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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News 9AM  ABC  January 23, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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that means ice will start to melt with salt. salt loses it effectiveness around 24 degrees. we are up to 26 at r.d.u., 25 in roxboro. 26 in chapel hill. 28 in fayetteville. looking at the day ahead, we have spotty snow showers right now. by lunchtime, flurries around. 31 degrees. this afternoon, mostly cloudy skies. 32 degrees. it will finally shut off this afternoon. but then it will get really cold around here tonight. we will look at that and the snowfall totals in a bit. and traffic, amber rupinta. amber: just an update on road conditions on this saturday morning after a couple of major accidents anthony wilson and caitlin knute on one of them, it involves power line. they will get to those. i want to show you road conditions here. you can see the icicles hanging over the camera here. this is again 440 around new bern avenue. it looks like the d.o.t. is
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many of us came in this morning, on the air at 6:00 this morning, a lot of the roads you could not see blacktop, it was white covered on major roads a lot of the primaries, as don said, we had snowfall overnight and temperatures dipped. a lot to keep up with. they are making progress that the sun is up, it has improved there. but a different story on the durham freeway. there is a lot of snow and ice there. through. emergency officials are again asking the media, asking us to the roads. a lot of work to be done yet. fayetteville. and nicole carr is live there. she is seeing accidents and even an overturned vehicle there. it continues this morning. of course, we will keep you posted as you get through the saturday.
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please don't. john and barbara. john: thank you. this is the great time to a your first alert weather app at your fingertips. if you don't have it, download it now. barbara: our area has a lot of crashes in the triangle and cumberland county as well. nicole carr rolled on a rollover accident. john: she joins us with new video. nicole. nicole: hey, there, quite a morning. and let's start out with the newest video. about a an hour ago, this is i-95 in cumberland county near mile marker 59. a tractor-trailer that just ran into a guardrail there, off the road, and then another car wound up in the ditch. you were talking about the rollover, we head to katona
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car, they are both ok, but they ran right off of that icy road there. and actually, they are still -- on scene with the sheriff deputy and then the state trooper who came around. and earlier this morning you told you were trying to get to a six-car pileup, we did not get passed the sampson-cumberland county line there before deputies said ma'am, it is too slick out here, you're not going to make it, please turnaround. so that's what it is like around fayetteville. and we also have great pictures from bingham drive in west fayetteville. it is icy out there. what, what the road is looking like, coming out to the neighborhood, just what you see here on donaldson it looks fine enough, white stuff on the ground, nothing big it is really slick out here. and folks just going too fast underestimating what is on the roadways.
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the scanner throughout cumberland county and especially in sampson county. 24 is not passable. it is impassable. so just stay home. hold tight. and we will join you in the next half hour. we're still running around town checking things out. minimum power outages reported by twc. they have a handful, just over 20 right now. there is electrical problems. people who need equipment, they have responded to everything. they shut this down last night. we are good on power outages. bad on the roads. back to you from fayetteville. barbara: all right. nicole, thank you. the roads no match for the best drivers. this tractor-trailer jackknifed on i-85 in durham. the roads are a mess this morning. they are a big problem. this is a major interstate. so the side roads are worse than that. john: now, anthony wilson is on the scene of several accidents this morning. where are you?
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anthony: we are now on 127 the durham freeway going into durham. as you can see through our front facing camera here on the breaking news one vehicle, that is -- a sheriff deputy going along and keeping an eye on the other car in front of us. that driver, the license plate indicates, the car at least, is from minnesota, that might explain that the car is moving along with such agility, but everybody cannot drive like that. the conditions in front of the car, this looks like hard packed snow, we are staying inside those lanes, the tracks there, but we want to show you what we came up on right after we left the station to begin our first report, video that you're seeing, that's the tractor-trailer that john and barbara talking about earlier. nice guy, he was hauling grocery to kansas city to a kroger near that exit on i-85, but he ran into trouble trying to go up the
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the big rid could not make it because it was frankly, very slippery. the guys plowing the ramps and bridges and overpasses all night, and -- it looks like the guy is having difficulties, so, back live here, i will keep telling you about the situation over there -- at, 85. ok, this guy right here in front of us, in the nissan is taking no chances. now, the guy in the truck in a minute. this man, he is driving the way everybody should drive. extremely slow. the guy in the minnesota car kept going. this is what you want to do if you have to be our here. all right. you don't know what is ahead of you and look down the street, potentially slippery conditions. we will tell you about the truck later. that is a long story. you can wait for that. we will let you know as we drive out here what you need to look out for. if you have to get out, drive
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to avoid driving at all. now, more in a bit. reporting live, on 147 in durham, anthony wilson, abc11 eyewitness news. john: thanks, anthony. barbara: thank you. it is easier to see now that the sun is up. 9:08, 26 degrees. just getting started with a special edition of abc11 eyewitness news. john: after the break more
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our crews. john: a pop, flash of light and power knocked out. that's not lightning, but traps former blowing in raleigh. this video on the instagram feed and lights out after that for people. crews responded quickly and got the restored. barbara: 11 minutes after 9:00. 26 degrees. power outages common theme in wake county. john: 61,000 people waking up in the dark. caitlin knute is checking out the situation in raleigh. caitlin. caitlin: good morning, everyone. and in terms of the stop lights we're on new bern avenue inside of the beltline, we passed
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check this out, what is up here, a cross street here you notice, pear tree is the cross street. no stop lights working here. this is the same story from wakemed to poole road and new bern avenue. notice what my photographer is doing, if you come upon this, you need to treat it as a four-way stop. if you come upon a stoplight and the is not working a four-way stop. to the left of the screen, there is a car that spun out here. here is a problem. we're hypothesissing, stretches where the roads are clear and all of the sudden you come to slick roads and lose control all of the sudden. you're looking at our rear facing camera on top of breaking news one. now, all along here you're noticing a ton of tree limbs down just broken, especially the smaller trees that snapped all the way over. again, all of the power outages
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video we were taking about earlier this morning. live on the scene, this is my burn avenue by corporation parkway, a power pole snapped. the snapped, fell over, took the power lines down with it, in front of the waffle house there. and it has been closed all night long. power crews are not out there, they other areas they are responding to. they are trying to tackle all of the outages. there are 60,000 in wake county alone without power. so come back out here live, i want to show you something. so right now we're turning to claredon, this is off of new bern, right here through the front of our camera, check this out. look at the tree limb here in the road. completely snapped. there is one hanging. i'm not going to get out of the car, it is unsafe, there is one hanging over the power lines, the phone lines, the tree limb in the road. it is in downtown raleigh. we're telling you to stay inside for a while. it is slick, and driving
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there is a line snapped there that is down. but you never know what could come down on top of you, the trees above and power lines. it is really a safety situation. again, just to recap where we were, stop lights out on new bern avenue from wakemed to poole road. so treat them as a four-way stop if you have to get out. and if you know of problem areas, if you have downed power lines sent us a picture or let us know. you can reach us on facebook and twitter and i'm checking on those. it is great to have feedback from you so we can let you know about the problem spots. guys we're going to keep driving around safely, i might add, and look out for problem spots. in downtown raleigh in wake
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john: thank you, caitlin for that report.
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and pictures of the airport in john: welcome back after a live look now from one of our mobile news units. this is highway 55 in durham. you can see the roads, you can see a little of black under that ice there. but other parts, it doesn't look like it was touched at all. barbara: not at all. john: the good news the temperatures are slowly rising. don. barbara: the d.o.t. has trucks out. changing out the crews. and they have salt.
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don: this is a state highway, not a side road. so if you can see the state highway, and the side roads are worse. barbara: i-40 is bad. don: we have that winter storm warning until 6:00 tonight. winter weather advisory until noon tomorrow other noon this afternoon and we'll talk more about that in a moment. take a live look at radar this morning and you have snow showers, very right now, just snowflakes in wake county. and to the north, we're seeing another band on i-85 from virginia towards -- i'm going to switch modes on the radar and look at about the last, looking at the last hour, let's look at the past 15 minutes. you can just see this is a slow mover. it is traveling off to the south and building lane. so you can see the snow in the northern counties, you can see it sticking around the virginia border through late this afternoon. the temperatures across the
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27 in oxford, 26 in chapel hill, 28 down in fayetteville and clinton, 26 in goldsboro. and factor the winds, the wind chills in the teens. remember, wind chills don't effect objects, but if you step outside in wilson it feels like 14. 18 in goldsboro. 19 in fayetteville. and 14 in rocky mount. a lot of great facebook pictures. look at the ice build up, this is from anderson creek. at 8:00 this morning they were seeing flurry. look that ice on the branch, that is crazy. and then there to a look in mecklenburg, virginia. and from there to a look into louisburg and it is kind of hard to see, but if you read the flag that is frozen solid it actually says no more snow. so it is frozen salad with no
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and this is another one from our viewer in cartridge. and roads are ice and snow. trees are glazed over. good morning to you. and thanks for sending that in. the same storm system that brought us the nasty weather is going into the northeast. for more, here is steve stewart. steve: thank you, don. significant dangers to our north with big time snows from new york to philadelphia, down into washington, too. look at the blizzard warnings in effect. too. winds gusting at times today 60 miles per hour, maybe as high as 70. we'll time it out for you through the early afternoon, still very heavy bands in new york and down into washington, d.c. and philadelphia, that continues it is waning in virginia at that time. and later on this evening, still lighter snows in the northeast. the lows ramping up and starting to move away from the coastline things will improve into the day tomorrow.
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pockets here in the 18 to 24-inch category. and north of toms river the line that is off to the west, west of new york city, anywhere between 12 to 18 and maybe even pushing higher than that. so a significant snow event going on to the northeast. in the meantime, the winds also going to be a major factor. these are gusts along the coast, notice some of them, 59 miles per hour. and again, this is a future forecast model, the other model is stronger than that. then the winds will calm down, when you have strong winds and the snow, we expect to have widespread power outages from virginia up through pennsylvania and pushing into new jersey and even new york as well. and the steehs are -- seas are going to be up, combined seas on the coast 14 to 18 feet and causing coastal erosion with this very powerful storm, don. don: all right. steve. we continue to watch the storm system that steve mentioned move to the north and east.
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i put the winds on here. each of the arrows showing where the wind is blowing from. here is the problem, the winds are wrapping like this, the direction of the wind, what we're going to see is the snow that is back here, if it holds together could still rotate down into our region through the late morning and early afternoon. so we will be watching for possible snow, pockets of snow showers working through the afternoon hours. our accuweatherler keeps that snow with us until tonight and clears it out. sunday nothing but sunshine headed into the region tomorrow. but cold. the rest of today, just pockets of snow showers and flurries. to the freezing mark. northwest winds 10 to 15, gusts going to 25, and. withs today staying in the teens. tonight, those temperatures across the region will fall to 23 in raleigh, 22 in durham, 25 in fayetteville. we're going to be cold. with the snow on the ground and the winds around 25 miles per hour -- it's going to be a very
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i tell you what really bothers me is that temperatures are at 24 degrees, the roads that are solred going to refreeze tonight. parking lots are going to refreeze, and side roads so tomorrow afternoon sunshine, some of the melling as we climb to 40. 20's. a refreeze, and black ice problems on monday morning. monday afternoon, 48. tuesday 52. and wednesday and thursday rain. at this point it is not snow, bahrain and in the upper 4's. but you could see a lot cancellations for church and activities tomorrow morning because of the refreeze tonight. so just remember, first alert weather app, you can get all of the cancellations. barbara: right now the panthers game and the duke state game on.
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barbara: good morning, and welcome back to the special coverage of the winter storm. 9:26. and 26 degrees. john: many of you joining the abc11 eyewitness news team covering the storm. amber: is at the big board. welcome to the teach, you can use the hashtag and they have been surveying them and putting them on there is a beautiful slide show of the
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some of them here for a our tag board. check this out. that's beautiful. a crystal tree, this is one of the dangers we have been saying with falling limbs and issues like that. really nice ones coming here. poor mr. turtle in a block of ice and covered in snow. that is from our friends of raleigh. and raleigh power line poles snapped. and a winner wonderland in north carolina. there are videos of people sledding. you can send us videos. you can see kids sliding down the driveway. so you don't is to worry about the traffic there. the hashtag again, abc11 eyewitness news. we would love to see your pictures, videos, whatever you have gone owning today, just hashtag them and we will put them on-air and our website.
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coming up in the next half hour. barbara: we are keeping an eye
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people test their skills with the streets still covered with snow and ice. some people creeping along and others are losing control. john: police the ice is weighing down trees and power lines creating big problems in local neighborhoods. now the biggest problems our crews are seeing are tree limbs. saturday, january 23rd. 9:31. 26 degrees. i'm john clark. barbara: i'm barbara gibbs. thank you for joining us. we have an update on the shelter situation. durham has closed. first, weather and traffic together. the latest on the storm from meteorologist don schwenneker. good morning. don: good morning to you. john and barbara, good morning to you. and a winter storm warning in effect through 6:00 tonight. a winter weather advisory in effect for the rest of the area then purple through noon today. winter weather advisories we may see them extended overnight, that would do to black ice in the overnight hours.
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turned up super sensitive there. so, some of that is very light snowflakes in wake county and lee and hornet county. harnett county. i-85 we're seeing snow showers from clarksville to henderson, that will continue to advance to the south and east. work across warren county in the next hour. more about that in a moment. check numbers, 24 in south hills. 27 in roxboro. 25 in oxford, 27 in lieuingburg. 26 in chapel hill, rocky mount-wilson. and 27 in goldsboro. 26 in stanford, 27 in southern pines. and 28 in fayetteville. the next few hours heading out and about try to stay in, but if you have to head out, spotty snow and flurries through lunchtime, 31. late this afternoon we will keep towards 32 degrees, and might
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tonight significantly colder again. we'll talk about that plus the forecast coming up in a bit. now, traffic. amber rupinta. amber: thanks, don. i just got off the phone with the state highway patrol a short time ago. and updated numbers from midnight to 8:00 a.m. here are the number of cops, 278 collisions they responded to across the state. in the triangle, 104. that's a lot of in the triangle out of 278ism so the last 24 hours, 2700 calls and 1500 collision calls. so that is a significant uptick with the winter storm. here we go, with the road conditions which are not ideal. especially secondary roads, they are not touched. d.o.t. is focusing on the main arteries. they are trying to get one lane cleared on each side so even emergency vehicles can pass through.
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a tough time just keeping up with things. the temperatures dropped and snow fall. this is a wake county camera. it is around aviation. many of the roads are still white and covered with snow andi -- ice. and this is another camera, there is a plow truck that is clearing things on davis drive with our mobile unit showing us diving drive in durham county perhaps? yes. no, ok. well, this morning -- just, if you don't have to go out please don't. that's the message coming from the emergency officials. i can toss it over to nicole carr who is on the cumberland county-samson county line with more on conditions there. hey, nicole. nicole: hey, amber. yeah. this has been a rough area this morning. you know, we were our here a couple of hours ago, we're
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into town, this is where we were stopped heading on to the highway that turns into rosberg so high way. and that's where they had a six-car pileup this morning after a couple of cars in the ditches. so when you get past this point going into sampson county, 74 not looking good -- 24 is not looking good. and folks have been tweeting and asking about harnett county. they are reporting ice and snow covered roads across the board. so secondary and main roads as well. we are getting photos from there. and fayetteville with this video. this is i-95, mile marker 59. this was -- shot earlier -- it was right before 9:00 when we hit this accident. a tractor-trailer that ran into the guardrail, off the road, icy roads and then a car into the ditch. and then in fayetteville we had -- a vehicle overturned in the pickup truck.
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no injuries reported in either of the accidents. they are ok, but again the snow covered roads that amber was talking about, that was the problem there. and a lot of you have been asking me about the mall area, you have kids going to work there, some of you -- i cannot tell you to go to work or not to go to work. i can tell you i just got a message from the mall. they say they are open from 11:00 to 5:00 today. so they open for business. a lot of those restaurants in the area are open and fort bragg opens at 11:00. so that's all i can tell you. that they're open for business. some of you all in west fayetteville have rougher roads then, then others. i saw bingham drive a couple of hours ago it didn't look good. but fayetteville -- crews are working hard right now. i see them all over 87 this morning. so it is a judgment call, i would tell you from being all
9:30 am
if you don't have to be out here, i wouldn't. take it slow. but those places are open for business. so you just have to take it slow if you go out, make a good judgment call, give yourself enough space and make the call. i cannot tell you to go to work or not to go to work. we're going to head back into fayetteville and see you in the next half hour. that's what we're doing this morning. back to you, john and barbara. barbara: all right. nicole, thank you. john: and jon camp is live. >> that is right. we had a chance to talk with the governor for a couple of minutes before he went inside. and this place, the emergency operations center is cooking right now.
9:31 am
this place up, the eoc, colonel gray with the patrol, and then the governor. the governor what he specifically told us, outside of what he will tell us in an hour. he is concerned about the accidents on the roads, talking about the highway patrol being absolutely swamped right now. and then the safety of the workers out for so long. the line workers at duke energy and others. the, obviously the highway patrol and the d.o.t. who have been out all night in many cases. that's where the governor's head is right now going into this. and taking about the line workers, all right. just pan up hear, you will see, we can do this with any tree in the area, just to show you how much ice is on the trees right now -- that's about a quarter inch. a quarter inch, it is a little less maybe. and a quarter inch you see
9:32 am
and bringing lines down. so no surprise that we're seeing that around the area. clearly any tree that you look at, it will show you why we're seeing that around the area. we will be here for the press copseference and carry it live. i think it is slated for 10:30 and tweing throughout and -- tweeting throughout and up to it. back to you in the meantime. john: jon, thank you. barbara: 9:39. 26 degrees. and our live team coverage of
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barbara: right now on, helpful tips if you happen to lose power. john: the thing is to unplug all of your electrical devices to prevent a power surge when the electricity is restored. for more go to barbara: 10s of thousands of people without power this many lost power yesterday. if you are out and on the roads that could mean no traffic lights as well. caitlin knute experienced that in wake county. good morning. caitlin: good morning, guys. last time we showed you the situation on new bern. right now full road this is inside of the beltline in the wakemed neighborhood. ok. hit the wrong button. you can see what is coming up on the stoplight here, this is poole road and raleigh boulevard.
9:35 am
neighborhood. a reminder when you come to this, you treat it like a four-way stop. this is from the news camera. and again, the scene driving around this morning, in addition to power outages seeing a lot of limbs down on the road. this is something you need to watch our for. we should have video -- and show it again, this is the situation at earlier in the morning. this was on new bern by corporation parkway. this is a power pole that snapped last night in front of the waffle house over there and took down power lines with it. as a result no power and no one is getting through. police on the scene blocking off the road this morning not letting people through. power crews were not there when we were there. so avoid that area of raleigh. really in wake county, raleigh has been hit very hard by ice. i'm hearing from facebook friends and viewers saying wake forest has a fair amount of ice, too. so if you have power right now we're you've wind chill the lucky ones.
9:36 am
power. and looking here live, i don't see if you can see the roads. it is wet, it is slushy, but then come upon another sections where there is a glaze of ice and slick spots there. so something to be aware of. had a facebook viewer tell me, asked me a good question, he said why do you drive around when you're telling other people not to drive around. that's a great point. my parents asked me. if we told you don't go out, you would think it is fine, i look out my window and it is not bad. we drive around and show you and hopefully, get this to hit home. it is a safety situation. when you have ice on the power lines and ice on the tree branches if we didn't actually show you it, it might not register. this is a safety, service announcement if you will. i promise, we're being careful, if you have to go out -- we ask that you do the same. if you can stay home, all the
9:37 am
now, in raleigh, keeping an eye on the power outages. we will check back. guys. barbara: caitlin. thank you. john: 9:45. a lot of you may be getting stir
9:38 am
put stay put if you can. barbara: welcome back on this 9:48. 26 degrees. john: we continue our live team coverage with anthony wilson in the mobile news unit. and anthony is touring around in durham county. anthony: yeah. we are on pw alexander and a lot of people tends to drive because they come to work back here. we are seeing a lot of trucks, a lot of them actually piloted by people working for durham public works and they are making something progress. as you can see, there is block top over here. and also seeing the d.o.t. crews working the major highway. we just got off the durham freeway a minute ago. right before you came to us live there was a fleet, three, in fact of the public work trucks from durham worker another
9:39 am
cornwallis, and they went down one lane and doubled back and did the other lane and then going down the middle. this is very important because right of the screen. this is how the parts on the right and left, a lot of the streets in durham look right now, particularly secondary roads. but right here, it looks like a little slush. and it is definitely warmer that is something obviously gnaw in our control. this could be a lot better, of course as temperatures drop and the sun goes down, a possibility of what is wet now could refreeze and turn to blake ice. here is cornwallis, we're going to look and see if the same crews are -- in the area. all right. let's show them what they did on cornwallis road. going to get a good look now of what that real hard work. here is someone in a car, pay attention. the car is going by in a minute. this is a honda. look at the front of the car,
9:40 am
it is tough to see what is coming up on his right side if he doesn't get the windshield cleared soon. here is cornwallis. there are the trucks, those public work trucks that have been out here patrolling the ar. they have been doing this, very diligent about this, it is great for the people that work here. of course, if you don't happen to be in the area, you are hoping the trucks also get to you. apparently they will, but many miles of roads have to be treated in the durham area, it will take a while. this is another reminder if you don't have a reason to be driving around, led to guys do their job and get the streets clear. we would love to see all of the main thoroughfares of durham looking this clean. but again it will take a while. so your best bet is to stay inside. let them do their jobs and watch our coverage, we will show you what is happening and what you should avoid, mainly avoid
9:41 am
this is all over with. reporting live, anthony wilson, abc11 eyewitness news. john: anthony, thank you. barbara: all right. meteorologist don schwenneker. now the clouds that he was showing from breaking news one. they looked like snow clouds. don: they did. we still have snow around believe it or not. looking that region pockets of snow showers working through and they extend to columbia, south carolina. they are seeing snowflakes in south carolina as well. now, what is happening locally. there, this is first alert skies. carolinas. if you -- not a ton of snow, but certainly still seeing flurry especially along the i-85 corridor between virginia and durham you have flurries. and in western hope county. and a few sun rays are starring to breakout. here is the updated snow cover, the heavy snow, the pink areas to the north.
9:42 am
this has grown over the morning and stretch to cumberland county, simpson county, rocky mount and ash county and then back to the north and west, the heaviest snow is around person county this morning. snow totals from the national weather service, 5 1/2 inches or more, we did have one report of almost seven inches near beggal hill. they had thunder snow last night. across wake county, an inch and a half to two inches across the county. until you get to the east side the totals less. the same system is working it's way to the north and east. now, we go to steve stewart. steve: don, thank you very much. this storm is cranking up right now the low intensifies, significant snows now pushing across new jersey and into new york city and the bands of snow will continue there for hours and hours they have a long way to go. the blizzard warning in effect from washington, d.c. to new york at least for the next 18 hours.
9:43 am
facwhere the storm. there you can see the snow continues. note the legend up here. the time it is right through the afternoon into the evening hours. we will continue to see the snow flying up there. less overnight tonight and by tomorrow coming to an end. the snow totals impressive to say the least. in central and northern parts of virginia we're talking 12 to 18 inch range with pockets of that. and this is additional snowfall from what already hit the ground. gettysburg and north of philadelphia, and farther inland the heavier bands of snow. 12 to 18 near new york city as well. so big time snow event has a long ways to go in the northeast. the winds are also a factor. gusting from 20 to 59 miles per hour around the cape. so this will be causing blowing snow, visibility will be a major issue.
9:44 am
to new york in the medium to high category, don. don: thanks, steve. we will continue to watch the systematism could throw a few snow flakes. and the satellite and radar, the winds and the arrows. the winds are wrapping counterclockwise around the low. but the area in the mountains could drag down into the region into the early afternoon and still bring us snowflakes. i don't anticipate widespread or heavy snow, but a dusting to maybe a half-inch the very northern most counties as that works through. you notice tonight, the skies clear out. and the clear skies tonight mean cold temperatures overnight. the the rest of the day, the temperatures topping out in the 30's. snow ending. cold temperatures overnight tonight. it is going get dangerous in spots and the fact that once we get around 23, 22 degrees -- salt stops working. and things will refreeze. i think black ice could be an issue tonight into tomorrow. abc 11 eyewitness news
9:45 am
tomorrow 4 degrees, sunny, chilly. on your monday, train, partly sunny. tuesday and wednesday the temperatures near 50 and rain returning. the next couple of morning,s tomorrow morning especially and monday morning with the really cold temperatures overnight, i would not be surprised to see very icy spas showing back up -- i just, i think tomorrow morning could be very treacherous in spots. so i would not be surprised today see churches making cancellations.
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the first barbara: you are watching live
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winter storm. >> stay off the roads. that's the message from the people in charge of clearing our streets. they want to avoid moments like this. >> plus, storm update. the governor getting ready to brief us on the damage recovery. we'll carry it live at 10:30. john: the governor is set to across the major winter storm in just about 30 minutes. we have a crew stationed there ready to get an update. barbara: good morning. north carolina, saturday the 23rd. 10:00, 26 degrees. i'm barbara gibbs.
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