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tv   ABC Eyewitness News at 530 PM  ABC  January 21, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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stephanie? stephanie: this right here is going to be the base of operations for [indiscernible] energy tomorrow. they are expecting 300 trucks. you can take a look. they are going as far west as burlington. >> it doesn't take much to way down tree limbs -- weigh down tree limbs. stephanie: it only takes one quarter of a pound of ice to weigh down tree limbs. this causes a huge problem. >> this is something we have to watch a very, very closely. this is going to be either a medium-sized or widespread even. stephanie: they're asking you to get ready, too. >> you could see your power out
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last year, we saw two and three day outages for some of our customers. stephanie: make sure you have a backup plan and keep your cell phone charged. if you lose power and you see duke energy cruise rolling through your neighborhood, know that they are assessing damage. >> we are not ignoring you, we are assessing damage. this could make a different -- difference if a substation has been taken out. stephanie: they are going to be working through the weekend even if you don't have a power outage tomorrow. there could be power outages on saturday. if there are heavy winds or ice on trees, that could cause downed power lines. you can report your power outages on their app as well. stephanie lopez, abc 11 eyewitness news.
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we are bracing for the impact. 1.1 million gallons of brine the roads. gloria rodriguez is here right now in raleigh. gloria: take a look at all of this salt here on the road. crews will be ready to respond and lay this salt on the roadways when the snow hits. >> we were -- will be out there and we will be rotating people in. gloria: they have 6000 tons of salt and they are almost at capacity. to prepare for snow, they say they have been salting the interstates and major roadways with the salt solution since tuesday.
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there is a possibility of getting some rain before the snow and that could wash away the brine. but it was a risk to take if it meant safer roads. >> it could wash it away which makes it not as effective. it is very expensive to put it down, so we try to put it down when there is not going to be ice or snow first. we are going to put the brine down and make sure that we have minimal impact. gloria: many of them will be working tonight through saturday. in raleigh, gloria rodriguez, abc 11 eyewitness news. anna: all right, gloria. thank you. and meals on wheels are delivering hot meals to many people. for some, this is the hot meal that they will -- this is the only hot meal that they will get. wake county meals will not
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meals on wheels is a lifeline like it is for so many. >> [indiscernible] the microwave and get it hot. people and some of the most really depend on that. sometimes they live alone and that again is another reason that we want to check on them. anna: last month, meals on wheels delivered 2000 ready-to-eat meals during the bad weather. so what can you do? you can check on an elderly neighbor who lives near you. make sure they are ok and make eat. you can check this out on her website with a story at and here is something that will
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our news will start extra early tomorrow morning. we will have winter storm coverage at 4:00 a.m. here on abc 11. also, our newscast always streams live on and you can also watch on her mobile app in case you lose power. just plug in your device tonight if there is lost power. and remember it is really critical to check on your neighbor. heather: another powerball winner comes forward, this time in north carolina. anna: and when will walmart employees see extra money in their paycheck? heather: and here is a look at what is coming up at 6:00. >> many are canceling schools for friday because the state is bracing for the first winter storm of the season. we will -- when we will see the most accumulation. chris hohmann will have more
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anna: jfk international airport in new york city is now using face recognition technology. customs agents unveiled the security equipment yesterday to customs border protection management. they said it was created to help reduce human error. heather: most of walmart's u.s. employees will get raises as part of the company's commitment to [indiscernible] most will get a pay hikes on february 20. this came nine months after many suffered pay cuts.
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after it was discovered that the average employee earns only about $13 per hour. unions and workers rights groups are lobbying for a living wage of $15 per hour. anna: and you will have to wait a little bit longer for the next "star wars" film to hit theaters. it will be released in december 2017. it was originally supposed to be released seven months earlier. "we'll force away can's" was originally planned for a summer 2016 release but was pushed forward to last month -- "the force awakens" was originally planned for a summer 2016 release but was pushed forward to just last month. heather: new information about winners of the new powerball jackpot. we have learned that a fort
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johnny charleston who lives in spring lake found out he won while celebrating his earth day. he bought the winning ticket for just three dollars at the food mart express. also known as the best birthday present ever. [laughter] anna: no kidding. heather: hopefully he celebrates
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anna:heather: now to a new warning about hoverboards. a government watchdog is calling
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anna: purchased one of these boards, and the government is calling on other retailers to do the same. anna: that is really scary when you see the video. now to a look at stories making headlines across the state, including of the record setting enrollment to the unc system. heather: and all local airport is canceling all flights for friday. anna: but first we start with figures released today about enrollment figures for north carolina university system.
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3000 students for thus -- this fall semester. this was in 11 of 15 campuses. they are [indiscernible] heather: also tonight, the winter storm is in forcing -- is forcing travelers to change their travel plans. officials say that they hope to [indiscernible] flights on saturday. anna: also happening right now, charlotte officials cancel the panther pep rally due to the storm threat. sunday's nfc championship game was declared an extraordinary event. the game will go on.
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cardinals and extra security will be present in uptown for the game. heather: let's hope that that snow will be cleared up for the weekend. anna: maybe it will be a fun event. let's check in with chris hohmann. you are busy this afternoon. i know, chris, people are asking you, but maybe you have a more definitive answer now? chris: yes, just about 12 hours away, and we have this in pending winter storm. things are fluid. we have everything on the table from snow to sleet to freezing rain. it makes her a very difficult forecast. heavy snow is certainly in some areas, it certainly the further north and west you go. it could be upwards of six inches, eight inches, or 12 inches.
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accumulations of that over half an inch, we would be in trouble with power outages. that is all wear that freezing line sets up. morning and into the early -- that is all where that freezing line sets up. morning and into the early afternoon, week of have an accumulation of clouds, and potentially power outage still a concern for some. downtown durham, still looking good. if you have any plans this evening or any last-minute errands, the weather should be fine. 45 in fayetteville, that is your 5:00 reading. out at the airport, it will be down to the mid-or upper 30's. we have a ridge of high pressure over new england. that is going to keep the winter precipitation going.
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wins out or if that system will pull in and it could determine if it changes over to all rain or if we go over to freezing rain and sleet and ultimately bigger problems. tomorrow, everything is on the table. snow to start and then it could change to freezing rain and sleet. if you are east of i-95, it should be plain old rain by the afternoon. it is possible that it is going to be a very close call. snowfall totals, this is the entire event. some more on saturday near the virginia border. areas south and east of raleigh, you will get one or two inches there. in the northern part of the triangle, down towards raleigh, the city itself, maybe two or three inches, or maybe three or four inches in that area, and six or 10 inches near the border
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the further up north you go, those totals are off the charts. higher amounts if you go west. a potential is there for a half inch of ice by the i corridor and down towards charlotte -- i-85 corridor and down towards charlotte. the headache again is what kind of precipitation, who gets what? if it's below 32,000 feet, it is all snow. for those of you in virginia, it is snow, but those of you south, it is not something to worry about. the snow melts, above 32, about 5000 feet above the ground, so it is below freezing your the surface.
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itpings -- it pings when it hits the ground. it is just below freezing right at the ground. the rain doesn't have time to re-freeze into an ice pellet. that's if it hits the elevated object, like an -- a windsheild or mailbox. of course, we talked about our snow totals, but trouble is quite be nearly impossible across the ohio valley, across parts of kentucky, and we are talking about nearly two feet of snow and a blizzard warning in effect for washington and baltimore. that doesn't happen there very often. here is your first alert seven day forecast. this is wrapping around north and it is going to be breezy and cold but sunshine will go a long
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up around 40 or 42 degrees on sunday. close to 50 by tuesday and some rain on the way. we will welcome just plain old rain. anna: we are praying that warm air wins out tomorrow. heather: hopefully it will just be a memory by then. anna: thanks, chris.
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anna: a family lives througanna: eight children between the ages of three months and 15 years old were deserted in a cold house. heather: we talked about this fayetteville family's plight. the help of to those in need was featured. >> the best way i can describe this for you is [indiscernible] right here on hay street in the middle of the afternoon. the only way to survive the nights on chesterfield drive is to end all up and use space heaters. the hope is that they won't let it catch fire [indiscernible] >> [indiscernible] >> this is not the case of an unpaid bill, rather of furnace that went out before the martin luther king holiday.
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[indiscernible] you've got to go somewhere. they didn't give me no information. >> we were sharing her story and they were in the cold home this sunny afternoon. [indiscernible] but a roof over your head doesn't keep a family warm. >> it was 19 degrees. i'm here with my children. i have a three-month-old. she just turned three months old today. i have a one-month-old. i have a seven-year-old. i have an eight-year-old. i have a 15-year-old. they have to get up and go to school after sleeping in the cold. >> we were able to reach the crisis intervention program through cumberland county. [indiscernible]
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family. if your family is facing a similar crisis and they need a temporary relief during this cold weather, head over to to learn more about cold weather programs. heather: hopefully they can get some help soon. anna: that is heart breaking news and they are not alone. abc 11 eyewitness news continues. here is what is coming up at 6:00. steve d.: the weight county school system and many others are closed for tomorrow and so our local universities. what our governor wants you to know. tisha: a traffic jam building right now at several grocery stores and hardware stores. many hot items are flying off the shelves. steve d.: and they are saying no thank you, publix is not
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tisha:announcer: see what is happening this instant. abc 11 eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. tisha: breaking news first at 6:00, north carolina is under a state of emergency as a potentially crippling weather system is bearing down on us. this means a three-day weekend
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steve d.: the weight county -- wade county school system is more. tisha: johnson, lee, moore, and rocky mount are also closed. roanoke rapids is also closed as well. good evening, everyone. i am tisha powell. steve d.: good evening, i am steve daniels. many closed places are scrolling screen. right now we are taking a live look at the raleigh skyline, and you can see that nothing is folly right now, but that will change tonight. chris hohmann is in our storm center and he is tracking the system. he is going to lay out the impact for all of us. chris: a major winter storm for all of us, especially the further north and west you are.
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a check it the thunderstorms of
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