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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 AM  ABC  January 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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preparations under way for john: taste of things to come. snow falling in parts of the area last night causing schools to delay. barbara: winter storm warning set to take effect tomorrow morning. preparations under way. john: good morning, carolina, welcome on thursday january 21. 28 degrees. i'm john clark barbara: i'm barbara gibbs. we will check in with don schwenneker in a moment but first there are school delays. granville. halifax, nash, rocky mount. northampton, person, roanoke rapids, vance, warren county and well done city schools all operating on a two-hour delay.
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delay and mecklinburg in virginia will open at 10:00 a.m. you can check all the delays on and free first alert weather app. barbara: let's go to the latest on the winter storm track with don schwenneker in the first alert storm center. don: good morning to you. let's talk about the warnings in effect right now and show you who is under what warning. we have winter storm warning tonight through 6:00 on saturday. for the northwestern half of the area including raleigh, durham, chapel hill, sanford, chatham. moore county and up into warren county all counties north and west of that through saturday evening. we have the went weather advisory for the rest of the area i-95 corridor fayetteville, goldsboro, wilson. this is from midnight tonight through saturday for possible ice accumulation. today we are going to stay dry. this morning it is about 10 degrees warmer.
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chapel hill, 28 louisburg, 27 r.d. and 26 sanford, 27 smithfield. 29 goldsboro, 30 fayetteville and 36 lumberton. looking at the day ahead, we have temperatures today already in the 20's. by 10:00 mid 30's. 34. by lynch we are in the upper 30's and above freezing. it will be the warmest in the past couple. 40 40's this afternoon. colder air then works in and will change any precipitation to freezing rain or snow overnight. we will talk about that in a bit but now we attack traffic with amber rupinta. amber: it is very quiet on the roads as well and pretty clear if you are traveling in wake, durham or cumberland county. person county a little different. a live report coming from person county, roxboro. this sis cumberland county and no problems here and many main roads in wake county, durham
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county were treated with the brine solution. a lot of folks department -- didn't see precipitation. some schools on a delay. we are accident free and it is nice and quiet this morning. no problems or delays. wake county as well the we will check the drive times but it is a good way to start thursday but tria different story -- friday a different score. barbara: we have live snow last night leading to some problems this morning. john: we told you about the school systems that are operating on a delay this morning especially northern counties. caitlin knute is live in person county checking conditions there. caitlin: good morning, guys. let me flip the camera around as we turn on to carver street in roxboro next to person high school. i don't know how well you can see this but a little bit of snow on the roads especially in shaded areas is what we are seeing. side streets. my photographer jim schumaker is from roxboro and knows the area
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and he says this is a street they normally pay attention to because it leads to the hospital. even know it is heavily treated they paid attention to it and there is still stuff to contend with. that is for people in the northern parts of the area to be prepared. we shot video to show you how pretty it is. snow lovers excited to see the dusting and we stopped by a car dealership where they had snow on the cars. as pretty as it looks it will be on the driveways, sidewalks and you want to be careful walking around for the slick spots. a lot of it will melt but shaded areas that may not see the sun could stick around. we will be paying attention to this area in the coming days because as we know northern parts of the viewing area are usually hit the hardest. but the main roads in roxboro look fine. it is the side streets and shady areas where we see slick spots. we slid ourselves and we are in
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a vehicle with all-wheel drive and we are being careful. that is a heads-up. reporting live from first alert storm chaser, kaeuft kaeuft -- caitlin: kraeufplt.caitlin knute knute. gloria: the governor will speak today at 10:30 to discuss exactly what the state is doing to prepare for this possible winter weather storm. we know that d.o.t. crews have been out in full force since tuesday preparing for the possible snow. we have footage from yesterday where we will light snow in south of raleigh. we didn't get too much yesterday. you might have felt that light snow. however, we are preparing for more possible snow and that can cause issues on the road. more than 30 d.o.t. crews have been out spreading brine or the
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durham counties and d.o.t. says crews are ready for a possible big winter blast tomorrow. they are keeping a close eye on the weather in case it needs to be covered. the governor is speaking at 10:30 and we will broadcast that live on you can see it on line a little later on. we will stay out here and bring you the latest. live in raleigh, gloriatoday and drivers are urged to stay home. barbara: many in the washington, d.c. area are still feeling the problems from a traffic nightmare caused from the surprise snowfall there. some commuters just getting home or did about an hour or so ago after spending more than six hours in traffic after about an inch fell in evening rush.
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had a tough time getting back to sliding. the d.c. area is expected to get slammed this weekend. john: the major airlines are preparing for the possibility of a massive snowstorm to hit the northeast this weekend. american, southwest and delta are among those issuing travel the storm. american is allowing customers traveling through nine airports between philadelphia and southern virginia to change flights without penalty. southwest will allow customers from boston to washington to reschedule if they plan to fly out friday or saturday. delta is waiving the change fee to travelers planning to fly at 19 airports between boston and washington this weekend. 6:08. raleigh police getting pro-active. why the purpose of a new morning. don: good morning to you.
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can't wait to see what happened in that story. here we are dealing with ice tomorrow and could see snow to end it. we will talk about that coming up. as we go to break we check the first alert doppler network and
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dry across the carolinas don: welcome back. we are taking look at the latest commuter forecast. today we have an easy drive in. sunshine and temperatures climbing. we will be above freezing by 10:00. we will show you right now as far as temperatures across the region, 27 south hill and roxboro. 29 henderson, 28 hillsborough, rocky mount. 29 in raleigh, lillington. 26 sanford. 27 pinehurst. 30 favorite and 29 hope mills and golden statesboro 31. we look at the day ahead. mainly clear now and 27. few high clouds. by hroeufrpbl sunny and temperatures near 40. late day 41 and mostly sunny skies. that sun being replaced by a
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we will check that and the snowfall forecast next. barbara: amazeing video as snowboarder not making the best decision with this moment in an avalanche. christian mayer had a go pro on his head at the sugar bowl ski resort and as they pass an area with fresh snow he decided to try a jump. his landing triggered an avalanche. he yells as he item bes down the mountain in a mass of snow. he survived with only a sprained ankle. pretty amazing. >> explosions taking down two of the tallest buildings in new bern the first a silo fell then another structure.
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blown out but they are replaced. john: raleigh police are hoping a new video helps you feel more comfortable during a traffic stop. this video now available on the raleigh city official web state. the police officer goes through dos and don'ts if you are pulled over. raleigh police have made an effort to reach out to the community and defuse potential tension. barbara: it is 6:13 andent agency is recommending.
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officials john: 6:15 and 28 degrees. several school districts on a delay this morning. granville. halifax, nash rocky mount. northampton. person, roanoke rapids, vance,
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warren and well done city schools all on a two-hour delay. mecklinburg, virginia, schools will open at 10:00. edgecombe counties on a three lower delay. you can check the delays on or with the free first alert weather app. d.o.t. continues to prepare for the next storm a winter storm warning in effect at midnight for some areas running through saturday night. governor pat mccrory is expected to address the conditions today. barbara: not much worth clapping for on wall street falling almost 250 points and s&p 500 the lowest level in two years. already the typical 401-k has lost nearly prices. the consumer product safety
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warnings about the safety of hover boards after a major house fire that killed two dogs in california. the fire started in a girl's bedroom where it was being charged and it caused about a quarter million dollars in damages. they are investigating more than three dozen instances of hoverboards smoking or bursting into flames. will offer refunds to anyone who bought them on its website. john: the johnson board of commissioners is concerned about a rail yard. anger angered residents say it will cost them homes. board of commissioners called the meeting to tell those effected residents c.s.x. jumped the gun and their properties would not be taken. concerned residents say that is a step in the right direction. barbara: apex police department is trying to make it safe tore exchange items bought or sold on the internet. it followed several recent crimes involving sales over
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social media sites. they have set aside an area in the parking lot to make exchanges under 24-hour surveillance. john: really good idea. barbara: it is because you never know. john: all right. let's talk about weather and what we can expect later today or tomorrow. barbara: today is good. don: today we are a little below normal but the warmest in the last couple of days. tomorrow we have a winter storm moving in. we will talk about the warnings and advisories. but we will talk about chance of precipitation. today nothing. tomorrow 100%. it is a matter of what type of precipitation, rain, sleet or snow. then on into saturday still about a 70% chance that will be mainly rain or snow. sunday and monday dry and tuesday 30% chance of some rain, not snow. live look at winter storm warning for the northwestern half of the area including raleigh. durham, in effect tonight at
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midnight all the way to saturday. winter weather advisory tonight through 6:00 p.m. saturday the i-95 corridor for ice accumulation mainly. we will look at the ice forecasts in a bit. now temperatures 27 this morning. dew point 22, 81% humidity, southwest wind three. fayetteville 30, 78% humidity, winds calm at this hour. we are dry for now. satellite picture showing not much. we have high clouds working through and we will see sunshine. we have a pretty nice day shaping up. looking at the first alert predictor forecast model and not much to show you. 7:00 tonight still clear and dry. a few clouds. overnight we will see clouds stream in and by 6:00 tomorrow morning we are seeing snow and sleet and freezing rain. the commute could be messy tomorrow as it goes along. through the day the pink area is the rain, sleet, snow line. this is our best guess right now 24 hours out. everything south is rain,
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everything north freezing rain and could see sleet and north of that mainly snow around the virginia border. tomorrow it changes to all rain as the day progresses. that will melt the ice and we could see dry air tomorrow night and as we go into saturday we are on the back side of the storm it will pull cold air in to bring snow as this swings through and works out of here. about? this is the best guess. you see a quarter inch to a half inch or more out here. half inch of ice adds about 500 pounds to power lines and we will see power outages if we get that much ice accumulation. just a matter of where. the ice would be first then we melt with rain and see snow on top of it. this is my best guess of snow this far and that is saturday. you can see a inch or less south of the triangle. about an inch or one to three in
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here it will be all snow. they want see freezing rain. six or more inches to the northern part of the triad. but it tracking south they will shift south and more in the raleigh area. if more north we will see an inch or less an -- and more rain. it melts on sunday. today high pressure in place and that will keep us clear and we have a nice thursday. the rest of today, temperatures topping out in the 40's. 43 raleigh. 44 sanford and 44 durhamment tonight cloudy and could see snow showers and mixing with rain and sleet and freezing rain toward daylight. 28 raleigh. 31 fayetteville. 27 durham. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather, tomorrow temperatures only in the 30's, le30's. -- low 30's. tomorrow night it dries up and we will see one area of dry weather work through saturday
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and then back to snow and could snow off and on through saturday midday. that is why the winter storm warning is through 6:00. seven it shuts off and melts. 40's sunday and 50's next week. we will have an update. after 7:00 i will have blogs on talking about how we come to the snowfall total forecast and how it could change. john: amber, how are we looking? amber: did you tphoeknow it is winter storm jonas. barbara: like the jonas brothers. amber: that is is what they are calling it. now i will be singing their music. heading out this morning it is a nice calm start to the day. we are in great shape as you head out around the viewing area. we have seen some dusting around person county and northern counties on secondary roads but the primary roads through wake, durham, cumberland county, 440
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and new bern moving fine, nice and clear. they were all well treated and folks didn't see any precipitation. this is how it looks an accident on green oaks parkway and thomas mill road. the drive times are on time because it is quiet. durham county 540 east 11 minutes 70 to 1 and 85 northbound no problems four minutes 70 to 55 fplt. john: 6:23 and not planning a trip to london soon? barbara: you can take a tour of one of the most popular tourist stops without leaving your home. john: controversy surrounding
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you can even get one-dollar copays on select plans. barbara: on top of the a.c.c. and in a 10-game winning streak you would think roy williams would be happy but he is not. following their 83-68 victory last night over wake forest he called it ugly and said he is not satisfied. despite a second straight poor shooting performance it was never in doubt. they are expected to retake tpwhupl with a poll monday assuming they get past virginia tech sunday night. john: syracuse basketball coach jim boeheim comes to the defense of mike krzyzewski over questions about a post-game handshake following the loss to syracuse. krzyzewski appears to look away and miss a few hand shakes with some syracuse players. some social media claimed he was
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chasing officials to contest a noncall. but boeheim says krzyzewski was distracted by duke fans yelling at syracuse players. boeheim said krzyzewski is chassis. >> a tablet is being recalled because of fire risk. john: here is our tech news. >> in our "tech bytes" a recall by make row soft involving power cords for tablets that may overheat and catch fire when twisted. >> details of how to exchange them will be released. new details about the samsung galaxy galaxy s 7 with a slightly smaller screen than the 6 plus. have you ever dreamed of taking a private tour of buckingham palace?
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360 video of it that can be viewed on the smart phone or p.c. >> those are your "tech bytes".." john: 6:27 and winter storm on the way. barbara: snow is already on the ground in parts of our viewing
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on school barbara: it is the call before the storm. a winter storm warning issued cities that could see historic blizzards. good morning, carolina, welcome on thursday january 21. john: glad you are with us. some systems are late. granville. halifax, nash rocky mount. northampton. person, roanoke rapids, vance, warren and weldon city schools on a two-hour delay. edgecombe county schools three hours letter. mecklinburg, virginia, schools 10:00 a.m. barbara: it is not expected to be an issue this morning or today but it we have team coverage as we get ready for the approaching storm. john: first we will do weather
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standing by in the first alert storm center. don: thanks for starting with us. barbara just mentioned today will be fine, tomorrow we have a winter storm warning that is in effect for tomorrow. just issued by the national weather service and in effect tonight midnight through 6:00 saturday. you see it does include raleigh, durham, chapel hill, the pink area could see a significant accumulation of ice and throw snow on top of it saturday. south of here we have winter weather advisory. not as bad as warning but you can see winter weather in the i-95 corridor less than a quarter inch of ice and snowflakes saturday. this morning it is 10 degrees warmer in spots. 28 louis burke, 23 roxboro, 31 chapel hill. 27 southern pines, 30 fayetteville and 29 in goldsboro.
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lunchtime we go sunny and 39 degrees and this afternoon 43 with lots of sunshine. sun is replaced by clouds late day and clouds bring showers tomorrow. we will talk about that but now we talk traffic with amber rupinta. amber: so far so good on this thursday morning. as we were saying tomorrow different. but now clear and nice sunrise over rock quarry around i-40. both directions moving well on 40. a little volume building in the usual areas. 40 westbound to joined raleigh but we are accident free on most of the major interstates. this one accident around holy springs. you can see green oaks parkway and thomas mill road. we are live in soresme areas where they did have issues. barbara: d.o.t. has been out getting the roads ready for the weather. john: governor pat mccrory is expected to address other preparations heart this morning.
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emergency operations center to bring us up to indict. gloria: good morning to you. the governor will speak here today at 10:30 and he is expected to talk about what the state is doing to prepare for the possible winter weather that is coming. we know d.o.t. has been preparing the roads since tuesday. they have been out in full force force. you might have experienced some snow yesterday. we have footage from lit snow in south raleigh. being see it is not too heavy but we are preparing norfor more snow and that could cause issues on the road. so, d.o.t. crews have been out there spreading brine or the weather-salt mix in wake and durham counties. d.o.t. said crews are ready for a big winter mrs. tomorrow -- blast tomorrow. >> they try to get it done in daylight. they had tuesday and wednesday
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helps prevent some snow and ice from sticking and they will respond to clear anything that does stick. gloria: d.o.t. will keep a close eye on the weather. they are prepared to beaver,crews if -- beef up crews. the governor is speaking at 10:30 and we will broadcast that live on, so you can watch online. and abc11 will be out here covering the news conference so be sure to tune into our noon newscast. live in raleigh, gloria rodriguez, abc 11 eyewitness news. barbara: person county is one of a handful of school districts opening late. people in roxboro saw some snowflakes yesterday but it could be different tonight. caitlin knute is in the first alert storm chaser. they have snow on the grass there but the streets are pretty good, right? caitlin: it is pretty on the grassy surfaces and on main
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streets are fine but this is morgan a side street not far from the main street. you see that shiny pavement. that is a slick spot. we will slowly hit our brakes and you will see in a second as we approach this patch we are losing traction. i don't know how much you can tell it is moving. this is an all-wheel drive and getting started here is difficult so you saw how slowly we were going into the stoplight. that is why there's a two-hour delay because side streets have slick patches. we found a none of them in areas that are shady that yesterday maybe didn't warm up. my photographer lives here in roxboro and knows the area and said that is usually the issue where they have troubled spots. in raleigh and don't recall we talk about bridges and overpasses but here is the shady areas around curves where you may not expect one. that is what we want you to watch for.
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keep in mind walking out the door be careful on the sidewalks, driveway, front step. watch for icy spaopbtsdots and glaze on the road. if you know an accident send me a message and we will check it out. we don't know of anything yet. if we find something we will pass it along to john and barbara to let you know. but person county two-hour delay and watch for slick spots on the side streets. reporting live from the first alert storm chaser kaeuft caitlin knute. john: blizzard and winter storm watches are going in effect through sunday in parts of arkansas. the greatest impact is expected it baltimore, washington and philadelphia. d.c.'s mayor and these pictures are from washington said they are planning for blizzard conditions and perhaps up to two feet of snow.
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they have requested humvees from the national guard to reach isolated people and places if necessary. the nation's capital got a preview of that storm last night, an aoeulgsicy glaze fell snarling traffic and 1.6 inches on untreated roads. all major airlines have issued waivers for travel over the weekend allowing passengers to rebook on earlier liter flights. with the chance of weather now is the too many to john load our first alert weather app. you can get live doppler radar and delays and alerts and easy way to upload photos and video to us. check out the free app at the app store or google play. barbara: it is 6:38. a scare at a nursing hole in moore county. the -- home in moore county. john: some classes canceled at u.n.c. but not due to weather.
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we will have that story. don: as you head out we have temperatures in the 20's across the region, a couple of 30's. about 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. tomorrow at this time
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same but it will be don: welcome back. let's talk bus stop forecast. today will be easy for the kids. cold but not as cold as yesterday. we will see temperatures climbing quicker through the day today. running upper 20's to 30 on the way to the bus stop and mostly sunny. 27 now south hill. 28 hillsborough, 29 louisburg. 3 30 roanoke rapids, 29 clayton. 31 goldsboro, hope mills and lillington 29. 26 degrees in pinehurst. we have temperatures in the 20's.
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by lunchtime near 40. lots of sunshine and high clouds working through. we will see that continue as temps go into the 40's. today the calm before the storm. tomorrow a different story. we will talk about opinion ice accumulation and snow. that is in the complete forecast next. john: a laundry fire at a nursing home in moore county. this is the terra plantation. we are told it was kennedyfrswas contained to the laundry room. no injuries reported. you can see a fair amount of smoke and water damage. barbara: electrical accident at u.n.c. chapel hill is under investigation this morning. classes in it's at dey hall and wilson library were canceled because of this. we are working to find out more about the school employee who was seriously burned working on the issue. chopper 11 h.d. was over the campus as crews worked to restore power to other buildings.
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expected to announce >> welcome back. breaking news two powerful shaoeufrt little lisch top suspects in the abduction of three americans in iraq. a police commander around western security official say they have identified them and the embassy in baghdad is working with iraqi authorities to locate the americans. john: pakistanis burying dead and observing mourning following the attack by political attendants on a university.
6:38 am
most of the 21 dead were students. a break away taliban faction claimed responsibility. barbara: today the obama administration is expected to announce plans for new visa rules for some europeans specifically duel nationality with iran, iraq, sudan and syria. iraq and syria were targeted because the state has seized significant territory in each country. iran and sudan are designated as state sponsors of terrorism. john: one of hollywood's biggest st diversity of the oscar nominations.
6:39 am
exclusive interview with abc and that is not the hollywood i want to leave behind. john: you can watch more of his exclusive interview with robin roberts on "good morning america" at 7:00. barbara: the twisted fork restaurant is ready to reopen. it has been closed since august in business sunday with an john: there's a new flavor of oreo cookie. nabisco's cinnamon bun flavor have hit the market. the buzz about the release was circulating about three months. fans rejoice on social media stores. oreos.
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to get back in the swing of things after holidays. don: peanut butter ones are good. barbara: something else to avoid. don: just what i need. comfort food. today is looking pretty nice. we will see sunshine and temps in the 20's. 40's later. tomorrow a different story. right now we see what is happening as far as the day ahead. 43 and mostly sunny. tonight more clouds and lows down into the 20's. tomorrow the temperatures are back into the 30's. a look at the current numbers from across the region and let's talk winter storm warning. it sis in effect from midnight tonight through 6:00 on saturday saturday. in that pink area including raleigh and durham you could see significant accumulation of ice followed by an inch or two or more of snow.
6:41 am
now the winter weather advisory the rest of the area. this is just a heads-up like you could see winter weather including fayetteville. harnett county and goldsboro and into nash and edgecombe counties. could be winter weather there. not seeing any right now. live look and sunlight in raleigh. 27, 81% hampton. southwest wind three. fayetteville gorgeous sunrise. looking forward to coming down to the cumberland county library talking it schools there at 10:30. we look at what sis on the satellite. dry, high concludeslouds moving through. the next 24 hours not much tonight but as we go into tomorrow between 4:00 and 7:00 a.m. is when we will see the wintry mix work through the triangle and then it becomes more freezing rain and more rain to the south and more snow to the north. the model brings the warmer air and changes this into heavy rain and we could have up to an inch of rain.
6:42 am
then it dries out overnight and saturday it wraps snow in on the back side. ice will be the biggest problem i think with the storm. we could see up to a half inch in the red area including raleigh to roxboro. could satisfy more than a half inch in western moore and chatham counties. quarter inch or less in the i-95 corridor. when that is done we could see snow. up to the north it will stay mainly snow and not ice. that's why you get bigger amounts toward roxboro. around an inch in wake county, less than an inch south and that is subject it change determining where the path of the storm rolls. the rest of today we are dry, temperatures across the region 40's. 43 raleigh. 45 fayetteville. 43 durham. tonight in the 20's and 30's for overnight lows. 31 fayetteville. 28 raleigh. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather showing temperatures tomorrow back into the 30's with the wintry mix changing to all reason r rain
6:43 am
and rain back to snow saturday. sunday it clears out and we warm up. 42 degrees. monday 35050. this is from mebane and gave me a weather report 31 degrees and that is the snow and they did it all using their phone. if you have not downloaded the abc11 first alert weather app please did. and if you lose wi-fi you can watch on 3-g. you can report the weather from your neighborhood. we would love to have you download that app and send pictures of the snow the next couple of days and send the temperatures and send the weather reports. john: how much does that app cost? don: it is absolutely free. amber: spoken like a true salesman. nice amount they had in mebane. my kids love you. they are like ready to go. don: tomorrow could be a snow
6:44 am
amber: they are well aware of that. they are planning to stay up late tonight. heading out interesting day shaping up. it is really quiet this morning and nice sunrise and clear skies and 40 south saunders and tomorrow the story changes. disabled disabled vehicle here but no delays. nice sun reviserisesunrise. 540 and capital boulevard and you see the conditions. maintain r main states in wake and durham looking nice. favorite no problems. stalled vehicle in raleigh on capital boulevard but drive times still on time and we are in good shape. durham freeway northbound no problems seven minutes 40 to 15. beltline fine and 40 eastbound five minutes u.s. 54 to u.s. 70.
6:45 am
ahead in the morning rush a winter storm warning. john: schools opening late. we will have the latest. barbara: give pat with 20 megs of internet speed from centurylink, a family of four can all be online at the same time, streaming, gaming, or downloading movies. yeah, the internet's great, but i think hair and makeup went a little too far. yeah, that's not working. i much prefer the two-day beard, horn-rimmed glasses, just-slept-in-his-car kinda thing.
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okay. be "paul giamatti." that's the essence of this role. feel like a hollywood insider
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john: all the news, weather and traffic you need. barbara: you see some of the stories behind us including the
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winter storm warning ahead of a powerhouse storm and schools starting late granville. halifax. nash, northampton. roanoke rapids, vance, warren, weldon city schools all operating on a two-hour delay. edgecombe county schools three hours late and mecklinburg in virginia will open at 10:00. john: northern counties waking up to a dusting of snow. the main roads should be ok but there could be slick spots on the side streets. it was just a taste of what is coming. some areas could see sleet and snow and that could accumulate a couple of inches. barbara: governor mccrory is expected to address the preparations for the storm at 10:30 in raleigh.
6:49 am
trucks to prepare roads for a sunday morning. people should prepare for strong wind and power outage. barbara: that is nasty. don: they have blizzard warnings around d.c. and it kocould paralyze that area. if you are planning to travel up there, don't. be happy you didn't go. let's talk about the out-the-door forecast. today sunshine and high clouds working through and temperatures around 30. by 9:00 we are in the 40's this afternoon. winter storm warning tonight. amber: we have very clear conditions, 40 and u.s. 70 normal delay six minutes. roads in wake and durham good.
6:50 am
john: make it a great day. good morning, america. blizzard watch. a massive storm heading to the east coast. the nation's capital paralyzed by snow and ice right now causing wreck after wreck on the road. drivers stuck for hours. even the president's motorcade trapped by gridlock. schools closed with more than two feet of snow expected in some areas. breaking right now, pointing the finger at putin. the russian president accused of using a radioactive poison to kill one of his most famous critics. will he be charged with murder? take a look at this. a pickup truck out of control on
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