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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 500 PM  ABC  January 25, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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about a half an hour ago, a pickup truck showed up with a plow in the front and started going over this. you can see a did clear up a good chunk of space. but look up here. this is still all eyes, the back half of this parking lot. this is an image to two inches thick in places. this is what they are dealing with. that is all ice. and that is why this is likely one of this -- likely this is one of the schools that will be closed. this is one of the schools they look closely at. the school system and dot has had crews out putting salt and stand, scraping up what snow and ice they could. the sun was spotty all day. while it wasn't freezing today, it was cold enough that the temperature alone day and get
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they decide to give this cool the green light tomorrow, they will have the mechanics at the different lots they have with extra batteries to troubleshoot. but again, very questionable whether this will happen. we are looking closely, keeping your eyes on the roads, being in touch with the school district. so far, it is anyone's guess as we look at the temperatures falling again. steve: parents and kids waiting to hear from the largest school system in the state tonight. thank you. road conditions are pretty much clear on the major highways. these are what sidestreets are looking like. breaking news 1 on patrol right now showing us slick spots that can turn pretty icy in the cold overnight hours.
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>> -- tisha: this is a tree-lined road and is probably why this road is covered with snow. temperatures have not been very high. the road is still very icy and slicker now. steve: 600 thousand customers have had their power restored since friday. right now, fewer than 35 people are without power. in wake county, the numbers dropping to about six customers.
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the peterson park's apartments and all of these buildings are without power right now. we do know utility crews are working hard to restore power. duke energy has already restored power to some 57,000 customers in wake county. but this afternoon, nearly 70 customers at the peterson park apartments were still in the dark haired there power has been out since the friday -- in the dark. their power has been out since friday. their electric stove is not working. he uses a friends stove to heat baby formula. >> we need electricity right away. gloria: duke energy sent us this statement --
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power restored to every single customer by tonight. tisha: the east coast is digging out from a northeast blizzard and the cost of the record-breaking snowstorm is adding up. in new york city, the cleanup will cost $1.8 billion. new york, west virginia, virginia, maryland, pennsylvania . at least 30 deaths have been a it to severe weather, including six in north rona. steve: flights -- in northern carolina. steve: flights canceled again today.
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now to the weather happening around here. we will find out a little bit today -- of course, the sun came out this afternoon. chris: temperatures will not get much if at all below freezing tonight. there are a lot of icy spots in the sidestreets and shaded areas. there is a jet about to depart terminal 2. temperatures very mild, into the low 50's. mid 40's near the virginia border. 50 at rocky mount wilson, mid 50's in fayetteville, and 57 in lumberton. if you are going to be out and about this evening, you will need a jacket but temperatures will not be all that cold. by midnight, right around 40, staying above freezing during the evening hours. in the morning, only in the low and mid 30's.
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we will talk about when we hit 60's coming up in just a bit. tisha: with less than two months until the march primaries in our state, the voter i -- the voter id law trial is underway. many groups argue the laws are discriminatory towards minorities. the judge overseeing is allowing the mandate to be enforced for the first time in the march 15 primary. the trial is expected to last about a week. steve: a family is preparing to bear their young son after it was attacked by it the ball. the seven-year-old was mauled to death yesterday. his brother was also injured but survived. nicole: investigators are still try to figure out what led up to this attack. meanwhile, we have a family that is in a complete days today.
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by the time stephen got into the woods late sunday morning, his seven-year-old son was dead. he and his eight-year-old brother was attacked by a pitbull. the children were back there playing in the trees. the older brother try to fight off the dog by stabbing it with pruning clippers. the dog in the child were dead by the time emt arrived. child protective services separated them from their five other children while investigators pieced together what happened and the dog undergoes an autopsy. tisha: isis has released a propaganda video that claims to show nine men behind the november attacks in paris. we will show you the gruesome video that shows the attack with final messages and some of hostages. the attacker say their goal was
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steve: we have an update on the charleston church shootingsteve: tragedy. dr. betty clarke is the new pastor at the church. dylan roof is charged with going on that shooting rampage. tisha: a detroit judge has denied in order to keep teachers from participating in sick-outs. schools in the city have been forced to close during the past two weeks due to teachers calling out sick. the carolina panthers are super blowout win against the cardinals. the entire state. is still buzzing. steve: the panthers are wasting
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joe mazur is the only reporter with them through the entire season. he is led tonight in charlotte. joe: one more to go. fallon happens to be for all the marbles. remarkably, these players are back your ad bank of america stadium 12 hours after a big win against the arizona cardinals. a lot of things to work out travelwise, getting the logistics taking care of. two weeks before the big game. lots to do. a blurry eyed ron rivera met with the media this afternoon. he is bracing for a homecoming of sorts. rivera grew up five miles outside of santa clara. >> it's nice. at some point, i will get to see my mom and dad and my brothers. i went to cal. so it's nice to be there. it's going to be a heck of an
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more so than anything else, it is an opportunity for this organization. joe: rivera will be one of seven in the organization to play and coach in the super bowl. >> it's really neat, it really is. one of the things that you have worked towards and hoke for the opportunity to be in that class is really neat. cardinals, thomas davis broke his right arm. davis had surgery this morning. he vows to be back and rivera believes it is possible. >> my understanding is, if everything goes well, he will be able to play. so we are excited about that possibility. joe: the panthers are early favorites.
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is satisfied. we can't be satisfied. we have got to be working -- keep working. joe: provera believes this team is still feeling a distro's -- feeling disrespect. one more win and they will have to worry about that anymore. steve: if you are planning on following the panthers to super bowl 50, you better have some deep pockets. the average resell price of a ticket right now is $5,178. and a pair of club seats near midfield sold for $12,100 each, making them the most expensive so far. super bowl 50 happens february 50th -- 50 -- february 7 at levi
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tisha: we have been with the panthers since training camp, the only station on the road. during the undefeated streak. and we will be live at super bowl 50. our special coverage, go to steve: we are the place to be on this road to the super bowl. tisha:escaped from a maximum-security jail. details about their elaborate center freedom. steve: tracy morgan returns to stand up comedy. find out how he is using that
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andrea: two steve: there is an urgent man hunt these dangerous criminals in southern california. their elaborate escape in orange
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reporter: the all-out manhunt is expanding in southern california with the fbi and u.s. marshals office joining the search. >> each of these inmates is extremely dangerous and should be presumed to be armed. reporter: investigators believe the breakout happened just after the daily 5:00 a.m. inmate body count. the first cut out this metal grate. that is when police say they used bedsheets to create a rope, climbing down. it is believed to this shadowy flickr con surveillance is one of the men on the roof. >> the thing that jumped out to me was that they had help. reporter: the next body count
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his mother begging him to come home while authorities plea for the public's help. they say two of the escapees have ties to vietnamese gangs and maybe hiding in the community. there were two other that escaped from the same jail 27 years ago. one also from the rooftop. detectives do not believe anyone within the sheriff department was involved but they are investigating. tisha: ted with 23%. marco rubio is third with 12%. all of the other candidates were all in the single digits. steve: get ready gadget lovers,
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brand-new iphone. many of the details about this new smaller iphone have now been revealed. some people think this newer model will be more like an iphone 6 or 6 s. it includes a better camera. it is scheduled to be introduced in march. things are pivoting back now from that larger 6. tisha: they know how to keep selling products. steve: we just heard from the durham public schools. they will be closed tomorrow. so no first -- so no school for the kids and durham. -- so no school for the kids in durham. tisha: when is the temperature going to get higher? chris: it's a great question. we were in the 50's today. you would think there would be much more melting than we had. in the triangle, two to three inches on the ground of clinging
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have been long gone. that was 10 to 12 inches. if there had all been snow in the triangle, it would have been 10 to 12 inches -- it is very condensed, very packed now. it is really tough to get it melted away than if you had play an old two or three ages of snow on the ground. this is much tougher to get rid of. but we will do it in time anyway. temperatures this evening above freezing. no worries with anything re-freezing that is just liquid on the roadways now. sunrise tomorrow generally in the mid-30's. there is fayetteville looking good. rdu a little behind with 49 but not that at all considering what it was like if you days ago. 46 oxford, rocky mount wilson at 50 degrees. 55 in fayetteville.
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milder air through the midwest. chicago and cleveland, not bad. 43 in cleveland. new york digging out from that two feet plus. look at memphis, jackson, dallas. we are going to be in the 60's as we head towards the weekend. a bump in the road midweek. clouds but not producing any rain. snow here in the midwest. there is a cold front trailing from that. it doesn't have a lot of moisture for now. but it will bring us some rain behind the front for wednesday. but tonight looks great. generally above freezing. near freezing near the virginia border. . s called as last night's 24. . -- not quite as cold as last night's 24. . look at these highs tomorrow.
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we jump ahead. tomorrow is going to be a great day. partly sunny skies and clouds increase. but wednesday starts out dry after midnight. as we get toward sunrise, some then precipitation well to our northwest. a chilly rain fairly light. in our low-to-mid 40's. that moves out by wednesday night. for thursday, there is an area of low pressure that develops over the gulf of mexico. our model says he keeps her in offshore. it may -- -- our model says it keeps rain offshore. here is that warm up for the weekend with temperatures getting well into the 60's. whatever happens thursday doesn't look anything near like what we went through friday into
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58 tomorrow but cooler wednesday with rain. slight chance now. most of that precipitation offshore for thursday. but checkup the weekend, near 60 or lower 60's. it's going to feel like spring around here for a few days next week. tisha: it's going to feel like a holiday for us. steve: new information coming in about those two deadly wildfires in northern california. tisha: it became the third most emergingtisha: -- most damaging wildfire telephone's history. steve: and tracy morgan is taking his show if you need a reason to start celebrating super bowl 50 early - i'll give you two. get a large,1-topping pizza foronly 50 cents when you order any large pizzaat regular menu price. better ingredients. better pizza. better football. (vo) if you have type 2 diabetes, you may know what it's like to deal with high...
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steve: stunning new figures out today revealing excessive damage caused by the wildfires in northern california. they happened in september. they killed six people. they did a total of $1 billion in damage. the california insurance department released that preliminary estimate today. one fire in lake county destroyed 1300 homes. in hollywood, chris rock is on top of the oscars controversy. t his monologue and he is writing a brand-new one focused on this controversy.
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dismissed calls to step down as host of the oscars. you can watch it here on february 28 and get backstage reaction on monday morning beginning at 4:30. tisha: tracy morgan will kickoff a comedy to a next week, a year and a half after his limo was rear-ended by a walmart truck. it's called "pick up the pieces." he jokes about seeing a white light that didn't go near it because he thought it was the police. steve: he is really bouncing back. probably a healthy way to deal with it. tisha: the snow that melted over the weekend is now a sheet of ice. steve: and it is putting us all at risk of falling.
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tiandrea: this news.
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