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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 PM  ABC  January 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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county on a one-hour delay, mecklenburg county, virginia schools will begin at 10 a.m. steve: as we take a live look roadways are looking good tonight, but it those secondary road that are still a little slushy. department has been looking at those roadways as they try to determine if schools should be on a delay tomorrow. the school system as been pleading this afternoon saying it is very unlikely that wake townie schools will be delayed. tisha: some were angry with the decision to restart wake county schools. ed crump followed that today and joins us with the mixed reaction of that decision. ed?
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very little snow and ice left. that's probably the case in most places across wake county. there were plenty of people complaining about it. this is one of dozens of pictures and videos posted on the twitter account. some students obviously staged slips and falls, but some appear to be real. and this is the real deal -- many parents posted complaints, too, saying it was too dangerous for some students from the time they left their homes to the time that they arrived to find icy parking lots. joe campbell was not one of the parents who complained. he says starting school with the delay was the right decision. at well.
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it was easy to get back to school today. ed: joshua morris says his neighborhood was still icy and when he got to campus it was icy as well. >> i saw a couple people fall this morning. a couple people got stuck right there. ed: more students echoed concerns, but all agreed there is an upside -- limiting makeup days. >> we do not want to make up the days for our spring break. ed: to quote a kids' show host -- you can please some of the people some of the time, but you can't please everybody. tisha: ed crump live for us from broughton high school. thank you.
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government for he. it appears -- for him governor mccrory. it appears the governor was to put the brakes on that csx project. the governor's office said it would create 1500 jobs across the state and 300 in johnson county, but the location we became a sticking point. residents and highway commissioners wanted built somewhere else. at now that current location does not his be a viable option. for people left the board of governors meeting in chapel hill in handcuffs after staging a protest. [woman screams] steve: those 4 people are charged with disrupting an an officer. they were protesting margaret spelling as the university
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she replaces tom ross, who was governors. going to get it. that is the message. of the state controller is demanding to roll. it is not budging. it has no plans to disclose its membership. state law says that they must show they have 50,000 members. the organization says they can comply through another law. steve: governor mccrory sending out a proclamation of school choice week. he says that all students deserve the right to the best education. the governor's team says that over 280,000 students are benefiting from the school choice program in north
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he wrote that democrats like ken spalding and special interest groups protectively have been -- predictably have been attacking motives. ken spalding said that while mccrory supports privatizing schools and weakening them, he supports strengthening them. tisha: the state's job growth is among the highest in the country according to the governor. the latest unemployment report showed that unemployment fell to 5.6% in december. when he entered office, it was 8.7%. north carolina has added more than 260,000 jobs. new at 6:00, nearly 200 employees will be out of a job.
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will be shutting down its cary call center. xerox blames a change in business conditions. steve: new at 6:00, a private police department was the rpd to respect its authority. the raleigh city council heard from the chief of police of the nova agency, which provides raleigh. they criticized raleigh police for interfering with an undermining his officers' investigations. he says state regulators i have ignored his complaints. >> it has chosen not to address this. it has issued memos to make sure not to call company police officers idiots or rent a car ops.
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raleigh police department and the city of raleigh. both declined to comment. he said that it was unfortunate a few bad actors were compromising the safety of the community his police force serves. tisha: the number of work-related deaths in our state -- the local county that had the most. steve: and we have a story of survival in wake county tonight. a woman jumped two stories out of a burning building. why her story is part of a criminal investigation. chris is with us in our downtown raleigh weather center with news of rain moving away? chris: not this evening though, if you have plans to be out --
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steve: the list of school delays for tomorrow morning is growing. franklin county -- that list is scrolling of the bottom of your screen and any time on our website at the number of north carolinians killed on the job dropped last year. 31 work-related deaths were reported.
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it were only 23 and 2013. three men fell to their death in a scaffolding collapse last march. a woman jumped from her second-floor apartment window well a fire was burning inside. tisha: police are calling the fire arson. andrea blanford has the latest. andrea? andrea: hospital staff tell is that she is in good condition. that is one day after making the desperate decision to jump out of the smoke filled apartment. she heard the screams. >> when i opened the door, the door across the hall was open and there were flames starting to shoot up. andrea: her neighbor's
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started on a mattress. it went into the apartment directly above his. it forced a woman to find a way out in a hurry. >> i talked to her. at she said she had just not an out of the shower. she was really scared, shaking and in pain. andrea: in pain because she jumped out of her window two stories to the ground below. the man was able to escape the fire in his apartment. as for neighbors, they all had to find someplace else to sleep last night. police a the fire, intentionally set in that bedroom, made it unsafe for residents and seven surrounding units to stay. the wake county fire marshal's office could release its report tomorrow, explaining what led up
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mantle bedroom. no word on whether anyone will face charges. andrea blanford, abc 11 eyewitness news. steve: all right, cam newton getting a big honor, giving the qb on the panthers. rocks tonight. tisha: potential for rain in the forecast. when and where. that's coming up next. steve: let's take a look at the tuesday evening drive home.
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steve: this warm-up today was really what we needed to melt some of the stuff away. tisha: exactly. we should keep this going, chris? chris: we will get it back. it's not going to get bowel that cold. a little cooler. if you -- it's not going to get all that cold. a little cooler. temperatures are not bad at all. 40 through the evening hours. 60 one at rdu. even near the virginia border where you had a pretty tense snowpack, still some on the ground there. rdu, 56 degrees. a lot of sunshine to start our day. officially at the airport it is down to 52. 49 in south hill. 50 at oxford.
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59 in fayetteville, clinton at 57. all of these above average today. dallas, jackson, memphis in the 40's and 30's. nothing bitterly cold. you will feel that tomorrow as cooler air comes in. it will feel more like wintertime. it's kind of weird walking around without a coat on because it was near 60 degrees. that dense snowpack is reluctant to get out of here, but it will eventually. even this is pretty light. this is not a leg storm system. rain, snow, anything. the amounts will be pretty light. 40's in roxboro. 40's elsewhere. we should stay dry through midnight. toward morning, chances of rain, but it should be a scattered situation.
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they start there, they and their. here is the first alert predictor. our model not excited at all about any rain. a temperatures will fall. late in the day, there may be clearing. it will be ending northwest to southeast. amounts should be a quarter of an inch or less. 42 tomorrow. where you start out, that will be your high for the day. late in the day should be mid 40's, upper 40's around fayetteville. this first batch of fairly light rain is out of here by tomorrow evening. there could be more rain in the coastal plain. here is the computer model. you see the area along and east of interstate 95. at do not
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a shot of more rain briefly thursday. we are in for clear sailing weekend. a chance of a little rain east morning, but temperature should be above freezing. not anticipating any problems with that. friday, nice, up near 50's. sunday, better than that, low and mid 60's. it will be springlike for an extended stretch. temperature should be running above average. we will get this snow and ice out of your by the weekend, if not before. forecast. here is a look at what is coming up tonight on eyewitness news -- lou cross blue shield responding to an ongoing investigation.
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down what went wrong and what is being done to fix it. steve and i will have the story since so much more right here on abc 11 eyewitness news. steve: panthers fans are going to love what they see. mark: cam newton gets the cover as the panthers get ready for santa clara. a special date for state and
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>> now abc 11 eyewitness news sports, sponsored by your local toyota dealers. mark: despite the fact that they kept stacking up wins, it took the rest of the nfl to take the panthers seriously. no one is doubting them now. cam newton, his normal sparkling self, his touchdowns on the ground and in the air, one of many excellent players to propel the panthers into the super bowl, but there is no mistaking that he is the m.v.p. of the league and he is in his fifth appearance on "sports
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he is the second camp there to have been the only station on the road for every game, home and away. that coverage continues sunday from the a area. at we will have the team, the fans all blanketed. be sure to tune in. the acc football schedules released. atlanta opens in atlanta versus kirby smart and the bulldogs. they must face florida state as part of the conference run. they will host n.c. state friday. this is the first time the archrivals have played on that day in 20 years. for the second straight year, carolina will play on the third and the blue devils will also travel to notre dame in december
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the canes are no joke and a proved it again. 19 and 10 -- the canes had too much -- too much experience, too much talent. angel rodriguez right there. the blue devils ball to -- fall to 4-4 in the acc, their worst start in 20 years. >> we are not feeling sorry for results. we will do with what we have. i am proud of what we have. i like what we have, but it is tougher to win right now, but it makes winning that much better when you do when. and we will win. mark: and we will win, he says.
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he led the bulls to six -- seven division titles. he is more than worthy of the hall of fame. panthers fever continues to build. the duke lose continue. they do not have easy answers either. and you know -- steve: and you know this is not the first day to be struggling with this. thanks. tisha: that is our report, eyewitness news continues. our report continues on, facebook, and twitter. steve: tisha and i will get you ready for tomorrow tonight at 11:00.
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tonight, the sprint to the finish. six days now to iowa and donald trump and the new poll tonight. why even ted cruz says if donald trump wins iowa and new hampshire, he could be unstoppable.
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