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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 500 AM  ABC  January 21, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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this was just issued a few minutes ago. we have winter storm warning including warren, vance, granville, into person county, wake county, orange, alamance, moore, lee and chatham counties aupbld the winter storm warnings starting tonight at midnight through saturday 6:00 p.m. so it could last through midday saturday. some counties that were not under the watch are under an advisory including all of the sand hills and fayetteville and i-95 corridor to wilson and halifax county. all of those counties understood a winter weather advisory. that means it is not going to be as bad as other counties but you could see ice or snow accumulations at the end of the system. we have an advisory and winter storm warning in effect from tonight through saturday. temperatures across the region today, shaping up to be a great day. 28 in south hill.
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27 sanford, 31 fayetteville. 28 smithfield and 31 clinton. we look at the forecast for the next 12 hours and you look at today and it is the calm before the storm literally. lunchtime we will be almost 40 degrees. 10 degrees above yesterday. this afternoon temperatures running in the 40's. after today it gets messy. tomorrow looks bad. we will talk about that in the forecast in a bit. barbara: call it a preview of things to come as don was saying light snow last night leading to problems this morning. john: several school systems operating on a delay this morning especially in the northern counties. caitlin knute is live in person county checking conditions there. caitlin: whenever we are searching for snow we come to roxboro. we will show you the first alert storm chaser and we turn on carver street next to person high school there's a little on the roads.
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for the most part they are clear here but to the right it is a shady area so the snow built up there on the side. i'm with jim schumaker who says that is the case here. it is not so much the bridges and overpasses they worry about but shady areas around curves. so keep that in mind. jim hopped out and shot video. we will show you the snow in the grassy areas and in the downtown of roxboro and car dealerships will have to dust off the vehicles if they want to do business today. that snow didn't disappear but it is much different than what we saw in wake county and durham. if you are in person county, they have the two-hour delay and you will notice you have snow on the roads but mostly grass yy surfaces. the roads appear to be ok for the most part. you see what we are seeing and we are going down a main street
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and everything is clear. it is not a big issue yet. again don is talking about moving forward and to the north areas are hit hardest. so, prepare and we will keep driving around and let you know if we find anything else of significance. we are not hearing of any major accidents as a result of the snow. if you know something shoot as you message online and let us know on twitter or facebook and we will pass it along. live from first alert storm chaser caitlin knute, abc 11 eyewitness news. john: the state is busy getting ready for this next winter storm. barbara: gloria rodriguez is live in the state mental operations center with the latest on what the give will say today. gloria: the governor is expected to talk about what the state is doing to prepare for a possible winter weather storm and we can tell you d.o.t. crews have been treating the roads since tuesday. we have footage of light snow
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raleigh and it was not very heavy, however we're preparing for more possible snow. that can cost issues on the road. more than 30 crews have been spreading the water-salt mix in wake and tkaourpbl counties. d.o.t. said crews are ready for a possible big went blast tomorrow. we are waiting for the governor to speak this morning at 10:30 and we will broadcast live on being go online and see the governor's press conference and what the state is doing to prepare for this possible winter weather storm. we will stay out here and bring you the latest. live in raleigh, gloria: gloria: abc 11 eyewitness news. today and drivers are being urged to stay home there.
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barbara: many in the washington, d.c. area are still reeling after a traffic nightmare caused from a surprise snowfall there. some commuters just now getting home after spending more than six hours in traffic after an inch of snow fell during the rush hour. even president obama's motorcade had a tough time getting back to the white house slipping and sliding. the d.c. area is expected to get slammed this weekend. john: the major airlines are preparing for the possibility of a massive snowstorm. american, southwest and delta are among those issuing travel waivers to customers ahead of the storm. american is allowing customers traveling through nine airports and southern virginia to change flights without penalty. southwest is allowing customers from boston to washington to reschedule if they plan to fly friday or saturday. delta is waiving the change fee for people flying between boston
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and washington. barbara: days of subfreezing temperatures are causing problems for home owners. amber has more on what you need to know to keep the heat flowing. amber: another gift from mother nature when people think of the cold they are concerned about frozen pipes but in a deep freeze it can wreak havoc on the electrical system. these folks are bundled up not the way they expected to start the day in raleigh. it didn't take long for a technician to pinpoint the problem. the cold temperatures caused the system to shut off. similar calls for service are all spiking across the triangle. since wednesday michael and son received more than 50 calls from people without heat or hot water. >> we get to the colder months it puts a strain on the water heater because it tries to keep up with cold water and has to do more heating. amber: with snow in the forecast plumbing and heating companies warn homeowners to be pro-active.
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crews are preparing to work over overtime. how can you plan? insulate exposed pipes and turn off interimer systems and know where the main water shutoff is in case of emergency. if you have any existing leaks get them fixed. don't wait. one of the most important tips disconnect or remove all outdoor hoses from faucets. if not ice can build up and lead to bigger problems down the road. john: 5:08 and 28 degrees. raleigh police getting pro-active. barbara: the purpose of a new avalanche. it is a must-see video of the morning. don: as you head out we have dry conditions, nice thursday shaping up. tomorrow is when we see the problems. we will talk about that in a bit.
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don: welcome back. tomorrow we have messy weather but today not bad. this morning this is the warmest morning we have seen all week. temperatures in the 20's this morning. some spots 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. from across the region 29 roxboro and durham. 28 hillsborough. 26 siler city. 29 rocky mount. 30 lillington and fayetteville. 26 sanford and 27 pinehurst. we look at the day ahead mainly clear now and 27 degrees. by lunchtime temperatures climbing into the 30's, 39
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through the late day 41 degrees and mostly sunny skies. sunshine today and winter storm tomorrow. we will talk about that in the complete forecast in a bit. barbara: amazeing video a snowboarder capturing a terrifying moment an avalanche hits. yen mayer had a go pro on his head when he was snowboarding at the sugar bowl ski resort. as they pass appear area with fresh snow he tried a jump. his landing triggered an avalanche. you see he was yelling as he tumbled down the side of the mountain in a mass of snow. he survived with only a sprained ankle. new york town comes up with a way to use a parking lot. watertown is trying to turn this lot into an outdoor ice rink. the usual spot is closed for renovations so workers there sprayed down the lot with water and workers say it will take a
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skaters. barbara: never gets old. explosions taking down two of the tallest buildings in new bern. the first silo fell followed by another. windows of a nearby wind did he were broken. they are making way for new development. john: raleigh police hope a new video hopes you feel more comfortable during a traffic stop. this eight-machine video is available on the official website. the captain goes through dos and don'ts when pulled over. they have made an effort to reach out to the community and defuse potential tension. barbara: does it tell you not to cry. what one government agency is now recommending.
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barbara: johnston county officials talking to families worried about losing property.
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john: good morning on thursday, 5:15 and 28 degrees. here is a look at the headlines. several local school districts on a delay this morning. granville. halifax, nash, rocky mount, northampton, person, roanoke rapids, vance, warren and well done city schools on a two-hour delay. mecklinburg, virginia, schools will open at 10:00. we have the closings and delays on or our free first alert weather app. the d.o.t. continues to prepare for the next storm. winter storm warning is in effect starting at midnight tonight. give mccrory is expected to
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way in a news conference at 10:30. barbara: the consumer product safety commission is issuing warnings about the safety of hover boards after a major house fire that killed two dogs in california. it started in a bedroom where the board was being charged and caused about a quarter million dollars in damage. they are investigating more than three dozen instances of boards smoking or bursting into flames. will offer refunds to anyone who bought hover boards on its website. a motel fire in fayetteville blamed on a hit cigarette at the budget inn. one was taken to the cape fear medical facility. it caused significant damage to several rooms. john: the johnston county board of commissioners announcing opposition to a controversial c.s.x. transport hub near selma. the state says the rail yard will create 1,500 new jocks but angry -- jobs say it will cost
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them their homes. the meeting was called last night telling the residents that c.s.x. jumped the gun and their properties wouldn't be taken. residents say it is a step in the right direction. barbara: the game between arizona and carolina is going to the dogs. governor mccrory and the governor of arizona are putting their dogs' pride on the line. the loser has to wear the jersey of the winning team. mccrory's rescue dog is a chocolate lab and woody is a golden retriever. we will see who comes out the winner. i think it is a little cold and neither dog will know the difference. john: very nice. the weather not very nice after today. don: today is when you hear the it. it will be beautiful. temperatures will be the warm eggs all week. -- warmest all week.
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will be messy. barbara: that is an old saying, isn't it? don: i wouldn't inging -- i wouldn't be surprised to see school cancellations. no precipitation today. tomorrow 100%. we will see precipitation. what kind is the big question. saturday still 70% chance that is rain changing to snow. by tuesday 30% that is just rain. let's talk warnings. these are the latest from the national weather service. winter storm warning. we had a winter storm watch that is replaced. watch means we are watching. warning means it will happen. winter storm warning includes raleigh, durham, chapel hill, all the northwestern half of the viewing area and winter advisory. some have been added for the watch because any time from midnight tonight to 6:00 p.m. saturday you could see size or snow in these areas and that would cause travel problems. that is why that advisory is issued. we are not seeing anything on radar this morning.
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we look at the temperatures across the region and right now 27 degrees, dew point 23, that is 85% humidity and winds calm. not dealing with wind chills. live look at r.d.u. no problems getting out today but you want to call ahead. you know what? if you are planning to fly tomorrow you may want to change the plans to saturday or sunday. you may have problems tomorrow. let's see what is happening on the satellite. we are clear, not much to show you. high clouds working through, that's about it. these are all the warnings from the national weather service. you see they send so far up into d.c. d.c. could see -- they have the potential to see up to two feet of snow. they have a blizzard warning in effect and i wouldn't be surprised to see them all up the northeast corridor. winter storm in effect tomorrow. today 7:00 not much to show you. we are clear around dry. nice day. by tomorrow morning 6:00 a.m. we
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the -- snow to the north and precipitation to the south. this is critical for tomorrow. where this pink area sets up is where we will see the ice accumulation. if it is farther to the south we have heavy snow in roxboro. roxboro could see over a foot. if it is north roxboro sees an inch and we see nothing. i think it will be in between. i'm working on the ice and snow forecast. i will have that the next half hour. by saturday it pulls in the snow and we will end as snow in spots. today sunshine, nice day. warmer. temperatures 40's. 43 raleigh, 45 fayetteville. a little below normal. the normal high is 51. tonight cloudy and expect the wintry mix late tonight more toward daylight tomorrow. 28 raleigh. 31 fayetteville. 27 durham. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather showing temperatures tomorrow back only around the freezing mark and that number is critical. we stay low 30's this will be an
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if we get up more it is more rain. saturday i think it ends as snowflakes and melts sunday and monday back to the normal high in the 50's. it is a very difficult forecast. right now i'm focusing on the ice forecast in the next half hour hour. i think what that is and then snow. barbara: that is the danger. don: it s. rain is not a problem and you kcan get the snow but ice can cause power outages. john: another down day for investors. barbara: what is behind one of the worst starts on wall street in years.
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jim boeheim comes to the defense of mike krzyzewski over the question of a post-game handshake following duke's loss he appears to look away and miss a few hand shakes with some of syracuse players. some posts claimed he was chasing after officials to contest a noncall. but coach boeheim said coach k was distracted by duke fans who were yelling at syracuse's players and he didn't like that. boeheim said krzyzewski is as classy as any coach. barbara: landmark for women and first for the national football league. buffalo bills have herd kathryn smith as a full teams special teams coach the first in history of the nfl. buffalo's coach said smith earned the promotion with her knowledge and commitment. john: the selloff on wall street continues hitting levels not seen since014. barbara: here is our financial and consumer news. >> overseas stocks were hammered overnight setting up another
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rough day on wall street. yesterday the dow fell almost 250 points and s&p hit the lowest level in two years. >> already the typical 401-k has lost nearly $8,300 in value. all of this blamed on dropping oil prices which is good at the goes pump. >> after hoverboard fires the government is investigate companies that make them. one key official wants to spend online sales until there is better testing. details later today on "good morning america". >> bad news for "star wars" fans the next movie from our parent company episode eight is being pushed back. instead of memorial day 2017 it will be just before christmas next year. that is america's money. john: i can't wait. barbara: 28 degrees and 5:27. a number of counties on a
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two-hour delay.
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john: it is the calm before the snow. a winter could see a potentially historic blizzard. good morning, welcome on january 21. john: glad you are with us. a few school systems are starting late granville. halifax, nash, person, roanoke rapids, vance, warren, weldone city schools all on a two-hour delay and mecklinburg in virginia will open at 10:00. barbara: it sis not expected to
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