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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  January 28, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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in a fatal drunk driving case, his lawyers argued that his privileged up ringing -- upbringing cleared him of responsibility. barbara: zika virus. the cdc expects huge numbers of infections because of the presence of mosquitoes and because there is no immunity among the population. however, and obama health official suspects thisefects in brazil. pregnant women are being warned not to travel to central or south america. john: also happening now, new developments in an animal cruelty case. the animals are being moved right now.
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nicole's live with more. what a story. nicole: we have breaking details. in the last 10 minutes we have learned that these investigators have found at least 15 dogs so far dead and buried on this 122 acre site. take a listen to this spokesperson from the aspca. >> we are in the process of collecting evidence. in that process, we have discovered a number of deceased animals in multiple locations throughout the property. we are going through and uncovering more right now. nicole: in other words, this is just the beginning. 15 docs so far have been found dead and buried -- dogs so far
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on the property. this all started at 7:30 a.m. yesterday. a search warrant was issued for the property. the owners are facing animal cruelty charges. they have been operating here for a decade without a license and putting animals and conditions that were not livable. water. in some cases, we have injured animals. we have seen video from the aspca of what was going on in the property. they are involved in a multi-day rate of this property. the owners were taken to jail yesterday and charged with animal cruelty. they have been banned from this property as the investigation continues. at this point, this is what they
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day two is all about recovering the animals and taking them to temporary shelters. the location has not been disclosed, but that is where they will remain as evidence in this criminal investigation. we will have much more for you about what they are discovering. barbara: thank you. a former raleigh prison guard is facing charges for having sex with an inmate. he was fired from his job at the women's prison in raleigh after being accused of having sex with inmates. we are live where he will make his first court appearance in a couple of hours. reporter: it is not clear from the six counts on which he was indicted whether he had sex with
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allah was fired from his job at it attention center in raleigh last month. the war and details the investigation. most upsetting was the -- warrant details the investigation. most upsetting was the revelation that he had been accused of doing the same thing in virginia. correction officials tell eyewitness news they did a background check on allah. although he was apparently fired from the virginia job, he was officials there. north carolina correctional institute for women. according to the arrest warrant, the sex with inmates was consensual. illegal. no when someone solicits them for sex.
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new at noon, busted in new york city, charged with transporting heroin. john: new york police are operation. this is video of the heroine. 100 pounds of the drug were found. the heroine was found in the axle with the drive shaft. the package was square shaped to fit in the driveshaft. the dea puts the black market million. two men were arrested. they face a string of charges.
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at deakin university is in alcohol-related incident. this after administrators had a alcohol use and abuse. still, school leaders will not reveal which of the sororities is at the center of attention. the report concludes that a ban on activities has been partially listed and the person involved is expected to make a full preparing for a debate tonight that is. it is the last debate before the caucus. trump is boycotting because he unfairly. the other gop candidates are hoping that trumps absence will not only give them the opportunity to shine, but will raise their standing with iowa voters.
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for a job fair for veterans and military spouses. we talked to some of the vets looking for new careers. reporter: this room is packed with veterans looking for jobs. there are many companies looking to hire. they are meeting with candidates, and some are even hiring on the spot. nearly 900 veterans are searching for jobs in the triangle. this gives veterans direct access to employers. more than 50 companies, including time warner cable and the city of raleigh are offering jobs. the military organizes 100 job fairs annually. in raleigh, nearly 5000 veterans jobs. this veteran was laid off three
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he says he is thankful this job caters to veterans like him. >> they gave me a call this morning and let me know. reporter: if you are looking for a job but couldn't make it out today, there are great resources for veterans looking for jobs. we have posted the information on our website, barbara: gloria, thank you. john: today, the country is remembering the challenger disaster. barbara: events are happening today in honor of the seven lives lost. plus, i case of water tampering in the triangle. -- a case of water tampering in the triangle. and we have a live look at the raleigh skyline on this thursday afternoon. you can see a few clouds out there.
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john: we do have some showers
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we will check john: welcome back. a live look outside. it's 44 degrees. we have your seven-day forecast
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check out what residents of a raleigh townhouse community woke up to overnight. water gushing out of the ground. this was first thought too because by a water main break, but it turns out someone was meter. barbara: six-year-old chelsea was getting off the bus when a driver close the door on her arm. she hung onto the bus for almost a mile before someone was able to get the bus driver's attention. the 78-year-old driver was charged with careless and reckless driving. a new proposal by wake county schools would ban discrimination based on sexual orientation when it comes to hiring, but some argue it misses the mark.
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skills to the test today. john: north carolina had a schoolwide spelling bee. i have the distinct honor of serving as the word pronounce her -- pronouncer. the winner moves on to the district round. participated. in a horrific incident. barbara: one parent at, the other fighting to live. plus, a deadly cocktail. why did this teenager decide to drink racing fuel? john: and the teenager is
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horribly wrong west of charlotte. murder of his mother, shot in front of him. barbara: his father is in critical condition. the neighbors can end them down yesterday morning in an ongoing dispute about a right-of-way. the couple was waiting with
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was not hurt. a 40-year-old man is now charged with first-degree murder. john: authorities in virginia say a man killed five members of his family before taking his own life. police say the suspect barricaded himself in the house welfare check. they negotiated with police for several hours. the standoff ended with officers entering the home and finding including the suspect. barbara: today marks 30 years since the challenger disaster. all seven astronauts aboard were killed. the family -- families of those lost will gather today with nasa to mark the anniversary. making a rare appearance will be
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who now has his own family. john: happening now, the flint water crisis. the michigan legislature is expected to vote on an emergency spending bill to address the lead contamination in the water. some of the money would pay for more bottled water, water filters, and the monitoring of children who are at risk of developmental delays because of their increased exposure to lead. a patrol officer shot yesterday is expected to make a full recovery. he was in atlanta yesterday afternoon when he saw a pickup speeding. the chase ended when the truck hit a car. the suspect got out and begin shooting at troopers, who returned fire. the suspect was shot multiple times and died overnight. there is no word on why the
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16-year-old and his best friend in just should -- ingested a mixture of racing fuel with their soda. racing feel can be bought at gas stations. while this is shocking to doctors -- while this is shocking, doctors say it is happening more than we realize. you can lead to blindness, seizures, and ultimately, death. several teenagers have been drinking mountain dew mixed with racing fuel. john: another disturbing trend among teenagers caused this boy life-threatening injuries. it is called the duct tape challenge. trying to break free after being taped to a wall with duct tape. he harmed his eye socket and suffered an aneurysm when his head hit the concrete.
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good to come out of this. >> tell your kids not to do it. i am happy because i survived it . i almost died. john: officials say the number of injuries from the duct tape challenge is growing as more and more videos of it pop up online. barbara: let's take a look at the first alert storm center. >> good afternoon. i have a couple of teenagers i will be talking to about that let's talk about the weather. for the next 12 hours, we will as temperatures. the triangle. tonight. colder in the sandhills.
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we have more cloud cover and some rain working through. doppler. we are seeing showers south and east of the triangle, to the north and east of fayetteville. the zoom out and show you what's going on in downtown raleigh 53% humidity. hour. in durham, 43 under a cloudy sky. 53% humidity. winds are calm. a live look at the beach, you can see the waves rolling in. temperatures in the 40's and 50's. across the area, 39 in rockville, 44 at rdu, 42 in sanford, 40 four in fayetteville, 44 in clinton, 43 and roanoke rapids. colder in the fayetteville area at this hour, five degrees
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satellite shows this front pushing through. you can see the showers that extend back and push southeast of florida into our region. the movement of this moisture is mainly southeast to southwest. a little bit of shower activity through south carolina. that will clip the rdu area with the showers today. your first alert predictor forecast model showing the showers pushing out of here. through friday, lots of clear skies. clear skies are going to last as we go into saturday. let's show you the forecast for the rest of today. 40's. 46 in garner. the temperatures really not through the afternoon. 46 in roxboro.
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climb into -- stay in the 40's. a little warmer and skyler city of the rain. 30's for overnight lows. the showers move out, the clouds break up, and we see temperatures tonight into the 30's. 31 in durham. your first alert seven day forecast powered by accuweather. tomorrow, temperatures back into the upper 40's. more sunshine on the way. saturday, 57. we will stay in the 50's for groundhog day on tuesday. february is looking very warm. john: good enough. thank you. barbara: a possible weight loss solution.
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many foods could lead to weibarbara: today is data privacy day. the council of europe initiated data privacy day in 2007. if you want to keep your online
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john: according to a new study, foods with flavonoids could prevent weight gain. it is a natural compound found in fruits. those with diets rich in flavonoids maintain their weight better and even lost a little weight. flavonoids also appear in red wine and chocolate. work continues on the super bowl stadium for the big game. barbara: take a look at levi stadium just outside san francisco. logos and other emblems of the nfl coming to the san francisco 49ers home stadium. reparations began on the field this weekend. the panthers and the broncos -- preparations began on the field this weekend. the panthers and the broncos will play.
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our special live coverage begins on sunday and we will be there all week. you can also get special coverage online. the remains of several dogs were found buried in a disturbing case of animal cruelty. plus, high-speed drama.
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barbara:>> abc 11 eyewitness news continues. john: happening now at 12:30
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barbara: the world health organization now says it is spreadingnd that the level of alarm is extremely high. ries are telling women who are pregnant the virus has led to babies with abnormally small heads being born in the brazil area. john: happening now, we are waiting on an update on the flu here in north carolina. so far this season, there has been only one flu death in our state. health officials say there is time to get vaccinated. barbara: happening now, the teenager known for his affluenza
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immigration authorities put him on a commercial flight this morning. he was detained in porto by our to -- he was detained in a resort in december. his mother was brought back but his lawyers filed an appeal to delay his return. he is accused of killing four people in a drunk driving crash. his attorneys claimed he was too rich and spoiled to understand the consequences of his actions. john: happening now, animal authorities say they have found dozens of animals living in being removed. the owner is facing animal cruelty charges. nicole carr is on the scene right now. nicole? nicole: this story just got a lot more disturbing this morning. yesterday, we were not talking about dead animals.
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about at least 15 dead dogs found buried across this massive property, and this is just the beginning. take a look at aspca officials. they are probing into the facility that has been operating without a license for at least a decade. we have 600 animals on the site. temporary shelters begin yesterday. in the last 24 hours, the aspca began finding dog bodies. take a listen. >> there were several areas where multiple deceased animals were located.
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nicole: they are still looking for more burial piles. more death sites. as this is going on, the owners have been banned from the property. they're facing multiple counts of animal cruelty charges. that includes administering medication when they were not qualified to do so. we have not heard from them yet. the property. you can read more about these developing stories on abc -- on barbara: happening now, a former prison guard in raleigh is set to face a judge after being inmates. we have the details. >> of former detention officer being brought to court today now finds himself on the other side
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he was fired last month as a guard. he is accused of having sex with prisoners at the north carolina correctional center for women in raleigh. he has been indicted on six counts of sexual activity. it is not clear if that means he had sex with six inmates or had sex six times with the same inmate. dna indicates he was fired from a jailer's job in virginia because of similar allegations, but he was never charged with a crime. a background check turned up nothing. officials say they called virginia and officials there gave allah a good reference. allah will face a judge this afternoon and then be taken back to the wake county detention center where he is being held. john: happening now here in raleigh, military veterans
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land them a new job. a job fair is being held at the stadium. laurie a rodriguez is there now. gloria: many companies like cisco are here. they are giving out items like this and they are looking to hire. nearly 900 veterans and their spouses are searching for jobs in the triangle. this job fair gives veterans direct access to employers. more than 50 companies, including time warner cable and the city of raleigh are offering jobs. the military organizes more than 100 of these jobs fairs in 49 cities annually. in raleigh, they have helped nearly 5000 veterans and their spouses find jobs. this veteran was laid off three years ago and is looking for a job. he said he is thankful that this job fair caters to veterans like him. >> they gave me a call this
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gloria: the military website also has resources to help veterans find jobs. you can find information on our website, gloria rodriguez, abc 11 eyewitness news. barbara: the manhunt continues california. john: and a new case involving
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staged his own suicide. john: some big baby news. tyra banks is a new mom. barbara: she revealed her new little boy last night on social media. the boy was born from a sarah get. she tweeted to her followers and on instagram. this is the couple's first baby. john: take a look at this adorable face. she is the winner of this years gerber baby photo contest. this seven month-old's photo was chosen from thousands of entries. she hails from michigan, where she lives with her parents and older sister. her parents will receive $50,000
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now we have more must-see video's. >> we begin with a dramatic high-speed rescue off the coast of spain. the spanish coast guard working to save passengers on a ship that was listing. look at that. strong winds and high waves. you can see crew members hanging onto anything on the ship. one by one, the crew members are hoisted to safety. the cargo ship was in route to france when it ran into high seas. now, watch as a guy walks out of this laundromat. machine. i guess he wants the quarters. police are hoping the public can help identify the thief. how about this? you are looking at a potato worth $1 million. a celebrity photographer says he
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potato to a business man last year for $1,080,000. if the sale is verified, it will be the 15th most expensive photo ever sold. of a potato. this is adorable. check out this cat in the netherlands. it appears to be looking for dinner, but it's not what it seems. he playfully hits the fish with his paw. the cats owner says these two years now. friendship. must-see video's. barbara: that is something else. thank you. you can see must-see video's any
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using our mobile app on your that ahead. plus, an animal attacks was little boy as he walks to school. barbara: it seems a little more clear in fayetteville then the triangle. fewer clouds? >> a few more showers though over the next couple of hours. we will talk more about that coming up. on first alert doppler, lots of
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barbara: the manhunt continues for three escaped inmates in california. authorities arrestll themselves through ventilation tunnels. authorities are trying to determine if they had help from the inside as well. john: melodie gliniewicz has been indicted on money laundering charges.
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program. police say joe gliniewicz staged his own suicide to appear to line of duty. barbara: court records show 57-year-old robert geer is awaiting a mental health exam at his attorney's request. he used to live in north carolina. after being attacked by a raccoon.
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yesterday when his face. he is now recovering and taking antibiotics as his parents way to learn if the raccoon had rabies. the driver lost control of his rig in the storm. another driver saw what happened , scaled down the hill, serious injuries. john: great to see folks pitching in like that. let's turn to the weather. looking out for the possibility
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>> yes. anything else you want to know? just kidding. there's nothing exciting. a little bit of light rain moving through. we will talk about that in a moment. saturday and sunday look spectacular. in the next when he four hours -- 24 hours, we will see rain. tonight, 30's for overnight lows. tomorrow, more sunshine on the way. we climb into the 50's. a live look at radar where we will really see showers. in the sand hills, you can see shower activity continuing to push off to the north-northeast. maybe a sprinkle over the next half hour towards clinton. heavier showers sliding toward the rocky mountains. we may pick up a shower or two. a live look at downtown raleigh.
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southeast wind at six. durham, cloudy skies, 43 degrees. northwind at eight miles per hour. fayetteville, 45, 50 1% humidity and a northwind at eight. -- 51% humidity and the north wind at eight. 39 in rockville. warmer as we get south. 45 in fayetteville. 44 in clinton. 42 in sanford. bitter cold. in minneapolis. 37 in chicago. that snow. most of it is now melted away. as we head toward the weekend, we will see some rain to the south.
12:43 pm
see showers in south carolina. see rain in the triangle as we go through the afternoon. once that moves out, high pressure builds in. that is with us tomorrow into saturday. we are going to return the warm air back to the northeast and warmer temperatures me then we go toward sunday. for the rest of today, cloudy skies, rain in spots. northwest wind at 5-10 miles per hour. 46 in durham. 46 in fayetteville. 47 and skyler city. tonight, temperatures back in the 30's for overnight lows. the clouds move out and the drop.
12:44 pm
first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather, tomorrow, 49. 50's tomorrow even. sunday, mid 60's, sunshine, gorgeous. monday, the first day of february, 65. we could see a thunderstorm possibly tuesday into wednesday. barbara: thank you. a big mardi gras party is
12:45 pm
john: comingbarbara: mardi gras is just around the corner. while it is not a big celebration in north carolina, there is one organization holding a big party to raise funds for a nonprofit. joining me is the president of the kerry mcgregor rotary club. thanks for being with us. it sounds like a fun party. >> it's a great party, fantastic. barbara: what do you do there? what happens? >> we start with live entertainment. area restaurants are providing food, beer, wine, and events. barbara: who benefits? >> we have many charity partners and events we host throughout the year that we support.
12:46 pm
confidence, which is sponsored by the police department, and many others. our big one for this event is life experiences. barbara: give us a glimpse into life experiences and what they do. >> life experiences provides meaningful jobs for adults that are disabled. they do a great job with several programs. they matched -- they match adults with disabilities to appropriate jobs. barbara: it's a wonderful organization. the mardi gras kickoff is next friday at the atrium at 6:00. for information about how to buy tickets, go to thank you so much for being with
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john: thank you, barbara. eyewitness news is following several developing stories. nicole carr will have the latest on the animal shelter saving hundreds of animals living in deplorable conditions. today, investigators say charged with animal cruelty. the latest, coming up. and a new health alert about the zika virus. we will get reaction from officials. what they are saying about the possibility of the virus showing up here. remember, you can follow developing stories by going to the chew is up next. barbara: for the entire raleigh eyewitness news team, we will see you at 4:00. john: eyewitness news continues
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