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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News Extra  ABC  January 30, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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>> it is no secret that can do once the popular cost us denver. >> peyton manning is obvious in my favorite or not, but after that in his cam newton. especially the way his personality is on the field. he is a huge role mode i'm a big fan. >> another reminder for you, our crew is in california to kickoff live super bowl coverage on
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live reports there, but i cannot do it. >> afterwards, she said if i cannot win, i am glad she won, she is a lovely girl and is an inspiration.
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>> she is only human. >> and takes the pressure off.
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>> see what is happening this
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abc 11 news at 11:30 starts right now. >> from asian about the deaf man inside of a fire who did not make it out. michael davis is described as quiet, but nice.
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a nice new, quiet and he was born death. to children about a junior high asia live development and there was also a woman in the low/// home/ neighbors hope the family can begin to heal. >> just pray for the family. that is what i did this morning when i woke up. >> that was angelica reporting. the county fire marshal is handling the investigation. fire officials have yet to figure out the cause. now to a story we told you about through the abc 11 mobile app. three people arrested are now charged with the murder
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durham police say on january 15 it was a rodriguez died after being shot by miami boulevard. three suspects remain in the county jail without bond. hours after those charges dozens of demonstrators trying to take a peaceful approach to stop the violence in the city. here is their message of unity. >> their horses carried in the chilly air over downtown durham. hundreds of people on the move. >> and divisions stops. we can come together and unify, one to another. >> johnson's patrick, pastor of the ministry organize this walk.
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in jesus christ cost's name we will come together and get out the glory to come together across racial lines to give god the glory. >> he is not just the pastor, he has represented people who found themmselves on the other side of the law. >> i know him well. i think the bigger message is that message of unity. no one entity is going to address all of these issues. >> like the 2014 murder of a 29-year-old during a home invasion. people knew have, and say we will not just sit back. we will support our people. >> it is to serving that it happened to these people, to make a scene these things -- and
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-- happened to these people. >> next, inside the desperate battle against the virus. 36 people contracting the disease, in a dozen states, and four of them pregnant women.
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>> eyewitness news covering all of the big stories in the triangle. breaking news interim is next. a gunman opening fire at northgate mall. what police are revealing about their search for a suspect. and the special sendoff neighbors gave to the carolina panthers head coach. the message to the team as it prepared to leave for california. they are super bowl bound, and so are we. 43 degrees outside right now. we are warming up nicely for the next few days. >> and even tonight, it will not
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>> the big stories happening this instant. abc 11 eyewitness news continues. >> breaking news about a shooting at northgate mall. officers are looking for the gunman that unleashed a hail of all is in a parking lot. the shooting started around 7:00 p.m. after a fight. by the time it was over one person had been hit in the arm. their injuries are not life-threatening. this video from our crew on the scene shows how many rounds went off. you can see multiple cars either with bullet holes or windows entirely shot out. northgate mall is on west club boulevard, close to interstate 85. eyewitness news was the first to break this story on our mobile
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we will review the latest tomorrow morning on eyewitness news. with less than eight days until the super bowl it seems everyone is rallying behind the carolina panthers. before leaving for california, the coach left this good luck message outside of his home. he posted this video, thanking them for their support. keep pounding, and good luck, coach. eyewitness news will be with the panthers super bowl 50. our special coverage begins tomorrow, live from santa clara as the team arrives. tisha powell, mark armstrong, and others will cover every angle for us. you can also get in-depth coverage online at abc in the meantime here at home, we are looking forward to a really nice second half of the weekend.
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it will leave us -- lead us into monday and tuesday. we will show you that in a second. 34 degrees right now at the high school. loss seen too many clouds out there. mostly clear skies. we are 39 right now. 40 on the ground in raleigh. 39 in bloomington. all of this cooling down. we are seeing very mild temperatures, 62 in memphis, on up to 49 in jacksonville. not too bad for this time of year. gone are those 20's and teens we saw last year. very quiet weather up and down the east coast as well. showers towards minneapolis, and fog towards florida. this story, and a lot of snow in the rockies. this is not the big system that will be bringing the blizzard in the coming days. that is back behind this, developing right now in california. it will continue develop for the
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you already have winter storm warnings in effect for many areas. this is really going to ramp up and send a lot of snow on these areas between tomorrow and monday. luckily not the case here. we will have a really nice, called, miles day. -- calm, mild day. a bit warmer than average brady the normal level is 32, and we should reach 39 in raleigh. 36 and roxboro. slightly warmer the further east you go. we will be warming up to the upper 50's by 11:00 p.m. by the afternoon tomorrow, because we have those southwesterly winds, we should see much warmer weather as well. 68 in raleigh, 72 in fayetteville.
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about 15 degrees above normal there. get outside, washer car, go for a walk -- wash your car, go for a walk. important to know, it will be breezy at times. you might feel a little bit of wind. monday, not quite as breezy. still warm. and then we watch as this cold front lingers right to the north and west, and it drops into our place as a backdoor cold front into tuesday morning. it could bring a few showers to the northern counties. take a look at this upper-level flow. it is mild until this comes through wednesday night into thursday. back behind that, cooler air around here. until then, it will feel great, and we will cool down by next weekend. the frontal boundary that will impact us is the same one forming here in california and pushing on through. it will move towards the center
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is will like it the section of the country with snow, but watch what happens in advance of this. we get a cross of cooler air and warmer air, and that brings a lot of storms are away. by tuesday night many areas of the gulf state will be seeing some very strong and severe storms. isolated tornadoes. this is all going to push east and impact us as we go towards wednesday into thursday. that is going to be something we have to watch. we will see our greatest rain chance on wednesday, quickly nearing back behind us late afternoon into friday on thursday. we will be pushing out to the east into the atlantic. temperatures stay in the 60's with your overnight lows in the 40's for the most part through tuesday. and then wednesday the warm front comes through and storms happen, and back behind that you
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we should see much more sunshine by next saturday, but it will be much more cool around here. enjoy the warmth heading our way. >> thank you. once of sweat equity into a job, only to not get paid for her
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how diane wilson was [content sigh] ah, excuse me? mr. jones? hi. already? you booked an appointment. i just started cookin. we at time warner cable need to apologize to you. i haven't even started to bronze yet. we no longer give you an excuse to work all day perfecting your tan. starting to even it out. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. including one-hour arrival windows. we'll also tell you how long our visit will take
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>> in our troubleshooter report, a business put in lots of work, but never got paid when they . they made a call to diane wilson. >> she has owned the shop, and has made alterations for the cleaners. she has had no problems until the last year. >> i always get paid when i call them. i remind them a couple of times. >> she kept doing the work. >> pick up three times a week
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i always go the extra mile to do the best job. >> it is hard to keep going after several months of no pay. she was out over $1700. >> i did not receive anything from them. no phone call to let me know what was going on. not anything. >> she stopped doing the alteration for the company. >> i thought i would lose that money, until one of my customers told me about here. >> i got in touch with the dry cleaners, and the president sent me this letter, where he admits she is owned the money. the cleaners have fallen on difficult times, but she would get paid. it took some time, but she got the full amount she was owed. >> i think you, because of your professional way of helping, you hoped to get my money.
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>> she kept a record of all of her work, and that always helps in situations like this. if you have a customer complaint or need the troubleshooter to get involved, send an e-mail to us. you can also reach out on twitter. you can also reach out on facebook. coming up, it became a fun tradition after a panthers touchdown. i don't talk to -- and now we talked to one of the kids who
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>> the touchdown was the second best part of the game, the best with being a recipient of the carolina panthers ball. we trapped down -- tracks down a recipient. >> he is covered in memorabilia. >> he is the best quarterback. he can throw the ball, run the ball.
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first time sitting in the front row and helped him to join this exclusive club. >> i was wearing this jersey, and i was telling him, i was yelling and screaming at him. charlotte. the ball. football that day, after napping game. >> it was fun. i saw the whole team. >> while he is still hoping for the signature, big players helped to make the experience even better with autographs. >> they were signing it, and he said i must be dreaming. that was priceless. >> they will host a party for the big game, and he will likely
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>> he will bring it out we watch it. >> he has really impressive the shoe collection. along with panthers gear. [laughter] >> he might be a bit of a fashion trend. >> exactly. >> join us tomorrow morning on abc 11 beginning at 6:00 a.m. for the latest eyewitness news. eyewitness news continues on abc
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