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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  February 7, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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the gloves came off in the latest debate. >> if you noticed, he didn't answer your question. >> candidates on the attack. the big target of the night, marco rubio. >> he doesn't have the experience to be president of the united states. >> rubio fighting back. >> your state got hit by a massive snowstorm two weeks ago, you didn't want to go back. they had to shame you into going back. >> but who pressed repeat? >> he knows exactly what he's doing. he knows what he's doing. >> there it is, the memorized 25-second speech. >> donald trump, shushing jeb bush. >> be quiet. a lot of the time -- a lot of the time. >> and attacking the audience. >> that's all of his donors and special interests. that's what it is. >> the on-stage apology. >> ben, i'm sorry. >> not accepted. >> we can see what happened. everybody can see what happened. >> we've got all the highlights of this fiery night. plus, that traffic jam on stage. meanwhile, bernie sanders takes late night center stage.
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>> huge difference. >> your complete political wrapup right here on "gma." hey, good morning, everybody. the debate, of course, dominating the news. but there is of course, another big story. i hear something called super bowl 50 is just hours away. >> yes, it's a huge story, right? an epic matchup of two great teams and two fantastic quarterbacks. we're talking the broncos versus the panthers. peyton manning against cam newton. manning, the future hall of famer, up against the league's up and comer, 13 years his junior. we have pregame analysis. we'll take you inside the hottest, most star-studded pregame parties. all coming up on "gma." >> full coverage of super bowl sunday coming up. we'll start with the republican debate, which aired right here on abc overnight. plenty of fireworks. perhaps serious consequences for some of the candidates with the new hampshire primary just two days away. >> we have team coverage.
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there in the debate hall. hi, jon. >> reporter: good morning, paula. it was a raucous night. it was a good night for the three governors on the stage. they had been stuck on the back of the pack. each of them broke through in a do or die debate for all of them. back at center stage, donald trump responded to questions from his rivals of whether he has the temperament to be the commander in chief. >> i actually think i have the best temperament. i'm not the one with the quick trigger. other people up here would be much faster. >> reporter: ted cruz said this week trump was so intemperate he might nuke denmark. asked about that, he backed off. >> do you stand by those words? >> i think that is an assessment the voters are going to make. >> if you noticed, he didn't answer your question. >> reporter: cruz apologized to ben carson, after his campaign wrongly claimed that the doctor
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the iowa caucuses. >> when this transpired, aamoll jazzed to him then. and i do so now. ben, i'm sorry. >> we can see what happened. everybody can see what happened. you can make your own judgment. >> dr. carson, thank you. >> reporter: the biggest target of the night was marco rubio. he ran into a buzz saw named chris christie. >> you have not been involved in a consequential decision where you had to be held accountable. you just simply haven't. >> i think the experience is not just what you did but how it worked out. this country already has a debt problem. we don't need to election someone that has experience of running up and destroying the credit rating of a state. >> when you're a governor of the state, the president of the united states, the memorized 30-second speech doesn't solve one problem. and when the worst natural disaster in your state's history hits you, they expect you to rebuild their state. that's what i've done. none of that happens on the floor of the united states senate. it's a fine job. i'm glad you ran for it. but it doesn't prepare you for president of the united states.
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story of the night was the governors, christie, kasich, and bush. dominated much of the debate. >> we have to solve problems in america by coming together, republicans and democrats. americans first. party and ideology second in the second backseat of this country. that's what we need to do. >> reporter: jeb bush went after trump on the issue of imminent domain. until trump shushed him. >> let me talk. quiet. a lot of times -- a lot of times -- [ crowd booing ] >> reporter: trump backing in the boos did something never seen before in a presidential debate. he attacked the audience. >> that's all of his donors and special interests out there. [ crowd booing ] so -- that's what it is. >> reporter: i have never seen that before. a candidate on the stage attacking the debate audience. with just two days to go until the new hampshire primary, the candidates are hitting the trail hard. i count 15 events today, that's
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>> and how many times have you said i have never seen that season? too many to count. >> it's been the theme of this campaign. >> thank you, jon. it was uncomfortable at times for marco rubio. he had all the momentum going into the debate. the other candidates did everything they could to derail him. david wright joins us from the debate hall with much more. hi, david. >> reporter: hi, paula. this was a lost opportunity at best for marco rubio after a strong showing in iowa. his big moment to shine. many would say that he choked. it all started with david muir's first question to chris christie. >> i do want to ask governor christie. you said fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. when it comes to electing a first-term senator. >> reporter: after that, governor chris christie came out swinging hard after marco rubio. >> first, let's remember something, every morning when a united states senator gets up,
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speech can they give. every morning when i get up, i think what kind of problem do i need to solve for the people who actually e likted me? >> reporter: shot after shot. >> that's not leadership, that's truancy. rubio for more than seven >> wait a second. is that one of the skills you esp also? because i don't think it is. >> reporter: rubio punched back. >> chris -- chris, your state got hit by a massive snowstorm two weeks ago. you didn't want to go back. they had to shame you into going back. >> reporter: that's when rubio got tangled up in his talking points. >> let's dispel this fiction that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing. >> reporter: christie caught rubio putting that line on instant replay. >> this notion that barack obama doesn't know what he's doing is just not true. >> there it is. there it is. the memorized 25-second speech. there it is, everybody. >> reporter: even rubio's fellow floridian seemed to jump in on governor chris christie's side. >> you learn this. you learn this by doing it. not to say.
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gifted, gifted politician. >> reporter: rubio, clearly rocked by the blows, moved on. jumping back in with ted cruz after martha asked about attacking north korean missiles before they launch. >> it's standard procedure for the united states to shoot town those missiles once launched if they pose a danger to civilians -- >> i'm talking about a preemptive strike on the launch pad. >> but it's important to note. that it is and senator cruz, i think, was alluding to this as well. >> reporter: should i go now? this is where one of the other big moments happened. dr. ben carson missing his entrance cue. and creating a bit of a log jam as the other candidates kind of awkwardly went around him. donald trump kept him company for a little while. apparently, it was very hard for them to hear with all of the applause. david and martha were facing this way. they didn't see what was going on. in the end, governor chris
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it was a comedy of errors, shall we say. >> david, it's always your big moment. i think it's fair to say that all of us who have worked in live television have had moments. as a reminder, it's live, folks, anything can happen. >> anything can happen. david wright, thank you for your reporting. we appreciate it. let's do some sunday morning quarterbacking with matt dowd, also in the debate hall there in manchester. matt, good morning. let's start with rubio. was he seriously damaged by what happened on stage last night? >> since we're going to stay with the football analogies, i think what happened last night to marco rubio was that the young quarterback who had completed a bunch of passes got sacked by the experienced linemen. now the question is, does he have a knee injury, an arm injury, or is he out of the game? i think what it does is two things. first, it takes away any momentum that he had coming out of iowa and into new hampshire. that's for sure. he's lost the momentum. can he still finish second? i think he can.
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is, is this now, is this criticism now in the water table? it was something a lot of people thought about. is he ready? is he experienced? is he just a great speech or is there more to him? that's the thing that could be a bigger problem for him in the long term. >> can he recover? chris christie went hard at him. i think we were all reminded that chris christie is a former federal prosecutor. does that help christie or perhaps somebody else on the stage? >> i think it might help christie a little bit. right now, here in new hampshire, he's at six or seven in the polls in the single digits. even if he gets a bump of two or three, it won't help much. i think it could help others on the stage who came in watching marco rubio's momentum rise. now that was stopped by chris christie. >> let's talk about the guy leading in the polls, donald trump. do you think he did anything that will impact his front runner status? in particular, what jon karl said he had never seen before,
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attacking members of the audience? >> well, first, i think he'll benefit from that. a lot of people say, yeah, the party is taken over by contributors. big special interests. donald trump took them on in the audience. i think donald trump, i wouldn't say he won the debate. i would say he won the night. he walked in here with a double-digit lead. he comes out with a double-digit lead. the main person that was competing to beat him in new hampshire, marco rubio's momentum was stopped. i think donald trump is probably very happy about the night last night. >> so there are eight gop candidates right now. the governors, kasich, bush, and christie had a strong night. especially christie. seemed to push all his chips on the table. do you have a sense that if they don't do well in new hampshire, any of them will drop out? >> i would guess that -- there's three governors still competing in this race. two of them or maybe one of them are only going to go on from here. i think you'll see one or two of the governors after tuesday seriously consider and drop out.
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i think you'll only see one, at most two governors come out of new hampshire tuesday night. >> so high these stakes. matt dowd, we always love have youg on and getting your analysis. we appreciate it. let's not forget the democrats. hillary clinton and bernie sanders locked in a fight. sanders getting national tv exposure on "saturday night live" and hillary clinton live-tweeting. cecilia vega has the story. she's also in new hampshire this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, dan, good morning to you. the two sides duking it out for votes here in new hampshire. a fight to the finish. but they also went head to head for laughs last night. hillary clinton on twitter. and then there was bernie sanders. will the real bernie sanders please stand up? >> wait a second! [ cheers and applause ] i am so sick of the 1% getting this preferential treatment.
8:12 am
comedian larry david side by side on "snl" overnight. >> sounds like socialism to me. >> democratic socialism. >> what's the difference? >> huge difference. >> reporter: david showing off his bernie best. >> people love me, okay. i have more individual donations than any candidate in history. and i don't take from millionaires and billionaires. >> i feel like a rock 'n' roll star. >> reporter: earlier in the day, sanders rallying supporters in new hampshire. >> we went to iowa, 40 or 50 points down in the polls. we end up getting a virtual tie. >> reporter: and hillary clinton trying hard to close the gap. going door to door in the granite state. >> a beautiful day in manchester. >> reporter: trailing double-digits here, clinton now laying it all on the line. >> there's a much greater burden on women running for political office. there is still a huge double standard. >> reporter: clinton under fire
8:13 am
debate. >> i'm the last person she wants to run against. >> reporter: she fired right back on twitter with this reaction, saying, bring it on. sanders jumping in the fray, too, tweeting this head shake saying, not good enough. and as you said, clinton down in the polls in new hampshire. she leaves the state and heads to flint, michigan, where they're dealing with the water crisis. here in her place, her not so secret secret weapon, bill clinton. >> bill clinton. cecilia, thank you for your reporting this morning. and we should mention, fresh off the debate, abc news chief anchor george stephanopoulos has a huge show coming up. he's going to be speaking with senator marco rubio, donald trump, and hillary clinton, in a special edition of "this week" later this morning on abc. and north korea was a topic of debate. after the country launched a long-range rocket. this morning, the united nations security council will hold a meeting.
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part of a banned test that could make north korea capable of directing a nuclear missile at the united states. now, the north korean government is responding by saying what they launched is an earth observation satellite as part of what they call a peaceful space program. just last month, they claimed to have successfully tested a hydrogen bomb. meanwhile, here at home, massive security in advance of super bowl 50. bomb detection experts. undercover agents. s.w.a.t. teams deployed in the san francisco area where the game will be played. plenty of fun and excitement. as we countdown to kickoff now just hours away. ryan smith is in san francisco, covering it all. ryan, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. 100,000 people are expected to flood levi's stadium later today, rooting for the broncos or panthers. peyton manning or cam newton. two very different sides of the superstar coin. peyton manning, the best quarterback in his generation, possibly playing in his last game. and cam newton hoping for the
8:15 am
young career. it's finally here. super bowl 50 just hours away. with a supermatchup on tap. quarterback cam newton, inviting the nfl's new dual-threat version of a superstar. dangerous with his hands. deadly with his feet. crowned the league's mvp last night. >> i ams would like to thank every person that has doubted me. because you made me better. dab. >> reporter: versus peyton manning, a more old school quarterback. a pure passer. an expert at playing mind games on the field. wreaking havoc on defenses with his game preparation and his arm for 18 nfl seasons. the five-time mvp, one of the greatest of all time. >> it's a special week. it's an exciting week. it makes you very grateful for the opportunity. >> reporter: and their teams. a
8:16 am
carolina's number one ranked offense versus denver's top ranked defense. the nfl equivalent of "clash of the titans." >> i wouldn't say it's hard to get to him. it's hard to take him down. >> reporter: so 100,000 expected on hand for game day at levi's stadium. putting security on high alert. we're standing here in a security operation center for the super bowl. there are multiple ones so they can back each other up. what are they looking for? on the streets, the stadium, the air space to make sure super bowl sunday is a safe one. all those crowds of screaming football fans hoping for a game to remember. there is a lot riding on this game. and i mean literally. it's predicted that $4.2 billion will be wagered on today's game. peyton manning win, it will mean his second super bowl ring. a cam newton win means the first player in history to win the national championship, the heisman, the mvp, and a super bowl. and dan and paula, he's just 26
8:17 am
>> and a bright future in front of him. paula and i, by the way, have a big bet on who can ingest more calories. i think i'm going to win. >> there's no way. >> i'm voting on dan. >> you're not taking me? >> have you seen what this guy can shovel back? >> i'm consistently a caloric monster. ryan, thank you. i am. we should say, it's supposed to be in the 70s and beautiful for super bowl 50. not the case on the east coast, right, indra petersons? >> no, i'm starting eating now. have you seen the arare around the set? i'm starting really early. action on the east coast in a different form. showers. winter all starts here. look at florida. you're looking at some showers already today. let's track it. it's going to form a low. right now, into the southeast, already looking at showers into the carolinas. by tomorrow, it will get ugly, guys. d.c., new york city, a mix of rain and snow. never good when you're right in between there. watching that carefully. keep following the low. notice what happens for the primaries in through new hampshire.
8:18 am
commuting in could be trouble. tuesday talking about snow. that's one system. there is another one out there. watch this guy. notice staying offshore. if this moves even a little bit closer to the coastline we could be talking about steve: good morning, everyone. rain and snow mix with sleet, too, on the 95 corridor trying to get north. the air is pretty dry here. most of that is trying to evaporate. .1300 in fayetteville. and 30's across the board. everybody is above freezing. major problems not expected. but rain and sleet and some snow south and east today. the best bet with temperatures in the 40's. and warmer tomorrow with a shower late and >> i'm glad you have decided everything i see on set, all mine this morning. >> all yours. thank you. the caloric monster and i heard
8:19 am
experience yesterday. >> that is right. sara and i, we're an irrepressible force. we're united. it does happen. >> it does happen. >> occasionally. we got to spend time doing something we both love to do. sitting down with kids, in sara's case, on the the floor, with a good book. >> everyone ready? >> reporter: this weekend, sara, if i can speak for her, and i had a great time reading to children from the local boys and girls club of america. celebrating the first ever disney reads day. not if i can help it, calls captain hook. i tackled "jake and the neverland pirates." my harmonica. we have to get it back, says jake. the monkey gives cubby back his harmonica. do you want to join my pirate crew? just say the pirate password, yo ho ho. yo, ho, ho. come on. join me, yo ho ho. while i opted for the chair. >> do you want to take your chair with you, ron?
8:20 am
floor for some stories from "frozen." >> causing his head to go flying off. you're in luck. i have a new stock of balloons. what else is a good birthday present? cake. oh. ooh, olaf said, when he saw the lit candles. tiny fire. >> we believe all children deserve an equal opportunity to thrive in school and succeed in life. >> reporter: and now, along with disney, celebrating one very special milestone. >> disney just donated its 50 millionth book. >> reporter: the nonprofit providing new books to children in need for over 15 years. honoring the magic of story telling. >> ana and elsa spent the rest of the day baking a cake to go with their new festive candles. >> when neverland pirates want something, they ask for it nicely. even though disney reads day is over.
8:21 am
online to vote for any state, the state that gets the most votes received 100,000 books. 100,000 books. >> you're such a good reader to kids. next time i'm having trouble falling asleep, i may have to call you. >> i'll happily do it. >> it was the sweetest thing. ron has a beautiful voice. i found myself captivated. >> it was my imitation. >> i was squatting. >> it's okay, you're like, nine months pregnant. thanks, guys. >> thank you. coming up on "gma," shocking sexual assault allegations are rocking an ivy league campus. a fraternity president faces serious charges. we're also just hours away from super bowl 50. overnight, jesse palmer at some of the hottest pregame parties. with celebrities sharing their picks. and forget the vegas odds. who are the otters picking to win super bowl 50?
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for free on, right? [ laughing nervously ] [ pickles whines ] i know, it's like they're always on television. what? caitlin: good morning. it is 8:27. i'm caitlin knute. he's a look at the stories we're working for you coming up full live at 9:00 a.m. first a man died after running the krispy kreme challenge in raleigh yesterday. one--mile into the fun run the man stepped out of the race because of chest pains. he passed wat a the hospital. authorities have not identified the victim.
8:28 am
in the leg by a drive-by shooting. they believe that the child and the suspect knew each other. those stories and more coming up at 9:00 a.m. right now, "good morning america" continues.
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news you can find all see, marco, marco, the thing is this. when you're president of the
8:30 am
memorized 30-second speech where you talk about how great america is at the end of it doesn't solve one problem for one person. >> jeb wants to be a tough guy tonight. be quiet. a lot of times -- [ crowd booing ] a lot of times -- that's all of his donors and special interests out there. [ crowd booing ] so -- it's what it is. >> uncomfortable at times. they came to spar. welcome back the "gma." and the gloves came off last night. as the republican presidential candidates met for the last debate before the primary in new hampshire on tuesday. marco rubio was the favorite target. as you saw, not a single person was spared. also coming up this morning, it's the hottest ticket before the super bowl. those exclusive red carpet parties. we'll show you where the celebrities partied overnight.
8:31 am
performances put on. our jesse palmer is out there making the scene. first, new details in the case of the frat president at the elite ivy league school now facing shocking charges. >> 21-year-old wolfgang ballinger, a student at cornell university's school of hotel administration, has been accused of attempted rape. the frat that he ran is now suspended. cornell's president is speaking out. phillip mena joins us with more. >> reporter: good morning. the frat's president, the son of a prominent new york businessman is facing three felony charges. inside these court documents, disturbing details about what allegedly went on inside that frat house that fateful night. this morning, new details from the night the president of an elite cornell university fraternity was accused of raping a woman on campus. in the felony complaint, obtained by abc news, cornell
8:32 am
ballinger brought his alleged victim to his room at 2:00 a.m. and then shut and locked his room door. according to the document, the woman told the investigators she verbally protested sexual advances several times. >> the speed in which they took it from the university's purview and brought it to a criminal setting suggests that the prosecution believes they have a strong case. >> reporter: in a statement to abc news, ballinger's attorney saying he's note guilty. in a video posted to youtube in december, he describes his work experiences and hopes for the future. >> i was taught the value of hard work, and self-made work. >> reporter: detailing his time at famed new york city nightclub owned by his father. >> if i first significant venture that i have done is open a bar in my father's concert hall and music -- >> reporter: cornell's president releasing this statement. sexual violence has no place at
8:33 am
we'll be considering what steps should be taken to ensure the greek community at cornell is living up to our institutional standard of excellence and respect for others. cornell university's police say the reports of sexual crimes on campus are rare. so many times these incidents go unreported. >> phillip, thank you. a huge story on campuses across the country. we appreciate it. let's get it over to indra petersons with more. >> let's go with a new word. ground blizzard. not all blizzards are caused by
8:34 am
of the sky. steve: good morning, everyone. so sleet and snow mix on the 95 corridor. not making it too much farther to the north. fayetteville wet though, .14 for precipitation. >> this weather is brought to you by beautyrest. something most of us want a little bit more of every night. >> sleep? >> what is that, right? >> wine. >> or that, my bad. >> so many things. >> mommy juice, right? >> the paula faris thought bubbles. >> we just want to party, is what we want. coming up on "gma," it's
8:35 am
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i am never letting go.
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good morning, america. from the super bowl. >> and good morning to you, kate hudson. yes, we know the super bowl is ostensibly about football. but also the pregame party. >> and the appetizers. >> and the beer. >> it's all part of it. a lot of the events, they're simply over the top. and jesse palmer was right in the middle of the action. jesse, you haven't gone to sleep yet. thank you for taking one for the team. >> reporter: paula, a little excess never hurt anybody. it's the calm before the storm. the game day is finally here. and this weekend hadss been all about nonstop party. so much glitz. so much glamour. everybody gearing up for the big game. amid the football frenzy, super bowl fever took over the city by the bay in an all-out
8:39 am
filled with glitz, glam, did i forget to mention celebrities? >> everywhere i am, it's the new york >> reporter: with so many explusive events and concerts, i decided to kick off my super party. >> reporter: where nick jonas performance. try to break the chains but the chains only break me >> reporter: crazy energy inside the espn party. i can't hear myself think. so many people. the music's loud. it's absolutely awesome. let's go find some celebrities to talk to. but the fun not stopping there. i would like to say i'm on the red carpet at the directv party. but the carpet actually is blue. super bowls have tons of parties. none quite like this. this is the hottest ticket in town. backseat lover and i talked to
8:40 am
part about being here in a city like this? during the biggest sporting event of the year? >> it's exciting. there's people here. people from all over the world. >> reporter: no fumbles here as the crowd of thousands geared up to watch the red hot chili peppers light up the house. along with surprise guests. >> i'm so excited. i can't wait. >> reporter: what's it like knowing you're throwing the best party? >> the parties are the competition. we just trounce every time. let's go >> reporter: but before turning in, i had to find out these stars' foix win tonight's showdown. >> it will be a tough game for the broncos, i think. but we'll do it. >> i think carolina will win. you know what, as long as my couch is warm, my beer is cold, my cheetos are right there, i'll be happy. >> reporter: did i mention, there's a massive sporting event being played here? people in the bay area having so much fun. often times, people forget there's a game to be played. but make no mistake about it. today, all eyes on the field at
8:41 am
get set to take on the broncos in super bowl 50. guys? >> only at the super bowl would the actual super bowl be a side note to everything else. that's going on. jesse, thank you. enjoy the game, all right? >> you got it. thank you, guys. enjoy. coming up on "good morning america," breaking down the big game insights into the team's gridiron strategy straight ahead in our weekend download. are we allowed to eat this food yet? >> of course. go for it. the caloric monster. >> i'm eating all of it. yet? >> of course. go for it.
8:42 am
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8:44 am
117 million people estimated will watch super bowl 50. not all will be football
8:45 am
espn's tony reali is here. let's say hypothetically i have a friend like dan harris who knows nothing about football. what can he say? >> why do you have to do him dirty like that? dan will be 10% happier, like ryan smith told us, cam newton was mvp of the league. he needs to know that. that cam is the star this game will turn on. he can beat you with his arm. his legs. that will be the most important thing in today's game. the broncos blitz quarterbacks very well. cam scrambles better than just about anybody in the league. he leads the league in touchdowns this year. he leads the league in teteth. he's always smiling. stands. his star's ready to be in a different stratosphere. >> the name peyton manning will how does a nonfan talk? >> the most turnover prone quarterback in the nfl. he had a tough season. you'll know early on if he's got
8:46 am
spirals like a duck. which means it doesn't spiral, it will be intercepted by the panthers, josh norman. the best chance is the defense finding kryptonite for cam. >> they got a great defense. >> number one in the league. >> out on a limb. who are you picking? >> i should ask you. you got the world series right. >> i'm always wrong. so i'm going to stay away from this one. >> i want you to check this out. this is what drivers see on route 16. rural route 16. denver, north carolina, is seven miles away. newton, north carolina, is 20 miles away. that kind of looks like a scoreboard, doesn't it? >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> who is to argue with route 16? i'm going with carolina, 20, denver, 7, cam newton mvp. >> so they cover the spread of six points, you believe? >> absolutely. sara, what you got going? >> we're getting ready for the super bowl. one of these things in the room -- these are some of our makeup and hair stylists. what the -- where did this
8:47 am
that's tracy, our birthday girl, she's representing "pop." she would do that for a friend. and the show. we don't pay her enough. tracy send it to commercial. >> oh, and we'll be right back.oh, oond we'll be right back. my opioid pain medication makes me feel stopped up! millions of people are estimated to suffer from opioid-induced constipation, oic, caused by the opioids they use to manage chronic pain. oic is a different type of constipation. opioids block pain signals, but they can also block activity in the bowel. finding relief has been a real struggle! ready to painta different picture? definitely! talk to your doctor about oic and prescription treatment options.
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rth carolina's working again. unemployment is down from our mountains to the coast. families are paying less in taxes. we've helped seniors with medical bills. we've raised teacher pay. there's still work to do, but we have a carolina comeback for sure. we just don't always get the respect we've earned.
8:50 am
and have a super day. i just want to take a second right now to look at dan harris. i know it's because he loves me so much this -- he rarely does this. he's stepping out of his news man and into his pigskin outfit. >> i love this outfit. i might wear this to the game. both my son and i will be in onesies. my 1-year-old son and i will wear onesies. >> a little deflated. >> it's super bowl sunday. i'm dressed for the occasion. looking for a prediction for the super bowl? the only wise thing left to do
8:51 am
tortoises from moody gardens in texas. slow and steady won the prediction race for carolina. at the maryland zoo, the 2-year-old lion kept it in the cat family. selecting panthers' football. in ohio, an adorable otter knows what's up? >> oh, yes! >> there you go. >> all: touchdown. >> a lot of cute animals. >> if you believe the animals, carolina has it in the bag. so that's one way to look at it. and how about, a look at those weird and wonderful prop bets. some picks from sports but for you, what color shoes will beyonce wear? right now, black is the favorite. you can also bet on coldplay's first song. "adventure of a lifetime" is leading with odds of 2 to 1. and remember left shark in who could forget. you can place money at 15 to 1 on whether he'll make a comeback. at 16 to 1, you can place a wager on peyton manning crying during the broadcast. >> i take that bet.
8:52 am
will be tears. >> i think he deserves to cry. >> he'll probably retire. and rite off into the sun set with a ring. what more does he need? tears of joy. i would cry. >> i love man who can cry. go with it, peyton. and drake's hot line bling music video just turned into a super bowl commercial. the singer spoofing himself in an ad for t-mobile. you used to call me on me cell phone >> cut, cut, cut. perfect. here are the changes. >> i love changes. >> when you say call me on my cell phone, just add device eligible for upgrade in 24 months. >> in addition to a guy who can cry, i like a guy that can make fun of himself. he's taken such ribbing. >> only thing he needs is a football onesie and he'll be fully making fun of himself. >> this completes you, dan, on every level. >> thank you. appreciate that. what's a super bowl without food? we're here to help you make it your best friend ever. a perfect beer pairing.
8:53 am
essential guide from the paring pros tell npr that your beef chili is good with an imperial ipa. for buffalo wings, go with a bohemian-style pilsner. even cool ranch doritos gets its own beer. for pizza, a german style pilsner. and we want to thank 47 brands for providing some of our fan wear this morning. i want to confirm with ron those beer picks were good. you're a beer drinker. >> i do. i agree. >> who knew a cool ranch dorito could get better? >> have you ever tried dipping a cool ranch dorito in cottage cheese? >> ew. >> don't say ew until you try it first. you go there first. you try it first. >> dan challenged me who would eat the most?
8:54 am
>> i don't want to fill out this onesie prematurely. george has a huge show. he'll not be wearing this. have a great day, he'll not be wearing this. anthony: straight ahead at 9 i'm here on abc11 eyewitness news. more trouble for three teens charged with throwing -- bricks on the cars and trucks on i-95. they are facing two more accounts of assault with a property. the total number of charges to 14 each. super bowl sunday is here, cam newton and the panthers taking on the denver broncos. newton is named the nfl's m.v.p. tisha powell joins us this half hour from california.
8:55 am
tonight for complete team coverage. those stories plus 90 minutes of news on the other side of this
8:56 am
[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, caption content and accuracy. visit ] anthony: it is super bowl sunday. the north carolina panthers getting ready to take on the
8:57 am
all is quiet outside of levi's stadium right now. but that will change. caitlin: you can guarantee it. a clash of the titans today. the all-time greats, manning and newton. newton is coming off of a big win already, awarded the nfl's most valuable player award in a victory. anthony: and the panthers are winning the nfl coach of the year award. and north carolina is hoping he can lead them to their biggest victory yet and bring home the vince lombardi trophy, behind the league m.v.p., newton. all right. sunday, february the 7th. 8:59. and the temperature, 35 degrees. it is chilly, football weather. we will get to that in a bit. caitlin: first we have been keeping our eye on the possibility of snow. we have a live view out there --
8:58 am
anthony, gloria rodriguez is
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