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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 PM  ABC  January 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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a check it the thunderstorms of their in mississippi, they have per nato in part of mississippi. it is not often that you see the state of mississippi is under this kind of tornado watch, the southern half is under a tornado watch, the northern half is under a winter weather advisory. this system here is going to barrel into the east coast and cause all kinds of problems from north and south carolina all the way up through new york city. back here at home, it is all goods. we will see clouds increase towards sunrise tomorrow. the blue is the snow in the pink is the missed. it comes on in during the morning hours making the rush-hour a potential real troublemaker from raleigh northward. you will see snow and freezing rain. as we head through the day, you will see a transition begin from snow to sleet and freezing rain. it will not be right at noon, but afternoon, we should be
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triangle and snow continuing around the virginia border. the question is, when do we turn over to plain old simple rain? this should happen with no problem by late afternoon but over raleigh, late afternoon, we will have plain old rain. that line may be over the triangle and a could stay there. it would make the forecast a nightmare, but it could play out where we would have more coming around in the evening. we could have ice accumulations mount up and cause more problems to the north and the west. it does begin to wind down for tomorrow night, but then we get wraparound moisture. we may have snow showers mainly near the virginia border. there could be light accumulation. snowfall totals, 1-3 inches. if you get down towards fayetteville about one inch.
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six and maybe as much as eight inches or 10 inches across the board or counties into southern virginia. that will include the total for saturday. the main concern is the ice on top of that snow. a quarter of an inch or so in raleigh. it shouldn't cause too many problems as it changes over terrain. about a quarter of an engine may be some problems and a quarter to a half an inch and this quarter potentially from iran and chapel hill outdoors sanford. you get above a quarter of an inch, you start worrying about power issues because the tree limbs just start getting weighted down and take the power lines with them. we will talk more about that through the evening hours. winter storm warnings are up and it looked like a major storm coming our way. this is a major concern a long north of interstate 85. we will talk more about that coming up in just a bit. steve? steve d.: from city and town
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emergency management teams are now in winter weather mode. here are pictures of them huddling today trying to come up with a plan. tisha: they are hard at work. more importantly, they are trying to keep us safe. the state of management operation centers in raleigh have a game plan for us. ed crump has more. ed? ed: they say a major priority in keeping people safe is simple. keep them off the roads. of course, that is always easier said than done in past winters. this happened in 2005 and 2014. it depends a lot on when people can leave work and when schools close. >> all of us are going to be learning from each other. ed: if people do get stuck on the roads, the governor said the state law enforcement is under strict enforcement to make sure
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>> wildlife resource commission and others are all patrolling prime areas of roads to ensure that there are no stranded motorists. ed: state officials are all hoping that the worst of the storm will only arrive after work hours on friday. >> we do have a lot of major sporting events and entertainment events during the weekend. ed: that includes the carolina panthers playoff game and the game with duke at raleigh on saturday. the head of emergency management some this up in six words. >> we still look out -- we look out for each other. tisha: ed crump, live. thank you. steve d.: and the state has had workers out dumping that salt
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it lowers the freezing temperature of water to about 18 degrees fahrenheit out there on the roads. the brine coats roadways better than just plain salt or sand. the bottom line, they say, is that it is just more cost effective. andrea blanford is driving on i-40. everyone getting ready, andrea? andrea: that's right, steve. these crews have been working hard over the last couple of days. here is your live look. after reinforcing the brine on the major roadways today, the trucks got more salt and sand. there are ready to treat more roads early on saturday morning. if you absolutely have to be out tomorrow, give yourself double the amount of time. you will need to drive slowly
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cars, especially those trucks that will be hard at work treating and making the roads safe again. and get this, these crews are responsible for cleaning some 6000 miles of roadway. as we make our way through this winter storm over the next couple of days, crews want you to remember that they will be hard at work making sure you can get where you want to go and have a safe experience that they are asking you to be patient for. they will get team eventually and then it will take some time to get there. andrea blanford, abc 11 eyewitness news. steve d.: i think you will be doing yourself a favor and the dot a favor and let them continue to work to clear what is coming our way. andrea, thank you. and now is the time to make sure you have all of the essentials. tisha: don't forget to download the first alert weather app. it is available for you to view right now on abc 11 eyewitness
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steve d.: and we will be here extra early tomorrow with the storm coverage beginning at 4:00 a.m. you can also get news 24 hours a day on and on our mobile app. we have a list of school closures tomorrow constantly scrolling on the bottom of her screen. we will update that with more information as it becomes available. and publix comes into our area ready to welcome them into our
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tisha:steve d.: all right, tonight is known as the french toast night at grocery stores. that actually sounds kind of good right now. tisha: yeah. steve d.: people are stocking up on milk, eggs, and bread, all things that you could use to make french toast. tisha: we're live with war. -- with more. john: people are so busy and these cashiers are trying to catch up. despite the fact that the staples seem like a cliche, they
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es here as they prepare for this storm to pack a wallop. tools sold fast today at the ace hardware. bags of ice melt flew off the pallets and into carts. it wasn't just the obvious stuff. >> they are big, bigger than three by five. >> cathy was buying winter strips. >> we have a bungalow that is very old. >> it sounds nice and drafty. >> get some ice melt and a basic shovel and a windshield scraper. >> we had a little tiny garden shovel to shovel our driveway. >> you look like you are a
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john: scott on break from work went to get some groceries. scott: i think i may be prepared. john: long lines or something he may confronted the grocery store when he gets to it. now if you are wondering just how busy it has been, at least here at this kroger in raleigh, by 230 this afternoon -- 2:30 this afternoon, the manager said he met his sales target for the entire day. steve d.: there is new fallout in the debate of a public grocery store. chain has signed a written lease. there is a group called neighbors against mannerly village -- amberly village and they said there is no precedent to build a grocery store next to existing homes. there will be a planning and zoning public hearing to let
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tisha: as we mentioned earlier, wade county schools are closed as well as a majority of schools in the viewing area. steve d.: an rdf -- the raleigh international airport switch to centurylink prism tv, and get the same great channels cable gives you, without having to deal with cable. yes and? and...there's whole home dvr. plus tons of on demand options so you can watch whatever, whenever. yes and? why do you guys keep saying that? it's the first rule of improv. by saying "yes and," we accept the reality created by our comedy partners, paul. yes, right, i know. do you? feel like a hollywood insider
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tisha: again, tonight, many campuses are shut down tonight. that includes unc chapel hill
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you'll find a full list at steve d.: here is a look at rdu's terminal number two, and it doesn't look like there are many people right now. these people are looking for ways to get out of town. nearly 170 flights are canceled for tomorrow. most airlines are letting you change your plans free of charge if you are planning on flying the next few days. this is been a forecasting nightmare. chris: this is. they always have everything on the table. they have a good handle on it and we will share all the details with you. snowfall totals a little bit higher than what we saw yesterday, especially near the virginia border. still, that threat of dangerous ice accumulation for others. if you have any last minute plans or need to get something at the store, it is going to stay dry right through tomorrow morning. it is going to level off into
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for tomorrow morning. pictures are up and we have a serious winter weather advisory all the way to goldsboro in sampson county. it will change over to plain old reign as this new system roles in off the atlantic. there is a pretty evening there. the sun setting or it already has, but a little bit of light there. you will need that jacket if you head out this evening, or maybe even that winter coat. 30 at south hill, 32 at roxboro, chapel hill is at 34, fayetteville at 39 degrees. we got to the 40's today which is the warmest it has been since the last saturday. there is areas around arkansas, an area of low pressure is developing and it will be develop off of the coast. tornado warnings near jackson right now. these are all winter storm warnings all the way up to washington and baltimore where
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and the national weather service in washington is predicting as much as 30 inches of snow. the highest ever snow amount in washington was 28 inches. quiet tonight. tomorrow, high temperatures may be late in the day with a 30 at roxboro and right around freezing in the triangle. there is a big question if we change over to plain old rain. you will be all rain at one point and that will cut off any ice and snow accumulation very quickly. low pressure system over tennessee and it he comes the primary low pressure system that continues up the coast. this is going to potentially shut down cities like washington, baltimore, philadelphia, and new york, maybe even boston, too.
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this with precipitation coming in. down south, you will see that. this will change from sleet to rain a readily across the sandhills. around the triangle, 7:00 through noon, snowfall, then transitioning to sleet and then finally rain. it may not be quite at noon, maybe a little bit later, that by afternoon, we should be freezing rain around the triangle. it isn't good, obviously. then it is a question of what time of day does that line, that line of demarcation, the line that separates the plane rain from the freezing rain, where does that occur? our models say it will be right over raleigh by mid-to-late afternoon. i think by tomorrow evening, mid to late evening, it should be plain old rain in raleigh, but
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eastern parts in eastern wade county could be getting just liquid. in the overnight hours, things wind down just a little bit. then we will have snow showers near the virginia border. they may pack on another inch or so in it snow accumulation. here the totals again. you'll get some rain here across the sandhills in terms of snow. from raleigh and south words, maybe one to three inches of snow. we will have to fine-tune these predictions as we get through the morning. but that is what we are thinking now. that includes the extra snow on saturday near the virginia border. the main concern is ice.
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trouble along the i-95 corridor. into wade county, about a half an inch. back towards more county, you could be up to half an inch. this could change a bit, but that is where we have the biggest concern for potential power outages. the wind could gust up to 30 miles per her or 35 miles per hour. tree limbs will be coming down and maybe even trees as well. power outages are a major concern. we will see where that line sets up. travel to the northwest will be nearly impossible. look at all of that snow there. two feet or plus and that is going to shut those big cities down. snow showers saturday, especially in the triangle. then it will clear out. 42, we should see some melting on sunday, and monday it will be close to 50.
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announcer: now abc 11 eyewitness news sports sponsored by your
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>>ig player. he was all smiles at the newscast after. >> hetable. i'm excited. i am totally looking forward to it. >> and a reminder for sunday, you're going to be covered for charlotte with the panthers at the action in social media. we will have live coverage right here on abc 11 eyewitness news and on so syracuse and virginia had their game moved from saturday to sunday and virginia at wake forest has been moved, monday to
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n.c. state made another announcement earlier today and after getting their first win earlier this week, they are writing a new wave of confidence. >> it just showed to us that we can still beat anybody. i think there were a lot of people in the country watching that game. even though we are 0-5 coming into that game, we held our ground. >> duke on that three-game losing streak. they had a lot of confidence but duke was not a rebound. steve d.: it was a good one. thank you. tisha: and remember, continuous coverage continues on steve d.: this winter storm forecast will be changing
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behave for uncle pete. bye, see you guys later. [boys screaming]
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we have breaking news tonight. bracing for imabout. states of emergency. blizzard warnings already in effect. more than two feet of snow possible. and the tornado watch, hundreds of flights already cancelled. >> our interview with ted cruz. and sarah palin now fund-raising for herself. and a police officer
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the grandmother that broke the
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