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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News  ABC  January 26, 2016 1:37am-2:10am EST

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these people that don't have lights and you're helping them, that's a big part of us doing it. >> let's take you to bull city, a look at what city crews in durham are dealing with. crews were able to clear about 15% of neighborhood streets today. they will continue to clearing operation overnight and into tomorrow. city officials say they have been having a tough time clearing the roads since this was mostly an ice event and they say trucks can't plow through the ice. they can only treat it. >> in the northeast cities shut down by the blizzard from washington, d.c. to new york, people are struggling to return to normal. in new york, officials are pleading for patience with many secondary streets still under a mound of snow. so far at least 37 people have died in the storm. including a 78-year-old woman in new jersey who officials say was too afraid to drive home in the snow on friday. she was found dead in her car this morning. federal government officers in d.c., which did not open today, still have not announced plans for tomorrow. you can look for the latest on
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right here on eyewitness news. >> new tonight, crime concerns in fayetteville. assault and domestic violence cases are up by 50% since last year. greg barnes now, where the chief just gave his report to city leaders. >> according to a recent city report a good number of residents say they did feel a little safer last year but tonight, fayetteville's top cop told city leaders he was not happy at all with last year's crime numbers. >> monday night, he told city council members that overall crime in the city last year was down by a little over 5%. not the double digit decrease he had promised a year ago at this time. according to the 2015 numbers overall crime in the city was down but violent crime was up by 14.9% including a 50% jump in domestic violence assaults.
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behind many of those incidents, from people who he said felt offended. >> young people today, they go straight to some kind of a weapon and that's horrific. these young people don't understand the consequences of their actions when they use a firearm. it's not a reset like a video game. >> homicides were down last ar. he says his department now has more officers on the streets late at night and early mornings. they are also using body cameras and he's stepped up community involvement with residents including a new slogan that says one agency, one community, one family, one. >> we come from the city of fayetteville. we live in the neighborhoods. we worship, we shop, we eat in the same places. and we just do a crazy job called policing. but we're part of our community and that's what we're trying to convey.
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family, one family, we're one. that's important. >> yeah, and he also talks about that part of increased community he said last year in 2015 there were no reports of officers-involved use of deadly force. he credited that with extra training his officers had gotten to deescalate rather than escalate a situation and he said it paid off big last night when his officers were able to peacefully disarm a mental subject who had a gun pointed at them. >> live in fayetteville, greg barnes, eyewitness news. >> two people jumped from an apartment building to escape a fire. it's unfolding on shady line court in garner. joel has the details for us. >> 120 one shady lawn court. the greenbrier apartments. that's where those residents lived, two residents, who made the decision a while ago to jump out of the second floor window to escape the flames.
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video a while earlier. the fire began on a first floor unit and was largely contained to one apartment. no information on what caused the fire, but we did talk to one neighbor. she lives a few doors down from where the flames began. here's what she saw and heard. >> there was a fire in the apartment across the hall. i got my granddaughter out. then we found out one lady upstairs had jumped out of the window. so she was scared. >> so those two residents who jumped out of the window were transported to the hospital. we don't know their conditions or any injuries that they suffered. the building that it was in has been deemed unsafe. the apartment complex is putting up some of the residents the woman we heard from is staying with her daughter.
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you know when we know more. a.b.c. eyewitness news. >> investigators are trying to figure out what led up to a dog mauling that killed a little boy. a gel their father says the brothers had wandered off into the woods behind their home when the neighbor's dog somehow got a hold of talen. when he arrived on the scene a few minutes after the attack both the dog and son were dead. >> i made sure the dog was on a chain. it breaks my heart. >> steven west said other neighbors has reported the dog being an greece sieve in the past but his children never had any issues. >> a crime alert. a duke student robbed at gunpoint on campus at about 1:00 this morning.
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walking near the intersection of wanamaker and chapel hill road when two guys pulled out handguns. police won't say what, if anything, was taken. the student was not injured. >> a group of scared homeowners off the list. the shopping center would be located at the intersection of carpenter fire station and green level church roads with a 55,000 square foot public grocery store. live in kerry where a tea town committee just wrapped up a meeting. >> they would make the land available for commercial use but it won't mean anything until the town council approves the plan. it was a let down for those who spoke here tonight. >> it would have a negative impact on our neighborhood. you have everything coming. there is not a need. >> 14 people took to the podium
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of land at the corner of a church and the road into a public shopping center. this planning board has allowed the plan for the land to include commercial use which it did, in a 7-1 vote. the plan still needs to be approved by the town council but still this step is a blow for residents like ryan mccormick. >> people are here because they want to be aware from stores. >> while we heard a lot of opposition to the plan developers have heard some positives and use feedback from residents to form the plan on the table. >> residents reacted and requested a bunch of changes, of which we've made 90% of them to. be honest with you, it's actually a better plan. >> outside of noise an traffic people talked about safety concerns saying the shopping center that close to home might increase foot traffic in their neighborhood. now, there were -- they heard all of the concerns and will no doubt take that into
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the timeline for that though, we're told could, still be a few months. live in kerry tonight, a.b.c. 11, eyewitness news. >> we're just getting started. across at a north carolina mall. shoppers run for cover after gunfire erupts. the armed man running from police, what we've learned about that shooter tonight, and grocery -- the two grocery store chains that could actually increase the value of your home. the results of a new study just in but first let's take a live look outside of our down raleigh studios. it's a bombing 41 degrees. no black eye concerns. >> a few spots have dipped to near or slightly below freezing but most of us will stay above that through the early morning hours, mid-30's. a few spots in the lower 30's. a big warm-up tomorrow. back close to 60.
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arrives >> i wanted to get up and jump on it. >> what? >> i wanted to get up and jump on it. >> emotions running high in a north carolina courtroom as a man accused of shooting a good samaritan faced a judge. marvin lee didn't say a word as the judge told him he was charged with murder. >> deputies say lee got stuck on the ice friday night when jefferson and others stopped to help him out but called the sheriff's office because lee appeared to be drunk. that's when lee got out of his car and shot him. >> lee's attorney says he's both sad and depressed over what's happened. >> gunfire and a heavy police presence outside a north carolina mall. gastonia police say it started after they got a call from the owner of a stolen car saying he spotted his vehicle in the parking lot of the eastridge mall.
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inside the mall and started chasing him. hill ran outside, fired shots at the officers and jumped over a retaining wall dropping 25 feet below. hill was wanted on several charges including attempted first-degree murder. he's in the hospital in serious condition. the officers were not hurt. >> new tonight, all eyes are on a crumbling sea wall in california. el nino storms have damaged the pier, opened a sinkhole and eroded the cliff. several apartments are in danger of falling into the ocean. police have moved in telling residents for their own safety they have to leave. a state of emergency was declared on friday and hope to obtain state and federal help. >> let's check out the must see video. we begin in brazil where security cameras at this brings capture a really dramatic escape. the inmates blew out an exterior wall and then they took off running. minutes before, a man in the street walked up to the prison wall. he left a package and moved away quickly.
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40 inmates escaped. so far only 13 have been found. take a look. fire and ice just north of new york city. this is a snowplow that caught fire, just as the cleanup started, following the epic blizzard. firefighters arrived within minutes and quickly put out the fire. officials say that plow hit a curb causing sparks and the sparks set the engine on fire. no one was hurt. this guy is black and white and sn owy all over. that's the giant panda, he's delivering a follow up to th at viral video from over the weekend. the panda made headlines for this cute video showing him rolling around in the snow during the blizzard of 2016 and today the second video emerged showing the panda still enjoying the weather. the national zoo remains closed in washington as crews work to clear away all the snow and ice but all he needed was a little hill there and he has a good time rolling down. having a good time. >> you want to look for the bright spots and that's one of
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a cute one. >> absolutely. doing more work, temperatures very mild today. even milder tomorrow, as many of us flirt with 60 degrees but that snow pack, ice pack so dense it will take a while. here's a look at our high temperatures. 48 in roxboro. 58 in fayetteville. heavier snow near the virginia border, it takes more of the sun's energy to melt that. a pretty big temperature spread. 52. beautiful sunset. may have noticed that. got a couple of pictures into my facebook page. snow covered roxboro, beautiful sunset there this evening with those high cirrus clouds and the light refracting. raleigh, look at that. beautiful blue skies with the almost fire color there with those high sirius clouds. very nice sunset. many areas seeing that beautiful sunset. back down into the mid-40's, not bad at all for 11:00.
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well above freezing. some milder air moves in. humidity at 70%. southwest wind at five. temperatures near the virginia border around freezing. south hill, 33. seven degrees -- 29 at the sanford airport but in town warmer. clear, calm, and you get some areas where temperatures fall quickly. down the road, southern pines at 45 degrees. shouldn't fall a whole lot more in most of these spots. areas in the 40's will get into the 30's. high cirrus clouds. pretty thin. it should be a bright day overall. another nice one coming up. snow across the great lakes. there is a cold front attached. a little moisture getting started. a few showers. if you look, illinois and southeast missouri, that front will bring us a chance for some rain behind the front during the day on wednesday and turn noticeably cooler. a few spots in the upper 20's. mostly low to mid 30's.
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there could be a few spots with black ice. the ice on the roads, the shady areas, 33 at 7:00. we jump into the 50s by noon and get close to 60. it looks like upper first around the triangle. very mild. 58 in raleigh. 57 in durham. 58 in cybercity. clouds on the increase in the afternoon. fayetteville, 60 and mid-50s. tomorrow. wednesday, a different story. all rain. that's the good news, it won't be that much. 11:00 tomorrow night. front has already gone by. behind the front during the day on wednesday you see a little bit of rain. our model doesn't have a lot. others have a bit more. it will rain off and on during the day on wednesday. temperatures much cooler in the 40's for highs and then it dries out on wednesday night. now, most areas look like our computer models showing a low pressure developing the golf. right off the coast. all indications are this will
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they tend to turn westward sometimes. we'll keep an eye on it. thursday, basically, will be rain-free. a slight chance especially the further east you go if that system can trend further back to the west. we'll be watching that and temperatures stay cool on thursday. mid to upper 50s tomorrow. slight chance of rain on wednesday. slight chance of rain on thursday. upper 40's on friday. a little cool but not bad compared to what it has been. saturday and sunday looks like a beautiful weekend as we usher in february. temperatures will go well above average for a while. i don't think it will be like december where it got warm and stayed warm but it will get warm and stay warm for maybe four or five days and maybe the second week of february it will trend back to colder again. it will be nice the first week. >> we'll take what we can get. thank you. >> some food for thought. two grocery stores that could help increase the value of your home.
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why th >> new, the new status symbol a new study reveals homes within a mile of either a trader joes or whole foods are worth more. the analysis found months before the opening of home foods, would begin appreciating faster than homes in other areas. a similar trend was found with
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depreciating 10% more than homes in the rest of the area. >> the co-founder of ben & jerry's has created a small batch of ice cream in honor of his favorite presidential candidate bernie sanders. he made 40 pints of a flavor called bernie's yearnings. a mint flavored ice cream with chocolate chips. he's giving away 25 pints in a contest run by sanders' campaign. the contest launched today and ends at noon on february 3. it's become a tradition. nfl broadcasters and america is talking about it. >> cam newton handing out game balls to lucky kids right there in the front row after each young touchdown. one fan merely missed his chance. he was there for an early touchdown but wasn't in the right place. so when he saw ted rocketing into the end zone he made his move. he said he saw him running with the ball toward him and he wound up being the lucky kid. today, jonas still holding the game ball.
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out of his sight. we've been with the panthers, as you know, every since training camp. the only one out there on the road during this undefeated streak. we'll be there live at the super bowl. we'll be there all week long. you can also get special coverage online at any time on our web site at the official panthers station. you are the lucky ones heading out there following the team. >> it will be exciting. >> the blue devils down in south florida tonight. this is a tough one. >> this was another tough one. coming up next in sports, speaking a day after the cardinal carnage, plus state wrestling continues to wreck everyone. and duke heads to miami. certainly a step in the right direction.
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stick around for sports. >> now, a.b.c. 11 eyewitness news sports. >> duke stopped the bleeding with a big second half on saturday. shooting their way to a win over state a. much stiffer test tonight in coral gables, the
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veteran bunch, basically the exact opposite of the blue devils. ingram -- they need a few more of him. not the most encouraging start. first basket, 2-0 and they are already tongue wagging. duke would hang tight early. a lottery pick driving against the guy who will not be playing pro basketball. pulling his defender there. miami would begin to seize control. to mcclellan for three. he had 21. up four at the break. it was a double digit deficit in the second when luke gets it. finds allen for the hammer. 17. duke still down by nine. just a minute to go, ingram and those possibly long arms to make it a sick-point game. 19 and 10 boards. miami wins it 80-69. duke, 4-4. worst acc start in 20 years. super bowl 50. just sounds bigger even than a
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close to the number ron's team hung on arizona in the n.f.c. title game. they look like a freight train, the panthers do right now. here's more from charlotte. >> less than 12 hours after beating the arizona cardinals right here at bank of america stadium the players returned, not necessarily to focus on the next game. they have got to get tickets and logistics in place, even though there is two weeks before the super bowl, there is lots to do. >> a blurry eyed rivera met with the media this afternoon. he's bracing for a homecoming of sorts. he grew up 35 miles outside of santa clara. >> i might see my mom and dad which would be neat. my brother went to cal. they kind of need to be there. it will be a heck of an opportunity. the biggest thing is, more so than anything else it's an opportunity for this organization. >> one of seven in nfl history to have played and coached in a
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the former bear says he'll channel his mentor, mike. >> it's really neat. it's one of those things that you work towards and hope for an opportunity to be in that class. it's neat. i would like to be able to emulate what the coach did. but again, that's left to be seen. that's why we play on sunday. >> davis is banged up. linebacker thomas davis broke his right arm. davis had surgery this morning. he vows to be back and rivera believes it's possible. >> my understanding is, if everything goes well, it's something he most certainly could play with so we're excited about that possibility. >> the panthers are early favorites against denver. this team will play with the same edge. >> the lion always eats until he's satisfied and then he sleeps. we can't be satisfied. we just can't. we've got to keep working. >> the plan for this week is to practice like it's a typical
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would be next sunday. actually, that's when the team will depart for california. until charlotte, a.b.c. 11, eyewitness news. >> we haven't seen wrestling like this since the 1980s. third rank state hosting carolina. eight of the 10 matches, a thrashing included all four that pitted ranked wrestlers against each other. the final score, n.c. state 28, north carolina -- acc opponents especially beat. corey around like a rag doll and i'm sure corey will be feeling that one in the morning. >> you're predicting the pack will win the ncaa? >> well, i'm saying they have a shot at it to be sure. >> that's all the time we have.
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>> jimmy kimmel live i and they're pleading for anyone with information to come forward. here's abc's kayna whitworth. >> reporter: it the manhunt intensecifying for those three escaped inmates. now on the run for a fourth day. police say the three men cut through metal grates in their cell, making their way through plumbing pipes to the roof. there, they rappelled down the side of the jail using that rope made from bed sheets. >> we think that it would be highly unlikely for someone else in there not to know what was going on. >> reporter: you can see in this surveillance video a shadowy figure and a flicker. they believe that's one of the men on the roof. the fugitives, accused of violent crimes from murder to attempted murder, kidnapping and torture. they were last seen at the maximum security jail near dawn on friday, but weren't discovered missing until late that evening. once they escaped, they found themselves here. a densely populated area full of governmentables and
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>> authorities saying they think the men are still somewhere in southern california. >> we feel that they may be embedded somewhere in the community. >> reporter: but authorities are worried people may be too fearful to come forward. kayna whitworth, santa ana, california. >> turning to sports, serena williams is heading to the semifinals of the australian open defeating maria sharapova 6-4-6-1. the first set was neck and net. williams breezed through the second. of williams has won their last 18 matches. also note, in the last six times that williams qualified as one of quarterfinal at the open, she's gone on to win the tournament. we pish her good luck. >> she just needs they and three more. >> there you go. do the math for us. >> all right. so speaking of sports, the seventh place finisher at a half marathon in alabama never bothered to register before the race.
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backyard and made her way to the starting line and ran the entire 13-.1 mile course. look at the dog. >> there's good reason. the 2 1/2-year-old hound dog had no trouble keeping up with the pack. isn't that clever writing? her time was a little over an hour and a half and marathon officials awarded her a medal on a ribbon just like the other finishers. >> ah. how do you only come in seventh? >> i find seventh impressive. i would be grateful if i finished the marathon. >> well, that's true. but i would think that a dog would be faster than us. all right. coming up, a california city on edge. take a look at this building right here. hanging off the side of the cliff. as the earth gives out to erosion. what's being done to be try and prevent a disaster. >> in "the skinny," sophia suing a beauty company. what she's saying they did without her consent.
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