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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 530 AM  ABC  January 26, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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don: good morning to you. we see the temperatures starting to climb into the afternoon hours. mid 30's through the morning, by 10:00 10:00, 44 in the afternoon around 60's in the triangle and you will see 60's in the sand hills. 34 roxboro and 30 roanoke rapids, 36 in louisburg. 30 smithfield and we look at the day ahead. temperatures mid 30's right now. by lunchtime mid 50's partly sunny and late day partly sunny skies and near 60 degrees. the clouds building in throughout the day will bring a chance of showers. expect rain tomorrow and we will talk more about that in a bit. time for weather and traffic with amber rupinta. amber: good tuesday morning and there are many schools closed today and on delay. there is still many roads untouched but many of the primaries have been treated.
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you are headed out keep that in mind. this is 40 and 540 and right now we are accident free on the majors. we have that water main break on highway 98 which we will get to in a moment with a live report. as far as the road conditions you can dial 511 and put in specific roads if you want to get updates on conditions where you are. this is how it looks, a lot of green heading into this tuesday and delays and closures will help and let mother nature do her thing. we have the carolina hurricanes game 7:30 so watch for volume near p.n.c. and we will keep an eye on the conditions on this tuesday morning. this is a peek on 40 and south saunders, quiet there. john: a big water main break work. barbara: right now in the 700 durham road or highway 98 in wake forest gloria rodriguez is live with the latest. good morning.
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they just opened up a lane of durham road so that is open at this time. however, if you look behind me you can see the cones. one lane is still closed at this time because of that water main break. we have footage of how it looked when it first happened. when our photographer arrived he saw water gushing about two feet in the air and crews are working to repair that break. it was reported at about 2:00 this morning. police tell us the road is starting to break away so that is why it was so important they got here as soon as possible to respond to this. as a result, they have closed a partial of don't recall road also known as highway 98 between u.s. 1 to tyler run drive. again, one lane is now back open. if you look lined me you can -- behind me you can see cones still here. if you are in this area, one lane is closed.
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alternate route. live in wake forest, gloria rodriguez, abc 11 eyewitness news. barbara: as we said, a lot of schools closed again. john: even a day after melting -- or, rather, a day of melt be -- ice covered roads are a problem. anthony wilson is in durham and seeing? anthony: we will give you an example of what people could face and one reason they are trying to hold off on having kids travel to school for now. if you are familiar with wood croft it has a lot of wooded areas. while the sun comes through, if you are trying to get out of a community like there, just watch what happens. the blacktop here is actually 23 degrees and we are now going up this hill. you see the snow. it is really dicey. we are in a very reliable
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face to get to the top of the hill. we are turning here. watch the camera jiggle. it is because there's still a lot of ice and snow on the ground. now, the city of durham tells us they are trying hard to make progress on these back roads, the tphabdz streets. they have only hit about 15% of them so far but they have less than two dozen trucks and can't do much with the ice. they can't plow it. they can only treat it. that is one reason when you think of school buses an people taking their kids to school in cars if you have streets like there between you and your school this is not a good day to travel. so they will hold off one more things. we did see a city of durham public works truck earlier out salting and trying to plow some while. that is why the kids have one more day off from school. hopefully they will be back soon but today not happening.
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watch fo updates on and on "eyewitness news." we are live in breaking news one in durham, anthony wilson. barbara: reaction has been mixed to delays with roads looking clear and people wondering why schools are not back to normal by now. we found a lot neighborhoods roads still slick and some school parking lots looking icy. we checked over night and some were plowed. john: the power outage improving. duke energy reports just two customers without power across the viewing area. this time yesterday there were more than 10,000 outages. duke energy brought in crews from out of state to help. barbara: it will take longer for live to return normal in washington, d.c. federal offices there will stay closed another day today. the city continues to clean up two feet of snow. students in the district of columbia will get a second snow day and kids in baltimore and
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at least 42 deaths are linked to the blizzard. many of the fatalities were from car crashes, carbon monoxide poisoning or heart attacking shovelling snow. and a lockdown at winston-salem state lifted. it was put on lockdown just before 10:00 last night while police searched for a person who displayed a gun in a student activity center. no one was hurt and no shots were fired. the police didn't find a gunman. john: a teenager sent to the hospital after a stabbing in cumberland county just before midnight on alva circle which is just outside fort bragg. we are told the victim was stabbed multiple times. authorities say it appears to a domestic dispute. 5:37 and the man accused of shooting a good samaritan in north carolina during the snowstorm makes his first court appearance. barbara: what his attorney says about him. john: historic raleigh cemetery makes it harder for the people
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don: welcome back. let's hraobglook look out the weather window. mostly sunny and warmer temperatures in the 30's now. by lunchtime they are in the 50's. current numbers across the region, 32 roanoke rapids, 36 louisburg, 37 oxford. 35 chapel hill. 20's in sanford and smithfield. 37 goldsboro and 36 southern pines, 37 fayetteville and 38 clinton. mainly clear now and high clouds. 36.
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mid 50. warm today and about 10 degrees cooler tomorrow and rain working in. we will talk about that in the seven-day forecast next. barbara: emotions high in a nuclear courtroom as the man accused of killing a good samaritan faced a judge. marvin lee didn't say a word as the judge told him he was charged with murder. deputies say he got stuck on the ice friday night when jeff hevner and others stopped to help him but called the sheriff when lee appeared to be drunk. he got out of the car and shot hevner. john: fayetteville's police chief delivered a mixed report on crime. he said overall crime numbers are down last year 5% but violent crimes increased 14%. he says the department has more officers on the street late at night and early in the morning and they are also using body cameras.
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involvement with residents. barbara: in raleigh the oakwood cemetery is upping the ante. increase the reward to $3,500 for information leading to the arrest of vandals. nine historic monuments there were targeted last month. they mainly lit monuments
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barbara: a water main break shuts down a major road. that is one story making head lines. this is the scene at highway 98 in wake forest. the water gushing from the streets. one lane is closed for repairs. we have a live crew there and we will have updates. another day of school closings and delays. black ice concerns and slick streets keeping thousands of students home. durham schools are coasted, wake county on a three-hour delay. we have a list on also an apartment fire in garner forced two residents to jump to safety is under investigation. this was last night on shady lawn court at breengreenbrier apartments. john: time is running out for the candidates to impress voters in iowa. the caucuses are less than a week away. reporter: the countdown to the
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in hours. >> 171 hours. that's how long we have until the iowa caucuses. 171 hours. reporter: ted cruz seeing his numbers slip urged voters to turn out. >> it is now or never. we can't get it wrong again. reporter: but wrong is what donald trump is saying about cruz saying he should runner prime minister of canada instead. >> the battle is with the gentleman named ted cruz because you have to speaks truth, the canadians the man from canada. reporter: speaking of truth. on the democratic side bernie sanders saying what politicians usually will not. >> we will raise taxes, yes, we will. reporter: explaining during a town hall how he would fund a single payer health plan. >> we are going to eliminate private health insurance
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businesses. reporter: hillary clinton also campaigning on healthcare in iowa. >> when i worked on healthcare in 1993 and 1994 i was trying to get us to universal healthcare coverage. reporter: trying to held her six-point lead. one republican debate remains before the iowa caucuses but donald trump threatens he may boycott it if fox who is megan kelly is allowed to participate. this is at least the third time he has threatened to pull out of the debate. barbara: major reversal in the case against plaid. a texas grand jury cleared the agency of wrongdoing over a series of controversial undercover videos. they appear to suggest planned parenthood illegally sold fetal tissue and organs. the jury indicted the two anti-abortion activists behind the staged videos. they are charged with tampering with governmental records. planned parenthood said they
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the water crisis in f other state environmental officials were suspend pending an investigation. john: helgt alert the world helmet organization is warning that the zika virus is likely to spread. it says it sis suspected of causing birth defects and can spread to every country where the mosquito can be found. that with include everywhere except canada and continental chile. some u.s. travelers have within infected abroad but there were no cases of local infection in the u.s. so far. much more ahead on "good morning america" at company. the owners of el faro reached a settlement with 10 of the crew's
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court documents say tote will pay each family $500,000 to settle pending lawsuits. el faro sank in october of last year after getting caught in a category four hurricane fare the bahamas. all 33 crew members died. legal claims for the remaining 23 families are pending. barbara: everyone is behind the panthers panthers. this person is making it official. judge robert mullinax declared in pan they are country. the court erupted in cheers. we have been with the panthers since training camp. we will be live at super bowl 50 as well. our special coverage begins sunday when the team arrives and we will be there all week. you can get special congress on john: panthers are a four-point
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barbara: at this point. don: if you were a betting person. barbara: i think it will be a good game. i think the panthers are really good. don: if the same team shows up that showed up against arizona they will beat them by four. if the defense shows up for denver it will be interesting. today it will be a pretty good day. we have warmer temperatures and sunshine moving in. we look at the day ahead and partly sunny and warmer temperatures. you see high clouds this morning and this afternoon more clouds working through. 50's by lunch and they will hang out in the 50's during the afternoon. downtown raleigh right now 36 and dew point 35, 97% humidity. southwest wind eight miles an hour. looking into fayetteville this hour 37 under mainly kehr skies. 90% humidity. cold spot is sanford at 26.
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34 louisburg, 34 roxboro. 35 chapel hill. 36 fayetteville. 39 clinton. 10 degrees warmer in oxford, roxboro almost 10 degrees warmer. 10 degrees warmer in fayetteville. 12 degrees warmer in clinton this morning. you will feel that warmer air. latest satellite shows clear skies. this is the next frontal boundary. it will shift east and as it does we will see that chance of sours popping in -- showers popping in tomorrow morning. today not much. sun and clouds. by 8:00 tonight clouds will thicken and after midnight into tomorrow morning we will see showers rise and pockets of green throughout the day. by 5:00 tomorrow night we are showing clouds start to break. a few more clouds than on the model but i think most of the rain will have shifted east tomorrow. thursday another system pushes up could kick showers up the 95
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that high sliding off the coast today and we are on the back side of the high pulling in warm moist air pushing the temperatures near 60 in the triangle, 60's in the sand hills. this is the front that brings the chance of showers wednesday. for the rest of today temperatures in the upper 50's in raleigh and cary, 57 wake forest and wendell, 58 holly springs. partly sunny, warmer. southwest winds five to 10. in the north 50's from roxboro to henderson feel 58 roanoke rapids, 58 durham. south and west into the sand hills 60's. 60 wilson and 61 goldsboro and 62 fayetteville under partly sunny skies. tonight temperatures across the area back into the 40's for overnight lows. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather showing temperatures tomorrow back into the 40's, rain and tomorrow morning could be a wet commute.
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thursday 43 then we warm up. friday we dry out and 49. saturday and sunday sunshine and back near 60's and by monday we are seeing temperatures in the low 60's. so a nice warm-up the next several days. today nice, tomorrow you will need the umbrella. john: thank you very much. amber: rainy hump day on the way and this morning we are talking about the water main break. john: hump day? amber: tomorrow. it is only tuesday and the big story on the roads is there water main break which gloria rodriguez has been reporting live highway 98. you can see emergency crews on the scene. that is around u.s. 1. one lane is getting by as you see one car going through the area. there are issues with the road. it looks like it is starting to buckle from the water.
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highway 98 wake forest around u.s. 1 but one lane getting by. that will add to the morning drive time if you travel 98 or you can avoid it all together. speaking of delays, there is how we look around the viewing area. a lot of green and people may be worried about road conditions. primaries are pretty good shape. there could be a slick spot. secondary roads many still ice and snow covered. so that is a big so with the school cancellations and delays. that will hopefully help out. 40 westbound an accident around cary towne boulevard. peek on 40 at south saunders into downtown raleigh and good shape. drive times on time. if you are heading out just take it easy. 40 eastbound five minutes 64 to 70. beltline fine durham freeway seven minutes 40 to 15 fplt.
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store on the menu for cary. barbara: why some are fighting to keep it from coming.
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barbara: welcome back, 36 degrees. john: plans to build a publix grocery in cary are under fire. at issue is 22 acres near green level church road. residents who spoke out say they don't want to see the land behind their homes rezoned for commercial use. a developer wants to use it for
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build a 55,000 square foot publix store with other shops, restaurants and banks. right now the land is zoned for residential use. board members listened to residents' concerns but voted 7-1 in favor of amending the comprehensive plan to rezone it for commercial and medium density residential use. it will go to the town council. barbara: fayetteville city leaders are thinking about summer. yesterday the mayor and city council members broke ground on the third public swimming pool this is at college lake recreation center. crews were supposed to start work last week but were delayed because of the storm. city engineers hope to have it opened a ready by summer. john: all right. barbara: nice to think about. john: thinking ahead. barbara: 5:58. a bug infestation in raleigh.
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