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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  January 29, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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this is a very exciting day. panthers fans are excited for the panthers on the way to super bowl 50, the first super bowl appearance for the panthers since the 2003 season. let's just say these fans are very confident coming after the 15-1 season. they will be excited for the players showing up at the pep rally today. people have shown up in a black and blue's and it's an absolute must if you come out to this cap pep relative we have rally. we have seen banners and pom-poms. everything is getting ramped up as we get closer to the start of the pep relative governor -- pet rally. governor mccoury is supposed to be here along with the panthers everyone has their favorite. >> we have been on the road with my best friend since about 8:00
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we knew to come here early . >> my mom loves cam, but luke! andrea: a lot of rooting for super cam and the loop. the crowd is getting bigger and bigger by the second as they get closer to the state could we will keep you posted when things kick off here and we will check back in and about half an hour. andrea blanford, abc 11 eyewitness news. john: thank you. we will be at the panthers through super bowl 50. our special live coverage begins with sunday live from santa clara as the team arrives. you can also get in-depth coverage on line abc anna: cases of the zika virus reported here in the u.s.. at least 31 confirmed cases in 11 states. the latest just yesterday reported in massachusetts.
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the good news is the virus cannot be passed from person to person. the concern is still very real. the world health organization women or those planning to get pregnant do not travel to the is linked to a number of birth defects. an emergency meeting is scheduled for monday to decide if the zika virus should be declared health emergency. kenneth mouton will have more in the next half hour. every thing you need to know about the zika virus including affected countries is online at abc you can learn about the typical symptoms associated with the virus and how you can protect yourself. look for the story right there on the homepage. john: a brutal robbery attack on a well known and loved member of
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police searching for three suspects that badly injured the former general manager of the closed restaurant earlier this week. ed crump is live with those details. ed: eddie nice lives in these departments in downtown raleigh, just a couple blocks from where she worked for years. this is where she was beaten and robbed. she is well known not only from her job, but also is a major leader in raleigh's irish community. she told police she was getting out of her car in the parking lot to get to the apartment three young men. according to the of the police got away with her license, and green card. she was hit to the ground and suspect. she is in pain and of the night
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her supporters point out that she for years helped raise money deserving people. if you want to contribute, we have a link to that gofundme we hope to speak to nice today and we will have that conversation beginning with her newscast. john: a lot of folks pulling for her full recovery. a fort bragg soldier is facing new sex offense charges. the cumberland county sheriff's office says williams faces new 13 charges including two counts of raping a child. the man was charged with several offenses last mombia police say there was no
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broken into or of traumatic injuries on her body. anna: police are still searching for a would-be bank robber. a $5,000 reward is offered for information that leads to the rest of this man who tried to rob the pnc bank yesterday did the story is not making national headlines because of that surveillance video that shows the bank manager holding the door closed in fighting the robber from coming into the door. after several violent polls on the door, the man ran off. authorities in harnett county health new evidence lead them to a hit-and-run driver. it was on highway 21 earlier this month. two of them died. authorities are looking for mid-1990's gnc or ford pickup truck. the teens who survive believe the vehicle was white with a loud exhaust system. anyone with information on this case is encouraged to call highway patrol.
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its plans for a major expansion at its north american headquarters in charlotte. this after failed attempts to purchase general electric's compliance unit. electrolux employs about 850 people in charlotte. the expansion would have double that number. the obama administration is expanding a data collection program aimed at uncovering abuses of equal pay law. the new proposals will cover businesses with more than 100 employees regardless of whether the contract with the government. anna: the pentagon is setting new standards when it comes to maternity leave. mothers in the army and air force will get 12 weeks of fully paid leave. mother serving in the navy will see their leave dropped from 18 weeks to 12. as for military dads, defense secretary ash carter says he will at to increase paternity leave from 10 to 14 days. the changes are part of a pentagon initiative aimed at making the military and
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time is running out to enroll in health coverage under obamacare. sunday is last day to enroll for 2016 unless you qualify for a special exemption. the affordable care act requires americans to carry health coverage or pay a fine. be warned -- those penalties were really cost you more this year. john: the u.s. economy growth slowed sharply in the final three months of 2015. government figures released this morning showed the economy grew by 7/10 of 1%. annual growth in the third quarter. the slowdown is blamed on businesses cutting back on that trimmed exports. a durham minister has plans to end youth violence in the black community. anna: the classy wants school student can graduate. john: a woman's license is pulled after an i-team investigation reveals she is in
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anna: here's a look at the raleigh skyline. it is gorgeous out there -- 52 degrees. don schwenneker joins us and it's going to be an awesome weekend. don: we have great weather moving in and a nice stretch over the next couple days. we will talk about that coming up.
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abc 11 eyewitness news continues. john: welcome back. here's a live look at now at of fans are now gathering for a pep rally to send the super bowl clara, california. our andrea blanford is down there among that crowd. she will bring us another live update coming up in our 12:30 p.m. half-hour could a rally woman exposed by our i-team four years ago for running a questionable charity has been arrested in wake county in collection with another scam. they are accused of representing charity in order to get large orders of mobile devices with service contractor authorities say the charity did not exist. this is not the first time pierce has been in trouble when it comes to charity work back. back in 2011, the i-team exposed
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the stake revote -- state revoked her charity license. anna: schools in fayetteville got mentoring from the state's top education official. dr. june atkinson spoke to the schools award ceremony. she talked to the stints about the importance of education and mentoring. she also talked about having fun and how she likes to paraguay. a durham minister is asking the school board for a change in the way your child learns about black history. he says it could be the key to keeping kids out of trouble. offer black history classes and to make lack history a graduation requirement for all high school students. he is convinced that bringing black history to the schools could help what ails the city's youth. >> all these young african-american males dying in the streets of durham. we have not tried as far stopping the violence by giving
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will come from learning about black history. anna: he says his goal is to get the ball rolling for what he hopes will be a policy discussion in the near future. the final republican debate and how candidates will spend their weekend winning
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ojohn: this afternoon, we are getting a look at what led to a shootout that killed an armed activists in oregon. the fbi releasing the video of the fatal traffic stop. you see a white vehicle speeding down the highway until it reaches a roadblock. it appears to show someone getting out of the vehicle and reaching into his pocket. federal agents say that is lavoy finicum reaching for a gun. he was killed and the fbi says the video counters claims that the shooting was unprovoked. this weekend, the presence of candidates will crisscross iowa stumping for votes because
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well heading into the rest of the campaign. lana zach, abc news, des moines. anna: it was interesting at the beginning where megyn kelly said we have to talk about that elephant not number. -- in the room. it was a snowstorm for the record bnooks. john: it was the fourth must powerful storm that hit the east coast in 50 years. 340,000 square miles. more than 24 million people saw 20 inches of snow as the flakes fell from louisiana to maine. anna: remember what you are doing this time last friday? john: i was right here on the air. don: we were in our eighth hour i believe.
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outside this weekend. if you have plans outside, should be a good weekend. if you wash your car, you will get several days out of it. let's talk about the weekend forecast. we see temperatures across the region in the 50's. saturday will see temperatures going to 57. by saturday, more sunshine working in as we go to 56 degrees. we are not seeing anything as the showers have now shifted out of here. a live look into downtown raleigh and we are 52 in the capital city. 37% humidity and northwest wind at eight miles per hour. it live look into durham is 51. a southwest wind at six. fayetteville checks in at 56. just 39% humidity and one cloud right there in the sky with the west wind at four miles per hour.
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fifth the -- in apex. 50 in holly springs. look at the rest of the region, 51 and 56 and fayetteville. 52 in goldsboro. 48 in oxford. the latest satellite radar composite shows the cloud cover counties. it is going to stay up there. if we zoom it out, we have snow virginia. down here, not much happening. look at all this clear real estate. wheat we could take off a plane from wilmington to wichita, the sky. it makes for a stellar weekend for the last weekend of january. we had through the afternoon and the first alert forecast model shows cloud cover working through. i this evening, it's all gone.
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two high clouds and lots of sunshine for your high saturday. temperatures gradually warming and we will see 60's on sunday. by monday morning at 5:00 a.m., a couple of clouds along the coast. high pressure in place tomorrow giving us beautiful weather with lots of sunshine. a quiet day and mostly sunny. as we go through today and into sunday, it's going to grab hold of the warm air sitting out here. it will pull up to us and we will see warmer temperatures. as we go to sunday, temperatures will actually go 60's across the region instead of the 50's. for the rest of today, temperatures this afternoon running where they are. we will not see much of a change. 50's across the area on this friday. tonight, skies will clear and temperatures drop quickly. temperatures will be in the 40's and 30's. 29 is the overnight low in raleigh. 32 in fayetteville. the first alert seven-day forecast power by accuweather
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50 degrees and nothing but sunshine on your mother. tuesday is 66 for groundhog day. with rain likely. you could certainly see a rumble are too abundant as we go from 65 on wednesday that to the 50's and 40's on thursday. it gets colder as we go to next week, but just a great three or four days. what a perfect time for a warm up.
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john: another rock legend has died. sounding jefferson airplane hospital overnight. jefferson airplane saying about the sex, drugs, and politics lifestyle. after the lineup change, he renamed the band jefferson starship and took on a more pop sound. a birthday surprise from fayetteville native j cole. to celebrate his birthday, he released a live version of his album "force est hills drive.
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anna: the oscars announced its first groups of presenters and entertainers for this year's award ceremony. the names include whoopi goldberg, benicia del toro, tina fey, and kevin hart. artist performing including lady gaga and sam smith. the academy awards will be hosted by chris rock and handed out february 28. you can watch it right here on abc 11 and the next morning, we will have your complete wrap on eyewitness news. sneaker fans, staking out a spot to be one of the first to buy the new air jordans. they are lined outside of the michal jordan store in chicago. tents are not enough to keep people away. everyone had lots of blankets and fleas. fan started lining up wednesday, three days before the sneakers go on sale. the new air jordans go on sale tomorrow. yet this -- retail price is $650 a pair. john: such a deal.
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the doctor who inspired the movie "concussion" has his own verdict in the o.j. simpson case. he ablaze symptoms -- simpson may have sustained brain damage and an 11 year pro football career that preceded his 1995 murder trial. the friends pathologist for trade in the film by will smith has found the disease, which can only be diagnosed posthumously. it displays violent tendencies and an inability to display depression. simpson was a running back for the bills and 49ers. he was charged with killing his ex-wife, nicole brown system, and his friend ron goldman. he was acquitted of murder in a how the pub size trial, but was
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he is serving a 33 year john: what a texas judge could decide to do with you can catch.
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and abused>> the only station with three newsrooms -- and downtown raleigh, downtown durham, and downtown fayetteville. abc 11 eyewitness news continues. anna: happening now, a massive rally is underway in uptown charlotte for the carolina panthers. fans are sending the team off to sandra claire -- santa clara and style. andrea blanford is live with all the details. andrea: massive is the right word to use for this cap rally. they were expecting more than 10,000 people and they are going to get there. take a look at all these fans
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we are right in the middle about 10 charlotte, a perfect day for this as we wait for some of the carolina panthers players to take the state. i think we see sir purr on the stage right now. that's a special treat right there. the top cats are here taking pictures with fans. they are so ecstatic for the panthers making it to super bowl 50, the first super bowl appearance since 2003, coming off a 15-1 season. everyone here is wearing some sort of black and blue with varying creations of that. there are but was an flags flying up here. people are wearing their favorite jerseys. we are going to expect some special appearances when the program officially gets underway at 1:00. governor pat mccrory and some of the panthers players and everyone has a favorite. >> i had to be have been on the road since about 8:00.
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>> my mom loves camp, but luke! andrea: you heard it that some of these fans are up at the front. they got here at 8:00 or 9:00 and wanted it does not even start for another half hour. let me tell you that i heard that some of these players include greg olsen and mike tolbert. a lebanese people are going to be very excited to see some of their favorite players we will keeps. a very fun sendoff as these panthers players get ready to go off to santa clara sunday. keep pounding. anna: you need to find some of that blue lipstick that some of those fans half. andrea: i am on it. anna: we will see you at 4:00 this afternoon. thank you, andrea. we will be with the panthers three super bowl 50. our special live coverage starts this sunday live from santa
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we have been with the team this entire season. you can also get end up online at abc john: police searching for it would be bank robber. if i thousand dollar reward being offered for information that leads to the arrest of the man you see they're trying to rob a pnc bank yesterday. the story has received national attention because the bank manager was caught on video blocking the armed robber from coming in the door. rtment had been broken into or the genetic injuries on her body. john: police are looking for the person who attacked and robbed a well-known local woman as she
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ed crump has the details. ed: any nice lives of these where she worked from years. any nice is well known for her in raleigh's irish community. she tells police she was getting out of her car behind her apartment building tuesday night young men. according to a police report, the thieves got away with her briefcase, wallet, smartphone, and green card. according to a gofundme page, she was hit in the back of the head, thrown to the ground, and dragged by the three suspects. she is in pain and wearing a surgical neck brace and facing possible surgery for ligament damage. the fundraiser is to help cover medical bills and other expenses. for years, she helped raise charity funds for other deserving people. if you want to contribute to that effort, you can find to a link to the gun of dust gofundme
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ed crump, abc 11 eyewitness news. john: heartbreaking images of injured and neglecting animals was all a fayetteville woman needed to take action against they hope -- a shelter in hoke county. the shelter was shutdown this week with more than 600 animals removed and a dozen dead dogs found on the property. jamie harris first visited the haven last june and was shocked by what she saw. she filed several complaints and completed a facebook page about the unlicensed shelter. she was overwhelmed by the response. >> we made hundreds of phone calls, e-mail thousands of times. it took the whole community coming together to do it. we just gave them a platform. john: the complaints led to the discovery of filthy and unhealthy conditions at the shelter.
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anna: the affluenzatrial, a defense witness argued that couch had been cobbled into a sense of irresponsibility by his wealthy parents. fighting the zika virus. the mosquito borne diseases on
12:31 pm
cases symptoms of told to be checked immediately. kenneth moten, abc news, wattage and to -- washington. john: chopper 11 hd was over the building earlier this week after it was shutdown because of bedbugs. they were discovered in the waiting area. at first, it was thought the building would be closed until next week. a pest control company says it was not a full-fledged infestation. a rabies alert this afternoon in rally could iraq and tested positive for rabies. it was found near the 4400 block of element drive in northwest raleigh. the reckoning came in contact with the dog, but thankfully the dog was up-to-date with its rabies vaccination. the race is on to unload a
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anna:john: this afternoon, crews are rushing to unload a cargo ship before it sinks. anna: the story tops our must-see videos. a cargo ship carrying construction equipment is thinking dangerously off the coast of france after it was disabled in a storm.
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crew members and now the raction work in the oregon state player missed both of his free throws. john: the budweiser clydesdale family just got a little bigger. this is matt, a male full born tuesday in boonville, missouri. he is the first clydesdale born in 2016 to join the anheuser-busch heard of more
12:34 pm
the company has had a tradition of using the horses in its marketing campaign since 1933. the original budweiser clydesdales where family gift to celebrate the end of prohibition. anna: you can see the must-see videos any time by going to abc or by using the abc 11 eyewitness news app on your phone or tablet. you can show people that they be clydesdale or michael phelps. john: the curtain of distraction. a man was arrested at one of europe's biggest hearst attractions. anna: details just ahead on eyewitness news. an italian coast guard comes to the rescue. the lifesaving mission captured on video. john: here's a look at downtown durham. don schwenneker says it's good to be a pretty weekend and it looks pretty right now. don: we are seeing gusts up to 30 miles an hour to outside of our studios, the flags artful attention. we will talk more about the winds today. we will have the complete weekend forecast. we check on your first alert
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containing two firearms and ammunition as well as a carotid. he reportedly told police he had the guns for his own protection. disney is the parent company of abc 11. anna: the italian coast guard rescues five migrants off a sinking boat in a dramatic operation of the greek island. the migrants appeared to be a family with two children and were rescued during the operation that took place overnight wednesday into thursday. the italian coast guard is taking part in rescue operations as part of the european the side in front operation. john: in our del potro mexico, a fire ripped through a condominium, shooting flames up 14 stories. officials say a ghastly ignited the roof at the building dentures. the fire is out and no injuries have been reported. anna: marine biologists in india conducted an autopsy on the caucus of a 35 foot whale that washed ashore on a popular beach in mumbai. hundreds of people gathered this
12:37 pm
harness around the whale and lifted it onto an open truck. the mammal was spotted on the beach thursday by walker's who told police. the biologists say the whale appeared to die at see some days earlier and washed ashore. we reported on those a couple long the north carolina coast. three biologists say that is more common than we realize e. john: that is a huge whale. anna: people might be thinking of the beach on such a nice weekend. don: maybe. there's lots of sunshine if you're headed to the beach. a lot of folks are headed to the mountains. it should be a great ski weekend if you are heading up there. wonder whether and lots of snow. let's talk about what we are seeing over the next 12 hours if you're heading out and about on this friday. you will see temperatures in the 50's today. by 4:00, we drop back down to the 40's. the numbers quickly falling
12:38 pm
five men, we are down to 31. if you're out and about on this friday night in the triangle, expect those colder temperatures. in the sandhills, upper 50's this afternoon. by 6:00, upper 40's. 10:00 his upper 30's. you should stay above freezing for your friday night plans. not seeing anything on the radar after a busy couple of days. the temperature right now is 52. the dew point is just 26. for the northwest wind at eight, but we have seen gusts on our senses going up to 25 miles and hour. let's take a look at what is happening across the region. 32% humidity and there is a guest going up to 21 miles per hour. we have seen those go of higher on the term camera. down in fayetteville, 57 and 36% humidity. the winds have not been as bad in the fayetteville area.
12:39 pm
as they go down haight street. let's go to the beach and you can see a live look at atlantic beach. 52 degrees is the temperature out there right now. lots of sunshine and they are seeing clouds from a system. those clouds will continue to move out of the region. we go to a live look at the mountains. still some snow and higher elevations. 34 degrees if you're headed to the mountains. 46 in roxboro right now. 48 in south hill. 52 in louisburg and 53 in sanford. 54 in smithville. looking at the rest of the nation, really cold air is missing. we are seeing some 20's as we look up to minneapolis. 26 and clean bill. -- in cleveland. 53 in memphis.
12:40 pm
see the 60's and here by sunday. right now, we are looking at the latest silent picture from around the area. we have a few clouds on the northern county could snow flying to the mountains of west virginia. that will stay up there. we will not see much in the way of snowfall or rainfall or even cloud cover. the first alert predictor forecast model showing nothing but sunshine as we go through the day and into tomorrow. more sunshine today and it will last all weekend long. temperatures hovering about where they are. low to mid 50's this afternoon. tonight, temperatures across the region back into the 20's for overnight lows. tonight is the coldest night of the weekend and the coldest night of the next seven days. after tonight, we warm it up. 57 saturday. sunday 63 and we stay in the 60's to next week. showers and if you thunderstorms possible into wednesday. john: looking good. anna: even if you don't go to
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john: road rage season is hitting soon and lots of people heading to the treadmills. anna: getting the proper shoes. it's not only about being comfortable, but preventing an injury. john: she is using her experience to show you how to get the right shoes. >> when mindy grey started training for marathons, she came to this rally outfitters to make sure she was wearing the proper shoes. >> we found a good mutual shoe that was a helpful. >> evaluating a fitting people into the right shoes is a service that is free but no obligation to buy. >> everybody's body is different. everyone's running style is different. everyone's biomechanical physiology is different. if you are not in the correct type of running shoe, you can injure yourself. >> it is something that adam scott learned the hard way, dealing wish and splits -- with shin splints. >> if you do not have a good pair of running shoes, can make a big difference.
12:42 pm
got fitted with proper shoes and reports no problems. >> at this point, i never feel the shoes hold me back. >> experts say there are three main types. neutral, support, and motion control. trained professionals can figure out which category fits you best. >> we will give you biomechanical assessment. we'll get you on the treadmill and look at the way your body moves and recommendation that's going to work for your gate. >> it is not just about the shoes. professional say it is him is equally important to make sure you are wearing the proper socks. >> cotton is rotten. what cotton does is the fibers love wicking away moisture. as it works away moisture, it becomes very heavy, very abrasive. >> experts and veteran runners agree to invest in good socks and a good shoes now and your feet will thank you for it later. >> when i was running in the old ones, i was experiencing pressure in my arches. i was expensing pain in my calves.
12:43 pm
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developing this hour. raleigh police searching for a person who attacked and robbed a woman earlier this week. annie nice is mourned for her former jobtrying to get a handle on the virus say it is spreading explosively. john: also developing and charlotte, a giant rally underway as fans send the panthers off to the super bowl in santa clara. several players are expected to appear at this rally. andrea blanford is in the middle of it all and she will have live report starting at 4:00.
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