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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News 4PM  ABC  January 20, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> a warning for >> see what's happening this instant. abc 11 eyewitness new's at 4:00 starts right now. >> north carolina bracing for its first major bout with major weather this year. snow headed our way over the next few hours. the western part of the state already dealing with this. the roads in asheville already blanketed in white this afternoon. local school districts are not taking any chances. afterschool activities canceled. flurries can make travel tricky tonight and for the morning
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>> were looking ahead to friday and the weekend. we have live team coverage this afternoon. our team at meteorologists and reporters are stationed across the viewing area. d.o.t. crews spraying brine on major roads and interstates, playing -- paying close attention to those roads and bridges. let's kick things off this afternoon with chris hohmann in the storm center. walk us through what we can expect. chris: we talked about this yesterday, this will not be a huge ordeal, i don't think, but there could be a few slick spots. first alert doppler hd coming in , a band of snow, some of this not reaching the ground. we've been looking at the traffic cameras around greensboro the last couple of hours where it's been snowing steadily and there are no traffic problems there, at least
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traveling -- some of this evaporating before it reaches the ground. we will watch it through the evening hours make its way into the triangle. there is more like snow back to the west but this is the end of it. this is a brief, minor impact system, i think. here's our first alert predictor, notice it is drying up as it moves eastward. a few scattered flurries and a few heavier snow showers at last a few minutes here or there. i don't think there will be widespread slick spots but there could be a few with this. by 10:00 or 11:00, it's all gone and tomorrow is a quiet day. there may be more of a coding and alamance county, maybe a half-inch but it is dissipating as it moves eastward. quiet later tonight and tomorrow
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winter storm watch in effect the raleigh drum area down to johnson county, and to the north and west. this is for midnight tomorrow through saturday at six. p.m.. -- 6:00 p.m.. potential power outages with ice and snow on top of that, sell a lot going on. this is the main event, friday into saturday. we will tell you all about that, but tomorrow is the day to get ready for that. anna: right now and for the past 24 hours, d.o.t. crews have been treating area roads. joel: drivers being warned to watch out for slick spots as the temperatures plunge. i on conditions for us. what are the conditions where you are? angelica: perfect conditions for
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treating the roadways. you can see they have been doing that there on the pavement. they have been out in full force and's tuesday and plan to stay on the roads spreading the brine as long as they can as long as temperatures stay above freezing focusing on the interstate and roadways. i spoke to the dot about an hour and a half ago and they are confident they will get all the roads covered well before ride a when we expect the worst of the winter weather. they will be watching the forecast to know how many crews to get out there between wake and durham county, they tell me they have 30 crews hitting the roadways. they will be out all night long as they can as long as temperatures stay above the freezing mark. they plan to be able to continue with that sand and salt mix.
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can, i know you hear that time and time again but give yourself as much room to work with -- give these crews time to work. joel: let's go to durham now where crews are preparing for winter weather there. andrea blanford is along interstate 85. tell us about the conditions near you. andrea: things are still looking pretty good out here in durham county. the crews just wrapped up near route for today. they tell us they don't want their slow-moving brine trucks on the road during the evening rush hour.
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durham county covering 85, highway 70, spreading that brine mixture, especially over ramps and bridges. they will check the forecast early tomorrow morning before deciding whether to do another round of brine. is there is another rain event in the next few days the crews may hold on as it could wash away the brine they are putting down. they want to stay ahead of that second round of winter weather. we will keep driving around out in durham county keep an eye on the roads for you and will bring you another update in the next hour. we will send it back to you. anna: we are the team to turn to as the snow approaches. get alerts on your phone or any mobile device about school closings i downloading a free first alert weather. send pictures of what you see
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just use the hashtag abc 11 eyewitness. we will be showing your pictures in the newscast over the next few days. get up-to-the-minute updates from the weather team online at questions about guns on college campuses as a raleigh university student is charged with shooting a fellow student. it happened overnight. ed crump just finished listening to those 911 calls. >> it sounds like an official here at the university made that call. he said a student was shot in the back of the head but did not know who shot him. investigators who were on the scene at 1:00 a.m. now say the victim did know the shooter. the talk on campuses that this shooting was result of an argument over something
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a former basketball player was listed in good condition at wake med. fellow students are shocked that any student would consider bringing a gun on campus. >> it would be less if it was an outsider, but being it was a student makes it kind of scary. carrying guns on campus. that's really not good. >> i would expect someone to have the responsibility to know right or wrong. i come here for an education and i shouldn't be scared to go to class. >> most students we talked to agreed and conceded it would be nearly impossible to search every student coming and going from campus for a gone. if anyone would like to hear that entire 911 call, you can find it posted with this story on
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joel: the water is back on but dear street in durham still closed this afternoon after a water main break overnight flooded streets. this is the area that was impacted. this is a live look at the area right now from chopper 11 hd. there is a huge hole to repair before traffic can get moving in the area. stephanie lopez is on the ground to update us on the progress. stephanie: crews are trying to repair the road after a water main break. this was the scene this morning when a durham water main ruptured. durham's water and sewer superintendent tells us the water main broke after cold weather overnight caused the ground to shift, exposing week spots in the line. the crew repairing the main break tells us that to shut off the water to pump out the
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pipes and replace the line. now they are busy fixing up the road. donald yarborough leases this warehouse and two others behind it. he says he cannot believe the amount of water rushing out of the line when he saw the story on eyewitness news, but says the city has done a good job springing to action. >> i saw it on the news this morning when i was getting dressed and i was in shock. i immediately came over here, the city of durham already had their crews out and i must say the city of durham has just done an excellent job of providing ingress and egress for the businesses here and for doing these repairs. i'm really pleased with what the city has done. >> this portion is expected to be closed all day. no word on when they will open it back up.
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made worse by the conditions those crews have to work in. still ahead, we continue to monitor the winter weather for this evening. we have our crews stationed across the viewing area, ready to catch any precipitation that falls. anna: you can stay ahead of all the weather with the first alert weather app. another story we are following in johnson county. >> a protest planned as johnson county leaders talk about the eminent domain battle heating up here. we will have that story in a live report. >> tracking your fitness with apps can save you money at stores. anna: first, let's go outside. you know that is old video on that nice, sunny day. 36 degrees, we are waiting for a weather event to roll through the viewing area.
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n joel: dozens of angry residents are expected at a meeting in about two hours. we've heard from many abc 11
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they plan to build in their neighborhood and take the land to do it. john joins us live in smithfield with the newest developments. john: there are still a lot of questions about this project. folks here only learned about it a week ago and that is one of the main gripes when you talk to people about what is going on, how you all this is. this is video from the website showing the kind of operation the company wants to build here, a massive railyard, what they call an intermodal connector where trains home goods in from across the country and trucks haul it out closer to home. csx claims it will create 1500 jobs in the long run but the folks who live near where it will be built, it has become a total nightmare. they didn't know about it until thursday and they tell us
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and said we are taking your land through eminent domain, come up with a fair price. you have six months to get out. one man says a csx rep told him how long this has been in the works. >> he sat here and told me that he rolled by and watch me bill this building. almost three years ago he saw this building in the construction process and said hope it's not going to be a real big deal. they were looking at this land to and a half or three years ago. john: this special called meeting will be about this project but there really is no county leaders are only telling us they will go into closed session and then come out and maybe make some remarks or take some action, but that is all we have been told. a protest is expected to kick up around 5:30.
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6:00. anna: i would guess that most anyone in the triangle right now like to be standing where i am with chris hohmann. everybody wants to know what is headed our way. chris: tonight will not be a huge deal, but the main event is late tomorrow night into saturday. that could be a fairly disruptive storm. it is coming a little better in focus as we get more data. we will show you what we have come up with so far. it's all quite now in the triangle but a little bit of sunshine and temperatures cold again at northfield. raleigh durham international at 36. the air is very dry so a lot of the snow that is falling is coming our way and evaporating before it reaches the ground. some of it is hitting the ground
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once the snow begins in some areas the temperatures will fall to freezing pretty quickly. 38 in fayetteville and 40 at lumberton. not all of this is reaching the ground. if you're back in northern durham county into orange county you may not have any flakes coming down, but it is reaching the ground back toward the triad. winston-salem just to the west, some roads becoming snow-covered right now. as it moves eastward, some areas north and west of raleigh they start to see a light accumulation on ththroadways and grassy surfaces. ground temperatures very cold. notice it's already ending back in the mountains. this is a quick heating system that could cause some minor problems for a few of us this evening, especially the triangle and northward.
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the next system is coming our way from tennessee and mississippi. around washington and baltimore, that is a blizzard watch. not areas as far south as washington go under a blizzard watch, but this could be a blockbuster storm for northern virginia. models have been insistent that it's falling apart, but still maybe a brief heavier snow shower could coat the ground for a while. a thin layer of snow could cause some slippery spots. at midnight, it is all gone. there's the winter weather he -- winter weather advisory. none for the triangle. there may be an isolated slick spot in orange order of counties, especially the northern parts of those counties. cold tonight but not as cold as it has been. tomorrow is the day to get ready for potential major winter
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chilly but a little warmer than it has been, and our sites are set on a major storm that develops over the mississippi valley secondary storm near the coast. we are sandwiched in between with the colder air lock in for many of us for friday. precipitation through much of friday from the triangle northward. this one seems to have a fairly good handle on inks. this is midnight tomorrow night, all dry. here we go after midnight toward sunrise, snow moves into the triangle briefly. the pink represents a mixture of snow and sleet, briefly changing to freezing rain as we head into the morning hours on friday.
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the way up, i think that is a little optimistic. i think the line where you have rain versus freezing rain will be right over raleigh during the day friday. areas to the east all rain, north and west will be freezing rain or snow. a big mess around here, a wintry mix as we head through the day. this model is warming is the thin to the mid-30's. more than likely it stays a little colder than that but a changeover to rain around the triangle briefly is not out of the question. hours of freezing rain before that and in after midnight. saturday there's a chance for some wraparound snow in the morning hours as far south as the triangle that it calls some accumulations during the day. the initial snow band drop for tomorrow night and early friday one to three inches near the virginia border. then it switches over to freezing rain. ice accumulation from this could
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a band of quarter inch to maybe a half inch of in this area. this is just the potential and this could shift over to freezing rain and then potentially back to snow before it ends with a minor accumulation during the morning hours on saturday. there is the winter storm watch, does not include fayetteville or goldsboro which will likely go under a winter weather advisory. some of the accumulations of ice could be significant, snow and then ice on top of that. the highest accumulations look to be a long and north of interstate 85. it's still two days out and exactly how much ice falls, the potential there for quarter to a
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we talked about friday, the chance of snow saturday before it ends. next week we are in the 50's so it will all be a aemory and we will be looking back on this and laughing. anna: so you're saying it will be brief and minor impact tonight. joel: we practiced how get through winter storm and then we really prepare. anna: a grocery store getting a lot of attention in the triangle , not because everybody's going there for milk and bread right now. this one does not even exist yet. joel: everybody is talking about wegmans. washing ton some taste your
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anna: do not mess with this mom. would be carjackers try to steal a car from a woman willing to fight that. the man tried to carjacked a woman on the other side of the phone.
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the other in the driver seat, but the woman fights back and rips the ski mask off the carjacker and drags one of them out of the car. both men run to the getaway car but the escape did not last long. all three suspects are locked up this afternoon. joel: federal investigators investigating whether there's a associate professor at kent state university. he told cnn he first learned of to the terrorist organization. he has denied any involvement with isis. he has been on the fbi's radar since 2014. anna: the mayor of michigan said he will not call for governor rick snyder's resignation over the water crisis. he said snyder needs to stay in
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and the money the city needs. even the governor's state of the state speech where he apologized profusely, protesters and other still call for the governor's resignation. now were waiting for the governors e-mail to be released to shed light on this. joel: we are bracing for what some say could be significant snow. at 4:30 we will timeout its arrival. anna: then the food company expanding in the state and bringing close to 100 jobs with it. heather: will tell you what you need to know so you don't end up without heat. anna: the grocery store wegmans looking to open a bookstore here
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joel: breaking happening at unc chapel hill. >> a power outage on the chapel hill campus. we have chopper 11 hd overhead checking it out. lots of darkness inside those buildings. interestingly, we been taking a look around campus and we see that the stop lights are on, so it appears that this is something isolated to certain parts of the campus. university officials have been tweeting out that the student union and north dining hall are shutdown and other location shutdown as well because of the power outage. there is a game tonight at the smiths enter. we have a couple of crews
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as soon as we get more, we will be back with you as we learn more about this power outage on the usc chapel hill campus. >> a cold and dry day so far but we're watching a little bit of light snow and flurries coming your way. another cold one, this is day four with highs in the 30's. 37 at south hill, 35 at rocky mount wilson. 38 in fayetteville right now. not all of this reaching the ground, back toward the west of siler city but there are some patches here in gilbert in randolph county where the snow is definitely coming down. the roads getting a little snow cover around the triad and eastward. not everyone will get snow out of this because the model shows it falls apart as it heads our way. a few flurries and snow showers
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roadways and a few slick spots early this evening before it clears out. then back to clear skies overnight. by morning it should be in the low to mid 20's across the region, not as cold as recent nights. a dry day, a good deal of sunshine with low and mid 40's for a high. then we watched the system, our way tomorrow night late into the weekend. all types of precipitation on the table. the line between frozen and snow could shift back-and-forth between now and win this thing gets underway late tomorrow night and friday. it looks like some snow late tomorrow night and early friday morning before changes over to sleet and then freezing rain. an inch or two maybe near the virginia border at the onset and then several hours of freezing
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our model has a changing terrain by late afternoon up towards durham. that's entirely possible, especially around raleigh. a changeover to plane reign as temperatures get above freezing late in the day. then it's back to snow during the day saturday. there will be some accumulations of snow and ice and that could be fairly significant. a winter storm watch is up for many areas late tomorrow night into saturday evening. more on this coming up at 4:00. storms in and out of here friday into saturday evening. sunday looks nice. this could be a significant storm for us that liz horton is standing by in the first alert weather center. it could be a historic storm for areas to the north of us. >> in advance of this weekend's big snow, look at this. humvees in position in long
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motorist. they are bringing out heavy-duty trucks to help shuttle stranded motorists to shelters when weather emergencies unfold. let's take you through some of the models to show you. watch as we go toward midnight into saturday, all of that continues up the i-95 corridor through saturday and up towards boston on sunday. the amounts the northeast could get still not refined. this model showing d.c. could get as much as 32 inches of snow, roanoke almost 17 inches. but this is just one model. the european model shows quite a bit less snow. when we are this far out, these are just estimates. they will continue to get a
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we get. the snow will begin moving in friday. travel will be difficult on i-95 . even a blizzard is possible, a blizzard watch in effect for folks around that area. we will be watching and praying that those conditions are not quite as that here. people in -- anna: people in fayetteville are preparing for anything mother nature throws at us. >> a lot of unknowns about what were going to get in terms of precipitation but we are still preparing for the worst down here. this is i-95 business going into fayetteville.
4:34 pm
inbound and outbound of business i-95 here. a lot of exit ramps and streets as well. dot crews were out yesterday brining sections of i-95 from harnett county down to the south carolina border. i just talked to the department of transportation down here. they are saying that right now they are not sure, maybe as much as three inches of snow and a lot of rain. in between could be a lot of rain and freezing sleet. it's going to be a long night tonight and an even longer weekend and we will keep you updated on how things are going down here anna:. heating and air-conditioning companies are busy racing around the triangle responding to calls from people without heat joel:
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homeowners and schools cranking up the thermostat. heather is putting her hvac cap on for us today. she's been following crews around today. what is the most common problem you're seeing? heather: the biggest problems we been hearing about involves water heaters but for these homeowners, it was their furnace. they welcome this morning without any heat and they were not the only ones. michael and sons are booked a week out because of the colder temperatures. they tell us this gotten about 50 calls -- they have gotten about 50 calls and many company technicians will be on call this weekend in anticipation of that winter weather. in the meantime they say there are steps you can take now to avoid having to shell out
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>> outside hoses, take them off faucets. that's the biggest thing we see when cold weather comes because the ice backs up in the host to the fossett and soon there is a split in it. if you don't have the type of hose that shuts off inside the house, definitely get one of those styrofoam covers and cover it up. heather: insulate any exposed pipes and turn off sprinkler systems. also know where your main water shutoff is in case of an emergency, and if you have any existing leaks, don't wait to get those fixed. if you do, you will have a much bigger problem down the road. joel: no one wants to lose heating in weather like this. wegmans, people going wild over the news that wegmans is coming. a letter of intent has been issued and delighting hundreds of people.
4:37 pm
proposed site, right off i-40. the state of north carolina once owned the property. elaine a, first it was publix, now this new grocery store chain . what is so spectacular about it? >> a lot of excitement here. here behind me is where the wegmans might go. about two hours ago officials were out here surveying the property and checking sewer lines. they won't say how big the store will be. the grocer says they have signed a letter of intent to grab a piece of this parcel. we met some folks today thrilled the specialty grocer could set up shop in the triangle.
4:38 pm
the more the better. >> i'm looking forward to the bait goods. -- bakedoods. >> some people also think the store could revitalize the area. right across the street is the town center. macy's in dashes in the process of closing it store. everything is discounted from 20%-40%. i headed five: 30, how the city is responding to this proposal. -- i had at 5:30. anna: that is great exposure for that town.
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full disclosure, her mom lives and drives an hour to wegmans. will show you how you can get your hands on the fiat the pope used in philly. joel: there could be a danger
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>> if you have a joel: overheating concerns forcing microsoft to recall a number of its power cords. a report says the company will voluntarily record the power cords for some tablet sold in the u.s. before march 15. a spokesperson is quoted as saying they will soon release details of how customers can get a free replacement. if you're one of the millions of folks tracking your fitness, there is a way to save money with all those steps you take anna:. certain apps can help you cash in with every step. >> making and saving money while walking, running, or checking your blood pressure.
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fitness bands and trackers. >> whether it's through fitness or rewarding shoppers with a point system or cash back reward or additional coupons. >> research compiled a list using retailers using fitness asked to allow you to earn points for cash or coupons. >> we have everything from walgreens to dick's sporting goods, sports authority. the one you're going to save money at is sports authority. utrecht fitness through a third-party app. >> the more activity you do, the more you start to earn. >> if you looking at walgreens or sports authority, you can do everything from testing your blood sugar and blood pressure
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>> dick's sporting goods, sears, kmart come and sports authority are all offering savings in the store or online. you can earn up to 2000 points for walking 50 miles of earning 15,000 calories. while there is a cap on how much you can earn each year, the rewards can only help put a little extra pep in your step. anna: there's also some fun games that challenge and test your fitness. for links to all this information on how they work, go to and click on the money saver tab. anything to keep you moving. joel: parade around town. anna: how you can get in the driver seat of one of pope
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joel: selling mattresses the traditional way isn't the best way. most are made in a large factory, and shipped hundreds of miles to a retailers warehouse, where they're marked up and up before finally selling and delivering them at the original mattress factory we take a straightforward approach. we have eliminated the extra steps and created a direct line from our factory to you.
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joel: if you've ever wanted to ride in style like the pope, now maybe your chance. fiat used by pope francis in his visit in philadelphia is going up for auction.
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archdiocese ministries and children's hospitals. anna: sam's club will start accepting bc socratic cards in stores on february 1. -- accepting visa credit cards. steve: we have chopper 11 hd flying over the unc chapel hill campus. a power outage on campus. we see first responders right here. officials tweeting out about the outage. a live report at the top of the hour. and breaking news, dot has been involved in the brining operation, you see the brine lines on highways across the area. no snow falling right now but chris's outsider downtown
4:46 pm
we could see a few flurries. chris: the winter weather advisory has been expanded to include the triangle for this evening. it's not so much the accumulations by the ground is so cold we can see some slippery spots. quiet tomorrow and then a much bigger storm impacts us friday and saturday. we will have all the details on that coming up at 5:00. >> chris will be zeroing in on what it means for friday and saturday with a winter storm heading our way. we will see you in a couple of minutes. anna: school meals could be a bit tastier under legislation approved today by senate committee. the bill is designed to help -- that save the health or school
4:47 pm
school lunch directors lobbying against the standard endorsed the agreement saying it will help them plan meals that are more appealing to students. joel: a north carolina college campus on alert right now following a sexual assault. anna: stay connected to the changing weather conditions where you are with the worst alert weather app. you will get watches and warnings sent directly to you and check out live doppler radar any time you want. i don't want to live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready. because today there's harvoni.
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joel: police investigating
4:50 pm
campus dorm. officers say a female student was taken to the hospital. authorities are working to identify a suspect. they will only say what area it was in. anna: firefighters rescue a teenager from a burning house this morning. smoke and flames could be seen coming from the roof just before 7:00. crews used a letter to rescue a 16-year-old girl and her dog from the second floor. she was not hired and the dog is ok. joel: a 19-year-old woman is dead and four others including a 15 month old baby are in the hospital following a head-on crash. this was the scene last night on highway 73. mckenzie was killed after the car she was in lost control. the driver of the cars in the hospital right now with life-threatening injuries.
4:51 pm
police say's beat was a factor in the crash and they continue to investigate. anna: one of two men who walked away from a trial in december was caught in texas. emmanuel martinez was captured in harris county but they are still looking r james moser. they were on trial for a home invasion robbery at a house in hickory when they left the courthouse and disappeared. joel: road kill taken to a restaurant and the health department is investigating. she recognized the vehicle from it delivering food to her home and office. she called police after it drove behind a restaurant and authorities said they did find a slaughtered deer behind the restaurant but they will
4:52 pm
visits and do more frequent inspections. another north carolina coastal community, the town council voted last night to oppose both offshore drilling for oil as well as seismic testing to find oil and gas. it's the 100th municipality on the east coast to ban drilling and seismic testing. tisha: brine on the roads. the first chance of snow moving in. new predictions on what to expect in the coming hours. could there be re-freezing for the morning rush hour? steve: on alert for a weekend sleet, ice and snow all of
4:53 pm
chris hohmann zeroing in on the storm track. tisha: a blast of winter on the approach. steve: we're expecting flurries and bursts of snow in the coming hours. most afterschool activities have been canceled. tisha: a full list right now at and on our mobile app. steve: the storm heading our way for the weekend. chris hohmann is tracking it all in the downtown raleigh chris: first alert chris: storm center. a quick burst of snow pushing into the region right now. some of it not reaching the ground. the air is dry so initially the precipitation goes into
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allowing the snow to get down to the ground.
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