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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  January 22, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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the national weather service three inches of snow in the north side of roxboro. most of what is falling in roxboro his snow mixed with sleet. these bright yellow areas where we are seeing the batches of precipitation. the rain has filled in into the sandhills. fayetteville is above the freezing mark. you are seeing rain in spots. other spots are seeing sleet but there is a heavy pocket southwest of fayetteville. wake county seeing grey's is the lightest.
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pittsboro, that is where the heaviest shower is. temperatures across the region are any 20's and 30's. this area of low pressure continues to sit to the west of us. you can see the counterclockwise rotation, that is where the center is. until that works east, it will continue to suck this moisture across in the form of rain, sleet, and snow. right now, it is mainly sleet because temperatures at the surface are below freezing. even though it is raining in the upper part of the atmosphere, it is freezing rain. 27 degrees and roxboro. 27 degrees for chapel hill. temperatures are not changing for the past couple of hours. 31 in fayetteville. it does not change much. i have sleet right now.
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freezing rain into the evening circulation. we will check on the snowfall totals and your seven-day forecast. john: now's the time to download our first alert weather app. you will get live doppler radar on the go, school closings and weather alerts. check out the free app at the app store on google play. it is also an easy way to upload photos and videos for us. these are just a few of the photos already up needed -- uploaded to barbara: keep sending them. john: we have leave team coverage. reporters spread out across the area from the triangle to fayetteville to roxboro. barbara: we want to begin with diane wilson who is on i-95 who
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diane: we are still behind that accident. a standstill. traffic is starting to move a little bit, but not that quickly. you are still stuck up there because 95 has been a mess all morning. right now, the accident we are talking about is on mile marker 81 in benson nearly 40 interchange and 95. we are at mile marker 84 and as you can see, -- [indiscernible] diane: i want to show you the trees.
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diane: there is out here alone the trees. 95 is filled with accident, i'm in the southbound lane. we see them on northbound also. try it they off of 95. we did get out and asked people why they were traveling. most of them have to go somewhere. whatever you do, if you have to go out, philip your gas tank in case you do get stuck in traffic. reporting along 95, i am diane wilson. john: road conditions are treacherous in the triangle as well. this is a live look at i-40. crews are battling mother nature
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where are you right now caitlin? >> we are outside. we came upon an accident involving an ambulance and a solid truck. -- salt truck. we are in downtown raleigh. all of the vehicles just left it in the past minute. in this parking lot, we had an ambulance and a salt truck that collided, not a major accident. minor damage to the front end of the ambulance, but they were transporting a patient at the time. he had to bring a second ambulance. this parking lot. not easy.
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it is getting packed down by those drivers. downtown raleigh. you can see there are people on the roads, not too many. hopefully that will cut down on accidents. county. we will keep an eye on things and let you know if there are any more problems spots. reporting live in raleigh, caitlin. barbara: the slick roads caused a driver to lose control and went right into an apartment building and knocked out power. no one was hurt, but an incident like this is why authorities are asking people to stay off the roads if possible. anthony wilson is live in durham.
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anthony: look at these conditions. and already proven to be a big problem. there is a tanker that is flipped on the northbound lane and one southbound lane of i-85. words of the exit 32 -- we were told that exit 32 is closed. we are not there yet. we are going very slow, less than 40 miles an hour. people are going down despite the fact that you are looking at slippery conditions. we do not know at anything to do with the accident we are heading to right now. you can assume that things can go wrong in a hurry and it is difficult to correct. we are taking our time getting there.
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can get, the accident involving a tanker. it is across one northbound and one southbound lane. we will get information as soon as we confirm. you can watch that at john: many people have heated a call to stay off the road. barbara: amber has been monitoring conditions all day. >> we have been on the air since 4:00. we do have a lot of people that are staying off at edwards mill. that is the warning from emergency officials in the governor at anybody who has to respond to any incident.
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you can see the conditions. we have snow on the ground and an icy mixture. there is sleet and freezing rain. both directions have crews working on both sides. people who work in hospitals, those who have to go and on days like this. as far as accidents, we are in good shape. it is on and off. we do have a couple to report. this was 95 southbound or diane wilson has been. that involved a tractor-trailer. at the game tonight, the rangers are here and they will play. if you had to that game, you'll probably be there by yourself, walking there is your best that. john: if you do not want to go
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barbara: you can switch them out for another game. john: sam mills are also getting hit with rain and sleet. barbara: the wintry mix started following this morning in fayetteville. nicole has been with us all morning. nicole: we are on and off again in cumberland county with that freezing rain. we have seen the sleet and our surrounding counties. cumberland county roads are fine. the surrounding counties still have icy spots. they are cautioning drivers in those areas because of what we got this morning is freezing over. if you take a look at some of the video from earlier, sand trap that been going through the
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city roads are looking good. updates that have come in the -- all of the flight out of fayetteville regional have been canceled. at one point, we had a fayetteville to atlanta that was still on for 3:26, that has not been canceled. also, cumberland county canceling court. the best thing to do is to hun ker down and we will continue to update you on tv and online at i was that it back to you all from fayetteville. barbara: local, thank you. we will show you a live look at terminal 2. the storm has impacted all of the northeast with cancellations across the country. more than 200 flights of been canceled at our airport today. jetblue, southwest airlines have canceled all flights schedules
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both airlines expect to resume operations on sunday. if you have a flight scheduled in the next couple of days, you want to call the airline before you had there. eyewitness news coverage in the winter storm continues. john: a look at downtown raleigh outside the raleigh eyewitness news center. fayetteville streets covered in ice. the state of emergency declared in lake county. laura reports live from downtown raleigh, coming up.
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for john: a live look at it and i see fayetteville street outside the raleigh eyewitness news center. continues to fall. barbara: let's go back to amber with the road conditions. a lot of people complaining and we have seen so many accidents on i-95. amber: they have been sitting there. make sure you have gas because you could get stuck. i'm looking around robin and you can check the conditions. it is quiet and that is exactly what emergency crews want to see.
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dot crews are working very hard to try to treat as primary arteries throughout the day. there are several people on the roadways. folks that work at hospitals for any medical professionals are trying to get to their destination on days like this. this storm is going to stick around for a long time and it will be on and off throughout the day and tomorrow. you are going to see a lot of colors on the mapping system. the pink is the ice, white is where you will see snow. that is the 95 accident. this is a blanket of snow in henderson. use #abc11 so we can find you
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john: laurel is out in raleigh to bring us up-to-date. [indiscernible] john: we are having audio difficulties, we will get back to her in a few minutes. barbara: the northeast is bracing for a major blizzard.
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this is a live look barbara: you are seeing a live picture from roxboro at management boulevard. at least three to four inches of snow. you are seeing cars move along this road. this is live picture from our breaking news vehicle. john: it looks like the cars are going very fast, but that is distortion from the camera lens.
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government offices in washington d.c. are closed because of emergency declared. this is a monster winter storm. barbara: the national weather service is warning that a paralyzing storm that can bring more than two feet of snow to the nation's capital is underway. train system is shutting down all weekend. it will continue late tonight and into tomorrow and sunday. a good cost more than $1 billion. john: dawn is in the first alert weather center. it is still going on until saturday evening? don: we are not done with this yet. the pockets where we see brief, dry spots, we're not done yet.
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heavy snow would be around the virginia border. ice is a factor because we are just beginning to see guys hang from some of the branches and i think that will increase this afternoon and this evening. you are going to have problems on all of the major roadways, stay off if you can. power outages is a wait and see thing. i could quickly change to read if we see power outages. we are looking for the bright yellows, oranges and read. you do have the yellow area of snow showers on the radar. that is pushing off to the north and the east. you will see this area through
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through the north and will work to pershing county over the next hour. i would see the next first to come through by 12:45. same thing down in fayetteville. you have a dry spot for the next half hour, by 1:00, the next batch of showers works through. sleet. south of downtown raleigh is seeing the heavier batch of showers. let's check out the folks who twitter. larry wilkerson took a video and you can hear his cap, a lot of snow in roxboro. marina is iced and, david sitting that in, thanks for
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completely covered. this is from jessica and raleigh, i do not know who is more excited, my husband or the dog to be out in the snow. i bet a lot are excited today. we go back to meteorologist -- right now. and maybe a 20% chance with less
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three to six seems unlikely with snow totals. mainly because we turned over to system. the ground temperatures are in the lower to middle 30's. it does not take much at all. most roads are completely covered. if you are not covered with ice at this point, it would take more time to treat the roads. even the big roads will be covered up. if storm is expensive. good -- you could see snow falling past d.c. and thunder snow in the virginia area. winds are really strong and blowing off store, up to 70 miles per hour. that means the seas are going to
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plenty of moisture coming from the south. it is still a mix from the triangle northward, but farther rain. the question is if that rate will make it to durham, it will likely not. there are like snow showers to in the event tomorrow. accumulation as it continues to roll through. you will notice a quarter of an inch moving through the triangle. we will see most of that ice accumulation this afternoon. tomorrow, the moisture on the backside of the system, we could pick up an additional half inch of snow. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather tomorrow, mainly snow showers in the early half of the day. some of that could linger until 4:00 on the virginia border.
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melt it sunday. it will re-freeze sunday night and black friday -- black ice could be a problem next week. of precipitation. barbara: thank you. the storm could impact several games scheduled this weekend. we will have an update on that. john: this is i-85 in durham
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barbara: a winter in charlotte. 4:00 this morning. is falling right now. john: the threat is pulling a damper on the carolina panthers party claim. there was a pep rally this afternoon, but city leaders and charlotte canceled the event and potentially slick roads. the carolina hurricanes game is still on and tomorrow's duke matchup. barbara: you can switch out the hurricanes game with another game on their website. john: that winter storm warning freezing rain also in north
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-- our lives team coverage>> the only station with three newsrooms in downtown raleigh, downtown durham, and downtown fayetteville. abc 11 eyewitness news continues. barbara: the winter storm warning in effect for central north carolina. we are mostly seeing sleet, but there's also freezing rain for the north county. the big concern is the increased chance of freezing rain and ice accumulation. we got to meteorologist don schwenneker in the first alert weather center with the latest. don: we are continuing to track the storm as it works through.
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the winter storm warning is in effect until 6:00 tomorrow night for points south and east. latest radar picture, most of this is sleet or freezing rain. we are saying dry weather at roanoke rapids. have another band of heavy precipitation. starting to work to pinehurst and lee county. sanford, by 1:00 today, you will have a heavy band of showers with sleet and freezing rain. the only one that is up to freezing is roxboro. roanoke rapids. if you are planning on doing
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the sleet right now and we will see sleet and freezing rain from 4:00 until 8:00 tonight. i think teeratures will sn eak up. we are not done yet but the storm. it will last tonight and into tomorrow. we could see this winter weather sticking around through mid-day tomorrow at least. we would talk about snowfall totals an update that for you up next. barbara: ic regulation on power lines could lead to major power outages. john: duke energy -- john isner to bring us the latest. /they are bringing crews from all over the midwest. >> reporter: a lot of the
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what we have been saying is this revolving door of trucks. everything that you see on the outside has not moved, waiting for problems to pop up. on this side, there are two or three worlds of trucks -- roads of trucks. duke energy has been pulling more crews. duke was telling us they at 1400 trucks coming from out of state. that number has doubled, they are now up to 2800 crews coming from out of state to assist their 3000 crews statewide. they will have doubled the number of forces out on the street around the state. we talked to a duke energy spokesperson about some of the
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>> in the triangle, we are expecting sleet and freezing rain. as you know, we would much rather read the -- much rather see the snow and ice. only a quarter inch accumulation will start bringing down the tree branches which is a big safety threat, but also a big deal when those tree branches start landing on our power lines. /that is the challenge we've been talking about all morning. >> reporter: duke energy also is saying that the manager power goes out, that is when you need to call. they have ways to do that. the number to call is 1 8004196356. that is the number and also go
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at they are saying the time to report an outage is when it happens. let them know that they need to get some of these resources out to your neighborhood and make sure you get your lights and heat back on. the studio. john: you are also saying it's share of accidents. this suv spun out on i-85. seems like this. anthony wilson is joining us been granville county. an overturned tanker. at what is going on. we are on a footbridge of above this location so we are out of danger. on the left-hand side of the
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the circumstances that led to that rack is not clear. it appears that someone was using equipment. if you are traveling along 85 northwest southbound, traffic is that murdered from this area while first responders are trying to find out what happened . it is not clear where the tanker came from, but if you are traveling on friday five on either direction, you cannot get here. this is a familiar location for people in this area. police and highway patrol are blocking access. the condition of the driver of the truck is unknown. we will try to learn what we can and bring that to you so we can confirm information. you cannot do that you cannot get through this area.
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happened to that overturned tanker truck in the road. anthony wilson live in henderson. barbara: let's head to the sandhill roads. the goal is live in downtown outside of the fayetteville eyewitness news center. nicole: the freezing rain is back at the top of the hour. i know some folks have been seeing it for the past two hours. our surrounding counties have seen sleet and freezing rain from much of the morning and they say there are icy road conditions. cumberland county is find and roads are clear.
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we are getting cancellations into the newsroom from the city of fayetteville saying that everything is closing down this afternoon. the rest of the flights from the fayetteville have been canceled from this afternoon. we are bracing for the freezing rain we will see later on today. i will send it back to you from downtown fayetteville. ground. john: gloria rodriguez joins us now for an update. gloria: right now, the snow is still falling. you can get the live look in our breaking news vehicle. you can see that -- this area could get six inches to eight inches of snow today. this is just starting. take a look at the video we got earlier today as crews have been
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plowing snow. they have also been dropping salt on the road. snow has been falling steadily since before daylight. parking lot and roads are coated in snow. this batch is telling us they are not getting any major accidents. we did get footage of a car stuck in the snow. low-profile vehicles may have a tough time trying to meet conditions. we want to remind you to be extra careful. we had to push that car out to safety. we do not want to get stuck in a situation like that. we are urging everybody to stay off the roads unless you absolutely need to drive today. most people here are staying off of the roads. we have seen some families enjoying the snow.
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in some children time to sled, unfortunately, they do not have a lot because conditions are not ideal for sledding. for the most part, everyone here is staying safe. you can see what is going on behind us. everything is looking good at this time. no accidents to report, no major incidents. we hope it continues that way throughout the day. we will bring you the very latest. gloria rodriguez, abc 11 eyewitness news. barbara: i will coverage of the
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john: breaking news coverage of the winter storm continues. this was a crash on i-85. barbara: a fedex truck crashed and all of 85 is shutdown. traffic is not moving. this is some of the examples we roads. if you do not have to go out, happening all over the viewing area. john: we go to orange county. barbara: another reminder that the roads can be tricky during extreme weather conditions. this was a crash on interstate 85 in orange county. the driver lost control of his truck and crashed into a guard rail.
12:39 pm
stephanie lopez is live in orange county with a look at the situation. stephanie: it feels like needles . i want to give you a look at what this stuff is like. it has been sleet,/, slush. we have seen it on the roadways of 85. i want to give you a look at the video that we saw earlier. do you hear the noise in the background? that is sleet bouncing off of our new car. i'm going to give you a number,
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want you to call 911 if you got roadways. if you are looking for information, keep that line clear. for emergency information hotline, it is 919-245-6111. it is a mess out here, please keep out of the roads and do not come out here if you do not have to. stephanie lopez, abc 11 eyewitness news. john: the roads are dangerous and we continue with our winter
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barbara: it is almost 1:00. john: we still have as many hours to go on this winter storm warning. don: let's talk about the north and west in parts. we could still see tree damage and ice accumulation on the power outages, prolonged travel impact. as the eye-94 corridor, there are less affected. still icy roads and trees.
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the most powerful radar in the carolinas showing the heaviest showers in the north. you can see a dry spot in roanoke rapids. heavier showers are working through, mainly rain and we are seeing sleet mixed in. light to moderate precipitation from downtown raleigh all the way to chapel hill. a couple of photos from facebook here at this is from doug who was down in cumberland county. look at the ice hanging off of that tree. shannon also sent, icing over fayetteville. that is what we are going to see more of as we go through the day. for more on what we are going to see in those temperatures, let's
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steve: we've been watching the transformation. we talked about the sleet and freezing rain. where is this line going to set up and where are we going to be dealing with the different types all temperatures are below freezing from the triangle northward. in. when that happens, that is what we see the transformation over to sleet. the snow will be melting and re-freezes. that is when we have major problems. we are getting reports of that, eyes on some of the tree branches. hopefully, it will be more sleet
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one to three inches is more likely, thanks to the sleet taking over more quickly. for the most part, we are showing plenty of makes the evening hours. the rain i'm on the 95 corridor could go either way. the majority of the system is gone tomorrow. on the backside, we will have enough moisture to go around to get snow showers. we could see an additional one 23 inches. gusty winds to bring power lines down today. don: later this afternoon, you can see the purple area that goes all the way through the triangle corridor. they will get half of an inch. the best news, we bumped the
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we can hope for that. totals through tomorrow afternoon, possibly up to one inch across southern parts of wake county. that includes the snow that we could see all the system tomorrow. today, 33 and tomorrow 34 with snow in the first half of the day. we do see sunshine on sunday. we could see black ice into monday next afternoon. we are not dealt with this until 6:00 tomorrow. then, we will see periods of dry weather. barbara: remember to download the first alert weather app.
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john: eyewitness news will continue to follow the winter storm. we have crews across the unit does we ring best viewing area. barbara: you can watch live
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