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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  January 21, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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starting tonight to midnight until 6:00 on saturday. in the fayetteville area, you are under a winter weather advisory. the areas in pink could pick up significant accumulation. the ice will get less and once the ice is done, we could see more snow heading back in through saturday. we will have coverage to talk about the forecast. what we're seeing right now and how it could affect your friday and saturday coming up in the complete forecast in just a bit. today, the get things ready because tomorrow could be a rough day. john: thanks. barbara: an issue -- a state of emergency has been issued. emergency management office with the details.
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>> right below the brick wall you see behind me is where emergency operation center for the entire state is located. that is where a short time ago the governor said he was hoping forecasters are wrong about the winter storm. he says if not, the state is prepared. governor pat was flagged by the leaders of several agencies responsible for responding to the impending storm. he says all of them have learned a lot and will do all they can to minimize injuries and death. first on the frontlines is always the dot. his workers have been spraying salt at of the storm. one of the objectives is to look for stranded motorists. all hope the worst of the storm comes after the friday afternoon rush so gridlock will not be an issue. even over the weekend, thousands of people are expected to be on
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event like the duke basketball game in raleigh and the panthers nfl playoff game in charlotte. >> we will most likely be here tomorrow and saturday also. giving those recommendations. also talking to officials who are maybe having major events. we will give them clear updates on what we recommend as to whether or not people should attend those games and the on the roads. a lot of it will be dependent on what the weather patterns will be. >> the governor said if the weather is threatening tomorrow his decision on state workers holmes, he realizes it may have an impact on when private is this is determined -- we can only hope those decisions, the right time and we do not repeat what happened here in 2005 and 2014.
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barbara: thank you for the report. john: gloria rodriguez at the staging area in raleigh. are the crews already out on the streets? gloria: yes. tomorrow morning, they will have trucks out there in full force. we have ari see many dod's come out. you probably cannot see this too well from where i am standing because of all the activity. they told us to stay where we are but we did get an inside look earlier at the supply they have on hand for when the snow hit. this barn holds 6000 tons of salt and is almost at full capacity. to prepare for the snow, these folks -- of these spokesmen say crews have been blinding major roadways with saltwater solution since tuesday.
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of brian on wake county roadways . there is a possibility of getting rain before the snow and that could wash away the brine. >> anytime there is a lot of rain and washes it away, which makes it not effective, it is very innocent -- ineffective to put it down. we tried to put it down when there is a chance it could -- could come down as ice and snow first. we want to make sure we minimize the impact. >> crews have already put down two loads of brine. it shows you how quickly their working out here. a lot of them will be coming back tomorrow morning and many will be working through saturday. they have many hours a get -- ahead of them. we will bring you the very latest. abc 11 eyewitness news. john: thank you.
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weather in the forecast, it is now time to download our at. school closings and delays and weather alerts. check out the free app at the app store or on google play. at 1:00, join us at abc for a chat session with meteorologist steve stewart. you have questions about this, and he is excited to answer them. a live q&a session begins at the top of the hour at abc we will be here extra early tomorrow. live winter storm coverage beginning at 4:00 a.m. on abc 11 always streaming live on abc and the mobile app. barbara: the snow did not leave anything behind but that was not the case in this county. marx burrow, several school
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delay last night. people are urged to stay at home. john: washington, d.c. is getting back to normal after a surprise snowstorm caused a commuter nightmare. some spend more than six hours stuck in traffic. even president obama's's motorcade had a tough time getting back to the white house. the d.c. area is expected to get slammed with more than a foot of snow expected there. the major airlines are preparing for the massive snowstorm. americans southwest and delta
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it is allowing customers traveling through nine airports between philadelphia and southern virginia -- southwest is allowing customers to reschedule if they plan to fly friday through saturday. delta planning to fly between baltimore and washington this weekend. barbara: how an early morning fire started in roxboro. fire officials caught on fire. the flames were put out quickly. also under investigation, a longer fire in north county. these are pictures from the plantation. we're told the fire was contained to the laundry room. you can see the amount of smoke and water damage left behind.
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shooting is due in court this afternoon. williams is charged with assault with a deadly weapon. henderson is recovering this afternoon.
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john: what iwi
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over the sea. demanding money and then running away. police are on the scene right now as you can see. posting a photo to the twitter account, the suspect is described as a white male wearing a black hoodie with two or three days beard growth carrying a mcdonald's bag. barbara: the final run of the final version of the sat exam comes this weekend. and nearly for our reading, writing, and math test. the college board says the new sat will focus more and what students are learning in the classroom and also no longer a penalty for guessing on the exam and the essay will be optional. john: students will be flocking back to north carolina public
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an enrollment record was broken this fall with nearly 225,000 students. a report being presented to the board of governors says that is an increase of nearly 3000 students for the fall semester over the previous year. barbara: the number of people seeking on a plymouth in a hits rose last week to the highest level since july. the u.s. department of commerce said this morning unemployment rose by 10,000 last week and economists say the global market fears is driving this. the dow jones industrial average is up 149 points at midday. and the s&p 500 is up 14 points. john: the twisted fork restaurant in raleigh is getting reopened. the restaurant has been closed since august because of a fire.
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is expected to announce plans for new roles for some europeans. barbara: dual nationalities for iran iraq and syria. iran and sudan are designated by the u.s. -- homeland security is expected to outline how it will face the new rules. john: after when's the team even can be back in texas. attorneys say paperwork was filed to stop the ongoing immigration proceedings. authorities say couch at his mom crossed into mexico in december as prosecutors decide whether he violated his probation in the 2016 drunk driving case. barbara: national wildlife refuge by an armed group. the federal government needs to end the occupation quickly and hold all the wrongdoers accountable. he also says the government needs to pick up state expenses.
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i guess you would say this is a hard one to predict. don: it is. 20 miles either way with storm, you will see more rain or more snow. we will talk more about the storm track coming up in a bit. in fayetteville, i got to speak to a bunch of kids from five different schools. we will show you that later. let's talk about the storm and the warnings and advisories out there. a winter storm warning is in effect and does include raleigh, durham, chapel hill, all the counties in pink. it begins tonight at midnight and is in effect through saturday. we could see snow on the backside of the system through midday on saturday. let's check current temperatures. still cool out there although we are warming up.
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and the 40's across the area. 34 in rockville, 37 in oxford. every degree we climb is a degree that adds. hopefully, we keep down some of the ice as the rain arrives tomorrow. those white lines is pressure. low pressure is still developing . arkansas, louisiana, and texas. it is just rain right now. looking at the map, it does not look like much, but that low will deepen and strengthen and push closer to us over the next 24 to 36 hours. that could change it into snow, sleet, and rain. there is still a lot of questions about the timing plus how much ice and snow we could see. we go live to steve stewart standing by with more on
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steve: new data gives more confidence to the forecast of things looked to be on track. some of the data suggests we would get more than originally promised. developing as we speak and by tomorrow, we will see a development right off the coast and we will deal with moisture coming in. it will start as snow and freezing rain. the question is, the heavy snow, will some of that wrap around as we go through saturday? a lot says yes and our models say not really. two-time it out for you, notice tomorrow morning around 5:00, mostly just cloudy but already seeing some signs and getting some snow and freezing precipitation starting to come
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right through rush-hour, a lot of us will be good without across the triangle, whether it will be snow or freezing rain or sleet. roads will be ok early. they will be treated just fine. the time we get to midday, that is quite a few hours of nonstop freezing rain and snow. roads will deteriorate in a big way. notice where the rain line is. we will watch that closely. the rain line starts to advance north and even by 5:00 p.m., for a large part, still dealing with the freezing rain. that continues all the way through the freezing hours. we are hoping this holds true. winter weather for the entire event, it will really be nasty. we talk about changes, we will
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low 32 degrees from 15,000 feet to the surface, it is all snow. if we have the warm air in the mid-levels moving in, that is when we start to see the snow melt into the rain. if there is not enough time to re-freeze, the layer of a cold air surface it shallow and we could be setting up for that profile, that would be freezing rain down to the surface. looking at these models here, by 1:00 in the afternoon, temperatures in fayetteville of 5000 feet above freezing. you will therefore be dealing with a mix but we're still dealing with snow potential by the midday hour in raleigh and all snow in roxboro. farther north you are, the worse off you're going to be. some of the snow totals are very impressive north and west of the triangle. potentially even more than that in roxboro. head to the wintry mix tomorrow
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our in-house model keys that mainly to the north. we will watch closely. back to sunshine by sunday and even 50's for monday and tuesday starting to warm up a little bit. guaranteed tomorrow will be an absolute mess with every form of precipitation we can get. john: thanks. a big weekend for the city of charlotte. barbara: how the and a fee chan -- nfc championship could centurylink prism tv has all your favorite channels, tons of live sports, and more. watch when and where you want with advanced features like our wireless set-top box, whole home dvr, and prism on the go. and choose from a variety of great packages to fit your home. call... ...and get started with the prism essential tv bundle. you'll get showtime and starz free for 3 months plus up to 20 megs of centurylink internet all for only $65 a month.
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>> abc 11 keeping you connected. find us on facebook here notifications for the latest eyewitness news update. barbara: the governor is making it that on the carolina campus this time with the governor of alexander -- of arizona. john: this one is going to the dogs. they're putting their pride online this weekend. the rescue dog is a chocolate lab retriever mix. the other dog is a golden retriever. barbara: the biggest football game ever played. officials are treating the weekend as a tryout for one day
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host in the champion is the latest in the growing resume including the final four, the democratic national convention, championship. is a super bowl really a possibility for charlotte? hotel rooms. in charge of sunday's game between the panthers on the cardinals, look live right here on eyewitness news and follow him on social media for behind the news coverage.
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preparations underway >> two newsrooms -- three newsrooms, abc 11 eyewitness news continues. john: happening now, an announcement was made late this morning as the state prepares for barbara: what could be a crippling storm. barbara:barbara: first let's go to steve with the latest. steve: thank you. take a look. we are quiet and it is nice to see because things will go downhill quickly. you see moisture already in georgia. we will see the system as it develops. some of the models have light precipitation coming in as early as around 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning. our models hold off until 5:00 in the morning. it will come in in a frozen form , whether it be snow or sleet or freezing rain.
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the triangle northward and at times, we could be dealing with heavier snow at that point and farther south, freezing rain and potentially just rain down into fayetteville and the trend continues as we go through the late afternoon and early evening hours. a bit of a transition as the warmer air comes from the south to the east and potentially changing over to rain overnight friday night. the question is do we get some snow on the backside as some of the models are still suggesting. winter warning in effect over toward chapel hill and the city of roxboro. tonight through saturday at 6:00 p.m., the winter weather advisory, it will just be in effect friday until 6:00 p.m. breaking down more in detail coming up. john: much of the state is under the winter weather warning and that prompted the governor to declare a state of emergency in
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live from the state emergency operations center for details on what that all means. >> the governor says he hopes to be able to -- stephen other forecasters when this fizzles out. he knows that is not likely to happen. governor pat mccrory stood en the emergency operations center with leaders of several agencies responsible for responding to the impending storm. he says they learned a lot from past winter storms and will do all they can to minimize death. the first on the front line, already spraying salt ahead of the storm. also on the roads is the highway patrol and the national guard. one of the primary objectives for the forces is to look for stranded motorists. all officials are hoping the worst of the storm comes after the friday afternoon rush. even over the weekend, thousands of people are hoping to be on
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events like the state duke basketball game in raleigh and the carolina panthers and and a fall -- and nfl playoffs game in charlotte. >> we will give clear updatess to whether we recommend attending those games and getting on the roads. >> if the storm comes pretty badly tomorrow, the governor says he realizes a lot of private businesses will probably be watching his decision. let's hope all of those decisions if they must be made do not result in the gridlock we saw here in 2005 and 2014. live at the state emergency management center, abc 11 eyewitness news. barbara: crews are preparing to keep the roads and highways as clear as possible. once the ice in the snow starts to fall. our team coverage continues with gloria rodriguez.
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i can tell you this has been a very busy place. take a look behind me and you can see some of the snow plows and other trucks ready to respond with when the snow hits. we also got an inside look to see the supply of salt on hand for the possible snow. at the wake county maintenance yard, 6000 tons of stalls and almost at full capacity. to prepare for the snow, the d.o.t.'s oaks men has said crews are grinding a major roadways with saltwater solution since tuesday and already placed 160,000 gallons of ryan on wake county roadways. 70 trucks will be out in full force in the morning. there is a possibility of getting rain and snow and that could wash away the grime. it was a risk d.o.t. was willing to take if it means safer roads. >> anytime there is a lot of rain, it could wash away the
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effective on the ice and snow. we tried to put it down when there is a chance to put it down. our crews want to be proactive, make sure we minimize the impact. >> back your live, you can see a dot employee filling up and making sure he is ready to go hit the road. it will be a long few days for a lot of these employees. some are taking a break and we'll come back early tomorrow morning and many of them will work straight through saturday. they will be rotating them in and out to make sure they get proper rest but many are on call until saturday. they will have a busy few next days. live, gloria rodriguez, abc 11 eyewitness news.
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north carolina, the other p of 20 states are now under winter watch. abc news, washington. john: at 1:00, join us on abc for a chat session with steve stewart. if you have questions, steve is excited to have the opportunity to answer them. the q and a session with the meteorologist begins at the top of the hour at abc
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get 50 meg internet for $39.99 per month. call now. you could get free installation, no data cap, and access to over 400,000 twc wifi hotspots with select plans. call now. barbara: new warnings are being issued about the safety of motherboards.
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started in the girls bedroom where the hoverboards are being charged. a consumer -- the consumer product safety commission is investigating more than three dozen instances of hoverboards smoking or bursting into flame. says it will also refund to anyone who bought hoverboards on its website. >> we begin with actually quite terrifying video. a snowboarder capturing terrifying moments when an avalanche hits. christian had a go pro on its head when he was snowboarding with his friend near lake tahoe. as they passed an area with fresh snow, he decided to try out a jump there and his landing started an avalanche. you see him yelling as he tumbles down the mountain inside the massive snow. he survived with only a sprained
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a unique way to use a parking lot. trying to turn the lot into an outdoor ice rink. the usual spot for skating is closed for renovations so workers got creative and sprayed down the parking lot with water. workers say it will take a few days to get the ranks ready for skaters. and those are the explosions of taking down two of the tallest buildings. the 75 foot silo fell followed by the 75 foot structure. the windows were blown out and have been replaced. the city is making room for new developments. if you think you are having a bad day at work, this valet having the worst day when he took the keys to a $400,000 lamborghini and it ended up like this. the valley was rubbing the
12:35 pm
started shooting out the rear end. a whole thing was caught on tape and his reaction, which looks like it was not a good one. you could also say that is a hot rod. back to you guys. barbara: you can see the must-see videos any time by going to abc or using the mobile app on your phone or your tablet.
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to john: to russian officials were responsible for the death of a russian spy. it acting on the -- on behalf of the russian spy service and that vladimir putin approve the merger.
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statement, he blames putin fo an annual capacity of 160,000 cars. john: let's go back to where don is monitoring the winter storm. don: one of the favorite things i get to do in this job is go out -- we're getting way more requests than we can fill. this one today, they brought the kids income over 260 kids in the audience and we talked about the weather, how we put a forecast on tv, and some of the things that make a forecast, whether it is france or jet streams-- fronts or just rinse. if privilege and an honor and i
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i want to talk about the warnings first, the winter storm warning in effect until saturday night at 6:00 for all of the counties in the pink paired a winter weather advisory in effect for tomorrow night at 6:00 for the folks down here in fayetteville. it could start off as freezing rain and then change over to rain. we go to what the storm is doing and where it might be moving to in the current temperatures across the region. 30's to the north and 40's to the south. the current number in the raleigh area is 39. 30 nine in chapel hill and 45 in fayetteville. 41 in smithfield and 37 in roanoke. the satellite radar compartment -- department shows just rain. we want to see this just starting to form. you can see the showers and storms from dallas, texas, over to memphis. all rain right now. the problem for us is that we have got cold air in place.
12:39 pm
significant ice accumulation. and i should half inch of ice on top, it would at 500 pounds and that could cause power outages. for more on the isa commission impossible snowfall levels, on saturday, we go back to our meteorologist for team weather coverage as it approaches. steve: that is just one powerline, 500 pounds. a tree branch will increase its way by 30 times. that is up around a half inch. we could potentially see areas with that much ice. i want to break this down in time it out for you as we go through the overnight. a mainly just clouds but as we get through the weed hours -- the wee hours of the morning, potentially starting with snow and and then quickly turning over to freezing rain. this is 5:00 in the morning
12:40 pm
the snow moves in. wintry precipitation going on. it will continue nonstop through hours. by 5:00, i little bit of rain gets brought in. the precipitation comes farther north. the trial might stay at a winter precipitation in a good part of the day. most models agree. when i say warm air, above 32. enough to give us mainly rain for the overnight hours. they could stay wintry in nature and a wraparound on the backside could bring snow for saturday mainly in the northern county. this is not a major snow event. an inch or less in the sand hills and really not much of an impact. once you get farther to the north, a significant amount of snow is possible and the
12:41 pm
half inch of ice accrual in many locations all the way potentially back toward charlotte, that will move as well. a winter he mass tomorrow. temperatures near freezing for a high. a chance for snow. some of the models keeping the snow to the north. sunday is all over back to 42. back to you guys. barbara: thank you. a krispy kreme doughnut morning. john: or afternoon or whatever.
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barbara: it is that time of year to lace up your shoes for the krispy kreme challenge. runners start at the tower and run 2.5 miles to the krispy run back. it is a good cause since this is a major fundraiser for the children's hospital. this year, the races february the fifth, a saturday.
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brantley, and you are with the race. and you are standing here with a dozen donuts. it smells awesome. thank you for being with us. >> took -- 12 years strong we have come a long way in 12 years. it originally started as a dare. it has grown to a race of 8000 people. barbara: a dozen donuts when you run to krispy kreme? >> the traditional challenges five -- 12 donuts. five miles. you do not have to eat a dozen don't -- don't despair all it -- donuts.
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people get dressed up in wacky customs. we see pirates, -- people from sparta appeared all very exciting. there is a cleanup crew that goes after the race is done and kind of takes care and does damage control. this is the first year we are giving out medals to contestants. winners in different age groups and group categories. barbara: if you want to participate, we will show you here at the krispy kreme challenge, 7:00 a.m. go to our website if you want to learn more. john: thank you. here is a look at developing stories this afternoon. north carolina is under a state
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power outages at the news conference this morning. residents should use today to get ready for the storm. you can stay connected all day to other developments by going to abc in the mobile app on your phone and tablet or you will find the governor's press conference, in-depth explanations and any closings or cancellations that may come into eyewitness news. steve: thank you. tonight, things start to go downhill. the clouds move in probably after 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. we will start to see winter precipitation moving in. saturday, a chance of snow especially northward. that could linger through the afternoon. back to sunshine. back to you. john: we will be here extra
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a.m. on abc 11 and also, our newscast is always streaming live on abc in the mobile app. barbara: i am barbara gibbs.
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team, see you today starting at& test test test test test% >> announcer: you asked for it and we heard you loud and clear. it's an hour packed with our best dishes in "the chew's" ultimate recipe swap. michael's getting things started with his take on a classic family favorite. then things are heating up when carla gets cooking with the hunky and talented tyrese gibson. and they've got a spicy take on mac and cheese that'll have you shouting piment-oh-yeah baby. plus, these guys do more than just cook. they're giving back to their community in a big way. >> once cousins maine lobster started having some success, we wanted to give back and what better place than big brothers big sisters? >> announcer: get ready to swap
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