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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 530 AM  ABC  January 22, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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the potentialor power outages. good morning, carolina, welcome on a friday, january 22. john: we have special team coverage to keep you updated on the changing conditions. barbara: all school systems in the area are closed because of the impending storm. we start with don schwenneker in the first alert storm center. don: good morning to you. let's show you what is going on with the radar. we are starting to see the leading edge of the system work northeast. much of this on this side of the radar not hitting the ground. it is being absorbed in the dry atmosphere. the darker areas here in roxboro and chatham and lee county and moore county and even into hoke, this is lifting off to the north and east mainly snowflakes but some sleet mix with this. this will be working across durham county and wake county
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the first big batch of precipitation. temperatures across the region south hill 25, roxboro 28. 27 oxford. 28 louisburg, 29 sanford. 32 smithfield. fayetteville dropped two down to 32. 30 southern pines. everybody below or at freezing at the surface. if you see raindrops it is freezing on contact. by lunchtime we see the wintry mix and 30 degrees. late day some will be just before freezing and some 30, 31, 29 rocks wroexbororoxboro. we have the seven-day in a bit. now we talk weather and traffic with amber rupinta. amber: we have been watching the d.o.t. trucks and some of them already working and some standing by, working around the clock.
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the hard work they are going do as this storm bears down over north carolina. 40 and harrison a lot of cars out there this morning. a lot of people probably trying to get what they need done before the storm hits. hopefully that's the case. emergency crews advising everyone to stay off the roads. right now conditions ok, green on the interstates with things a little bit of frozen precipitation falling but you can see the storm is making its way in. we are accident free and we will keep you posted as things deteriorate. barbara: thank you. now is the time to bjorn load the first alert weather app and get doppler radar, school closings, delays, weather alerts and upload photos and videos to us. john: we are looking ahead to a big mess with a mix of snow, sleet, freezing roads.
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in the d.o.t. barn in raleigh. people gearing up for long shifts. caitlin: we think we have long shifts. not compared to these guys. they came in at midnight and they are going to be on the clock through saturday as they try to keep us safe. i don't know if you can see this on the camera but we are seeing light snow flurries. i welcome that, personally. he would rather see this than ice, sleet and freezing rain. we saw some of that in breaking news one earlier. we will check in with the folks here in 15 minutes with a live press conference to lets know the trouble spots they are looking at. their plan of action. it is very scientific how they approach putting down the brine first to pretreat and then deciding how to approach it. we keep reiterating if you can stay home that is the best thing. not only for your safety but to make their jobs easier. join us back here in about 15 minutes and we will have the
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live from the d.o.t. barn in raleigh, caitlin knute, abc 11 eyewitness news. john: we now go to anthony wilson in orange county. anthony: we are on i-40 and 15/501 and right in front of us, some of the crews on standby ready to roll in case -- i should not say in case, i should say when -- the weather turns very slippery. those are trucks with spreaders and plows attached on the front. that is the front facing camera. on the other side of where we are, we will look here and that is behind us. that is a truck that is going past yet another set of crews on standby. they appear to be contractors who work for the d.o.t. because of what we expect today, it is all hands on deck. the people who regularly work
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getting paid to assist. we will look at some video we shot in durham with the believe works crew preparingto trucks which have plows in front of them and they have already spread salt on many of the highways, the brine is down on the pavement. everybody is ready for the inevitable appearance of the winter wintery weather and we have only seen so far some small examples of what will happen. when we came to you, we saw a few flakes here but they were not really visible on camera. but the next time we come to you we have recorded video and you will see if you want to see snow, tiny little flakes. a preview of what is to come. anthony wilson, abc 11 eyewitness news. john: duke energy progress is
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crews from florida to help out with potential power outages here. duke energy says there will be more than 1,300 additional crew members helping to restore power. if you do lose power this is important, duke energy says turn off or unplug your electronics. a spokesman said that can help avoid power surges if a large area is restored at one time. a majority of you are on the duke energy progress grid. this is the critical number to have. if you need to report a power outage call 1-800-419-6356. you can report outages on line at the duke energy progress site. barbara: it is 5:37 and 28 degrees. our special storm coverage continues. >> quite a bit of snow expected in part of the triangle but the question remains how much
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don: that is a big question across the region. we are seeing temperatures a little colder. we have dropped below 30 in raleigh and durham. still at the freezing mark in fayetteville. we will talk more about the temperatures and potential for can't afford to let heartburn get in the way? try nexium 24hr, now the #1 selling brand for frequent heartburn. get complete protection with the new leader in frequent heartburn. that's nexium level protection.
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don: welcome back. weather and traffic together. i have the radar zoomed out because i want to show you we still have all of this moisture down here and i think this will fill in as it drops through. head out to the mountains and it is nothing but snow. we look into blowing rock and 21 degrees there. this is a hreuflive picture. it is blowing snow and a mess up in the mountains. if you are a skier this is good news for you. everybody else, nobody moving there. we will look at the risk assessment for the day and i
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still extreme risk of ice on the roads being potentially dangerous all afternoon and into the evening hours. were at medium risk for power outages. at this point it doesn't look wide spread but we get a little more ice and that goes from red to red quickly. heavy snow certainly a high risk around the virginia border. we will look at the day ahead. right now we have dropped another degree to 28. light snow, sleet, freezing rain mix. by lunchtime mere -- we will have 30 and mix. rain in the sand hills and triangle you could have anything. same this afternoon as we go to 32 degrees. we will talk more about the storm system that will be with us all day. now we talk weather and traffic with amber rupinta. amber: exactly what you want to be with you on a friday. exactly what everybody was wishing for. this sis cary or looking into caca.
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and quiet this morning. a little glistening. we are seeing a little precipitation making its way into the wake county area. as we await the storm. red light so there goes some cars. it is very light and schools are canceled. a the who of folks off the roads. if you need to get something done now is the time to do tit. of course, right now it is pretty decent. a lot of green. that is what d.o.t. wants. they are standing by and ready. as of right now the hurricanes came is on at 7:00. we will let you know if that changes. 40 and rack quarry, we saw sleet and freezing rain in raleigh earlier. john: we will go back to caitlin knute at the d.o.t. salt barn where the officials are talking to the media. caitlin: good morning. let me step out fof the way. pwrfrpbt mckerry is standing by
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give us a wrap-up of what you are looking at and the plan of action is. >> we have all been here since midnight and we have everything ready to go. all the trucks are out in the staging areas. some are already applying some salt in trouble spots and hoping that we don't have major issues. caitlin: what are the trouble spots? >> they are all over the county. mostly bridges and passovers. but if you don't have to be out, don't get out. caitlin: what is the best case scenario and worst case scenario in terms of apprentice attention. >> best case is right now which is almost nothing. hope it stays that way. caitlin: what have you been doing in terms of pretreating the roads? >> the past three days we pout about 160,000 gallons of brine just in wake county. we switched that yesterday to be
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caitlin: you have people on stand by now. >> we have some on standby and some applying salt. caitlin: we have been watching the ice and know that is a concern. what can you do should we get ice? >> we have to apply salt where we can. and if that is not working salt and sand to get traction and hope it melts. caitlin: how long are your crews expected to work? we think we have long hours but we know you have us beat. >> we will be here for the duration of the storm event until primary routes are cleared. hope it won't be fast saturday but if that is what it takes that is how long it will be here. caitlin: if you get freezing ran would that wash away the brine? >> the straight rain is what we are worried about. the freezing brain the breen --
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caitlin: if we see mostly snow that could be easier and be pushing and clearing. >> yes. caitlin: what do you want people to know this morning? >> just to stay home if you don't have to be out. listen to whether the officials have said before and just stay off the roads and let us make sure everything is safe. caitlin: that was brent mccurry. thanks to all of your folks trying to keep us safe. if you were listening he reiterated what we have been saying. stay off the roads and stay home and make their jobs easier. we will let he know if we hear anything else from them.
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barbara: this is from breaking news one going through chapel hill on n.c. 54. we are seeing a little bit of light snow hit the windshield. the roads are expected to be a mess later on. this winter storm we are expecting is just moving in. all 28 school systems in the viewing area are closed today, so if you don't have to get out, don't get out on the roads. john: it is now 28 degrees and we are below freezing. let's check back with our live crews in person county. they saw snow earlier this week and more is expected today. barbara: gloria rodriguez is little -- live in roxboro. gloria: it is slowly thanking because we are -- changing here falling.
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in roxboro and you can see some of the snowflakes. maybe about 10 minutes ago we started seeing them. you can see on the road the brine. d.o.t. crews have been preparing the roads here and throughout the state for this snow. we are slowly starting to see things change. this area could eventually get six to 10 inches of snow. this region does tend to get quite a bit of snow when we get it. so it can quickly change once that snow starts to hit here. the area got snow a few days ago and we see patches that haven't melt the. but this new snow is just starting to come down. we have also been seeing the d.o.t. crews on standby. we drove by the salt barn and
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sand. we saw a contractor for duke energy and he is starting early to make sure they can keep power to as many residents as possible. it will be a very busy day for a lot of people. we will stay out here and bring you the latest. live in breaking news one, gloria rodriguez, abc 11 eyewitness news. barbara: i will tell a tale on gloria. she is from california. i don't think she is seen snow in a while. don: the other day when we were in the heart of the cold air barbara came in and said it is cold. barbara is an alabaman. gloria came popped said it is so -- came in and said it is cold. in person county they have the potential of a foot of snow. we will talk about the totals around the virginia border and we have the winter storm warning until 6:00 tomorrow night for
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evenly the counties east of 90 with a advisory through 6:00 tonight then they will reassess t. they could see mainly rain. a look at first alert doppler xp and on the most powerful radar in the carolinas not showing any county. western wake county we will take some of this off and that is where the heavier bands are moving through where you see the darker colors through here. that is the bands moving through the durham area and down in moore county. that is pushing north and east. now as far as more in the way of the forecast we go to steve stewart for team coverage. steve: temperatures now below freezing. we were just above freezing in fayetteville but now it is down with the precipitation coming in. you get a little evaporation. around r. tkfpltd.u., the confidence is higher for the numbers than northern counties.
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are going to get one to three inches of snow and/or snow. then with higher numbers the confidence is down because the pack something different. if we have rain that hrwill tamp down the totals. but there is plenty of available moisture. we are talking nearly two inches of precipitation. the question is which form. if all snow it will be easy. we are looking it an eight to one ratio. road temperatures are 36 to 38 degrees. it will be fine for snow covering it. doesn't need to be down to freezing to have it cover. we will have bursts of snow that will overwhelm the roads quickly. even treated roads later opbn will become covered because of heavier bands. you can see as don was showing you heavier colors denoting heavy downpours. we will zoom out and this is a very energetic system and even severe weather with
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and all of this moisture will feed up into the colder air and as it gets here it will change its form of precipitation. again, we are seeing from raleigh northward up to roxboro mainly snow through the morning. by midday still know in the northern counties. most of the areas south are mixed freezing rain and sleet. we help for more sleet. then we will see a tamp down of the precipitation this afternoon. overnight tonight light rain mainly long and allegation of interstate 95 but still frozen precipitation farther north. when factor in the wind we could have gusts this evening and any ice on branches it could cause major power outages. don: the potential is there for a quarter inch of ice in a lot of the region. that dark pink area is up to a half inch of ice. when you get a half inch you start to see power outages. snowfall forecast as steve
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through r.d.u. and wake county. north three to six and six to 10 up toward roxboro. that has the potential to change, more rain works in, more cold air and numbers go up. this is the best guess this far out. as the precipitation is just starting across the area. a look at the day ahead we see the wintry mix possible more rain south in the mid 30's in lumberton and clinton. more snow in the north. seven-day forecast tomorrow low to mid 30's. snow showers as the system exits the region. sp sunday 40 degrees will melt it but then we are in the lower 20's and monday morning you could see slick spots even though no precipitation. tuesday into wednesday the next system works through and at this point it looks like just a rain event as temperatures are in the 50's. we are just seeing some of the heavier bands and we will see
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and early afternoon. maybe a dry spot late kwrafrpblt barbara: thank you, don. >> 5:54. barbara: first major storm of the year zeroing in on north
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john: how it is john: the threat of winter weather is putting a damper on the panthers party plans. there was a pep rally set today
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couldn't askchedules are in shambles because of the snowstorm. washington, d.c. is expected to bear the brunt with more than two feet of snow cause more than a billion dollars of damage to the eastern third of the nation. still to come on "eyewitness news" our coverage intelligence. john: we have you covered across
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john: major winter storm bearing
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