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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 530 AM  ABC  February 4, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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we zoom out to show you the rest of the region. not a lot of rainfall the rest of the area. most of the morning is rain free. as far as the temperatures go we are in the 60's but we will see the temperatures start to drop throughout the morning. we have again down to 85 in roxboro, 61 chapel hill. 63 smithfield. 64 fayetteville. 64 clinton. looking at the day ahead. 63 now with rain. by hroefrpblg 54 -- by lunch 54 and 52 in the afternoon. rain mainly south. i think we will see dry weather tomorrow and we will talk about that. now we talk traffic with amber. amber: enjoying a dry friday. this morning we are seeing rain as well. 40 harrison live peek outside and you can see a little spray when the cars come by. we are seeing some showers passing through on the mapping system. the radar reveals that with the green. a lot of folks waking up to
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west of durham, sanford, siler city is fog you may encounter. we are not seeing any accidents. all the mantlejor interstates fine. 64, 401 fine. clayton and raleigh and fuquay-varina. we will have the drive times in a few. barbara: "eyewitness news" is helping you as matter of fact the soggy ride. gloria rodriguez is live in breaking news one in wake county. gloria: right now it is good on the roads but we are expecting some rain today so we want to remind you to drive slowly. we look outside and this is wade avenue near edward mills road. you can see right now it does look dry on the roadway. however, we have been getting spotty showers so of course that could change a little later. you could see some vehicles starting to hit the road as more
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we will see more congestion heart later on. so make sure you drive slowly. so far we have not run into any problems. that is good news. so far it looks like people are staying safe. once more people hit the roads we will have an update. we are also keeping an eye on the rain. we will have the latest. live in breaking news one, gloria rodriguez, abc 11 eyewitness news. barbara: we are your first alert to wet weather rolling through. download the first alert weather app and track rain with the radar apbdnd later today we could have testimony from a key witness who is charged with the murder of a raleigh mother. sarah redden is expected to take the stand after the prosecutors finish questioning ronald anthony anthony's girlfriend. he is serving life in prison. prosecutors claim redden was the
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she could shed light to whether traveon smith took part in the murder. we will alert you on the abc11 mobile app to watch live. fayetteville police arrested a man and charged him in a sex assault. cleo chalwell is in jail under $1.6 million bond. he assaulted a 15-year-old in the 1100 block of south wood drive monday. he faces a long list of charges including three counts of first degree statutory rape. barbara: a fayetteville man is kaultszed of giving alcohol don't know 18-year-old girl and sexually assaulting her. >> march radford lured her to his apartment tuesday and she called 911 after the attack. this morning radford faces second degree sex offense and charge of providing alcohol to a minor. john: to vote 2016 and presidential race getting more competitive than ever. it showed at the new hampshire town hall. democratic candidates hillary
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battled it out last night before the first presidential primary of the season. fresh out of the gate standard slammed her and she hit back. >> i do not know any progressive who has a super p.a.c. and thanks $15 from wall street. >> he set himself up to be the gate keeper. i'm a progressive that likes to get things done. john: he questioned her liberal credentials while clinton questioned his position on gun control. the two candidates face each other again tonight in a debate in new hampshire. the primary is tuesday. meantime the field of republican candidates is smaller. former pennsylvania senator rick santorum ended his bid during an appearance on the fox news channel throwing his support to marco rubio. kentucky senator rand paul
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don: welcome back. we are looking out the window. you may see some raindrops in the sand hills. in the triangle most of it is again. the bigger story is falling temperatures. by lunchtime we are almost 10 agrees cooler. right now 63 roanoke rapids. down another degree in roxboro, seeing cooler air. 57. 62 chapel hill.
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64 southern pines, fayetteville. clinton. 63 goldsboro. smithfield 63. looking at the day ahead. a few showers around lunchtime especially the i-95 corridor. if you live there or east you will see rain. west of there not so much. through the afternoon spotty showers. i threw the sun in around roxboro. you may see a sunset there. we will talk about that and seven-day forecast coming up next. barbara: concern over the zika virus is growing. four counties in florida are under a health emergency because of the virus. at least nine cases have turned up in that state all bel traveling. the counties are miami-dade, lee, hillsborough and santa rosa. ping pointing after a hearing on
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an e.p.a. official said michigan leaders ignored federal advice to treat it but they say the e.p.a. didn't display enough emergency. barbara: that explosion at 11,000 blasting a hole in a plane. we are learning about a troubling new detail. a passenger may have been sucked out of the aircraft. one person sun accounted for and body was found on the ground. they are not saying if that is the missing person. it had just taken off from mogadishu and fuselage tore open. some believe it was a bomb.
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california jail ty likely saving his life. john: 20 to 6:00. trouble for the i.r.a. at the height of tax season. the glitch in their computer system. barbara: convicted murderer given a new shot at freedom feel the wildly popular podcast that could change legislation fate.
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another rainy day on tap before the sun returns. breaking news one on the road and d.o.t. cam showing the rain in the area. this is ramsey street in fayetteville. meteorologist don schwenneker says to grab the umbrella. the rain now is i-95 in the fayetteville area. we will have the full forecast in a few minutes. family and friends pay file respects to a virginia teenager fountained stabbed to death -- found stabbed to death. nichol lovell's body was found in surry county. here funeral will be today in blacksburg. a viewing was held last night. two virginia tech students are charged with the murder. a push to find a deputy's missing daughter. it has been a year saeupbs sarah graham disappeared. this morning the f.b.i. and robinson county sheriff's office will announce a new reward. john: the i.r.s. is having problems with computer systems and agency has stopped accepting
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the outage could affect refunds but they say it doesn't anticipate major disruption. the i.r.s. website is available but some services are not available. barbara: the killer from "cereal" is getting his day. was convicted of killing his girlfriend in 2000. he returned to court in baltimore wednesday where his attorneys argued for a new trial calling a key witness featured in the podcast but never called to testify. she is an allie by witness who said she was with him at the time of the crime. a bum threat called in to a wisconsin county sheriff office. the call are made a reference getting justice for steven avery the man at the center of the netflix documentary this got so much popularity making a murderer.
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deputies planted evidence and framed him. the bomb squad didn't find anything at the skaepb. john: a thorny issue for san francisco. dozens of homeless people moved from the waterfront in anticipation of super bowl sunday. protesters turned out in droves yesterday to support the whomless population. they are -- homeless population trying to set up tents next to super bowl city but police say they will be arrested. barbara: only three days until super bowl 50 and we are looking it he move operation to protect the game and thousands of fans. if you follow joe mazur you see him tweeting about the security press conference wednesday. the take away there are plenty of officers but fans also need to be on alert and speak up when something doesn't look right. >> since we arrived we have encountered a heavy security presence purchase recovery with bags checked a couple of
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out in front of the nfl experience similar security measures are in place. it took because 30 means to get in just as media members. close to a mechanical people will descend on the bay area for super bowl 50. keeping everyone safe is an enormous task rearing multiple federal, state and local agencies working together. >> at this time we know of no specific credible threat directed at super bowl 50 or related events. >> given recent attacks in paris and san bernardino, things are heightened to the nth degree. no stone will be leften turned. >> rest assured as technology changes and threats evolve we apply the latest technology and solutions jointly that we can. >> we learn from events of the past but we have to protect against events of the future.
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that can happen from multiple directions. we are always informed by recent events. >> there's a visible police and in some cases military type of presence near any nfl activity. authorities will use everything from dearth bicycles to -- dirt bicycles to helicopters and f-15's on standby. >> the most important asset as mr. secretary just mentioned are the eyes and ears of the public and we need the public's assistance. the adage if you see something say something clearly applies. >> a cbs tv crew out of chicago had gather stolen by gunpoint. the police chief offered any patrol officer to help if we need assistance. barbara: join us friday night for an abc11 special the carnal panthers chasing a championship. all the pregame gamegame details and
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that is 7:30 friday live from santa clara. john: even the news crew robbed. don: one guy i used to work with chicago a photographer was robbed at gunpoint. took all the news cameras. today we are dealing with some showers. not relevance in the triangle, more on the i-95 corridor. we will check the head lines. it won't rain all day but could rain any time. dry wind for the most part. sun night may have a few sprinkles east of 95 and there is the four-letter word. could see snowflakes next week although that is questionable. this is radar and there's the rain was talking about down east. not a ton of rainfall through the triangle. we had some sprinkles overnight but down here fayetteville, i-95 corridor and north and east we are seeing showers.
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weeks ago of holy -- holy springs. it is 61, 94% humidity and south wind six. fayetteville this morning showers just moved through. the lights on hay street reflecting moisture. 64. south weekend eight miles an hour. rain mainly south and east of e-95. it will stay down there. this is the boundary, the cold front that is stalled. this is low pressure trucking along throwing showers into parts of the area. lots of clear skies to the west, and that is dry air working in. by lunchtime spotty showers around and i-95 corridor is key. fayetteville up to wilson you could see showers. by 5:00 to 6:00 we see breaks
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triad to roxboro could see a sunset sunset. by tomorrow morning showers are moving out. we will start it dry out friday to saturday. today we have the low that could throw showers at us. the forecast for raleigh this morning cloudy and rain around and temperatures going down throughout the day. by lunchtime 54 degrees and into the afternoon we go into the low 50's with more clouds and spotty showers. the rest of the region today looks worse than it is. smithfield you have some rain. siler city not so much. 51 this afternoon. 52 durham. these are afternoon temperatures, not highs. we have already hit our high. 54 in fayetteville. 56 goldsboro. sanford, pinehurst not much in the way of rain. tarboro will be wet and wilson with a shower and temps falling. tonight across the region back into the 30's over off.
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any showers end in the overnight hours. first alert seven-day forecast powered by accuweather showing temperatures tomorrow low 50's with sunshine. saturday great and 51 and partly sunny. sunday a shower chance mainly south and east of the i-95 corridor getting a changes of rain. monday 48. tuesday 44 fplt. those are snowflakes tuesday into wednesday. they are tiny because i'm not sure we will see any this far out. but there's a chance of precipitation. if we are at 25 it will be snow. big cooldown next week, highs only in the 30's. barbara: as long as it is tiny snowflakes. amber: we can deal with them better on the once morning. if it is friday and saturday it is like my weekend is blowing up. don: this is more midweek. amber: the kids are like hump day, tuesday night i'm not doing
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we are not dealing with snowflakes, we are dealing with ran randrops. we go around the airport and this is 40 and aviation and you will see a little bit of spray on the live view here via broad band from breaking news one or first alert weather vehicle on the roads. they are all the same. they send back the live pictures. you see the raindrops there. overall we are moving fine at 5:53 volume light. we can peek into fayetteville and same story at this intersection, riley road and morganton road. soggy start there going into fort bragg. grab the umbrella an rain boots. this is how it is on the maps. that is the rain in green and fog with the orange to the west of durham. you want to see south hill. hazard
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robinson ferry road. watch that. we did have a lot of rain yesterday so there could be spots where it could have pooled. barbara: 5:53 and 63 degrees. a california man not loveing what mcdonald's is serving up. why he is suing the fast food chain over the new mozzarella
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barbara: what was supposed to barbara: how about this. new this morning mcdonald's is being sued over what one man
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mozzarella sticks. he is asking for his $1.27 back and seeking damages. the website describes them as made with 100% real mozzarella. but the complaint says it uses starveed a actives -- starched a did i teuflsactivist. barbara: this is part of a four men rap calendar we love raleigh formed by a red hat employee. it originally produced it for internal use but it became so popular with employees you can download it. the company is using it as a recruiting tool. hottied toy. rap. barbara: what are you laughing about? john: is that done guffaw inging? barbara: i think we are pretty
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john: 5:57. still to come, a day of stormy weather leaving quite a members. barbara: around here meteorologist don schwenneker tracking more rain for thursday.
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wet weather and snow john: good morning, carolina, welcome on thursday, february 4. i'm john clark.
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