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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News 4PM  ABC  January 25, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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anchor 2: announcer: see what is happening this instant. eyewitness news at 4:00 starts right now. anchor: first at 4:00, the big thaw, temperatures climbing to 50 degrees. chopper hd is in durham, and many places across the viewing area are looking just as slick, and we have the first alert storm changes in wake county and
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helping to melt a locked of that ice on the side streets. good afternoon, everyone. i am joel brown. andrea: and i am andrea blanford. deciding factors on whether or not there will be school tomorrow, and jon camp joins us live from a high school in raleigh with an update. jon? jon: hey, well, i tell you, we have been waiting for a plow at sanderson high school for a very long time, and that just goes to show you how busy they are, and we are talking about the front. i want to show you something because that can show you what this means. it is still ice and snow pack. this is standard. this bank of trees out there, and you will see the rest of the parking lot which holds 850 cars has basically nothing in it.
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raleigh right now and around the triangle. most of the roads in raleigh are clear, but a few of the side roads still look like this, with snow and ice and slush covering it, and the same thing for schools and parking lots, like this one in sanderson, about a quarter of the parking lot covered with pretty hardpacked snow and ice. school districts are responsible for clearing their lots and sidewalks, and when we talk to the principal at one high school today about what they are doing to keep the school open -- >> all of the entryways will be cleared. so that is the important thing for us here. jon: the ice has to be off of the sidewalks? >> yes. jon: there are still slick spots? x yes.
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the school as to where those slick spots are, and they say so goes sanderson, so goes the county. i have heard that this is one of the hardest hit areas of the county. coming up, we will look at more schools in the area and also get a take on what the roads will be looking like with d.o.t., if the schools are, in fact, going to be opening up. live in raleigh, jon camp. andrea: thank you. customers have had their power restored. there are fewer than 3500 people that number dropped. live in southeast raleigh, some are waiting for power this afternoon.
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this mom and dad soothe her with a warm bottle. the family power has been out, and their electric stove does not work. they are among 28 hundred customers in wake county still without electricity this morning. >> we have a problem. for her milk. gloria: to get the hot water, he has to walk across and use the stove, and others have blankets that are barely keeping them warm in these frigid conditions. utility crews all over wake county working hard to restore electricity. duke energy has already restored power to thousands of customers,
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duke energy sent us this statement. for those still without power, we ask your continued patience as we work to get every customer restored. the icy conditions and the thousands of locations that our crews had to restore have been a monumental challenge. duke energy is hoping to have the power storm in north carolina, and one town in west virginia got 32 inches of snow. we will talk about how people are digging out at 4:30. reporter: i am here with chief meteorologist chris hohmann.
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chris: yes, andrea, and even around the triangle, close to 60 tomorrow. andrea: a warm up. chris: a big warm up. we will stay above freezing, and that is a good thing. yesterday, it dropped fast. it is not going to be that cold. there will not be any fast re-freezing, and there will be ice on the roadways, but it will not be that black eyes. mid to upper 30's. -- not that black ice. we have a mild tuesday coming up, close to 60 in the triangle. there is some rain all the way, and we will tell you about when that will get here and the cooler weather also. joel? joel: the father of a child mauled and killed by a dog is talking to eyewitness news today.
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were walking in a cornfield when they were bitten several times. here is the first call to 911. >> your child? >> yes, ma'am. joel: a 7-year-old dies, and the cold joins us. nicole: the family is just trying to process everything. the eight-year-old walks with a limp. his father said he tried stabbing the pit bull that was attacking them with some sort of knife. this was just after 11:00, and they were waiting for their father to take them on a trip to feed horses. the neighbor stock somehow got a hold of these seven-year-old, and calling 911, they said the
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the father said other neighbors had reported the dock be an aggressive in the past, but they had never had any trouble with the children playing around the house. >> a lot of time, i would walk into my house for something. i never thought something would happen. making sure he was on a chain, not running loose. it breaks my heart. nicole: right now, the dog is undergoing an autopsy, and there have not been any plans for the boy. andrea: thank you, nicole.
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mandate, starting with the first primary target they were talking about personal challenges to get a qualifying id card. a 94 four-year-old woman is named plaintiff in the lawsuit filed by the state and naacp. she said it took 10 trips to and from government offices over three weeks last year to assure her drivers license matched her name on the card. some say it is discriminatory against black and latino residents, and the law was changed. and panther pride flying high, the panthers proving they wanted to be in the super bowl. joel: boy, they did, and after that win, they are focusing on facing the denver broncos in santa clara. joe joins us.
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keeping the players focused on facing the broncos. joe: you got it, joel. he is preaching consistency. they are going to treat this week exactly like it was a game week, like they are going to be this coming sunday. the players were actually here at the stadium, trying to work out all of those logistics, and the trouble is about those tickets they will have to give away. this is a difficult problem to have, one they will take, for sure. and i am sure for the guys, the in normandy is still settling in, there when playing out in storybook fashion, resulting in their second second -- their second super bowl appearance in history. they will travel to santa clara on sunday, bleary-eyed, but ron rivera will be preaching
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>> i think the thing about this week more than anything else was really that we have to maintain that edge, and it is up to me and the coaches and the umpires for the most part to find a way to keep that energy. there is a saying about the lion. the lion always eats until he is satisfied, and then he sleeps. we can not satisfied. we cannot. joe: there you go. it is pretty plainly clear there, and one player broke his forearm and had surgery, but were they are is hoping that he will be able to play, and that was said last night. the team actually departing for this coming sunday. live in charlotte, joe mazeur. joel: joe, thank you.
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carolina at the triangle, and we checked in where people were buying up all of that nfc accessories. andrea gone and deep pockets. the average price for a ticket is $5,178. website. a pair of club seats near midfield have already sold for more than $12,000 each, making them the most expensive seats sold so far. it will be played in levi stadium in santa clara, california, and we have been with the panthers since training camp. the only team through the winning streak, and our special live coverage begins sunday when the team arrives, and we will be there all week long. you can also get special coverage online by going to the
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joel: when you do, you have got to buy up your stuff. we have got a cheese set here. andrea: a nice little cup, well insulated. joel: 8 p.m. mug. photographs, and an investigation launched. andrea: but before we go to look at downtown raleigh. everything is just melting away.
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what a nice relief,joel: 14 cadets are being punished. they have either been dismissed, suspended, or facing on campus on a schmidt after pictures of them with pillowcases on their students ordered them to dress up and sing christmas carols,
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now increase diversity training for cadets. andrea: rick perry is endorsing ted cruz, saying he did so because he is by far the most consistent conservative and has the best chance of winning the republican primary right now. parry dropped his 2016 presidential bid in september, and this comes at a critical time, with the iowa caucuses just days away, and endorsements are piling up. in washington, a closer look with the one man going head to head with ted cruz, and that is none other than donald trump. mr. sanders: they want to be part of a revolution. report: new hampshire in two weeks, and i look coming up. republican front-runner donald trump will be logging a lot of miles. mr. trump: i want to win iowa.
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behind donald trump in polls. and bernie sanders ahead of hillary clinton. mrs. clinton: i hope to earn your support in the caucus on monday. reporter: her friend, michael bloomberg, is considering an independent run, a plan he intends to decide about after super tuesday in march, in the could be a matchup against donald trump or ted cruz. and the target? donald trump. including his 2 corinthians flub . mr. trump: two corinthians. >> two corinthians walk into a bar -- [laughter] mr. trump: i could shoot
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reporter: rick perry endorsed his fellow texan, ted cruz. joel: kenneth, thank you. the death penalty will remain legal in the u.s., and there was an appeal to ban the death penalty. this was after a push to reevaluate the death penalty. andrea: the fbi and u.s.
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they believed theyjoel: a new pastor named for the historic emmanuel ame church. this is the church that made the headkilled at bible study in june. the reverend delivered her first sermon sunday morning. dylann roof is charged in the koran. andrea: the downtown raleigh ice rink is open on a very where monday. the hope is it will create some fun. it is open just for a few more minutes on 421 fayetteville street. joel: 51 degrees and a little sun today helps out. andrea: cabin fever.
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chris: yes, one to two inches of sleet and ice, and it could have been 10 to 12 inches of snow, and that is why it is not melting as quickly as you would think. it would have been gone, but this is very dense, very compact because of the sleet and freezing rain. it will take a while in some spots to get rid of it, but on this date, 16 years ago, we had almost two feet of snow falling. at rdu, the all time biggest snow ever. and then the top five snowstorms from 12 to 18 inches, so the last years, our biggest has been six to 10 inches across the area. temperatures stay above freezing, and that is the good news. upper 30's. we are not going to see any widespread re-freezing on the roadway. what is out there is obviously going to stay there.
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and mild, a few clouds, and yesterday, we got to the 40's yesterday. the wind is at seven. 40 in roxboro, 50 lewisburg, rocking that and wilson at fayetteville. everybody in the 50's, and all of the way up towards chicago, upper 30's, and even in new york, a little above freezing, and in cleveland, 45. we will see some mild temperatures here tomorrow and then by the weekend. there are some clouds, it is very mild. this has some snow in it, and it will drag a front our way with a chance for some rain wednesday, but we stay above freezing except near the virginia border. right around 30, 32 there, and low-to-mid 30's from the triangle south. it will be even warmer tomorrow, partly to mostly sunny skies.
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out to our west will be coming our way, but we will still have temperatures in the 50's. nice and mild tomorrow. sunshine giving way to clouds. this front goes through tomorrow night, and behind it is some washed your. much cooler. it looks like temperatures only in the 40's with a chance for some light rain. 57 and durham, 58 in raleigh, more melting going on all over the place, 58 in rocky mount and 54 at roxboro. enjoy that. your first alert seven-day forecast as we go towards the weekend, the weekend will see temperatures warming up. again, there is that upper-level flow. there will be a bit of a cool down, but it warms back up as we get into the weekend, and by this time next week, we could be in the 60's. there is your act he weather forecast. look at the weekend.
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a totally different friday, saturday, and sunday compared to what we had this weekend. andrea: chris, thank you. joel: the nation is not doing enough to fight childhood obesity. a new report, and who needs to step up to help. andrea: a return to the battlefield, and how north
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things, it calls for a taxation on sugar sweetened beverages and policies to encourage good diet and physical activity. joel: one man died before reaching his goal, into a solo mission to cross antarctica unaided. his journey was inspired by the
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ago. the former british army officer died after being airlifted to a hospital, suffering severe exhaustion and dehydration. a north carolina defense contractor is working on a project that could land jeeps back on the battlefield. the u.s. army is looking for an expensive unarmed vehicle that could be used in remote locations. it is said they have developed a specially modified jeep wrangler. they have built about two dozen prototypes. andrea: while being beaten by a blizzard, there was a dating app reported a jump in use during the snowstorm. according to the app, messaging in new york city went up 139% from the week prior, and it saw a surge in messaging by 342%. and they had new user sign up
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andrea: ice is not only causing problems on the roads but on sidewalks, and on doorsteps, and many people are showing up at the hospital for x-rays. i checked in to find out what people are being treated for. the sound of ice for many heading outside today, which has
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tim -- to winter weather checking their footing. >> you have to be careful. andrea: icebox -- i see walks -- icy sidewalks and falls being the most common of them all, with more than 50 the result of sledding accident. over at a hospital in raleigh, two dozen patients came into to injuries due to the weather, with some broken wrists and ankles. and duke university hospital in durham three to 21 people hurt after falling on the ice, just as many as people who were injured in car accidents since the snow started moving through, and those getting out and about sidewalks. >> there is more traction over
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andrea: and a spokesperson for a hospital says one person was treated for an injury after ice fell on top of them, and at wake med, one person was exposed too long to the freezing temperatures. joel: a reward. deputies want to know more about why a man on an atv intentionally hit a state trooper in the height of the store. he was hit while investigating reports of an atv driving on the highway in the middle of the night. when the trooper got out of his car, one of the drivers ran them over, and then shots were fired and a student robbed this morning. police telling us the student was targeted at the intersection of wanamaker in chapel hill drive.
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stephanie: nope. eyewitness news reached out to police, and incredibly, we have zero information about what the suspect looks like we do not know their height, weight, age, anything, gender. all we know is that they got away in a red suv or truck. this is where authorities say the duke university student was assaulted at gunpoint around 1:00 a.m. this morning, and according to their report, two a suspects pulled out handguns and robbed them before taking off in a red suv or truck. no injuries were reported. they say they are not afraid, but they will be extra aware of their surroundings on campus. greg's i grew up in new york city, so it was nothing out of the ordinary for me, i guess. >> i actually feel pretty safe
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even late at night, i feel pretty safe. stephanie: now, university police have released suspect sketches for similar crimes in the past. we have asked them if there are any sketches, and we have received no word as of yet. they are asking anyone who has heard of any suspicious activity to call 911. andrea: stephanie, thank you. police arrested this woman for allegedly discharging a weapon in the city. police say it started with a dispute outside a nightclub, and the arrest warrant says she had begun for the purpose of, quote, terrifying others, and going about the public in a manner to cause terror to the people. one has bonded out of jail. chris: much milder temperatures,
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spots approaching 60, and that is a huge turnaround. here is down 10 durham, 51 degrees partly to mostly cloudy skies, and partly cloudy with occasionally mostly cloudy through the day, falling to the low to mid 30's tomorrow morning. no real problems with widespread black ice. around the triangle, nice and mild. we are at 51 at rdu, 46 at south hill, 57 degrees in fayetteville. highs tomorrow will generally be upper 50's to low 60's, mid-50's to the north with partly sunny skies, and a very mild day coming up. cooler with rain on wednesday, and then it stayed seasonably cool thursday and friday, but next weekend, you're going to love that, and i will have that coming up, joel. joel: some areas getting close
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elizabeth joins us now from the big apple, where there is still some big cleanup. elizabeth: cities shut down by the blizzard from d.c. to philadelphia and new york city, beginning to see psalm sides of life. >> that is going to help in melting off some of the snow, making it easy to clear, but still, you have to exercise caution. elizabeth: many secondary streets still impassable. >> i have not seen it like this before in a long, long time. elizabeth: officials warned that the danger is not over yet. there was a 78-year-old woman in new jersey who, according to officials, was too afraid to drive home and was found dead in her car. this time left video from
4:34 pm
the east are up against, cleaning up from the historic storm that dumped feet of snow. >> having 24 inches of snow in the district and very cold temperatures throughout the week with several days of cleanup ahead of us. elizabeth: airports are also trying to clean up and make up for the thousands of flights canceled over the weekend. this adds those along the jersey shore are using heavy eqeqpment to rebuild the sand walls to protect homes, and some are getting creative in trying to clear out all of this snow, also paying workers to shovel, $13.50 per hour. elizabeth hur, new york. joel: elizabeth, thank you. chapel hill, these schools will
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andrea: and the airlines. joel: and we are also following a weight case settlement. the rape victim at the center of the sc guys, to celebrate super bowl 50 i'm rewarding fans with a special offer. order a large pizza and get a second large pizza for 50 cents. 50 cents?! that's pocket change! if only we had pockets... what? purely decorative. get a large,1-topping pizza foronly 50 cents when you order any large pizzaat regular menu price. add our new brookie for just $6 more. better ingredients. better pizza. better football.
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andrea: florida state university has a settlement in a weight case, and she will get $250,000, and her attorney will get another $700,000. some say it will keep the school from spending millions on the lawsuit. she said the school never responded to her allegations of sexual assault. she has a second lawsuit pending against the man, who has denied allegations. joel: and now, dogs can get their own feet on a plane. the airline will now sell seats. these have grown in the region after some celebrities touted their supernatural benefits. it gets its own seat along with food and drink.
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some hotels towards millennial's. there are already 102 locations selected for the more affordable hotels, including one in charlotte. the younger travelers are looking to spend only between $75 and $90 a night. hotels will have an average of 98 modern rooms and will include a chair with a spot for a laptop instead of a full desk, and there will be an open space with hangers and hos on the walls instead of a closet. the new brand is set to debut at the end of the year. joel: loving all-day breakfast. the restaurant credits the change in the menu for a jump in same-store sales, the second consecutive quarter that mcdonald's has seen it sales growth. andrea: all day, all day. well, a mother is sharing her
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joel: and a new death linked to faulty airbags. what it could mean for the car you drive. andrea on and a giant piece of metal found on a coast. could be linked to the malaysian airline tragedy? first, a live look. this is our first alert storm chaser. this is in raleigh, and you can see it is still coated in ice, layers of ice. there. andrea: and even with 51 degrees, we will be dealing with this for a long time, and some will have to cancel classes again tomorrow.
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announcer : the only station with three newsrooms, downtown raleigh, downtown durham, and downtown fayetteville. abc news continues. andrea: takata is facing another problem, another death linked to faulty airbags. 19 million vehicle's already
4:40 pm
struggled for years since it was found to have bags they can't explode, firing out shards of metal and glass. they face millions of dollars in fines, and the u.s. justice department investigation. joel: officials are investigating whether a large piece of metal on the southern thai coast could be from the missing malaysia airlines 370. they found the degree on friday. investigators have been dispatched to the site area the plane vanished in march 2013. andrea: pledging to donate one million bottles of water to people living in michigan. they are sending 5000 cases of water and will continue to provide bottles to residents
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the company is owned in part by sean to the columns and mark wahlberg. this is a cost-saving measure. joel: and niagara falls might be turned to a trickle. there are the bridges that link to the island of the area and niagara falls, and to do that, they may have to reduce the flow on the american side. they may have to temporarily redirect the water to the canadian side. andrea: it is the netflix documentary making it around the country. it is the prosecutor who says he feels there is an obligation to speak up to the victim and the
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the accused are serving life sentences. it brings into question avery's innocence. critics say they cherry pick the
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say it was created to inspire, and among them traditional ira's and 401k's. andrea: a crumbling share price, some top executives at one company is leaving, including the vice president of global media and a manager at twitter. or is no stranger to a revolving door of senior executives. they have undergone a number of changes since its cofounder was named ceo. and the 5:00 team is gathering new details at the top of the hour. steve: all eyes are on the road, and what school systems will be doing, we will have a live update. the school closings are already coming in. chris hohmann is tracking the temperatures. chris, you're always come to point out that you do not
4:44 pm
your forecast when they make their decisions. chris: yes, and there are still some roads. it will take some more warm weather. we will tell you about some warm weather, coming up. steve: and super bowl madness. we are live in charlotte, the
4:45 pm
championship, with theuspects were stopped by police less than a mile away from that gas station and were arrested along with an alleged getaway driving. talk about a mother's instinct. andrea: she was so impose, doing what she did to protect her kids. jewel: and trading in some football cleats for a sheriff's badge. andrea: and what we are learning about a person who had to be rescued from a construction site, and we just learned that chatham county schools are closed tomorrow. stay with us and the abc news
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joel: following breaking news out of charlotte were police are answering to shots fired at the estonia mall. officers arrived at the scene. they also heard the gunfire. the scene is still active at this hour. we are closely monitoring this situation and we will up date you as details are released to andrea: two people were raced to the hospital after a house went up in flames us morning. firefighters say smoke could be seen coming out of the home when they rolled up on the scene on walker avenue around 4:30. the family escaped and was at a neighbors house when the firefighters got there.
4:49 pm
a space heater may have put an electrical strain. joel: 12 firefighters responded to a construction site here on north something street. andrea: a shooting forced a lot -- forced un-elementary school to go on shutdown. sheriff's deputies say people in two vehicles were shooting at each other on west queens street. one bullet hit a nearby house. the school went into lockdown as a precaution. no serious injuries were reported. the gunmen are still on the loose. joel: a former black panther hopes to be the lot -- the top one enforcement person in north carolina. he played in the nfl from 1995 to 2000.
4:50 pm
st. louis rams. he had been a deputy public information officer and crime prevention officer at the sheriff's office before resigning two years ago. andrea: a jack of all trades. joel: remember, you can join our news team anytime. send us a photo in your video. andrea: let's send things over to stephen t sure for what is happening now at 5:00. tisha: following out, temperatures rising, ice melting, the push to gets -- thawingmelting, the push to get roads cleared. steve: entire neighborhoods buried, how long will it take to clear all that snow/tisha: -- snow? tisha: the carolina panthers
4:51 pm
steve: it is going to be an exciting two weeks as we, down to the super bowl. and we will be with the panthers every step of the way. tisha: we begin with the aftermath of the winter storm. a live view of the triangle of the snow that still litters the streets right now. because of these -- this lingering snow, school delays are in effect. we have not yet heard from wake and are. steve: we have -- wake and durham. steve: we have live coverage with a family that is still without power tonight. let's start with improving road conditions. jon: improving road conditions is true, but that needs to be taken with a grain of salt and kind of understood in context. we are at the sanderson high
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