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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 1100 PM  ABC  January 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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>> images you cannot forget, fish and animals fighting for survival in filth, the local woman who fought to shut down this shelter. >> at bank managers stopping an armed robbery in his tracks. > see what's happening this instant. eyewitness news at 11:00 starts now.
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believe the scale of it. >> injured and neglected animals struggling to survive in conditions that would turn your stomach. tisha: heartbreaking images like this one behind us stuck with a fayetteville woman and motivated her to take action against an animal shelter. reporter: good evening. you might call jamie harissa whistleblower. it was her call to action that set off a flood of community complaints and concerned calls to the agriculture department and the sheriff's department and eventually led to the animal rescue shelter being closed down. harris says it she did it for
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>> i feel like north carolina needs to step up their game when it comes to animal laws and regulations. reporter: these images brought tears to her eyes and relief to her heart >> when i woke up this morning, i had 200 messages from people who had turned in their animals to the haven but had no idea this was going on. >> volunteers continued moving animals today. she first visited the shelter and was shocked. >> i'll the road was a whining. it had two or three very large wounds with maggots and then. reporter: she filed complaints and created this facebook page about the unlicensed shelter. >> we have made hundreds of phone calls and e-mails.
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reporter: complaints led to do discovery of unhealthy conditions for many of the animals. investigators say they found more than one dozen dead dolls on the property. >> i think it is unfortunate that it had been shut down earlier. the conditions did not happen overnight. reporter: the owners are charged with animal charity -- animal cruelty. >> speak out, have your voice heard. volunteers tell us that many of the animals that they examined and treated had a untreated medical problems including severe respiratory disease and somewhere badly malnourished. investigators say they are still searching the site, looking for evidence that they can turn over to prosecutors.
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the cumberland county sheriff's office says marcel williams faces new charges including two counts of raping a child. he was charged with several offenses last month. steve: a raleigh woman exposed four years ago for running a questionable charity arrested today in weight county a connection with another scam. jennifer pierce and brian knight are accused of being operators of a charity to get large borders of mobile devices. not exist. pearson has been in trouble. in 2011, we investigated a charity or people donated misused goods. tisha: new tonight, donald trump holding true to his word, skipping out on the to republican debate in imi. instead, he is holding a rally to raise funding for veterans
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he skipped today because of an ongoing feud with fox news. fox releases statement saying he offered to appear on condition of a $5 million donation to the charity. senator ted cruz took center stage of the debate. he started the debate by thinking the other candidates for showing i/o voters respect by schilling appeared he also channel donald trump i had organs was at the other candidates on stage. jeb bush steve: said he missed him. steve:there is a null social media push on the road to the white house and is targeting voters in north carolina and an entirely new way. bernie sanders is heating up women on tender. women in raleigh sent us these screen grabs to the democratic senator from vermont is not looking for dates, he is looking for votes. as i zoom in, take a look at what he says. may the burned turn your apathy
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tisha: a bank managers stopping an armed robber in his tracks. he can see the manager using his body to stop that man from getting into the bank. elaina athans is live as the pnc bank picking up the story. reporter: it would be proper standing right here. trying to get inside. there was one customer inside at the time. that customer spoke with us and said the situation was surreal. the branch manager slamming the door shut in fighting to gain control as a robber armed with a gun tries to barge in. the battle took place is morning 15 minutes after opening. you can see the gunman pointing the weapon at the managers face. the manager stood his ground. within seconds, the gunman runs away. police are praising the manager
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>> he is a brave man. he said that he is really doesn't want the publicity from this. at the same time, he is a hero. reporter: police say the manager -- police of the gunman went to the getaway car. >> -- reporter: she knew immediately something was wrong. >> it surprised me, because i hadn't seen the guy before. reporter: police that the car was in mitsubishi eclipse. police are searching for the man who showed up here. then went up against a very determined they manager. >> if the suspect had gotten in, obviously he was armed.
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he very quickly got into a shooting situation. reporter: they could have been the case, thankfully it was not. after the incident. the situation. they are offering a reward for arrest. steve: people watching the video in amazement tonight. new evidence could help bring justice to the families of two teenagers killed. three teenagers were hit as they walked next to the highway earlier this month. authorities say they are looking for men 1990's pickup truck. it is believed the vehicle is white with a loud exhaust
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tisha: a minister is asking the school board for a change in the way your child learns about black history. he wants all middle schools to offer a black history classes and make it a graduation requirement for high school. we are live outside the durham public school headquarters. reporter: the discussion here tonight was as much about keeping during youth out of jail as it was about the classroom. by putting black history back into the schools, it could help what ails the city's youth. one by one, speakers pushing the school board to make black history mandatory. >> we can have some more understanding if we put black history into this goes. >> when the schools merged, they took black history away.
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reporter: middle schools schools rising suspension rate in classroom achievement gap due to a lack of self-confidence and black students. the libido back classes in all middle schools and high schools. >> all these young african-american males dying in the streets of darren -- the one thing that we have not tried that stopping the violence is -- self worth that would come from learning about black history. reporter: jackie wants to go even further, making black history mandatory at the elementary school level, lobby and her colleagues to make. >> and they are in charge of policies and they control what they want to do. reporter: the issue was limited to public comment on the. the board did not discuss it. his goal was to get the ball rolling on what he host becomes
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steve: in johnston county the department of social services building will reopen tomorrow morning after discovering that punks. it was thought that -- discovering bedbugs. it was not a full-fledged infestation. they will be open tomorrow. tisha: the military announces changes to maternity leave. couch flies coach. ethan couch flies commercial to the units -- u.s. for a court appearance camara -- for a court appearance tomorrow. a fashion statement from bill clinton, wearing his american pride. first, and look outside the raleigh eyewitness news center.
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chris: last week we were preparing for a storm. now we are getting set for a gorgeous weekend. temperatures in the mid-30's. lots of sunshine returns
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like our facebook page and click get notifications for the latest updates. tisha: the pentagon is setting uniform standard when it comes to military leave from others, receiving 12 weeks of paid leave . those serving in the navy will
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ash carter says he will ask authorities to increase paternity leave to 14 days. the moves are part of an initiative aimed at making the military and attractive career choice. steve: ethan couch back in the u.s. tonight, escorted to the dallas in handcuffs after arriving from mexico. he was taken to a juvenile detention center. his only request was for food. he will appear in court tomorrow. he could also be released one prosecutors decide if he violated the terms of his probation. tisha: a look at the escape route taken by three inmates who broke out of the jail in california. a section of barbed wire on the roof was cut to the inmates used makeshift rope to rip out to the escapees are still at large.
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tonight is ready. this is at princess juliana airport in saint maarten. too close for comfort. he can see the jet barely clearing the fence. missing beachcombers by a few feet. the guy who shot the video said he could see the plane banking. bill clinton making a bold statement in iowa. the president rocking that american flag sweater with hillary and cornell. the patriotic sweater creating a huge buzz on social media. he was also wearing a brooch for hillary on his chest. we have an update on a story we
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i-99-year-old woman got this care of her life when she found him sleeping on her chest in miami. his owner says they are peaceful unless cornered. this one just wanted at bedtime cut all. i think this guy needs to change his locks or something. tisha: i guess they had never met before. chris: whole nother world for us compared to last week. temperatures seasonable. into the weekend, starting tomorrow, temperatures above
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then we take off into the 60's, sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday. it will not last, though. rain pretty much gone. most areas few sprinkles around the triangle. seven hundredths of an inch of rain shell. downtown raleigh looking good. durham, temperatures in the upper 30's. not a bad evening. light rain in raleigh. temperatures in the 40's. moisture will continue to track offshore. beautiful and blustery friday. humidity, 73%.
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34 in turin. northwest of the triangle, freezing. 10 degrees spread from northwest to southeast. overnight, clearing skies. mid-30's in the triangle toward fayetteville. maybe a patch of fog in the morning. 34, 7:00. mid-40's by 11:00. we will have wind from the northwest at 10-15. : tomorrow night, upper 20's.
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things look great into saturday. temperatures warming into the mid-50's. even warmer as we get into sunday. raleigh, 51. 50 in chapel hill. mid-50's in fayetteville. very pleasant tomorrow. 51 in wilson. upper-level wind. southwest wind, flirting with 70. here is another did in the jet stream. cold air mass moving in. my temperatures below average. 57 degrees on saturday. a beautiful weekend, whenever you have planned.
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4-5 days above normal. tisha: that forecast puts me in a good mood. the most iconic doll in the world has changes.
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steve: tisha: barbie will now come in four body types, seven skin tones, 22 icon is. mattel says the changes of the most in the ticket related barbie since she hit shelves in 1959. it comes after years of criticism over barbie's unrealistic proportions. steve: sneaker fans stating how to be the first to buy the new air jordans. people lined up in chicago, camping chairs and tents are not enough to keep you warm so blankets. they started letting up on wednesday. the new shoes go on sale on saturday. the retail price is $650.
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degrees in chicago tonight. president obama taking a diplomatic approach to the super bowl. tisha: last year, the president would only say the game would be a close one. >> it is great for peyton manning to be in a super bowl again. carolina looks tough. steve: that is jim penniman there interviewing the president. i can the president was being deferential to the broncos. because we know the panthers are favored. that was a little conservative. >> i have a hard time seeing
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next, a breakdown of josh norman's breakout season. plus, high school hoops.
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>> josh norman always knew he had the stuff to be a star. just took the long -- you just took longer for the nfl to realize that. he shuts down wide receivers and opens up in front of the microphone. he first made headlines by scrapping with his quarterback. fittingly, it started after he intercepted cam newton. >> we compete hard at practice. >> there is no hard feelings between no one in the locker room. i am bringing the best out of josh. >> that fire has field both players. a small player from carolina has
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>> huge right to meet that as much as you possibly can. great things happen to you. >> people had the audacity to throw at him. they paid the price. >> i wanted to show that nobody >> -- eventually, they stopped trying, mashed up against the best receiver each week, he deleted them, often driving them crazy in the process. >> none. four quarters and the other opponent -- not my fault. >> does bryant made the mistake of talking pregame trash. >> when you disrespect, stuff like this happens.
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>> what he did -- you see what kind of player he is. >> gnashed against the guy a live peyton manning, norman will once again be key. >> throw an interception or something -- allows me to be there for it. that is how >> much i really think about the guy. i think we would all love to see that, time for another play of the year. game 10-12, my last two plays have been defensive stuff. i am inclined to choose the game in new orleans but there was no bigger audience than thanksgiving day in dallas. the panthers made a national statement. give me the spanish announcers again. [shouting]
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[indiscernible] >> it gets no better. the cougars had just taken a one point lead. a game-winning shot. 18-0. [laughter] tisha: thank you for watching. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its
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