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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 AM  ABC  January 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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project energy crews. barbara: we want to check in with don schwenneker in the first alert center this morning. good morning. don: good morning. we are seeing a winter storm in effect until 6:00 tonight for most of the viewing area. fayetteville was taken out of that and put under a winter weather advisory until noon time today. we have some snow working through right now. a live look at doppler radar. if we look into chatham county, that is a heavier band of snow showers working through. that blue area will put down a quick dusting of snow or more. another one working through louisburg and franklin. and i think we'll continue to see some light snow possible throughout the morning. temperatures have really dropped overnight and freezing a lot of what melted yesterday. 25 roxboro, chapel hill.
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25 san ford. 25 southern pines. 27 fayetteville and 26 in goldsboro. looking at the day ahead, spotty snow around. flurries around, 31 degrees, and through the afternoon hours, mostly cloudy skies and 32 degrees. i think the snow, any snow flakes, will shut off by lunch time today. tonight, with low temps rolling in, we could see another refreeze. we'll talk about that as well coming up. amber is here to talk about traffic. amber: as far as road conditions, they are not good this morning. we had some snow move in, as you were saying, it was coming down a little bit overnight. we can show you a round robin and forget about the secondary roads. many of them have not even been touched. we'll keep beating the drum today, tell you to stay off the roadways, we're expecting more snow. d.o.t. crews are working, and
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lines down affecting some areas, there are power lines across the road there. caitlin knute is on the way to the scene so she'll have a clearer picture and an update on the ground. emergency lights are around scene. so that's raleigh. 40 at airport, and there's still a lot of white covering the roadways. i took 540 and 40, there was a little bit of 540 where you could see black top but 40 was completely white where i passed through this morning and the same thing on the durham freeway. you can see, good news, light volume and durham freeway at tbi alexander, just completely white this morning. we advise you to stay off the roads. we'll keep a close eye on things this morning and also get you some information from the highway patrol. i'm sure they've had a very busy 24 hours. don, barbara.
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this is the great time to have the weather app to track weather through your neighborhood. and also use it to report power outages. your phone will let you know about delays and power outages. if you don't have it, download it now. barbara: the other big problem this morning, the power outages. you can see the duke energy power map lit up. 100,000 people are without power in wake, johnston and harnett county and others are working up without power in nash and cumberland county. anthony: cramle and a pop. that is a transformer blowing. this video was posted on instagram. it was lights out after that for people, but crews responded pretty quickly and got the power restored. barbara: at this hour, more than 60,000 people are waking up without power in wake county. anthony: for some, it's been a
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one of the biggest problem spots we're tracking is in rul where a section of newborn avenue is shut down. caitlin knute is headed that way. barbara: you mentioned it already, talking about new bern closed right now between trawick and publication parkway. we're on 30, we passed the exit city airport. so we're on our way right now. but we have to go pretty slow. as we told you yesterday with extended coverage, it might look like we're going faster than we are, but we're goinge most part, traffic has been light. seeing the same thing in most parts of wake county, same
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the roads. but the power outages, that's the last issue. at last check, more than 60,000 were without power. some other problems roads with you, fitzgerald drive in raleigh, also fitzgerald off garner road, on the west side of raleigh, that's what we're hearing from city officials so far this morning. if you need to report a power outage, by the way, do so as soon as you lose power. that's one of the things they want you ton. call this number if you're in wake county. 800-419-6356. if you don't have that information handy, not to worry, you can find it on hopefully, you have your mobile devices all charged up, because if do you lose power, you can get up online through and we have all of those phone numbers and all of that information you need to know. so just be prepared, if you have power right now, this might not necessarily stay that way. again, we're heading to the
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in raleigh and we'll bring you live pictures coming up. reporting live from inside breaking news, i'm caitlin knute, abc 11 eyewitness news. anthony: caitlin, thank you. people were still on the roads during the height of the storm friday.. this was camden avenue at midway. you can see a car crashed head-on into a telephone pole there. one person having to be pulled from the vehicle. three people injured, but we're told not badly. barbara: a mess on the roads this morning. anthony: refreezing is a big issue. let's check in with anthony wilson who is live in durham this morning. anchor: this is what we're looking at. we're on 85 heading into the city of durham, and what we're going to show you, if we can get to the next -- before we go to
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seen one potential low scary threat, and that involves an 18 wheeler. trying to get off of what you're looking at right now, this ice and snow-covered portion of 85, and the truck is trying to get onto 15501. we'll get to it. you can see what happened. he is direct now but not going anywhere. the truck and cab itself is up right but there's no way without any tow from a large vehicle he's going to be getting past where he is now. in fact, look at what we're riding over. the jumping of the car, these are mobiles out here approaching 85. and we are approaching the mall, and watch when we get up there, how this truck looks because i'm sure the driver probably thought he was okay.
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there. another example of how bad it is out here. we'll show you right now an example of why you shouldn't be out here. it. it's a little darker, and we're going to hangle right over here so you can see what this guy is dealing with. and he thought he was all right, i'm sure, and you can see that this exit ramp is not really plowed well. we're not casting anything on the guys working really hard but this guy got ahead of the guys trying to clear things up. so we are talking about what you might face if you're out here and you don't want to be out here like this guy. you really don't. we're going to hopefully stick around and see if he'll make it out of here with assistance. we're going to try to help him ourselves but you don't want to
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home, watch television and we'll keep you updated throughout the day on eyewitness news. updates to mobile apps and twitter. eyewitness news news. larry: thank you very much. this is a real mess. barbara: yeah, and that's i-85. 6:10. 24 degrees. we're just getting started on this special edition of eyewitness news. anthony: . brake. we'll have a look at the after math of the winter storm that dumped snow and sleet and knocked out power. don: we're still seeing no showers pushing thru. a quick dusting. as we take a break, we look at the doppler network, it looks worse than it is. most of it is flurry activity right now.
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. don: welcome back. about a quarter after 6:00 and the radar picture looks worse than it is. i've got a maximum sensitivity everything. a lot of this is very light snowflake activity but we have bands in here working through and some of those could put down a quick dusting of snow. here's what our snow cover looks
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meteorologist steve stewart will look at the northeast in just a little bit. basically, that snow cover is running through our area and as you head south, it was more freezing rain. here's more snowfall totals from the national weather service. 5.5 inches of smoe snow. we had 7 inches of snow reported around the virginia border. durham around 2 inches. we look across wake county, downtown raleigh back towards the airport, 1.7", cary 1.5". current temperatures across the area, 25 now in roxboro, and san ford, 24 at rdu. 27 at fayetteville. those winds will stay up throughout the day. look at some of the wind chills. 14 in roxboro right now. wind chills doesn't affect ice but it's what it feels like as
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19 for san ford, 18 in goldsboro. temperatures in the mid-20s. lunch time, more flurry activity, sun breaking out in a few spots south and east and friday afternoon a few cloudy skies as we hover around the freezing mark. tonight, we could see a re-freeze. we'll cover it in the seven-day forecast plus more on this monster storm tearing through the northeast coming up in just a bit. john and barbara. john: a lot of folks spent the night because of power outage in shelter. barbara: let's check in with don camp -- john keem k emp this morning live. good morning. john: good morning. there's a few shelters open around the area. in wake county, the red cross shelter is in sanderson. in this video, we just caught up with a red cross worker here at sanderson who says there are people here. we haven't been inside to see
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people are taking advantage of this shelter at sanderson high school in raleigh at this time. but one thing we do want to tell you, just coming back out here live, i think it's worth pointing out that where we are in the sanderson high school parking lot provides a great vantage point and why it's important to take these weather alerts seriously. the first thing i'll show you, if you go outside f, if you're lucky, this is what you'll come across, sort of a snow dusting on top of this hard-packed ground and maybe some ice. that's what you'll get if you are lucky. if you're not lucky, what you'll find is a solid sheet of life. let me illustrate. watch this. that was not a particularly big
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this is just a block of ice. this is what people are going to wake up to this morning. it really is just a solid sheet of ice. and worth paying attention to and respecting. as for the roads, they're not so bad. main thoroughfares through raleigh, even secondary roads, while bumpy, they're not terrible. although, that said, black ice abounds. so be very careful if you're going out. but they're passable, if you catch my meaning. you do need to be careful. really no need to look though. and one of the biggest dangers, again, will be getting to your cars so be careful if you have to hit the roads. we'll get over to the d.o.t. next where we understand state d.o.t., department of transportation workers, will give an update at 6:45 this morning so we'll see you short
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county but now back to you. barbara: y'all be careful walking around on that ice. looks dangerous out this. john: indeed. 6:18. if you're headed to the airport, you want to check your flight
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barbara: there's a chance you barbara: welcome back. it is 6:20. 24 degrees on this saturday morning. you're seeing a live picture
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this is franklin street in chapel hill. pretty much snow covered and a little wet in some spots, but this is actually, in my opinion, one of the better looking roads in our area this morning. a lot of them are snow-covered and slick. so stay home if you don't have to get out. john: all right. and the winter weather is impacting thousands of flights up and down the east coast. at rdu airport, nearly 150 arrivals and departures have been canceled for today. right now, only 10 flights, 10 are scheduled to depart rdu before noon. jetblue and southwest have canceled all flights today. both airlines expect to resume operations tomorrow. barbara: let's get to meteorologist don schwenneker. and i don't know,. don: the three of us, it's saturday. john: get to work. barbara: the roads, i haven't
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saw, they're a mess. don: and i know some folks have to work. i get that. john: hello. don: leave early if you can. leave hours ahead. it's better to get to work, and you're not rushing. don't go above more than 20 miles per hour if you don't have to. four wheel drive does not equal four-wheel stop. taking on the turns, you'll lose the tractions. barbara: you don't want to have to get somebody to come pick you up. don: we're going to talk about this monster storm too because it's still causing problems north and east of us. the winter storm warning in effect until 6:00 tonight for the counties highlighted in pink, and those counties in purple, you're under a winter weather advisory through noon. by noon, you should start to see more sunshine breaking out across the area.
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perspective, you'll notice on first look doppler xp, it looks worse than it is. the set to high sensitivity so it is really showing every flurry that's out there. but when we start to see the whites and blues, especially northern harnett county, this is where it's falling hardest right now. temperatures across the region, 24, snow being reported, north wind at 5 miles per hour. looking at fayetteville real quick, you'll notice in the fayetteville area we're still seeing some snow worked through. that's what it is. you're seeing snowflakes falling. downtown fayetteville, 26 right now. from a regional perspective, we have this band working through, it's still west of us and could work through as we go throughout the morning. more on that in just a bit. we'll talk about the storm and get a perspective on it. steve stewart now. steve: it's racing up to the north, significant snow coming down in d.c., all the way up to
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it's going to be a mess up there, and the system is going to be deepening and getting stronger. all these blizzard warnings all the way from long island down towards d.c. the wind will be a factor with this storm. the gust will be very strong, indeed. and there's all that snow. the low finally ejecting and moving away as we go through the next 24 hours, things getting better. upwards of 14-20 inches. this will be a tight grade near philadelphia. they'll be getting sleet mixing in as well. the temperatures warmer than normal coming in and mixing. yesterday, we had temperatures go above freezing and it changes over to sleet and freezing rain. that will be mixing in closer to the coast. once you're further inland, all snow. we're talking about a significant one with this blizzard. here are some of the gusts. it's not terrible but look at
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hour. so the winds are a major issue with blowing snow but eventually all of this will be blowing away and we'll see significant improvements in the next 36 hours but snow will be on the ground for quite a while, don, and temperatures will be slow to warm up. problems. the low that brought us that snow pulls out of here. by tomorrow, the big break pulls in, the blue h, high pressure. still well below normals but temperatures tomorrow could sneak near 40 degrees. temperatures across the area topping out only at the freezing mark. roxboro, henderson, you stay below freezing all day long. snow ending and temperatures sticking around. tonight with the blowing skies and cold, it will be cold. 23 in raleigh, 21 in roxboro and we'll have winds tonight 10-15 miles an hour.
6:23 am
single digits botomorrow morning. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather. tomorrow, sunshine, chilly, 40 degrees. sunday night into monday, that sun will melt a lot because of the frozen precipitation tomorrow. monday morning i think bridges and overpasses could be treacherous in spots. monday afternoon, 48. tuesday and wednesday, rain, not snow, we stay in the 40s into next week. but i really think tonight into tomorrow morning will be problematic. i know a lot of folks have church service on sunday and we'll see a lot of refreezing, single-digit wind chills and even though the precipitation will be done, it will be awfully cold the next 24 hours. barbara: remember around christmas when it was warm? john: it was 70s. don: i remember. barbara: i knew this was coming, just didn't know when. don: and we still have february to go. john: thanks, don. 6:26. winter weather, affecting millions of people and it's not
6:24 am
barbara: the same storm that hit 6:29. this morning. a good samaritan is shot and killed while trying to help a driver stuck in the snow. according to the sheriffs, a group of people stopped to help the driver. they apparently said they were going to call the police to get help. when the man heard them say that, he jumped out of the car with a gun and opened fire. one person was killed. the suspect was taken into
6:25 am
john: incredible. more snow expected across the northeast this morning. the storm could dump 2 feet or more in washington d.c. and baltimore. new york city could see a foot or more. experts say the greatest problem will be the winds which will likely create blizzard conditions, power outages, and coastal flooding. barbara: coming up in the next half hour, our special coverage continues on this winter storm. john: the big issues for us this morning, power outages and very messy roads.
6:26 am
crews again to get >> the only station with three newsrooms, downtown raleigh, downtown durham and downtown fayetteville, abc 11 eyewitness news continues. john: good morning, carolina, it is saturday, january 23rd. it is 24 degrees at 6:33. i'm john clark. barbara: i'm barbara gibbs. thanks for joining us. a winter storm warning is still in effect. more than 100,000 people in our viewing area were forced to spend the night in the cold without power and this isn't over yet. first, let's get to weather and traffic and the latest on this storm. don, good morning. don: let's talk about that mentioned. it is in effect, going to 6:00 tonight. i wouldn't be surprised if they put out a winter weather advisory tonight, not because of everything falling from the sky overnight. the winter storm warning, the
6:27 am
on the radar. set to the highest sensitivity. so everything in the atmosphere. some of this is just flurry activity. it looks a lot worse than it is. but what we could do is actually change the sensitivity. sensitivity down just a little bit. we'll take out some of that flurry activity there, and these areas showing up are heavy pockets of snow flakes working through. you may see a dusting in durham, harnett county, southwestern wake county as it continues to work through. temperatures across the region, anything that fell yesterday as liquid is now frozen. it's 23 in south field, 23 in roxboro, 25 in wilson, 23 in louisburg, 25, southern pines, and 27 in fayetteville. we look at your day ahead in the next 12 hours. i think we'll see spotty snow around through the morning hours. by lunch time, we may have flurries and around the virginia border, we may have some light snow. by this afternoon, it's all shut off, mostly cloudy hovering around freezing.
6:28 am
we'll talk more about that. tonight is going to be significantly cold. we'll check on some snow totals across the area coming up in just a bit. right now, we talk traffic and weather together. amber. amber: many of the roads are completely light and covered. it's night advised to head out. you can see the flakes still falling here. this is one of our mobile units arriving where a tractor-trailer jack knifed. you can't even see any asphalt there. no black top. so it is a slick area and it's not just the bridges and overpasses, exit on and offramps, it is the main roads as well. there's the police arriving on the scene. so stay inside, folks, and the secondary roadways are completely still ice and snow-covered and we're going to expect more snow today. so we're going to just show you some conditions, 40 at harrison.
6:29 am
worked overnight. it's just a lot to work with and they have a lot of miles to cover to keep the roads clear. the d.o.t. tweeted out as well, the benson near the raleigh-wake line, a section of the road is closed. 30 in harrison, you can see a lot of snow cover and ice cover on the roadways and they are working to treat that. it will get a little bit better when the sun comes up and we can see it more clearly and also aid them as well. but still some snow falling around the area as don and steve are tracking it all. we're just going to say stay off the roads. they're not good. it's also a slick walk just to that. so stay in and enjoy it from the window, if you can. john, barbara. barbara: thank you. john: and the sand hills also barbara: that's right. they're seeing more ice and snow and this morning we're getting reports of crashes and roll
6:30 am
we're live with what she's witnessed there. nicole carr is live. good morning nicole: we had to turn around and come back around to this parking lot.we had to turn around and come back around to this parking lot. if you take a look at this video, this is where we were stopped, right past the cumberland-sampson line. two people were in a ditch. a man says he completely turned around on that ice into a ditch. he was going into sampson from fayetteville. and the other car that was in the ditch was a paramedic. a sampson county deputy had to come and go ahead and take care of both of them. and we were on our way to a six-car pile-up at roseboro highway and bonnetsville road. and he said ma'am, you all will not make it. it's not worth it. so we stopped right there on highway 24 at the sampson-calm
6:31 am
he had someone coming from fayetteville so he turned around so we could get on air with you all here. that's where we are at 6:00. i know some of you have been asking on facebook where is our fayetteville report. we couldn't make it on that highway. in cumberland county, we have also heard a report of a roll over on palisades. in fayetteville, we have heard of a roll-over accident there. coming in from the grays creek area this morning on mlk, i saw the city of fayetteville sand trucks out and treating those roads and fayetteville police officers kind of blocking off one of the ramps there. so the message here is to stay home, stay off these roads. these do have ice in the sand hills. we have people rolling over. if you're going that fast, you're going too fast because it's okay right here. but in cumberland county, i'm telling you, about two miles past this right at the county line, that's where it turns into ice. so we are kind of on the
6:32 am
hearing about what's happening in cumberland county. we'll probably head to a different location but it's not good out here. it is dark. i mean, if it's black ice, you don't realize what's going on until sometimes it's too late. take it slow. the d.o.t. is out and the city trucks are out and folks are having accidents, so please just be careful, be patient, and keep hitting us up on facebook and twitter at abc11 eyewitness hashtag because that's how we're talking to you and finding out what's going on. i'll send it back to you all from near the cumberland-sampson county line off highway 24. john: and tens of thousands of folks are waking up without power this morning. barbara: that's right. the freezing rain is too much for power lines and trees. the hardest hit area is wake county. caitlin knute is live with many of the affected neighborhoods. good morning. caitlin: good morning.
6:33 am
as we got closer and closer to raleigh, we've had more ice presenting a problem. we're in a neighborhood that is closed. this is new bern avenue that's closed behind me. that's closed, so these cars here are turning around and it looks like repaired. i want to show you a video of some pretty concrete examples. look at this ground, pretty crunchy. we got out on a sheet of ice. look at this tree, the coating
6:34 am
it really is a different story than what we saw in durham and other areas yesterday. this is what's on the trees and the power lines, combaenagain, presenting some problems. at last check in wake county, 62,000 energy customers without power. if you have power right now, that's man tastic. make sure your mobile devices are all charged up. we're not out of the woods yet. we have stuff like that weighing down trees and power lines. if you lose power, contact the energy company right away. and make sure you have a backup plan, what you're going to do on this chilly morning f you're thinking of coming to this part of raleigh, come to this area. new born is closed from this part of trawick. caitlin knute, abc 11 eyewitness news. barbara: caitlin, just curious. how are the roads behind you. it lox like you can see tracks in the roadways.
6:35 am
covered in wake county too? caitlin: they really are at this point, barbara. there are parts where it's slushy, but we are actual low coming to the scene, and we would tried to slow down when a red light popped up and we slid right through the intersection. thankfully, there was no one around and we were okay, even in the breaking news vehicle, it's sturdy, you never know when we'll hit one of those slick spots. barbara: thank you. be careful. caitlin knute on that live report.
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john: welcome back. we're looking at our snow/sleet coverage. this is the latest observed snow really across the eastern half of the u.s. you can see the pinks in heavier areas up to the north. working down into our area, the rain-snow line where the rain was and the snow-sleet cuts right through the middle of our area. we see actual accumulations on the ground from wake county and it gets heavier around the virginia border. how much snow in these are just a view observations. 5.5", one of our viewers said they had thunder snow. doesn't surprise me. that. county.
6:39 am
cary around 1.5. temperatures across the region, 25 in roxboro and san ford, 26 in wilson, 26 goldsboro, and we have wind chills in the teens. look at oxford, 12, 18 across wake county. 15 down in goldsboro. that's your wind chill. the day ahead, light snow being reported in the mid-20s. lunch time, we see temperatures going around the 30 degree range. we'll still see some snow around and through the late day, 32 degrees under mostly cloudy skies. once it shuts off today, i think we're done with it and tomorrow, we could see sunshine. we'll talk about that and the complete seven-day forecast and meteorologist steve has more on the storm impacting the northeast. yawn and barbara. barbara: thank you.
6:40 am
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barbara: welcome back. 6:49 now and 24 degrees. john: john kemp is standing by at the d.o.t. salt barn and he'll get an update from officials, john. john: we're going to jump right
6:43 am
and we have a lot to talk about. get you a quick update on how things are going? >> sure. the temperatures dropped down pretty cold last night. i think we got down to 24. even though we had everything fairly clear before midnight, once the temperatures started dropping, everything froze up this morning. we've been treating all night long with salt and once the temperatures start to rise a little bit, it will start to break up. john: the salt at a certain temperature stops working, right? isn't there a difficulty with the salt at some temperature there? >> correct. 24 is about the correct threshold for that. what we're looking at is hopefully once the temperatures start to rise, from here forward, everything just starts to break up. >> how what do do you with ice? >> just treat it with salt, hope the temperatures rise and get some sunshine to break it up. trying to push it is fairly ineffective at this point. john: what are the conditions of the roads right now that your drivers are reporting? >> i've driven most of the
6:44 am
the past few hours and everything is fairly frozen solid. there's a few areas that are clear, some areas of 401, 40, and like i said, there is black ice out there that you cannot see. john: if people have to get somewhere this morning, what do they do? what is the advice and techniques people should keep in mind? >> we're going to go ahead and echo what everybody else has said. if you don't have to be anywhere, don't get out. if you do, please drive defensively, take your time. do not follow too close, and be safe, if you absolutely have to get out. john: talk about the resources that wake county and the d.o.t. have put into fighting this so far. >> sure. we've been here since midnight. we've put down salt brine a few days before that. we've put out a few thousand pounds of salt in wake county. john: how is the salt? >> we're doing good.
6:45 am
and some trucks coming in this morning, should be here any time delivering fresh salt. >> how many trucks do you have out right now? >> 50 trucks in the whole county right now. there's a few behind me fuelling up and getting warmed up. we've been out all night. the guys just taking a quick break. john: we have in the past talked about your guys and how tired they must get in these events. talk about how they're holding up and how they're doing. >> they're doing pretty good so far. we've been here since midnight wednesday night. everybody is fairly tired. we try to get as much rest as possible periodically throughout the past couple of days so we're tired, but we're still holding up. >> any challenges during this event so far sn. >> the major challenge is temperatures dropping and everything freezing up. that's the biggest challenge so far. >> the northern part of the county seems to be a little worse off.
6:46 am
is froze up this morning so no matter where you're at in the county, please stay home if you have to. john: we always talk about roads and bridges freezing first, right, because the air can get underneath that roadway and make it particularly susceptible to freezing. it sounds like you're saying it's not just roads and bridges today. >> it's not just the bridges. it's the entire roadway, yes. some of the roads routes do look clear as you're looking at it but it is over the entire roadway. >> is there anything else your drivers have reported that our viewers would want to know? >> we have had some reports of trees. we've had to take some of the crews that would be out treating it and taking care of trees tonight. i think overall throughout the county, we've had 30 trees reported down. nothing major, nothing that can't be taken care of fairly quickly. so as of right now, i don't think we have any new reports, and with the ice and freezing rain, the trees are weighted down and hopefully once that starts to melt off, that issue will go away.
6:47 am
direct our viewers to and other viewers to their stagsz stations, but do you guys have a call-in number folks can report directly to you, whether it's a skid-out? >> sure, there's a customer service number. i think it's the 877 number on the i don't remember exactly. but there's a customer service number there. feel free to call that and let us know and that information will be relaid to us. [indiscernible question]. >> right now, our plan moving forward today is to treat what we can. once the temperatures start to rise, we'll see what happens. we have some contract graders and trucks out there running shifts so we'll continue to use them as long as we need them. today, our guys will try to go home sometime this afternoon and get some rest. we'll bring another crew in overnight that will work in with our graders and take care of what we need to.
6:48 am
hopefully helping out today. right now, it is -- who knows, it feels like that's not even going to happen. what's your confidence level that that is going to happen and what if it doesn't? >> even if the sun doesn't come out today, we hope the temperatures will rise above 30, 32, with the salt on the road, it will help at that point and take care of most of it. john: thank you very much. that's the dot engineer. we appreciate t ice all over the place. stay home if you have to. not just roads and bridges as we continuously stressed. it's very icy, it is just about everywhere you drive. we'll send it back to you for now. we'll try to get an idea of what's going on around here and have another report coming up pretty soon.
6:49 am
abc 11 eyewitness i guess i never really gave much thought to the acidity in any foods. never thought about the coffee i was drinking having acids. it never dawned on me that it could hurt your teeth. my dentist has told me your enamel is wearing away, and that sounded really scary to me, and i was like well can you fix it, can you paint it back on, and he explained that it was not something that grows back, it's kind of a one-time shot and you have to care for it. he told me to use pronamel. it's gonna help protect the enamel in your teeth. it allows me to continue to drink my coffee and to eat healthier, and it was a real easy
6:50 am
6:58. barbara: 24 degrees. >> everybody's feet and hands starting to go numb. barbara: the carolina panthers doing all they can in this winter storm to be ready for game day. crews were hard at work clearing the snow off the tarp and off the field.
6:51 am
field at bank of america stadium. john: the nc state-duke match up for this afternoon is still a go. as long as both teams and the game officials are able to reach the arena, the game will be played. tip-off is at 2:00 p.m. barbara: it is almost 7:00. 24 degrees on saturday morning. you're watching continuing live coverage of the winter storm. john: coming up, behave for uncle pete. bye, see you guys later. [boys screaming] now time warner cable makes your internet go faster. up to 300 megs. are you having fun? yeah it's ok. it's good. in-home wifi powered by the latest equipment available to cover all your devices. so when you need more from your internet, it's there for you. discover how much more is included.
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