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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  January 21, 2016 11:35pm-12:37am EST

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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for coming. welcome. very kind of you. i know everyone on the east coast right now is getting bundled up for a blizzard but we have quite the opposite going on in hollywood. today. i wore shorts and a sports bra to work this morning. that's how warm it is. the high was actually 77 here in l.a. today but with a bull body wax it feels like 68. windchill factor. the weather channel is calling this winter storm jonas. they say it will be an historic
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across the mid-atlantic. usually when a jonas wreaks havoc it's because nick jonas released a photo on instagram. but this jonas could drop 2 feet of snow. weekend is supposed to be hit especially hard. they had an inch of snow yesterday. traffic got so bad even president obama's motorcade got stuck. he had to glide back to the white house on hoverboard one. this is interesting. a hardware store in virginia sold 700 shovels on tuesday alone. to one guy. doesn't even have a driveway, just loves shovels. while millions of americans are very cold right now, our planet is warming at an alarming rate. 2015 was the hottest year on record and they say 2016 might be even hotter.
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[ cheers and applause ] yes, he'll be here. and now he's deaf. jeb bush isn't so hot right now but he's desperately trying to stir things up. he has a new ad in which he takes aim at donald trump. in the ad bush shows a vision of the future, it's election day in november, donald trump in this ad is the republican nominee for president. and he's forced to concede defeat to hillary clinton. and jeb bush says, doesn't have to be that way, he says, i should be the one to concede defeat to hillary clinton. eye are better at it, i'd be more polite. jeb tweeted today, if donald trump is the nominee hillary clinton will be elected president and we can't let that happen. jeb is painting himself as the only candidate who can beat hillary. meanwhile his brother george is at home painting portraits of his dog. and not helping at all. you know, i was browsing the web today, i own a web browser.
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every other website has something like this. should martha stewart and wendy williams host a show together? vote yes, no, no strong opinion. i voted no strong opinion. because i don't have a strong opinion on that. but i see stuff like this all the time. here's another one. are you psyched for coldplay to play at the halftime of the super bowl? yes, no, or are you serious? and it occurred to me, maybe this is why half the people in america don't vote, because voting used to be an important thing. it only happened every couple of years. now every day we're constantly being asked to vote on stuff like this. which celeb's son is hotter? ray nicholson or dylan brosnan? obviously it's dylan brosnan. it's not even close. but when you vote for stuff like this three or four dames a day, and i do because i cannot help it, you're texting your votes to nick fradiani from "american idol" or whatever the hell we're
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by the time the presidential reaction come election come around, who cares? we're out of steam. i tell you something, i really hope wendy williams and martha stewart devote a show to this and explore this subject because it needs to be tackled. whoever does become our next president is going to have to deal with isis, which now is recruiting more than just fighters. >> it's part of an explosion of online recruiting for isis that's eye-catching and inviting. young women are promised free housing, health care, cars, men are promised beautiful brides, true to the faith. in many cases it seems to be working. it's been estimated that more than 500 western women have left their families to travel to syria and iraq and join isis. experts say there's even a catch phrase circulating. jihotties. >> jimmy: what expert said that? [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: no expert said
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you can find them on ji-harmony. isis is going through financial troubles right now, reportedly cutting salaries of all isis what do they call them, cast members? by 50%. which that's got to be -- i have to say, isis has got to be a tough boss' office to ask for a raise, really. you may have seen we bombed their money, destroyed a few million of their dollars in cash. with money in short supply some isis fighters are exploring new careers. >> i was down on my luck. >> i was barely scraping by. >> then i found a way to make ends meet without giving up my passion for global terrorism. >> i went to isis tech, the first and only tech college for nil tants. >> i developed the skills i need to succeed in today's fast-paced world. i'm not just a dangerous fanatic, i have a degree in hotel management. >> isis tt tech works with you
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right. choose from a wide range of careers. massage therapy. cosmetology. auto repair. anything is possible. >> in just six months i'll have my degree in floral design. wow. i just keep getting better and better. >> i'm a dental hygienist. with the money i saved i was able to buy an anti-aircraft missile. thanks, isis tt tech! isis tt tech be a smarter martyr [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: speaking of terrorists does anyone here own a of who hoverboard? you do? i hate those so much. guillermo, round her up and put her in the stock caid. >> guillermo: yeah, sure. >> jimmy: you don't have to. amazon is offering full refunds on hoverboards because as you know, some of them have a
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which is a negative. basically amazon is saying, go ahead and send that explosive device back to us in the mail. is you know, if amman is offering money back for stuff that didn't work, i'd like a refund for my app rocker. today by the way, in case you don't know, national hugging day. also known as national make a co-worker very uncomfortable day. according to the website national hugging day was created to encourage family and friends to hug often and freely. when a holiday has a website you know it's legit. the message is positive. tonight to celebrate national hugging day, please welcome one of the top huggers in the united states of america right now, mr. zac efron. zac?
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i hope you have another hug in you. >> oh, definitely. >> jimmy: because tonight zac is going to hug one lucky audience member. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you for agreeing to this. >> i'm stoked. >> jimmy: can we see the arms you are going to use for the hugging? these will be the arms that will go around your body. why do you have a boom box? >> i always bring a boom box for all my hugs. hi, there. how you doing? this is zac. don't shake his hand, it's against the rules. >> what is your name? >> rebecca. >> where are you from? >> australia. >> jimmy: oh, wow. awesome. >> that's a long trip.
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>> jimmy: they hug counter clockwise, right? >> yes. >> jimmy: you're going to need your arms in a second here. are you a fan of zac's? >> yeah. >> jimmy: are you one -- should we be worried? >> no, no, no. >> jimmy: no restraining orders against you? >> no current ones. >> jimmy: very good. that's good. are you guys ready for that? >> i'm definitely ready. >> jimmy: are you ready? you consent to be hug the by zac for 30 seconds? >> totally. >> jimmy: you seem to be trembling. zac, do you consent to hug back? >> i do. >> jimmy: all right. >> i'm going to cue that muse glick go at it. it's national hugging day, enjoy. [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] i just died your arms tonight must have been something you said
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tonight >> jimmy: guys, guys? how was that? >> yeah that was pretty good. >> jimmy: good hugger? >> yes. >> my boom box. >> jimmy: turn off your crew. happy national hugging day to both of you. zac, you can go back to your seat. thank you, zac. i'll see you in a moment. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: this is what we do. don't forget your things. say -- >> bye, guys, thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i did not go to the prom when i was in high school but i imagine that's just what it would have been like, me standing in the corner watching the handsome guy dance. all right. do we have to take a break? we do have to take a break. we have a good show tonight. my cousin sal took his hidden
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really had a lot of fun. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] "beth" by kiss beth, i hear you calling... but i can't come home right now... me and the boys are playing... ... all night text beth, what can i do... [siri:] message. pick up milk. oh, right. milk. introducing the newly redesigned passat.
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welcome back. tonight malin akerman and ben harper & the innocent criminals. i think you're going to enjoy this. we send cousin sal out into polite society with hidden cameras and miss cliff inhief in his heart. we had him pose as an employee working the returns at costco.
11:51 pm
>> can i help you guys? welcome to costco. you're returning this? >> yes, sir. >> yeah, i'm looking at it, unfortunately this falls under the that's that policy, you can't return it. >> what do you mean, that's that? >> that's that. >> who's that? >> that's that. you can't return it, that's that, there's nothing we can do about it. >> who's that? >> that's that. not who. that. >> what do you mean that? >> that's that. it's our return policy. see? we reserve the right -- >> that's that. >> oh my goodness, so then what? you have to keep it. >> can i just get credit? i'm going to get something else right now. >> i can give you credit for trying to bring it back, but it's not going to work. >> what do you mean? explain to me. >> are you his friend? >> yeah. >> okay. >> in terms of the policy you're indicating? >> uh-huh.
11:52 pm
so that before someone purchases it, they have like full disclosure. >> that's exactly right. that's exactly right. do you see what he's saying? >> no. >> no, that's what i'm asking you. >> oh. >> where's the disclaimer? >> oh, i'm sorry, i thought -- it's right there. it's up there. >> no, when the person who purchases it inside didn't know about that -- >> yeah, you know what it is -- it makes it so much easier for guys like me. then if anyone could return something i look at them like, no, that's that, you have to keep it. >> i still don't get the that. >> it means -- >> can you explain it again? >> he's got this. >> it's a delicate way of saying you're [ bleep ] out of luck. >> oh! >> [ bleep ]. really. >> we can't put that on the wall, what he just said. >> but that's that. this is that? that wasn't that. this wasn't a that that.
11:53 pm
is that. then that's that. >> so what purchases don't apply to that's that? or everything applies to that's that? >> you can't return it because this is part of that's that. >> no, how does one decipher between anything -- >> right, exactly. >> sorry, i just have to kind of look at it and size it up, it's at our discretion. >> no, then what are you -- so the consumer's inside, right? what's this? >> you don't know until you bring it back. know -- >> no, no, no -- >> i mean, really -- >> i don't know that this is a that's that -- >> look, if your that's that policy stands -- >> i like it. >> then you could potentially places. are going to -- something back i would probably accept it. >> that's not going to stand, other companies, target, et
11:54 pm
you're going with this, it's going to take presscreate precedents and they're going to follow it. >> first of all, barack obama would probably send -- he probably wouldn't buy fake flowers but he'd send somebody to do it for him, he wouldn't wait in line on a tuesday afternoon. >> that's right, that's true. >> you know, like charlie sheen gives to other people, that's that. >> oh, gosh. >> you know, some of his lovers -- >> right, right, right. >> they can sue. >> that's that. i mean, they should have known. they should have known. >> he didn't tell them. he didn't give them full disclosure. >> you know what i think you're starting to get it. you're starting to understand. >> he didn't give full disclosure. had he told them they probably would have opted out of interactions with him. >> he's got it. you're making a good point about the president. >> no refund. it's like those two don't go together, look at it. >> it's the one on top that we go by.
11:55 pm
>> sure, you can take a picture. you want to be in it? i can take the picture. >> no, listen. you can't resolve, see eye to eye on some kind of mutual agreement, then channel 5 comes out -- >> that's interesting. i understand what you're saying. this whole thing, it's very frustrating. >> it's chaotic. >> very frustrating. >> i almost guarantee you're going to have another customer is going to feel as comepassionate as we feel, it's going to make the line longer -- >> let's forget about channel 5, let's concentrate on channel 7 in l.a., "jimmy kimmel live," because that's what you're on right now, right there. here you go. [ cheers and applause ] here you go. jimmy kimmel, that's that. good job.
11:56 pm
>> jimmy: i've never seen that. thank you, cousin sal. tonight on the show, we have music from ben harper and the innocent criminals, malin akerman is here. we'll be right back with that. [ cheers and applause ] all the hard work... time in the service... community college... it matters. it's why we, at university of phoenix, count your relevant work and college experience as credits toward your degree.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hi, everybody. tonight from the new show "billions," which is on showtime, malin akerman is here. then this new album comes out on april 8th, "call it what it is."
12:01 am
criminals. next week on the show we have many entertaining guests including chris pine, shaquille o'neal, alison brie, hannibal burress, music from panic at the disco, lanita smith, banners and tory lane, please join us then. [ cheers and applause ] it is a difficult transition for any artist to move from teen heartthrob to successful film star. leo did it, shia did it, i did it. it's tough. but our buries guest has done it too. see him alongside robert de niro in "dirty grandpa" which opens in theaters tomorrow, please say
12:02 am
>> jimmy: good to see you. >> good to see you too. >> jimmy: you're a hell of a hugger, you really are. the ten-year anniversary of "high school musical." you came here ten years ago, you're a kid, it was your first time -- >> ten years ago? geez. >> jimmy: who would have ever guessed that awkward, pimply, overweight, disgusting little boy would grow up to become this handsome young man. it really is shocking. >> it's the chances 1 in a million, thank you. >> jimmy: do you remember that, have memories of that first time? >> yeah, for sure, for sure. >> jimmy: okay. >> god, ten years ago, i can't believe it. >> jimmy: it is a long time. things are going well, it seems. >> yeah things are good. >> jimmy: you were living with your parents. you moved out? >> i have fully moved out. got my own place now. >> jimmy: oh, good, good. >> yeah i live with my little brother. >> jimmy: you do? how does that go? >> it's good.
12:03 am
>> jimmy: how much younger is he? >> 4 1/2 years younger. yeah he's great. i was gone for almost the entire year. working. >> jimmy: so he watches the house? >> yeah, he keeps an eye on the house for me. and eats all my groceries. >> jimmy: he does. >> i come home to an empty house with 92 food. >> jimmy: is he an actor, in show business? >> no, he's not -- he's actually producing right now. >> jimmy: he is, i see. >> yeah, yeah. doing a lot of writing, scripts. he's actually made a few movies. >> jimmy: and can you ground him? how does it work? >> i'm not necessarily a good one for grounding. >> i see. >> can i put him in his room and lock the door? i do that often. >> jimmy: you do that, yeah. >> sometimes you have to. >> jimmy: that never goes away. four movies coming out this year? >> yes. >> jimmy: that's a lot. >> yeah, yes. [ cheers and applause ] >> it was a good year, it was a good year.
12:04 am
much his ass is in this new movie. [ cheers and applause ] >> i know, it seems so exciting. >> jimmy: you're going to be chased out of here. are they done finished shooting yet? >> all of them are done. yeah. everything's done. >> jimmy: you've been working nonstop. >> yeah, i was home for a few weeks this year. >> jimmy: have you had a vacation? or even a long nap or anything like that? >> that was -- it's sort of the benefit of doing four movies in one year is i got to say, okay, i'm going to go wherever i want. >> jimmy: where did you go? >> i went to -- i took my girlfriend to asia for four weeks. >> what part of asia? >> we started in japan, we went to vietnam. >> jimmy: wow. >> went to korea. >> jimmy: that's fun. like in japan, what was the best thing you do in japan? >> in japan i would have to say the best thing we did in japan was we ate at this jiro, dreams of sushi? >> jimmy: i saw that documentary. >> we ate at his restaurant. >> jimmy: that's hard to get into. >> yeah, it's a really hard
12:05 am
people wait months. and this is no joke. >> jimmy: did you wait months? did you plan that far ahead? >> no, this was insane. we landed in japan. i called a buddy who's also into food. my girlfriend is really into food. and he's like, let me see what i can do. he made a call, i got you in. like the day after tomorrow. this is virtually impossible, there's no way anyone gets into this restaurant. so we showed up. we had our meal, which was outstanding. it was just -- my girlfriend and i eating. and there's this little area outside where you kind of take photos with everyone that comes into the restaurant. now everybody wants him. >> jimmy: the chef, right. >> he's got to hate it. i felt terrible asking but i was like, can i have one? he's like, i'll meet you outside. when we went outside he seemed really enthusiastic about taking the picture, he was really excited. he was smiling the whole time. and it turns out i think the girl that seated us who was
12:06 am
being his granddaughter. i think she may have been a fan from the old days. >> jimmy: ah. >> so i think that might have something to do with why i got that reservation. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: isn't that surprising when that happens? so far away? >> that is the best-case scenario of when all this pays off in a great way. >> jimmy: yeah, right, no kidding. >> i got to eat jiro sushi. it was amazing. >> you went to a real school. a lot of actors don't go to actual school. but you did go to school, yes? >> legit school, public school. >> jimmy: you were in drama class? >> i was, indeed. >> jimmy: it's an interesting thing. your teacher from drama class sent something along. >> oh no. are you serious? >> jimmy: yes. >> oh, no. >> jimmy: i felt maybe it might be fun for to us take a walk down -- really just memory lane for you. and a brand-new undiscovered lane for us. >> okay. >> jimmy: take a look.
12:07 am
supper time and with supper time bring on the bacon and fill me up it's supper time sup sup supper time [ cheers and applause ] >> yeah. that was -- that was a show charlie brown." i clearly played snoopy. >> jimmy: did you soon that for jiro at the restaurant," supper time"? >> he would not have that. i would have been thrown out immediately. >> jimmy: what are your thoughts? by the way, nice moon walking, very impressive by the way. >> back then, that crushed. >> jimmy: that would crash now if you did it, by the way.
12:08 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: very well done. zac efron is here! we'll be right back.
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might as well have a kid. have a drink. >> no i'm driving so -- >> so -- my exercises, then hop
12:13 am
okay? >> thanks for doing this, by the way. i made a tee time for us for this afternoon. you can use your grandmother's lady clubs, they're right by the front door. >> okay. >> all right, you ready? >> i thought the plan was to have breakfast here. >> that's your breakfast. let's get in that giant thing you drove up in and get out of here. >> jimmy: "dirty grandpa" opens tomorrow. that is a funny movie. >> it was really fun to work with bob. >> jimmy: you seem to have a nice relation. i like that you call him bob. that's when you know somebody did california knows robert de niro niro, he gets the bob. >> the first time i met him, what do i call him? robert, bob? >> jimmy: what'd you do? >> i went for robert. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah. he corrected you? no, it's bob? >> very quickly it turned into bob. >> jimmy: were you intimidated by him? >> yeah, the first time we met
12:14 am
so we should have -- this movie "dirty grandpa." and i was so nervous. this is robert de niro. he's just an acting legend. he is the cool dude of all cool dudes. >> jimmy: he is. you want him to like you. >> yes, you want him to like you. and also, another actor, he's never seen a single one of my films. like at all. like guaranteed. he has no idea. so i've seen everything this man's done. >> jimmy: right. >> and he knows virtually nothing about me. date. like really awkward. do i come on really strong? tell him how much i appreciate his work? >> jimmy: put your tongue down his throat, something like that. >> yeah, yes, yeah. like, he must be sick of that, right? >> jimmy: yeah, right. >> he's got to be sick of that. or try and play it cool? like it's every day you meet somebody like robert de niro. >> jimmy: what'd you do?
12:15 am
the middle, i don't know. >> jimmy: that's probe the right place to be. >> i tried to be polite and courteous and not too talkative. and yeah, he was awesome. he was awesome. >> jimmy: did you get to bond with him, do you feel? or just kind of working? >> for the first half of the movie it was kind of work. we had to find out each other's vibe, the way we worked together. and then halfway through the movie we sort of just clicked. and i found that if you talk to him basically about anything other than acting, he's an open book. he loves talking. >> jimmy: right. yeah. >> there was one scene in particular where we were in this, what is it, a mini cooper. and it was so hot, 110 degrees this day. we were stuck in traffic in the scene. and it was about three hours of shooting this. so for three hours there was just me driving and robert de niro in the car next to me. so in between takes, you know,
12:16 am
we were trapped in this car, couldn't leave. for three hours just me and him. and i thought we had a great conversation. like we really bonded over this three hours. as soon as they finally yelled "cut," moving on, we jumped out of the car and ran to video village where everyone watches playback. and everyone's just cracking up and laughing at me, pointing at me. what? they're like, you are such an idiot. you should hear yourself talking to bob. why don't you just like suck his [ bleep ]? and i was like what? what are you talking about? we were just making small talk, just small talk. they're like, oh, yeah, right. you were -- just cradle the balls next time. and i'm like -- >> jimmy: they were taping you? >> yeah, basically in between takes, which was long in between takes. >> jimmy: oh, boy. >> i was miked so they could hear every word. >> jimmy: i have bad news, your drama teacher sent me tape of that conversation. >> oh, god. thank you, thank you. >> jimmy: it's very good to see you.
12:17 am
"dirty grandpa." it opens tomorrow. zac efron, everybody. be right back with malin akerman! [ cheers and applause ] to those who deliver dinner... and get dinner delivered. to those caked in flour... coated in dust... even covered in lava. to those who are up all night... and up all night.
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still to come, music from ben harper & the innocent criminals. our next guest is a very talented swedish-canadian, which is one of the best kinds of canadians of all. her new show is called "billions." watch it sunday nights on showtime. please welcome malin akerman. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: good to see you. >> good to see you. >> jimmy: who was growing up your zac efron, your teen idol? >> michael jackson. >> jimmy: really? michael jackson. >> big-time, yeah. >> jimmy: i would have guessed you'd be too young for michael jackson. >> i was like 8. i still knew what was going on. >> jimmy: i see. >> i'd swedish. i had this poster of him -- >> jimmy: what was going on with him, by the way? >> i don't know what happened.
12:23 am
>> i had a poster, remember him laying down, the yellow vest? >> jimmy: yeah yeah. >> i had that on my -- i had sliding closet doors. every time i got change the i slid him behind the door so he couldn't see me. when i was ready i slid him back out. >> jimmy: wow. >> it was really weird. >> jimmy: yeah. that is a little bit weird, yeah. have you always been paranoid? >> no, actually, not at all. you've seen some of my movies, i think. >> jimmy: yeah, you grew up -- how old were you when you left sweden? >> i was 2. >> jimmy: did you ever get to see michael? did he come through there? >> i didn't but i got the next best thing. my first concert was cher. >> jimmy: really. >> i swear. yeah, cher. i think it was my 13th birthday. i was obsessed with the movie "mermaids." did you guys see "mermaids"? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: half of them are lying but they're being supportive. >> i thought i was going to become a nun because of that movie.
12:24 am
grew up buddhist but i was going to become a nun. i loved cher because of that. >> jimmy: all nuns do. >> i'm sure they do. >> jimmy: you got into her music? >> i didn't know her music, i was excited to see her on stage. my dad was so sweet. he got me and my girlfriend, who was also 13, tickets. she didn't know who cher was. we got the nose bleeds way up high. and i was so excited to be there. and i just knew that having seen films and tv shows where people cry when the star comes out on stage, so i'm up cry going she's looking at me like i'm messed up. and the guys in the front row are these buttoned-up swedes going, oh, bravo, look at her, her ribs are gone, aren't they? yeah, it was just -- it was a strange first concert. >> jimmy: have you had the chance to meet cher and share this story with cher? >> no, i haven't shared this story with cher. >> jimmy: you must, you absolutely must. >> will you introduce us?
12:25 am
we can barge into her home sometime. >> okay, let's do it. >> jimmy: i heard cher has a whole lounge area in her bathroom and people come and hang out in her bathroom. >> fantastic. >> jimmy: i don't know what she's doing. >> okay. we should go find out. >> jimmy: there is only one way to find out. guillermo, find out and report back to us, will you? >> guillermo: sure. >> jimmy: how old is your son now? >> he'll be 3 in april. >> jimmy: is he into cher? is he a cher fan? >> i haven't introduced him yet. i'm sure he will be once he sees her outfits, they're sparkly. >> jimmy: what's a 3-year-old boy into? >> he's totally into boy things. garbage trucks, street sweepers, trains, monster trucks. >> jimmy: monster trucks. >> i actually went to my first monster truck jam. >> jimmy: you did? >> which was really interesting. i've got something in my eye which is always awesome. >> jimmy: where was this jam? >> anaheim. >> jimmy: that sounds right. >> yeah. it was really great. i was kind of excited. i'd never done anything like it.
12:26 am
we get out there, i bring my dad who's visiting from sweden. and we get up there and there's like this box. we got to go on a monster truck, that was really really cool. it's about to start and -- i don't know who's ever been but it's so loud. i mean, it's so loud. i thought he kind of got scared. >> jimmy: it's monsters. >> it's monsters, yeah. >> jimmy: he did, yeah. >> he got a little scared. but he got these ear buds and all this stuff. and i look the at my dad at one point, you know what, dad? i think this is like the most american thing we have ever done in our whole lives. >> jimmy: it's the most american thing anyone has ever done. all you need's a hot dog in your mouth. >> we had that too, yeah. >> jimmy: there you go. does your dad speak swedish to your son? >> he does. it becomes swenglish. >> jimmy: i've never heard of that, swenglish. does your son understand?
12:27 am
stuff, i don't know what he's saying. i try and understand some of it. no he actually does, ill switch. when he sees my dad he'll switch. try to say the words he knows in swedish because he knows he understands. he's really smart. >> jimmy: kids are smart, yeah. and yet they're also almost helpless. they're really kind of dumb in a lot of ways. >> that's so crazy. >> jimmy: if they're so smart why can't we leave them alone? >> exactly. >> jimmy: i saw "billions." it's really good. [ cheers and applause ] a fantastic cast. >> amazing. >> jimmy: to start with. you play a very rich person, which has to be fun, right? >> yes. i wish -- you know. i wish we were staying in the places we shot in, the $84 million homes. >> jimmy: that's right, yeah. >> $84 million for a house. that's -- that's crazy. that's a hotel. >> jimmy: the playboy mansion's going to be $200 million and it doesn't even come with girls. it just comes empty. >> wow. that's a [ bleep ] big deal.
12:28 am
>> jimmy: think about that when i see a show i think, you know, being -- pretending to be a very rich person in the show means you're kind of living like a very rich person on the set. yes? >> on the set. which they call between action and cut, the rest is a trailer. >> jimmy: and doughnuts. >> a trailer and doughnuts, nothing wrong with that. >> jimmy: you've got the biggest ratings showtime ever had? >> yeah, it was amazing, a really great premiere. it is a really great show. absolutely playing a well fair -- i got to go on helicopter rides. sit in a jet. we didn't actually take off. little things like that, perks to see how people live. >> jimmy: then one day you're sitting on a jet, then you're at the monster truck rally. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: experiencing all areas of society. >> totally. >> jimmy: very good to see you.
12:29 am
showtime. malin akerman, everybody. be right back with music from ben harper! [ cheers and applause ] >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel
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>> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by samsung. >> jimmy: i'd like to thank zac efron, malin akerman and apologize to matt damon we ran out of time. "nightline" is next but first their album "call it what it is" comes out april 8th. here with the song "pink bloon," ben harper & the innocent criminals. [ cheers and applause ] do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do she walks around with a pink balloon do do do do do do do do and if you try to take it from her your end
12:32 am
do do do do do do do do she dreams about her pink balloon do do do do do do do do carrying her higher and higher up to the moon do do do do do do do do she ties it to her waist she ties it to her wrist do do do do do do do do and if you're lucky she might let it go for you and make a wish do do do do do do do do first thing she wakes up pours herself a cup before she's out the door she stops to blow it up sometimes she carries it high sometimes she carries it low people point at
12:33 am
she don't worry about danger she don't worry about doom do do do do do do do do and she don't give a damn what you think about her pink balloon do do do do do do do do she walks around with a pink balloon do do do do do do do do and if you try to take it from her your end will come too soon do do do do do do do do pink balloon she walks around with a pink balloon
12:34 am
they shot him in the back now it's a crime to be black so don't act surprised when it gets vandalized call it what it is call it what it is call it what it is murder there's good cops and there's bad cops white cops black cops but got to call it
12:35 am
call it what it is murder trevon martin this is "nightline." >> tonight, college crunch time. emotions running high. but as these kids wait to find out if they got accepted, colleges across the country may be changing the rules. dozens supporting wide-sweeping reforms are we're behind the scenes at harvard and mit. will the hours of sacrifice be worth it? college. sarah palin hits the trail with donald trump and she's fired up. >> donald j. trump! >> as the race to the white house heats up with the palin effect help or hurt trump? guess who she's blame for her
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