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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News 4PM  ABC  January 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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this instant from the raleigh eyewitness news center, abc eyewitness news at 4:00 starts right now. >> rocky mount, wilson, and the triangle. >> breaking news, a state of emergency in north carolina. it is the ice concerning state officials and the governor, causing power outages and big problems on our roads. >> orange, lee, person, nash schools closed tomorrow. >> the national guard has activated the emergency center. all signs that winter has arrived. >> our team is in first alert mode. we are in contact with local school districts. you can see the closing scrolling at the bottom of your screen.
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grocery stores to see what is missing from shelves. >> see what you can do to prevent power outages and water trouble in your home. also, what the highway patrol is doing now to keep you safer on the roads. our chief meteorologist starts from the first alert storm center. chris: if you have any errands to run, we are fine, 40's, nice winter day. let's time it out. all signs point to a major winter storm for parts of central north carolina, especially triangle north and west. the further south and eased, the impact is less, not always, but many times. just after midnight, no problems, although snow and sleet moves in quickly. you see a burst of snow, sleet and freezing rain before
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towards sunrise, snow, the blue and purple, moving into the triangle. snow coming down during the morning rush at a good clip, so roadways can go downhill and a hurry. especially those untreated surfaces. the snow continues down south, a mix around sunrise. morning hours, heavy snow to the north, triangle by midday, changing over to sleet and freezing rain by midday. that is several hours of a chameleon snow. rain warms things out. -- that is several hours of accumulating snow. rain warms things up by midday. 4:00, the rain line trying to get into the triangle, but still freezing rain or sleet with snow to the north. towards tomorrow evening and tomorrow night, especially raleigh south and east, all rain.
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triangle where it is raining in raleigh, but freezing rain and durham. it is a fine line there. there is a chance that parts of the triangle will change over to rain. saturday morning, it begins to wind down. on the wrapper around, some snow back in, so any freezing rain or sleet not an issue from the sky, but some snow showers in the morning hours, especially near the virginia border, some additional accumulation. how much snow? -- how much snow? some of that could wash away in freezing rain. this is how much we think will fall, not necessarily at one time, but three-six inches, especially northern parts of the triangle, southern suburbs of raleigh may be only an inch or so. that may not all be on the
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not a lot to the south and east before it changes over to freezing rain and sleet. the issue again beside snow, the freezing rain. how much ice? one model has up to a 10th of an inch from raleigh east, but from durham, sanford, back towards charla -- charlotte. anything over a quarter of an inch on elevated surfaces, especially power lines and trees, you start having an issue with trees down and power outages. that could be a major concern later tomorrow afternoon. winter storm warning includes fayetteville, so everybody under the warning, except in the coastal plains. your under a less serious winter weather advisory, but a lot to watch. things going downhill quickly tomorrow morning.
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bit. >> thank you. snow is already falling in parts of the state, and a have been problems on the roads. meanwhile, people rushing to get homes and families prepared for the series weather hits. we've been checking in with home improvement stores, gas stations, and grocery stores. he is live at a croaker in how are the shelves looking? >> you can see the shelves in the bread section are still stocked, but the selection is thinning. we have been here a couple of hours, and this is all brand-new. the place has been easy and does appear to be picking up. it seems like a cliche, but when we say bread and milk, there is a reason that people talk about getting these essentials from the grocery store to the hardware store. snowstorms can and do catch
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you can get snowed in for days. anyone who has gone through it will tell you that you have to be prepared. we have been talking with folks all day, and a few are crossing their fingers and hoping for the best, most are preparing for the worst. many of those folks have stories about storms past where they were caught offguard. >> a very quick snowfall came down. it just kind of blanketed the roads because they were so-called, and it stuck good -- stuck. people had no traction and were sliding all over the place. it was a nightmare. >> i ran out of windshield wiper would when i got abandoned in my car, so i had to walk home. >> that must've been kind of scary. >> back alive, and i on the bread and the milk and other staples at this croaker in
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your eyes at home about that old cliche, stick with us. in the next hour, some other neighbors think they have to in. back to you. >> i will text you my grocery list. we are glad you are there. thank you. rdu. they are gearing up for the changing weather. jetblue and southwest both announced counseling late-night flights to raleigh and will not operate at rdu tomorrow or saturday. rdu tweeted that after late-night flights tonight that it is suspending operations until midmorning sunday. moments ago, united announced it was canceling flights also. why all the precautions, cancellations, and warnings? winter weather can be deadly. two people have already died in the state.
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emergency. there was a big focus on getting roads cleared and potential trouble spots identified early. >> yes. state officials say that they are hoping we don't have any that no one is stranded in bad weather. that was something the governor emphasized repeatedly, but today's news conference covered all the angles. they all said they were prepared for the worst of the forecast. of course, they also need your help to stay off the roads. 2005, 2014, we have seen that gridlock can happen quickly. abandoned cars would be pushed off the road and towed. he also talked about a horror
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left in the car on the side of the highway during a storm. >> this is very important for us. we do not want to leave anyone abandon on our highways. that is a major priority of the highway patrol. >> one of the keys to preventing gridlock will be how schools and employers handle closings. if they wait until the last minute, it could be a mess all over again. we don't want it a third time. >> hopefully they do remember. thank you. an update, durham schools are closed on friday. closings now on abc the roads are cheated -- treated, extra brine is ready. let's get out to andrea blanford on i-40 westbound.
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>> the dot says they are confident these roads are prepared for this winter storm. we want to give you a live look. these ramps in particular, they have been paid attention to over the last couple of days. crews were out all day today. they are extending the coverage area. they are hopefully sleeping at home, because they have a long couple of days ahead of them. they went home early after switching their brine trucks to the salt and sand spreaders. they are ready to go when they come back into night around 11:00 or midnight. they are prepared to stay and work through saturday afternoon. they will take some much-needed breaks and naps in between at the dot headquarters, and then hitting the roads again to clear
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they have been out again across the state. in durham, those crews are back at home now getting some rest and will be back in late tonight, prepared to work the swing shift and work through the storm. we will be out here monitoring the roads. you can see the brine, those stripes on the road. dot is warning you that if you need to get out tomorrow morning, you need to be aware that trucks will be out and give yourself plenty of time if you must go into work or run errands. they do want to give you plenty of space between you and the cars in front of you and be very conscious of those dot trucks. back to you. >> all very good tips. thank you. reminder to charger phones and
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that way you can stay connected by watching this online through your mobile device. we stream our newscast on and will be with you. >> you can stay up-to-the-minute on the weather conditions using our first alert weather mobile app. you can set it for three specific locations. it also has an easy way to share pictures and video with us. remember to use that #abc 11 eyewitness news. we want to see what it's like where you are. chapel hill schools have joined the list of schools closing tomorrow. you just mentioned durham. we have the full list on, but we are following other stories not weather related. >> three arrests linked to three murders in durham. where police tracked their suspects down. >> this guy was able to get some cash from employees at a local bank.
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crime and the attempt to track him down. let's go outside. here's what it looks like in downtown raleigh. take a good look. it will look to friend in 24 hours. it will be like this this time tomorrow.
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>> three men arrested with three mortars -- murders. trials jackson -- charles jackson charged with murder in the december killing of a 58-year-old at a convenience store. he was shot inside the business and died at the hospital. jackson and willis are both charged with murder in the january 3 murder of nicholas bell. he was found shot to death in the woods behind a house on ash street. also in custody, a 20-year-old charged with murder in the january 4 shooting of a 37-year-old shot near east main and home street. >> police looking for the man they say robbed the bank while caring and mcdonald's bag.
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workers at the bank, then ran away. no weapon was shown. the cash was stolen. fortunate, no reports of injuries. -- fortunately, no reports of injuries. >> we weren't sure how much snow, ice. chris has been telling us to wait. chris: we have increased the snow totals. things can change. adjustments have to be made. shifts in temperatures make a big difference in what type of precipitation. we will run through it again. evening hours, all fine. clouds increasing tonight, temperatures fall, cold through the freezing hours. nice blue skies. they won't look like that. that is a guarantee. morning tomorrow, changing
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sunny and chilly today, but now more impressive looking. terminator warnings in the louisiana. there could be severe weather near our coast. we will not worry about severe weather. snow developing over the midwest, rain mainly. winter storm warnings from kentucky and tennessee all the way into virginia and north carolina. these are blizzard warnings for washington, philadelphia. travel will be nearly impossible. tonight, no problems until after midnight. we will see a chance of snow and sleet to the southwest. mid and upper 20's to near 30 for overnight lows. here is the area of low pressure over to see -- over tennessee.
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the energy transfers to this low and then it rides up the coast slowly and pounds the east coast with bad weather. it will clear out saturday. it looks like some wrap around moisture near the virginia border. that may cause additional accumulations of snow. highs tomorrow around freezing. low 30's in the triangle. mid-30's in fayetteville. then we hold there. that is good news. here we go again after midnight, some snow by charlotte and south carolina. the pink is the mixture. towards a sunrise, snow moves rapidly into the triangle, and we have several hours of moderate snow from the triangle northward. it will accumulate quickly, even on roadways, especially the untreated roadways. towards noon, a transition around the triangle, potentially sleet and freezing rain midday. brain begins to become more
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and east as warmer air tries to come in office -- in off the atlantic. this is what we are thinking, that the freezing rain line will be over the triangle by evening tomorrow. may be changing over to all rain at a time while the freezing rain continues. this happened a couple of years ago. it rained in raleigh, major ice storm and durham and orange county. we may be on that line again. either way, looks like rain tomorrow night, especially further south and neds, with a mix around the triangle, rain in raleigh. saturday, rain, but freezing rain north and west. as colder air moves in a loft, we change over to snow showers,
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border, maybe another inch of snow. some lighter snow showers around the triangle. snowfall accumulation total may not be on the ground at any one time. the freezing rain could wash it away. 3-6 inches from rdu through durham county. southern suburbs are raleigh, may be an inch or two, then sleet and freezing rain. near the border, 6-10 inches total snow accumulation. an inch or less around fayetteville. mainly rain towards the coast. the ice is the major issue. this area here, western parts of the triangle back towards charlotte, a quarter to a half of an inch, and combine that with 35 mile-per-hour wind gusts , and that may cause big problems with power outages. that is something that we cannot say for sure, but that is a
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outages around the triangle, especially western parts of the triangle, orange, durham, and chatham counties. winter weather advisory less serious and the coastal plains will expire. there is the forecast. things improve on saturday. just flurries or snow showers that don't accumulate from the triangle southward. still breezy and cold. sunday, we crawl out of this, sunshine, 42. 50 on monday. we will stay on top of it. everybody is on full alert. we will have much more through the evening. >> thanks, chris. i love it. he helps us be prepared. he has done that all week. we have the full list on
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>> we are still waiting on weight. -- on wake. we both love oreos. there is a new flavor in the store. >> the tsa has confiscated hundreds of guns. what is alarming about the weapons they found. >> there is water in it. >> bless her heart. people confined to their homes happy to be getting a warm meal. how one decision could cut their service during the winter storm. >> what happens when the inside of your home is as cold as the
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>> a former pharmaceutical ceo has a date with congress. he has been asked to testify on january 26 to be questioned about the prescription drug market. he raised the price of an aids drug by 5000%. he is embroiled in a federal terminal case for securities fraud. >> the number of americans living to 100 is on the rise. i nearly 45% increase in the
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and older. it reports the number of those in the country went up to more than 72,000 in 2014. get this. more than 80% were women. >> interesting numbers. a new flavor of oreo cookies. the cinnamon bun flavored cookies hit the market. buzz has been circulating for months. the company also says it will re-release red velvet oreos in time for valentine's day. if you haven't tried those, you need to try them. >> i would love to. that's one of the things that people are making a run for at the store this weekend. still ahead, the pope changes the rules on a foot washing ritual. >> increasing the competition
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>> duke energy expecting outages across the state.
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>> d.o.t. has these>> our problems, the biggest concern with the winter storm. >> everyone needs a plan in case they lose electricity. duke energy set up a staging area. tell us what they're doing and how they are ready to respond. >> they set up ahead of expected power outages. i want to give you a look at what is going on over here. over 200 trucks and 300 workers from power companies in florida are expected to pull up to this of area this afternoon.
4:29 pm
be 1300 additional crewmembers helping to restore power throughout the state as 58 counties prepared to battle i see conditions. they also warn that a quarter of an inch of eyes can bring down tree limbs and power lines. -- of ice can bring down tree limbs and power lines. a representative says you can help by not driving down icy roads. it is easy for someone to hit on icy patch, lose control, and hit a power pole, causing an outage. they ask that you prepare as well. >> this is a scenario where he you could see your power out for more than a day. last year, we saw 2-3 day outages. you need to take steps now to prepare for what would happen if you lost power, making sure your cell phone is charged, an alternate place to go if you
4:30 pm
or comfort reasons. >> if you do lose power tomorrow, duke energy is asking you to turn off all of electronics, unplugged them, because it could create a power surge when the power comes back on. if you do lose power, and download our first alert weather mobile app. you can report power outages there. >> thank you. a family of 10 living without heat for the last week, a concerned citizen brought this to our attention knowing the kids are as young as three months old, and the oldest in high school. we share their story to help us all know where to turn to help in these situations. >> we know where to refer the
4:31 pm
have a roof over your head -- but what happens if you have a roof over your head. we met the family hearing a christmas charity giveaway. they are waiting for a part on the last update from the property owner was days ago. they are bundled inside the home with space heaters provided by the landlord. that only heats the kitchen area. >> the temperature is dropping. i'm here with my children. i have a three-month-old, a one-year-old, a six-year-old, a 10-year-old, a seven-year-old, an eight-year-old, and a 15-year-old. this is what we have to deal with. they have to sleep and get up
4:32 pm
>> after meeting alexander, i was able to get in touch with the county. they primarily are in the process of seeing what can be done for this family as they await repairs. for more information on temporary relief programs, head to in this story. >> that breaks my heart. i know they are not alone. 1.1 million gallons of brine on roads across the state. 365 trucks were used for deicing before the storm. others on standby with sand and salt. we were at the d.o.t. barn in raleigh today. crews know they will be on the
4:33 pm
>> take a look at all this start -- salt of the barn of blue ridge road. they will lay this down on the roadways when the snow hits. this barn at the maintenance yard hold 6000 tons of salt. prepare for the snow, dot spokesman says crews have been putting brine on interstates and roadways since tuesday. they have placed 150,000 gallons of brine on wake county roadways. trucks will be out tomorrow morning. there is the possibility of rain before the snow, and that could wash away the brine, but a risk that dot was willing to take. >> it can wash the brine away, making it not as effective. it is expensive to put it down, so we try to put it down when there is eyes or snow.
4:34 pm
the impact. >> crews will be getting more salt, ready to respond to the storm. many will be working tonight through saturday. >> we had sunshine as we prepare for that potentially major winter storm today. chris: temperatures, the warmest they have been since last saturday. we've been in the 30's for highs for the last several days. a pretty shot there, fayetteville, 45, mostly clear skies. 39 roxboro. 46 fayetteville. a wider view of the storm coming our way for late weekend weekend. after this evening, 1030 p.m. tonight, dry, fair skies, rain in severe weather over the deep south. low pressure over tennessee. look at the snow. we see the mix coming in, starting as snow.
4:35 pm
5:00. heavier snow to the north for longer. the rain by evening, raleigh, and especially ease, a major storm plastering the ohio valley, especially northern virginia. here is that powerful low, a nor easter going up the coast. we get wraparound moisture was no showers saturday, some light accumulations there. the storm takes off and we finally clear out sunday. this one will be a day and a half or so, especially near the virginia border, where snow showers come down on saturday. snow and ice accumulations across much of the reason. parts of the triad could take over -- could pick up over a foot of snow. we will go through all the details. the major concern besides the
4:36 pm
half of an inch. light snow saturday, especially triangle northward, clears out, breezy. wendy tomorrow and saturday, adding to the problems, wind blowing on tree limbs could cause the problem to be bigger. it gets warmer next week. that is the good news. >> keep your stuff plugged in. always stay connected to meals on wheels the livers hot meals to more than 1300 people every day. -- meals on wheels delivers hot meals to more than 1300 people every day. >> elaine is 76 years old. she lives in the house she grew up in. every day she greets the meals on wheels driver. >> how are you today?
4:37 pm
i burn my self on the stove. >> i asked her how she would survive without them. >> i would put water in the microwave to get it hot. >> they are some of the oldest and most vulnerable people living in wake county. >> this morning, he said his team of volunteers loaded up and moved out to deliver hot deals to more than 1300 people across wake county. >> most of them are so sweet and thankful that we come. we are the only ones they see in a day sometimes. >> she knows how important today is. if the school district cancels classes, no hot meals will be delivered, service suspended.
4:38 pm
deliver, and they told us that we were not doing it that day. i felt so bad because there were people that were going to get meals that day. >> today, she introduced us to a lane and lloyd. -- elaine and lloyd. these folks are trying to be ready for the storm headed our way. >> i got a couple of flashlights, some bottled water, that's about it. >> that's about it. meals on wheels deliver to extra boxes of nonperishable meals, including soup, that they can heat up. what can you do? check on an elderly neighbor and make sure they are ok and have something warm to eat. we have a link on our website with the story at >> it is so easy to swing by our pick up the phone. >> i know you cover this last year because we went several
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>> they make a big difference. a flight attendant in hot water after being linked to a bomb threat is now and hot water closer to the carolinas. >> of war over a dead deer hauled to a restaurant it with the owner says he plans to do with it. >> how many guns the tsa confiscated in 2015, where found, and what is alarming about all of this. we want to give you a live look and terminal 2 at rdu. officials are gearing up for the winter weather. the biggest headline we are following our cancellations, jet lou and southwest both announced that they will be canceling late night flights to raleigh and will not operate at rdu tomorrow or saturday. united airlines also announcing
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>> a record number of airline passengers caught last year trying to take guns on the planes, and most loaded. more than 2600 firearms were found and carry on bags in 2015, a 20% increase over the previous year. four out of five were loaded.
4:43 pm
>> a flight attendant accused of fabricating a bomb threat story now accused of a similar incident in virginia. the flight attendant faces federal charges in the bogus bomb threat last summer. the threat prompted the plane to turn around midflight. there was a disruption to a skywest flight months later. >> a 14 your hundred your old christian -- 1400-year-old christian monastery was destroyed. in this tree was based on before and after satellite pictures from 2014. a former iragi advisor says he cannot confirm that that monastery is what is shown in these pictures. these photographs were taken in 2009 when u.s. troops visited the site.
4:44 pm
law for the easter week ritual of washing the feet of men and women. vatican rules have long called for only men to participate. popes traditionally performed the rituals on 12 christian men. after a collective, told francis raised conservative eyebrows by performing it on men and women, christians and muslims. >> it seems to be more about relationships then ritual. >> went ever the pope says goes. >> cumberland county schools, you're probably seeing the school closures at the bottom of your screen -- they will also be closed tomorrow. >> we also have that on
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skipping the oscar>>cond year in the row, none of the minorities -- nominees are minorities. >> uber and lyft will soon have competition. today, general motors announced it will create an on demand car sharing service called maven. they plan to test the service in michigan. they expect to launch additional programs in u.s. cities this year. gm also plans to open rental hubs, where drivers can rent vehicles. >> let's take a look at what's coming up at the top of the hour. steve: all eyes on this winter
4:46 pm
in, the latest johnston county closed. we are busy in the first alert storm center. chris: complicated storm system. everything is on the table. some of those amounts are quite this storm may shut down the east coast. the latest predictions just in. a very busy newsnight. all the news just moments away. we will see you at the top of the hour. >> aggies getting a leg up on sitting up for job interviews. students check out a suit in their size for free for up to five business days. they get it try cleaned for five
4:47 pm
the executive director of the service says he wants to make sure students are not passed up for jobs because they can't afford a decent suit. >> ever wonder what a snowflake looks like up close. this is really close. a photography professor took this photo of a flake under a microscope in rochester, new york. it almost looks fake. >> it looks like the snowflakes you cut out. >> it does not look real. >> it really is beautiful. >> we have an update to pass along. johnston county schools added to the list of school closures for friday. we have it all posted on and at the bottom of the screen. a state trooper accused of pulling over a woman, the vehicle you should be looking out for.
4:48 pm
and the of hate of a dead deer delivery to a chinese restaurant could what the owner is telling us. >> our crews are out and about all over. watches, warnings, live doppler radar, and report the weather in your neighborhood with our abc 11 news mobile app.
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on the abc 11 mobile app>> developing right now, a north carolina time to a crash of two marine helicopters off hawaii coast. sergeant william turner was one of the 12 marines onboard.
4:50 pm
lives in hawaii and a gofundme page has been established. he grew up here and is a graduate. the search for the marines was suspended tuesday after five days of round-the-clock effort. >> highway patrol looking out for someone posing as a state trooper and driving a black dodge charger with blue lights. he pulled over a woman on monday. they have not released a description. if you have seen the car, call highway patrol. >> here is an update to a story that a lot of people have been talking about this week, road kill taken to a restaurant in concord. china fund restaurant owner says he stopped to pick up the dear because his friend told him he could take it.
4:51 pm
said he would never served the dear. a woman took a picture of the road kill taken to that restaurant. >> a transportation planning group backing plans for tolls on i 77 north of chartres. the planning organization voted last night to continue supporting toll lanes. opponents say they will keep fighting. the new lanes will be ready in 2019. >> charlotte officials are hoping winter weather doesn't dampen plans for a panther pride rally tomorrow. the rally is supposed to be held from noon to 1:30 p.m.. the nfc championship game, and joe mays or will be in charlotte for the game between the
4:52 pm
look for his live reports right here on eyewitness news, and follow him on social media for behind the scenes coverage. >> that would do it for us today at 4:00. let's you get updated on that winter wea stephen keisha. steve: winter storm warning, ice , snow, sleet, and rain, a big storm packing a punch. the timeline as chris hohmann tracks it all. tisha: state of emergency. the governor sounding the alarm, the potential for power outages and treacherous travel, the state ready to respond. steve: steve: in the bull's-eye, washington, d.c., philadelphia, baltimore bracing for the impact, two feet of snow expected, the east coast on
4:53 pm
right now, the calm before the storm. tisha: winter storm warning posted for midnight tonight through saturday, and the forecast is changing. steve: schools are closing. wake county has not yet announced the decision. here is the list, durham, cumberland, chatham, edgecomb, fort bragg, when it county, johnston county, all close tomorrow. lee county, nash rocky mount, orange county, and person county , also close tomorrow. the next screen, these are the schools delayed, polk and wayne county, a two-hour delay tomorrow. the full list is available anytime at tisha: let's go to the first alert storm center.
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chris: you're right.
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