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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 530 AM  ABC  January 25, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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anthony: a local chi barbara: the winter storm is gone but the danger is not. black ice is lurking ready it cause crashes like this one. anthony: panthers super bowl bound. how they got here. barbara: good morning, carolina, welcome on a, welcome on monday january 25. i'm barbara gibbs. anthony: i'm anthony wilson in for john clark. thanks for joining us. the winter storm is gone but the impact felt. barbara: black ice is a concern as many head back to work. we have live team coverage. mobile news vehicles on the roads. we will check weather and traffic in a minute but first we want to give you the list of closings. anthony: wake county, durham public, chapel hill. carrboro and orange county schools closed. barbara: classes canceled in chatham. franklin, granville. halifax, lee, mechanic lipburg, moore
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employees in moore county have a that lower delay. anthony: warren county, welden and vance. barbara: two-hour delay johnston, harnett. roanoke rapids. there are no delays in cumberland, hoke, sampson, wilson and wayne. you can find the list at the bottom of the screen or any time on abc. anthony: it is time for weather and traffic together with meteorologist don schwenneker in the first alert storm center giving us an update. don: good morning to you. as you head out temperatures mid 20's but they will climb quickly. by 9:00 up to freezing and 11:00 we are into the 40's and touch 50 this afternoon. current numbers from across the area 19 south hill. 30 louisburg, 25 roxboro, 22 sanford, 28 southern pines, 26 fayetteville and clinton. looking at the day ahead, mid 20's.
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a couple of high clouds. lunchtime 20 degrees warmer mid 40's. this afternoon we top 50 under mostly sunny skies. we will talk about the warmer temperatures in a bit but time for weather and traffic. amber rupinta is off so we are seeing a couple of incidents coming in to the traffic center. we have one lane blocked on 540 due to a stalled vehicle eastbound exit 14 falls of neuse. we have a couple of incidents with an accident on 401 and main up to the north and east of 540 and we have another incident inside the 440 beltline on atlantic avenue at whitaker mill. accidents showing up because we have reports of black ice across the region. we will talk about that and check travel times in a couple of minutes. barbara: a lot of main roads really good shape.
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we have black ice for people contending with that. small patches can cause big problems. ed crump is live in breaking news one searching for trouble spots in raleigh and found a few, right? ed: we have. we have definitely found a spot here. we were not sure what we had to start with. look outside. we are looking at atlantic avenue close to the intersection of whitaker mill road. a guy says -- you will see him cross in front of the car -- the driver of this vehicle, he had his car crash and air bag deployed. as he was coming south on atlantic toward capital boulevard he hit a patch of black ice and it looks like there is a patch of black ice there. he spun out and hit the guard rail on the opposite side of the police car.
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the car as the other driver goes by. it is badly damaged. the air bag deployed and looks like was slightly injured but he said he will be ok. i'm not sure what police will decide but it looks like back to the left there is a patch of black ice on i don't know if it would have caused this much damage. so there is a perfect example of why you should probably wait until after the sun is up if you can wait an hour or so probably a lot of the black ice not in shaded areas will be gone. again i can't caution people enough, anthony and barbara, for them to take it easy this morning. we need another good day of melt before we are out of the woods on this. barbara: ed crump, thank you. let's check the conditions on the western part of the triangle. anthony: gloria rodriguez in breaking news one on the streets of durham.
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gloria: we are seeing a lot of snow and ice still on the roads. we are around the area of buxton street in durham and you can see just that leftover snow still on the road, also ice. and of course we did get some sun yesterday that melted a lot of snow but the leftover snow in some cases refroze because of cold conditions and that can create that black ice that we are also seeing in some parts of our area. so, this side road that you are seeing is what a lot of the smaller roads here in durham county look like today. that is why the schools are coasted. ed klose ed closed. we are going very slow right now. we are going about 10 miles an hour and it looks like we are
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the camera distortion is. but we are going very slow and you see how bumpy and difficult it is to drive on some of the roads. we want to urge you if you are driving to work today as ed said it is good to wait until after the sun is up and hopefully you will see some of it melt. be very careful. the black ice can be deceiving. it looks like a slick road but you can start to slide and skid around. so be careful. we will stay out here and continue to monitor the roads for you. we are getting reports about similar situations and worse situations in other parts of durham county so we are heading to another neighborhood where we are hearing reports of a lot of ice on the roads. we will see you in the next half hour from there. back to you.
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in durham taking it eas a snowball fight in the shadow of the washington monument. people having good time despite the cold conditions. carolina panthers are super bowl bound. i guess you heard. >> cam and company had a blowout in the n.f.c. championship game. he threw for two touchdowns and ran for two in their 49-15 blowout against arizona. this was the second super bowl of the panthers. the governor said it is a great accomplishment for the state. >> we are underappreciated and not given respect and i think that is to our advantage. that is why we win a lot of battles. barbara: carolina panthers will take on denver in super bowl 50 on february 1. they are the early favorites. we have live coverage of the
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at kw66:00 joe practice szczur will be -- practice szczur will be there. north carolina boy is killed in a dog attack. he is one of two attacked. the other is better. barbara: it could take a few days to get flights up. first weather and traffic together. we will look from the network of cameras. this is a spoupbt car in the eastbound -- spun out car in durham. happen. 40 looks great but there are black ice spots in the interstate so you have to take it slow. don: slow up on the bridges especially. that is where the first chance of freezing will happen. we will check the first alert
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don: today we warm up to mid 40's by lynch. 28 henderson, 29 louisburg and siler city. 22 sanford, 28 lillington and 26 in clinton. looking at the day ahead mainly clear and by lunch mid 40's. lots of sunshine and through the late day mostly sunny and high clouds working through and temperatures near 50. tomorrow even warmer and then we get colder and we have rain. we will talk about the complete forecast in a bit. barbara: flights are starting to take off after the storm but it could take a few days before it is back to normal. some delays are expected to continue for the next few days due to impact in the northeast.
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are encouraged to check the status. anthony: a big improvement in the power outages problems. there are fewer than 10,000 without power. thousands of utility were working to restore electricity. some contractors are from as far away as florida. wake has just over 4,000 still without power and most of them between zebulon and wendell. wade avenue is back open after a water main break. police were concerned with the water gushing down the road thinking it could freeze and create driving conditions. water main breaks are common on wade avenue during steerevere weather. barbara: a lot of people going back to work today and there could be problems. anthony: we are talking about the danger of black ice coming up. we are checking the roads so you know what to expect. barbara: a good samaritan just
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barbara: welcome pwabgback. weather alert this morning. anthony: black ice. it is a real concern. we have live team coverage of the conditions, a look now here looking like wade avenue. main roads pretty good. but you can have trouble on the side roads and neighborhood streets. barbara: same for durham. we have a live picture from our other mobile unit. where is this? hunters lane. this is just an example of a lot of side roads.
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some neighborhood streets are snow and ice covered which is why school districts are closed. we will continue to have news, weather and traffic together throughout the morning. the threat of ice leads to closings. wake county, durham public, chapel hill carrboro and orange closed. anthony: classes canceled in chatham. franklin, hall faction, lee, mecklinburg, moore closed for students but employees have a that-hour delay. and nash, rocky mount, northampton. person all closed. also closed warren, welden city and vance. barbara: two-hour delay johnston, harnett. roanoke rapids. no delays in krupltd, hoke, sampson and wayne. a truly horrible story out of robinson county yesterday. two children were phaufrled by a pitbull one of them a
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an 8-year-old boy survived. no word if charges will be filed. today attorneys set to argue before a federal judge in the trial about north carolina voter i.d. law. the naacp and others challenging the law continue to argue that much confusion remains about what voters will need to cast ballots in the march primary. the arguments are six months after the legislature amended it to allow voters to cast provisional ballots without one of six specified photo i.d. cards. barbara: a man who shot and killed a good samaritan is making his first court appearance. marvin lee shot and killed jefferson hevner when he went to help him. lee appeared to be drunk. a reward is being offered for information on an a.t.v. driver or drivers who hit a state troop are,in rowan county. he was investigating reports of a.t.v.s on the highway in the middle of the night and when he
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ran over him. when the same driver tried to hit him again he fired shots at the a.t.v. and they fled. less than a week until the iowa caucus and some candidates are picking up a big endorsement. the influential "des moines register" endorses hillary clinton for the democratic nomination nomination. sanders held a narrow lead over clinton in a cbs poll sun. in the republican race marco rubio gets the"the des moines register" endorsement over donald trump citing his optimism. a new iowa poll has trump with a sizeable lead. anthony: time is running out to enroll in health coverage. sunday is the last day you can enroll in a plan for 2016 unless you qualify for a special exemption. the affordable care act requires americans to kerr health coverage or pay a fine.
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more this year. barbara: carolina panthers make the super bowl and everyone is a winner. krispy kreme with dozen dough nuts for $3.99. the regular price is $8. they have been offering the deal after every panthers win and so far 17 victories and counting. i went to krispy kreme on a monday after a win and it was funny, right after the holidays and it is packed. i'm thinking what is going on. didn't we just eat to oblivion. anthony: doesn't matter. don: all year we have them on the papa john's special. if you enter the code and i can't remember what it is 50% off the order. you can get a big order of pizza. barbara: still going on? don: i assume so. it says after every panthers win. we are doing it in the house tonight. today a good day to have an extra cup of coffee or hot chocolate.
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let's look at the day ahead. sunny and high clouds working through. we will go from 28 at 8:00 to mid 40's by lunchtime and this afternoon mostly sunny and typical temperatures for this time of year around 50 degrees. live look into the capital city and seven-day on and right now 25, dew point 22, that is 88% humidity and winds are calm. live look in fayetteville this hour and all-american city is dry and cold. 27, 87% humidity. no wind to speak of. 22 in roxboro, 23 roanoke rapids, 28 chapel hill, 27 sanford and 26 fayetteville and 24 in wilson. satellite and radar composite shows cloud cover but that's it. we have the satellite and radar turned on and not seeing any snowfall or rainfall in the southeastern u.s. and that is good news as we go through the day.
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lot of sunshine. lunch mid 40's. by 6:00 tonight we're back through the 40's and another cool night although not as cold. overnight only about freezing. by tomorrow lunchtime back in the mid 50's so more warm air. tuesday night into wednesday we will see rain coming in as temperatures on -- excuse me, wednesday morning we are at 42 degrees. it will be a cold wet rainy day wednesday but looks like we are above freezing and that will keep the precipitation from freezing. the rest of today we continue to dry out and melt off. 50 raleigh and cary, 49 wake forest and wendell, 50 holly springs and garner. north we will see temperatures in the 50's from durham to rocky mount. 47 roxboro, 49 south hill. south and west into sand hills temperatures climbing into the 50's.
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tonight temps back into the 30's for overnight lows. some folks above freezing tonight. 33 raleigh, 36 fayetteville. 32 durham. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather, tomorrow temperatures back into the 50's and even touching 60 in the sand hills. partly sunny and clouds thicken tomorrow night and showers tomorrow night into wednesday. rain likely wednesday, 45. thursday just slight chance of showers, 43. friday back near 350 and on saturday upper 50's and by sunday we could be near 60. time for weather and traffic. amber rupinta is off so i will handle that. live look. this is i-40 and we are seeing that incident right now by south point kpweut 276 fayetteville road. expect delays there. we have a couple other incidents. let's go to the maps and see
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stalled vehicle on jones dairy road by rolesville. south we have another incident u.s. 64 down to 21 miles an hour inbound to 540. accident on atlantic avenue right now whitaker mill dealing with that. real-time travel cameras i-40 and u.s. 15/501 clear and everything green. durham freeway 147 and alston pedestrian bridge there and that is dry. not a bad ride. we will go to u.s. 70 and cheek road sailing along. we have the real-time travel times in a bit. barbara: 5:53 and 26 degrees. panthers in the super bowl just the second time in franchise history. anthony: ahead, what you need to know if you plan to go to the game. barbara: lint, hint.
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and chris rock barbara: welcome back, 5:56. a lot of people talking about the super bowl bound carolina panthers on social media using the hash tag keep pounding. anthony: if you want to go to san francisco get ready to pay big bucks. the average price of a ticket is more than $5,000 each. that makes it the most expensive since 2010. just getting to san francisco will cost the average airfare is $600 and hotel rooms going for more than $1,000 a night in san francisco but if you don't mind
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are a little cheaper. just $300 a night. barbara: despite calls to step down chris rock is emceeing. but they have decided to rewrite it to address the troverck calls it the white b.e.t. awards. you can get the highlights and backstage reaction on mondaying morning morning. it will be a lot to talk about. a lot of people getting ready to head back to work today. anthony: 25 degrees outside. we will have the conditions live team coverage.
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