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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News 4PM  ABC  January 28, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> 4 million is the new estimate on the number of virus cases expected by next year. the hope is not to cause panic but raise awareness. >> canada wants people to consider not giving blood. >> and concerns about birth defects. we're alive it headquarters for dhhs. heather: one of the biggest concerns are for pregnant women and people thinking about becoming pregnant. making sure providers have all the information that they need. there is no vaccine and no way to test for it.
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of daytime mosquitoes and the world health organization says it is spreading explosively. now found in more than 20 countries in central and south america. since it began spreading, it is been linked to a number of birth the facts and neurological problems. they are warning pregnant women or those thinking about becoming pregnant to not travel through the affected areas. >> it would be the small size of the head or the bright spot.
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heather: the virus is not spread in the u.s.. they are holding an emergency meeting to decide if the virus should be considered an international health emergency. we will have reaction from a local mom and what you need to know if you absolutely want to travel to one of those countries. anna: we have a news story coming in now. everything you need to know about that virus you can find it right there. this is not to scare you, just make you aware of what going on. learn why you can protect yourself. the state highway patrol has a more detailed description of the vehicle that killed two
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troopers sharing with us today it is a mid-1990 gmc or chevy pickup truck with front end damage. they believe the vehicle is white and described it as having a loud exhaust system. a driver hit the teenagers on january 16. if you spot the vehicle, call 911 or highway patrol. joel: the social services building, found in a main building. a specialist recommended a treatment that requires the building be closed from now until february 1. they say they were found in the lobby and other areas have been closed as a precaution. anna: a former prison guard is accused of having sex with four inmates at rallies women's prison.
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information about the victim? >> one of those victims serving life without parole for her part in a very high profile quadruple murder in 2003. they listened to the prosecutor and told the judge that he was fired after he was accused of there. now he's indicted with four inmates. there were six sexual encounters with the inmates consensual sex
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they were in no position to make a decision. joel: a bank manager watched a man wearing a mask just this morning. and he held the door shut. he's live at that bank. it shows the whole thing. >> the robber casually showed up and started fighting to get inside. here's a look at the struggle.
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he gives up and runs away. a quick reaction to keep his staff and his customer safe. >> there was a customer at the counter. he very quickly got into a shooting situation. >> thankfully, nobody was hurt. police believe he took off in a dark-colored vehicle with dark
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pnc bank did not comment on the attempted robbery. joel: they wake county woman is upset that her cat was euthanized at a local animal shelter. she said she is no way to pick her animal up at the winter storm. the shoulder says she had plenty of time. >> this all started when she let her cat out last monday to use the bathroom and he never came back. animal control came out, picked him up, and brought him to the shelter. that was on the 19th. the cap was immediately deemed pharrell because he was
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federica says they posted his picture on their website right away, his owner says her family didn't see it until the 21st. she called the shelter that day but could not get a hold of anyone and did not know where to leave a message so she sent an e-mail that thursday night. the front office was closed the following day. no one was there. still, that morning, the cat was acting aggressively so the shelter moved forward with putting him down. she did not find out until after the storm cleared that she went ready to pick him up and staff told her she was too late. >> e-mail that 6:50 p.m., we close at 6 p.m.. there was no way we were going to get that information.
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>> it is heartbreaking that could happen to anyone's animal. >> if you are not open for business, why carry on with that kind of business? don't euthanize someone's family pet. they had no way to get to you. >> they follow the rules and pet owners have to come down.
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dollars they estimate the black market value of the drug is $14 million. joel: it is gray and seasonably cool. when you see the forecast, you'll want the weekend to start right now. >> the rain line would be right
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from downtown raleigh to anderson creek and fayetteville, a large area was mostly light rain. this will track to the northeast. probably not going to see anything in the way of rain. leave the jackets this evening as we head through the evening hours. temperatures by morning getting into the 30's. the weekend looking awesome. anna: he is reporting it is sleeting outside. a little bit on the radar is what it is right now. a call for a person barricaded. we have the latest on the investigation right now.
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and the ingredient you can add to your diet and get help maintaining your weight. things you probably already love. anna: we have seen cam newton give a touchdown football to a kid in the stands and we caught up with a local recipient. joel: how about a live look on fayetteville street here. a little bit of sleep coming out of the sky.
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joel: the so-called affluenza teen was put on a plane back to fort worth, texas. his mother fled to mexico and texas prosecutors investigated whether he may have violated his probation in a 2013 drunk driving wreck that killed four people.
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investigators say it appears all six people were relatives. joel: the trial get underway in june and roof faces hate crimes and firearms charges. anna: presidential candidates will take the d stage for the debate before the iowa caucus. donald trump still says he's not showing up. polls suggest he's locked in a tight race with ted cruz. a favorite of the conservatives and evangelical christians who
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states with republican caucuses. joel: the vermont senator has been treated for doubt and meningitis. president obama is trading a federal passport to accelerate cancer research. effort. they are among one dozen federal agencies involved. he announced lester he would spend his final month in office working ticker -- to cure cancer. anna: it looks like people are running outside as something was coming out of the sky.
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>> that sleep is the only report we've gotten from downtown raleigh. there could be a little sleet mixed in with that. way above freezing and downtown raleigh with visibility's great. in the northern edge, this light rain and temperatures were off about 5000 feet or below freezing. it re-freezes, becomes sleet and doesn't have time to make the final trip down to the ground. this is all very light rain. tracking to the northeast, it should be out of here as we head to the next several hours. very light rain will continue to
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the moisture will try to make its way up the coast and offshore. temperatures are pretty much stuck in the mid 40's. and around the rest of the region, they talked about temperatures being fairly uniform today. a little bit on the chilly side with the cloudy skies. the rain will and and clearing skies as we head towards morning. temperatures will be in the low to mid 30's. out the door tomorrow will be a whole other story weather-wise. and into the afternoon hours, 51
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the wind is rather gusty. our storm system moves away. that high moves off the coast and temperatures start to take off in the low and mid 50's in their 60 to the south. that is saturday. pretty close to average but a breezy day. a beautiful day saturday and look at sunday. a totally different weekend
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anna: so nice. plans, make them. anna: and the groundhog is already out on the calendar. facebook is costing you money and it's more than you might think. joel: find out why someone paid $1 million. >> hundreds of veterans looking for jobs. also you about a job fair that caters to veterans.
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anna: are you looking to maintain your weight or lose some? strawberries, grapes, onions. you might like this even better. people who ate diets rich in flavonoids maintained their weight at her. >> lots of people starting to hit the pavement and the treadmill. anna: and a key to the success is having the proper shoes. not only being comfortable but
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she is using her experience to show you how to get the right shoes. >> when she started training, she came to the outfitters to make sure she was wearing the proper shoes. >> we found it was a good shoe with good cushioning. >> a service that is free with no obligation to buy. >> everyone has a different body, everybody runs different. of running shoes, you can do injury to yourself. >> if you don't have a pair of running shoes, it makes a big difference. >> he came in, got fitted, and reports no problem. >> when it comes to running
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types. neutral, motion control. they can figure out which category fits you best. >> it will look at the way your body moves. >> professionals say it is a most equally important to make sure you're wearing the proper socks. >> cotton is rotten. it's a fiber that whips away moisture and becomes very heavy and abrasive. >> invest in good socks and shoes now and your feet will thank you for it later. >> i was experiencing a little pressure in my arches. with the appropriate shoe, none
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joel: have your running shoes half a size larger because your feet swell when you run. this is simple test to determine what kind you need. even if you're not going to run a marathon, you want to get the right shoes for your feet. anna: some valuable instruments are in the wrong hands right now. the pricey items stolen from a local store. >> and hear from a local boy that is still beaming as he got a game ball from his football
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>> this gives you a look at where the criminals are targeting. in most cases, they are after cash and electronics. we're joined from one of the neighborhoods. >> these cases are so hard to solve because they are happening at all times of day. they have all kinds of suspect descriptions and are asking you to make sure you have your doors and windows locked. >> they have been responding since the new year and there have been 13 break-ins, in some cases, tens of thousands of dollars of electronics were stolen. the captain says the only thing the thieves have in common is
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>> there was camera, cash, jewelry. you put it in your boot bag. >> i spoke to many of the victims listed and they tell me they came face-to-face with the suspect and that was the scariest part. joel: animal investigators are combing every inch of an animal shelter in the county and as they search, a gets more and more heartbreaking. today, dead dogs were found buried in the property.
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it's just horrible seeing how these animals were treated. what else have investigators uncovered? >> i got my hands on new photos and it is deplorable conditions they say they see beyond the defenses here. so many outlets have covered the owners cries. they license denials. the aspca confirmed 15 dogs had been dead, found as the discoveries and employees really got to transplanting animal's on-site. here is what one investigator
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>> several areas were multiple animals were located. they were in burial piles. >> in other words, the carcasses were laying on top of one another in the ground. and it could result in additional charges. they operated without a license for at least two decades. several counts of animal cruelty related charges. we have not heard from them today and it looks like they were asking for help a day before this arrest. as well as the final pickup for
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live this evening. anna: just as it seems it can get worse, you tell us more details that are worse. missing instruments. police on the hunt for vintage banjos. one was a 1930's gibson. worth $9,000. description of the subject. >> when members of the military return from war, it is often to civilian life. that is why job fairs are so important. listen to gloria to find out why so many companies want and need. >> companies are giving out items like this and they are
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900 veterans are searching for jobs at the triangle. to employers. more than 100 of these job fairs annually. the organization is helped spouses find jobs. he was laid off three years ago and is looking for a job. he is thankful to recruit military. >> they gave me a call this morning. >> they also have resources to help veterans look for jobs.
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there and light sleet. other spots may see a little bit of sleep but you can see it's all very light. most of it is light rain. it will not be a big rainmaker. all dry and more than likely will stay that way. we'll gradually shift out of here and be out of the region. there is our first alert weather station. overcast skies and the rain that has occurred has been very light. temperatures fall by 10:00.
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it's the heavy jacket and out tomorrow morning. triangle northward, mid 50's and bright blue skies. gusting wind up to 30 miles an hour. and what a weekend we have coming. it's going to be a great weekend to be out and about. joel: we will tell you about traffic trouble after a bad accident. details from the news center. >> this is a d.o.t. camera view right here. it's really messing up traffic in both directions. let's take the view of our
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that one is obviously really banged up. you can see that they are trying to get this cleared out of there but really backing up traffic there. this is a mile before you get to the exit. updates on this traffic situation. anna: thanks for the heads up for drivers. we count down to super bowl 50 and share stories from the season. moments like these that people are still talking and smiling about. one of those kids lives right here in raleigh and talks to us just a short time ago about
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>> i got to hang out with him. we saw his shoe collection and i got to see that touchdown ball from cam newton. it happened in the preseason game versus the patriots. he was sitting in the front row for the first time and his mom missed the moment because she was getting him something to drink. cam fist bump him afterwards and he said that players signed that ball for him and it pretty much made him the coolest kid in school. >> they did not believe me at first until i showed them the video and then they were super
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>> he was nonstop, he called the entire time and slept with the ball. >> he didn't just get one ball, he got to. he got a signed legends ball and is part of a pretty exclusive club. >> that is an exclusive club. we've been with the panthers and will be live for super bowl 50. our special coverage starts sunday and we will be there all week. you can get special coverage on website. they did not have the ball in the live shot. he's not letting anybody near
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anna: if you have been waiting
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this is the view from chopper 11 hd. the store is set to open march 16 and will be the third store in the triangle. the federal trade commission is suing devry university, accusing the school of misleading students. the agency takes issue with ads that claim 90% of people that graduated found jobs in their preferred field. some ads claim graduates have income 50% higher than all other colleges and universities a year after graduating. they say the stats are deceptive. the lawsuit is without ballot legal basis and will be vigorously contested. joel: the fast food credit card concern we reported about wendy's yesterday.
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check their statement. chick-fil-a and dairy queen now reporting the same trouble. it's unclear how big the hacks may have been. how about tossing out your atm card altogether? banks are allowing you to get cash through the phone. anna: and one of the cutest
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the special ca anna: facebook is making more money off of you than ever before. $1.5 billion in profits just in the last three months of 2015. the amount has grown 33% globally.
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it is currently developing new atms that will let customers draw cash or complete other transactions. the new machines also accept in seven skin tones and the company will continue to sell the original barbie. anna: we are about to show you something very few people get to see. right in the middle of last week's snowstorm. we have exclusive access to
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>> this is what a baby lemur looks and sounds like. staff at the duke lemur center are working around-the-clock to care for this little one. >> we make sure everyone is strong and healthy. we make sure the baby is gaining weight. >> it was not easy for staff to get to him. >> we had a good idea he would be coming. >> megan davidson walked two miles in the snow to get to the new baby. >> i was able to walk through the snow. we check on every lemur day one
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it was very special to me. >> in these crucial few weeks, he bonds with his mom. >> they cling tightly to mom, bright and vocal. he had all his fingers and toes and gave them right back. >> he has gained six grams and has proven he can survive a storm. what is his name and how is he picked? will get into it tonight at 5:30 p.m. he looks like gollum from lord of the rings. there's a lot to monitor in the
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>> the things we are following in the top of the hour. >> keeping a close eyeyen that rack. this is at the beltline split. breaking news. our crew just saw a person taken away in an ambulance and another one showing up all the way to downtown raleigh. also a bank manager stops and armed robbery. holding the door shot while the robber is trying to get inside. the guy eventually runs away and there is a manhunt for him. chris is with us. chris: it will not be an issue. it temperatures above freezing. there is rain out there.
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joel: and we are tipped off on something unusual on tender. one of the leading presidential and more ahead. picture. recently sold it auction for more than $1 million. he typically charges up to half $1 million. a european businessman saw the picture of the potato and wanted it. >> he must've been serving
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>> the humpback whale that
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>> andanna: a wild rack is one of developing stories this afternoon when a driver blacks out traveling down the road. crashed into a building and upside down. the driver was able to crawl and was incredibly not heard. joel: hundreds of people woke up without power this morning. the driver is still missing. the force of the wreck snapped the pole into pieces and left it
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about 300 people lost power and everyone is back online. a woman is out more than $200 after falling victim to a hostage scam. she was at work and received a call saying her father was being held hostage and would be killed if she didn't send money. the man claimed the father ran over the nephew with her car. she bought for at&t cards for more than $200. >> he's like, do as i say or i'm going to kill your dad, don't dad. joel: she called her father and learned he was at work. these scammers are difficult to trace.
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scientists said it may have contributed to the death of the whale. on the 15,000 pound whale, the exact cause of death won't be known. it will take a few days. that is going to do it for us at 4:00. >> a bizarre twist in a bank robbery thanks to an alert manager.
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