making over $4 billion in profit last year. other airlines are seeing similar weekend -- weekend installs. they are put took back in new planes and terminals but the fees stay around. more than 40% of americans
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>> one reason not as many workers are receiving paid vacation time. french fries and chocolate. why not combine the two. that is what mcdonald's figured. it is the mcchoco poerts. it has dark and white. >> you will have to cough up money to get them. it is only available in japan. >> it looks really good. >> that is america's money. barbara: i don't think it looks good. don was talking about chips with chocolate. still to come, a university campus in raleigh put on lockdown.
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afternoon as the d.o.t. gets


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