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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 600 PM  ABC  January 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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student say there was a party in the area last night but nobody expected the night to end with a violent assault. >> i was really surprised. >> that is scary. right after it happened, i think i'm going to buy pepper spray today. reporter: that man is still on the run. police do not have a description. the victim was not able to get a good look at her attacker. police are asking anyone with information to contact their department. tisha: thank you. she is known to many as raleigh's irish ambassador. for years, she was the general manager of the irish pub. active in charity fundraisers, chino finds herself the subject of a fundraising effort after she was beaten and robbed.
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reporter: she says she noticed three young men walking on the sidewalk tuesday night as she was getting out of her car in the parking lot. she said she cannot think twice about turning her back and heading inside. now, she is battered and bruised and in constant pain. >> it was like a football tackle from behind. reporter: her shoulder shows the marks where the attackers dragged her. they stole the bag, while it, and smartphone. she is the former general manager of the recently closed restaurant a couple of blocks away. she is known as the irish ambassador and the. kind of person who gets back to her community. she says when she was employed, she would have given the attackers more than they took if they asked. but now unemployed, she said her attackers are probably better off than she is.
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they took from somebody who has nothing. reporter: she gets emotional every time she tells the story of her attack. but she gives in -- gets more emotional when she talks about how raleigh is giving back to her with the gofundme page that has raised more than $10,000 for her medical expenses. >> everybody has reached out. reporter: as police try to find leads on her attacker she cannot help but wonder. >> somebody knows what they do. they will wonder where they got the stuff. from. reporter: she talks to us next to the picture of her sons she lost in their youth. she cannot help thinking about them in contrast to the attackers. >> to lose them and then for these three to take me down like
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reporter: another thing stolen from the irish citizen, her green card. she tells me she hopes to have that back by st. patrick's day and also her health enough so she can throw a big irish party to repay all those helping her. tisha: hopefully they will find the people that did this to her. thank you. the governor picking up a victory in the legal battle. the state's highest court sided with the governor over the general assembly. justices decided lawmakers went too far on how they appointed commissioners. the former governors joined mccrory in the lawsuit that challenged the appointment process. tom ross is heading to duke campus. he is out a system president. today, ross named him the
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university's school of public policy. he had a b-17-campus system from january 2011 until earlier this year. he begins his job at duke on monday. in orange county, a debate over a water balloon fight. we are told what was a tradition led to suspensions. students and parents are trying to figure out why. stephanie lopez joins us live from outside cedar ridge high school in hillsboro. stephanie: some of the seniors at this school tell us they thought the water balloon prank was all fun and games. now some parents and students a suspension is a punishment that goes too far. we spoke to a group of seniors who tell us they received varying degrees of suspensions. one student received in-school suspension after being caught with water balloons. she says it is unfair and worries about her college
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away from the water fight after the principal made an announcement warning of the consequences. another student received out of school consequences during exam week. they say the focus for the administration is to make sure the environment is safe and nondisruptive. they would not tell us how we students were suspended or for how long. >> they made me do my exams in one day. it was three nonstop. >> it was a fun prank that was going to be outside. no one was going to get hurt. >> they were basically saying if we decide to do another senior prank, they will stop us from walking at graduation. stephanie: the principal told parents in an e-mail she is disappointed in the actions of some students and she felt the water balloon fight could lead
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and she did not want to see any of that. stephanie lopez, abc 11 eyewitness news. tisha: thank you. . in fayetteville, pardon our dust signs will be around for a while. city hall is being renovated. that means there will be additional vehicles, pedestrians, and noise at city hall. . they ask your patience the project should be done by june. the head coach sidelined. sylvia hatchell hit with a suspension. mark armstrong will break down what landed her and her staff in trouble. california. passionate fans. they prepare for the big game. new numbers emerging from last week's winter weather. this friday much improved. chris: absolutely.
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a huge contrast to the snow and freezing rain. clear skies tonight and dry air will lead to cold temperatures. we fall into the low 20's through midnight, low 30's and into the 20's by tomorrow morning.
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>> make sure you are cheering for us! can you hear me? tisha: having a little fun doing his best panther growle impression. the panthers are excited and so are the fans. santa clara is there next up. before they depart, the panthers got a special sendoff. she was there for the rally in charlotte. reporter: the panthers say there is nothing they appreciate more than the pride of panther nation. >> we will rock you reporter: carolina panthers fans came to this pep to send their team to the super bowl in style. >> the best $10 i ever spent was this.
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reporter: while they got here early to see their favorite players. >> number 50. reporter: she would have to settle with a video message from number 59. >> thank you for being the best fans in the nfl. reporter: others all here thanking the fans who never doubted. >> thank you guys for being here throughout the cold, the rain, the hot games, coming to training camp. we thank you guys for being there, supporting us from day one. reporter: from day one, these panthers say their success is thanks to the thousands of faces staring back at them. >> we did it because we had panther nation behind is the whole way. panther nation!
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a week from sunday, make sure we can hear you when we are in santa clara. reporter: while some are willing to trade in just about anything to be with the team next sunday in california, they are still enjoying one last party with their panthers in the queen city. >> let's go. [chanting] reporter: these fans will be cheering hard for their team when the panthers go to santa clara on sunday. abc 11 eyewitness news. tisha: our team is getting set to travel to santa clara for the big game. you can count on us to take you inside super bowl 50. our special coverage has started online at and will continue on tv sunday when the teams arrive in california. last week, many of you were chilling at home after a snow
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that is not the case this
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gorgeous weather is on tisha: one week after winter weather paralyzed the state, we are getting the tally on the total. highway crews spread 2.2 million gallons of brine. after the storm, more than 59,000 tons of salt. salt and sand were spread on the u.s. interstate. highway patrol tells us they told 14 vehicles across the
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clearance law that allows them to remove a vehicle in the way of emergency snow removal. the cold weather is putting your child in jeopardy while in your car. the d.o.t. wants to remind you to remove their coat before buckling them in. bulky clothing can lead to increased injuries in a crash. they say to remove the coat and tuck a blanket around them after buckled. they add that adults should do the same. luckily, this weekend we can put our coats away for a little while. at least we will get a break from the cold weather. chris: you are right. you will need it tonight and tomorrow morning and maybe monday morning. you are right. temperatures get to springlike levels sunday afternoon and in the first part of next week as well. tomorrow, we start out cold in
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the afternoon. upper 50's down south. with a lot of sunshine and list feel good. northeast wind at 10. we had some gusts to 25 miles per hour. officially at the airport, 46. the winds have died down some gusts. durham at 44. zebulun at 46 degrees. mid to upper 40's around the triangle. lower 40's near the virginia border. for a time, you had more clouds. we all had the wind. partly sunny sky new the border do the day --during the day. snow showers across parts of the northeast. these did not amount to a lot. the big storm is west.
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washington and our gone, a major winter storm. gusty wind and mudslides. that system will be developed over the southern rockies and bring a cold front wednesday with a chance for showers. tonight, mid and upper 20's. mostly clear skies. a cold night down to about 30 in fayetteville. 26 at southern pines. with the winds dying down, that will be a help in terms of wind chill problems. the winds will gradually diminish this evening. it should not be an issue after 10:00. a beautiful saturday coming up. we jump into the upper 40's at noon. tomorrow temperatures will be a few degrees warmer than today. the wind will be much lighter. that was the bright sun will make it feel good in the mid to upper 50's tomorrow afternoon across the region. high-pressure across the gulf of mexico will go offshore tomorrow.
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that combined with the bright sky and sunshine, temperatures mid 50's. the south winds get to work on the atmosphere on sunday. that is when our temperatures get into the mid 60's for highs. it will be a great day to be out. maybe you need to do some yard work or just fire up the grill. this front comes through in a weakened state on monday. it will cool us down tuesday. it is a stronger front that will come our way by wednesday with a chance for showers with the storm we showed you on the west coast. 55 in raleigh tomorrow. beautiful saturday. lots of sunshine from start to finish through the day. low 50's south hill and roxboro. rain chances zip.
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should have some showers. it does not look like a lot of rain with this as it comes through, but it is several days out. we will keep you posted on that through the weekend. there is your seven-day forecast. the weekend looks austin -- awesome. mid 30's tomorrow night. sunday, mid 60's for highs. same thing monday. more clouds tuesday. punxsutawney fphil in pennsylvania for groundhog day. they will talk about that later on. we will enjoy this while it last. tisha: thank you. we saw the big pep rally. it was not all fun and games for the panthers. >> roy williams goes in on espn's nba draft infatuation with college basketball. plus, what the panthers are
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announcer: now, abc 11 eyewitness news sports sponsored by local toyota dealers. reporter: it has been a rough
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over last weekend. unc announcing have to has been suspended for two games. she will sit for carolina's game on sunday, punishment by the school for making contact with an official during last weekend's loss. actual will also be sidelined for the hills contest on february 7. that suspension is from the ncaa for a recruiting violation. assistant coach tracey williams-johnson will also sit out the heels versus game february for. hatchell released a statement. we unintentionally broke a rule during a recruiting visit, a mistake we will not make again. i look forward to returning for the remainder of the year to coach this incredible group of women. roy williams has his team operating at a high level. unbeaten in the acc and in the picture friendly and national
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he says the only channel he watches is espn, which means he likes sports. what he does not like is their incessant focus on the nba draft prospects of current college players. roy williams: they are talking about the -- it is the most ridiculous thing. this is a great time for me to be saying something about it. you're sitting there trying to win championships. here is january, and they are talking about chad ford. that is the most ridiculous thing having to put up with in college basketball. reporter: strong words to the team of the moment. the panthers the toast of charlotte at a pep rally today. thousands turned out.
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lu things where you always appreciate being able to see the fruit of your labor. i think all of the guys can say the same about that. we are focusing on playing the game. reporter: this team was a walking heart attack on many occasions like the time they blew a four-touchdown lead to the giants. no worries when you have the league m.v.p. on your side. cam newton with a key scramble into field grow range -- field goal range. a kick to keep them perfect for another week. we are getting excited to head out tomorrow morning. tisha: i am liking the stroll down memory lane.
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reporter: it is hard but i managed to make it happen. tisha: have fun in santa clara. eyewitness news continues on, the mobile app, plus facebook and twitter. "world news tonight" is next. i am tisha powell. thanks for watching.
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