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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 AM  ABC  January 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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br john: breaking news a water main break closing a section of highway 90. when crews expect to reopen the road. a live report. barbara: more schools closed and delayed riding the roads to show us why. a little teenager stabbed multiple times. what authorities tell us about the attack. john: jumping to safety. desperate action people took to escape this apartment fire in wake county. good morning, carolina, welcome on tuesday january 26.
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i'm john clark. barbara: i'm barbara gibbs. we will have more on the big stories but time for weather and traffic together. here is meteorologist done condition. don: good morning to you. as you head out the door we have dry conditions across the region right now. we are seeing warmer temperatures this morning. looking at what is happening as far as temperatures across the area, we will see them climbing quickly. by 10:00 we are up to 44, by lunchtime 53 and we will get near 60 this afternoon. chapel hill. 26 sanford, 28 smithfield. 34 wilson and 37 fayetteville. looking at the day ahead, temperatures now upper 30's, mainly clear. by lunchtime 54 and this afternoon near 60 under partly sunny skies. warmer temperatures heading in with the seven-day. traffic. amber: good tuesday morning.
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roads and we will have live reports with conditions. i'm going to give you an overview of the major interstates and some issues. the secondaries totally different story in many areas. many still icy and untreated. they put the main focus on the primary roads in the storm and there are closures and delays that will hopefully keep the volume down to a minimum. we are starting off with a lot of green on the live mapping system. we have a report of an accident with 40 westbound right around cary towne boulevard. we were checking the cameras and didn't see any major delays or problems. so we can show you that camera in a few minutes. there is the issue with the water main break where we will have a live report in a few minutes. barbara: slippery side roads causing school delays or closings. john: this is the latest list. wake county schools appear chapel hill carrboro schools three-hour delay.
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durham public schools was franklin, granville. lee, warren all closed. so is mecklinburg county, virginia. john: two-hour delay is halifax, moore, north hampton and well done city schools. for a complete list of closings and delays go to barbara: crews worked yesterday to get parking lots and sidewalks cleared of ice and snow across wake county and school parking lots. this is how the parking lot at sanderson high was yesterday and this is it this morning. most of it plowed away. as we said wake county schools on a three-hour delay. that means schools like sandersson classes begin at 10:20. durham county another stow day. anthony wilson has a look at why from breaking news one. anthony: we are following a durham public works truck here
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fayetteville road and just before you came to us live he was patrolling a portion of juliet street which comes on to fayetteville fayetteville. we will follow him now into this neighborhood. this looks like cook avenue and you see he's trying to make some headway with the ice and snow that is here. this road by the way leads to southwest elementary. this is one of the reasons why people are not going to school in durham today. this is what you would encounter if you were driving here and trying to bring your child. the school bus would also encounter the conditions. it is looking been it has the past few days but because of snow it is slippery. that is why the trucks like this are trying to make headway. we are told they have made about 15% of the neighborhood streets which have been covered with snow and ice and gotten work on
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trucks like there one with people working 12-hour shifts are now trying to clear what is left. they are also waiting for the sun to make a difference because they say they really can't make much headway with the ice, they can just treat it. hopefully this type of activity will make a difference and maybe they can go to skl tomorrow. but today it is not happening. we will keep an eye on this truck and other crews like it and keep an eye on the roads to let you know if there is progress. meantime, if you have a choice, do not drive if you are in a neighborhood that looks like what we are showing you here. we are life live in breaking, anthony known, abc 11 eyewitness news. barbara: durham public schools are closed again today. wake county on three-hour and not all schools open at the same time. check with your school when your kids need to be in school.
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water main break in the r7700 block of highway 98. gloria rodriguez is live there and is it causing problems? do you know about any water about any water outages? gloria: there are water outages, about 70 to 80 residents don't have water. i talked to a utilities crew and they say it will probably be shut down most of the day unfortunately. they just opened up the web line. the eastbound portion is probably closed so you can see the cones from u.s. one to tyler run drive. if you are taking the westbound direction drive carefully because they are working out here. when our photographer arrived he saw water gushing about two feet in the air. this was reported about 2:00 this morning and crews are now working to repair that break.
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starting to buckle so that was a big concern. that is why crews got out here so quickly. it may take several hours before they can open this portion of the road and before they can actually completely clear the scene. we will stay here and bring you the latest. live in wake forest, gloria rodriguez, abc 11 eyewitness news. john: it has been a busy last few days for duke energy. since yesterday morning this time they restored power to thousands of customers. right now only one customer retails without power in johnston county according to duke energy. 600,000 customers have had power restored since friday. barbara: the northeast continues to dig out from the snowstorm. it was so deep in queens, new york, a plow truck got stuck. this street had not been plowed in 24 hours and people upset. when it got there, it got stuck. officials are asking residents
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around the clock to clear it. schools in washington, d.c., philadelphia will be closed. it was so heavy the roof of this church in pennsylvania and this apartment complex in virginia gave way. along the jersey shore residents are dealing with dangerous but deadly. the death toll is 41. cumberland county authorities are investigating a stabbing and the victim is teenager. it was in the parking lot of an apartment complex on alpha circle -- alva circle. authorities say it frswas the result of a domestic situation. john: we are working to get more details on an apartment fire in garner that forced two to jump for their lives. it was on shady lawn court at the greenbrier apartments last night. witnesses say smoke was filling seven apartments and two jumped. they were transported to the hospital. officials say it was contained to one apartment unit and residents of seven apartments
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damage. a north carolina university goes on lock-on. barbara: the details of down. we will tell you what set this off. john: a teenager dies trying to get drunk. what police say he drank and the warning they have for other teens. don is monitoring the temperatures. don: we are warmer this morning up to 10 degrees warmer in spots. we will talk about that. as we go to break we check the first alert doppler network and not seeing any showers across the carolinas this morning. that picture will change by
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we will talk ab don: welcome back. looking at the morning commute. as you drive in you will see high clouds, mom skies. the bigger story is warmer temps. many above freezing. by 10:00 we are in the mid 40's. current numbers are northern part roxboro and roanoke rapids at freezing. oxford five degrees warmer at
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34 louisburg and chapel hill. 38 r.d.u. 28 smithfield and sanford. 38 goldsboro, 38 fayetteville and 36 southern pines. looking at the day ahead, mainly clear now and 38. by lunch mid 50's under partly sunny skies. late day we will be near 60 and see 60's in the sand hills. warmer today and complete forecast is next. barbara: winston-salem state university lifted a lockdown. it was on lockdown after somebody pulled a gun in a building last night. no shots were fired and no one reported injured. the campus was swept but they didn't find a gunman. john: a quick thinking deputy is credited for ending chaos in a new mexico courtroom. this is wild stuff here. you see the defendant charging the district attorney shoving him to the ground and trying to punch him.
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courtroom as people jumped out of their seats including the judge and deputies who tackled the man. the prosecutor tried to jump in for pay back. the man had just been found guilt of criminal sexual conduct for fondling a girl. terrifying moments on daesh cam in eden, ohio, a train slams into this truck causing it to careen into a sheriff. the deputy will be hit a second time but rolls away from the back whilst. he survived with only 25 stitches and that gashes on his head and broken left hand. it was earlier this month as he was directing traffic at a crash scene when the truck was stuck on the railroad. this is in california an apartment building in danger of falling into the pacific ocean. residents of the complex were
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they have no plans to leave. they are located near cliffs that are crumbling in part due to the current el nino weather. >> warning signs at crowders mountain park after several died or injured after falling off a cliff. the most recent was may when the mother of three fell 150 feet off crowder's mountain. officials say stephanie anderson was taking a photo and fell. the signs alert people to the dangers. burglary failed and suspect caught in the act. john: handcuff and hauled off. how police caught this suspect. a bug invasion? how many dugs could be in your
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john: here is a look at the headlines. in awake dress westbound highway 98 is closed due to a water main break. according to wake forest police 70 to 80 people have water outages. police are tkae touring traffic. -- tkae touring traffic. several school districts including durham are closed today due to ice covered roads. this is a look at a neighborhood in durham. wake county schools on a three-hour delay. crews worked to clear the ice yesterday. wake forest high the parking lot is plowed and ready for students but again they are on a three-hour delay. we have all the closings and delays at barbara: a teenager who apparently was trying to get drunk is dead. he drank racing fuel. logan stevenson was found dead
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a friend who drank is survived but is in critical condition. officials say they mixed the racing fuel in soda. two others confessed to drinking it but they are ok. logan's family started a go fund me account to raise money for education and awareness. in houston police didn't have to go far to catch this burglar. was sleeping on the job. our sister station's cameras were rolling as he was taken into custody. they fond him passed out on a recliner and watches an jewelry in his pockets and said he was wearing a stolen pair of air jordans. it was a dog race during a half marathon. john: a dog raced his way to the finish line. on january 16, the blood honda -- bloodhound turned up.
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entire 13.1 miles and finished in seventh place. the time was an hour and a half. dog's owner didn't know about her dog until a friend called and filled her in. the dog got a finisher's medal for the accomplishment. she then went home and took a long nap. barbara: well deserved. very nice. here is something that could house. a study finds your home is probably filled with bugs. >> my memo? barbara: your home. as many as 500 may be in your home. researchers checked out about 50 homes in and around raleigh and they fond spiders -- found spiders, beetles, ants. the tale about you are never 10 feet from a spider could be true because they found spieders in all of the homes they searched. i think they said out of all of
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of us have a lot of bugs. hundreds of different species in our house. don: there is a cockroach about like that over there. barbara: we are not talking about tv stations. don: we keep our house so scheduled i don't see many. barbara: i had a lizard in my house once. i let the dog eating. it was like go ahead, you can get it. protein. anchor: we get a fly in our house and my 60-pound dog thinks it is a toy. we have warm temperatures today. we will be dry but a look at chances of ran the next couple of days, tomorrow 80% chance of showers. thursday 40% and friday knew sunday we are rain free for the weekend. raleigh temperature right now 38, dew point 35 and 89% humidity.
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hour. r.d.u. temperature is 41, southwest wind eight miles an hour. look at the numbers from across the region. 34 roxboro and chapel hill. 26 sanford, 20's smithfield. 38 fayetteville. 24-hour temperature change everybody warmer this morning. sanford and smithfield only about four or five degrees warmer but oxford, fayetteville, clinton, r.d.u. all double digits warmer air. clear now and not seeing any rainfall around here. the next frontal boundary is here. this drops it tonight into tomorrow and by hrofrpblg today we are sunny, a few high clouds. clouds fill in and we will see rain after midnight in spots and then it moves through and we dry out into tomorrow afternoon. the rest of today topping out in the upper 50's.
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forest and wendell, in the north 50's from roxboro to henderson. 58 roanoke rapids, 58 durham. south and west into the sand hills 60. 62 fayetteville and 60 pinehurst and 61 goldsboro and 59 lillington. tonight back into the 40's for overnight lows. 42 raleigh. 45 fayetteville and 41 durham. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather, tomorrow temperatures back into the 40's. it will be 10 to 15 degrees cool are tomorrow but still above freezing. anything that falls will be liquid, not frozen. we will see rain tomorrow and changes thursday and drying out friday, saturday and sunday sunshine and near 60 both days. nice weekend shaping up. today a nice day, just more cloud cover coming through and wet tomorrow. barbara: people won't know what
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don: eight of the last 16 fridays we had rain. amber: we deserve it. been a long time coming. we have a couple of issues on the tuesday morning as you head out. we have school closings and delays so be sure to check and we are scrolling they will on the bottom of the screen and 40 and davis a report of an accident in durham county. we are not seeing that it is affecting i-40. we have a crew heading there now to check it out. we have been keeping you updated on the breaking news of highway 98 very busy road for people traveling from wakefield and wake forest. there's a water main break. westbound there affected and wake forest approaching u.s. 1. one lane is getting by but because it is such a busy road there will be delays around that. if you can avoid that area that
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interstates pretty good. barbara: it is 6:24 and 38 degrees.
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>> in today's "tech bytes" amazon prime catching on. one in five adults have a membership that represents 46% of all u.s. households. for $99 you get free shipping and video music service. microsoft's virtual assistant can remind users about things they agree to in their e-mails like finishing a report or making plans for dinner t. will roll out for windows 10 p.c. users. >> how many friends do you really have? the average person had 150 friends on facebook. >> but only 15 could be counted as actual friends and only five as close friends. >> i count you as a chose -- close friends. those are your "tech bytes." john: 6:28 and 38 degrees. we have a health alert for
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barbara: the warning about a mosquito borne virus and the
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john: we have a section of
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water main break, how it could impact your commute. >> many schools closed or on delay. what is being done to clear the roads. barbara: good morning, carolina, welcome on tuesday january 26. 38 degrees and 6:31. i'm barbara gibbs. john: i'm john clark. we will get to meteorologist don schwenneker in a moment but first the school closings and delays. wake county is three hours delayed. durham public schools closed. chapel hill carrboro on a three-hour delay. geneva a list of schools that will be closed. many of you probably know but chatham. franklin, lee, person, vance, warren and mecklinburg. operating on a two-hour delay halifax, moore, northampton and well done city. for a complete list go to barbara: it is time for weather and traffic together. a lot of people hope we will get more stow melt today. -- snow melt. don: we will. you see the temperatures
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toward mid did i -- mid did i. hills. fayetteville. 37 clinton and goldsboro. 28 smithfield and 34 chapel hill and 34 roanoke rapids. looking at the day ahead 38 now and mainly clear. lunchtime 54 and this afternoon clouds and sunshine, 58 raleigh and low 60's in fayetteville. tomorrow will be 10 to 15 cooler and you will need the umbrella on wednesday. we will talk more about the rain coming but we talk weather and traffic with amber rupinta. amber: the primary roads are pretty decent. there are still issues where you could encounter leftover ice but the secondary roads are different. updates. this is one of the live camp
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report of an accident in this area of 85 and we are not seeing any slowdown from that. wraoel keep an eye on that. another one was reported around davis drive and i-40. the camera there also is showing everything is moving fine on i-40. we have a crew headed there to check it out. we will let you know if that changes. for now we're moving fine on that main interstate. still seeing a lot of green on the returns. school closings and delays are helping that. another accident reported 40 westbound cary town but we didn't see any issues or slowdowns from that. this is 40 and south saunders into downtown raleigh and very light traffic. john: breaking news, big water main break that can impact your route to work. barbara: this sis the 700 block of durham road and highway 98. gloria rodriguez has been there all morning with the latest.
6:31 am
gloria: good morning to you. 70 to 80 residents are without water at this time because of the water main break. they probably will be for most of the day. you will see that traffic is starting to flow as more head out to their destinations. they opened up the westbound lane of durham road about an hour ago but you will see flashing lights and cones because the eastbound lane is still closed. if you drive in wake dress you need to know that highway 98 also known as durham road is closed between u.s. 1 to tyler run drive. this water main break was reported at about 2:00 this morning and if you look at this video that we have you can see water gushes about two feet in the air when it was first reported. crews are working to repair the water main break. police say the road was starting to buckle so they tried to get
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they could really try to repair that water main break. they did shut down both lanes of this road but as i mentioned they have opened the westbound lane at this time. as i mentioned earlier, about 70 to 80 residents are without water and utility crews say they will be until at least noon or could be longer. it could take that long to completely repair the break and road. so it could be a little longer before they open bothanes. i want to mention you can see here one vehicle going the opposite direction. you want to be careful if you are driving in this area because there are crews working out there. so, be careful, drive slowly and westbound lane is open at this time. live in wake forest, gloria rodriguez, abc 11 eyewitness news. john: thank you, gloria. at least that water is above freezing.
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schools closed because of side roads. john: even after a day of melting ice covered roads are still a concern in some areas. anthony wilson has an update on conditions. anthony: we have been showing you the ice covered roads and here is another within one of the neighborhood streets. but right in front of us is a public works truck that has been working hard throughout the night trying to make headway. they have only hit about 15%, we are told, of the neighborhood streets. this is spring meadow lane in durham. this truck has been spreading salt, trying to occasionally plow through some of the backed up, caked up ice and snow on the side of the road. but these conditions are the primary reason the durham schools are closed, bass your access to -- because your abscess to some of the secondary
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some of the sidewalks to the schools also not very safe at the moment. so while the city tries to clear the streets and the sun hopefully works with concert with the salt being put down perhaps by tomorrow they will be able to let folks in. but here is a person jogging although he is not am camera range. he will be safe, we hope. we will -- there he is over on the side. keeping on eye on the trucks and taking his time. something that should all do today if you plan to be out either on foot or something with wheels. we will keep you posted on the streets of durham. we are live in breaking news one, anthony wilson, abc 11 eyewitness news. barbara: thank you, anthony. wake county schools opting to have class but three hours delay. reaction is mixed with roads looking clear and people wondering why they are not back to normal. when checked and found a lot of neighborhood roads slick and
6:35 am
some of them have been plowed. john: the power outage situation quickly improving. this morning duke energy reports just two customers without power across the viewing area. this time yesterday there were more than 10,000 outages. duke energy brought in crews from out of state to help. 6:37 and the man accused of shooting a good samaritan during the snowstorm appears in court. barbara: what his attorney is saying about his client's action. john: hick raleigh cemetery makes it harder for people who vandalized several monuments to stay hidden. don: we have dry conditions across the region and temperatures in many locations above freezing.
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ahead and we have rain don: welcome back.
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some kids are delayed and some don't have school but some have the bus stop. temperatures a bit warmer, mid 30's. it will be that way until about 8:00. by 10 or 11 it is 50's so it will be warmer. current numbers from across the region 34 roanoke rapids and rocky mount and louisburg. 32 in roxboro. 34 chapel hill. 26 sanford and southern pines. 35 fayetteville and 37 clinton. we look at the day lady. 38 now and lunchtime 54. this afternoon in the 50's and some 60's in the sand hills. we will talk about a warm-up in the complete forecast and you will need some rain gear tomorrow. that is next. john: emotions high in a north carolina courtroom as the man accused of killing a good samaritan faced a judge. the judge told him he was charged with murder.
6:38 am
ice when jefferson hevner and others stopped to help them. he then shot hevner. his attorney said he is sad and depressed over what happened. barbara: in raleigh the oakwood cemetery is upping the ante in searching for vandals increasing a reward to $3,500 for information. nine monuments were targeted last month. the vandals mainly hit monuments connected to the confederatecy grand jury cleared them
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john: a big change in who can john: welcome back, 6:45 and 38 degrees. barbara: we are following breaking news a deadly isis attack it syria at least 20 dead after multiple bombings targeted a government run checkpoint. it was just hours after government forces retook a town from on session fighters and country. john: european leaders struggle to agree on a unified approach to the migrant crisis but daneish laurels are set to vote on a measure that critics say is designed to make denmark unappealing to refugees. the legislation coined the jewelry bill would allow the government to seize anything more than $1,500 cash or valuables from asylum seekers. barbara: transgender athletes
6:40 am
without having gender reassignment surgery. male competitors must professor testosterone were below a certain level to be competing as females. transgender athletes have been allowed since 2004 but only after surgery and two years of hormone therapy. john: it is ok to call 911 in harnett county. people using cell phones had trouble calling it and that problem has been fixed. barbara: water crisis in flint is a criminal pending investigation and high ranking federal regulator resigned. a major reversal in the case against planned parenthood. a texas grand jury cleared it of wrongdoing over undercover
6:41 am
they appear to suggest planned parenthood illegally sold fetal tissue and organs. they indicted the antiabortion activists behind the staged videos. john: health alert the w.h.o. is warning the zika virus is like will i to spread. it is suspected of causing birth defects and is likely to spread to every country in the americas where the mosquito that carries it can be found including the united states. some u.s. travelers have been infected abroad with it but no kisses of local -- no kisscases local. barbara: we have good news to talk about. looks like we are melting and going to have a nice weekend. don: we are not. we are going to have a nice weekend. great weekend shaping up. to get there we have to go through some rain the next couple of days. we will talk about that in a moment. we have a live look at the next
6:42 am
as you head out the next day or two we will be in the upper 50's and partly sunny. tonight we expect rain, probably not until well after midnight. then 10 to 15 degrees cooler tomorrow with rain. raleigh 38 right now, dew point 35, 89% humidity and southwest weekend eight miles an hour. sunrise there pretty looking into downtown fatalyetteville. 34, 86% humidity. south wind three miles an hour. from across the area 32 roxboro and 28 smithfield, 26 sanford, 35 fayetteville, 34 chapel hill. temperatures today compared to yesterday about 10 degrees warmer. 11 degrees warmer at r.d.u. and oxford and in clinton. 10 degrees warmer fayetteville. sanford is five degrees warmer. clear for now other than a few high clouds working through.
6:43 am
rain extends from kentucky to texas. this is the front that will work east and bring us a chance of showers after midnight. by lunchtime not much to show you. we are clear and dry. overnight the clouds thicken and showers work through. we will see them working in tomorrow morning and by tomorrow late day it is clearing and thursday another system will push up from the south giving us clout cover and could -- cloud cover and could give us showers thursday. the rest of today 58 in raleigh and cary, 57 wake forest and wendell, 58 holly springs and garner. we go north it will be in the 50's from durham to roxboro. 55 south hill. sand hills temperatures climb into the 60's today. 62 fayetteville, 60 pinehurst, 59 lillington, 61 tkwoeldzboro. tonight back to the 40's for overnight lows. 42 raleigh. 45 fayetteville. 41 durham. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather, tomorrow temperatures back only in the 40's
6:44 am
it will be wet in the morning. the afternoon not looking as wet. thursday 43. friday we start to dry out and 49. saturday upper 50's and sunday the 60's returning. "big weather" pic peufbg of the day this is luke who took this. that was pretty cool. he holds that up saying look what i found in my yard. lots of great snow and ice pics. thank you for submitting them. barbara: that is cute. don: great smile, too. john: how are we on the roads, amber? amber: we are pretty decent. the primaries are pretty good shape. you can dial 511 to get specific road updates. that is a little tidbit. the main interstates are in good shape and the delays and closings are helping keep volume to a minimum. we have a lot of green so that is good. we have had a couple of reports
6:45 am
really showed things to be slowed down. there was one around davis and cary town boulevard but 40 still pretty good. raleigh watch for an accident on that. and clayton bypass they are hitting the taillights there. there is the camera and it is about five minutes to get through that. that is all the johnston county commuters. drive times and one more camera i can show you 40 and south saunders light. drives times into durham freeway on time seven moneys northbound 60 to 15 fplt. john: 6:52 and coming up the morning rush. barbara: including the big water
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barbara: that is all the news, weather and traffic you need before heading out. >> you see some of the stories behind us including a big water main break in wake county and more ice concerns around the triangle. the break is causing problems on a major road. this is the scene on highway 98 in wake forest. the water gushes just before u.s. 1.
6:49 am
one lane is closed for repairs between u.s. 1 to tyler run drive. barbara: another day of school closings and delays. this issery street in -- this is erie street and students are staying home a second straight day. wake county on a three-hour delay. we have a list at john: just got word chapel hill carrboro is closed. don: as you head out temperatures a little warmer than yesterday. before freezing in many locations. by 9:00 up to 40 and mostly sunny and warmer. all the kids who have the late start you will have warmer temperatures. seven-day forecast 58 today, tomorrow morning i think we will deal with rain and thursday 43. friday, saturday, sunday back near 60. amber: a quick peek out on 40 and south saunders you see the
6:50 am
decent shape. always can be a slick spot. secondaries totally different. we have the water main break on highway 98 approaching u.s. 1 and within lane getting -- one lane is getting by. is next. john: for barbara, amber rupinta, don schwenneker and the team i'm john clark.
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make it a great day! good morning, america. six days to iowa. a furious fight to the finish. >> they throw all this stuff at me and i'm still standing. >> democratic candidates make their closing arguments on
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while republican front-runner
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