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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 500 AM  ABC  January 22, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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barbara: our crews are around the viewing area and mobile live on the roads so we can bring up-to-the-minute conditions. john: good morning, carolina, welcome on a friday january 22. i'm john clark. barbara: i'm barbara gibbs. the governor issued a state of emergency for the state. every major school district in the viewing area is closed. john: officials are urging everyone who can to stay home. we go to meteorologist meteorologist from the first alert storm center. don: we see the winter storm warning in effect running through 6:00 tomorrow night. that means we have a schedule for winter weather through tomorrow. a live at that and purple counties including goldsboro in a winter weather advisory because of the threat level lower in throws areas. this is the latest radar. there looks a lot worse than it is.
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ground on this leading edge. this white area down into area it is not hitting the ground. but darker colors toward siler city and southern pines and sanford, this area, that is where we are seeing heavier precipitation. we throw there in motion and it is tracking north-northeast. you see it pressing up like this and we will at this point to see that working through as we go through the next couple of hours. i think it will get heavier. down south we have nickole carr report interesting fayetteville just reporting rain. that is more rain and freezing rain. we look at the day ahead, we have the wintry mix reported now at r.d.u., sleet especially. we will see that continuing throughout the phorpbgmorning. by lunchtime we are below freezing and more of it will be frozen from the triangle north. in the sand hills more liquid and through the afternoon everybody could see a little bit
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now we talk traffic with amber rupinta. amber: happy friday by the way and as we anticipate this storm that is bearing down on north carolina right now it is early and we are seeing just some light precipitation on the roads. the good news is the roads are quiet. 440 and ridge most of the school systems canceled in our district and area so that will keep volume to a minimum. if you can work from home today that highly advised. officials are ready to tackle this. but this is the story here and it looks light. a little bit of precipitation falling. you see tracking the storm as it moves in. we like to see all the green showing up. that is interstates moving without problems or delays. another peek on durham county this is 40 and 15/501 and as we see a lot of people are hopefully staying in and warm. durham freeway same story.
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john: 5:03 appear -- the d.o.t. gearing up for a mess and caitlin knute is in breaking news one. caitlin: they are worried about the same thing we are worried about, ice. so far we have seen a mixed bag since we started driving at 4:00. we had ice pellets hitting our car. we know that was sleet. then it seemed to turn to freezing rain and starting to coat the side mirrors. we look now on 540 driving and seems to have stopped right now. what we would rather see is snowflakes. we can handle driving in snow. the ice is what worrieses. d.o.t. in wait and see mode to see what they get before they respond. they have been very pro-active busy the past two days trying to be ahead of the storm. crews are out in full force putting down thousands of
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mixture. then they went home and rested and came back about midnight and they are prepared to work a long shipment. shift. they will be working on and off through saturday because that's how long we expect this storm. you can make their jobs easier by saying off the roads. if you don't have to be on the road, don't. we have to. we are doing it to let you know the conditions. they are not bad now but it could change quickly. if you have to be on the roads we understand and make sure you give the d.o.t. vehicles room. we have seen them patrolling the areas and many are standing by. we will have a press conference at 5:30 from the d.o.t. barn and get more details from that. we will pass along the latest of what they are hearing and how they plan to respond. caitlin knute, abc 11 eyewitness news. barbara: the western part of the state or the triangle gearing up
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john: anthony wilson is live in orange county tracking conditions in breaking news one. what are you seeing, anthony? anthony: so far we have seen some early commuters mostly trucks motoring along in orange county. just before you came to us we had a lot more activity in front of us. but there is what is happening right now. earlier we were hearing what sounded like frozen precipitation hitting breaking news one. because we are live now we don't have it. but later on we will have more than we bargained for. we will be around for that showing you what is happening. let's look now at some of the activity in durham earlier this morning. some of the durham public works crews were output putting salt on the streets an sidewalks particularly downtown durham where a lot of people live and walk around and will be doing
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the -- this morning before the bad weather comes. so if you are out there give the people working for the city, county and state lots of room if they are out in front of you. they are trying to make sure things remain safe and not too slippery. there's not much you can do when it is really coming down other than trying to avoid being out. but, wait, we come back live is that the sound of sleet? we heard something kind of hitting breaking news one a moment ago again. if it is happening, it is too fine to be shown on camera at this hour. but apparently, john and barbara, we have some precip coming down in orange county. whether it is visible we will find out later. but we will keep an eye on things and show you when it is visible and let you know what to avoid in case it gets ugly. we are in breaking news one, anthony wilson, abc 11 eyewitness news. john: you can keep connected to
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power by downloading our first alert weather app. you will get live doppler radar on the grow, school closings and delays and weather alerts and an easy way to upload photos and video to us. 5:58. our coverage of this winter storm is just getting started. barbara: we will check in with more live crews. but first weather and traffic. we will look at our d.o.t. cameras. i-40 and n.c. 54. right now looks pretty clear, a little sheen on the road. don: it will get heavier the next couple of hours as the precipitation moves in. you have to realize this is just the start. it will last all day through the daylight hours. we will talk more about that. we check the first alert doppler network and radar scanning the skies and a mixed bag working
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heavier south and west toward don: down in southern pines whispering pines, just heard from a storm spotter and john has a digital thermometer showing 30.9 degrees and he is reporting sleet accumulating heavily at this time. this is darker. that is where the heavier precipitation would be. this is shifting north and east. we will see the bands of heavy moisture. thanks to john. by the way if you download the app you cannot only take pictures but report the weather
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you can e-mail us, tweet it, facebook. if you tweet it tag it with the hash tag abc11 eyewitness. this is the risk assessment for today. there's a high risk for heavy snow to the north virginia border. extreme risk for bad roads and power outage is immediate. if we keep the ice totals down that should keep the power oupbls down. steve stewart is working on a new tool talking about power outages. we will have that in a bit. 28 now roxboro. 32 fayetteville. we are looking at the day ahead temperatures not changing that much. we have gone down one degree. that is critical indicating more sleet. lunchtime 29 and wintry mix. let's talk roads now with amber rupinta. amber: we are certainly keeping
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right now it is pretty quiet. we are starting to see precipitation starting to fall. of course, we will keep you posted as the situation moves over central north carolina. 440 and poole road in wake county county, some of the lighted areas it is easier to see. we are seeing sleet and possibly 4:30. glistening. if you need to get something done now is the time ahead of the storm. that is the system moving in and it doesn't look very good. but the roads do. it is quiet and light with the volume. a lot of green which is what we want to see. 40 and rock quarry same. was searching through twitter and as don said use the hash tag abc11 eyewitness. i was searching ncwx and that is n.c. weather and this is somebody in raleigh who -- justin off western boulevard and you see some sleet that was
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we will keep you connected all morning and let you know as things start to progress. right now, it is still quiet. barbara: thank you. 5:13 and 30 degrees. you are watching live coverage. john: it is just getting started. coming up we will check in with
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there is john: the folks in the northern counties got snow earlier. gloria rodriguez has a look at conditions in roxboro. gloria: good morning. so far it is dry out here. we have been driving all over person county and so far we haven't seen any snow. we will look at the road right now.
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center of town around madison boulevard. we will hit that area soon. so far it is dry. we have seen d.o.t. crews on standby. we drove by the salt barn and they are ready to go. as soon as snow hits they will hit the roads and putting salt and sand on the roads to try to avoid accidents. schools are closed today. we are not seeing many people out yet because it is recall. a lot of people will be staying in today. however, we are told we could see six to 10 inches of snow in the roxboro area. of course, this region tends to get a lot of snow when we get snow so we expect to see activity pretty soon out here. d.o.t. crews are saying it stay in if you don't need to be out. if you can work from home, that is the best thing. try to stay indoors.
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sure you have everything you need so you have milk, bread. i'm stocked and you make sure you have everything you need. and flashlights, whatever it is that you may need to be home in case the power goes out you want to be prepared. we will be out here to bring you the latest. live in breaking news one, gloria rodriguez, abc 11 eyewitness news. barbara: i put gas in the car. >> yes. sand hills are added to the winter storm warning. barbara: nicole carr is live there. >> you have the hood up so it must be raining a little bit there. nicole. t. is coming down a little harder than the last half hour. i'm sorry, i can barely talk. i am cold and i don't know what i did with my gloves. but rain is coming down a little heavier. it was like there around -- like this around 2:30. don was telling you the pink and
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freezing rain in the sand hills. our building manager prepped always for anything that would freeze so we have the sidewalks treated treated. we have all the school children and teachers enjoying the day off. hopefully the parents are getting to do the same thing and we know fort bragg is calling off everything there, they are closed. if you need to get to the p.x. or commissary and do a little grocery shopping they are on a two-hour delay. that is all we have going on. we will see you the next half hour. we will send it back to you. john: let's check back with the first alert storm center and meteorologist don schwenneker. don: good morning to you. we are talking warnings first. everybody under the winter storm warning for the most part.
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under a winter storm warning until tomorrow 6:00 p.m. we will see went weather throughout the day and into tomorrow. let's get to the tkarradar. we see a lot of stuff on radar but a lot of it is not making it to the ground. i will back off some of the radar and watch you will see some of the tkarradar bands disappear a little bit. this is what it looks like. that is everything in the atmosphere, even the stuff not making it to the ground. we will back that down and see where the heavier pockets of precipitation are. as you get to siler city and chatham county you see blue areas. that is where the heavier pockets of precipitation are working through, sliding south into carthage, southern pines. nicole is in fayetteville and notice the pink meaning freezing rain. purple means sleet. it could be either there. live look into downtown raleigh and here is the other story, the
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another degree to 28. that means snow and sheet being reported. 55% humidity. i want to go to steve stewart and we have a brand-new tool we just put on the weather computers dealing with possible power outages. this is the first time ever used on tv. steve: we will show that in a couple of means. we will have gusty weekends and when factor that in later on today if we have ice accrual we could have power outages. 20's across the board. we are talking about the difference between sleet and freezing rain. if the cold layer at the surface is shallow it doesn't have time to freeze and hits as a liquid and can freeze on the freezing surfaces. if it is deep enough we will see it freeze all the way until we get to the pellets that hit the ground. we just jumped on the graphic. that is ok.
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we are talking about the ground temperature. 36 to 38 and coming down a bit. there is above freezing but this is easily overwhelmed by heavier precipitation. so, roads should be covered fairly quickly with the snow and sleet this morning moving in. as don was showing you widespread precipitation. it won't be a changeover until later. we see the snow moving it and transition of sleet by midmorning with the snow continuing in our northern counties. confidence in the snow forecast in the northern counties is much higher than the triangle south word because we are dealing with different phase shifts. pensionly it could turn -- potentially it could be rain from the triangle east and as storm exits and colder air comes in and light snow showers could be with us a good part of tomorrow. we talked about the wind. these are gust potentials up around 30. our model has over 40 miles an hour.
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but the potential is there for power outages. notice the low, medium and high categories. a lot of us in the low category, something we rarely see with most of the storms this graphic isn't used because we don't have anything on it. with a medium potential down east they could be dealing with ice. they will have stronger winds. that is an issue. but up to the neighbors to the north power outage potential are significant from d.c., baltimore up to philadelphia and even new york in the medium to high and extreme extreme category. don: there is a new tool so we will have to see how it goes but we are forecasting the potential for power outages. we will talk about ice potential. a quarter to a half inch with the 35-mile-an-hour gusts. that could be problematic. our snowfall forecast this is the forecast right now. this is subject to change. i don't say that to cover my behind. i say it because a shift of the
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could increase snow or knock it down. in roxboro you could see up to a toot foot. we will be around freezing in raleigh, 32 durham. 29 roxboro. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather, tomorrow 34 degrees and snow showers clear as the day progresses. sunday 40 degrees. it will be clearing and breezy. but we get to 40 degrees we see sunshine and sunday night into monday cold air, 22 the overnight low sunday night into monday and that will refreeze on bridges and roads with that very cold runoff. we get into the 50's next week. john: winter is here. don: it certainly is. john: we will check traffic. amber: it sis quiet right now. we were saying it doesn't feel like winter, 70-some degrees. that is gone. trucks there at 40 and 15/501 standing by and a lot of these
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they are working 12-hour shifts and waiting for the storm. it is starting to move in a little bit. we are seeing a little precipitation. on the mapping system you see that. we love to see that the main interstates are showing a lot of green. that means they are clear around quiet. as of now the carolina
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barbara: a fayetteville family is forced out of their home by fire at 1:00 on candlewood drive.
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this is a look from o barbara: north carolina waking up to a state of emergency. we have the crews on the roads and snow and sat spreaders on standby as a major winter storm moves in. >> d.o.t. trucks ready to put down salt and sand at the first sight of snowfall. barbara: the snow is not the only issue. it is bringing is sleet and
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