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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 PM  ABC  January 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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announcer: see what is happening this instant. abc 11 eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. >> first at 6:00 tonight, the mad rush to restore power to thousands of people all across north carolina. energy customers are in the dark and the cold right now. good evening, everyone. i am steve daniels. tisha: and i am tisha powell. steve d.: this is a messy equation of ice and trees and power lines outside. tisha: eyewitness news is examining all elements of this situation, and we have live
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steve d.: but first, let's cover the black ice concerns. what do we need to know? >> temperatures are going to drop down into the 20's tonight. that is a reason why we have a lot of concern for black ice on the roads tonight. anything that is wet right now could re-freeze and create a big mess in the morning. a winter weather alert will go into effect from right now all the way into noon tomorrow. there is concerns for black ice. you will probably want to reconsider getting out to early -- too early on the roads tomorrow. remember, the salt of the they have put on the roads are not effective if temperatures drop down below 24 degrees. we have a tiny little shower here popping up in sampson county, but most of this is back off the north along the i-95 corridor.
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all the way from d.c. and into new york. this is creating very heavy conditions up towards the northeast. fortunately, we are not dealing with that. weird ely with this system of low pressure and another system behind that. right now, lower 30's for most of our eastern section. but as we go through the next couple of hours, our temperatures are going to drop quite quickly and we are looking at temperatures in the upper 20's by the time we reach midnight already. it does look like a chilly day tomorrow as well. i will tell you when we could see a warm-up and more melt ing coming up in just a few minutes. tisha: now the big question, when will the power come back on? power is off in several of our largest counties, 18,000
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1800 in hamilton county and a handful in durham. elaine alvarez -- angelica alvarez is live with more. angelica? angelica: they are trying to make fast work of it. let me just stepped out of the way so you can take a closer look here. -- step out of the way so you can take a closer look here. several thousand people are in the dark tonight. you can see the cruise here -- the crews here and the major issue is causing thousands of people to be in the dark tonight. crews are working overtime to get things back up and running and they hope to have everyone powered up no later than 11:00 on monday night. this is not the only hard-hit area. the heavy ice is wreaking havoc on thousands of people in the
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>> starting at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow -- yesterday, and they said they won't have anyone to come out until monday. angelica: this means there are 5800 people without power in nash county. >> there are downed trees and downed power lines so we ask our countries to have as much patience as they can because this is a unique event with significant power outages in the area. angelica: the cleveland fire chief says that this home was up in flames when us -- when a stove was left open to warm the home, but then it off fire when the power came back on. no one was hurt, but our dog and
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and if you know someone in the dark tonight, there are some numbers that you can call to report outages. you can call 1 -- 800 -- 419 -- -- another number is the number here. those numbers are on our website at again, duke energy hopes to have everyone back up and running before 11:00 on monday night. live in raleigh, i am angelica alvarez. steve d.: that is a long wait for so many people in the dark and the cold tonight. thank you, angelica. and this is video in buffaloe road north of smithfield. a large tree had fell across the rhone and it is -- across the road and it has tangled and power lies.
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is like a tale of two cities. major arteries like i-40 here are mostly clear of snow and ice, but then if you go on the side roads, story changes very quickly. tisha: we had breaking news from state officials tonight. joel? joel: yes, there are still concerns about tonight, but crews have made major in ways tonight. let me show you where we are. this is the triangle expressway. patrol road -- the toll road goes through carrie and up until about one hour ago, this was covered in white snow and ice. they are dumping that sand and salt with that truck you can see there, so they are finally starting to make some progress. you can see the blacktop now. so they are making progress.
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victory. for the first time in 24 hours, drivers can see the blacktop on interstate 40. plow trucks are finally getting dividends on the most heavily traveled roads. but there was snow that came and thus sobering news. the governor is concerned about a re-freeze and drivers getting in the way of the cruise - the crews. he begged fans of basketball to not go to the game. >> we do not want you to go to the game. joel: most fans ignored governor mccrory. josh strickland drove in from north raleigh. josh: we couldn't listen to the governor. we had to go to the game.
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we both dry the big cars. so we were ok. we were ok. josh: i never thought twice. the roads were fine. joel: so we are bringing you back out here live with breaking news as the salt trucks are making their way down the expressway. the crowd estimate this afternoon was about 19,000 people that showed up. that is just short of capacity. it is safe to say that the basketball rivalry trumped of the governor's warning about the roads. tisha: people were itching to get out. live out there on the road, joel brown. thank you. and now we have heather waliga giving us a live update on some raleigh neighborhoods. heather: tisha, things are not looking very good, at least here in wade county.
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they just want us all to take it slow and just stay home if you can. we are right here on wade avenue in downtown raleigh, and it looks quite clear, but if you turn here on gardner avenue, it is a world of difference. it is just a sheet of ice. these roads could pose a problem's for school buses, monday morning. -- problem for school busses on monday morning. while the road crews have been constantly treating the roads, until the temperature rises, there is just not a lot that they can do. they are hoping that they can break up and push the ice away. at a certain temperature, the
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>> 24 is about your threshold for that, so what we are looking at, hopefully when temperatures start to rise, everything will start to break up. heather: now the good news here in wade county is that the salt should be doing its job here. the concern here is when it all starts to re-freeze and we could see black eyes again. looking here on gardner street in -- black ice again. looking live here on gardner street in raleigh, it is very dangerous. that is why the very best advice we can give you tonight is to just stay home and enjoy the weekend with your family because you really don't want to run into things like us. reporting live in raleigh, heather waliga. steve d.: in durham, this tractor-trailer became the victim of a very icy offramp. the driver learning and
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rig jackknifed there. elaina athans is riding shotgun now in the first alert storm chaser. how does it feel driving down there? elaina: not so good, it is pretty messy in some spots. i will show you. you can see the blacktop in some spots. the problem is, this is not slush we are rolling over, this is ice. this is after trying to move out of the roadway. [indiscernible] ideally, what they want here is [indiscernible] in durham county. trucks will be later clearing the roads and they plan to use another 20 tons of salt and sand mixture.
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main roads and there are some primary roads that have not been treated right now. again, this is covered in a very slippery, treacherous ice, so if you live down this way, avoid this road. public works are out on side streets. they are plowing to give some traction. they said their crews will be working through tomorrow to try to make these roads passable. we have some serious accidents out here, we have seen a car crash into a restaurant this afternoon along erwin road. i believe right now nobody was hurt in that crash. also, i spoke with the durham county sheriff's office, and they had to respond to about three racks -- three wrecks today.
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these neighborhoods in durham, please, stay off the road. that is the very latest. live from the road, elaina athans, abc 11 eyewitness news. tisha: you can see her bumping around there in the storm chaser. steve d.: that is a rough ride tonight. tisha: and cancellations and delays at rdu. we will take a look at how many flights are taking off. steve d.: but first, if you need a place to sleep tonight, there is a shelter in raleigh, including two other shelters in
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steve d.: these power crews waiting to respond earlier today in fayetteville were shot hereby one of our viewers. icy roads caused several crashes in cumberland county. on support but a road, -- support the -- on this road, a couple of crashes. tisha: only 13 flights are taking off from rdu today. flights will start flying tomorrow. about 150 flights were canceled from rdu today. check with your airline before driving to the airport. and as we had to break, a live look in downtown raleigh. this is what it looks like
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for here, it is pretty much done now and we move on to black eyes. in durham, you won't seeraffic -- you will see -- black ice. in durham, you will see traffic moving a little bit smoother. in in many places, we will be seen 20's pretty soon. ititeels like 23 and roxboro, 26 and raleigh -- 26 and raleigh -- in raleigh. we do have a threat of black ice. that will be a factor until noon tomorrow. we also had some very pretty pictures and we want to thank you all for sending them in. i love this guy.
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and the abc 11 colors there as well, not half bad. on twitter, we are seeing a lots of photos. fantastic day for a snow angel or an ice angel. this photo is sent in from my sister in virginia. this is her husband's car here. it is covered in snow. you cannot see it. in washington, 16 inches. compare those with of the totals we will see, we have a lot less. raleigh had just about 1.9 inches. the storm system is moving on for us. to the north of the east, you will see a lot of snow blanketing all a lot of those states.
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virginia up to the new hampshire area. this looks to push on off by the time we get to 7:30 or 8:00 in the morning on sunday. hopefully we will be able to dry things out by the time we get to monday. of course, other amounts are tapering off with this system as it moves away. for us tonight, relatively calm. we are going to see these temperatures really dip. also, a lot of cold air moving on in. 25 expected in fayetteville, 20 34 raleigh -- 23 for raleigh. some melting will take place, but it is going to be very cold. high pressure builds on in.
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here will approach us on wednesday. the good news there is that we shouldn't see any snow on the back of this, it will likely just be rain. here is your first alert forecast powered by accuweather. 60's on tuesday before the rain moves back in and we will likely cool down by the end of the week, but we should see temperatures near 60 degrees i the time we get to next saturday. that is going to feel really good around here. tisha: this forecast is amazing. thank you. steve d.: and now the big game. >> all of those who disobey the governor were feeling pretty happy at one point. they made 52% of their shots against unc, but the defense was
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wounded >> now abc 11 eyewitness news sports sponsored by your local toyota dealers. >> 20 minutes into their game this afternoon, duke was staring squarely at a losing game. then on this cold saturday, they caught fire and the fans rewarded them with plenty to cheer about.
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led by as many as 10 and they were at seven by the break but then duke got rolling in the second half. duke made seven of 11 three shots, and they shot over 70% in the second half. the blue devils take this one by 10. >> we started off really well and we haven't done that all year. today we wanted to come out firing. >> a lot of stuff happened in the second half. they played very, very well early. in the second half we didn't get it done. >> he was a sensational. he had 25 today. there was a lot of praise for him after the game. the wolfpack had been there for at least 25 minutes. steve d.: this could have gone either way based on the record. >> that's right.
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>> that's right. tisha: thank you. that is going to do it for us tonight. thank you for watching. steve d.: "world news" is on next. remember you can always get news
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