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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 1100 PM  ABC  February 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> a matlab bust at a home in wake county. several adults and a toddler removed from the home. >> plus, more fallout from a blue cross blue shield systems failure.
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>> abc eyewitness news at 11:00 starts right now. steve: temperatures may not be the only thing falling overnight. tisha: raindrops outside the news center could turn into snowflakes overnight. chris is tracking it all in the first alert storm center. chris: a little rain out there on our doppler, most of it around the triangle. where it is raining, it is pretty light. you can see it back towards durham. it is expanding a bit, but it is all very light. had here to the east, but there is still rain coming down in north raleigh. this is sort of dropping of the southwest. everything is rotating back in. the rain will not end anytime soon. heavier rain now in the coastal plains, but not downpours. as we go through the overnight,
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as we get past midnight into the early morning hours, as low pressure moves away and colder air moves in, a little leftover moisture. you can see our model spitting out a few areas of light snow shower activity into the early morning activities, thanks for :00 a.m. to 7:00 or 730. right now, it looks like he favored area for a little bit of snow in the error is north of 95. at most, an isolated spot or two , but no travel impacts are expected as temperatures are above freezing. we will talk about that and the weekend forecast in a bit. tisha: and to get the first alert weather app, go to the app store or google play and download it now. steve: now a story we have been tracking all night, four people now facing charges after employees uncovered a meth lab at this home. law enforcement removed the
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the home on all of chapel road. we are live now at the wake county jail with the latest. reporter: those four are here at the wake county detention center. their charges include possession of meth and the ingredients to make meth. this is video from earlier, authorities taking people into custody at that home. the spokesperson from the sheriff's office said that this is an ongoing investigation. this afternoon, they serve a sore torrent for the home and found seven adults and a baby. -- a search warrant for the home and found seven adults and a baby. they also found a meth lab that was not active. out of those seven adults, four are charged. the wake county sheriff's office led the investigation with the state bureau of investigation
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eyewitness news. tisha: new tonight, a car in durham. the car struck the woman near the entrance of a business. it is not clear if the woman works there. she was taken to the hospital with injuries that do not appear to be life-threatening. steve: new tonight, the highway patrol investigating a deadly crash in moore county. this happened outside highway 69. the car was speeding, the driver lost control, and flipped. a woman died on the same. today was her 56th birthday. police in greenville are investigating the apparent suicide of the mx icon dave mirra. he was found in a truck with what appears to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. he was visiting with friends
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he won every possible accolade for bmx. tisha: tonight, detectives are working to find out the source of a massive crack in a parking lot in raleigh. it is in the manpower building, not far from cameron village. yellow paint now surrounding the 80 foot long crack. officials are trying to keep people away as they look for a solution. steve: now to an ongoing i-team investigation into a system failure at blue cross blue shield north carolina that enrolled thousands of customers into the wrong health insurance. the giant is now having a serious impact on smaller agencies. joel has the rest. >> steve, we sat down with the state insurance commissioner. he calls the system failure of an emergency that is nowhere near being stabilized. >> people cannot get their
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get their mri scheduled. reporter: commissioner goodwin told us his office has received over 3000 calls and over 850 complaints from frustrated customers. staffers at the department of insurance are overwhelmed as they try to cut through the hour-long wait time customers are suffering through. >> we have actually had to shift folks around. our resources are stretched. reporter: it is a similar story at blue cross. the company is requiring customer service agents to work weekends in overtime. there are complaints of double billing and no-show insurance cards. and we were tipped out to another problem this week. thousands of insurance cards went out with the wrong customer insurance -- customer service number attached. when they dial it -- >> you have the opportunity to
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reporter: they get a message about a rewards program. the company called its human error. >> it is too early to say whether there will be any consequences, because first and foremost we must solve the problems. reporter: in a statement, blue cross blue shield told us we are working as quickly as possible to resolve these issues. they say it is premature to talk about potential sanctions against the company. when pressed, they say the department will follow the law and blue cross procedure. steve: joel, thanks. a critical witness on the stand today in the trial of a man charged with murdering a mom in north hills. it is said that the man was on the balcony of an apartment of a northville complex on the night of may of 2015 when melissa
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she also testified that anthony said he was glad that the eight-year-old daughter did not look up. they do not have to do anything else. tisha: the naacp gearing up for the 10th anniversary of a march in downtown raleigh. this year's takes place next saturday. organizers say it will not just be a march, they wanted to be a voter mobilization effort. they will target potential voters to register them, and educate them about north carolina's new voter id law. steve: amazon is kicking fast delivery into high gear in the triangle. prime now rolled out today, and it is already a huge success. it is only available to amazon prime members. you can order just about everything you want in raleigh and track delivery process on your mobile device. to our delivery is free, and you can get your order in less than
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tisha: super bowl 50 is around the corner, but the game is not the only thing creating buzz. in the halftime show, coldplay will take the stage along with r&b icon beyonce. you can also expect a few other surprises. joe is live in san francisco with a behind-the-scenes look. joe: hey, t-shirt. you can see -- hey, tisha. you can see people behind me partaking in festivities. on the stage behind me, the band perry. they have had performances here all week long, but the a list or's are being saved to sunday. the trick to a good halftime show, reaching a wide audience. the hope is that coldplay and beyonce can tackle that. front man chris martin and his bandmates are expecting to bring the magic. >> we decided to work together,
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joe: the band recently released their seventh album. >> "clocks." don't hit me with that, man. joe: cam newton said his favorite coldplay song was "clocks." newton may have more fans. >> does this effect to you -- affect to you route 4 on the big day? >> this changes things significantly. >> the panthers are definitely who i am rooting for, ok? joe: once they are "clocks" strike zero, beyonce will hold she is one of the best-selling artists of all time. mike's we will -- >> we were asked whose halftime show would really loved.
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joe: lady gaga will sing the national anthem, setting the tone for the home show -- for the whole show. and that scottish picture would be graham gano, the guy in charge of kicking field goals for the panthers. there have been rumors that bruno mars will join coldplay and beyonce on stage on sunday. that was not revealed today. obviously, they want to keep a few tricks up their sleeve come sunday. tisha: and we have seen bruno mars at the super bowl before. he will put on quite a show if he does show up. our eyewitness news coverage of the panthers joins -- continues all week. join us friday night for an abc 11 special, the carolina panthers: chasing a championship. we will have a scene from inside the panthers' epic run to super
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steve: the zika emergency is now widening in florida. all new tonight, an urgent request from the governor. also, a murder plot. the 13-year-old murdered in a junkyard in north carolina. it is revealed why the college student suspects drove to walmart. and be-i-bei is growing up fast. his latest venture is a must-see. let's take a live look.
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moves out, we could have a
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wind -- the founder of earth, wind & fire has died after a long battle of parkinson's. he was 74. the group went on to sell more worldwide. earth, wind & fire won six grammys. it was inducted into the rock 'n roll hall of fame in 2000. steve: graphic new information emerging tonight in the murder of a 13-year-old virginia girl. prosecutors say natalie keepers and david eisenhauer began to have conversations planning the murder early last month. keepers reportedly told police they tossed around ideas and decided they should cut her throat. a loaded her body into the truck of a car and drove into a
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a troubled pas -- declaration. he is asking the -- asking for additional help. steve: that car crashed on that the roof of her home yesterday afternoon. the driver had a medical issue, causing her to crash in some cars and launch onto the hillside home located on the street down below. the l.a. fire department released this video of the black lexus getting removed from the roof of the house. another milestone for bait a -- for be-bei.
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it looks like he liked his new environment. he tried his hand at climbing a tree. the zookeepers now says he is eating solid food. and this is a video of a very happy dog. that is betty enjoying a p up-icino from starbucks. if you go to starbucks and ask for one, they will serve you a cup like that, filled with whipped cream or your -- for your pup. that dog loved it so much that her snout got stuck. she's trying to get more. where is the whipped cream? tisha: you can make one of those at home. steve: that's true, and they are free. chris: i didn't realize the first time i saw that, she was in the backseat. steve: living large back there. chris: absolutely. we get to see her every once in a while at the station. a little bit of snow for the morning. nothing like two weeks ago. the big news is that colder air
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to talk about too. first to our doppler, this is mostly light rain around the triangle, back into parts of durham in orange county. still little more steady along east interstate 95, but you see light rain across parts of durham, and over to the east it has come down harder. rain steadily there, over an inch of rain, while we have had a quarter of an inch at rdu. much heavier south and east of the triangle. here is our predictor again. that rain wrapping back in. as it moves out, the last parting shot of precipitation may end in a few spots, where you see the blue. flurry, nothing more than an isolated dusting. north of 85 appears to be the favorite spot. it. short event.
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significant accumulation from this at all on our models. if you are traveling north, a different story. snowfall picks up in the northeast of washington to new york, two to four inches. long island, 45. boston could see six plus inches of snow. some travel delays, especially from philadelphia to boston, tomorrow from that. it looks pretty misty. 44 degrees at our weather station with that light drizzle around the gold city. at already international, it is 43 with a northeast wind at 10. we are now at the low for the day at 43. still 50 in fayetteville, so we have a long way to go for the atmosphere to support snowflakes. but by morning, mid and upper 30's. another reason we are not concerned is because temperatures stay above freezing, so if it snows hard in one spot, it will not stick on the roadways. but that is gone.
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high pressure builds in. your friday turns out nice and bright and morning and afternoon. her easy, cool. cold tomorrow night as high pressure builds in, 20's. have not seen that in a wild. saturday, high clouds, but temperatures close to average. tomorrow's high is a little below that average of 53, but for february, not bad. mid-30's and roxboro and harrison, upper 40's in raleigh and durham, 50 in fayetteville. there will be another coastal low developing off the coast of florida, but it looks like it will be so far offshore late saturday night into sunday that it will spread rain along the coast perhaps, but anything on the coastal plain will be scattered and move out pretty quickly. it is backed up to the west -- if it is backed up to the west, we would be talking about more precipitation, but it looks like
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the seven-day forecast, 50 saturday, sunday, up to 51. there is a small chance of rain early on use of the triangle. -- feast of the triangle. next week, it is cold -- east of the triangle. next week, it is cold, may be a flurry or snow shower tuesday. you get these disturbances that come from the northwest. they don't produce big disturbances or amounts of snow. you need the ones from the coast to do that. if you're going to california, it will be warmer. tisha: when i get back, it will be cold.
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tisha: selling mattresses the traditional way isn't the best way.
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and shipped hundreds of miles to a retailers warehouse, where they're marked up and up before finally selling and delivering them at the original mattress factory we take a straightforward approach. we have eliminated the extra steps and created a direct line from our factory to you. saving you hundreds of dollars. head table and worked his way to henry at the end. the university of alabama starting quarterback was on hand with a prayer.
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state where is -- the golden state warriors to the white house. the team also presented the president with a #44 warriors jersey. a tiger thinks she knows who is going to win byng the big game this week, but she may be a little biased. tisha: the tiger made her selection this morning at a zoo in iowa. her pick, her fellow feline, the panthers. she then made her way to the broncos box, but she went to the panthers box first. steve: she seems highly credible to me. mark is with us from super bowl 50 with some of the key guys who have really played a significant are. tisha: tell us about them.
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started on this story at 6:00, something you do not want to do with you are an offense of linemen. we introduced you to the five guys who keep cam luton clean -- you keep cam newton clean and allow him to make the big plays. >> n.c. state football wants to wish the carolina panthers good
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>> now abc 11 eyewitness news's sports, sponsored by your local toyota dealers. reporter: welcome back to late night at the super bowl in santa clara. at the super bowl, it is the stars they get the attention, and for good reason. cam is the star on the carolina panthers, and the league m.v.p. almost certainly, but there are five big reasons cam newton can do what he does, and today we spoke to them. nobody craves anonymity more than an offense of lineman -- offensive lineman. >> i like being under the radar. reporter: the left guard wrote -- and the left guard lives by that code. 884 snaps, not one penalty. he and another when undrafted, but they found a home and
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>> i am thankful they give me the opportunity to get out and play when a lot of teams may not have trusted those guys, because they just got off the practice squad. reporter: trai turner blossomed into a pro bowler this year. he is most comfy in front of the camera. >> it's nothing special, nothing that i did, nothing that i ate. >> i feel like i got the job year on the first day. reporter: they all look to the middle for leadership. >> just forced on them. they don't know that they don't have a choice to not listen to me, but i'd make sure that they don't know otherwise.
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reporter: it is a true brotherhood cemented by a weekly hangout known as fellowship thursday. >> we basically love each other. when we are on that field, we are together. >> and credible character from the guys, guys who care about each other and want to get the job done. reporter: and they have been getting the job done this season. a few notes on that before we talk about our special. mike remmers, right tackle says a lot of them have shared interest in food. there is a reason that quarterbacks and offense of lineman, eat -- offensive line may need this stuff. coming up, we have competition. keisha powell will be joining us live. duke women's basketball tonight.
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a torn plantar visual. no worries tonight. rebecca greenwell getting it done, part of a 15-0 run in the first quarter. rebounds. and good work from angela chips in 17. duke wins 67-52. that will do it. back to you.
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