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tv   ABC Eyewitness News at 530 PM  ABC  January 26, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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jon camp is there for us. you have been talking to people who had their water turned off all day. what are they saying now? jon: they are saying they want the boil water and visor he lifted, but they do not know when that would happen. -- will water advisory lifted, but they do not know when that would happen. you can see where those homes are. the note on the door says the city of raleigh needs to test water for contaminants and the have to wait on that for at least 24 hours. it has already been over 12 hours since this break. it happened early morning around 2:30 a.m. a police officer noticed the water gushing from a broken 12-inch main. crews say it was not a particularly hard fix, although it did take the better part of
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to, or it was all part of dealing with the winter, they say. >> you can control things. you just roll with it. i just drove down from new jersey. this is small potatoes. jon: and the of shot here, the road, 98 is reopened. we will be checking in to see more about that water boil advisory. live in wake forest, jon camp, abc 11 eyewitness news. joel: thank you. now two stories from our three newsrooms, including the owner of a popular restaurant talking about a crash. tisha: and a driver -- anna: and a driver who slipped after hitting a patch of ice.
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restaurant -- the driver slid into the ice and crashed during elaina athans is on the story for us. she joins us live at the popular barbecue joint with the pole in front of it. they are getting ready to retire? elaina: he is handing everything down to his son and this has put a crimp in his plans. the driver hit a patch of ice behind me and careened right into this holding, crashing. you can see the area has been boarded up. then to the right, a pile of cinderblocks right now. >> the cinderblock knocked all the way up in here.
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such force, cinderblock began -- hit the door. >> it made me sick to my stomach. place. elaina: he is faithful they did not hit plumbing or electrical wiring. >> to not get electrocuted was a miracle. if i had had an employee back going to a funeral. elaina: the barbecue restaurant is temporarily shut down now. >> i'm sorry to hear that, my friend. elaina: the community is rallying around him. he does have some assurance -- a gofundme page has then started
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business he started a quarter of a century ago. >> you've got to go with the flowing he praying area that's all we can do. elaina: they are hoping for results in about a month. for more information, including the gofundme page, anna: that is a mess out there, a real mess. another warning about the dangers of black ice. since black ice is a concern in durham public schools, they canceled classes yet again today. joel: a three vehicle wreck in robinson county. one of the crash victims killed in this wreck. it happened just before 7:00 this morning. investigators say the crash occurred when one driver crossed
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maybe having a bunch of facebook friends makes you feel important. anna: at what you can expect from super bowl 50, featuring our own carolina panthers. tisha: school was back in session in wake county. why a three-hour delay was not enough for some students read their concerns and why some tell us it was worth the risk. and a showdown in raleigh.
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thanna: some guys from cary are in a raleigh office now brewing up something called kombucha. they call it trybucha. they just got a major contract with whole foods. now investors from everywhere are carling -- are calling. >> we have citrix, from all of our people, you know, who not only would put on the shelves, but they put signs on the door. they want us to be successful. anna: a typical bottle costs anywhere from $3.50 to $4.50. this cost about five bucks. it'll take about a month before
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i have placed a list of places you can buy it on my facebook page. joel: most people have about 150 friends on facebook. about 15 are close friends. researchers have concluded that while social networks help you keep up with acquaintances, they do not necessarily expand those friendships. anna: aw. but you can see what your high school friends look like now. that's fun. joel: counting down to super bowl 50. peyton manning and the broncos up against cam newton and the
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that is not the only mat competing to capture a heart like the puppy ad from master. anna: amy has nothing on that little dog. joel: yeah. we will see. this story is just tragic. on that just ahead. six days until the iowa caucuses.
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joel: with just six days until
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against me. reporter: abc news, washington. anna: thank you. now to a look at stories making headlines across the state including a woman who nearly killed her husband.
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support for a man who stopped to help a stranded snowstorm victim and the faa helicopter loses its cargo. over by his wife around 9:30 a.m. this morning to read she she had him. he may have been opening the gate and she did not see him. he has life-threatening injuries. joel: and support pouring in for the north carolina father who stopped to help a driver who had spun out, but the driver opened fire on him. a gofundme account has been opened to up with funeral expenses. so far $30,000 has been raised online. his killer is charged with murder. also the faa investigating after a banner from a helicopter fell
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investigators say that the pilot disconnected the banner because of a mechanical problem. the homeowner was watching the afc championship game. susan blum said she saw the canopy draped across the windows and thought it was a parachute at first. the pilot will pay to remove the banner and make repairs. it was not just snow and ice. anna: a lot of chicken little's after that. you are just seeing rain in the forecast? chris: just rain, cooler, with temperatures well above average. today we got above 60 in many spots. that's a much tomorrow. clouds increasing, but it is still very mild out there. 58 degrees in downtown durham with mostly cloudy skies. temperature is running well above average.
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settle into the upper 40's. then the lower 40's through the midnight hour. you will need a light jacket perhaps. winds are calm. skies are mostly cloudy. 55 chapel hill. 50 at the rocky mount wilson airport. jackson, mississippi in the 40's. some of that air will come our way. you see the clouds increasing again after a sunny start to the day. it's not that heavy. eastern kentucky, eastern tennessee. we will not get a lot out of
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there are traces of snow around here. meteorologist liz horton standing by with more on how folks are coping with that. >> the warm temperatures feel fantastic here and they have allowed for a lot of photographs on our roads. federal officers in d.c. are closed due to the snow. more than 20 inches fell over the weekend. today, mother nature helped out, too. there has been quite a lot of concern about snowstorms that would hammer the northeast as we go toward the weekend. good news -- the models say no now. most of the models show this area of low pressure stays off
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all in terms of snow. it also keeps that area of low pressure away from the coast line. that's great news. in fact, if you look at the euro model, you can see most of the snow is off to the northwest due to an alberta clipper. really, we're not seeing anything significant. in fact, it looks like it will mostly be a rain event. just a few tenths of an inch of rain. good news for us, no more winter weather this week. chris? chris: we will start in the mid 40's and stay stuck there most of the day. really we do not go anywhere temperature wise. mid to upper 40's, quite a bit
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but not as cold as it could be, that's for sure. our model breaks it up. ending by the afternoon -- then you see clearing late in the afternoon. temperatures again much cooler than they were. mid 40's. where we start in the morning is where we will end up later in the day. a chance of rain. then another resurgence and the coastal plain potentially. friday in the weekend, look at saturday, mid to low 60's by next week. anna: all right, thanks. joel: let's check in with david
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david: great to check in with raleigh tonight. six days to iowa. hard to believe. eye-opening polls tonight. also a new warning about three dangerous to judas on the run, a prosecutor describing one of them as "hannibal lecter." and we remember an american actor tonight, a fleece you could never forget. anna: all right, looking forward
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joel: one quick note about schools tomorrow -- durham public schools on a two hour delay. also in durham, a neighborhood is worried about the easton connector project. anna: it is designed to connect to be germ-free freeway and u.s. 70, but homeowners are worried about what it will do to their property. reporter: flooding is a big concern for folks here. one homeowner contacted eyewitness news to say that's exactly what they are worried about. this goes through the backyards of several homes. this is what neighbors say it looks like after a heavy rain. they are concerned about
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worried the east end connector project for make things worse. eyewitness news reached out to the department of transportation . they said that the department would do an evaluation. the impact was deemed negligible. neighbors are still worried about the water diverging into the creek. >> we are not trying to cause problems for anybody. what we are asking for is for the government institutions involved in this project to come together and work with homeowners in all -- in order to create a different diversion path to the water and not add water which could further damage our properties or use the heavy
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structural repairs to the creeks that run through the neighborhood. reporter: they simply do not want the floodwaters rising anymore than they already have. interim, stephanie lopez, abc 11 eyewitness news. joel: thank you. eyewitness news continues. anna: here is what is coming up at 6:00. tisha: schools have a delay for wednesday. we have the updated list. steve: students wanted to teach lessen today. how they used social media. tisha: putting the brakes on a controversial project. steve: and a law enforcement showdown.
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>> see what is happening this instant, abc 11 eyewitness news at 6:00 starts right now. tisha: the thawing out process taking his sweet time tonight. good evening. i'm keisha powell. -- tisha powell. steve: i'm steve daniels. way down an icy road. tisha: the conditions responsible for a delay for the school day.
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county on a one-hour delay,
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