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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 1100 PM  ABC  January 22, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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good evening steve:. there are major power outages and road conditions are going downhill fast and we are not out of the woods just yet. chief meteorologist chris hohmann is tracking this in the first alert storm center. chris: things are settling down. that is good news for the rest of the night. the brunt of the storm was pretty much done with but we have a second part that we have to get through and then it is clear sailing. check out first alert doppler. this is the quietest it has been all day long. you see an area of freezing rain east of 95. the bulk of that was fairly heavy. we have not got any additional port -- reports of icing. this is tracking to the north and east. this will last for several hours before some snow comes back in
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23 and 26 at rdu. it did get above freezing east of 95 as we talked about. and 30's, fayetteville holding onto 33. the brighter colors, the orange you see is drier and it is wrapping and now the central part of the state cutting off that moisture sending it northward. nothing of any consequence to or he about. tomorrow morning is a little bit different story. the major brunt of the winter storm off to the north, the wraparound moisture will send some snow showers into the triangle around sunrise. the bulk of this lurch with the virginia border counties and it gets into the triangle as we head through the day through the early afternoon hours and by tomorrow evening moves out and the sky is clear. could be some minor
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nothing down to the snow -- south. no worries with freezing rain or icing. the atmosphere will cool down and then we have a nice sunday to look forward to so things are looking up. more coming up in a little bit. download our first alert weather out. he can get live doppler radar. it is a great way for us to see it is a free app and you can get google play. the widespread power outages in wake county. duke energy said 34,000 customers are in the dark and the cold. tisha: tweeting this photo earlier showing the powder at -- the power outage. the oakwood area of raleigh was
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heather is live where the power has been out. heather: that transformer a couple miles from where we are right now as we were heading this direction. we rolled up on this, there is a power line across hodge road new the knightdale-raleigh order. you can see a large tree in the woods has just fallen across this street and emergency crews have the road locked off until power crews can get here. they do not know when that will be. it can be a while. drivers having to turn around. they are not able to get through here. people in this area tell us they have been without power since 4 p.m. this afternoon. we are told 600 homes are in the dark and we are seeing similar situations like this all over wake county. although freezing rain that has fallen over the last several hours accumulating on the trees,
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cases, causing them to fall or put major stress on some of the power lines out here. at some of the biggest power outages that we are seeing around wake county just east of raleigh, south of clayton and [indiscernible] marina, crews are getting to some of those affected neighborhoods. we talked to some people in the five points neighborhood. they were walking to a nearby convenience store to get some food, just waiting for the lights to come back on. x we have been without power now for about two hours, maybe an hour and a half we have had nothing to do so we went down there to see if the rialto was open. it was not so i got a burrito. i do not have a microphone -- a
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>> that transfer -- transformer a couple miles from here at the corner of smithfield road and 1st street. that intersection is close down. as the night goes on and as the precipitation continues to fall we will likely see more trees fall and more power outages. you can see it looks like maybe more help is arriving to get this power line up. if you have a power outage to report in wake county we have a number that you need to call at the bottom of your screen. if you are in durham or orange counties, another number for you to call. like we have said as the precipitation continues to fall it can be a very long night. not just for residents and their homes in the dark but also for crews out here. steve: a miserable night to be without heat and b were out and
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crews are making the way to try to help out with these widespread power outages. selma. restore power. 137,000 customers are without power tonight across north carolina and they say week, johnson, nash, and scotland counties are the how -- hardest hit. tisha: power crews are there. >> this is one of several duke energy staging areas. trying to get a handle on the worsening outage situation across the triangle. most of the trucks here are power crews from florida. they are here to help thousands calling duke to see my power is out but making matters worse, this power outage is on the fritz tonight.
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line workers that are in service right now. >> with other -- over 7000 linemen, a small army to hack -- trigger help with the power lines. customers had a hard time telling the company. one frustrated customer pit -- posting that calls to duke energy do not work and the automated system does not recognize phone numbers linked with accounts. another customer posting the system says it cannot locate her area. adding duke energy knows where to send the bill. the company is working on the problem. sorry for the inconvenience. the cavalry of linemen have an uphill battle ahead. >> we are anticipating the storm drying out into the weekend and seeing more outages starting to pick up tonight and tomorrow.
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>> as duke works to repair a power outage reporting system you can also report your outage on abc also on our website. there is a list of emergency shelters set up across the triangle. steve: that is worrisome to hear duke energy saying they expect more power outages tonight and into tomorrow. p debussy is working to restore power. here is a look at one of the hardest hit counties. tisha: the lights just came back on in fayetteville. they are cleaning up out there. >> it is still pretty cold out here. there are a lot of folks in cumberland county sitting in the dark. this is the site along these streets.
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it brought down power lines and plunged residents into neighborhood streets into darkness. crews were able to cut up the log and get it off the street and get the power lines restored and re-strong but slowly and steadily here across the city the power is being restored. earlier today there was a lot of sounds like this, chainsaws along with cracking, iced over hardwood trees. calls poured into the 911 emergency center about downed trees and power lines. peter views he says up to 700 customers were without electricity but they have isolated the outage to a few customers. duke energy says several thousand customers remain in the dark in cumberland county. while many residents made plans to go to a motel for night. geraldine waited in her home in the dark but -- lit with candles
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>> it is good. i have not had any problem. i am warm and i am at home. >> home sweet home was just as toasty as can be. while we were there the power was restored. utility crews tell us they are going to stay on the job until the get as much of the power restored as they can. we did talk earlier this evening to the red cross. they told us they did not have to help out any displaced families and they did not have to set up emergency shelter so -- but it is still a brutally cold night. it would be a miserable night to have to work out here or to stay in a house with no heat. steve: thank you. in johnston county, a broken tree limb sparking this fire. one of our crews on the scene.
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324 north of i-95 interchange. the police had to shut down the entire interstate. they did not traffic move through because of the live lines. diane wilson tweeting out this photo. i-40 was a parking lot for about four and a half hours. the road finally reopened at 9:15 p.m. this evening. one of the big problems is the traffic conditions out there. a lot of slick and dangerous roads. here is a live look at the durham freeway. we continue getting reports of car recs that keep happening. tisha: angelica alvarez is live on i-40 heading westbound near 440. what do things look like where you are? angelica: it is hard to tell when the lane and then when it begins. the roads are still slushy and full of snow and ice. we just has to plow truck.
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that was hauling a semi-that was stranded on the side of the road. conditions are still pretty tricky. we are barely going 30 miles an hour on i-40. there were a few trucks hitting the major roadways dumping 1400 tons of salt and they plan to stay out here through the night and into tomorrow morning. the sheriff told me all day they have not seen many issues. that is the good news. deputies have been busy. they have been helping people get to safety. this is a shelter that opened at 6 p.m. human service workers and some with the red cross hitched a ride to get to that shelter. they only had a few people there earlier when we stopped by. they have 416 cots ready for anyone who needs a warm place to stay. >> you can bring your own personal items.
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you can bring your pillows. we do have showers and we will be providing meals. angelica: the roads out here are not ideal. this is i-40 westbound. we have a number you can call if you know someone who needs help. you can find the number on our website, abc this will be staying open till noon on sunday. condition still not that great. this is what we're saying. staff the roads if you can. back to you guys. steve: thank you. fortunately, those shelters are open tonight. tisha: we have lots of information there for you at abc, numbers for the shelters and power companies, whatever you need, it is there. we want to take a look at
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you can see some icicles, tree branches covered in icicles. we may get some freezing rain that will cause those branches to fall down on the power lines which we have seen and cause even more power outages. we will keep an eye on that. tisha: here is a live look outside the downtown studio and newsroom. the crews have done a pretty
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feed. a power point -- a power pole snaps and crashes. police are on the scene trying to sort this out. a handful of outages reported. we will have the latest tomorrow
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tisha: three to five inches in person county. and i think you can see the dot trucks out there, you have one in front of you. >> many roads are still covered with snow and ice. we do have a crew just ahead of us right now. this isis 501, we are heading southbound. they can see the driver there -- you can see the driver there. it was very bumpy earlier. this road is being treated. the dot has 28 employees working and they are plowing insulting the roads in different spots. crews have been tossing down 200 tons of salt trying to get folks
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in spite of the ice and icy conditions we did spot one driver taking serious risks on the road. i shot some video on my cell phone trying to -- of a man trying to drive. he was weaving around power lines and getting pretty close there are times. emergency management says there have not been many serious accidents. a handful of crashes, mostly fender bender's. no serious injuries. emergency management have reports of downed -- no reports of downed power lines. folks have their lights on and they have their he working -- their heat working on what has been a very cold day. steve: wiki. reports from people who hear that awful sound whenever we have an ice storm and that is the crashing tree limbs. tisha: that is what is causing trouble. chris: we have one of our spotters and she said every time
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shot from the ice covered trees. she hears the crashing of branches and here's explosions from the transformers. never heard anything so much and all the time she has been there since 1983. even though the freezing rain has ended there still can be an addition to the power outages. as the trees give way to the weight of the ice. look at some of these ice reports that we got in today. we thought the heaviest ice might be west and western parts of the triangle. it was east and southeastern parts. look at that around johnson county. other areas, .3 of 1 inch. over .25 in johnston county. other areas half an inch. some of that with sleet and snow and some with freezing rain.
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hard by the freezing rain. northern parts of the triangle, northern wake county and your amend orange counties, not so much. there was a lot of snow and then some sleet and not too much in the way of freezing rain. some areas got some but not everybody. a nice and clear shot. look at that north wind at 19 miles an hour. there is a definite chill in the air with the gusty winds. northeast with 12 at the airport. 26 at rdu with precipitation ending. 23 roxboro. that warmer air we talked about getting into the coastal plains, goldsboro and clinton still above freezing. in the 20's and western parts of the sandhills. good news, a nice shot. there is not much left on it. a few areas of flurries or sleet, that is about it in parts of johnston county and up toward the [indiscernible] a little bit heavier snow or sleet. it is moving off to the north and that will be pretty much it
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you see that drier air coming in and nothing down to the south. a little bit to the west. you got is what you are going to get in terms of freezing rain. as the storm pulls off to the east and north of us during the day tomorrow, some of -- some of this moisture will wrap back in and those so showers are still in the offing for tomorrow. this is around midnight. a little bit of sleet and some snow mixed in but it moves up pretty quickly. toward sunrise tomorrow, snow showers. coming far south as perhaps the triangle. more persistent new the virginia order. i think accumulations around the triangle, one inch, probably less than that but you may see an inch or two near the virginia border during the day with some of those snow showers. tomorrow evening the whole thing gets out of here for good and we clear out tomorrow night and sunday. it looks to be a very nice day. the weather service may downgrade that to a winter
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how much snow is expected. it is near the virginia border. temperatures are above freezing. with the sun, some of that solar radiation getting through the clouds. some of the roadways are in better shape. different story at these coast. this storm is just getting started for folks in virginia, pennsylvania, and new york. more on what they will be dealing with. liz: winter storm warnings until sunday all the way up to lord that new york area. lizard warnings for the areas shaded in red. when guests in excess of 55 miles per hour. blowing with a lot of snow. this is moving up toward d.c. and 95. reports of nine inches already. tomorrow morning around five, look at how strong the system is. this is the pressure gradient.
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fast around there with movement toward the east coast it will move out as we go toward sunday ringing lots of precipitation. until then it will hammer those folks up there. major substantial totals. one of the models, there are many different ones that we use. this one showing about 30 inches of snow. 16 inches in roanoke. some models are showing slightly less but one thing, we will have very strong wind gusts. ocean city getting 75 mile per hour winds. we will be dealing with very strong winds but also coastal flooding, high tide, for moon. the tides are already higher than they should be. chris: those things are getting better by evening. high pressure builds and so we are going to see a good deal of sunshine as we head into sunday. that will last into monday.
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temperatures into the mid-30's and sunny and 40 on sunday. that will feel good and sunny and 48 on sunday.
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steve: we have shown new the problems with power outages and car racks. let's show you the kids and the dogs having fun. here is landed in timberlake. his mom says with that john deere he can help clear some snow. and here is another kid going for a great ride getting pulled by a four wheeler. snow days are not just for kids. there is some respect be having a good time and here is look inside our newsroom. we took a break and we had some for heaters and -- fajitas and flautas. keep sending us your pictures using the abc 11 eyewitness #. steve: we want to look at some pictures coming in. tisha: there is one of some beautiful trees in clayton. they are covered in ice which
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re>> everybody's feet and hands starting to get cold. >> the carolina panthers doing all the can to get ready for game day. crews were hard at work. snow had to be shelled from the seats of bank of america stadium. they braved the elements
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steve: the final stop before the super bowl. tisha: what should people expect? chris: not a lot going on. tomorrow some snow showers mainly near the virginia border but nothing with ice or sleet. it may accumulate an inch or two near the order. tisha: the duke game is a go at 2 p.m. tomorrow.
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steve: we will see you for some and now abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, david duchovny and gillian anderson. from "room," jacob tremblay. plus music from leon bridges with cleto and the cletones. and now, while we're at it, here's jimmy kimmel!
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