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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  February 4, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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codependent gets on the chair to say what she saw and heard. we are live at the justice center where the third day of evidence is underway. >> amber alberts is the former girlfriend of ronald anthony who is already serving time for this crime. she was the first witness call today on cross examination. she was sentenced to life in parole. that is they win. it was in may, 2013 that melissa huggins jones was murdered during a break-in in. eight-year-old daughter the next morning. but however testimony also provided winds for the prosecution. she says she was shocked anthony had anything to do with the murder. >> for somebody that you've
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disciplined his own children to kill an innocent person just didn't seem right. >> we have been streaming this live on but right now, the judge has ordered the screening down. that is because they are ordering a suppression of evidence which is prohibited in the courtrooms rule, specifically because they have sarah on the stand who is said on the night of the murder. without the jury so the judge should suppress earlier statements made to police. favorable to the defense. so this proceedings will continue on the site as soon as permissible. >> we will check back in with you in the next half hour. >> a high school student made
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charged with hacking the high school computer system. -- allegedly hacked into the computer network in october and police say that -- he appeared with an attorney. the judge without the charges. john: the fbi is offering a five and a thousand dollar reward in the search for the daughter of a robinson county sheriff's deputy. the 19-year-old disappeared a year ago today. she left her home around 6:30 in the morning to drive to work at walmart. but she never showed up. the fbi and sheriff's officials gathered at the site where her van was found, a field on east mcdonald road. they held up flyers, hoping to generate leads. barbara: e-house is condemned
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condemned out -- after an out-of-control suv slammed into it. the car drove through a before slamming into this house. the house behind it was also hit but the damage is not as severe. the driver suffered a seizure while driving, causing the crash. we are working to learn if there will be any charges. also happening, state health officials are expecting to update us on the flu. so far, at least two people have died because of the flu. an adult died in january 17. this time last year there were more than 160 deaths. john: happening today, the north carolina naacp is expected to repeal more formation of the march on raleigh. the naacp will hold a conference at 1:00.
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thousands of people are expected to pack into downtown raleigh on every 13th for the annual walk. he marched is scheduled to begin at 10:00, followed by the rally at the state capital. there is a new target in the republican race. marco rubio's's showing has placed a target on his back. barbara: martha gonzales is in manchester with the latest. >> why are people so engaged in the political process? >> today, marco rubio moving up in the polls. he is now in second place behind donald trump and other candidates are taking aim. >> he has had no experience at all at ever managing anything. >> donald trump is still going after ted cruz, accusing him of fraud in iowa. he also ran into unexpected
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emergency landing yesterday in nashville because of mechanical problems. it to little rock. >> my guy said, that's ok. we can go back to new york and we will come another day. i said, there is no way. i love arkansas. >> today, the front-runner and other candidates are campaigning across new hampshire. hillary clinton defended being paid big money for giving speeches. >> that is what they offered. >> bernie sanders defending his plan to raise taxes to pay for universal health care. >> yes. you will pay a little more but your health premium will go down. >> and the democrats will face off in a debate tonight, two days before the robert debate on abc.
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barbara: no waiting for days for your amazon packages. the new service that will have your packages at the door in minutes. barbara: plus, the first four counties in america that are under an emergency because of the zika virus. don: there are still some 60's in the southeast but in the triangle we have watched temperatures drop 10 degrees. coming up. we will check the doppler network and see the heaviest
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you can barbara: welcome back. here's a live look at fayetteville street. it is wet. don schwenneker is coming up with the seven day forecast. wake county school leaders are school construction but nobody knows where the money will come from. he school board made the request and the commissioners want to borrow that money. school officials say they need that money to keep pace with the 20,000 students expected to arrive in wake county over the next six years. john: amazon's one-hour delivery
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it is called prime now. it offers one-hour delivery of thousands of essentials through a mobile at. items like paper towels and laptops and more. you have to be an amazon prime member to use the service. it costs an extra seven dollars. it is available seven days a week from 8:00-10:00. barbara: authorities are looking for a man connected with a rush of break-ins. deputy say these men robbed multiple homes this week and in one case, the victim chased the suspect into a field before they got away. if you know anything about this, deputies would like to hear from you. taking the fifth. john: coming up, the man dubbed
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watch stock report. the dow jones is up 71 points. also up. concern over the seek outbreak is growing more urgent. barbara: four counties in
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traveling to an affected country. the governor score assigned a decoration of emergency for those counties. -- stole pain medication intended for patients and in doing so, exposed hundreds of people to hiv, hepatitis c -- it is near denver at the hospital says there is no evidence of patient exposure but they are offering free and confidential testing to anyone who at surgery during the time. john: a 13-year-old virginia girl who was murdered will be laid to rest today. crowds of people turned up last night for the visitation. two virginia tech students have been charged in her death. a 19 euro girl is charged with accessory before and after the
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david eisenhower is charged with murder. in the meantime, nichols family has prepared to bury her. the engineering student is scheduled to appear in court in a bond hearing. barbara: now to the mr. explosion at 11,000 feet. we are learning about a troubling new detail that a out of the aircraft. a body was found on the ground but it is not clear if that body is a missing person from the plane. the airbus had taken off from somalia when it were open. the pilot believes it was a bomb. john: happening now, a second antiabortion activists indicted after making undercover videos about planned parenthood turned himself into the texas authorities today. his attorney appeared in a courtroom today after posting a $30,000 bond.
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herself in on wednesday and was freed after posting bond. both are charged with sold for-profits. barbara: martin shkreli made no appearance with the house oversight committee about raising the price of a life-saving drug. the top democrat on the panel prorated him. >> the way i see it, you can go down in history as the poster boy for greedy drug company executives or you can change the system. yes, you. you have detailed knowledge about drug companies and the
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believe, i truly believe -- are you listening? >> yes. >> i truly believe -- barbara: he was dubbed the most hated man in the country after hiking the price of a long-established aids drug up 5000%. he is facing charges with regards to another company. john: super bowl 50 is on its way to becoming the most expensive sporting event in u.s. history. a tracking site reports that the average price is just shy of $5,000. barbara: hundreds more than the mayweather-pacquiao fight last spring. it has set a record for the nfl. the carolina panthers are taking the denver broncos on sunday in the silicon valley. the areas high above average
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our coverage of the panthers continues all week long. we are there with behind the scenes action. and we have live reports beginning tomorrow. john: join us friday night for a special. we have all the pregame details. in santa clara. to the big game. don: i think john should wear that tie and pocket square combination on monday. we are getting closer and we have a nice weekend ahead. we will be cooler this weekend and start to see some of the cooler air working in today. we will talk more about that in a moment. if you have plans, temperatures will continue to fall and by midnight we are down into the mid-40's across the region and if we look at the sandhills, you
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midnight tonight as cool air continues to settle in. a live look at the doppler, we see light rainfall through the triangle that most of it has shifted to the north. heavier showers south of clinton. we will take a better look of that in a moment. right now in downtown raleigh we are at 54 degrees. the wind is calm and the sunset is at 5:45. in durham, 54 degrees. a 57% humidity. numbers across the region really have fallen over the past hour. 50 degrees in roxboro and 61 degrees still in smithfield. look at the 24 hour temperature change. 18 degrees warmer in lewistown.
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10 degrees cooler in fayetteville. it. you can see the steady showers in wilmington. if we zoom out, this system is stuck here. we have a cold front to move through and it will stay there. it is acting like a channel to funnel the moisture. there is a lot of clear air through memphis and wichita. it will work through our area over the next 24 hours. the system still is with us, but fall. our model rats and cold air. i don't think we will see much, we will see sprinkles lasting through the overnight hours. that enters the region quickly.
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in for friday. it will feel a lot cooler tomorrow and even saturday, a few clouds working with the high-pressure system and the the weekend. this afternoon, more clouds and spotty showers around raleigh. temperatures fall through the 50's. across the central counties, chapel hill, afternoon temperature at 51 degrees. we have already hit the high. 51 degrees in the siler city. further north, you see temperatures in the sandhills at 53 degrees. 54 degrees in fayetteville. will still have heavier rain around farber of. to fall. -- the showers will move out and i will take a look at the
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the 50's for the high and it will be breezy and colder tomorrow. 51 degrees and then the colder air holds off until next week. tuesday into wednesday with overnight lows in the 20's -- we could see a couple of snowflakes. nothing to get a shovel that you might see something. barbara: that's all right. we can handle that. thank you. it is time to take a look at what is coming up at eyewitness news at 4:00. >> a raleigh police officer is under investigation after an video. >> i'm not playing any games. >> i am threatening you. >> if you want to see what started this confrontatiplus, amazon prime now offers one-hour delivery in raleigh and out. see how it all works if you are
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also, we take you live to santa clara for the super bowl action. see what the players and fans are up to today. barbara: it has only been on the menu for a short of month but mcdonald's is already facing problems with the mozzarella sticks. john: we will tell you why they
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>> abc11 is keeping you connected. find us on facebook and click, get notifications for the latest updates. john: a computer glitch is causing problems for people trying to file taxes with the irs. they have stopped accepting electronically submitted tax returns because of albums with the computer systems. they could be out of service through today. barbara: the golden arches is facing a lawsuit. a man says fake cheese is in the company's mozzarella stick. he is asking for his $1.27 act and he is seeking damages. the mcdonald's website describes the dish as being made with 100%
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arches -- they use starches and additives. john: vegans can enjoy ben & jerry's. they are offering a vegan frozen cheap -- frozen treat that is made with almond milk. they have been working on the formula for almost three years. four flavors get a fee conversion. chocolate touch brownie and in a butter and cookies. the products are certified by the advocacy group, the in action. don't call it ice cream. it is called a nondairy frozen
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barbara: i wonder if it>> the only station with three newsrooms. downtown raleigh, durham and fayetteville. abc 11 eyewitness news continues. john: breaking news happening now, a parking lot caving in in raleigh. we are live over the scene. this is a building on overload and rode off wade avenue. the parking lot is surrounded by yellow tape. the parking lot sits atop a retaining wall which as the camera pulls back, you can see. p manpower building has not been evacuated but the parking lot is off-limits right now. we will continue to follow this. barbara: happening now, potentially damaging testimony in the trial of a young raleigh mother. the girlfriend of a suspect to the stand to tell jurors what
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we are at the justice center with the testimony. >> amber alberts is the girlfriend of ronald anthony who is already serving time for this murder. the 25 euros was the first witness called today. she told jurors that he pledged guilty and was sentenced to life without parole. jurors have been told that anthony is the kill your, not tray the on smith. melissa huggins-jones was found by her eight-year-old daughter the day after the murder. -- placed stolen items in the hands of smith and she said she was shocked that anthony had anything to do with the murderer. >> for somebody that you've even disciplined his own children, to kill an innocent person? >> we have been streaming this trial live on abc but the
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because outside of the presence of the jury, the judge is conducting a hearing about the suppression of evidence. suppression of evidence is prohibited by the cameras in the courtroom. currently on the stand is the woman who says she was with the killers on the night of the murder. in downtown raleigh, abc 11 eyewitness news. john: happening now, a cleanup underway in the triad after severe weather left behind damage. davidson county was the hardest hit after gust of wind knocked down trees and destroyed some homes. luckily nobody was hurt. but for the second night in a row, the deep south was hit by tornadoes.
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>> for the second day in a row, tornadoes hit the south. surveillance cameras at a local high school show the tornadoes crashing through classrooms. fortunately, the school day was over. >> nobody was hurt. everyone went home. >> houses you can see with visible damage. >> mostly cosmetic to my house, shingles and stuff but my job is destroyed. the roof is off and the doors are gone and everything inside is destroyed. >> despite the obvious destruction, he says there is a silver lining. >> it is a great day because the family is safe. >> and in georgia, a twister came through the military base.
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couldn't believe their eyes. >> oh my gosh, frightened -- it's taking the roofs of the houses. >> -- containers himself lucky. >> my mom taught me that she saw a tornado comes through and the garage was gone at the porch was gone but the house was fine. >> close to home, isn't it? today, the national weather service will be out to assess the damage and to determine if wind. barbara: a medical emergency left behind this to structure in hope mills. the driver suffered a seizure and lost control of the suv. it slammed off the road and hit a mailbox and a fence before slamming into this house. the house is now condemned. nobody inside the house was hurt. the driver also was not heard. john: happening today,e flu here. so far there have been two flu
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direction. john: we have an update on the lot caving in. barbara: it is on overload and. we are live there. >> we actually had to move down a level here away from the
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you can see some folks leaning over the railing and they have been watching the crack. it spans about a dozen different parking spaces. in the back corner of the manpower building, several tenants are inside this building and no one has been evacuated. stepped outside when we first got here and said that raleigh fire and rescue were out here and they have given them the all clear to keep them inside for now. they are still trying to evaluate what the root cause is. he says that the rain most likely played a role. but this building has a deep foundation so they are not sure what the root cause is to create the crash. this could potentially be -- the contractor that the owner says they have had on sites and they
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this is -- you can see from the chopper hd, they are flying overhead to show you. we will keep halloween this to try to figure out how long it has been here and what the cause is and whether anyone here is in danger. right now, no one has been evacuated from the building yet but we will keep following this. we will bring you more information throughout the day on for now, live in raleigh, abc 11 eyewitness news. john: getting your caffeine fix from your wrist? barbara: we will tie you about right to the bloodstream. the roof of a house.
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it happening.john: extreme video from california. a car on the roof of a home. barbara: the driver hit two cars before flying a cross a yard and then into a vehicle in the driveway and the impact of that crash watch the car into the air, sending it onto the roof of a neighbor's garage. eyewitnesses described it as the sound of a train roaring through. it appears in medical condition led to this crash. here is amber with more of the must-see videos. >> we begin with incredible video out of arizona. you are looking at the only
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it was seven years old and has been living in the mountains for over three years. he is one of only four or five that have been spotted in the u.s. in the last 20 years. and speaking of animals, take a look at this giant snake captured in a yard in florida. it is an anaconda. an owner says one of the small dogs ran up to it and thankfully it did not attack the dog. a neighbor put the snake in a storage bin until animal officials could arrive. the south african native -- the south american native geithner grow up to 20 feet. the snake is now being scanned for a microchip to see if it has escaped from a home. now to a wipeout on a road that
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the driver of this suv began to spin on this ice covered road. the suv does a full 360 before coming to a stop. the motorist does try to drive off but they have trouble with traction. now to some heartwarming displays. this is a canine caught on camera giving a lot of affection. a concerned mother dog crept out of her kennel to take care of her two crying foster puppies who just got into the kennel. the video shows her lying in front of the cage to get in. she stayed there until the owner arrived and then begged her to open the door. according to a post on the facebook page, maggie has been adopted and had her own puppies taken away. so she was still in mom mode which he heard the puppies crying. she wanted to make sure they were safe. the pictures are durable and she
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they all needed each other. hopefully they find some forever homes. back to you. barbara: so sweet. you can see the must-see videos any time by going to or using the mobile app on your phone or tablet. two young children overdosed on heroin. john: who police are calling the prime suspect in this. and a would-be robber takes on a veteran and loses. caught on camera, see what he ends up doing. barbara: we have clouds out little bit cooler? don: it is. temperatures are dropping across the region.
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the radar is john:mother is the main suspect right now but has not been charged with a crime. john: with just a few hours left, someone can claim the $63
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so far the money has gone drawing back in august. unless somebody comes forward by 5:00, he money is awarded to the state of california. john: -- barbara: getting a caffeine fix will soon come straight from your wrist. it is called a tool, you will have to be at least 18 years old to buy one and it will be available until the summer. he was already considered to be a hero for his service to the country but now he is being cheered for fighting off an armed robber. this video was taken at the sugarcreek gas station in florida. and military veteran was working when the robber came in and demanded money. on the video do can see the veteran go to the register with the man pointing his gun and when the suspect moves, the veteran quickly grabs the gun and the veteran throws the man
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the robber ends up running out of the store and police are now looking for him. that's what you get. john: indeed. barbara: i hope they find him. you messed with the wrong person. i like it. don: all right. i like that. let's show you what is going on weather-wise. we have quiet whether working in for the weekend. to get there we will go through you that in just a moment. you will see temperatures continue to fall -- in the hour-by-hour forecast, you see a little bit of sunshine by 4:00. 44 degrees. looking at a live look on the weather station, we get things started with a look at the radar and look at the showers continuing across the area.
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henderson but the heaviest rain at the moment is down in goldsboro and clinton. you can see that down into newton's growth. a live look at noon, this is in downtown raleigh at 54 degrees. a 77% humidity. in durham, some light is trying to fight through the clouds. a north wind at four miles for our. fayetteville checked in with temperatures continuing to drop. we head out to atlantic beach for the part of the storm -- where the heart of the storm is right now. look at those waves and the wind. it is a nasty day. but we do go from there. it is a gorgeous day across the mountains but it is cold. as we look into precious knobs, all the snow is gone. we will shave the temperatures across the region.
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54 degrees in oxford. 52 degrees in roxboro. the southern counties -- 54 degrees in stanford. 60's still in fayetteville. cold front. it is trying to push southward. leading edge, that is where the showers are. they extend into florida. and eventually, this shifts off to the east. we do see the drier air working in. for the rest of today, spotty showers across rally. temperatures increase overnight. we will see the temperatures bottom out. 40 degrees in fayetteville. the first alert for seven day forecast is powered by accuweather -- tomorrow is 51 degrees as showers under the
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it should be a typical february the triangle. as the front arrives we could see some snowflakes on tuesday into wednesday. at this point, it looks like a dusting at most. but it could become more intense. today, off and on rain continues.
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john:john: when thinking about what to wear tomorrow, think red. tomorrow is national wear red day. sir walter raleigh outside the convention center last year was wearing red to show support for heart disease of women. it is the number one killer of women in the u.s.. joining me now is the go red for women passion committee chairman. this is the american heart association month. what is being done to raise money? >> we are doing a series of different events. what we're trying to do is remember that heart disease is a killer. we are asking people to cut the sodium intake.
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john: the number one killer. how many numbers are we talking about? >> one out of three women will die of heart disease or a cardiovascular disease. it is stunning. john: tell us about the education event this weekend. >> if you can join us on saturday at crown tri-valley mall between 11:00-2:00, we have a series of events around heart disease. we will have wake med to do dancing. the heart rate of. john: what else do you do to encourage women about this cause? >> we talk about reducing sodium intake and just a little bit of exercise makes a big difference. then we have another event scheduled in may with the live
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that will be held in cary. john: very good. i have my red tie all picked out for tomorrow. i just need to exercise a little bit. >> keep exercising every day, it makes a difference. john: here is some information on the health screening and education event. it is held at the mall from 11:00-2:00. over to you. barbara: eyewitness news is following several developing stories this afternoon. he continue to follow breaking news at the parking lot of a manpower building is caving in. the chopper was over the scene a short while ago. the lot is now closed. remember, you can check the developing stories by going to or by going to a mobile app.
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we will see what next at 4:00. frustrated with your overactive bladder medicine not working? can't handle the side effects? botox treats symptoms of leaking,
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