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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News 9AM  ABC  February 7, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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anthony, gloria rodriguez is riding shotgun in breaking news one. but the man with the idea -- instinct information about what is coming our way is meteorologist steve stewart. steve: all right, guys, thank you very much. i think they are headed to wayne county right now. primarily rain on the windshield, but getting sleet reports as well. not a lot of snow reports, but probably have wet flakes mixing in here. you can see the radar is depicting wintery precipitation on the 95 corridor right now. and places that are getting a little bit heavier. there is goldsboro. this is hard to depict if this is all rain or sleet mixing in. we're talking about a wet mix right now, wintery mix is going on. it is pushing up towards rocky mount and wilson getting more sleet right now. notice the last couple of frames trying to sneak into parts of wake county. might be gea few sprinkles going
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we had reports in clayton a wait while ago at 8:30. national weather service employee reported heavy sleet in clayton, and enough to get the roads write there. very tiny, though, at this point and time. numbers in the 30's across the board, but above freezing. higher dew points to the south north. that means if the precipitation makes it into wake county a lot of it evaporates before it reaches the ground until the dew point comes up dew points to the south the lion's share of this event will stay to the east. law of us from raleigh northward don't get a sprinkle today. that's a possibility. we're in the chance category. obviously likely happening right now off to the south. the area of low pressure we watched development yesterday, here it is. it is pulling away a little bit. that is good news, the farther away it is, less chance of the
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off to the to the west. mainly in eastern north carolina event. the temperatures cool around the triangle, low to mid-40's for highs today. tomorrow warmer and then a cold week ahead. more coming up. caitlin: thank you, steve. let's look at the areas we have been talking about this morning. anthony wilson is saying gloria rodriguez was in breaking news one with tommy harris this morning. so where are you, gloria? gloria: we are in newton grove and the rain is starting to come down. a live look outside, this is newton grove highway in newton grove. we are heading newton grove. we are heading towards goldsboro and the rain has really started to pickup in the last 20 minutes or so, but we also saw rain in the fayetteville-fort bragg area and sleet in johnston county earlier. so i'm hearing that towards goldsboro we're seeing sleet conditions. so we will keep an eye on the roads for you. and ponds in areas. so if you're driving in this
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just want to slow down today, give yourself extra time to get wherever you need to go. and make sure that you stay safe on the roads. we will continue to monitor the roads this morning. so s sy tuned for the latest on road conditions. reporting live, gloria rodriguez, abc11 eyewitness news. anthony: you can hear that sleet hitting. now a super bowl l. themic showdown is 12 hours away. the excitement is building each day. caitlin: tisha powell had a tough assignment. and he is -- she is in san francisco and joining us live. looking lovely, good morning. tisha powell. tisha: thank you, as lovely as i can look at this hour in the morning. an unbelievable experience, i have spin speaking to the fans from north carolina and south carolina over to this area of the country in california. they are saying things, like i cannot believe this is
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a miracle, it is so exciting. a once in a lifetime chance. they had to be here. until this point it is about the pregame activities, like the celebrity sightings and the nfl experience. i got a chance to go to a pep rally yesterday. a panthers pep rally. panthers fans are indeed committed about what is going to happen today. and it is going to be a beautiful day. the meteorologists around here are saying in the 70's in the afternoon and then cool off to the 50's for game time. so it will be a lot of excitement leading up to the game. i think things will really sink in for panthers fans when they see the panthers holding the lombardi trophy over their heads. that's what everybody is expecting for today. so we will talk to fans later coming up in your newscast and get a feel for what everybody is feeling and what everybody is saying. but they are definitely happy to be here in california today on
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a day to remember, guys. anthony: all right. west coast time, tisha, you look gorgeous. caitlin: 6:00 there and fabulous. thank you, tisha powell. and tisha has a great story coming up -- too, looking at the panthers guards. and stick around, we will check in with her in our 10:00 hour. you can find all of our super bowl coverage on line and on orabc11 eyewitness news app. anthony: the u.s. is planning the next move an north korea's launch of a long-range rocket. they are talking about the possible deployment of the missile defense system. that will worry north korea. state media reports this was a peaceful satellite launch. but the rocket is being used to test a missile that could reach the u.s. it follows north korea's claim of a hydrogen bomb last month.
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here at home, a fundraiser that turned into a tragedy. a man died running in raleigh krispy kreme challenge. one mile in, the 50-year-old stepped out of the race complaining of chest pains he was rushed to the hospital and passed away. authorities have not identified the victim, but offering their sympathy in a statement. caitlin: very sad. a twen-year-old boy is recovering this morning after being hit in a leg in a drive-by shooting. this happened at 8:00 last night on roxboro street in durham. the driver of a nissan maxima heard gunshots and going to go after the shooter and quickly realized the child inside of their vehicle was hurt. so the driver pullover and called for help. police say that they believe the victims and the suspects knew each other. anthony: seven past 9:00 now. caitlin: coming up on abc11
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against time. steve: welcome back, everyone. good sunday morning to you. quite a mess along the 94 corridor this morning. a lot of sleet reported so far. not a lot of snow. mainly sleet here. we're seeing rain here, too. notice it has not made it far to the north. it is trying to seeing parts of wake county getting sprinkles. a lot of us will stay dry, just cloudy, into fayetteville, a mess, not a lot of precipitation. a northwest breeze at eight miles per hour. cold and rain mixed with sleet. you can see along the 94 corridor, the rest of us dealing with clouds throughout the day. the lion's share of this event off to the east and evetchally moving away later on today. 51 tomorrow, a sunny start to the day. clouds by the afternoon and maybe a shower. and then after that cold air moves in. be ready for a cold week. need the heavy winter jackets. terminal two at r.d.u. no headaches.
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accuweather seven-day forecast. is minutes away. caitlin: thank you, steve. the search continues for survivors after an earthquake rocked taiwan. rescuers are saying they pulled 171 people from is minutes away. caitlin: thank a residential high-rise that collapsed, but 130 remain missing. the death toll now stands at 24. anthony: in new york it could take weeks to figure out why a huge construction crane came down, it killed one person, and crushed cars. investigators are reviewing surveillance video from nearby footage. they are recovered the crane's movement recording. crews are cutting up the crane and the pieces will be removed for further study. they hope to have the block cleared by monday. caitlin: unbelievable video watching it fall in slow mo like we saw yesterday. the super bowl is not the only
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crunch time for the presidential hopefuls. caitlin: good morning. and welcome back. on to vote 2016. the new hampshire primary is two days away n. g.o.p contenders made their final pitches last night in a prime time debate. anthony: we are live in new hampshire where the last-minute push for votes is. reporter: the final g.o.p debate for the new hampshire primary. a good night for the governors. a bad one for rising candidate, marco rubio. >> under chris christie they have been downgraded. >> that's what washington -- d.c. does. reporter: jeb bush hit donald trump on his support of eminent domain.
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domain to take the property of an elderly woman. >> tough hater. be a tough guy. i didn't take the property. reporter: and ted cruz was in apologize mode. >> i'm sorry. he accused of playing dirty tricks to steal caucus voters from ben carson last week. >> washington, d.c. politics if it is legal. reporter: while the republicans debaited, hillary clinton bought the cheers at a independent rally. and democratic rival bernie sanders brought the laughs on "saturday night live" during the titanic-inspired skit. sanders will be back on the 17 and hillary clinton will be in a community meeting on a water crisis. all of the republicans are here hosting town halls, rallies and super bowl watch parties.
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this morning. one out of three women will live with heart disease, but there are stories of hope from survivors. there was a casting call looking for survivors. the ladies who showed up got to share their personal tales how they beast the disease, that got them to be had spokesperson for a go for red women campaign. and they also gave out free health screenings for those who stopped by. number one killer of women in this country. anthony: wisconsin authorities are going ice fishing for some sunken vehicles, sunken and sinking a number of cars full through cracked ice at lake geneva's winterfest and snow sculpting competition. the fire department is on hand working to get the vermont out of the water. no longer ice there. officials are saying no people were inside of the cars, but boy, people's feelings were hurt. caitlin: this is across the
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wisconsin. i grew up north of chicago, so we would go to lake geneva all of the time. they were having a winterfest. and parking is at premium. it is difficult to park around there. and people were fed up and said it is code enough, we will -- cold enough and we will park on the lake. so obviously a bad idea. i not i would talk to my parents and see if they heard that. steve: walking back, let's go home. the time pipe. anthony: and the insurance company. caitlin: with winterfest there is adult beverages. anthony: your car is in the water. how did it get there? steve: i parked there. weather for today. ok. let's get to it. i want to talk about this line of precipitation.
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persistent all morning long. we're talking 5 hours plus now getting chilly rain and sleet, especially along the 95 there. and fayetteville primary just rain right now. sleet micatessed in. there might be wet snowflakes in here, but the reports we're getting is sleep. so rain and sleet mix with the blue shade up there into nash county. our high-resolution predictor model is showing the majority of the moisture down to the south trying to make it into wake county, if it does is it is light. the dew points are low right now. a lot of this will evaporate the heaviest showers off to the south. and in the late afternoon coming to an end. this is mainly south and east for today. the low is ramping up throughout the afternoon, too. it looks tropical in nature, but pulling away. again our rain chances and sleet chances will be going down as the afternoon wears on. numbers in the 30's right now. everybody is above freezing. that's good news. we're talking about some
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that's the good news. dew points are high to the south. lower dew points means anything that comes to wake county more than likely will evaporate before reaching the ground. we're trying to see a little bit of a northward progression here with the precipitation. so, again don't be surprised, you can stay in wake forest or eastern parts of wake county, so there is where the low is, moving away, that's good. yesterday we talked about it. if it is a little closer to the coast everyone would have a mess of the day. now in the eastern counties. another front approaches tomorrow. we will start sunny. by the afternoon the clouds thicken up. and a shower and a better chance in the evening. a reinforcing shot of cold air on tuesday. we cannot rule out a flurry. a cold day and plussary on tuesday. that cold air will be here for a while. you can see the colder air filtering in. thursday is the coldest with the
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temperatures in the 30's. if you believe this model a colder shot of cold air next weekend. we will have to keep an eye on that. more flurries next saturday. meantime, in santa clara, good football weather. mid-70's at kickoff. very warm out there. one of the warmer super bowls on record. and weather is a non factor. 45 in raleigh. 41 in fayetteville. 38 in clinton you're seeing more precipitation. again, mainly south and east today. precipitation comes to an end, the clouds break and partly cloudy skies, and eventually clear skies tonight. and then tomorrow i have showers late. start off sunny and then as we go through the afternoon the clouds will thicken up and a chance late in the day on thursday. and temperatures go down from there. i'm being conservative it could be colder than the 13 on thursday with a low around 19. so that is cold air coming in and be reinforcet with colder
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i'm not going to bite on that now, but we could be cold for anthony: making me shiver already. to the forecast. many of us have super bowl on the brain this morning. the halftime show will be a skeptical of its dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4.
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the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. . anthony: this is, of course,
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is not the only thing creating a buzz. all right. the halftime show of the game's golden anniversary. caitlin: thank you. coldplay is taking the stage with beyonce and bruno mars. joe mazur has the behind-the-scenes look. [ applause ] joe: the trick to a good halftime show, reaching a wide audience. the home is that coldplay and beyonce will tackle that. chris martin and his band mates are expected to bring the magic. >> we wanted to make it about togetherness and acceptance and things that we believe in. then we called the right gusts. joe: the super bowl headlining band recently released their seventh album. >> all right. don't hit me with that. joe: on monday cam newton is saying this favorite coldplay hit was "clock."
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>> this effects who you root for on the big day? [ laughter ] >> they have -- a kicker as well. and guy -- our base player has -- has pants. >> the panthers are rooting for. ok. so put that in your paper. g.m. once they clock strikes okay, beyonce will hold it down, one of the best selling artist of all times. >> we're hopper nothing past, asking the people who's halftime shows we really loved. and beyonce is right up there. joe: and kicking things off, the vertical lady gaga who will sing the national anthem, the six time grammy winner seeing the tone for the show. anthony: that is joe with that report. coming up in the next half hour, we're watching for the possibility of snow. possibly.
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rights now checking for that. anthony: coming up on 9:30 now, sunday, february the 7th.
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you might have heard about that. 38 degrees here in the heart of north carolina. i'm anthony wilson. caitlin: i'm caitlin knute. so yes. overly the super bowl today and the chance of snow as well. and steve, you did a pretty good job of calling this yesterday. if we got anything, it would be i-95 and east of there. steve: yeah. it setup that way. we were concerned with one of our models trying to back it into wake county. it is trying to do that all morning, but no success, because our air is so dry it is evaporating. all of this will stay along the 94 corridor. here is what we're talking about row now. you can see where the precipitation is and has been for hours now. it is trying to make a westward push and having a tough time with that. heavy sleet in johnston county. and the 95 corridor some of that is trying to sneak in. maybe sprinkles and a sleet pellet or two. there is the heavy report of sleet at 8:40 this morning in
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a light dusting. that is a pretty good bet on 95. there are the 30's. dry air around the triangle and northward. so this precipitation will have a hard time making a westward progress. so you can see where the activity is right now. the low offshore is moving away. if that happens or rain chances in the triangle pretty slim today and very high along and east of i-95. the numbers in the 40's today. watch for temperatures to be a little bit warmer tomorrow. and then a cold week coming up. more coming up in a few minutes. anthony: thank you, steve. now, gloria rodriguez is live riding in breaking news one. watching out for signs of some sort of frozen precipitation. we hear a few minutes. anthony: thank you, something falling on the roof there, gloria, what is that? gloria: yes. you could hear it. right now we're seeing a mix of sleet and rain. we're in goldsboro right now. and look at breaking news one. we're at highway 117 and heading north in goldsboro.
9:25 am
rain at this time. we do see snowflakes. we have video of that driving up here from newton grove we saw the snowflakes. right now as we drive you can hear the sleet hitting our windshield. so we also saw heavy sleet in johnson county and rain in fayetteville and fort bragg. so many regions in this area are definitely feeling this weather today. that rain, sleet, and maybe even snowflake where you are. now the good news is that we haven't run across any accidents. so that's always good. we will continue to monitor the roads for you and bring you the latest. so be sure to stay tunedded. reporting live, gloria rodriguez, abc11 eyewitness news. anthony: thank you, gloria. our weather alert app is your
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the countdown is on. the final hours before super bowl l is played. caitlin: the nfl's newest m.v.p., cam newton leading the panthers against the charge with the broncos. tisha powell is live in san francisco with what is going on. pretty early, 6:00, to 6:30 your time, tisha. tisha: i believe it is 6:30. i have not checked the time recently. but the day we are all been waiting for, super bowl sunday and the panthers fans here in california. they have been streaming up and more and more fans as the game is closer. we have seen people from all over north carolina here in california now really excited say it is just wonderful to see here and anything they would not miss for the world. over the past couple of days they have been soaking in all of the pregame activities like the
9:27 am
their panthers gear and going back and forth with the broncos fans. but they are saying they are predicting a panthers win today. we're going to win, of course. [ laughter ] it might be close. but we are going to win. we're happy either way. bucket list. it is a bucket list. >> i think the panthers defense is going to blow away the offense of denver. our offense is fantastic, but our defense is world class. tisha: that was charlie and tamra from chapel hill. they are excited to be here. this is something they definitely did not want to miss. everyone is looking forward to an exciting day. and listening to gloria talk here. about snow and sleet. here in santa clara in the 70's today, during the middle of the day. when the game starts it will probably drop-down into the 50's. so a pretty exciting afternoon.
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win all of the folks here in california will have great stories to tell when they get back to the triangle. anthony: you called it, sunny california. caitlin: you know she is just rubbing in the gorgeous weather. all right. i'm glad you're having a good time,. anthony: and we want to see your super bowl gear. so share your pictures using governor mccrory is also in game day mode as he kicks off his political ad season. the governor sending out two messages in this new campaign ad that will run through super bowl, besides cheering on the super bowl, he is hiding his first term. yeah. that was a piece of it. the republican is running for a second term and facing a challenge in the march primary. well, they are compared bonnie and clyde, one of them met the
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live television there.
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abc11 eyewitness news. steve: welcome back, everybody. good morning to you. on this sunday pretty messy out there along the 95 corridor. most of this is sleet, but we're getting reports of sleet, snow, and rain mix where you see the blue shades. so pretty wet along the 95 in johnston county. north hills dry. cold, and temperatures in the 30's. a breeze at seven miles per hour. about likely much of this really bad stuff will make it farther to the west. so right now we're starting to see a little bit of progression in wake county, a few sprinkles and sleet pellets. but the majority is to the east
9:31 am
cannot rule out raleigh getting a light shower, but the chances of that, maybe 30% to 40%, but 100% chance we're seeing it now. warmer ahead of our next front that brings in the really cold air. temperatures next week well below normal. travel out of r.d.u. is looking pretty good. just cloudy there. no delays. your abc 11 eyewitness news accuweather seven-day forecast. is minutes away. anthony: thank you, steve. new this morning five people killed in a massive avalanche in the alps. there was a camp and they were caught in the snow. two other skiers were hurt and10 were reduced. caitlin: brittany harpser facing charges of robbery, kidnapping, vehicle theft andan shield.
9:32 am
hospitalized. they committed crimes in missouri, alabama, georgia, and florida. a u.s. marshal service called them a modern day bonnie and
9:33 am
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morning for three teens charged at throwing bikes at cars and trucks on i-95. the three teens all face two more counts of assault with a deadly weapon and damage the property. that brings the total number of charges faced by the trio to 14 each. cumberland county detectives slapped on the additional charges after two more came forward saying bricks hit them. one victim is saying there is a hole in the roof of his cab. they will have their first appearances on new charges tomorrow and a truck carrying a crane flipped on the on-ramp. fayetteville police blocked the ramp and bought in a recto recognize the truck. now the road is back open connection to a shooting there. the investigation closed down part of the durham freeway last night.
9:35 am
the moving vehicle, that's what they were looking for. a fitting tribute for a skydiver who died in franklin county on january 16th. james died after a horrible crash. his family and 150 skydivers from around the country came together to view his memory. skydivererize saying coming down they can see the curvature of the earth, and that is the same memory to remember the sport their love and their brother. anthony: black history every day this month and there is an added bonus on saturday. the 14th annual durham black history month parade. celebrating m.l.k. and other leaders. the theme was give us the ballot. this guy here has his phone in his hand. give us the ballot is the title of an address given back in
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and abc11 eyewitness news is a proud sponsor of this event. one reason why we're riding in the back of that convertible. periscoping. that's up 24 is a proud hours on my twitter page. caitlin: yeah. yeah. i have to go back and look at it. speaking of being live on social media. we are live on facebook right now. so watching us on-air and then on-line. you have multiple audiences. when you are live on facebook, viewers can comment. a lot of people are saying they have sleet in various areas. we mentioned garner they saw sleet. steve: yes. garner a lot of sleet. so we're seeing it trying to make its way all morning in wake county, but the air is so dry, saw sleet. steve: yes. a lot of is evaporating. start of seeing intrusion into the extreme eastern part of wake county. take you on a radar tour if we can. we will zoom in to the south, now it looks like it is really
9:37 am
you see the yellows and reds. that's not the case. snow aloft, it is melting. that is bright banding. so light precipitation going on here. it could come down moderately, rain mix would sleet petals. more of the blue shade is a mixture of sleet, snow, and rape going on now. enough to cause headaches in and around smithfield. you can see the sleet reported there add 9:30 this morning in selma. and enough to cause accidents on highway 301 and interstate 95. so these areas getting a little bit -- bridges and overpasses, i can see that being an issue this morning. look all of the way up there, roxy mount, nash county, these areas seeing probably sleet, snow, maybe rain mix, but definitely wintery precipitation. and now we're starting to see it coming in from wendell over into
9:38 am
might be sleet, we got reports in garner of getting sleet pull -- pellets now. we could see a little bit today. we're in the chance category. less chance in roxboro. and obviously likely it will be helping along the 95 corridor for hours to come. it might be until this afternoon this moves on out and we'll see improving conditions before the next front gets here late tomorrow. numbers in the 40's across the board. upper 31's west. mid to low 30's down where we are seeing precipitation. higher dew points there. again our air mass is fairly dry up here. as that starts to move in it will evaporate and then the dew points will come up and therefore that precipitation could make it to the ground. the lion's share of this event is to the east. look at the low right now, we're tracking it recognize off shower, can and the indication it is moving to the northeast rather than the north. so as it pulls away it will pull the precipitation with if. so that's the way that we're thinking it will play out for
9:39 am
as the low moves away another front. this one nothing like the one that is moving away right now. basically a front ahead of it. clouds increasing tomorrow. we will start sunny. clouds in the afternoon. maybe a shower. this one moves on through and then a reinforcing shot of cold air comes in on tuesday. maybe a few flurries around. the big story it is cold, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday. the really cold air will get here thursday. if you believe this, a ren enforcing shot of very cold air is coming into play next week. saturday. and santa clara, though, 74 degrees at kickoff for the super broncos. quarter, mid-60's. years. today most of the activity and upper 30's and lower 40's. tonight, partly cloudy skies. eventually clear, upper 20's and tomorrow. clouds in the afternoon.
9:40 am
and maybe a flurry on tuesday. but really the bigger story look at howl cold it is next week. i'm being conservative with the numbers there. 19 thursday morning. caitlin: i know, we're training for the tobacco half marathon. this is not well for our training schedule. steve: i haven't bought my cold gear. anthony: and positive. trying to make the best of it. dunkin' donuts' unbelievable selection of breakfast sandwiches freshly made all day -- and now you can enjoy two english muffin egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches for $4.
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the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood.
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america runs on dunkin'. anthony: new this morning. quarterbacks brett favre and ken head the list of players elected to the pro football hall of fame. the class of 2016 includes marvin, kevin, orlando, tony dungy, ed, and dick. caitlin: well, speaking of football, the panthers power is collected this season. but two names helped to propel the team on opposite sides of the ball. anthony: cam and luke. they are different on paper, but really meshed in more ways than one. mark armstrong with the story. mark: leadership takes many form. the panthers are proof of that.
9:43 am
mark: cam and luke will never be mistakage for each other. >> cam he walks into a room he lights it up. luke at this about. mark: what bonds them is a shared spirit. a mutual quest for excellent. >> he is the ultimate professional. he puts so much pressure on me. when he first gotere, staying late, watching extra film, and making is sure that everyone on the defensive side knows what they are doing. for me watching it was competitive that i grew. like, he gets it. >> he brings great energy and fun to be around. that is probably the biggest thing that i appreciate about him.
9:44 am
toughness, and what you see is what you get from him. mark: they may carry and clothe themselves in strikingly different ways, it is their similarity that will help the panthers. >> they are more similar then people realize. very competitive. they both want to win. tremendously. they are team oriented. goal-oriented and, and the truth of the matter they put themselves last. anthony: for the rest of your local sports. >> for the first time in 19 days the blue devils returned home to cameron where they face the wolfpack for the second time in two weeks. and they were fired up in the first game back after the health scare early this week. ingram there the long jumper. 14 in this one. and a five-point game. wolfpack had no answer on the
9:45 am
the transition here with the slam. duke head by six at the break. wolfpack started punching in the second half of this one. pat barber a jumper here. cut it to a one-point game. and later on the point guard sees abu here on the alley-oop and state takes the lead. 60-49. luke would not let them have it for long. six triples in the game. hits one here. giving the blue devils back the lead. and still a ballgame in the final few minutes of play. barber with inlay in. 79-76 duke lead. but alan here with the ganger. three-point shot from the corner. they would 1 this one, 88-80. tough and really focusing in practice. i all starts with our preparation and then execution
9:46 am
we have to continue doing it. >> they could not really throw the knockout punch on us. they tried. our guys just kept battling back. i could not be more proud. we never laid down. >> u.n.c. on the road versus notre dame. marcus paige finding his shot, again, 4-5 from behind the ark in the first half of this one. u.n.c. led by nine at the break. johnson here, the jumper. they led by as many as 15. but the fighting irish storming all of the way back. jackson here in transition. notre dame got the lead there. 1:20 last. paige, tough shot, a three-point game. u.n.c. actually had a chance to tie it in the final 20 seconds. paige's three here, though, no there. good.
9:47 am
and n.c. central trying to make it five straight versus the aggies. they led by one at the half. holemers here puts the eagles up by six. and 1:20. the madison, his shot is good. this game would go to overtime. and there, eddie with the three here. ant never led from that point on. holmes has 22 points. central falls 67-63. that was a look at your sports. stay tuned. caitlin: coming up in the next half hour.
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